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Texas Republicans

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Jade Helm 15 is here! Five Republicans who stoked fears that Obama is taking over Texas
I thought Texas Republicans were all about free markets? $TSLA
I want to know what criminal/terroristic in are doing that makes them think martial law is necessary.
Do not ever say pollsters lack a sense of humor.
Republicans in Texas prove time after time that they hate and want to control women. Shame. How unAmerican
RANKED: The 16 Republicans who think they can be Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R…
Has banned not is banning. Abbott and the Republicans that run Texas are bought and paid for by the (in this case) dealer lobby
In his opening statement this morning, Committee Chairman Rep. K. Michael Conaway (R-Texas) (who shortly after today…
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to Meet in NYC: Republican presidential contenders Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and billionai...
I believe that if Republicans stand strong for life, we can finally put Democrats on the defensive for their pro-abortion rec…
2012: if the Republicans can't beat Barack Obama, they're a lost cause. . 2016: if the Republicans can't... never mind, we're doomed.
Um, Republicans when you attack you're also insulting basically all of our allies not named Netanyahu.
From Trump to Texas, Republicans are working very hard to make sure they get no Latino votes at all.
Video linked to Planned Parenthood threatens breast cancer funds
Members of TX Republican cong. delegation pull no punches in assessing Iran nuclear deal, writes.
Republicans across the country should rain hellfire on Texas until this nonsensical law is changed.
I should add, I live in Texas, in the middle of a collision between wealthy Republicans and the usual Bible Belt
Fighting over trash and who's at fault is blamed on republicans my point is Texas world finance there asking for a 1099 I got my W2 well..
Half of Texas actually believes they are being invaded by Obama & the national government. Republicans sell "dumb" and it works!
Don’t mess with Xenu: Scientologists convince governor to veto bill.
Republicans in Texas, at least, STILL believe that President Barack Obama is coming for their guns. AND that he...
Republicans: "Diplomacy won't prevent war. Why not try our alternative: War."
Nothing bums Republicans out like missing a chance to send other people's kids to war, except maybe people getting jobs & healt…
Iran can't be trusted, say Republicans being funded with money the Kochs made trading illegally with Iran http:…
Texas Republicans are arguing that marriage equality could lead to incest. You know what DEFINITELY leads to incest? C…
ELI5:Why are the Republicans in Texas decreasing funding for education?
Republicans threaten to kill . Which is the kind of thing you do when you rely on Texas mathbooks
Can't the republicans all fit in Texas ?
Tell Texas Republicans: Slavery was not just a "side issue" in the Civil War. Don’t lie to our students:...
Did you read?: Texas Republicans wants school to 'disinvite'...
Texas Republicans shocked that the Texas Gov. uses taxpayer money to for Texas Guard to monitor Navy Seals? You voted for him!
Texas Republicans hate veterans-Texas won't accept photo IDs issued by the U. S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
Texas Republicans are whining about the latest Wendy Davis advertising campaign that shows how hypocritical Greg Abbott has been towards others while seeking justice for himself.
The truth will come out... Texas Republicans actually imported ebola to deal with their "immigration problem" Bobby Jindal plans on using the dead to shore up the Louisiana coastline.
Free advice: write down the name of every Travis County Democrat involved in this, ye Texas Republicans. For later.
(Newsmax) – President Barack Obama asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry to lean on Texas Republicans to vote for his $3.7 billion immigration bill during a meeting between the two on Air Force One last week, but Perry on Sunday said he would not go along. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Perry said the amount of money ...
Two high-profile Texas Republicans who are testing the 2016 presidential waters - Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry - were in Washington Thursday speaking at virtually the same time, but to very different audiences.
Jon Stewart lampooned Texas Republicans on Tuesday, mocking the party over its adoption of a platform that endorses the controversial practice of *** to-straight" reparative therapy, and Gov. Rick Perry's recent remarks comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.
Texas state Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) went on Anderson Cooper's show, AC360, in order to defend Texas Republicans' support for a *** "cure." Things didn't go so smoothly for him. Hughes tried to defend Republicans' support for *** conversion arguing there exists plenty of medical support for...
Texas GOP endorses 'reparative therapy' for *** - Associated Press -
Rick Perry...doing his part to make sure Republicans don't get elected. I ain't even mad...
The are literally endangering the future of the out of pure greed!
Young Republicans Reject Current BC they have AHs running their party.
Republicans See Potential Opportunity in House Democrat's Legal Troubles: ... Republicans see an opportunity t...
Kick out the democrats and the republicans out of Texas NO MORE REGIMES ! or ha
This is what Texas Republicans want for us! 1. Voting - Not only does the draft platform advocate for the abolition of the Federal Reserve, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Transportation Security Administration and the Departments of Education and Energy, but it also calls for an end to the direct election of U.S. Senators: Full Repeal of the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: Return the appointment of U.S. Senators by the State Legislatures. 2. Science And Education - The draft platform also targets schools, calling evolution a “controversial theory” that should be challenged in the classroom, demanding that schools restrict access to “community organizers” and encouraging schools to embrace “subjects with emphasis on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded and which form the basis of America’s legal, political and economic systems.” The platform also includes climate change denial: “While we all strive to be good stewards of the earth, 'climate change ...
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Here we have Texas Republicans endorsing "reparative therapy" and we as progressives want to attack Clinton about 20yrs ago? FOCUS!
sanctions causes famine hail the two the N the
Republicans are the only people in the world who believe the lesson of the last decade was MORE CONSERVATIVES FROM TEXAS, PLEAS…
Eagle Forum, founded by Phyllis Schlafly, whose own son is *** pushes anti *** language into TX GOP platform.
is a great representative of why the rest of the country thinks like we do about Texas.
But in Texas them gun lovin, republicans gone protect him!!! Watch!!! RS SINISTER
Texas Republicans have a lot to be worried about this year. explains:
Obama:I won't secure border b/c then Republicans will have no reason to support "comprehensive immigration reform."
last I checked, the Democratic platform supported *** marriage while Republicans are supporting this:
Democrats are willing to about Texas values even if Republicans aren't. Vote Blue in…
Way to be on the wrong side of history guys. Are you trying to go the way of the dinosaurs?
Round-up: Texas Republicans defend ex *** plank; GOP's abortion "expert"; Bryan Fischer just can't help himself
Oh those adorable Texas Republicans say the dardnedest things:
House Republicans need a new majority leader. We have plenty of Neanderthals here in Texas to choose from. But hey, they ca…
Who needs clinical experts & scientific review when has amateur believers who want this rubbish to be real? http:…
The Monitor - Republicans boost Hispanic outreach in Southwest
to when Texas Republicans advocated “reparative therapy” for changing sexual orientation… this weekend.
Alcoholism is to homosexuality as high IQ is to Texas Republicans.
The Governors of Arizona , New Mexico and Texas are Republicans, they can order the National Guard to the Borders, do it …
Is left as outraged over this as it is by the idiotic statements from Texas Republicans?
Floyd: Texas Republicans’ stance on *** 'reparative therapy' shrinks GOP tent just a little more
Ted Cruz crushes competition in straw poll
Texas Republicans have adopted a party platform that includes support for voluntary psychological "therapy" targeted at converting homosexuals to heterosexuals.
Texas state Rep faces charges on 10 felony counts
Texas Republicans are clinging to a religious dogma that humans can not affect a change in our planet's weather patterns. Observational, and testable science shows this idea is just plain wrong.
With a return to a hard-line stance on immigration and a resounding endorsement of psychological therapy to cure *** of their homosexuality, Texas Republicans in a single stroke alienated a small but emerging faction of the party and handed Democrats a new set of talking points to wield against the…
Politics not the only draw for vast GOP convention Education, networking, parties bring many to one of biggest conservative events in U.S. By Brian M. Rosenthal June 7, 2014 Amy Hedtke of Grayson County wears a black powder revolver strapped to her boot. FORT WORTH - At 11:30 a.m. Friday, as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz delivered the biggest speech at one of the biggest political gatherings in the country, GOP convention delegate Lynda Brandon was shopping for shoes in the exhibition hall. Brandon, a 69-year-old retired kindergarten teacher in a flowing American flag dress and matching bonnet, said she loves the Tea Party firebrand but had heard him speak at another event and didn't need to hear him again. "I mean, I watched part of it," she shrugged after buying a $54 pair of striped sandals. "But then I had to come down here. I really wanted these shoes." Nearly 10,000 Texas Republicans came to their party's biennial convention not just to witness its political celebrities and help shape its campaign platform, bu ...
Ted Cruz is getting lauded by fellow Texas Republicans as the next president of the United States, and Diane Sawyer is asking Hillary Clinton in gently concerned tones if it isn't unfair to the rest of the Democrat party that she hasn't publicly announced if she's running for president. FOR GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE WE HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED THE PRIMARIES FOR THE 2014 MIDTERMS!
Texas Republicans will have just one woman on their ticket for the 50 congressional, statewide and top judicial races this fall. The Dallas Morning News reports that Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), who is running for a 10th term, is the sole woman le...
Ok Texas Democrat's put up a sad showing yesterday. The Mid-Term Elections are a vital part of our electoral process. This is where control of the house was lost the last time. If you dislike the Tea Party politics and government shutdown by people like Ted Cruz and John Boehner a better stance needs to be shown in November. Texas Republicans out voted Texas Democrat's by a rate of about 3 to 1. So if you have any thoughts of wanting to see a blue state we need more voter's to show up.
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Well, the verdict's in. Texas Republicans just voted that mean-spirited, despicable racist and immigrant baiter Dan Patrick as their nominee for Lt. Governor, proving once and for all that Texas Republicans are crazy.
Today, Texas Republicans nominated their most toxic ticket ever. They will pay for their hostility towards businesses and Texas families in November.
Runoff suggestions... I've been getting questions. Most folks I trust tend to agree on everything except Lt. Gov., because nobody really likes either very much. I'm probably going Dewhurst, because my buddy Justin Padgett is going that way. The other races seem pretty clear among freedom-minded Conservatives I know. Lieutenant Governor: Good luck. Robert Morrow's comments below on other races... Attorney General - KEN PAXTON over big government Republican and Bush ally Dan Branch. Dan Branch unbelievably is for mandatory background checks for private sellers of guns and this would kill gun shows. Dan Branch is also an ally of liberal House Speaker Joe Strauss. Dan Branch is also a supporter of “Common Core” and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Empower Texans has endorsed KEN PAXTON. Gun Owners of America obviously had endorsed KEN PAXTON. KEN PAXTON is also close friends with Ted Cruz, who is better than most Texas Republicans. I have personally met KEN PAXTON and determined that he is a ...
I never thought there'd be a worse Lieutenant Governor than David Dewhurst. Looks like Texas Republicans are going to prove me wrong.
It's gratifying seeing all the work Texas Republicans are putting in to de-stigmatize mental health care, isn't it? Hello? Is this thing on?
Texas Republicans with bumper stickers on their pickup trucks blaming President Obama for soaring gas prices surprisingly have one thing in common with Bay Area drivers who bought a Prius last decade to cope with sky-high fuel prices they pinned on George W. Bush. They paid the exact same for gas under both presidents. As the election nears and fuel costs continue to rise, Republicans say Mitt Romney could ease our pain at the pump if he is elected, using the same strategy as Democrats who blamed Bush for gas prices four years ago. But despite having polar opposite energy plans, Obama and Bush experienced virtually the same gas price problem, suggesting just how little control the most powerful man in the world has over this hot-button issue. Consider that the average price of a regular gallon of gas at U.S. pumps was $1.85 when Bush was sworn in for his second term in January 2005 and $1.84 when Obama took office in January 2009 on the promise of change, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administr ...
A group of Texas Republicans went to California Monday in an attempt to woo the makers of the trendy Sriracha hot sauce to bring their operations to the Lone Star State and Gov. Rick Perry told Business Insider he is optimistic the “sriracha…
Lol at these Clayton Williams ads. Texas Republicans still run ads portraying themselves as the quintessential Texan.
Texas Republicans agree on many Democratic policies. So why do they vote for candidates who don't support those...
As Texas Republicans struggle to win over women voters, a staffer at a prominent GOP political consulting firm has registered a new political action committee in the state called "Boats 'N *** PAC." The San Antonio Express-News first reported that Shaun Nowacki, comptroller for Blakemore & Associates, registered the PAC with the Texas Ethics Commission earlier this month. Nowacki's firm has been hired by the campaigns of Texas Republicans Greg Abbott for governor, Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor, and Donna Campbell for state senator. The purpose of the PAC is unclear. It's registered as a "general purpose committee," which means it can contribute money to anyone. It has not yet released any financial disclosures. Nowacki did not respond to a request for comment. Texas Democrats released a statement on Wednesday tying the offensively named PAC to what it said was the GOP's "pattern of disrespect" toward women. “Texas Republicans say they want to reach out to women, to be more inclusive, but actions . ...
Senator Dan Patrick shined for Texas Republicans tonight. His star will ascend among the Texas right wing due to this debate.
Texas Republicans: Gov. Perry refused to accept Federal funds to expand Medicaid, now thousands El Paso voters don't qualify for vote D
This International Women's Day, Texas Republicans are removing women's access to health care, and the federal govt does nothing.
While establishment candidates in some of the top races were successful, Texas Republicans continued to tilt ever...
Texas Republicans chose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers, but Abbott had a greater victory than Cornyn:
If Steve Stockman is too far out for Texas Republicans, how will Cory Gardner, who's even more radical, appeal to CO?
Texas Republicans choose over Tea Partyers
Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers The just plain nuts not the insane!!
McClatchyDC: Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers
Obama budget dead on arrival. Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers.
Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers This is the political story of the week.
Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers:
Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers
Texas Republicans choose establishment candidates over Tea Partyers: John Cornyn and Pete Sessions prevail in ...
WATCH: Governor Rick Perry urges Texas Republicans to vote for Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, Justice Jeff Boyd, Justice Jeff Brown and Justice Phil Johnson in the March 4th primary.
Rand Paul to GOP: Change your or Texas goes Democratic - Paul’s pitch to Texas Republicans...
Think your representative is "REALLY" representing you??? Think again... and read this: The political elite in Washington thought you weren't looking last month when they slipped through a trillion-dollar spending bill, providing more taxpayer dollars to fund ObamaCare. Unfortunately, several of our own Texas Representatives voted for the massive Omnibus Spending bill (HR 3547) funding ObamaCare. This bill increased discretionary spending by $64 Billion, and it not only funds ObamaCare, but it also includes several other wasteful or dangerous spending items, like: $58.5 Million to expand the NICS firearm background check program; $85.2 Billion in war spending for overseas contingency operations; $5 Billion in IRS enforcement; $4.87 Billion to fund the TSA; $1.4 Billion for Amtrak train subsidies; $612 Million for "Head Start" programs. Worse yet, there were more Texas Republicans than Texas Democrats that voted to fund ObamaCare! That's right, some of the very Representatives that tell you at T.E.A. Part ...
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis must be terrifying to Texas Republicans. Why else would they be resorting to some of the most asinine tactics and ludicrous lies in order to defeat he...
The actions of Texas Republicans with regard to Hispanics this week have been shameful. First, Tea Party activists in McKinney referred to distinguished Senator Leticia Van de Putte as "Barrio Boopsie." Then, a former campaign staffer for Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz tried to organize a hateful "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game at the University of Texas. So when GOP candidates make token trips to the Valley or take $1 million from the Republican National Committee for Hispanic "outreach," I can't help but shake my head. Like my grandpa always said: "You can put syrup on a cow pie, but that don't make it pancakes." I was raised to drink water out of the hose and treat people with respect. There's a reason that disgusting illegal immigration game did not happen on the UT campus today -- it's because Texans reject what's wrong and stand up for what's right. And no matter where we stand on immigration reform, around here we respect our immigrant friends rather than belittle them. If Greg Abbott and the GOP think ...
Hilarious Quotes Republicans Said During the Government Shutdown - Ted Cruz (R-Texas) "Once again, it...
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Republicans said vets had to make sacrifices if you did not receive your disability check during shut down.A Texas congressman sa
Republicans in Texas are voice for the voiceless. MT Imagine a Capitol where the voices of all Texans are heard.
Republicans and Democrats in Texas find common ground in warm fuzzy feelings over
gee, the Texas Republicans found their cohones. Maybe the rest of Congress will too?
A Crowded Field for Texas Republicans Makes It Hard to Get Noticed: Breaking out is hard to do, and breaking out...
Even us Texas, including the sane conservative Republicans, are painted negatively like buffoons like Bush Jr. and Perry :/
Thanks to TX - Reproductive health care for young Texas women limited, costly or nonexistent
The resolution was introduced by Rep. Pete Olson, R-Texas, who cites Holder’s unwillingness to cooperate during...
yes, in the same way I had trouble telling the difference between Texas house republicans
The House Republicans from Texas I spoke to are convinced they'll be voted out by the Tea Party if they adv…
Cornyn: Republicans must show they are 'responsible adults' and will govern if elected
How President Obama Is Killing Jobs via might want to stop blaming Republicans
20 house republicans from Texas and the south seek to impeach A.G.Holder. Hillbillies.
check this out, DOJ vs Texas for voter suppression then entire goes after Eric Holder?
racist Texas trash GWBush came to WH numb remember he and Republicans stole the election
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Hate to say I told you so, but . . .
Why does everyone agree with argument that R's unwilling to offer solutions to ACA problems.
Republicans who are even considering saving Obamacare so they can look like they’re compassionate are begging for a thir…
Because I still have to explain this to Republicans - Texas photo voter ID.
Texas in the morning. The land of republicans
Great quote . “The Republicans believe in the minimum wage - the more the minimum, the better.” Harry S. Truman.
Meet the seven most anti-immigrant Republicans in the House wont forget who they are http:/…
Republicans are useless, defiant do-nothing bums.The ONLY and I mean ONLY thing they want is to destroy O.…
So according to Texas Republicans, Texas is a Blue State, but I highly doubt that They're just trying to make it more red than it already is
lIt's mazing to watch Texas Republicans suddenly became fans of government regulations of business.
we need to thank unions for 40 hr work weeks and minimum wage. Republicans don't like unions coz they r for c…
From Texas Tribune: Karl Rove: Republicans in ‘state of flux’
O'Keefe is playing dress-up with hidden cameras again to attack people at nonprofits helping poor people.
House Republicans introduce resolution to impeach Attorney General Holder
2 nite at the MCRP HQ at Young Republicans event in Conroe, TX @ 7 pm. Topic: Texas Tomorrow.
I just like Texas because of all the Republicans
2014 send home Texas Rep. Pete Olson + 10 Republicans who introduce articles of impeachment against Holder via
so true iam a American indian patriot from texas and conservative iam sick and tired of the dems and re…
Stop! I can't take it any more. "Rep. Wilson, who I will once again point out is from Texas because EFFING OF...
Thank you for following the College Republicans at Texas State University Senator Huffman!
Wow. This is outrageous. Texas Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Will we see this account in mainstream media? Prob. Not
[Texas GOPers continue this week's Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Holder
Similar demographic shift is happening in Texas. By 2020, Texas will be a Blue State, thus lock Republicans out of the WH for good.
So Texas Rs drew up articles of impeachment for AG Holder. And I'm going to start drinking rn.
Texas Republicans unlikely to bend on bill on Congress: (Spoiler: They're against it.)
As they say in Texas, the group may be "all hat and no horse," but this is at least a one day interesting tidbit.
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst asks Texas Republicans in D.C. to look into possible NSA gun show surveillance in the state:
Texas Republicans draw up articles of impeachment for Attorney General Eric Holder
The Raul Torres for Texas Comptroller Campaign would like to invite you to Montgomery County Young Republicans...
Please read! This is true - Texas has the lowest voter participation of any state in the union. If we increase...
Collier, Dem for comptroller: on issues, fundraising, and why he's glad he's not a Repub: (via
right! I'm amazed they still aren't blaming Republicans
Photo for baptists, catholics, mormons, muslims, Texas and Utah republicans, Ted Cruz and the entire religious fauna!
Only fraud in the fraud video is the video. Sadly, deluded will repost anything that fits beliefs
Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz might be a thorn in the side of some Republicans around the country, but after just 10 months on the job, the Texas Republican has emerged as the face of the party back home. A new poll finds that Sen. Cruz is the overwhelming favorite among Texas Republicans to be ...
MSNBC’s Craig Melvin interviewed Republican Texas Rep. Michael Burgess in the video that opens this post, asking him to respond to the president’s criticism of Texas Republicans leaving over one million uninsured citizens uncovered. He did not allow the Burgess to spin.
"Unless you have a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag in front of your home, you’ve probably never heard of Toby Marie Walker, president of the Waco Tea Party. But you can bet Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and lots of other top Texas Republicans have her number on speed dial."- Forrest Wilder
Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans won’t want to hear this: yesterday was our biggest online fundraising day of the year. The polls show Wendy Davis can win. If we keep it going, Wendy will have what she needs to take on the anti-woman GOP and turn Texas blue. We’ve only got one female Democratic governor in the country right now, and I can think of no better person to change that. You’ve got 12 hours to give and help launch Wendy toward victory. Give now. Donate $3 or more to help us make a splash with our moneybomb to provide Wendy the resources she needs to win. We’ve got an opportunity here to deal a big blow to Republican extremists. If we can turn Texas blue, we can win anywhere. Thank you, Elisabeth Pearson Democratic Governors Association
I want Mr. Cruz stop falsely claiming he represents 27 million Texans. He does NOT represent me or the over three million Texans who voted for Paul Sadler in 2012. It isn’t even clear that he represents the nearly half million Texas Republicans who voted for Dewhurst in the runoff. Nor is it clear that he represents the Texas registered voters who did not vote or the millions of Texans who are not registered voters. He is not listening or representing millions of Texans.
California Republicans and Texas Democrats find much common ground. California Democrats and Texas Republicans are from 2 different planets.
Vogue magazine has done a piece on fashionable state Sen. Wendy Davis, wanting to know what's in her closet. So do Texas Republicans.
Oh yeah.. the Texas Republicans are the worst.
Texas "We discriminate against not African Americans... That Would be Wrong!"
Watching The Daily Show around Texas Republicans is like kicking a sleeping bear and hoping it doesn't eat you alive.
Texas Republicans fear black cats mostly because they're black.
It's rare that I agree with crazy, gun-toting Texas Republicans, so I figure it's worth making a note here.
Texas Republicans say: We're not racists! We're just trying to make a partisan power grab!
Texas Republicans want Wendy Davis to foot the bill for special sessions
-- Texas Republicans have feet of clay. If the Dems develop any kind of competition, the GOP will blow up.
At the rate are moving to *** people off, may win. In a year is a very long time off
"I'll be real honest with you. The Republican Party doesn't want black people to vote[bcause] 9-to-1 for Dems."
But don't you dare say they're racists
What is and the end of the all about? Let's ask some
Wendy Davis in 2014: Will the pro-abortion state senator go for the governorship? Texas Republicans
At least a few Texas Republicans are gunning for a Wendy Davis 2014 campaign. Here's why:
From South Carolina to Texas, Republicans are trying to restrict voting rights. Fight back:
Women are not property: A concept lost on Texas Republicans
As I said in the book...Texas Democrats have a serious card up their sleeve: Texas Republicans.
Must See Clip of Texas Activist Extra-do-Naire putting it to the Texas Republicans and Telling All to Bill Maher:...
Attorney General Eric Holder tells Texas Republicans hold your horses on that Voter ID Bill!
Memo to Texas Republicans: Texas Women will win. Shut up and sit down. You can't arm yourself with guns. You can't quote the Bible. Texas women will demand their rights. You just lose and lose and lose if you don't get that. I know. I spent a lot of time in Texas. Texas is not a Republican State. It is a populist State and women and minorities control the state when they are enraged. Extremism will lose and when Texas turns Democratic (as it will soon unless the Republicans find a way to appeal to women and Hispanics) there will be no Republican President in our lifetime.
Texas Republicans voted early Wednesday to move forward with new abortion restrictions.
Texas Republicans succeeded in moving a controversial abortion bill forward early Wednesday morning, despite objections of House Democrats who accused conservatives of refusing to consider any of their amendments.
A review of some current political events from the perspective of Texas Republicans: * Denying citizens their right to participate in their state government: OK * Denying Democratic Senators the opportunity to address the chamber during debate of a bill: OK * Prohibiting discussion of abortion regulation in Texas during a debate about...abortion regulation in Texas: OK * Prohibiting discussion of Roe v Wade during debate about abortion: OK * Conducting votes on legislation OUTSIDE of the legislative session: OK * Falsifying government documents: OK * Redistricting so white men will be ensured a win: OK * Citizens participating in the democratic process: TERRORISM
Texas House committee approves abortion restrictions: Texas Republicans have voted to move for...
Texas Republicans are moving forward with their second attempt at passing a new set of restrictive abortion laws, and appear poised to prevent state Sen. Wendy Davis—or any of the thousands of protesters and lawmakers who stand beside her—from stopping the legislation.
Wendy Davis supporters roar their approval at rally in protest at Texas abortion bill Davis headlines rally attended by several thousand people as legislators begin special session to try to force through bill Wendy Davis was rather more concise than a week earlier, but the effect of her latest speech was the same on Monday: cheers and chants from her energised legion of fans protesting the latest attempt by Texas Republicans to pass one of the country's most restrictive abortion laws. The state senator from Fort Worth headlined a rally, attended by several thousand people, as legislators prepared to begin a special session designed to force through the bill that was thwarted in large part thanks to Davis' marathon filibuster. Activists, actors and politicians joined Davis on the steps of the state capitol in Austin to protest against a Republican-backed bill that will ban abortions after 20 weeks and, opponents say, force all but five of the state's 42 abortion clinics to close. This time, Davis stood an ...
On Sunday's Disrupt show on MSNBC, host Karen Finney wondered by Texas Republicans are "trying to harm the health of women in the state" by passing laws against abortion inst...
Texas Republicans want to ban abortion at 20 weeks. If the state moves forward, it would be the 13th to do so.
from FED UP with Governor Rick Perry- Perry signs into law and makes permanent a Congressional district map which was drawn by the Federal District Court and only meant to be temporary. Can you say, "future law suit?" "Earlier last year, Texas Republicans attempted to pass a more aggressive map, but a federal court in Washington, D.C., struck it down also under Section 5. A San Antonio-based federal court ordered lawmakers to use an interim map instead. "Last month, Perry called the state legislature into a special session to deal with the congressional and legislative maps. Republicans, who dominate both chambers in Texas, intended to pass the court-ordered interim map used in the 2012 elections into law. They accomplished that this week, sending the maps to the governor’s desk. "Texas Democrats could still challenge the map in court under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The high court did not touch that provision, which outlaws intentional discrimination in voting laws."
ON TONIGHT'S SHOW we are fortunate to have a panel comprised of organizers of the alleged "unruly mob", Shelby Alexander and Debbie Russel as well as participants Katie Heim and her 16 year old son Lyndon. of us sat glued to the live feed on YouTube earlier this week as Texas Republicans were posed to pass Senate Bill 5. SB 5 would effectively end women's access to abortion as lawmakers have already done in several other flyover states as well as across the South. What they didn't count on was Wendy Davis who effectively fillibustered for 11 hours nor what Dewhurst would later dub an "unruly mob". Also, Hidden Histories of the Jane Collective miss it! every Friday @ 7:30pm on KPFT 90.1FM in Houston, 89.5 in Galveston, 89.7 in Huntsville, & on the World Wide Web
From Gorilla Pig: "Folks, what's happening in Texas right now is is no longer just about abortion. Now, it's also about Texas Republicans lying, cheating and stealing to get their way, including falsifying records and scheduling a special session to re-do the vote they lost this week. "Let's show the women of Texas (and the men that support them) that they have our support more than ever. Please use this icon for your profile image and share it with your friends." ~Katie
David Dewhurst, Rick Perry and Texas Republicans are trying to shut down all but five abortion clinics in the state, forcing women into back-alley abortions, creating a black market for ad-hoc abortion pills, and denying women the family planning services provided by these clinics. Who's attacking t...
So now that I've had a chance to reflect on my rant yesterday, which was primarily directed at my liberal friends, and especially now that Gov Perry is calling a special session, it's time to write something directed at my conservative friends. I feel that my outrage yesterday at the Texas Democrats' (and much of the country's) response to SB5 is justified. To me, the liberals demonstrated what they believe in: abortion on demand without any restrictions or concerns for the well being of women or the society at large. That said, it is time for us right to life folks to step back for a moment and recognize this bill for what it is. This is Governor Perry and the Republican party reshaping the argument. The Republicans are now offering their own version of abortion on demand. Somewhere along the way, Texas Republicans decided that they will present a pro abortion bill that will put in place a few regulations. Due to the fact that this is a "conservative" bill and due to the fact that the Democrats reacted s ...
Scalia's dissent must have been written by the ghost of Andrew Jackson. It is in these words that we come to appreciate what a lover of mankind this man isn't. The women of Texas are my new heroes and the newspaper/media outlet that provided the live feed from this bastien of manly man government showed just what morons the Texas Republicans are. They will surely(don't call me Shirley)be under a microscope on their second attempt.
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Following a titanic political drama, top Texas Republicans said they failed to pass new abortion restrictions. "Regrettably, the consititutional time for the 83rd Legislature had expired," Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told lawmakers at 3:02 a.m.
Speaking of time warps, did you all hear about how Texas Republicans modified their computer clocks in order to pass a vote that they wanted taken care of? I'm unclear about whether they passed the anti-abortion bill or if it got blocked by Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster or not, but you have to admit that the Texas legislature is completely despicable.
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Amid the deafening roar of abortion rights supporters, Texas Republicans huddled around the Senate podium to pass new abortion restrictions, but whether the vote was cast before or after midnight is in dispute.
Despite their best, and absolutely corrupt efforts, Texas Republicans couldn't beat the determination of Senator Wendy Davis, Texas Democrats and the very vocal women's rights advocates who flooded...
I hope all Texas Republicans get stuck in a pre-sneeze state for the rest of their lives.
Ironic how Texas Republicans wouldn't let Wendy Davis carry the filibuster to term.
because Texas Republicans are the masters of dirty political tricks.
Whatever they do tomorrow - lie, cheat, steal - Texas Republicans LOST THE WAR tonight!
Texas Republicans also seem unclear on the basics of parliamentary procedure.
9 out of 10 doctors agree, Texas Republicans need a good ole slap in the face.
Texas Republicans claim to know the exact moment at which life begins, but can’t comprehend ‘midnight’.”
According to Texas Republicans, god created the world in seven days, which were each 24 hours and one minute long.
Today the Internet shouted about Texas Republicans breaking the law and reported about the Kardashians and muffins.
Texas Republicans don't even support a clock's right to choose what time it is for itself.
BREAKING:Texas Republicans, having been defeated by the 12am rule, have declared, "it's 10pm somewhere" & continue to vote.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Texas Republicans now telling rest of Senate about the time-turner they stole from Dumbledore's office.
AWESOME: Texas Republicans pass ban on abortions after 20 weeks and new restrictions on abortion clinics -
The Texas Republicans realize that 180,000 of us witnessed them calling a vote after midnight? Right?
Lol. Texas Republicans thought they could change time. I'm surprised they didn't change it back to 1955.
"Texas Republicans pass new abortion bill expected to close nearly every abortion clinic in the state."
Texas Republicans. Your nation's prime example of corrupt power and patriarchy.
Just got an IM from a UK colleague asking what I was working on so late. "watching Texas Republicans film Democ…
Republicans have passed new restrictions expected to close almost every abortion clinic in the state
In an unexpected motion, Texas Republicans have voted to move midnight to 1am.
The Texas Republicans just signed they're own will. This state is going blue.
Weird how Texas Republicans won't let Wendy Davis carry this filibuster to term.
So we all just saw the same thing right? Texas Republicans just broke the law AND denied how time works? Mmmkay. Just c…
Dear Texas Republicans, . Why ya'll gottta be so douchey? . xoxo Kat and her lady bits.
UPDATE: Republicans pass abortion law after marathon attempt
Recap: Texas Republicans hold vote on after legislature is dissolved by state constitution, lie to then doctor webs…
All purpose parts banner
I'll be sick if I see the Texas Republicans walk all over what women have fought so long for. The right to …
Texas Republicans illegally passes an unconstitutional law while 180k people watch on youtube.
Texas Republicans' understanding of time is as sophisticated as their understanding of biology.
BREAKING NEWS: Texas Republicans pass strict new abortion curbs, overcoming long filibuster, and chaos in Senate chamber as deadline neared.
Texas Republicans are showing the Muslim Brotherhood how to surpress women's rights through the democratic process. Thanx, ***
Texas’ special session ends at midnight on Tuesday. And if state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) can continue speaking until that point about the dangerous effects of SB 5, an omnibus abortion bill that Texas Republicans are currently attempting to push through the extra lawmaking session, she’ll effectively b...
Courage, in the face of evil, this lovely lady stands up to fillibuster against Texas bills limiting a woman's Constitutional rights in that soon to be Blue backward state!
Texas Republicans passed a sweeping bill late Sunday night that would close the vast majority of the state’s abortion clinics and ban abortions after 20 w
What is going on in Texas with the abortion issue is the pathetic, squirming, sneaky under cover of dark shenanigans of the pathetic Right-to-Life hypocrites and their disgusting attack on women and women's health and reproductive issues, lead by Thick Rick Perry and the Yahoos that are the Texas Republicans. Shame on them, shame on them.
Texas Republicans voted to approve a sweeping abortion measure that will shut down 37 of the state’s 42 abortion clinics. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Texas State Capitol yesterday to voice their opposition to Senate Bill 5. The bill aims to ban abortion after 20 weeks, force clinic doctor...
That awkward moment when Texas Republicans are pushing HB60 and it turns out women can vote in Texas.
The finance primaries started this week and the special session has another week to run, but the season's first skirmishes among Texas Republicans are starting to appear.
Texas Republicans want Ted Cruz over Rick Perry for 2016 - Also want Ted Cruz,Rand Paul,Darrell Issa, TreyGowdy 2 run
Subject: Politifact Fact Check Swings in Our Favor Dear SREC Members and County Chairs, Chairman Munisteri requested that I send out this Politifact Fact Check article on Karl Rove’s statement about Texas Republicans winning, on average, about 40% of the Latino vote statewide. This is a very important and true statistic to have on our side and it is good a good sign that Politifact has given it a “mostly true”. Feel free to contact Chairman Munisteri if you have any questions. Karl Rove says Republicans running in Texas draw 40 percent of Latino vote on average Share this story: Republican consultant Karl Rove thinks Georgia Republicans need to stump more like their Texas counterparts. In a May 18, 2013, speech at Georgia’s GOP state convention, Rove said Republicans have "got to get outside of our comfort zone and go places Republicans are not comfortable going," according to a transcript provided to us by Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Daniel Malloy. "And we’ve got to get candidates who ...
Texas Republicans are at it again, with Governor Rick Perry calling a special session of the legislature to...
In a speech made to a gathering of Texas Republicans last month, Tea Party activist Ken Emanuelson claimed that the GOP does not want black people to vote unless they are do so for Republican candidates, according to the Houston Chronicle. “I’m going to be real honest with you, the Republican Party…
Texas Republicans' days are numbered. Change is coming in the Lone Star ...
Governor Perry, You’re OUR Only Hope. Please VETO SB 346 and HB 1600. These bill are on your desk now. Please veto them to help protect Texans. In light of the IRS scandal, you would think that Texas Republicans would not be so foolish as to vote for SB 346 in the state legislature, but apparently they are that foolish. The legislation, in Texas of all places, would require nonprofits engaged in politics to disclose all their donors. “Shouldn’t they,” you may say. Oh *** ‘NO’ they should not. Please Governor Perry, veto SB 346. Should it pass, it would enable the intimidation and bullying of conservatives, driving his very base of support from the public arena. He is now the only hope for Texas conservatives." HB 1600 - ... "the granting of emergency cease and desist authority in Section 1.03 of this bill is a major problem. Section 1.03 would give the PUC the authority to issue a cease and desist order on its own authority without going to district court. The PUC could also issue a cease ...
Perry & Texas GOP Leaders on State Payroll for 118 Years! Texas Republican leaders have set the standard for entrenched professional politicians Rants against “government employees” and “career politicians” have been a staple of Republican campaign rhetoric for years. Even though he is paid more by taxpayers than any other governor in the country, no one rails harder against government spending and government employees than Rick Perry. However, despite attempts to portray themselves as anti-government outsiders, Rick Perry and Texas Republicans are setting the standard for entrenched, out-of-touch, government dependent, professional politicians. Texas Republicans make up an entrenched political class of state payroll lifers It might surprise some observers – and Tea Party activists – to know that not only has Rick Perry been on the Texas payroll for over 28 years, the other five top GOP state office-holders have been drawing a state paycheck for between 14 and 20 years and counting. The six to ...
Exactly why Texas Republicans are not known as the Science Party - Well, and they think Darwin is a loon -
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker urges Texas Republicans to be optimistic at Dallas event this out. He was excellent!
Blog: Texas Republicans unswayed by Obama; Rep. Pete Sessions sees "insatiable" desire to spend and tax
Tara Culp-Ressler at Think Progress reports on how Texas Republicans are trying to ban Planned Parenthood from participating in sex education because they don’t teach kids to hate themselves and fear their bodies. The debate over this, as is usual with the Texas legislature, was a demonstration of h...
Texas Republicans were shocked to learn that their 2011 legislative efforts to defund family planning will result in more unplanned pregnancies and cost $273 million.
Texas Republicans peddling the claim that Planned Parenthood is trying to hook kids on sex.
Just sent this off to Sara Legvold, Bill Eastland, Leslie Recine, Jim Borchert, Jean McIver, Tom Washington, Janet Jackson, Frank Steed: Tarrant County SREC Members, and Others: By now many of you have been contacted by Texas Republicans concerned about action the State House GOP Caucus appears ready to take Monday toward taking a caucus position on extending Medicaid in Texas, pursuant to the provisions of the ACA (Obamacare). Some of you are wondering why that's coming up right now in such force, and why any resolution would be desired from the SREC at this time specifically. The answer is that, as Russ Duerstine noted in the Rules Committee today, sometimes things hit Friday afternoon while the SREC is in committee. This is one of those issues. It was announced today that a meeting has been called of the State House Republican Caucus for this Monday at 1pm, where they will be given presentations on this topic and then asked to vote on a position of the House GOP Caucus. While all of us would hope th .. ...
The left-leaning Public Policy Polling has found an overwhelming support from Texas Republicans to impeach President Obama, including 30 percent of the state’s Hispanics. Shockingly, 12 percent of Democrats are in favor of ousting the newly reelected president.
One top state official wants gun makers in seven states to flee critics and move to Mississippi. House Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, sent letters Thursday to 14 gun manufacturers suggesting they should relocate. The companies are in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and North Carolina. “I am personally inviting you and your company to come to the great state of Mississippi,” Gunn wrote in a letter to Colt’s Manufacturing Co. “In our state, you will not be criticized for providing good to the law abiding citizens who enjoy hunting, shooting or who just want the peace of mind that comes with the constitutional right to protect their families.” Leaders from other states have sent letters to some or all of the companies asking them to come to their homes. Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, both Texas Republicans, have made overtures. Also chiming in have been U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., and officials from Alabama, Idaho, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and ...
Texas Republicans are already trying to broaden their base to stave off a Democratic comeback.
All Three Senators Who Voted Against John Kerry Are Pro-Keystone XL, Anti-Science, Climate Deniers Repost This Comment on this StoryEmail this story The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved the nomination of Sen. John Kerry as the new Secretary of State, by a vote of 94-3. The three "no" votes were cast by infamous climate denier James Inhofe (R-OK), and two anti-environment Texas Republicans, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. All three Republican Senators, Cornyn, Cruz and Inhofe signed the letter to President Obama last week calling for the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would lead to the expansion of the Alberta tar sands, one of the dirtiest megaprojects on earth. John Kerry is praised for his environmental record as a Senator, and he's widely anticipated to uphold his leadership role on climate change issues as Secretary of State. During his confirmation hearings, Kerry promised to make climate change a top priority at State. "I will be a passionate advocate about this, but not based on ideology ...
A majority of Texas Republicans support impeaching President Obama, according to a poll released today by the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling. Sixty-seven percent of self-identified Republicans and 39 percent of all of those polled believe the president should be impeached. While 50 percent...
I saw on Drudge that a recent poll found that 67% of Texas Republicans want Obama impreached. In related news...Water is Wet!
If yesterday’s news of “Battleground Texas” was an attempt to put Texas Republicans on the defensive, Texas Democrats might need to rethink the strategy. After all, when has Rick Perry ever played defense?
The fiscal cliff bill has passed the U.S. House with the support of four Texas Republicans: U.S. Reps. Pete Sessions...
Grumbling about House Speaker John Boehner has grown in recent weeks. Some voters, irate over the fiscal cliff deal, have been urging Texas Republicans to give him the boot Thursday when he formally stands for election at the start of the 113th Congress. Incoming freshman Steve Stockman, ...
U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, who represents parts of Travis County, was one of four Texas Republicans to vote Tuesday to avoid tumbling off the fiscal cliff.
The all-consuming "fiscal cliff" saga came to a dramatic end late Tuesday with a deal that won the support of only a handful of Texas Republicans.
WASHINGTON – All but four Texas Republicans in the U.S. House voted against the deal that ended the fiscal cliff showdown late Tuesday, despite support from top GOP leaders.
Here is the vote. 62% of Republicans voted against. Kevin Brady (TX-02) and Lamar Smith (TX-21) were Texas Republicans joining Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan, & the democrats supporting the bill. Ron Paul did not vote.
Obama prepares for immigration bill push - USA Today White House aides say a comprehensive immigration reform plan is on the agenda as the Obama administration's "next big political project," but it has to wait until the fiscal cliff crisis is resolved. Citizenship becomes focus of immigration fight - Wall Street Journal While both major political parties are talking immigration reform, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants remains a sticking point. Most Democrats are pushing for citizenship, but many Republicans are reluctant to take it that far. Colorado becomes fourth state with immigration compact - Salt Lake Tribune Colorado is the latest state to adopt a "compact" similar to Utah's on immigration, with guiding principals for comprehensive immigration reform. The plan is being backed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. U.S. health care could shrink for illegal immigrants - USA Today When President Obama's health reform plan is fully implemented, undocumented immigrants are expected to mak ...
nearly 2/3s of texas presidential votes cast were straight ticket: Republicans did about nine points bet...
"In Texas, even the people with dreadlocks are republicans." - "Yeah, with dreadlocks and guns!"
The Wall Street Journal reports that the law's implementation is turning into one pratfall after another.
Oh my goodness... what horror unfolding in the USA . my thoughts go to the families and also to those suffering loss elsewhere in the world at the hands if conflict and violence... why can't we have peace on earth now. enough of all the bloodshed...
THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF LABOR By: Patrick J. Buchanan In 1958, Senate Minority Leader William Knowland, his eye on the 1960 GOP nomination coveted by fellow Californian Richard Nixon, went home and declared for governor. Knowland’s plan: Ride to victory on the back of Proposition 18, the initiative to make right-to-work the law in the Golden Land. Prop. 18 was rejected 2 to 1. Knowland’s career was over, and the Republicans were decimated nationally for backing right-to-work. Badly burned, the party for years ran away from the issue. This history makes what happened in Michigan, cradle of the United Auto Workers, astonishing. A GOP legislature passed and Gov. Rick Snyder signed a right-to-work law as libertarian as any in Red State America. The closed shop, where a worker must belong to the union before being hired, is dead. The union shop, where an individual must join the union once hired, is dead. The agency shop, where a worker cannot be made to join a union but can be required to pay dues if the ...
College Republicans at Texas send our most sincere condolences to the Newtown community in Connecticut. Our...
Amid a flurry of lame duck ALEC based legislation they passed, Michigan Republicans also passed legislation aimed at creating a safety net for their theft of democracy.
Can we just move the NRA and all those Republicans to Texas and declare Texas its own country? I think it's big enough.
Share this with everyone who is concerned about the future of Texas.
Texas Republican yells at fellow Republicans on climate denial.
he grew up in Texas. Most people in Texas are Republicans. Is this a surprise?
I'm tired of going to Krogers for White Castle. All these Republicans in Texas and we can't get a White Cast
What separates Tea Party Conservatives & establishment Republicans?Tea Party "Conservative" is an identity. "Republican" is job description
what drugs are you on.I live in Texas, republicans have the title of being prejudice
what's the best way to reach out to Hispanic?Texas is 40% Hispanic.The Republicans can't win the white house without it
What's it going to take to AVOID the Fiscal Cliff?
Rick Perry had a C average at Texas A&M. Susan Rice was a Rhodes scholar. Republicans still think Perry more qualified than Rice.
Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration to be the next secretary of state after the embattled U.N. ambassador ran into a standoff with Republicans over an attack on Americans in Libya...
First class flyers are *** .. Or maybe they're just republicans flying to Texas...
Do you know how many of my Texas followers are minorities and republicans 90% stfu
Buy Miche Bag Online!
There are no moderates. Not anymore. There is a left and a right and those who say they are moderates are surrendering to the left. Like a famous man from Texas once said; “you’re either with us or against us.” Some people just don’t want to accept the truth because they just can’t believe that it could happen here. Some may eventually see the truth. But, it will only happen when it directly affects them and they are unable to rationalize or shift blame elsewhere. A normal person when faced with indisputable evidence will capitulate to the truth. This is not the case for many on the left. They are so convinced they are doing the right thing that facts no longer matter. The republicans in Washington must be and act like conservatives. If they don’t they must go, period. If we are unable to do this then a third party is the only option. The timing is better than it has been for the last one hundred years. What have we got to lose? After eight years of Obama almost everyone will be ready for a ch ...
Already, today has been a HUGE day for the reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA). This morning, Senator Rubio of Florida® and Senator Leahy of Vermont (D) presented a letter on the importance of renewing and reauthorizing the TVPRA. This morning there wa...
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