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Texas Governor

The governor of Texas is the head of the executive branch of Texas's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.

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LOL, Greg Abbott was on Fox 30 min.s ago, saying the same thing. BTW, Abbott is Texas Governor.
Shepherd Smith says "Texas Governor walking in the room now..." as he enters in his wheelchair. is no journalist, just a dope.
We mourn the passing of former Texas Governor and Distinguished Alumnus Mark White, BBA '62, JD ’65:
to wish former Texas Governor and President George W. Bush a Happy Birthday!
Just in case you thought Rick Perry would be a lock to keep the title of Worst Person to Serve as Texas Governor li…
Texas bill to ban 'sanctuary cities' heads to governor's desk via
38 national civil rights groups are urging Texas Governor to veto Here's why:
And this governor means it. And if Congress will give him authori…
One of the few GOP elected officials I still respect. Compassionate, conservative, honest, & inclu…
you, sir, are what I would wish for in a Governor
My goal as governor is to help small businesses grow even faster in
"Our ministry compels us to speak out" - Texas bishops call on Governor to veto anti-sanctuary cities bill:
Nah, we want to keep Governor in Texas for awhile 🤠🇺🇸
Funny looking at your TL I didnt see condemn this or this…
IN at least 2 to 5 people are shot every 4 hours. This is the result of promoting guns and violence through…
is like the governor of Texas or something 🤔
Having Governor Perry and AG Abbott on the side of Texas, didn't hurt either in SCOTUS case of Mede…
Texas came through! No more tolerance for illegal Sanctuary Cities or campuses! https:…
Governor Abbott kicking some *** and laying down the law. Leading the way in stopp…
🇮🇱Israel, Texas will always have your back! Thank you You are an incredible Governor!
As usual, Texas leads! We have a great Governor and we're not going to take it anymore!
"I as Governor of the State of Texas have already withheld money from a declared ~ .
Governor in Texas is making it a crime for anyone helping. A big "Oh *** No" FYI we welcome conservatives fle…
Then Governor Mark White awarded me the honorary rank of Admiral, Texas Navy (4 stars) in April 1986.
texas politics is the dirty diaper of the US---the countries worst Governor.
Texas House passes ethics bill to clamp down on campaign donations to governor
We are so blessed here in Texas with our amazing governor .Keep Texas Red! 🇺🇸
Texas House passes ethics bill to prohibit governor from tapping big donors for state jobs via
Governor thank you for your Christian Leadership and always working to keep Texas such a great place to live.
Texas House just passed interesting ethics bill to bar ppl who've $2500+ to governor from being given gubernatorial appointm…
Second block walk with the crew ❤️working hard in the Texas heat for our governor 🇺🇸
Update your maps at Navteq
Governor Abbott made the state of Great already by law, Texas will punish even Sheriff's that stop ICE.…
Texas governor plans to sign a bill banning Sanctuary Cities!. • Up to $25k/day penalties. • Jail time on officials who igno…
Other Governors should start acting like This great Texas Governor. God bless him
Texas governor blasting Big 12 over no expansion...
Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticizes the Big 12's decision to not expand.
considering there is no senate or governor race in Texas to drive out reluctant Rs, she might have a decent shot.
Whole lotta shaming of the Big 12 happening here…
Texas Governor rips Big 12 after conference tables expansion
Texas governor blasts Big 12 for punting on expansion.
Texas' governor is just butthurt about the lack of BIGXII expansion because another Texas team didn't get added to throw more money at him
Why does the governor of Texas care so much about the big 12?
Trump might lose Texas... a state that has a Governor who activated the national guard over a conspiracy about Obam…
Glad the Texas governor has his priorities in order *sarcasm*
I mean he's very qualified as the governor of stupi- I mean, uh, Texas.
How can Texas be red when voters don't know the name of their governor:(
Texas governor criticizes Big 12 for not expanding
I live in Texas. Our governor has awful anti-refugee language, but some of us Texans love refugees fiercely.
He should really wear the wheelchair on his f-ing head: "Texas governor helps debunk his own voter-fraud argument"
RelNews: Texas governor: '&12 owes a lot of people an apology' -NBC Sports-
The governor of Texas says the Big 12 owes people an apology
As the Big 12 pats itself on the back, Texas governor Greg Abbott says the league owes everyone an apology
Critics say Big 12 should have pushed ahead with expansion: The governor of Texas is leading a chorus of voic...
And now the governor of Texas on the expansion decision...
Interesting that Walker lost his bid for Texas Governor, a position he'd surely win, today.
Texas Governor blasts Big 12 for punting on expansion
Alleged voter fraud in Tarrant County triggers investigation, the largest in Texas history, governor says
Texas governor: ‘Big 12 owes a lot of people an apology’
Texas Governor blasts for punting on expansion
I live in Texas. My Governor, Lt. Gov, Legislature will abide by the wishes of the people
Texas governor: 'Big 12 owes a lot of people an apology'
You make me want to relocate to Texas. I still might. Keep up the Good Fight, Governor. I like your politics.
Texas Gov.: Big 12 owes 'people an apology' for passing on expansion via App
Boom! The President of the United States quoting the former Texas Governor, the late Ann Richards in describing...
Texas Governor, Greg Abbott hires out of state firm for site redesign: When Texas Governor, Greg Abbot...
Rick Perry Attacked for Keeping His Word: Former Texas Governor and two-time pre...
Proud to host at Texas Governor's Mansion today after today's Texas Prayer Rally. https:/…
„Texas Governor, and state legislators: stop the killing of all of these animals in youre shelters... via
Texas Governor and Texans voting for Ted Cruz got duped the one time he should've stood for constitution he didn't do they care
I rememeber when Rick Perry won Texas Governor with only 38% of the vote. It happens!
Texas Governor calls for Convention of States to take back states’ rights - Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots
Sure wish this dumb state would secede.Texas Governor calls for constitutional convention
With the Iowa caucus just a week away, former Texas Governor and two time presidential candidate Rick Perry has...
Texas is finally getting serious about fighting and stopping Sex Trafficking. Thank you Governor Greg Abbott,...
Texas governor to pass legal cannabis oil for epileptic patients
"Not quite. I expected Wendy to get crushed in Texas during the governor's race. She outperformed by…" — tops116
Today Texas Governor Greg Abbott Joined the Calls for a Convention of States!
Greg Abbot, Governor of Texas gave what I believe will be remembered as the most important political speech of... https:…
Governor of Texas is in Israel palling around with Kahane admirer
I'm in Texas. Our Governor will not put up with anything. He's serious out protecting Texas.
1891 - Cherokee County native James "Jim" Hogg becomes the first Native Texan to be inaugurated as Governor of Texas.
Governor also met with representatives from Israel's Elbit Systems, Ltd. to discuss the development of new technologies.
Rep. Trujillo: No regrets about shouting ‘shame on you’ during governor’s speech
"the governor of the state with the nation's highest uninsured rate stands by" while Blue Cross of goes kaput
The Governor of Michigan Will Likely Be Forced to Testify on the Flint Water Crisis via
Historic gates, fencing from Texas Governor's Mansion hits the auction block Sunday. ht…
In 1966 when Texas governor John Connally met the farm workers marching to Austin and told them to turn back and...
This day last year I took the oath of office as Texas governor. I will continue keeping Texas the greatest state. https…
1 year ago today I began my service to the People of Texas in the Office of Governor
God bless Texas. Wake up western states, we have been occupied and over run but bureaucrats.
Wake up Texans!! Rumor has it that may run for Governor next time. Save this article
Texas Governor: STOP using pigs for art work. Make using their skin to tattoo a violation of the pig... via
Superintendent is reading proclamation from Texas governor as part of School Board Recognition Month.
Governor doubles down on his effort to block refugees from entering Texas. (
If we're allowed to just move into gov't buildings now, then dibs on the Texas Governor's Mansion, I wanna see where Rick Perry used to poop
From my all-time favorite politician, the late, great, former Texas Governor, Ann Richards!
Luckily we STILL have a Conservative Abbot in power who is like you. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott.
Rich. Hillary Spars with Texas Governor over Houston's Refusal to Allow Men in Ladies' Rooms
Texas Governor Abbott Great picture of our conservatives Father Ronald Reagan ,thank you Texas Governor we all proud of you.
developing drama about former Democratic Senator losing Texas Governor election and going to work at Republican best friend's law firm
Best wishes to my friend and a great Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Thanks for running with class.
Texas Governor, Rick Perry is at 1.0% in the Huffington Post National Poll. :'(
The former Texas Governor and three-time George W. Bush Impersonation World Champion is suspending his campaign...
No one has the record of success as Governor Perry does in Texas. 14 years of nothing less than job creating.
unlike George bush who was previously governor of Texas
I wish I could praise our Governor like this, but sadly I live in a predominantly Liberal state. Bravo Texas for doing it rt!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Governor Abbot should have Farrakan & Deray arrested if they set foot in Texas via via
Gov. Abbott says will continue deteriorating unless get involved in the issues of the day
I have launched a LIFE Initiative to STOP and protect the unborn.
Rolling Without Limits. Don't let your circumstances hold you back.
I am so proud that Rick Perry already as Texas Governor
Texas Governor signs bill establishing state gold depository — According to the governor's office, the law will rep
Texas Governor and Texas Ex, Greg Abbott, saying some really nice words about UT President Bill Powers.
Texas Governor says Obama's executive action on immigration 'tramples the Constitution' via
Yeehaw! "I am honored to officially be the Texas Governor. I'll keep Texas the best state in America." htt…
Greg Abbott is sworn into office as Texas Governor by the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Nathan Hecht.
In this photo taken Dec. 9, 2014, Texas Gov. Rick Perry answers questions during an interview at the historic Texas Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric *** The Texas Tribune's advance peek at Rick Perry's good-bye speech today says he's going to call traditional approaches to drug enforcement “flawed.” Quoting now: On Thursday, Perry also plans to reflect on at least one issue on which his views have evolved. [ 396 more words. ]
As Rick Perry leaves the Texas Governor's mansion, Texans now have one less problem.
Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle on Rick Perry’s departure as Texas Governor Rick Perry spent 14 years as Texas Governor and never invested a day or a dollar in the future of Texas. He used the great resources of our state and the hard work of Texans to benefit himself and his political supporters. Even today, he is using our State Capitol and the goodwill of Texans as tools to advance his political ambitions. Perry’s legacy is divisive, corrupt politics, which is embodied by Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick. Their actions and intentions only benefit and insulate themselves – always looking for short-term personal gain without concern for the long-term good of Texas."
Rick Perry Wishes You A Happy Chanukah--The Texas Governor likens the Maccabees to the Founding Fathers.
Texas State Night at the ALEC Conference in Dallas, with Texas Governor & Presidential Candidate Rick Perry.
I see in my today’s paper that Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott and the state’s Republican-dominated legislature plan to push for expanded gun rights so my friends and relatives in Texas can pack a gun on their hip like we can do here in New Mexico. Yep, we are allowed to carry our hand guns on our hips except in banks, bars, the court house and other such places. The only time I ever strap on my thirty-eight is when I go shopping at the Wal-Mart store. That place is like a Zoo. Take the other day, I was going down this aisle, and I seen this old gal coming and I saw she was a big busted and she had this “Guess What” written across the front in her Tshirt. Well, when she got close, I said “Implants?” as I went by, and she hit me! It made me so *** mad I wanted to shoot her, but I didn’t. I let her go on. That Wal-Mart store is a wacky place.
Three years ago, Rick Perry's infamous “Oops” moment dashed the Texas Governor's hopes for the White House. Now he may launch another presidential campaign. John Harwood travels to Austin to find out:
As a lifetime member of the NRA, I support this organization that supports OUR 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms AND to defend ourselves! I also support licensed open-carry in Texas! Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott supports open-carry in Texas and NOW is the time to get it done!
“He’d better not overstep his authority.” Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott had stern words of warning for President Obama over the prospect of executive action on immigration. Watch the full interview and weigh in with your thoughts:
Lost in all the hubbub last night: a Longhorn now sits in the Texas Governor's office.
Wendy Davis falls to Greg Abbott in Texas governor race in Elections 2014: Republican Greg Abbo...
Congratulations Texas on your new Governor and defeating ABORTION BARBIE.
Exit polling reveals racial and ethnic divides in Texas governor race.
the new governor of Texas is a joke
Go to for the latest news about the 2014 Texas Governor elections and up-to-the-minute Texas Governor election results.
Confined to a wheelchair, Republican Greg Abbott is elected governor of Texas. Has the GOP become compassionate? Could FDR be elected today?
Shoutout to for all the hard work he's put in over the past 7months helping with the new governor of Tex…
Yeah. We might have had one of the worst matchups in Governor history. What a mess. I want to move to Texas.
Texas Governors Fellowship Program - Spring in Austin, TX - Office of the Governor - Texas…!
Who wil take over the show now that Dan has been elected Lt. Governor of Texas?
Greg Abbott tops Wendy Davis in Texas governor's race: Sen. Wendy Davis encourages students to get out the vot...
Republican Greg Abbott coasts to easy victory in Texas governor race
He's only going to be governor of texas for the next like, 12 years
So proud of our NEW racist, sexist, and homophobic governor! Awesome job, Texas! Way to push the Lone Star state forward.…
Back in Texas. And kind of wondering why I came back at all, given the outcome of the governor's race.
Republicans keep the House and gained 10 seats! Republicans win the Senate! Yippee! Thank you Lord! Thanks to everyone that voted. Gregg Abbott is the new Texas Governor! Dan Patrick is the new Texas Lt Governor! What a great night!
Congrats to Brother Greg Abbott (University of Texas, 1980) on being elected Governor of Texas
I bet it's more likely that you'll fail the staar test than Texas having a non republican governor
The full Texas exit poll, with lots of breakdowns.
Greg Abbott defeats Wendy Davis in Texas governor's election This was the only race I was really concerned about . and it makes me very very sad for every single person in Texas. Daniel wants to move there one day once he finishes school. I was going to be ok with it if Wendy won. Now I'm hoping something else turns up when he's finished.
I want to be ill. Abbott won the Texas governor position.
Let me get this straight.the party of old white people did the following last night: 1. First female governor in West Virginia history 2. First female governor of Oklahoma re-elected 3. Handicapped individual elected governor of Texas 4. First female Senator from Iowa 5. First black Senator from the South since reconstruction 6. First female governor of South Carolina re-elected Meanwhile: 1. Joe Biden "outed" the Kansas "independent" during early voting yesterday. Got to love Joe. 2. Democrats already calling Tim Scott an "uncle Tom" 3. The other candidate for Texas governor found out that voters don't appreciate "pro-death" and mocking of handicapped individuals
Wendy Davis, Texas governor candidate, spent 83 million dollars campaigning!! Wow, what the state could do with those coins!?!
Voting has closed and so far so good the Texas Attorney General who is the Republican candidate for Texas Governor is leading. Scorpions make good politicians. Greg Abbott and I share the same bday. Condeleza Rice is just a day apart.
Republican Greg Abbott defeated Democrat Wendy Davis in the race for Texas Governor, the Associated Press declared Tuesday night.
Update your maps at Navteq
Abbott defeats Davis, Abbott elected Texas Governor. Wendy Davis speaking to supporters now
Isaac Ramirez KRBC: With Greg Abbott winning the Texas Governor's race, local Republicans are focusing on the race for control of the U.S. Senate and the race for the White House in 2016.
Some time before 9:00 pm Tuesday, Wendy Davis called Greg Abbott and conceded the race for Texas Governor to him.
Greg Abbott defeats Wendy Davis for Texas Governor. Prepare a ward at the MSNBC Funny Farm. ~JBenghaziM
We finally have a Longhorn back in the Texas Governor's office!
FOX has called the Texas Governor's race. Wendy Davis loses to Governor-elect Greg Abbott.
In the race for Texas Governor. With less than 2% of precincts statewide now reporting (very, very early results) Greg Abbott had the lead over Wendy Davis by a margin of 57% to 41%. Other candidates split a very small percentage of the votes so far.
President Obama predicts upset victory for Wendy Davis for Texas Governor in conference call with Texas Democrats. htt…
Chuck Norris is apparently campaigning with Greg Abbott for Texas Governor. Election called early by reason of "mercy …
My full 1-on-1 with Attorney General Greg Abbott, Republican nominee for Texas Governor.
I offered Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott an opportunity to come on our show and discuss his Texas Governor...
Perry Speaks common sense in expressing what all Americans would no doubt agree with. Unfortunately, your "leader" is either too stupid or too "owned" by the forces of evil to reach such a sensible decision. If Ebola takes hold in America, you'll be a third-world nation in no time! CJO. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, calls for travel ban due to Ebola. - Associated Press, 17/10/14. DALLAS, October 17th, 2014: Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has joined calls for an air travel ban from countries hit the hardest by Ebola. On Friday, Perry said that air travel is how Ebola crosses borders and that's how it arrived in Texas, so an air travel ban is the right policy. A Texas hospital had the first person diagnosed with the virus in the U.S., after Thomas Eric Duncan traveled from Liberia. He died last week, and two nurses involved in his care have become infected. Perry also says he's asked President Barack Obama to have Ebola cases fast-tracked to facilities better able to deal with the disease. Congressional Republic ...
If any one doubts that Wendy Davis can win for Texas Governor... Just remember that the pundits said Ann Richards couldn't win.
Breaking News-Oct 12, 2014, confirmed that it was Dallas city council officials who handled the case of Thomas Eric Duncan-the African man and the ONLY patient who died of in America. To all Africans in Dallas and the state of Texas, please remember “city council officials” on November 4 general election (of-course you know them by their actions). Elect Shequitta Kelly-Dallas county Judge, Wendy Davis-Texas Governor. DO NOT vote “Die-hard Republicans” like Ted Cruz
Do we want Lying, Cheat, Hypocrite Greg Abbott for Texas Governor?! *** No! Vote Early Oct 20th!
Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) announces her intentions to run for Texas Governor at the W.G. Thomas Coliseum in Haltom City on October 3, 2013 in Haltom City, Texas. Davis, who entered the national spotlight after holding a filibuster on a Texas abortion bill, announced her intentions to run for…
Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has made more than his share of outrageous statements last year while attempting to win his party’s nomination for president.  At a campaign stop in Iowa, Perry said: “I think you want a president who cares about America, that’s in love with America”. Not one to miss such…
URGENT- Petition to Support Rick Perry at Dear Fellow Conservatives, Obama and the Democrats are desperate to destroy Gov. Rick Perry. They've concocted a bogus 'political indictment' to smear the Texas Governor's 'good name'. Here's the smear: Liberal Democrat Rosemary Lehmberg is the District Attorney for Travis County, Texas. After Rosemary went to prison for drunk driving, Gov. Rick Perry called for her resignation. You see, Rosemary Lehmberg just isn’t your typical ‘garden-variety’ liberal prosecutor. The ex-con Lehmberg is head of the state’s’ Public Corruption unit! When Lehmberg refused to quit, Gov. Perry threatened to 'veto' funding for her government agency until she left. Lehmberg stayed, and Gov. Perry 'vetoed'. Now the ex-con liberal Democrat Lehmberg has ginned-up a grand jury indictment of Gov. Rick Perry for "threatening to veto legislation". This so-called 'high crime' carries a sentence of 5 to 99 years in prison. This bogus ‘political’ indictmen .. ...
11 resorts where you Bare It All?!! C'mon! Let's go!!! Shut-up!!! :) . Phone was a mess!!! I think it's better with the new operating system? . My Cowboys sloppy! Special Teams awful !!! Murray & Bryant R good! Romo??? I don't know! NEXT WEEK! . What a trip!!! One week!!! Dallas! Branson! St. Louis! Memphis! Thank you God!!! ❤️ . My wife passed up on COCO PUFFS!!! . What's going on with Texas Governor, Rick Perry? And DUI, District Attorney??? . Little League World Series!!! . Should I switch 4phone, family plan from AT&T to T-mobile??? . Great seeing so many people on Beale St.!!! Went to MEMPHIS!!! Partied and left!!! 😜👍 . NFL Preseason!!! . Mo'ne Davis! First female pitcher to pitch complete game and to win at Little League World Series!!! . Alex Trebek began hosting "Jeopardy" in 1984 . Time to get ready for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Show!!! (September)
Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz calls himself a "liberal Democrat who would never vote for Rick Perry," but he's still "outraged" over the Texas governor's indictment Friday on charges of abuse of power and coercion.
Governor Rick Perry vows to fight charge: . Texas Governor Rick Perry is vowing to fight an indictment against...
Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a LIB DEM special prosecutor for doing his job. I’ve been there, done that. This is the same tactic that Vladimir Putin uses to eliminate his political opponents. Thanks, Mr. Obama.
Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted by grand jury | | Could put a crimp in his plans for 2016.
Texas indicted by grand jury, if guilty can get max 109 yrs Prison! http:…
AFP. Texas governor vows to fight against 'farce' indictment.
The Texas governor forcefully rejected the charges against him, calling the indictment a "farce" and "nothing more than abuse of power."
Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted Friday on two felonies for abuse of power and coercion of a public servant.
Texas governor vows to fight charges
Texas governor calls indictment for abuse of power an 'abuse of power,' vowing to fight the charge
Texas governor vows to fight indictment via
Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted for abuse of power
AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) - Texas Governor Rick Perry, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2016, said on Saturday an indictment against him for abuse of power was a political move that he intends
An Austin grand jury has indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry for abusing his powers by threatening to veto millions in funding for the state’s public integrity unit, which was run by a state prosecutor investigating corruption that Perry tried to ... Read More
with a cogent analysis of the Rick Perry indictment: does it raise separation of powers concerns?
Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted for abuse of power via
Texas Governor Rick Perry disputes indictment charge as political
☆Even ThinkProgress thinks Perry indictment looks fishy. Tx Dems: I think you just messed up big time.
Does the curfew in Ferguson tonight also apply to indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry?
deserves a who fights for all Texans — not just the special interests. Greg Abbott
The fact that a governor and a senator from texas believe in an imaginary man in the sky but not science is absurd
How can it be a crime to exercise the very authority conferred on a Governor by the Texas Constitution? It can't be.
Texas Governor and former presidential candidate Rick Perry has been indicted for allegedly abusing his power by vetoing state funding for the government watchdog group charged with investigating corruption and police scandals.
Hello Friends. I will be official Candidate for Texas Governor on August 18th. I am going to have to travel through 254 counties to Campaign across Texas. I need you all to please please help spread the word that all who come out and vote for me must make it personal and WRITE IN my name on the ballot. In addition I need and humbly ask each of you to make and send a campaign contribution of support of at least $ 20.14. I will send for your enjoyment a CD of songs song by my my sons, TIMEZ 2, my husband, Robert Wysinger and yours truly, Demetra Jefferson Wysinger For TEXAS Governor or a campaign TShirt . For contributions of $50 - $77.70, you will be gifted with the CD & T Shirt , CD& Yard Sign, or Yard Sign and T Shirt.For gifts of $ 78 - $ 99.99 you can be gifted with any 3 of the before mentioned combinations and a campaign bumper sticker. I will make available in the next few days gift packs for those making donations above the $99.99 mark. I need your support.We are well able to come from being t ...
I'm the only Texas Governor candidate with a plan to secure our border. See it here:
Scientists report this last June as the hottest June ever recorded, and that the cause was Global Warming.. Republicans are denying it was even June. Seth Meyers If the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, wants to slow down the immigrants crossing the border, forget sending in the troops, he should send in the TSA!
I COULD NOT PASS UP THE OPPORTUNITY TO POST AN ARTICLE I CAME ACROSS TODAY. As the rest of the world sizes Barack Obama up as a man who pees sitting down, the Texas Governor, not prone to wear mom jeans, has ordered his National Guard down to the border. It seems a rather simple thing — secure the American border. But Washington would rather hold our border hostage to politics than secure it. It’s a bipartisan problem. It should be an easy situation. Just secure the border. Stop people from crossing over. Nothing is easy with Washington, however. Neither side seems to have the will to do the easy thing. The President would rather fundraise and demagogue. The Republicans would rather cower in fear of their shadows. Secure the border is common sense. Rick Perry gets it. Too bad too few in Washington do. The sad thing is that Texans are going to pay for it when Washington should be footing the bill to do its most basic function — keep the United States a sovereign nation with secure borders. That Washi ...
Following Rick Perry's disgust with Barack Obama's trivial treatment of the invasion of illegal immigrants across the US/Mexico Borders, the Texas Governor is ready to call upon 1,000 National Guard troops and deploy them to the Rio Grande Valley, according to a state official's office memo. Governo…
Texas Governor and a cartoon of Texas Governor Rick Perry.
"Texas Governor and cartoon of a Texas Governor Rick Perry..."
In the latest on the immigration crisis from the southern border the Texas Governor Rick Perry stated that due to the Obama's and the Federal Government's refusal to address the situation as Texas Governor he is doing what is in his power to protect the Texas border from this foreign invasion. Texas is spending 1.3 million dollars now per week to train up and hire state law enforcement personal. He has Texas rangers and state militia down on the border and is exhausting all resources to protect their state and all of our national sovereignty. Governor Perry and the great state of Texas deserve our support! Governor Perry is an exceptional Governor. The best state Governor of any Governor in the Union. Texas has the best economy of any state in the Union and has a GDP that is the size of the rest of the country combined. He has been Texas Governor for almost 14 years and will finish his final term in January 2015. Prior to that he was George W. Bush's Lt. Governor for 6 years and took over as Governor duri ...
NBA announcers just referred to Rick Perry as "former Texas Governor".
If Houston beat the Heat next year, then Rick Perry sold his soul lol. (Texas Governor) for my non-Texan followers 👍
Texas Governor, Rick Perry, in a meeting at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, said, "Much like alcoholism, I believe homosexuality is a mental disease." *** is WRONG with this cat?
faminvestor As of 6-14-13, signed by the Texas Governor. Here is the legislative history: via Scutify
I remember another Texas Governor who had trouble with debates... Guess Greg Abbott wants to follow in Rick Perry's footsteps... Oops!
Texans... Remember when it comes time to pick the next Texas Governor that to Sen. Wendy Davis Apparently , “One Nation, Under God,” is too Texan. While she was a city council member, Sen. Davis voted to block a measure that protected those words in your Pledge of Allegiance. Her fillibuster to allow late term abortion and this clear pandering to her far left constituency is yet another glaring example Sen. Wendy Davis’ record directly contradicts the values that has kept Texas employed, solvent and one of the last bastions of what a free America can be like... Her ideals are apparently more in line with the extreme liberal positions of her out-of-state donors. Coincidentally, she happens to be in California today, collecting checks from Hollywood liberals like Steven Spielberg.
Rick Perry told UIW not to worry about Cameron Redus as long as he's still the Texas Governor.
Thanks Brandee Brown--- Texas NEEDS a Libertarian Governor! Kathie GlassKathie Glass for Texas Governor In light of today's loss by Texas and its Attorney General Greg Abbott at the Supreme Court regarding the EPA's power to regulate cross-state pollution, Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Texas Governor, had this to say: "Greg Abbott's 'Goliad Approach' to resisting federal power lost -- again -- at the Supreme Court. Greg Abbott surrendered the decision about our fate to the very federal tyrant we are fighting, and we got massacred." "The most important issue of this governor's race is who will nullify unconstitutional federal acts," Kathie Glass said. The answer is clear: only Kathie Glass will lead Texas to effectively resist federal tyranny through nullification. "The Constitution does not authorize the federal government to regulate the environment. That is a state function, and Texas has environmental law and a regulatory agency that can meet our needs. The EPA is not even about the environment. Rather ...
So it's bash Rick Perry day on and Bill Clinton wasn't a national joke??? You guys are so out of touch! I love my Texas Governor!
Many people think that it's only the working poor who file for personal bankruptcy. Not true. Take a look at this list of notable individuals who have filed for bankruptcy and still managed to go down in history as very successful and famous people. Call Jeff today to discuss your debt settlement or bankruptcy prospects: Look at this list! Many of these people were able to achieve great success after they received debt relief. Are you next? POLITICIANS 1. Abraham Lincoln – filed several times, due to business failures 2. Thomas Jefferson – filed several times, including after leaving office due to large debt 3. Ulysses S. Grant – 18th US President - filed in 1884 after leaving office 4. Daniel Webster – US Secretary of State – 1841 5. George McGovern – US Senator – filed in 1991 after his inn went out of business 6. John Connally – former Texas Governor and Treasury Secretary – filed Chapter 11 in 1987 7. William McKinley – 25th US President 8. J. Fife Symington – G ...
USA: Texas Governor must stop execution of Mexican man with mental disability - Amnesty International Australia:
Let's Talk About *** Marriage Doc Greene Sr. walked out into the public arena the other day and drew a line in the sand. Some crossed with him, some stood fast, and some walked on that line like a tightrope in a three ring circus. Kathie Glass for Texas Governor, while positioning between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott had a pie shoved right in her face and tried as best she could to wipe it off without looking like Calamity Jane. Doc Greene didn't didn't as much resign as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party as he just left in disgust. His opponents rolled in this "victory" like a dog in a dead armadillo. The *** Alliance is a powerful political organization with but one agenda, and that is to represent *** rights. They are no different than the NAACP in that respect. But , there is a problem here. I would ask them, what is your solutions to all the other problems that we all face? While the borders are dissolving, the IRS has declared war on the conservative tax payers, the administration is trying to sh .. ...
Remember that name I'm pretty sure him and Julian Castro will be in the running for Texas Governor soon
Wendy Davis has closed the gap to within single digits in the first post-primary poll in the Texas Governor's race.
Barabra and G. Bush, Laura and Daddy George Bush, United Stated Senate, John Cornyn, Texas Governor, Rick Perry, & last but not least Obamas
Texas high profile governor Rick Perry lost his bid for the 2012 Republican nomination for President and...
Clearly the people booing Governor Perry are unaware Texas leads the nation in job creation at all pay levels
if you think this squirrel is more qualified than to be Governor
Here is the kind of guy Bill O'Rielly does not seem to find time to be outrage about as much as any of his Black targets like Beyoncé he railed against this week. THey fawn over this guy who once sang smgs advocating underage sex. "I'm Ted Nugent, I Have 9 Children From 7 Women And I Want To Be President." This is the guy Sarah Palin calls a patriot the guy running for Texas governor invited to be with him on stage, and Bill O says can teach the republican party how yo do straight talk. It is unbelievable that Bill O constantly attempts tp lecture the Black Community on morals. What a freaking hypocritical ***
Texas Governor Rick Perry was booed when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. He did make some news however.
Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry gets booed as he is introduced on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Oh ya, the show was in Texas. A very republican state.
I am watching Texas Governor Rick Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he just announced that he is actually proud that small amounts of Marijuana have been decriminalized and that Texas has actually closed a prison because of it! He is proud of that! You go Rick Perry!!!
Texas Governor Rick Perry getting booed and heckled in Austin Texas on Jimmy Kimmel! LOL!
msnbc national reporter Zachary Roth answered reader questions about his coverage of the Texas governor's race. Read on to see if your question was answered!
An evening at a fundraiser for our next Texas Governor Wendy Davis.
With the Texas governor's race in full general election mode, Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis and her Republican opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, sparred on Tuesday over fair pay for women and ethics.
Abbott, Davis spar over equal pay bill, law firm The candidates for Texas governor sparred over two separate issues Tuesday, with Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis insisting her opponent won’t commit to solidifying gender pay equality into state law and Republican state Attorney General Greg Abbott firing back that Davis’ law firm might have profited from her work in the Legislature. Davis co-sponsored a bill last year ensuring that Texas law mirrored gender wage protections from the 2009 federal Lilly Ledbetter Act. The Texas measure passed with bipartisan support, but outgoing Gov. Rick Perry vetoed it, saying federal statues made state law on the subject repetitive. Davis rejects that argument, saying it would have allowed women more flexibility to sue in state courts and avoid lengthier and costlier federal discrimination cases. Abbott, meanwhile, says separate state statutes already prohibit gender discrimination, and he has refused to say if he’d veto a similar state Ledbetter Act as governor. ...
Texas Governor Rick Perry brought down the house speaking to the CPAC Convention in Washington Friday. Great to see him back. During the last presidential campaign, Rick Perry made so many gaffes it was hard to tell if he was running against President Obama or Joe Biden - Argus Hamilton
PAPPY O’DANIEL BORN IN OHIO March 11, 1890---On this day in 1890, future Texas governor and U.S. senator W. Lee (Pappy) O'Daniel was born in Malta, Ohio. He came to Texas in 1925 as sales manager of the Burrus Mill and Elevator Company in Fort Worth, manufacturer of Light Crust Flour. He took over the company's radio advertising in 1928 and hired and named the Light Crust Doughboys, the influential western swing band that featured Bob Wills and Milton Brown. O'Daniel organized his own flour company in 1935 and filed for governor in 1938. Accompanied by his band, the Hillbilly Boys, he attracted huge audiences, especially in rural areas. He won the 1938 election and was reelected in 1940. In a special U.S. Senate election in 1941, he edged Lyndon Johnson in a flurry of controversial late returns. In a desperate reelection fight the next year, O'Daniel charged that the professional politicians, the politically controlled newspapers, and the "communistic labor leader racketeers" were conspiring against him ...
The Texas governor kicks off day two with a rousing speech, bringing the crowd to its feet.
Still my favorite Texas Governor, until Wendy Davis wins this fall.
More and more people across the country are saying, “Enough!” This past weekend, thousands gathered outside our nation’s capital for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). CPAC featured a large gathering of conservative leaders. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, energized the crowd when he said . . . “My fellow conservatives, the future of this nation is upon you — it belongs to you. It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas... We don’t have to accept recent history — we just need to change the presidency. We must elect the right kind of leaders to represent us to Washington. It is time for Washington to focus on the few things the Constitution establishes as the federal government’s role.” Governor Mike Huckabee mentioned our case involving Justina Pelletier, the 15-year old girl in Massachusetts, and then said: “I know that this nation exists by the providence of [God’s] hand, and if this nation forgets our God, then God will have every right to ...
Heard a snippet of tape of a 2004 Howard Stern show on an underground podcast. A famous female rock star, whom I refuse to name, admitted that she did the Monica Lewinsky with Ted Nugent when she was 12 years old. You can ask Robert Nedelkoff what her name is :) The Lone Star Project is really going after Ted Nugent, because of the Texas Governor's race.
Wendy Davis CAN’T be trusted. Lying to Texas yesterday, today & tomorrow? Vote Greg Abbott Texas Governor.
I just think it's funny that Ted Cruz and Rick Perry are saying that it was an unfortunate use of language when asked if they would support Ted Nugent in his race for Texas Governor after calling Obama a "subhuman mongrel." Score one for that diversity agenda, GOP. You folks are on the right track. Keep up the good work.
The fight over public school funding remains an important front in the battle for Texas Governor between Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott. Today Senator Wendy Davis held a press conference in front of the old Austin High School and implored Greg Abbott as the state’s top lawyer t...
Two of my favorite interviews during my years as a reporter: (the late) Sean MacBride - a prominent member of the Irish Republican Army, whom I'd met and interviewed in 1984. he was an elderly man even back then. He passed away a few years after I met him. My other memorable interview was in 1986 with Francis "Sissy" Farenthold - well known Texas liberal politician and former candidate for Texas Governor. She also made the short list for Vice President during the 1972 Democratic Convention when Presidential Candidate George McGovern - concerned that the nation might not be ready to accept a female VP - chose Thomas Eagleton instead (with disastrous results). I spent a whole day with Sissy at a border issue conference in Laredo, Texas - and I must've asked her a thousand questions. I came away from a very fruitful and enlightening day convinced she would have made an excellent governor and a very competent US Vice President if she'd had the chance. She was certainly more dynamic and personable than Dolph B ...
You Can't Unscramble Eggs The reason my state-centric opponents for Texas Governor are wrong-headed is because you can't unscramble eggs, meaning that our constitutional government was long ago twisted away from the will of the common interpretation to lawyer-speak. For example, at university a couple of years ago, my Political Science professor took us to the "necessary and proper" clause in Article 1. Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution. The courts have again and again ruled that the twists and turns Congress has placed on this article are legal under the U. S. Constitution. We have a host of government redirects from this one clause, from personal income taxes to public schools to Obamacare and into infinity, that will never get redefined to our liking. It's like swimming up Niagara Falls to think these interpretations can be changed by the system that created the problem. The solution is to dissolve government at all levels, non-violently, by running candidates for office who will refuse the oath of o ...
Why hasn't Texas Governor, Rick Perry, declared a state of emergency and mobilized the Texas National Guard and their equipment, to help clear the ice from the roads?
Wendy Davis Democratic candidate 4 Texas Governor's ex husband's name is same as 's character in
What are the Democrats doing to regain the Texas Governor's Mansion in 2014? It is disheartening to silently concede the election due to lack of strong candidates. Why is Senator Leticia Van Da Putte running for the Lt. Governor's position instead of governor? Why is Senator Kirk Watson running for re-election instead of running for governor? Where are Senator Ron West and U.S Rep Lloyd Doggett? On the Republican side, why is Attorney General Gregg Abbott given a free pass? We have more credible candidates like Patterson, David Dewhurst, Joe Strauss, John Cornyn, and Mike McCaul. What is going on in Texas?
R. Lee Wrights Finally Appears in Texas Gubernatorial Discussion. Question for Gene? Question: "Mr. Chapman, how do you and R. Lee Wrights differ in your run for Texas Governor?" Answer: Well, Lee is supportive of the "state conception of life," as Leo Tolstoy would put it, while I am a philosophical anarchist in line with Lew Rockwell, Economist Murray Rothbard, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ and the Dalai Lama, etc. If you really want to stop the Dallas Police and other police departments from killing our mentally handicapped citizens in their front yards, for example, as we see on the news month-after-month here in Texas, then what better way than to abolish the state conception of life in favor of Tolstoy's Kingdom conception of life (a libertarian stateless society driven by conscience)? Lee's postions are not publicized on his campaign website the last time I checked, so it is hard to say where else we would differ at this point. If you go to my website, you know in about 15 or 20 posts p ...
Posting this from my blog page...I'm looking for the most critical comments/ideas you can come up with. It'll only serve to help us figure this out...Thank You! "Ms. Davis’s aides and supporters said she can raise the roughly $40 million she needs to compete with Mr. Abbott." The above sentence struck a dissonant chord on my personal xylophone. It's a quote from New York Times journalist Manny Fernandez in a piece about Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, who's throwing her hat into the ring in the match for Texas Governor. The odds are slim for Davis at this point, but as we learn more about her character in the upcoming months, who knows? Anything can and will happen. Consider the fact that Davis' main opponent is Republican Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General. Ann Richard's unpredictable win in the race for governor in 1990 was also against a Republican Texas Attorney General. This should give some buoyance to Davis, who is floating on a wave of popularity generated by her bold filibustering, which tempo ...
Wendy Davis is running for Texas Governor. She stands for bigger government, expanding ObamaCare, late-term abortion on demand, and Bloomberg-style gun control. These are things most Texas have a great distaste for. I am definitely voting for Greg Abbott!!
I'm sure that Ann Richards & Molly Ivins were looking approvingly today as Wendy Davis announced for Texas Governor. h…
You like Ted Cruz? You will love for Texas Governor. Pro 2nd and pro constitution! Goodbye P…
I'm so broken-hearted over Rick Perry deciding not to run for reelection for Texas Governor. Guess he'll run for President in 2016. Maybe he can win the nomination and choose Florida Governor Rick Scott as his running mate. Imagine the simultaneous horror and hilarity in that ticket.
Below are Governor Perry's remarks to an excited crowd in San Antonio. Please click on the link below to watch this video and share with your friends. May God Bless You and May God Continue to Bless Texas, Thank you. I am delighted to be joined today by my wife, Anita, my children Sydney, Griffin and his lovely wife Meredith, and especially our precious little granddaughter Ella Gray, who was born just a couple weeks ago. It's good to be joined by my extended family of staff and former staff, there must be hundreds of you here today. And it is great to see so many supporters who have made the high honor of public service possible. It has been an improbable journey that has taken me from a farm in a place called Paint Creek to the Texas Governor's Office. Each day has been an honor, serving the most dynamic, optimistic and independent people on the face of the earth. We have created the strongest economy in the nation. We have balanced budgets while prioritizing critical infrastructure, including water, ro ...
BC-US--Perry-Texas Governor,4th Ld Texas Gov. Perry won't seek re-election in 2014 Eds: APNewsNow. Updates with not running for re-election. Will be updated. With AP Photos. WILL WEISSERT Associated Press SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in Texas history, says he won't seek re-election in 2014. The staunch Christian and fiscal conservative said Monday he plans to retire. That sets up an opening for fellow Republican and longtime Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott in next year's GOP primary. The 63-year-old Perry ran for president in 2011. He's best known in that campaign for uttering "Oops" during a debate after forgetting the third of three federal agencies he wanted to eliminate if elected. Before that, Perry stirred controversy by suggesting Texas could secede from the U.S., and for shooting a coyote with a concealed handgun while jogging. Still, he's considered the most powerful Texas governor since the Civil War because he served long enough to fill every state agency with ...
Well folks, it's official. Rick Perry has announced he will not run for re-election ad Texas Governor. Tell us in the comments, what do you think is the worst mistake he made while on office? Spending $10,000/mo of OUR money on a rental mansion? Cutting billions from school funding? The HPV scandal? The Trans-Texas Corridor land grab? Or something else?
Recent events in the political arena: Texas Governor and former Presidential Candidate, who by the way couldn't remember the names of the government agencies he wanted to shut down, recently attacked Wendy Davis for "hijacking the democratic process" by filibustering for 13 hours to defeat an anti-abortion bill. He further stated that she " was the daughter of a single woman, she was a single mother herself. It's unfortunate that she hasn't learned from her own example that every life should be given a chance." So upset is he that he is calling another special session to cram this anti-abortion bill down the throats of women and doctors. In the great state of Ohio, Gov. Kasich signed the budget bill, that for some inexplicable reason, contained riders that would: 1. Change the way federal money would be distributed and places Planned Parenthood on the short end of the list. 2. PROHIBIT clinics from sending patients to Public Hospitals for any special treatment including emergencies. Effectively placing th ...
Thousands rally in opposition to Texas Governor and Lieutenant Governor - support for Women's Rights grows stronger in Texas!
Rick Perry, Texas Governor is a DOUCE` Bag...I just heard him call the politician that blocked closing all the abortion clinics in Texas a "Teenage Mother"...hmmm she had her kids so what's the issue not only that she graduated with a Degree in Law from Harvard so what's your point Rick Perry Now he and his fellow Texan Republican's are going to try and pass the bill she stopped again Monday or Tuesday I certainly hope she has her tennis shoes ready to STAND UP again for the women of Texas and protect their rights So wrong, so sad certainly glad I live on one of the Blue Coasts of this country
Texas Governor, Rick Perry, was just on with Cavuto...said that he is going on the road this week to talk to business leaders...and tell them that if you are tired of over taxation, over regulation, and over litigation..come on down and they will. In the past few years, 30% of all the private sector jobs in this whole country have been created in Texas...and one reason is their legislature meets for 140 days every other year...and unlike DC which operates full time...they do not sit around and think of what more legislation and regulation they can hang around the neck of America at large. Way to go...God Bless Texas!!
Texas, the in welfare state. Why? Because it is illogical Rick Perry claim sovereignty, to be more clear, a self-governed state, but when a disgrace happen he cries out for federal intervention. We can ask him: What sovereignty means to you Governor Perry? For reals, Does it make sense? Not for me, why? Because if the state of Texas has no taxation on the companies brought to the state, it is never going to achieve "sovereignty" as has being the wasted word Rick Perry uses all the time, converting Texas Governor in a clownish building up in this manner the mistrust on Republican Future Governors. Also, how is it possible Rick Perry gave industry the promise that by coming here; there will not be taxation, or ambient or no acclimate regulations. The clock is clicking for the new Texas Governor. This false promise perhaps gives Republicans the chance to keep Texas a red state. Democrats have this at hand. It is absolutely absurd, this is the most "I am laughing in your face", fallacy form of politi ...
Obama's visit to NJ turned Chris Christie into a bit more of a human being, who knows, maybe his visit with Perry will have the Texas Governor do the right thing. RESIGN!
Did Texas AG Greg Abbott's visit to West signal a transition of power at the Texas Governor's Mansion?
So, Texas Governor wants federal aid to help...but voted "NO" to states helping federal aid for Superstorm Sandy
Texas Governor [unfortunately for us Texans] Rick Perry is not pleased with Madonna's views on the Boy Scouts.
Texas Governor's mansion is not good enough for Rick Perry. He makes TX pay $10,000 month to rent a better one for him to live in.
The Republican Party, after another drubbing in November, say they are trying to change and admit they are out of touch. They are calling for new blood that will appeal to Americans other than Southern Whites. Lets take a look at the featured speaker list at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Village *** Sarah Palin and Rand Paul, 1 term Florida Congressman nut job Allen West, Wing Nut Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Texas latest Tea Bagger Bafoon Congressman Ted Cruz, NRA Barbarians CEO Wayne LaPierre and President David Keene, Texas Governor and failed Presidential candidate Rick Perry, House Majority Leader and the man holding the knife to John Boehners back Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich, no description necessary, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Rick Santorum, no description necessary, losing VP Paul Ryan, losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and last but certainly not least, the true village *** The Donald, Donald Trump. Does this look like change to you. Do these p ...
Interpol issues arrest warrant for war criminal *** Cheney, who’s coming to the Nixon Library tonight! BY VERN NELSON – DECEMBER 6, 2010 POSTED IN: "THE OC", CORRUPTION, CRONYISM, *** CHENEY, FRESH JUICE, GEORGE W. BUSH, REPUBLICAN PARTY, TORTURE, WAR CRIMES, WAR ON TERROR, WATERBOARDING Powered by Max Banner Ads . . . IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER if this warrant, just issued by Interpol (the “International Criminal Police Organization“) for the arrest of former “Vice” President Richard Bruce Cheney, had been related to some of his many real, serious crimes against humanity. I mean, the ones he committed as shadow President from 2000 to around 2006, as he steered and manipulated George W. Bush to be not just the simple easy-going right-wing mediocrity he was as Texas Governor, but by most accounts the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER. I’m speaking of course of Cheney’s masterminding of the illegal Invasion and Occupation of Iraq justified by lies he manufactured; the attendant Mass Murder that resu ...
Texas Governor appeals to Californians to move: California governor, Jerry Brown, is less than impressed with Pe...
STATEWIDE LEGISLATIVE SUMMIT February 22 & 23 Austin, TX Our goal is to bring together a coalition of Latino leaders, heads of nonprofits, and elected officials interested in making sure that this legislative session, the Texas Governor and members of the Legislature address the needs of our community. Please join us at the State Capitol, in Austin, TX on February 22 & 23rd.
You gotta hand it to the Texas Governor, he knows how to irritate the crap out of the libtrolls. ~cornman...
Hands down, if Sue Ellen Ewings runs for Texas Governor against Rick Perry or anyone, I'm voting for her. I don't care about her appearance of impropriety.
Jan 18, 2007 "The Nuge" stirs up Texas Governor's inaugural ball: wails about people with no English, carries a fake machine gun on stage
So, here's Will Cain on CNN debating other reporters and asserting that emotion has no place in debate while SCREAMING in a high pitched, anxiety-ridden voice, and using emotionally-charged words. Then there's the Texas Governor who is "disgusted" with the arguments of the people on the side he's not on. Rush Limbaugh is mocking children. And, of course, there is the NRA and their fear-inducing rhetoric. Will we ever find out way out of the environment America's political extremists continue to create? Can the respectful moderate, mainline American people of good will ever find the voice that will redeem the polarizing way we deal with differences?
Sorry it took a few days to get this one online... This editorial was published in the Belgrade News on Friday: The Sidestep I'm a graduate of Montana State University, with a degree in Music. I love music! I actually studied for the interview at my current airline in the pit orchestra of the musical "My Fair Lady." I've been reading a lot about our governments fiscal problems, and about the "fiscal cliff" that was supposedly averted this week (when it was really just, kinda delayed). I found it ironic that, right after finishing the newspaper, my iPod decided to randomly play "the Sidestep," from the musical "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." If you haven't seen Charles Durning's rendition of the Texas Governor, I strongly recommend a trip to YouTube! In it he plays a smooth talking politician who's focus is on obfuscation and misleading answers. In his musical number he sings, "Ooo I love to dance a little sidestep...cut a little swath and lead the people on!" Its not lost on me that this musical i ...
Texas lieutenant governor accuses his former campaign manager of stealing big money from the campaign:
the best Lt. Governor in the country, an honorable , fiscally & socially conservative Texas patriot!
RUSTON, La. -- With no health insurance and not enough money for a doctor, Laura Johnson is long accustomed to treating her ailments with a self-written prescription: home remedies, prayer and denial. Over decades, she made her living assisting elderly people in nursing homes in jobs that paid just ...
Governor Rick Perry and Abby Johnson: Pro-life advocate will be speaking at this year's 2013 Texas Rally for Life. Will you be there?
Texas has weird weather tornadoes let George Bush be governor always republican slow & one of the homes of hating black ppl
Charles Durning (best Governor Texas ever had, IMHO passed away 12/24. '
so, are you Governor Ndiulor of Texas now?
Governor What are the chances we could open carry here in Texas? Makes much more sense. Oh and we need to secede !
Just learned: Texas has a state government office dedicated to the development & promo of the Texas Music Industry:
The tug-of-war between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and state universities is still going strong heading into the 2013 legislative session with new skirmishes over money looming.
so i want 2 see texas chainsaw massacre. See on the first. At governor jindal. Mansion. I did nothing wrong. Claim them. The blame
Guns and cars have long been among the leading causes of non-medical deaths in the U.S. By 2015, firearm fatalities will probably exceed traffic fatalities for the first time, based on data compiled by Bloomberg.
Motorists in West Virginia are seeing higher prices following the Christmas holiday, increasing more than 3 cents since last week.
Ask Governor Are there any real men left in Texas? Yes, at least one...
If you don't know who former Texas Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock is, look him up. Possibly one of the greatest men who has ever lived.
everyone thinks Bush is horrible now but in 2000 he was the "aww shucks governor from Texas" relatable n savvy
Merry Christmas Atty General Abbot!!! The next GREAT Governor of Texas - we only elect GREAT governors you know!!
Who’s set to grab headlines in 2013? From a newly appointed senator to a retired astronaut, political observers will have plenty of personalities to watch out for in the next year. And with familiar faces reinventing themselves and new potential powerhouses arriving on the scene, expect notewo...
CHARLES DURNING dances Sidestep in his Oscar nominated role as Governor in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)
Congratulations, Ambassador Tony. Liz will make a great first lady of Texas. Garza for Governor in 2014. No more "oops."
He is third in line of succession for Governor of both Ohio and Texas.
You can blame our Governor Jerry Brown. The last big influx in Texas was when he was governor before.
Although illegal immigrants may claim many rights under the constitution, that does not extend to the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms according to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.
Our Gov. speaks of limited government, but does he practice what he preaches?
I'm pretty sure Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas.
Charles Durning's best roles: Iwo Jima veteran in NCIS episode 'Call of Silence' & governor in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
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