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The governor of Texas is the head of the executive branch of Texas's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.

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Donation to Travis County to fund programs affected by cuts from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott | Community Impact Newspaper
School choice, abortion and bathroom access are among TX Gov. Abbott's agenda items for Legislature special session
Thank you Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for signing legislation to ban the brutal practice of dismemberment
In the News: Texas Gov. hosts COS Texas warriors to celebrate historic victory: via
Wow. TEXAS-sized honor from Gov. for our COS Texas warriors!
Thank you, Gov. for defending the preborn!
Texas Gov. has signed a statewide ban on texting while driving.
The will move to Texas to work at Learn about their new home!
BREAKING: Gov. Abbott of Texas just signed SB 8, which would would impose jail time penalties for abortion providers.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott jokes about shooting reporters via
Great work from on Rick Perry's brand of crony capitalism as Texas Gov.
Rick Perry on Education and Health Care Policy - Texas Gov. Rick Perry called for Congress to respect...
"While masked as immigration reform, this is a nationalist policy that has been defeated in the courts before."…
Controversial "sanctuary city" ban signed into law by Texas governor. Read more:
God bless Texas! whose proud of our Gov. Greg Abbott ..
Gov. Greg Abbott signs anti-'sanctuary city' law, toughest in the nation.
Little Giant Ladders
VA center in Texas to lead research into the top two signature wounds from wars in Afghanistan, the Middle East: https:…
"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday signed a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in his state". .
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Sunday prohibiting the state from enacting so-called "sanctuary" laws.
to know for Mon.: Macron becomes France's youngest president; Texas gov signs "sanctuary cities" ban.
MORE: Law signed by Texas Gov. allows police officers to ask about a person's immigration status
Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill that bans "sanctuary cities" in Texas.
Texas gov needs a brain. Send to see the wizard?
goes after TX Gov. Greg Abbott over unconstitutional law banning Sanctuary Cities
Every major police chief in Texas opposed this bill. Texas gov signs ban on so-called ‘sanctuary cities’
Gov. Abbott just gave Texas police a license to discriminate.
JUST IN: Texas governor signs ban on "sanctuary cities"
Texas Gov. Rick Perry dishes it out. Can liberals take it? Gov. Rick Perry has been in the news quite a bit lately
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Jarett Lujan as student regent for the Texas Tech University System Board of...
Tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET: meets with Texas Gov. in the Oval Office.
Texas Gov. Ann Richards is the only white woman I would legitimately call a Chingona
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I did that for Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's staff...very revealing. Bunch of hypocrites in Gov.
On Thursday, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Energy. The vote was 62-37.
Please send (easy) request to US Senator to vote NO to unqualified !
“Elected officials don’t get to pick and choose which laws they obey" - Texas Gov. on https:…
Travis County must revoke sanctuary policy or lose state funding. will uphold the rule of law.
TX gov blocks sheriff funds over 'sanctuary cities'...
I saw it too. Gov Abbott made Texas proud. No harboring or shielding already arrested criminal aliens from ICE.
I wish you were my governor. Texas is only a few miles away. You may be my governor one day. Way…
"Texas Gov. Abbott cuts funding to Austin over sanctuary city policies"
If a law enforcement official won't enforce the law & work with ICE they shouldn't be in law enforcement. https…
Texas Gov. Abbott has cut state funding for Travis County on account of its sanctuary policies.
Here's who is impacted by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's hiring freeze:
ICYMI, we analyzed state government spending between FY2011 and 2015. Here’s our report:
tell the tolerant left in Texas sanctuary cities pass the plate pay for your programs yourselves! Well done Gov!
Mexico wall will be finished in just TWO YEARS says Homeland Security Secretary General John Kelly. Pic with Texas Gov…
Texas governor cuts off funding to county over sanctuary policy
Rodriguez receives Yellow Rose of Texas award from Gov. Greg Abbott. Kudos! …
So proud of these sisters showing how great Texas Foster Care CAN be. Thanks also to CASA.
BREAKING: Senate panel approves Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to serve as Energy secretary in Trump administration.
In 2015, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared Feb. 2 as "Chris Kyle Day" for Texas - watch for tributes as we approach that date
Texas Gov. Abbott threatens to oust officials who promote sanctuary cities via
Donald Trump‘s 2016 GOP primary rival, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, today testified in his Senate confirmation he…
A not-so-subtle dig at Former Texas Gov. & current Energy Sec nominee Rick Perry. .
I'm publishing live updates on Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's hearing to be energy secretary here:
Rick Perry When Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry faces the Senate Committee on Energy and ...
Perry says he regrets call to eliminate Energy Department: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday he regrets…
Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott say they met with Taiwan Pres. Tsai Ing-wen as she was passing through Houston https…
Sen. Lisa Murkowski to ask Texas Gov. Rick Perry about previous plan to scrap Energy Department before confirmation:
BREAKING: On - President-elect Donald officially selects Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be
Recent rains brought some relief, w/ about 5% of the state now impacted by drought. Read Robert's Water Weekly at
Texas has learned a lot from renewables -will Perry bring this knowledge to the DOE, or more fossil fuel dependency?
(CNN)President-elect Donald Trump has selected Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be his nominee for energy...
.on "... Texas looks forward to working with him to help advance America’s sector.".
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is Donald Trump's choice to be Energy Secretary
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry would bring oil industry ties to Energy Department.
In Trump cabinet news this a.m., he's named Former Texas Gov (and former rival in GOP primary) Rick Perry for Energy Sec…
Really? Rick Perry was the Gov. of Texas, a farmer, served in Air Force, Ag Comm. House of Rep. I mean what else do u need?
Dems are having a really bad day! Trump picks fmr Texas Gov. Rick Perry for ironic Cabinet job
Rick Perry is an interesting pick. Doesn't believe in global warming, but supports renewable energy, especially wind
Rick Perry has been picked to head the Energy Department, said two people familiar with the decision
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be nominated as sec. of energy, where he'd head a department he wanted to abolish.
Trump taps Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head Energy Department he once vowed to abolish
Just in time for Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas, to take the helm and try and bury the evidence.
President-elect Trump has chosen Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Energy Secretary
Inspiration behind the 2016 State Park ornaments. Order your favorite at
Gov. Rick Perry is selected to head the Department of Energy — In 2012, he once forgot he…
Texas students get hands-on experience with maritime jobs via
President-elect Donald Trump officially names Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as his choice for secretary of energy.
Trump picks Former Texas Gov. Perry to be energy secretary; he once advocated for elimination of agency ht…
The TX Education Agency has posted a list of 1,379 schools subject to Public Education Grant (PEG) in 2017-18:
President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be Secretary of Energy
The gov’t of the great state of Texas suggests this means my wife and I lack “appropriate respect for human life”. https:/…
1/ Donald Trump officially announced Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as his pick to lead the Department of Energy this…
Trump team makes it official: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the pick for energy secretary.
President-elect Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Energy is Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. More here:
Trump to tap Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as his energy secretary: CBS
Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott is pushing for a bill that would allow states to reject refugees. Should states be able to deny
Just In -- According to reports, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will meet with on Monday
Texas Gov.: Big 12 owes 'people an apology' for passing on expansion via App
Sounds like just referenced Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards '88 DNC speech re: Hillary
ADVISORY: President Obama to Travel to Dallas, Texas: . WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, July 12th, at the invita...
The Gulf of Mexico Shrimp season opens 30mins after Sunset July 15th!
It is time for us to unite as Texans, as Americans, to say no more.
Help us help Texas beaches and get this limited-edition t-shirt!
Texas Lt. Gov. is racist anti *** anti woman, bigoted POS. Anti-BLM. & mad that the shooter was from there.
Let's see if all those establishments & states that refused to do this for the Pulse shootings does it this time.
Texas governor could miss GOP convention after extensive burns:
TEA awards more than $116 million as part of Gov. Abbott's high quality pre-K initiative
Texas Gov. & Lt Gov are to blame for these officers death @ other injured.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott severely burned in accident -
WND Texas Gov. Greg Abbott severely burned in accident
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott may not attend Republican National Convention after suffering severe burns:
Gov. Branstad orders flags at half-staff to honor the victims of the attack in Dallas, Texas
Did you know animals are a top cause of power outages? Snakes were the culprits in our last two major ones.
An acct sys that has been this much of a train wreck and requires this much revision to finalize results is a joke.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
So you received a Class B misdemeanor two years ago for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces and have questions...
'Texas Watersheds' newsletter from is out! Check it out at
Texas gets it right thanks to small gov. & fiscal responsibiilty. If only Washington would follow our lead.
Texas flags have been lowered to half-staff for victims of the
Congrats to the brave men & women awarded the State of TX Law Enforcement Achievement Award
Texas Gov'nr severely burned in accident, may miss convention: via but his 1st thought was Dallas.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott severely burned in accident
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Hid the News of Severe Burns to Deal with the Aftermath of the Dallas Shooting via
Today in 1949 Gov. Beauford Jester became the 1st Texas governor to die in office. More in
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Gov. Abbott!.
Texas Gov. Abbott being treated for serious burns after scalding water accident while on vacation in Jackson Hole.
Gov. Martinez called Texas Gov. Abbott today to express condolences over and says she's "heartbroken" by violence.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Dallas shooting: 'We will overcome evil with good'
Texas governor shuns a 'Texit' but buys UK ads after Brexit: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott isn't on board with a "Te...
It's really important that we understand and know our own history Texas Gov refuses to tell and teach us.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for Convention of States to take back states' rights
I really like what I'm hearing from Texas Gov. Greg Abbot!
At Enrollment Conference, Congressman Joaquin Castro Calls on Texas Gov. Abbott to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Expand…
Rick Perry Former Texas Gov's got it right! Supporting Trump is a no brainier the alternative is an absolute disaster!! Give states power!
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry supports for president
Without his glasses, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry immortalized in Capitol rotunda-DMN:
Willing to serve as Trump's running mate -- Newt Gingrich, ex-Texas Gov. Rick "Oops" Perry, Sarah Palin. Would you run with any of them?
Texas Gov. Rick Perry surprised a lot of people last evening when he endorsed Donald Trump http…
Do you think Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry should consider a vice presidential bid with presumptive GOP nominee … –…
Mike Huckabee ‘all in’ for Donald Trump - Operatives have floated Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Nebraska Sen. T...
Texas Gov. Abbott to sign bill banning transgenders from ALL public toilets.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency in nine counties after widespread flooding across Houston.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, former Cruz supporter: "The choice is going to be easy" between Clinton and Trump.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said, "We must never be shaken. As long as we build our fortress on the rock of God,...
Gov Abbott would never choose Trump over Cruz are you nuts? . He did declare May 5 Texas National Day of Prayer.
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Texas Gov. has dumped Cruz for Trump, but keep hoping for a miracle. Indiana is not going Cruz..
Proud to stand w/ Texas Republican colleagues in support of Texas’ SB 14 voter ID law
Thank you for your support. We must stop
Today in 1991: Texas Gov Ann Richards officially declared "ZZ Top Day" in her state ♬ .
Ob’s Unprecedented Attempts to Expand Federal Power | Ted Cruz | U.S. Senator for Texas // now can We throw'em out?
Beyoncé has donated $7 million to build a low-income housing project for homeless families in Houston, Texas.
TVC has two positions available in Texas. One in Austin, the other in Houston.
Even greater! Gov Perry is voting for Trump! Texas are you reading this? Unite the party delegates VOTE TRUMP!
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick baptized on trip to Israel.. Related Articles:
More than 6,700 volunteers pick up 110,000 lbs of trash from Texas beaches during Spring Cleanup
I need help on the Texas gov. review ☹️
Jewish American Heritage Month - Did you know that May is Jewish American Heritage Month? Read on to find out w...
THX! Severe Tornado Watch western Texas til 11pm/updates at: and
Former Texas Gov. Perry has now endorsed Donald J. Trump. Indiana, you must vote Trump tomorrow!
California Lt. Gov. Newsom, lawmakers on collision course over gun control via the App Move to Texas!
our gov brags about Texas. I'm sure they blame Obama. But don't mind asking for federal aid when flood hits
TX Lt. Gov. baptized in Jordan River, builds Texas business ties on 1st trip to Israel with
Texas Leads Nation in Refugee Resettlement Gov Abbott get tough! via
Texas AG Ken Paxton says court can't rule on DraftKings lawsuit over opinion finding DFS likely illegal.
We’re combining satellite images with novel algorithms to monitor hazardous thunderstorms:
Today, we kick off the 5th anniversary of Follow along as we celebrate: 🇺🇸
Mexican national in Sugarland, Texas, sentenced to 20 years for Joplin meth conspiracy.
W/ at State Breakfast today. He offered prayer for those in gov't.
I've declared May 5, 2016 the National Day of Prayer. In trying times, we must continue to pray for America
Austin, Colorado, Walker & Wharton counties are added to federal disaster declaration for Individual Assistance
President Obama has presented 102 Medals of Freedom. Let's make it 103 for the Hug Lady.
Texas is leading the nation in resettled refugees--despite Gov. Greg Abbott's orders:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott smacks down atheist who said 'get out of your wheelchair' if God is real via
Texas Gov. Rick Perry appeared in an Austin court Thursday for a pre-tri... via
Cruz blasts Obama's Cuba visit, but was silent when Texas Gov. Greg "Jade Helm" Abbott went there in December 2015
And, Texas Gov. and Lt. Gov. plus Rick Perry mentored this Canadian Lying goon.
Texas Dispensary in the Works, Despite Flawed CBD Law - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the so-called “Compassion...
Governor appoints TOMAGWA director to advisory committee: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Lorie Jones for...
Texas governor vows to fight abuse of power charges. Texas Gov. Rick Perry ...
Texas Gov. says this is our time and Ted Cruz is our presidential candidate. https:/…
"Justice Antonin Scalia was a man of God, a patriot, and an unwavering defender of the written Constitution." -- Texas Gov. Gre…
Inbox: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is going on "business development trip" to to Israel and Switzerland next week. Follows …
Texas Gov to Obama - I Dare You to Come and Take Our Guns Texas Rejoins the republic. Welcome back!
ICYMI: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has a few words for the federal government: “I told you so.”
In 2011 I had to do some truth telling about Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his secret double life.
Gov. Abbott brings free trade to Cuba: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's upcoming trade trip to Cuba is encouraging; th...
I have some disagreements with Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but calling Donald Trump a "cancer on conservatism" isn't one of them.
Rick Perry's Ride Into The Sunset Comes Before High Noon. . There was a time when Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was the front-runner for the
Sanders worst environmental decisions with then-Texas Gov. Bush to the dump nuclear waste from Vermonts Vernon reactor in Sierra Blanca
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says that Planned Parenthood has “very serious legal issues” in Texas. A letter was sent...
Early voting for the 2015 Texas Constitutional Amendment Election begins today. Your voice and your choice...
We are proud to announce we won the 2015 Lex Frieden, small employer, business award. Check it out:
Gov Abbott is one of very few politicians whomy admiration! God bless Texas!
I issued a state of disaster for Bastrop Co. Thanks to 1st responders for their tireless efforts
Don’t mess with Texas land! must stop this land grab and respect private property rights.
It was interesting how the Mexican gov. saw Texas as a province in rebellion rather than an independent republic.
Lt. Gov. Patrick signals interest in more cuts in 2017 -
and I hope sanity prevails. It's just unfortunate not a lot of that is found in Texas gov these days.
New season of our PBS show kicks off today. It's all about Big Bend
The 6th Circuit’s order to halt the rule is a win for farmers, ranchers, and landowners in
Every week is Fight Week in Texas. Full schedule at
Reminder that if you want to vote in the primaries in Texas, you need to register to vote by Jan. 31, 2016
Early voting in Texas starts tomorrow. Visit to find your polling location & to see if you qualify fo…
if you support the Childress Police Dept. displaying our national motto “In God We Trust”
Amazing opportunity to affect pubic policy, take the survey now:
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Bush, still needling former foe Perry: "We had more jobs created in Florida than Texas. Don't tell Gov. Perry that. He may get mad at me."
Denton County, TX Elections Early Voting at the Gov Building off Main street in
Many, many thanks to Texas Gov. Abbott and his crack staff. How's that Lone Star ALCS workin' out for y'all?
here's another "analogy". Hillary reminds me of the Texas Gov in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Dance a little two step.
Did not want to share this until the won, but Texas Gov totally jinxed the
And they say new laws don't change things:. June '15: Texas Gov signs bill allowing guns on campus, in college dorms http…
Donald Trump said Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a "nice guy" who "came after me hard."
On Friday, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he was dropping out of the 2016 presidential race because of deep financial problems
Analysis: A new, dimmer era For Rick Perry: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be the first to tell you that he had…
This is a sad end of the Former Texas Gov. Perry who was one of the candidates with the power to confront D.Trump.
Donald Trump fires back at Rick Perry's parting shot: A triumphant Donald Trump said farewell to Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who dr...
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto exchanged pleasantries and gifts Tuesday at Lo...
Aug. 31, 2005. Texas Gov. Rick Perry opens the Houston Astrodome for Katrina evacuees.
DFW-Area Police Observe Moment of Silence: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has asked that officers on patrol around the…
Dr. James "Red" Duke Jr., the surgeon who treated then-Texas Gov. John Connally after the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy,
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Abbott Shields Records with Paxton's Blessing: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently added his voice to the Republican…
In response to last week's theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry called "gun free zones" …
Ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry misses cut for 1st GOP debate: Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has scored the top…
Ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry doesn't make the cut for the Fox Republican presidential debate - losing out to Ohio Gov. for No. 10.
It looks like Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, an Okaloosa County favorite, is going to be one of several odd men out at Thursday's GOP debate.
Fmr. Texas Gov./2016 GOP Pres. Candidate expected to make the Sunday rounds on &
Ten yrs as Texas Gov n Mr Perry could not secure border. He will now if elected Pres secure border.
2016 Presidential candidate and Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to speak July 2 at National Press Club
File under "market competition?" (Texas Gov's press secretary once worked in NH...)
Texas Gov: I asked State Guard to monitor to "calm" residents who distrust Obama
Texas Republicans shocked that the Texas Gov. uses taxpayer money to for Texas Guard to monitor Navy Seals? You voted for him!
Texas Gov is in need of Mental Health Care & Lithium:Orders National Guard to Watch Military for Texas takeover. You can't ma…
Texas Gov. Perry to appear April 16 in Nashua as guest speaker for Assn. of the United States Army awards dinner.
Texas gov, in London You sound smart In London on Tuesday, Texas Gov, Rick Perry called for more Weste,,,
In the words of that great orator, Texas Gov. Rick Perry..."oops." Thanks for pointing it out.
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Honored to accept Site Selection’s Governor’s Cup recognizing Texas as state for capital investment
First now says fmr gov may also have a private problem: http…
Obama has continued to show complete disregard for the Rule of Law by acting beyond his Constitutional authority.
am disappointed that you want to cede Texas' power to decide on Internet the federal gov't. Please 
.is holding Obama Administration accountable. Pres. Obama continues to show disregard for Rule of Law.
Office of the Governor - Governor Abbott Statement On Texas’ Motion For Discovery: via
What? You expected the administration to tell the truth?.
Also didn't know that Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry got a new job at Universal!
AG Paxton uncovers more Obama amnesty action; Texas in local gov't debt - how's that for "local control"?; Much Legislative news + @ 5pm
Jihadist doctors believe that all of our gov. is on their side, so long as Texas oil is still available to be in charge of the Opec ministry
Molecular and serological in-herd prevalence of Anaplasma marginale infection in Texas cattle. PubMed - NCBI
Scott expands letter-writing campaign to lure out-of-state jobs; target list resembles Texas Gov. Perry's …
well crap... now I can't sleep... Texas Gov > is Rocking Us out tonight !! Go Get 'em Sir !!
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tells that he supports state law allowing parents to opt out of vaccines:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared Feb. 2 to be “Chris Kyle Day” in the Lone Star State.
Ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry on his criminal case: 'I'll continue this fight': Former Texas Go...
CORONADO, Calif. (AP) — Conceding there was more "excitement than preparation" for his first presidential bid, Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday declared himself ready for a second White House run should he decide to enter the crowded 2...
Texas is going to grow big. Toyota already there. Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to woo Tesla in Sacramento
Q: Why does Texas continue w/ abstinence ed. when we have the 3rd highest teen pregnancy rate in the country?. Gov. Perry: Abstinence works!
So if states can ignore the federal gov cause "they were here first" then San Antonio can ignore the state gov?.
The extras from my interview with Governor Rick Perry as part of our Presidential Contenders series. Your thoughts?
LOCAL Fishing done right! Take a look at all the fishing areas around Houston here:
A grand jury has indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, saying he abused his power by trying to pressure a district attorney to resign. The two felony counts against Perry, a Republican, stem from his threat to veto funding for a statewide public integ ...
'I'm Ready' For White House Run. ... But did you ever remember the 3rd gov agency you're gonna ax?
(Stars and Stripes) Decommissioned USS Constellation arrives in Texas for scrap: The decommissioned ...
Texas Gov. Perry: 'I'm Ready' For White House Run \| He's just not smart enough. He would be a disaster!
Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted on two felony charges -
"A good library is like a good haircut. It's not what you cut; it's what you leave." --Anne Felix (CREW manual)
"If this rumor is true we must alert Gov. Abbott this will not fly with parents, grandparents and Tax Payers in...
In case you missed it, Gov. Perry's farewell address to Texas legislature:
Texas' Perry calls for 'new path forward' for nation in '16 AP-Texas Gov. Rick Perry is...
90.3% of students in the Class of 2015 have successfully completed all STAAR EOC exams required for graduation:
Ex-Gov Perry had more than one reason to cut funding to the Public Integrity Unit than Rosemary Lehmberg and the...
Patrick Pulled in Hefty Donations After Election via This man spells trouble for Texas!
Sen. Cruz: Focus NASA on Its Core Mission: Exploring Space, and More of It | Ted Cruz | U.S. Senator for Texas
BREAKING on Gov. Rick Perry's veto of Public Integrity Unit shut down major probe of no-bid contracts: …
Muslims in America are hearing backlash from Paris attack: Islamic community leaders in North Texas want extra...
.has paid off 2 big campaign loans --totaling $500K-- from a pair of powerful special interests:
The DPS mobile app provides an interactive link between DPS and Texans – download it now:
Texas Gov Rick Perry, intvu, lays out immig ideas and plays with puppy --the product of "frozen dog semen."
Texas Gov. Rick Perry on White House bid: 'Preparation's done. I'm ready':
MT A.J. Foyt told Abbott he'd stay in Texas til he was gone. Gov. Abbott replied "That means you’re going t…
In this photo taken Dec. 9, 2014, Texas Gov. Rick Perry answers questions during an interview at the historic Texas Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric *** The Texas Tribune's advance peek at Rick Perry's good-bye speech today says he's going to call traditional approaches to drug enforcement “flawed.” Quoting now: On Thursday, Perry also plans to reflect on at least one issue on which his views have evolved. [ 396 more words. ]
The federal government has a constitutional duty to secure America's porous southern border but if the Obama administration refuses to do so, Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he's prepared to do what it takes.
Anyone questioning the efficacy of nationalized medicine need look no further than the Veterans Administration to realize it doesn't work, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV.
NEWS: Is Rick Perry looking at the White House?: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is just weeks away from leaving off...
Rick Perry: Jobs Juggernaut Meets 'Governor Oops': Texas Gov. Rick Perry would like to run for president in 20...
CNN was the only Sunday show to dump interviews with Republicans Sen. Lindsey Graham and Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in order to cover the breaking news surrounding the disappearance of an AirAsia plane.
BREAKING Texas Gov, Rick Perry has been indicted for abuse of power
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is heading back to Iowa, the latest sign he might take another stab at a White House run.
Rick Perry: Jeb Bush 'probably the front-runner' right now: Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is openly preparing for...
2/2 yet portrays ignoramuses like Sen. Marco Rubio or Texas Gov. Rick Perry as serious candidates?"
Texas Gov. Rick Perry retools approach as he weighs presidential bid via
Texas's Perry Retools His Approach: After missteps in his 2012 presidential bid, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his...
Sitting down with MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt for an interview aired Thursday, outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry might have expected her to ask at any moment when he stopped beating his wife.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is trying to write his comeback story. Here's what I learned this week in Texas via…
Texas Gov. Rick Perry has something to prove.
Happy birthday to Dan Blocker, on stage with Edie and Texas Gov. John Connelly.
Texas orders state agencies to use E-Verify: Texas Gov. Rick Perry issued ordered all state agencies and their...
Rick Perry: If Washington won’t secure the border, Texas will: . Texas Gov. Rick Perry says that if politician...
Texas Gov. Perry ordered to be in court Halloween (The Arizona Republic): Share
WASHINGTON -- A group of conservative leaders is mounting a last-minute effort to stop Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) from executing inmate Scott Panetti, arguing that killing "one of the most seriously mentally ill prisoners on death row in the Unit...
Politico reported on Friday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has entered the fundraising primary in advance of the 2016 presidential election.
The President Defies the Voters Threatening an amnesty if the House won’t hurry up and pass immigration reform could boomerang. By Karl Rove Nov. 12, 2014 7:23 p.m. ET 81 COMMENTS The week since the midterms has been good for Republicans. The GOP gained a 53rd senator as Dan Sullivan was declared the winner in Alaska on Wednesday. The party seems on its way to a 54th seat in Louisiana. Republican candidates took 56% on Election Day. On Monday the two Republicans who won nearly 15% endorsed fellow Republican Bill Cassidy. He is the front-runner going into the Dec. 6 runoff. Final exit polls were also encouraging for the GOP. Texas Sen. John Cornyn won 48% of Hispanic voters, while Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott took 44%. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback each took 47% of Hispanics, while Florida Gov. Rick Scott won 38%. Nationally, the GOP won 36% of Hispanic voters, up from Mitt Romney ’s 27% share in 2012. Republicans carried the Asian vote 50%-49%, better than the 40%-58% split in ...
Texas Gov. Rick Perry: I stand behind my authority
Gov Ricks Scott campaigns today with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Clearwater, Plant City, Lakeland and Orlando.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry stumps for Thom Tillis at Smithfield GOP rally
FOX News clearly avoids Rick Perry Ebola blame. If Obama were Texas Gov and not POTUS, you would be all over him. Despicable.
Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean didn't mince any words when asked about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's continued insistence that we need a travel ban on flights from West Africa to stop Ebola from spreading to the United States.
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