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Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a chain restaurant that specializes in steaks and promotes a western theme.

Special Olympics Olive Garden Red Lobster Longhorn Steakhouse Paul Hornung Award

Texas Roadhouse in Arnold is holding a fundraising night for the C-6 Educational Foundation on Thursday, Nov. 10,... http…
Roommate: "so like no offense but I get Outback Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse confused". Me: "yeah that's insulting"
FYI, there's a land o lakes butter that's like the Texas Roadhouse butter during this time of the year. You're welcome
Texas Roadhouse in Arnold Missouri is holding a benefit night for officer Blake Snyder. Our employees and store...
Now this is a steak,. Still the best steaks @ TRH @ Texas Roadhouse - Vestal
Vote for your favorite player for Louisville Sports Commission's Paul Hornung Award presented by Texas Roadhouse!
Rhinestone Cowboy playing at Texas Roadhouse and I feel like I should be at the Vandalia Holiday Tournament.
I think it's going to be a rib eye steak at Texas Roadhouse for me this evening.
Just went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Their Country Fried Chicken with white gravy is awesome.
I go to Texas Roadhouse and get nothing but a dead piece of meat. My brother goes and meets Michael Irvin.
Ashley Williams and Wes Morgan, my 2 guys I take into a Texas Roadhouse bare knuckled brawl
Lots of steak - Drinking a Samuel Adams Summer Ale by @ Texas Roadhouse β€”
All I want is Texas Roadhouse, yet here I am, stuck with no friends and no cinnamon butter.
Told Bailey to come see us at work and he went to the Texas Roadhouse in pf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
No one loves UltiPro more than users who save time & money. See how Texas Roadhouse serves legendary HCM w/ UltiPro:
Not just regular old margaritas. Legendary ones! They're pretty good. @ Texas Roadhouse -…
energy fuel is the best! Texas Roadhouse is right there too but that place is okay
see the spread for the Texas roadhouse makes the bread
I want Texas Roadhouse but they not open yet πŸ™„πŸ™„
I need Texas Roadhouse in my life asap
we have to line dance at Texas Roadhouse. Elementary PE has prepared me for this.
HBD !!! May your day be filled with Texas roadhouse rolls lol
I just checked in at Texas Roadhouse with Download today!
I just woke up and I already want some Texas Roadhouse bread
I'm off to my job training at Texas Roadhouse Garfield Avenue Cranston now for week 2 Mike. :)
My 21st birthday at Texas Roadhouse: via
I'm at Texas Roadhouse in 11th Drive Cor. 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio
Some rolls and butter from Texas Roadhouse sounds amazing right now
don't u dare talk bad about that Texas Roadhouse
Heat up this Texas Roadhouse in the oven from yesterday
dude the town I first lived is a North Shore town with like 12 Dunkin Donuts. Two Texas Roadhouse ain't no thing
my hometown is getting a new Texas Roadhouse roughly four hundred yards from the site of the existing Texas Roadhouse.
I just earned a free appetizer by joining the Texas Roadhouse Roadie VIP eClub!
Kinda want to work at Texas roadhouse
I honestly miss my job at Texas Roadhouse...
I want some of Texas Roadhouse rolls😍
I want some rolls from Texas Roadhouse 😫
lmao bruh you be up here. We done had a TL meeting at Texas Roadhouse n everything
I wanna go back to Texas Roadhouse , that steak was good asf πŸ˜‹
29. Favorite thing to get from Texas Roadhouse? πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΎ
Texas Roadhouse will be open for lunch on Fridays now :) from now till the end of time
Also want to eat at Texas Roadhouse but I always look funny eating w big *** steaks alone. (and a basket of rolls)
Just brought some rolls home from Texas Roadhouse 😍😍😍
Texas Roadhouse? I've been there all 3 years we've been open lmao. And hops is a burger bar, swear best burger I've had.
Took my mom and grandma out to eat for Nicaraguan mother's day. They picked Texas Roadhouse
On June 7 join me to dine and donate at Texas Roadhouse! All funds raised will go to Camp Del Corazon❀️
This guy at Texas Roadhouse told my dad (who has hair almost down to his butt) that he had great hair yesterday πŸ˜‚ can't take him anywhere
Texas Roadhouse butter and rolls are the best for real I will die on this hill
When your sister works at Texas Roadhouse and comes in clutch when she gets off
Remember when I made all my friends go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to get steak & then ordered a hotdog off the kids menu to *** them off
this was my Yelp review of the Texas Roadhouse in Decatur, IL. Was there for a week last year:
Andy and I had a ball at Kid's Night 😊 @ Texas Roadhouse
I'm excited to come home but I'm so excited to go to Texas Roadhouse and also get a cherry limeade from Steak 'n Shake lol
Chicken Fingers from out back, Popeyes fries, blue raspberry lemonade from Texas Roadhouse
I hope Texas Roadhouse hires me so I can eat all of their rolls.
I loved the Texas Roadhouse, they freakin line dance and play good country music
hanayo is a Texas roadhouse honey butter roll and you will respect her
I'm just trying to get a steak from Texas Roadhouse y'all
Bouta peace permanently from Texas Roadhouse. The boozy establishment
I want some Texas Roadhouse buns man
I just used Punchcard at Texas Roadhouse, and won 5 Points! WOO HOO!!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Will somebody go to hu hot or pancheros or Texas Roadhouse with me today if I pay for it lol ?
I'm in a Texas Roadhouse in Matthews, NC watching Mike Wright be a bullpen arm
. Layla's . Scooby snacks . schlumped . Texas Roadhouse . Dnea/makaila . "go to bed kyal" . running for our lives lol
Ames and ISU police raise $2,800 for Special Olympics during fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse today.
You've still got some time to head out to a Texas Roadhouse in Iowa for a FREE lunch to support Special Olympics!
Support The Special Olympics TODAY and go to Texas Roadhouse between 11-2 for a FREE LUNCH! Donations are...
Just a reminder to come out today and support Special Olympics! 11-2 at Texas Roadhouse!
With my momma. some dinner. mothers day. (@ Texas Roadhouse) on
Have lunch tomorrow at Texas Roadhouse with and help Special Olympics.
Go into Texas Roadhouse tomorrow and support the Special Olympics Iowa!
Have any lunch plans for Thursday? Texas Roadhouse is having a benefit lunch to support the Special Olympics Iowa...
Go to Texas Roadhouse for a free lunch on Thursday! Your "tip" will be donated to Special Olympics!!
Texas Roadhouse holding event to benefit family of fallen state trooper Sean Cullen.
Stopped in San Antonio for some Outback. @ Texas Roadhouse - Live Oak, TX
Hey it's BC, Mothers Day is tomorrow. Why not bring mom to Texas Roadhouse across from the Nutter Center between...
Hey tomorrow is our Dunbar Young Life pancake breakfast at Texas Roadhouse! 8-10am, we would love a student section there!
I've taken my mom to 8 different countries, flying her to Florida on Friday for mothers day, and she STILL won't take me to Texas Roadhouse.
Sitting at the Texas Roadhouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri enjoying my new BBQ Diet Plan - finally one I can follow!😜
I went to Texas Roadhouse the other night and ordered a burger but didn't read the description and it was a half pound burger and I died
I can't wait to go home Thursday just to get Texas Roadhouse bread! 😩
Reminder! Tonight, April 26, 2016, is Lake Jackson Intermediates PTO's "give back night" fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse.
Come out to Texas Roadhouse at Governor's Crossing between 5-8 to help out the Zion Hill Baptist Church Mission Team
Telling my brother what's new in Jackson: Panda Express, new snapchat filter, tore down holiday inn and got a Texas Roadhouse.
I could go for some benis and cheese cake factory or some Texas Roadhouse.
He patrols the Texas Roadhouse like a pyramid head. He lurks.
Head to Texas Roadhouse & Orange leaf tonight from 6-9 & 10% will be given to St. Jude to help the kiddos!. aaannddd... 1 DAY TILL MAC ATTACK
After growing up in Ogden with nothing to eat it is really difficult to turn down BWW, Pancheros, Texas Roadhouse, BK, Taco Johns
I was at Texas Roadhouse off of 410 & Ingram! Golf Ball Size Hail! **Leon Valley Area
Texas Roadhouse will be hosting a 10% Donation Night to benefit SAC&SC and CAC on Tuesday, April 12th 3pm -...
If you get hungry tonight, come see ya legendary boy at Texas Roadhouse tonight! It's Wild West Wednesday, so come get wild with ya boy πŸ˜‚
I miss saying "thank you for calling Texas Roadhouse on highway 6 & 290 this is emily how can I help you"
I do miss going to Texas Roadhouse every Thursday with Edwin man πŸ˜”
You know I never thought I'd miss my family from Texas Roadhouse but I really do sometimes, that job was awesome bc of the people
do they only play country music at Texas Roadhouse???.
The part I miss about working at Texas Roadhouse is the free rolls and the dancing
Texas Roadhouse - Louisville, KY (Outer Loop) with Darrell Ward Ice Road Truckers on HISTORY and Jennifer Brennan...
Don't miss the local Boy Scouts Troop 330 fundraiser on Thursday, April 14 at Texas Roadhouse:
I want Chipotle, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Japanese Steakhouse, friends, makeup on & to be outside in this weather bu…
Texas Roadhouse (right now. So much bread), Red Lobster, Johnny Carinos. My god
☘☘🍻Green beer and lucky margaritas tonight at Texas Roadhouse in Butler, PA! Happy hour starts at 8 😊 see you there friends…
Really just want a blooming onion from Texas Roadhouse ugh.
I need to start applying I wanna work at Texas Roadhouse in colonial heights
All I want is Texas Roadhouse. A steak, Blooming Onion, and bread with cinnamon butter. I'm in the mood to get slightly spoiled B.
"what are your vegetarian options here?". "this is a Texas Roadhouse steakhouse"
I had lunch today at Longhorn Steakhouse. All through the meal, I felt like I was cheating on Texas Roadhouse.
My dad picked Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner tonight. *** is a vegetarian supposed to eat at a STEAKHOUSE?
Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Black Angus all in a row. That's quite the planning.
okay you said steakhouse so there's Longhorn, Outback, Texas Roadhouse.
Texas Roadhouse and Eddie Merlot's are higher rated than his steakhouse. If i was semi-famous I would eat at one of them
Just got home from eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse and watching Dead Pool at Studio Movie Grill. Sooo tired
there was a sign at billy bobs Texas Roadhouse u can not bring guns in the establishment.
Texas Roadhouse has a new member of its C-suite - Louisville Business First -
Texas Roadhouse, Inc. Reiterated Rating by Jefferies & Co (Ranked 21st) to Hold with 36 PT $TXRH
If I was stranded on an island & had one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be the rolls from Texas Roadhouse
Just found out on the radio that it's a water main break near Gander Mtn. and Texas Roadhouse.
Texas Roadhouse joins a list of Southern restaurant chains opening their first locations in Dutchess County.
Texas Roadhouse is the cheap version of Longhorn. You can work with either, it just depends what you're trying to spend that day lol
Peyton is like those oil money goobers I knew in southeast Louisiana who were rich but drove gleaming F350's and ate at Texas Roadhouse.
my chili makes Texas Roadhouse chili look like chef boyardee
Martin Luther King died for equality, not for Texas Roadhouse to close early tonight
Please join us at the Texas Roadhouse this Sunday, January 17th, at 11:45am for our monthly Meet and Greet Social.
Eating a quick dinner at Texas Roadhouse before heading over Coyote Joe's for the Stout Pull.
Some rolls from Texas Roadhouse or Logan's sound flame right now πŸ˜πŸ‘…
All I need in my life is Texas Roadhouse bread and butter πŸ˜‹
*at Texas Roadhouse*. Tyler's on his phone. Me-"Are you really playing a game right now?". Him-"...they're almost out of food" πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
Sydney just spilt her whole water glass all over me at Texas Roadhouse :) :) :) :)
oh I'm a *** Bet I'm not a *** when I go to grove city or Texas Roadhouse.
If you gone eat steak go to an actual steak house. Texas Roadhouse maybe? When I think Red Lobster, I think seafood. Not steak.
I think they sprinkle crack inside the Texas Roadhouse rolls when they cook them
Happy birthday to my beautiful momma she turn 46 today ! @ Texas Roadhouse
All I can think about is the fact that Brian is taking me to Texas Roadhouse after school 😍
Just cause I work at Texas Roadhouse too I'm trying to decide if I'll be able to do all that without Crying lol
Be their or u will not be cool. The Rices bros where so much fun! Go to Texas Roadhouse
This my last week at Texas roadhouse so stop in to see Yo boy for that good service
Come out and Support our Miramar Police Explorers tonight (11-24-15) at Texas Roadhouse Miramar. featured in NBC s Science of Love
i miss U nerd maybe we can go to texas roadhouse and square dance
I need to hit Outback or Texas Roadhouse. I want a medium well steak😩
I really wanna go to IHOP, Genghis Grill, Texas RoadHouse or Razzoo's
that makes no sense. Lol. Just remember to have enough money when OSU WINS, Because you're taking me to Texas Roadhouse. LOL
Line Dancing at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant at The Dubai Mall 2 (Miquelli’s Amerikablog): via
New opening at Federal Government Jobs in - Roadhouse Na
Wanted: someone to go to Texas Roadhouse with me so we can get rolls :)
_ _ texas roadhouse looks to beef up 2016 growth β€” the motley fool__: Nov 3, 2015 at 8:45AM Image: Texas...
I actually want Texas Roadhouse I haven't eaten there in a min
Texas Roadhouse rolls sound so good 😍😍
date night with at Texas Roadhouse was great tonight! glad to have you in my life 😌
Careful ninja cyborg dogs attack 7 am in Texas Roadhouse. Blandon Garee reporting for Cows Today news.
the night we went to Texas Roadhouse high as a kite πŸ˜πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Celebrating birthday with his companions and the Edwards Fam at Texas Roadhouse
I want to cry @ the thought of spending $4 on a tube of toothpaste but wouldn't think twice about dropping $25 @ Texas Roadhouse right now.
**TEXAS ROADHOUSE Artist of the Month, NOW PLAYING on jukeboxes across the country! h…
yo. Where you at Texas roadhouse last week?
It's 1:20am and the only thing that's going to make me feel better is Olive Garden bread sticks and a baked potato from Texas Roadhouse
I've never eaten Texas Roadhouse so lol
If y'all are interested 11-24 eat at Westgreen & I-10 Texas Roadhouse & say your there to support scout Pack 1135 they'll donate 10% to Pack
I was reading the recipe to Texas Roadhouse butter to Travis . Me: "2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of-". Travis: "2 sticks of shut the *** up"
I don't think me and Sam have laughed so hard at "deez nuts" than we are right now. Not even when my grandma said it at Texas Roadhouse πŸ˜‚
Texas Roadhouse is currently doing a fundraiser in which 10% of Gift card sales will benefit the Pediatric Cancer...
This Thursday we will be hosting a fundraising night at Texas Roadhouse in Washington from 3 PM to 10 PM! Stop by and support ASL club! ☺️
The Destination Imagination fundraiser is from 4-10 p.m. next Monday, Nov. 16 at Texas Roadhouse! for a great cause!
A 5 star review of Texas Roadhouse by Rosie C.:.
Ty getting his pic taken with our own Ravens rookie tight end Nick Boyle. @ Texas Roadhouse -…
Come meet Ravens rookie Tight End NICK BOYLE tonight at 7pm Texas Roadhouse in Pasadena MD. Tickets aere only...
Early Dine for $8.99 at Texas Roadhouse in Lakewood Ranch! Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm. Featuring 11...
But I'm going to go to Texas Roadhouse and get a saddle and take to Olive Garden
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
A local meat cutter from Texas Roadhouse in Wausau/Rib Mountain is on his way to being crowned the...
Attempting a beer brat bake with a Negra Modelo and some Texas Roadhouse seasoning. Results forthcoming
Shoutout to the Western Panther SR parents! Texas Roadhouse...nice pre game meal!! WOW!!
Something about sittin in Texas Roadhouse, eatin a steak, sippin on some coffee & watching Dory Funk Jr. vs Nick Bockwinkel.
Watching women's crossfit makes me regret eating Texas Roadhouse for lunch..
Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, and Little Ceasers got some good *** bread😍
Went to visit one of our faves today πŸ’• @ Texas Roadhouse - White Marsh, MD
City Star Bandit Brown is NOW on tap at Texas Roadhouse - Arvada, CO. Thanks for pouring local craft Texas Roadhouse! Enjoy
I kinda really wanna go to either Texas Roadhouse or Joe's Crab Shack 😩 I'm so hungry.
Guess I'm in a Texas Roadhouse employee golf tournament tomorrow, this should be interesting
Cranston RI: 99 Garfield Ave. in front of Texas Roadhouse for a MVA
A French girl that looked JUST like Ruby Rose came into Texas Roadhouse last night and I was obsessed & couldn't stop wishing I was *** Ÿ˜‚
6 miler on the new iron horse trail in alliance, then on to Texas Roadhouse for some grub!
Frustrated Flying Cookie Saucers Hit Newborns 5 pm in Texas Roadhouse. Andrea Miller reporting for Farming News of the Future.
There's still time for FREE delivery from Granite City or Texas Roadhouse! Just enter "september" at checkout!
Simple Yellow Fever Returns to America 3 pm in Texas Roadhouse. Pablo Roser reporting for Good Day America.
Working at Texas Roadhouse for 7 months has taken it's toll on me I'm over here listening to country music 😭😭
This happened at the Texas Roadhouse in Modesto in front of Baskin Robins. This is ridiculous and shouldn't happen. htt…
Steak n shake and Texas Roadhouse and Waffle House always sound flame.
I just want Chili's or Texas Roadhouse cheese fries 😩😭
Ayyye got a 2nd interview at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday and Chili's tomorrow
It's a beautiful night at Texas Roadhouse in Panama City Beach. 15 days until we open!
Pueblo Colorado, where apparently the Texas Roadhouse is the only existing restaurant.
Tip-A-Cop tom. night for our School Resource Officers of Department at Texas Roadhouse.
Best part about Texas Roadhouse is the country music.
I'd like to say that I have a distain for country music. And I have made the mistake of coming to Texas Roadhouse
today is my last day in Sherman and I'm spending the whole day at Texas Roadhouse. seems fitting.
Waitress at Texas Roadhouse said I look like Chad Michael Murray ?
My "baby" is almost as tall as his daddy who is 6'1" and he's only 13! 😳 @ Texas Roadhouse -…
Come on down to Texas Roadhouse - East Meadow, NY for some great food and fantastic balloons done by our talented...
According to the Standard Times, Texas Roadhouse in San Angelo will have a fundraiser to benefit the family of...
Sheriff's office, Texas Roadhouse team up for Special Olympics - Herald & Review
Had such a fun time volunteering at the Special Olympics benefit lunch at Texas Roadhouse πŸ’• love…
Police Officers Team up with Texas Roadhouse to support Special Olympics Illinois Benefit Lunch on Friday, July 31.
Support Christine's Hope for Kids at Texas Roadhouse - Hamilton, NJ this weekend- 20% will go to the organization!
Nice ride to Texas Roadhouse for drinks with Denny, John, and Kelly at the end of ragbrai day 5 :) Happy bi...
Texas Roadhouse in Chattanooga sets table for four fallen Marines
If I had Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Chilis and Ruth Chris & could only pick two, I would pick chilis twice
Giant Twister, Giant Jenga, Texas Roadhouse, Spiked Bug Juice... it can only add up to one thing. is tonight!
Go eat at Texas Roadhouse tomorrow to support Colbert County and the other North Alabama Distinguished Young Women.
Next Tuesday, July 21st, please help support Boyd County Wrestling, by printing out the flyer below and dining at Texas Roadhouse.
The former El Rancho Grande spot in Kenwood next to I Hop will become the next location of Texas Roadhouse.
you know it's gonna be a good day if you eat at Texas Roadhouse πŸ˜πŸ˜›
Ugh. Someone take me to Texas Roadhouse pls.
Tyler is taking me to Texas roadhouse I'll shut up about itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŒ
Eating so many Texas Roadhouse rolls because you're so poor πŸ˜…
I would recommend Texas Roadhouse as today's first stop πŸ‘€
Texas Roadhouse rolls are the truth!
I could really use some loaded fries from Texas Roadhouse 😭
im thinking Texas Roadhouse for din
Look what restaurnat brands are keeping the customers satisfied:
when the spurs give him $12 and a free coupon to Texas Roadhouse *** regret the money *** pass in LA
Say hello to your new Texas Roadhouse host β€οΈπŸ™ŠπŸ˜Ž
Texas Roadhouse and then we're going to see Terminator. I'm hella praising rn.
Craving bread from Texas Roadhouse. It's one right beside hooters. 😁
I want 5 guys or rolls from Texas Roadhouse
Literally just can't wait to eat Texas Roadhouse tonight πŸ˜›
Millie going to Texas Roadhouse for lunch! Success!!!
If you are in Wills Point Texas this weekend be sure to stop in at Ramsey's Roadhouse & Pub for some fun!!
Today they have the 8 oz sirloin steak for 9.99 at Texas Roadhouse. I'm hella happy.
I need to go back to Texas Roadhouse REAL soon πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Got my car back today. $13 an hour job interview in the morning and I'm going to eat Texas Roadhouse with the of my bros. Today is a success
Texas Roadhouse, by using a five finger discount.
Come to Texas Roadhouse in Camden and give me all your money please and thank you 😘😘😘
Going back to work and I already don't wanna go who wants to be a Texas Roadhouse host for a day?(:
A dozen rolls from Golden Corral or Texas Roadhouse would be clutch right now πŸ˜’
I know somebody bout that Texas Roadhouse life
Yall come see me at Texas Roadhouse tonight lolol.
Texas Roadhouse Rolls are truly the real MVP
I love you boo we all need to go to Texas Roadhouse soon
Texas RoadHouse for the first time today😁
there's a Texas Roadhouse 3.5 miles from me but they don't open till 4 😐πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
Wheel day, snow cones, and Texas Roadhouse lunch... It isn't even 12 yet
I'm so Hungry & I'm craving Texas Roadhouse and Outback...only problem is I have no one to go with😩
Two summers ago, while sitting at Texas Roadhouse, Janette Kirk and Cat Lyle asked me to describe my perfect...
Texas Roadhouse be they have amazing rolls with this cinnamon butter that's super yummy and steak
Just found $50 worth of Texas roadhouse gift cards in babes room .. *** yes πŸ˜€
Congratulations to for being named "America's Favorite Restaurant"!
yeah I ate at Texas Roadhouse or whatever it's called lol they sing the most embarrassing birthday song
I'm pretty sure I have obsession with texas roadhouse
The "Ride for Ella" kicked off Saturday at Texas Roadhouse in Hendersonville.
Ion want no "Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn, Outback" every date type of girlfriend. I'll be broke af! πŸ˜‚
Take me to longhorn, outback, Logan's or Texas Roadhouse.. I can get a steak and some bomb *** yeast rolls
I have to go back to school tomorrow and all I can think about is how badly I want Texas Roadhouse rolls and cheese fries
Had such a good day at my first day of training at another broken egg and even had a good night at Texas Roadhouse! yayyy happy Saturday
Texas Roadhouse or Logan's Steakhouse.. maybe Whataburger.. but that's fast food...πŸ˜…
C'mon man!! What about Longhorns Steakhouse or Texas Roadhouse? Maybe The Chop House? That's where it's at.
go to Texas Roadhouse or Longhorn Steakhouse for a good steak
we went to Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse, for dinner tonight. Thankfully, no singing to me, or shouting either, lol 😁
Yall come eat tonight at Texas Roadhouse, 10% of your purchase will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association!
Word is out there may be a roadblock on dixie tonight by Texas Roadhouse be safe
Just saw an enormous lady exit a Texas Roadhouse & say "u wana go 2 Madonnals?". I found Earth's second moon, almost got caught in her orbit
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