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Texas Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast of the United States, sometimes referred to as the Gulf South, South Coast, or 3rd Coast, comprises the coasts of American states that are on the Gulf of Mexico, which includes Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and are known as the Gulf States.

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Best wishes to the folks in the Texas Gulf Coast region, to be safe from the impact of Hurricane
WARNING: Hurricane is headed your way, Texas Gulf Coast! Make sure you & your pets are prepared:
Texas Gulf Coast was declared a federal disaster area a day ago. We don't need Trump to protect us like third world cities.
Tornado risk highest today/tonight along Texas Gulf Coast as makes landfall. Threat may last a few days.…
Harvey is forecast to hit the Texas Gulf Coast as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph. https…
McGinnis open waste pits on the Texas Gulf Coast. Hurricane Ike storm surge was 22 ft. and flooded hundreds of miles along the Gulf Coast.
A must-read about the vulnerability of TX Gulf Coast when the inevitable next hurricane hits.
Waving howdy from the Gulf Coast of Texas. hope y'all have a nice weekend!
hope all are safe,I live inland from Texas Gulf Coast,have been through numerous hurricanes in my lifetime,not fun
It's the eve of the 13th Annual Gulf Coast International Dragon Boat Regatta in Sugar Land, Texas!...
Living along the Gulf coast in South Texas, I pray for the safety and those effected by Hurricane Matthew along the Florida coast tonight.
Stay safe! Your Gulf Coast friends in Texas are thinking of you.
DU's Gulf Coast Initiative is important for everyone. Find out why!
>My family lived right on the Gulf Coast, near Corpus Christi. We evacuated to Central Texas. Our neighbor's son (my parent's age) did not>
In all my years on the Texas Gulf Coast I don't think I ever saw a NWS bulletin that begged people to leave.…
I live on Texas gulf coast..I know what you are experiencing...
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I have lived in Texas my entire 35yrs and lived on or near the Gulf Coast for 21 of those. I have things to say about hurricanes later, BUT>
.Alright. But as a native of the Texas Gulf coast I'd rather be in an October storm than one in August
I've been through 2 hurricanes on the Texas Gulf Coast, including Hurricane Rita, so I can relate. Can you get to a shelter?
Even though I'm from the Caribbean & grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast I've never actually been in a proper hurricane but it sounds terrifying
stay safe. I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas and live directly where Ike made land fall. I know the worry you have.
I grew up near the Gulf Coast of Texas and clearly remember hurricanes. Stay safe, friends in the path of
I can relate. 🌴. I evacuated the Texas Gulf Coast from Hurricane Rita in Sept 2005. But, I left one day early. 🙏🙏
Hotel Galvez is the only historic beachfront hotel on the Texas Gulf Coast. She's known as the…
Prays for Florida from Texas Gulf Coast. “Matthew back to Category 4. Winds now at 140mph, up from 125”
Giant human Nephilim skeletons were also found along the Gulf coast of Texas.
Praying for Florida. As a resident of the Texas Gulf Coast, I know that warnings like this should be followed witho…
and Gulf Coast don't forget Texas in the central time zone
in 1954, Naval Research Laboratory's Aerobee rocket took the first complete image of a hurricane, located off the Gul…
I added a video to a playlist Cape Shores Aerial View - Texas Gulf Coast
Can you recommend anyone for this Neurologist job on Texas Gulf Coast!! - TX featured in NBC s Science of Love
Let's Eat - Third Authentic New York-style Pizzeria on the Texas Gulf Coast! -
Check us out! The resource for emerging Latinx writers in the Texas Gulf Coast region. http…
News | HIV : The decision to cut HIV testing funding to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is likely to affect…
Could virus affect the 2016 Summer in
Could Zika virus emerge in Texas Gulf Coast? Need to be alert b/c Tx gulf vulnerable to arboviruses.
Alright--- this freaking cold front hitting Texas now is making me a bit nervous--- really don't like cold weather on the gulf coast
I live on the Texas coast. I've lived on the Gulf Coast my entire life. Climate change is a hoax.
25 Reasons We Love the Texas Coast: The Gulf of Mexico, good weather year-round, bountiful seafood, preservation of…
The combination of blizzard conditions in western Texas and severe storms along the Gulf Coast.
Heavy showers and storms developing along the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast.
Blizzard Warnings in West Texas and Tornado Warnings in East Texas 🤔 whilst the gulf coast of Texas enjoys beachy weather 😳
Support the birds of the coast, and some of the best places to study in the Gulf of Mexico!
Update on Zika and our Report details zika virus potential in Texas, Gulf Coast via
.& share what you need to know about Zika virus:
in headlining our concern about Zika hitting and Gulf Coast https:…
Texas Gulf Coast called "Birdiest Place In America" according to Audubon Society it's home to 200-300 species at certain times of the year.
NEPHROLOGIST needed on the Texas Gulf Coast! at Corpus Christi... (TX Job)
I will send you a postcard from Texas Gulf ... -
This might be a great fit for you: Nephrology job on Texas Gulf Coast! - TX
Relaxation in the Texas Gulf Coast - Freeport, TX: via
We're concerned about ZIKA virus at our TX doorstep & congenital birth defects https:/…
shares a list of RV Parks in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. Directory ➜
Number 1 selling hybrid on Texas Gulf Coast. on 15" rows yielding 5800lb/ac planted at 55k/ac
AUSTIN – Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Chris Traylor issued a statement today on the...
Frances and Ellen Vacation at Texas Gulf Coast by Frances via
We added 3 more campgrounds to our list of RV friendly campgrounds on the Texas Gulf Coast!
Texas Gulf Coast is uniquely suited to rice cultivation. I grew up in a rice growing small town.
"What are these shrieks in the night in the small, historic Texas Gulf Coast town of Anahuac"
A proposed petroleum pipeline that would have transported oil from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast.
"The game will be played in Houston - long considered the humid Rotterdam of the Texas Gulf Coast"
President Obama throws Mary Landrieu under the bus with Keystone XL veto threat President Barack Obama appeared to throw embattled Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu under the bus by issuing a veto threat against a bill that would authorize the Keystone XL pipeline, according to a Wednesday story in the Hill. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest reiterated that the State Department was still reviewing the pipeline. The pipeline is also the subject of a court case in Nebraska, where it would traverse from the Alberta tar sand fields to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. The politics surrounding the Louisiana senate runoff seems to have provided a bi-partisan consensus that the Keystone XL pipeline must be approved immediately, according to the Washington Post. Examiner.comq
United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast refused funding request by a Houston foundation, 1985
Bring your friends this Friday at 7:30pm to the big, bold, Texas-size, Gulf-coast-beautiful, Monet's Sunset Sail...
Been considering a trike conversion? You really should speak with the good folks at Gulf Coast Trikes in Kemah Texas.
you live just a few degrees South of me. I'm along the Texas Gulf Coast. I'm parallel to Tampa.
it looks like my hometown On the Gulf Coast of Texas on the beach love the horse
Team In Training Texas Gulf Coast suffered a tremendous loss this week when we lost a member of our family.
Texas and other Gulf Coast region AAU clubs, shoot me tentative dates of events you plan on hosting in the spring/summer for boys and girls
Just wanna live on the gulf coast of Texas so I can be a professional shark fisherman.
Texas among three states with home prices poised to rise most: … the Gulf Coast. The media...
EAST COAST, WEST COAST and TURNCOAT TEXAS. Confederates and their chattel is 3rd COAST; BAY of PIGS or GULF of...
sign up for Texas Gulf Coast gardening classes at Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens:
Tropical Storm Dolly heads for Mexico's Gulf coast; new storm forms in Pacific
September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you TNT Texas Gulf Coast for helping us wipe out these diseases.
I hope google properly credited Bun B, pimp C and the other gulf coast Texas rappers for the origin of Trill
RESTORE Council announces that submissions are being accepted for Texas Gulf Coast restoration projects -
6 Cubans land on Texas coast after boat engine breaks
And this picture alone shows nothing west of Texas as Southern lmfao! But 10 literally hugs the coast of the Gulf...
Tropical Storm Dolly headed for soggy collision with Mexico's Gulf coast
High risk of dangerous RIP currents is expected to continue through Wednesday evening for the Gulf facing beaches of the middle Texas Coast.
Rain, Storms to Soak Gulf Coast - Tropical downpours along the coasts of Texas...
Tanker "vanishes" in Gulf carrying disputed Iraqi Kurdish oil, and it's not the first time:
From the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast comes the one and the only . Fran Hoffpauir singing "Stars On The Water"
After spending the last week with my two-year-old on the Texas Gulf Coast, I can't WAIT to have some "mom time" at The Refuge Bar & Bistro this weekend for And SLEEP IN MY OWN BED at Hyatt Market Street - The Woodlands!! It's the little things, right? ;)
Camp in luxury and rent an Airstream in Port Aransas and see the surrounding Texas Gulf Coast -
Hurricane season is here once again, and many people along the Texas Gulf Coast have been affected by these damaging storms over the years, in one way or another. Fort Bend County Libraries, in conjunction with the Fort Bend Historical Commission, would like to record these memories and experiences,…
beginning a new chapter in the lives of children / families of Texas Gulf Coast.
To All, wishing you a Happy April Fool's, hoping you are having a good one so far. Also want to post a couple of half funny tidbits; First, just saw this come across the reader line on our local evening news.. Kansas man suspected of guitar string decapitation.. Starbucks bringing back sliced cake.. lolll, yes they came across the screen like that. Then I have been pondering our last tragic oil spill here in the Texas Gulf. It appears we have a new kind of fish here on the Texas Gulf Coast. No need to add cooking oil when frying it. It comes Pre-Oiled. lol. Sadly the ecology and the commercial fishing industry on our Texas Gulf Coast will take years to recover, if it ever completely does..
Migrating birds must not tire of winter. On the contrary they may have fantasy dreams about experiencing it. A tagged osprey from here in Missoula for examply was found to make its migration home a marsh around a Dow Chemical plant on the Texas Gulf Coast..
Texas gulf coast is where the party is. # beads
Looking to move closer to the Gulf Coast? Check out our communities in Alvin, League City and Texas City!
Who is Forrest Bess? Why he's an oil-field worker, fisherman, reclusive hermit, and self-absorbed visionary!
Why is the Texas gulf coast brown and the Florida gulf coast blue???
The Texas Raiders B-17 from Gulf Coast Wing is having a Fly Day at today. Very cool.
Gorgeous day here on the Texas Gulf Coast. Ducks are out and about
Anyone want to participate in a BBQ cookoff?!?! *Event Sanctioned by the Texas Gulf Coast BBQ Cooker's Assoc.**...
The revenue of oil drilled in the Gulf coast goes to Texas not Nevada
I hold it down in the gulf coast area, between Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. Love real time service ;3
Everyone I was thinking on how I wanted to show my great grand parents picture. I have to ask my aunt can I take the picture of it again. Well I went to my Texas Gulf Coast Writer meeting. I realize after sitting down my Aunt Vera Mea told me a lot about their relationship. I said I have a real life Historic Romance I can write. You see my great grandmother was consider a Congo. So in Louisiana Congo is very known. For us New Orleans who know about Mardi Grasi can say the same thing. Well she marry a man that was white or some mulatto who could afford his own car and stuff. That's my great grand father. It just so happen people are always saying they are breaking barriers with inter racial relationships. I said you know what my great grand parents on both side been did that. In fact my grandmother who Congo could not even ride in the same car with my grandfather. They said the world has not change. That's a big change to see two different race couple ride in a car.
We'll be supporting HOBY Texas Gulf Coast with proceeds from tickets sold for Refresh Leadership Live benefiting thi…
The Texas Democratic Delegation met with members of the Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trades...
The Texas Congressional Delegation met with the Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trade Council today...
Hi, Marissa! I'm originally from the Texas Gulf Coast area, as well. (Port Aransas, to be exact.) Thanks for the follow! :)
OK you gotta see this MT MT Texas gulf coast last night
Spring is coming! MT Texas gulf coast last night. making headway.
Texas gulf coast migration last night. making headway before winds out of NNW today.
"Away from the crowds and the hype, dedicated surfers catch waves in places like the Texas Gulf Coast for the...
I plan to. There was a lot I didn't get to see. He is actually moving to the Gulf Coast in Texas :O
strongest dudes in Texas 2050, Rudy Flores 1945, Bobby Gonzalez 1920 at the Gulf Coast
The sun shines over the Gulf Coast in Palacios, Texas, a city nicknamed the "City by the Sea." (By Joe Valdez)
Gulf coast clear of this week says team. Latest Texas Gulf HAB forecast:
PWC technician wanted (Corpus Christi): Are you looking to move to the Gulf Coast? Texas Wate...
"Is it possible the best team in the NBA is gathering like a hurricane off the Gulf Coast of Texas?"
Mercer, the team beat in its season opener, just clinched an NCAA Tournament berth by beating Florida Gulf Coast in A-Sun Tourney.
Dr. C ordered sausage from Fulshear and shrimp & crab from the Gulf Coast. Central Texas offered nothing, except water, to today's gumbo.
Miami vs bulls mercer vs Florida gulf coast vs texas baylorwbb vs oklahoma state dukewbb vs Notre dame so many good games today
Patches of light rain form over East Texas and the coastal plains tonight including the upper gulf coast.
The Texas Gulf Coast back home is growing personality, and I like it. @ Surfside Beach
Texas Gulf Coast! Join us today at 4pm at the Fulton Oysterfest!.
Hey Gulf Coast Texas! Don't miss Jason Allen live at the Fulton Oysterfest today at 4pm!.
The current discussion is last extension of the KXL from OK to the Texas Gulf Coast. Oil is still getting there, but mostly by rail.
Texas DI would like to wish Gulf Coast Regional Director, Phil Ranford a very SPECIAL Birthday!!! You are an...
New Orvis fishing report and tips for Gulf Coast - Port O'Connor in Texas. Conditions:Just OK
Being the chair of the Gulf Coast Women in Leadership was a wonderful exeperience! Congratulations Texas Diversity Council!!
Texas company plans $468M pipeline to ship Utica shale NG to Gulf Coast
(Hey FB Friends, I know many of you are concerned about the Keystone Pipeline project that is currently being imposed on our environment and the health of our citizens. Below is a copy of the letter I sent this morning. Please copy and send to the POTUS and the State Dept.) Dear President Obama: (copy to State Department) I strongly urge you to oppose construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. As proposed, this dangerous pipeline would transport heavy crude oil from the Canadian tar sands to the Texas Gulf Coast, spanning 1,700 miles. As a business leader, I see no viable business case for this pipeline. Canadian tar sands oil is considered the dirtiest oil on earth and bringing nearly a million barrels per day into the U.S. would have negative economic, environmental, health, and security consequences for our nation. It is also my understanding that this is of no great benefit to America as the jobs it will create, are only temporary yet the negative effects will last for generations. In business terms, i ...
Elizabeth Warren Fights against Global Warming, Separates Herself from Hillary Clinton More than a month ago Elizabeth Warren finally separated herself clearly from Hillary Clinton, regarding the issue of climate change and global warming. Here is the story: TransCanada Corporation wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline to carry oil from Alberta Canada's tar sands to two refineries owned by Koch Industries near the Texas Gulf Coast, for export to Europe; and Hillary Clinton has helped to make that happen, but Elizabeth Warren has now taken the opposite side. Clinton had worked behind the scenes to ease the way for commercial exploitation of this, the world's highest-carbon-emitting oil, 53% of which oil is owned by America's Koch Brothers. Secretary Clinton's State Department allowed the environmental impact statement on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline to be performed by a petroleum industry contractor that was chosen by the company that was proposing to build and own the pipeline, TransCanada. That co ...
Broad coalition backs Keystone XL oil pipeline WASHINGTON (AP) — An unusual coalition of lawmakers from both parties, labor and business leaders, veterans groups and Canada's ambassador to the United States joined forces Tuesday to push for quick approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Five Democrats joined Republicans at a Capitol news conference to urge President Barack Obama to approve the pipeline following a State Department report last week that raised no major environmental objections. The $7 billion pipeline would carry oil from tar sands in western Canada to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. The project has lingered for more than five years and has become a symbol of the political debate over climate change. Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer also spoke at the news conference, along with labor union officials and a retired Navy admiral. A top oil industry lobbyist attended the event but did not speak. Environmental groups that oppose the pipeline have been making a lot of "noise," Doer said, ...
Sherman, The Wayback Machine: In 2012, House Speaker John Boehner claimed that Keystone XL, a 1,700-mile pipeline that would transport tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast, would create "tens of thousands of American jobs." Transcanada, the energy giant bidding to build the pipeline, projected the pipeline would create 20,000 jobs in the U.S. The State Department estimated that construction would create 42,100 jobs annually over the one to two years. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce consequently claimed the pipeline could create 250,000 permanent U.S. jobs. That figure has now been downgraded, with the latest claim that up to 650 Americans 'could work on the project', with an estimate of THIRTY-FIVE, yes, America, that's 35 permanent jobs, all for the trade off of poisoned drinking water, fouled rivers, exploding train bombs, and dirty air. America, Big Oil, hand in hand with the GOP, has sold you a bill of goods stamped "final sale, no returns accepted."
Please follow windstorm engineering experts for the Texas Gulf Coast!
If cancer has affected a person you love, help me with this fundraiser. In June of 2014, I will join a group of awesome small boat sailors, sailing 200 miles up the Texas Gulf Coast in the smallest of boats. The boasts are all 14 feet in length or smaller Many are only 8' long. We will be carrying the names of loved ones who have survived, who are currently battling, and who have been lost to cancer, with us. Their names will be carried right on the sides of our boats. The trip will be 5 days in duration and a difficult one. It is dedicated to honor all these loved ones. The team has setup a Livestrong Foundation grassroots funding page with each boat raising as much as they can. If you want to know more about my planned adventure on "Scout" and how you can help support the trip to honor your loved one Please go to this link. will describe the adventure, why I chose to join the group, what the trip is about, and how you can join the team. Please share this post with anyone you know that has a loved on ...
Because the southern portion only runs from Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast, thus crossing no international boundaries, it did not require approval from the State Department.
High of 55 today with showers on the Texas Gulf Coast. Better than the last few... and that deserves this-...
Texas Gulf Coast here I come! My bones just do not like temps below 32!
That's the way it is in Texas Gulf Coast too.
More than 1000 flights cancelled out of DFW (Dallas) today. I think I will just stay here on the always beautiful and fairly warm Texas Gulf Coast until it gets warm. Tety says they are having a serious blizzard over yonder in Russia this morning so she was only going to run to the knitting factory to buy some warmer underclothes - whatever the heck that is, I know I never had to have any lol. I sure miss my baby so so much. If she were here I would keep her plenty warm, of course down here she wouldn't need me to but nonetheless we could pretend she was cold and I could warm her. I love my wife more than I ever knew love was possible.
Win a 3-night stay at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Houston!! -->
Win a trip to the Gulf Coast of Texas
Are you going to Light the Night Walk with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society- Texas Gulf Coast Chapter at Discovery...
Texas gulf coast is set to be a Mecca for lunar space exploration in the near future -Samuel Ximenes
DU-TV This week on DU-TV: Texas Gulf Coast. DU-TV airs Mondays at 12:00 p.m., Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m., and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. (all time…
Irrelevant. Dolphins are native to the Texas Gulf Coast. We have no laws to stop the invasion.
Team In Training - Texas Gulf Coast participant Tim Allen is in Kona, Hawaii to race in tomorrow's IRONMAN World...
Win a trip to the gulf coast of Texas.
In time for Halloween: Sheep mutilations on the Texas Gulf Coast.
I am very excited. Good for the Texas gulf coast ports and refiners!
Light the Night walks for leukemia in The Woodlands: The Texas Gulf Coast chapter of the Leukemia and...
I live on the Texas Gulf Coast. No snow for us.. barely even a winter.
For Office Flu Vaccinations, Texas Gulf Coast Medical is ready to help.
Camera lost at sea gives clues on Texas Gulf coast currents
Making tracks for the Texas Gulf coast tomorrow morning. Beach, whiskey, fun ahead. Oh, yeah business trip - right. Work too, then. ;)
No kidding. Woke up to 52 on the Texas Gulf Coast. Can't remember this low before November. Must be that global warming...
Want to win a trip to HOUSTON?? 3-night stay at the luxurious Hyatt Regency -->
Ug Ripper: Ron Wooten has added a photo to the pool:. If you know Texas Gulf Coast sur...
Laura U Wins Big at the 2013 TGCC ASID Awards!: Last Saturday night was the annual ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapt...
CANADA-->Enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Houston and Galveston. The prize includes airfare, three...
we are Texas gulf coast songwriters... its what we have 2 offer, Harmony,. dream and then pass her along
It's one of those rare days on the Texas Gulf Coast that we can open doors and windows and let the air in! I hope my neighbors are enjoying it, too!
65 degrees this morning on Galveston Bay , nice cool day on Texas Gulf Coast
I enjoyed being one of the key notes at the 3rd Annual Texas Gulf Coast Energy Summit in Houston.
*Looks down the street* Hmm, Texas Gulf Coast doesn't appear to be shut down.
I just signed up for the 'ENTER TO WIN THE ULTIMATE TEXAS GULF COAST GETAWAY ' contest!
Successful night at ASID Texas Gulf Coast Design Awards. Congratulations to Sandy and Linley!
I want to thank all the ambu bus, finalist and First Line Technology for the great compition. All of the finalest do great things for thier communites.. This contest was lots of fun and will help all of us to continue to build a resilient community. The voters truly understand the dynamic threat environment we live in, and the importance of an ambu bus for the evacuation of the Texas Gulf Coast..
Texas Gulf Coast. They use the incoming warm gulf air, so there's always lots of activity here. Seen some crazy crazy stuff.
TEXAS BORDER SECURITY CRISIS: We are only six months into 2013 and have already apprehended twice the number of illegal aliens and seized twice the total amount of narcotics seized for the entire year of 2012. If our success rate is 20% on interdiction of narcotics and illegal aliens - then the numbers of illegal aliens and the amount of narcotics getting into the country across the Texas Border is staggering. Since the Cartels have MOUs with International and Transnational Narco-Terrorist gangs and International Islamic Terrorist Organizations - these groups are now smuggling terrorists into the country using these same Cartel smuggling routes, scouts and guides. The federal government is mandated to protect the American people from all enemies foreign and domestic and to protect our borders. Yet CBP Marine, CBP Air, US Coast Guard and US Border Patrol do not have the assets, boots on the ground, the fuel, or the budget to secure the Texas Border with Mexico and the Texas Gulf Coast. Obama and Cli ...
Boating, Saltwater Sports and Life on the Texas Coast to be Celebrated on the Corpus Christi Bayfront at Major Summer Festival and Expo The PROGRESSIVE® Texas Coastal Boating & Saltwater Expo™ will take place on the Corpus Christi Bayfront this summer, July 11 through 14, 2013, produced by Costa Productions, LLC, in cooperation with the City of Corpus Christi Marina. The Expo marks the return of the Boat Show to the Corpus Christi Bayfront, one of the most beautiful waterfront venues in the United States. Over 200 new saltwater boats from at least 30 manufacturers will be on display on land and on water, to be exhibited by the most reputable dealers in South Texas as well as several direct, Texas-based boat makers. Some dealers and makers will be conducting on-water demonstrations and sea trials of select models, and pre-owned, brokered, motor-yachts will be displayed on water. More than a boat show, the Expo will be a celebration of all that we love about the Texas Gulf Coast and the saltwater lifesty ...
Live Action on the Texas Gulf never ends. Last night, I'm sitting up in my writing tower and hear an out of control engine noise, so I look out my window. A boat is spinning in circles in the canal, then crashes nose first into the concrete bulkhead beside my house. The guy in the boat is dazed, the lady unconscious, and the boat is heading for the middle of the canal. Thank God, my daughter Amanda Stoner Lance Vincent (trauma nurse) and her boyfriend (paramedic) were here. They got into our boat and went out to rescue them. A neighbor called 911 and this is the Corpus Christi Fire/Rescue guys treating the woman who was injured pretty badly. The empty champagne bottle in the bottom of the boat reminded me of the reason you should NEVER drink and drive a boat, for the same reason you don't drink and drive! I swear I think I'm starting to believe I'm living in one of my Texas Trouble novels. Who needs fiction when you have this?
Wildlife preservation efforts to get a boost from conservation squad sponsored by ExxonMobil   June 20, 2013 – Every year, between the months of April and July, endangered sea turtles reach Texas Gulf Coast beaches to lay their eggs. With many of these sea turtles vulnerable to numerous hazards during the nesting season, the Houston Zoo is preparing the next generation of scientists to help with critical sea turtle conservation and other wildlife preservation efforts.   On Monday, June 24, at 10 a.m., the Houston Zoo will get help from the only conservation squad of its kind as college students in this summer’s Collegiate Conservation Program sponsored by ExxonMobil learn how to treat and help protect sea turtles.  The college interns will learn about the Zoo’s rehabilitation of sea turtles that make it to the Gulf Coast and will see how the green sea turtle recovering at the Zoo’s Kipp Aquarium is being treated. The Collegiate Conservation Program trains 10 talented college students from aroun ...
Travel with us on the "99er Roadtrip" and meet 12 community activists across the U.S., from Brooklyn to West Virginia to South Dakota to the Texas Gulf Coast...
OK. After a week in this lovely [cough, cough] Sunshine State, I have come to find out quite a few things about South Florida on the Atlantic side. Anything West of I95 is pretty much ghetto/industrial! East of I95 to the beach/water is nice but prohibitively expensive thanks to all the displaced/misplaced, *** New Yorkers who came down to get a little slice of sunny heaven. So, I have been forced to look a little further North, most likely in Boca Raton, for my own little slice of heaven somewhat reminiscent of the Texas Gulf Coast. How I miss thee! Yet I am committed (Maybe should be committed!) so I will muddle through.
Commit for Life • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is an independent, nonprofit blood center that serves the Texas Gulf Coast, Brazos Valley and East Texas regions. We encourage donors to Commit for Life by following three easy steps: 1. Donate at least once every quarter; 2. Allow The Blood Center...
PIPELINES 1: It won’t wean us off foreign oil. One of the biggest misconceptions about this massive pipeline is that it will somehow allow the U.S. to reduce our dependence on oil from unstable countries. And that’s not true. First, even without the Keystone XL, we already import more oil from Canada than any other country, and our northern neighbors provide us with almost twice the oil the Persian Gulf supplies us. But TransCanada, the oil company pushing the Keystone XL, wants to ship all its oil to the Texas Gulf Coast. And nearly 80 percent of oil sent there gets exported, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. Why? Because there aren’t any pipelines running from Houston to other parts of the U.S. 2: It is, by no means, a “job creator.” When the U.S. State Department conducted a review of TransCanada’s application, the agency concluded that this massive pipeline–one that will run for 1,700 miles across the entire nation, mind you–will create . ...
This video is designed to help Texas Gulf Coast residents basic disaster preparedness skills.
By Diane WilsonAlternet, May 10, 2013 As a fourth generation shrimper and an environmental activist on the Texas Gulf Coast, I have gone on hunger fasts to protect the seas that my community of f
I pretty much hate living in the Midwest & need to move to the California coast, Carolina coast, or Texas Gulf coast
My view today!! Just put this water in Texas and bring me my horse and is be in heaven!!!
When Hurricane Katrina hit MS Gulf Coast, Bush was on vacation in Texas... stayed on vacay for 5 days.
Group receiving $203 million to restore gulf coast natural resources in Texas -
you should bring this to Texas! Can't let people forget about the gulf coast!
I'm probably moving the gulf coast of Texas over the summer
Come visit us today and tomorrow at the Gulf Coast Symposium in Houston, Texas. Drop by our booth to learn all about TVG!
there is a bridge here in Matagorda Texas on the gulf coast and it rains bring the drugs you're set
Why is the Texas Gulf Coast almost always left out of national coverage of waterways?
I often hear about communities of former Minnesotans in other parts of the country. I’d like to find one on the Texas Gulf coast & join it.
Some of my pageant titles from the past year and half or so! Miss Texas Teen, Miss Gulf Coast Teen,…
I plan on playing Farmers daughter in the van on the way back to Texas since we're in Panama City for awhile then Tallahassee
No no no, like south Texas right on the coast of the Gulf 😅
relax Good wins inspiration thru song 2 Texas for few minutes of new live music gulf coast sounds
05-13 | NFWF Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund to Receive $203 Million for Texas to Restore Gulf Coast Natural R...
This is how we do it on dat TEXAS GULF COAST
Mexican food anywhere but Texas *** !! However the beaches are great here... Saw a girl on her horse and now I want my baby!!!
View from the patio with cold beer cool jams on a Texas Gulf coast evening.
Happy Thanksgiving. Spending the day on the Texas Gulf Coast. Boy, am I happy & thankful.
Gulf Coast Humane Society - The Gulf Coast Humane Society in Corpus Christi, Texas is an amazing place to visit, v...
totally understand .rob is trying to get transferred ...we want to go to Texas or the Gulf coast
Mercury reaches unsafe levels in Gulf fish from Texas coast - Read more at
Coming to the Texas Gulf Coast for fishing? - resource for fishing guides
Search Texas Surgeon Vacancy: Orthopedic Surgeon needed for ...: Located along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Flo...
ASID Home Tour open today in Riverstone Community from 10 - 5. ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter is hosting a...
You know you live in the gulf coast of Texas when you can kill skeeters while they fly with just one hand
new album Gulf Coast Museum lays down a funky groove that's so good it'll make you smack your grandma. This is Texas soul music.
I gotta go down Texas for a bit then the gulf coast somewhere bud
The Mercury is Fish Caught off Gulf Coast. Officials warn against eating some fish. via
Head out to tomorrow benefiting Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana from 12-4pm!
2013 gulf coast regional tournament starts at 3, with SHSU vs Texas Tech!
Grrr! They need to live here. Texas gulf coast. Gads. Have they lived within the Belt Way for so long that they are clueless?
Severe Weather Possible for Parts of Ohio Valley into Mid-Atlantic and Central/Southern Texas into Gulf Coast
Texas has more than 3,700 named streams, 15 major rivers and some 3,300 miles of tidal shoreline along the Gulf Coast, this allows...
Lonely East Texas Nights at the dance hall?!? Yes please!
Little Giant Ladders
Texas could become the first Gulf Coast state to ban shark finning.
| What are some good books on Texas Gulf Coast--fiction, history, environment?
High mercury levels in some Gulf Coast fish spur state health advisory
Description: The Port Isabel-South Padre Press, located in the beautiful Laguna Madre, South Padre Island area of the Texas Gulf Coast, is searching for a skilled, qualified, self-reliant, creative, organized and hardworking reporter/editor for its weekly newspaper and entertainment tabloid, Parade...
in , TX: Neurologist job on Texas Gulf Coast!! at HCA
Satellite image: "Transverse Bands" along the Texas Gulf Coast this morning.
Great News... One of the newest ABI Churches had 42 in attendance tonight. Brother Nolan Herndon has been laboring for several months on the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston starting a new work and God has opened some amazing doors all along the way. Join us in prayer for continued success in reaching the lost along the Texas Gulf Coast.
72 and sunny here on the Texas Gulf Coast, but I'm inside spending most of my day in bed. It may as well be snowing!
Each year the Fulton Volunteer Fire Department sponsors Oysterfest, a salute to the tasty bi-valve found in our local waters. Oysterfest features carnival rides, games, food, an oyster eating contest, live music, unique vendor booths and most of all - FUN! The Fulton Volunteer Fire Department is pulling out all the stops in preparation for the Annual Fulton Oysterfest. The 2013 festival is scheduled for Thursday, March 7th – Sunday, March 10th, on the waterfront in Fulton, Texas. With over 36,000 visitors in 2011, it was the most successful festival in Oysterfest history. Oysterfest officials have been working with seafood sources along the Texas Gulf Coast to locate the freshest oysters and other seafood for the event as well as the most popular entertainment. Each year’s celebration is a labor of love for the Fulton Volunteer Fire Dept. Over the past 32 years, they have used funds from the festival to purchase equipment. Money raised this year will be saved toward a new fire station. Oysterfest pr . ...
Per relative humidity along the Texas Gulf Coast is presently about 10%. That. Is. Rare.
With Alberta bitumen languishing for want of pipelines to refineries and tidewater, on the other end of the proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline, the Texas Gulf Coast is crying out for Canadian crude.
Athletes start with a 1.2-mile, one-loop saltwater swim in Offats Bayou. It starts at Moody Gardens' Palm Beach Hotel and finish next to the majestic Colonel Paddlewheel Boat. The 56-mile bike course takes cyclists on a one-loop ride along the Texas Gulf Coast that passes through some windy areas. T...
Galveston County was founded in 1838. As of the 2007 U.S. Census estimate, the population of Galveston County is 283,987. Galveston County receives annual rainfall averages of 47 inches. Several historic storms affected the area. The devastating hurricane in September 1900 killed as many as 6,000 people and demolished more than half of the city of Galveston. Hurricane Carla significantly altered the county in September 1961 and Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston Island in September 2008, as the eye passed directly over the area. Galveston County is located on the plains of the Texas Gulf Coast in the southeastern portion of the state. The county is bound on the northeast by Galveston Bay, and Clear Creek and Clear Lake on the northwest. Much of the county covers Galveston Bay and is bound to the south by the Galveston Seawall and beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston County entered the regular National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in April 1971. The date of the current county map is December 2002. Co ...
I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast. As a child playing in Corpus Christi Bay, I remember our family picking a spot on the sand to set up our blankets and castle making tools. We would walk into the warm waters and splash and play. I was always amazed that after playing for a while we would look up to make eye contact with our family on the shore and they would not be there! Well, they were but they were not where we left them. Or so it seemed. Without realizing it we had drifted from the area we entered into. We didn't purposely walk away, we simply drifted there from the strength of the water pushing all around us. I have realized that the same thing happens in life. We start out perhaps with a plan perhaps without one and somehow end up somewhere we didn't intend to go. We drift. Sometimes we luck out and the drift takes us somewhere amazing. More often, though, we are left feeling a little disconcerted and maybe even afraid. Living a life of purpose means not letting the drift take you here a ...
Congrats to our partner Matthew Steven Tejada New Director for Office of Environmental Justice Lisa Garcia and I are pleased to announce that Matthew Tejada has been selected to serve as EPA’s Director for the Office of Environmental Justice in headquarters. Matt brings to the job extensive experience advocating for communities and working with local organizations, government agencies and businesses to find solutions that reduce pollution in overburdened communities. Matt will join us from Air Alliance Houston (AAH), in Houston Texas, where he served for over five years as Executive Director working to protect and improve public health and environmental quality in and around the Houston area. In this capacity, he guided research, education, and advocacy efforts on a range of environmental legal, policy and technical matters and has earned recognition as an air quality expert and environmental leader in the Texas Gulf Coast region. As Director, Matt also developed a plan to merge two separate organizatio ...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online I'm at Pappadeaux...and just ate my first Texas Gulf Coast and Blue Point Oyster.not bad ! Team Texas!
The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting a risk for severe thunderstorms across parts of Southern and Eastern Texas on Tuesday. The main threats will be isolated tornadoes and damaging winds. The risk for severe weather will move eastward on Wednesday, affecting the Texas Gulf Coast and much o...
In case y'all didn't know January was still tornado season: A fresh storm system will push Gulf of Mexico moisture into drought-stricken Texas, soaking the eastern half of the Lone Star State in much-needed heavy rainfall today. Unfortunately, the rain will be attached to a few powerful thunderstorms close to the Texas Gulf Coast. The chief concern will be damaging wind gusts, with a few brief tornadoes added for good mix
U.S. National Forecast: December 27th Heavy snow will continue across portions of upstate New York and New England today as a potent winter storm exits into the Atlantic. Windy conditions will persist across much of the region, as well. Gusty winds will continue in portions of the Appalachian Mountains. To the west, areas of snow will lead to light accumulations across portions of the northern Plains and Upper Midwest into the Rockies. Scattered showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two will develop along the Texas Gulf Coast. Light rain and snow are both expected in the Pacific Northwest. Expect dry conditions in the Ohio Valley and Deep South.
MAD ISLAND, Texas (AP) — Armed with flashlights, recordings of bird calls, a small notebook and a stash of candy bars, scientist Rich Kostecke embarked on an annual 24-hour Christmastime count of birds along the Texas Gulf Coast. Yellow rail.
Before checking out the Christmas Boat Parade this year or heading out to the crowded malls, stop by and shop locally at our 1st annual Holiday Arts Market for all your holiday gifts. This event offers handmade arts & crafts created by local regional artists and artisans. Everything made by hand. No manufactured products. Give unique, handmade gifts this Holiday season, support local artists and the Art Consortium of the Texas Gulf Coast!
The Law Office of Susan H. Soto is celebrating its six month anniversary! Thus far, Susan has closed 2 consumer debt client files through successful settlements and she has contracted with two other law firms to provide them with litigation support. Currently, the law office has 3 open case files with an interesting mix of issues: a contract dispute, a divorce and a property tax matter. As her practice continues to grow, Susan is thankful for the opportunity to provide personalized legal counsel and representation to clients in the Texas Gulf Coast area. Your support, encouragement and referrals have been a blessing!
Texas Oil Pioneer. He was known as, “The prophet of Spindletop." As a young man, he was often in trouble and wounds from one fight even caused him to lose his left arm. In 1886, he started a company in Beaumont, Texas that made bricks. He learned how some industries were using oil rather than wood as fuel and thought he might be able to use oil to make bricks less expensively. In 1892, he and partners formed the Gladys City Oil, Gas and Manufacturing Company to explore for oil at Spindletop near Beaumont. On January 10, 1901, his crew struck oil and for the next nine days pumped 900,000 barrels resulting in 200 more wells being drilled within a year. After legal and royalty suits were settled in 1902, he sold his shares for $3 million, but shrewdly retained his leasing rights on his original acreage. His next venture was to form the Higgins Standard Oil Company, which became the vehicle for subsequent explorations of Texas Gulf Coast salt-dome fields. Over the next fifty years, he continued to be a mave ...
Across the heartland of America, farmers and landowners are fighting to protect their land, their water, and their livelihood in what has become the most controversial environmental battle in the U.S. today: The Keystone XL Pipeline. Routed from Hardisty, Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast, this tar s...
How we got our name--The Texas Gulf Coast Chapter!! In 1977, a series of memos were exchanged between Dorothy Robinson, the administrative director of PPFA and Charlie Matthews, our regional Director. Dorothy asked Charlie to ask our chapter to change our name because a chapter in Florida also has the name, Gulf Coast. Charlie defended our name and wrote baqck to Dorothy telling her to ask the Florida chapter to change theirs--we had ours first!! The solution was for us to be called the Texas Gulf Coast chapter. I think it was an improvement.
Rice holds stock valued between $300,000 and $600,000 in TransCanada, the company hoping to transport tar sands crude 1,700 miles to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. Additionally, Rice and her husband own at least $1.25 million worth of stock in four of Canada’s eight leading oil producers, inclu...
Village Walk Unit 13 in Port Aransas Texas on Mustang Island on the Texas Gulf Coast is a vacation home rental that is close to the beach, the new Palmer golf course, close to town and across from the community pool
Menu on a balmy Texas Gulf Coast pregame meal evening: boudin balls, sausage & chicken gumbo, and broiled shrimp. Gonna be a great week of high quality education!
I have lived between Houston and Galveston for over 32 years. I have been through Hurricanes Alicia, Ike, Tropic Storm Frances and too many others to name. My houses and business have been damaged and I have had to evacuate more times than I care to remember. My heart and best wishes go out to all of you. I know what lies ahead. Don't wait for anyone to come help you, they will not come. Pray that you are well insured, that's all you have. The only help you will get is from your families, town, neighbors and yourself. After Ike the so called relief agencies and governments provided absolutely nothing, not even a glass of water. It is sad to say but you are on your own. God be with you and give you strength. Our prays are with you from the Texas Gulf Coast.
To our Houston-area friends: On Thursday at 6:30 pm at “Murder by The Book” bookstore, there is a book-signing by Miles Arceneaux, author of "Thin Slice of Life", an exciting and witty murder mystery set on the Texas Gulf Coast. Miles is the nom de plum of three author-friends, my brother John T. Davis (Terry), Brent Douglass and James Dennis. Please make time to attend the signing, or if you are unable to, look up the book and reviews on It is reasonably priced, and a great read! Thanks, Kelly Davis Murphy
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Let's make some music and have some fun today, whaddya say? The weather is awesome here on the Texas Gulf Coast! Join me and Mark Mireles this afternoon at the book signing for Andy Upchurch's new book, "The Oleanders of San Leon". We'll be there from 2-5pm. Later this evening, mark and I will be joined by Bobby Summers at The West End Restaurant and Sand Bar, in Galveston. We'll be playin at this Texas Beach bar from 7-10pm. Hope to see you there!
The XL pipeline, which would cost $7 billion and whose southern portion is under construction and slated for completion next year, is the most potent symbol of the dying order. If completed, it will pump 1.1 million barrels a day of unrefined tar sand fluid from tar sand mine fields in Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast. Tar sand oil is not conventional crude oil. It is a synthetic slurry that, because tar sand oil is solid in its natural state, must be laced with a deadly brew of toxic chemicals and gas condensates to get it to flow. Tar sands are boiled and diluted with these chemicals before being blasted down a pipeline at high pressure. Water sources would be instantly contaminated if there was a rupture. The pipeline would cross nearly 2,000 U.S. waterways, including the Ogallala Aquifer, source of one-third of the United States’ farmland irrigation water. And it is not a matter of if, but when, it would spill. TransCanada’s Keystone I pipeline, built in 2010, leaked 12 times in its first 12 months ...
Came out of classes to cool temps & gentle rain. Heaven for Texas Gulf Coast right now.
Congratulations to ABC member, EXCEL Contractors of the Texas Gulf Coast chapter...
This page is for libertarians, whether LPers or otherwise, to discussion issues of interest to the Texas Gulf Coast (including local, State, Federal, and world politics). It is not limited to indivi...19 members
Anyone out there know where we could find some funding (prefrably grants or money from a foundation) to build a new VOLUNTEER fire station. Our 50-year lease expires in 2 years and it will not extended. We are a small area on the Texas Gulf Coast and have already purchased land to build the new station. We service a 75 square mile area and are first responders for emergency EMS calls. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
The Art Consortium of the Texas Gulf Coast brings together artists, organizations and art enthusiasts to advocate, promote and provide opportunities to create and celebrate the arts for all residents and visitors.
The Texas Gulf Coast — stretching from the Rio Grande River to the Louisiana border — and its inland communities offers adventure to driving enthusiasts. It’s time to gas up and hit the road.
Some of the safest waters on the Texas Gulf Coast can be found in Corpus Christi! ~ TJ Carpenter
Iternary of the shuttle Endeavour flyover: At sunrise on Sept. 18, the SCA and Endeavour will depart Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility and perform a flyover of various areas of the Space Coast, including Kennedy, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Patrick Air Force Base. The aircraft will fly west and conduct low flyovers of NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi and the agency's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. As it arrives over the Texas Gulf Coast area, the SCA will perform low flyovers above various areas of Houston and Clear Lake before landing at Ellington Field near NASA's Johnson Space Center. At sunrise on Wednesday, Sept. 19, the aircraft will depart Houston, make a refueling stop at Biggs Army Airfield in El Paso, Texas, and conduct low-level flyovers of White Sands Test Facility near Las Cruces, N.M., and NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California, before landing around mid-day at Dryden. On the mornin ...
Would you believe, We still have a corded telephone, in the master bedroom, the rest are cordless... reason:... living here along the Texas Gulf Coast, during hurricane season, we lose electrical power...during Hurricane Ike, our corded landline was, our only line of communication, even our cell phones went dead.
2008: Hurricane Ike makes landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast of the United States, causing heavy damage to Galveston Island, Houst…
Where were you when you found out America was under attack 11 years ago? I was at work in Houston and found out about the terrorist attacks on an Astros chat board. Even that far from Ground Zero, there were rumors that planes were headed to the oil refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast.
Padre Island National Seashore, Texas Gulf Coast - The longest Stretch of Undeveloped Barrier Island in The World, Rich in Natural and Cultural History
Congrats to our newest triathletes! Yesterday our team conquered the San Diego Tri Classic and today Texas Gulf Coast is taking over Washington, DC at the Nation's Triathlon. Collectively, this group of heroes has raised over $107,000 in the fight against cancer. GO TEAM!
Be the first to apply for this in Texas Gulf Coast, TX. Sherwin-Williams is now
Neighborhood Centers Inc. provides a wide range of community-based programs that benefit youth, families and seniors in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.
the Team In Training Texas Gulf Coast staff loves froyo! Just an FYI...
When planning a visit to the Corpus Christi-Galveston areas on the Texas Gulf Coast, compare beach Houses & Condos – Vacation Rentals By Owner and/or the Owners Property Manager… &...
Texas Coastal Wave Newsletter about Texas Gulf Coast activities and events where you can play year-round.
May have to watch for a tropical storm coming in the next 12 hours. Could this affect the Texas Gulf Coast in the...
Yeah. Lets built more of those. Will we ever learn. Former Texas Gulf Coast girl here. I sympathize.
It's definitely a party on the Texas Gulf Coast: intense discussion of hurricane preparedness.
Another beautiful weekend on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, and even better riding in a 2012 Dodge Charger. Yee Haw!
Been in weather delay watching Tennessee Sidewinders beat Missouri Force .We are in the third inning playing our elimination game against Texas Gulf Coast .Starting very flat ...Not what you want to do .Starting too score some now.. Up 3-0 still batting
Where should my parents go for a weekend getaway on the Texas Gulf Coast? Galveston, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, South Padre Island? I have only been to Port A one time, so I can't give them advice. Specific hotels? Any info is welcome.
On September 12, 2008, Houston/Galveston and the Texas Gulf Coast were hit with catastrophic force by a Category 2 storm, Hurricane Ike. We created this slid...
Shipping along the Texas Gulf Coast is expected to increase with the expansion of the Panama Canal
Hot and humid, but I love the Texas Gulf Coast.
Me and Beth leave today with our Pelican sailboat to go to Rockport on the Texas Gulf Coast to take a 4-day small craft skills academy. After that we head to Fairbanks to see our new grandchild. :-)
Writer Mary Karr and musician Rodney Crowell share more than respect for each other's work. A new collaborative album draws upon their common experiences growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Baytown photos by TripAdvisor members: Explore 176 inspiring pictures of landmarks, hotels, and attractions in Baytown, Texas Gulf Coast.
Sorry for not getting a blog out last Tuesday. We were at Jamaica Beach on the Texas Gulf Coast with our extended family and we didn’t take our computers (disallowed as a general rule on holidays). I have just posted my latest blog (post 43), titled “What’s your personal default setting?”. Titles for last month’s weekly blogs: “The courts and eisegesis,” “Infamous Misstatements,” and “Who gets the credit?” The following link works best for getting to my blog site ("Jerry's Jottings") :
What's wrong with this picture? Today it was 98 °F in Minneapolis and we had a high here on the Texas Gulf Coast of 90 °F. Our nearly 4 inches of rain these past few days have us 3 inches over our normal for the year and over 20" more than we had a year ago at this time after a rainless June. A few million in the NE are still without electricity. A Maryland woman lamented on NBC Nightly News, "What am I going to do? They say my power may be out for seven days." Now maybe we will get more empathy here after our hurricanes. My sister went over 2 weeks without power after Hurricane Ike. However, we have several days notice before a hurricane makes landfall and can make some preparations and this storm (Category One winds) over the Midwest/East Coast came without warning.
Houston forecast: Rain chances diminish for Monday: There was far less rain across the Texas Gulf Coast on Sunda...
Getting close to the Texas Gulf Coast to see family and friends!
Enterprise to build propylene unit on Texas Gulf Coast.
We are a missionary outpost of the Christian faith and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas serving a geographically wide area of the SouthEast Texas Gulf Coast in Jefferson and Orange Counties. Our members come from such diverse communities as Beaumont, Bridge City, Groves, Nederland, Orange, Port Arthur...
Only minutes away from Houston's Hobby Airport and IH45, the Texas Gulf Coast's finest resort & conference center awaits the pleasure of your company!
Surfside, PRICE JUST LOWERED FOR 2010! PLEASE CHECK OUR CALENDAR FOR AVAILABLE DATES. Welcome to the Village of Surfside Beach Texas, an incorporated coastal community on the Texas Gulf Coast. Located approximately 60 miles south of Houston T...
Up and out cutting grass at 7:30 am. *** I'm retired, I shouldn't have to get up that early -- but, of course, waiting till later causes heat stroke down here on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Gulf Coast Redfish Tour will bring 2 man team tournaments to the Gulf coast in 2013.Tournaments will be held in Southwest Louisiana and the Texas Gulf Coast.
Activities and events on the Texas Gulf Coast including South Padre Island, Galveston,Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Houston, Rockport.
Now leading the battle for environmental justice on the Texas Gulf Coast, Hilton Kelley fights for communities living in the shadow of polluting industries. ...
Padre Beach News for North Padre Island visitors along the Texas Gulf Coast.
We do this along the Central Texas Gulf Coast: fogging for mosquitoes!...not as Sexy as this though! LoL
Allergies are responsible for many miserable days on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast..News for all women in the Texas Gulf Coast: PLANNED PARENTHOOD WILL STAY OPEN
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