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Test Match Special

Test Match Special (also known as TMS) is a British radio programme covering professional cricket, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (long wave), Five Live Sports Extra (digital) and the internet to the United Kingdom and (where broadcasting rights permit) the rest of the world.

Henry Blofeld Jonathan Agnew Sri Lanka Graeme Swann Geoffrey Boycott Phillip Hughes Alastair Cook West Indies Geoff Boycott Simon Hughes

Excellent podcast for cricket fans on eve of ashes. :
Completely forgot I had the Test Match Special theme song on my Spotify and it's just come on shuffle after Frank O…
Mayb's I've been watching too many ITV F1 compilations? or I've still got Murray Walker ringing in my ears? but Qu…
he is, there's nothing technically 'wrong' as such. I feel that th…
Just seen The Two Ronnies sketch where they are doing Test Match Special from a restaurant. RC is John Arlott and R…
Get your ticket before it’s too late! The Sturt DCC Adelaide Test Match dinner Friday 1st Nov with special guest…
not bad to be likened to Dan Vettori on test match special is it!!
From now on the bbc will be used only for football and test match special... communist nonsense
Special night for those given their debuts, a competitive match, was well played & a good test. Some players have a…
I used to work at Durrington n go past his old mams house whe…
I should add him indoors and myself have been thoroughly enjoying the abc co…
What's really, really British is the interruption of Test Match Special for the Shipping Forecast!
Mumbai cricket was fortunate to have a technically correct batsman like you. Once Test Match Speci…
If you can, tune into test match special on BBC Radio it’s a thing of beauty 💗🏏
Dinner with Dacre and May. I’d try and talk about cricket but she’s guff on about Boycott unconvincingly a la Test…
If you double the length of a T20 match is that better because you like Test cricket? No, it would ju…
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So the nice Prime Minister of Barbuda who used Test Match Special to promote tourism, now that the population have…
Listening to Test Match Special (Pomnishambles: The Inside Story of the 2013-14 Ashes Whitewash) Brilliant podcast.
Like Test Match Special! "Lovely ball into the box from Money, shot from Estay saved by Drake. A pair o…
AGGERS (Jonathan Agnew) too? . Think because promoted rival commentary posting to 'Test Match Special' on here years…
Sir Wes Hall on how he became the best Fish and Chip eater in Lancashire.
This is a special one in many terms,and also in Rajkot playing against NZ just like last year's test match against NZ in Rajkot
Donald Trump in Test Match Special producers after revealing who she's married to a lizard is hilarious!
and listen to the coverage on ABC grandstand/BBC test match special
Yeah it’s pretty special. Hoping to be back for the test match
At my uncle's most English of funerals, the service ends with the theme from 'Test Match Special", to much laughter
Great effort yesterday to save the test match special mention to & of course Regis
Test match saved! Happy with the draw. Great batting Regis,and . Special mention to . What a player!
Henry Blofeld: The mortifying moment I knew I had to quit Test Match Special
Blowers best bits: Henry Blofeld to retire from Test Match Special
Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special's Dear Old Thing, announces retirement after 45 years on the airwaves.
Henry Blofeld retires from Test Match Special to concentrate on being James Bond supervillain .
Cricket commentating legend Henry Blofeld confirms he will retire from BBC Radio 4’s Test Match Special after nearly 50 years of co…
Last of the old farts? Simply not true There's still Simon Heffer But listening to you far more pleasant
Hoping to replace Blowers on Test Match Special, eh? Nice opening gambit, sir.
Henry Blofeld to retire from Test Match Special in September after 45 years behind the…
Henry Blofeld says it was a "very difficult" decision to retire from BBC Radio's Test Match Special after 45 yea...
After 45 years in the commentary box, Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld decides to call it a day…
Henry Blofeld will retire from BBC Radio 4's Test Match Special programme after 45 years in the commentary box.
Hero!. Henry Blofeld: "Difficult and sad" decision to leave Test Match Special
England v S. Africa Test Match comes to in July! See here for offers on accommodation, dining & more! > https:…
Very sad to hear of Henry Blofeld's retirement from Test Match Special. Now, do the right thing, BBC. Give the Panama t…
Henry Blofeld: Test Match Special commentator calls time on career
A special moment as presents the jerseys to the match 23 in front of entire Lions squad ahead of the fir…
Test Match Special - West Indies v England - 1st ODI - Sir Curtly Ambrose is a real joy to listen to
Test Match Special, MCC – Mike Brearley and Matthew Fleming talk over changes to the game
I'm listening to Test Match Special : India v England - Day 2 on BBC R5 live sports extra, with the Radioplayer mobile app
And that's why, a test match victory against Sri Lanka at their home is a special achievement. Salute to Herath and Mendis..🙏
I used to like a bit of cricket, but living in Argentina and having Test Match Special geoblocked killed it for me
We sit proudly & firmly at NUMBER 1 in the sport charts! Beating Five Live's Test Match Special!
Who's commentating on Pakistan v Worcestershire? Really great coverage - wish Test Match special had commentary this precise!
After Test Match Special: One of the last of the OB men
Special moment at the 1st Test match in Antigua. Debutant Roston Chase received his Test cap from Sir Viv Richards
John Holder never fails to entertain. Check out this cool episode:
If you were ever to test me, save that, for today is not an auspicious day for your test match special.
150 For Mendis, this inning will be more special if Sri Lanka wins this test match.
Very special occasion as will be playing in his 100th test match tomorrow.So proud of him.
The Test Match Special Quiz Book Test Match Special Has Been the Last Word in World Cricket for Over 50 Years, and
Listening to Test Match Special while sitting in the sunshine. Especially if England are winning.
Watch the best bits from Test Match Special's coverage of the second day of the first Test between England and Pakistan at Lord's, where
2night Pakistan came 2our house,I prepared cottage pie & the test match special was enjoyed 2gether
Favorited "England hammer Pakistan in the second Test" by Test Match Special
The best thing about this Test match for a Pakistani perspective has been watching 's special on Imran Khan
Was enjoying Test Match Special until Boycott came on the radio, arrogant arrogant man. Ruins it for me
BBC - Radio 5 live sports extra Test Match Special - England... 140/4!! England can close this today?
Listen live to on Test Match Special here: He's doing really well. Good job Saj !
live now on BBC Radio 5 live test match special. "Welcome back to the UK, Saj" 😂😂😂 (long trip from home ???)
My quiet time and Test Match Special listening keeps being interrupted by, "YOU SMELL LIKE DONKEY".
I didnt like to watch Geoffrey Boycott batting, now I have had to turn off Test Match Special cos cant stand his commentry
The deep, deep joy of Vic Marks giggling on Test Match Special. Ts!
Second listening of a truly wonderful interview with Peter Lever, one of cricket's greats.
"They were 391 runs ahead - 391 runs! Win the game today - why delay it?" he said on BBC Test Match Special.
Test Match Special, Jonathan Agnew is joined by Peter Lever - a really good listen for cricket fans of a certain age
After listening to Boycott talking about football on Test Match Special today, I can't help wondering if he should be new England manager.
Just favorited "Jonathan Agnew is joined by Peter Lever" by Test Match Special on Mixcloud
Just loved "TMS: Jonathan Agnew is joined by Simon Hughes" by Test Match Special on
you don't live in a house with wall to wall Test Match Special though. The shingles are fine.
Have to say that has been a one man Test Match Special over the last few weeks. Top commentary, top chat.
yes, cricket. My mother lives in a house where Test Match Special is a permanent thing, she has no excuse 😉
There was me thinking Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld sounded like a Bond villain - turns out his father went to Eton with Ian Fleming.
listening to Peter Lever on test match special.
listen Special transmission on 2nd test match between &
listening on radio: Test Match Special cannot make sense it it given weather (when bowlers rest anyway). Cooke poor captain
Aggers plugs Manchester Jazz Fest twice on Test Match Special! Well done Aggers but sounds like Boycott no jazz fan?
the next series of Lead Ballon just writes itself. 'Cut to Jack Dee, lying on the sofa, listening to Test Match Special...'
Good luck to on his first test match enjoy the special moment next best thing to playing there proud of you son
I had to google test match special, but that sounds like the best way to do sports.
I realised recently that the time I'm most happy is when I'm listening to Test Match Special.
I sat down to watch a game and ended up with Test Match Special
confession time I always liked JM ..the calm after the storm .good on test match special .got that offa ma chest!"!"!
Johnners and Gover - more Test Match Special than PM and Deputy. Quaint but forward looking it ain't.
you were too busy listening to the "Best of Test Match Special" on your Dre beats to notice.
Working on a very special podcast for the upcoming test match next weekend. I spoke with Cudmore, Olmstead & Brock Staller
A Bentley is for going gently. Soaking up the atmosphere, listening to Test Match Special…
This interview with England cricketer may interest you as mental health advocate
- only just learned you are a Claret. I think the giveaway might have been Test Match Special last Saturday -
Just loved "England seal series win over Sri Lanka" by Test Match Special on
Just loved "Alastair Cook scores 10,000 Test Runs" by Test Match Special on
Test match special on for the academy players arriving 🏏🏏
Ajinkya Rahane: Special getting 2 hundreds in a Test match. Karate helps me concentrate & focus more.
Ajinkya Rahane gets special award for becoming 5th Indian to score 2 centuries in a single Test match.
Just loved "T20 Blast: Birmingham Bears win at Trent Bridge" by Test Match Special on
"Right now I think have the best chance of winning from here" - former captain Ramiz Raza on Test Match Special
Sheffield Centenary Cake sent to Test Match Special 1991 recalled on BBC4Extra yesterday 28mins in
Never convinced of being a genuine leg spinner, but always believe him to be a special bowler and genuine test match winner.
John Bly & I are doing an Antiques Road Show/Test Match Special show at Rex Cinema, Birkhampsted for local hospice on Sunday 11 Oct.Do come!
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wonderful programme about Test Match Special. Forgot about the toast cooking whilst listening intently...
Must have been special Johno. First time a test match has been played at the venue.
.As it's his birthday, will he be bringing cake? We like cake What is this, Test Match Special?
On the photo trail for the fundraising book again later with Blowers from BBC Test Match Special down my mum's road! :)
I remember that too - how ironic if blown valve starts WW3 while Test Match Special is still in full swing ;)
Bastions of Test Match Special & are back with more wonderful anecdotes:4 Nov at Cutty Sark
it has five live sports extra for Test Match Special. That's all I care about in a car.
27 Sep 15: The Archers is replaced with Test Match Special and Rob accidentally deletes Helen's video footage of his cheating
Does Corbyn pass the Cricket Test for British values? Would he be invited to a Test Match Special lunchtime interview? No. Fail.
Looking forward to 7-time Russian chess champ on Test Match Special.
It is always special to have you in India! All excited for your 100th test match at Bengaluru!
Hey look at us and cake again. We're the Test Match Special of football
The way my 👀 test saw it, our 2nd half adjustments didn't match theirs. Special teams was our best group today.
Wales have no chance as Gareth Bale isn't starting in the eggball test match special.
Now available as the last half hour of this podcast! Great interview of by
you need to get a test slot on Test Match Special, they are always getting cakes sent in.
Yes, I enjoy test match special when it's raining - you learn a lot about cricket in a chatty way!
I'm sure Test Match Special pays for some of Sky's comms team, so that people will say: "I've had enough of this, let's put the radio on."
Aggers on Test Match Special fretting about storylines. Finn & Anderson have put paid to Charlie/Adam/Ian Edgbaston shenenigans
Highlight of life so far - forget Political and Detective career - mentioned by Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special
Ed Balls came over very well on Test Match Special. Needs to work on his wicket-keeping, tho. Stands too far back.
No Tom (gone). No Peakes (court). Not even Test Match Special to keep me company
they better, so then I can listen to test match special
One of the many annoying things about the otherwise excellent commentary on BBC Test Match Special on the...
you aware of any discussion around about the lack of Test Match Special on our radio airwaves?
All I can find is that "Radio 4 long wave figures jump up by 300,000 when Test Match Special is on"
Be interesting to see the BBC Test Match Special figures.
Arrived back in the dystopian futurescape that is London. Have done little but beach and Test Match Special since Wednesday. What'd I miss?
Test Match Special.commentary at its very best!!
and golf is gonna go the same way, thank god for Test Match Special!!
i watch on Sky with sound down and listen to Test match special. The best way to enjoy the ashes live.
Pity the Aussies crumbled yesterday. Was hoping to have a bit of test match special on today
If you like Test Match Special, you'll like Pint Sized Ashes:
For all you Aussies who can't listen to BBC's fabulous Test Match Special, this is a wonderful wrap up!
I really, really wish Test Match Special would put Henry Blofeld out to grass. He permanently sounds like he's just wok…
Chelsea lose is not actually for me to the Test Match Special is the only thing guaranteed is that you hav Off to BirthdayWeekend Prosecco
Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew commentates as England secure the first Ashes test against Australia in Cardiff.
It is remarkable how quickly Graeme Swann has become central to Test Match Special
A rare child-free Saturday; Test Match Special with glass of wine? Nope, climb the Cat & Fiddle in the wind and rain
The Duckworth Lewis Method - Test Match Special via If there's a day for this then this is it...
Afternoon spent gardening listening to England closing in on victory on test match special.
Test Match Special. Boycott has a better bowling average than Aggers.
Fantastic stuff from winning the first test in such style. Listening to it on Test Match Special wasn't quite so fantastic mind.
You were mentioned on the test match special on radio 4. They were hoping to spot you from the Swalec stadium.
Congrats England. Winning a test match after getting whitewashed must be a special thing.
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Is it weird that I'd rather listen to the cricket on Test Match Special than watch it on TV?
Worn the kids out, now time for a cold beer in the garden and test match special
Sounds like Swanny's had a few on Test Match Special
I have rushed across |Glasgow to get to the youth hostel and listen to BBC Test Match Special. Singing the Barmy...
Nothing like laying out in the sun on top of a narrow boat on the Thames and listening to Test Match Special. I feel so British!
Only racing this good could tear me away from Test Match Special. Thank goodness for the BBC iPlayer.
Any scores today? Waiting at hospital listening to test match special and they've not mentioned HCC once yet 😜
people would listen into the BBC Test Match Special even when rain stopped play, simply to listen to the commentators chatter
Test Match Special and a mug of tea. Lovely.
Local campsite, Test Match Special on radio, glass of wine, sunshine.
I may be having to work but my mood is being lifted by following Test Match Special. They never fail. What did...
This is the sound of summer: Aussies being hammered on Test Match Special
Paddling pool out, Test Match Special on the radio, Aussies struggling. Perfect English afternoon.
In which my former employer makes me very happy: Test Match Special available live in the U.S.! Thanks
That'll be a poor second. I'm listening to one of my heroes on Test Match Special at the moment in .
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Sitting on the deck, basking in sunshine listening to Test Match Special as England rip the Aussies apart, absolutely glorious
Test Match Special has reached the point where they're just singing parts of their favourite songs to each other. I love summer.
Due to "rights restriction" I can't listen to Test Match Special on BBC iPlayer in Italy. . What "rights restrictions" & why,
Switching between the test match special and final. Good times!
Test Match Special now undertaking an interview with an Aussie ballet dancer, talking about Swan Lake. Brilliant radio.
It resets each day - so go to youtube and search for test match special cardiff day 4 - listening atm.
you just had a mention on test match special. Jonathan Agnew wants you to fly over.
I've made it far enough to switch on Test Match Special. Aware I should be in the sun while it lasts. [Slumps]
Driving round Pontypool. Windows down. Speakers blaring out Radio 4 LW shipping forecast and Test match special.
Test Match Special on iPlayer radio mate. Best coverage there is.
. you should probably be aware that just said 'tripe' on Test Match Special
There's only one thing for it:. Test. Match. Special. .
Test Match Special on the radio. Sun's out. Cup of tea. Heaven. Wicket too!!!
Building the boys furniture listening to Test Match Special - dad in training.
close your eyes and think of Vaughn Williams and Test Match Special, it'll be fine!
Why is it called a Test Match Special when it's always on, especially on five live sports extra, what's so special about it? 😥
Just loved "TMS: Eight wickets needed for England win; 16 Apr 15" by Test Match Special on
Test Match Special pundits size up the eight teams competing for World Cup glory in Melbourne on 29 March.
Rolling Stones just described as 'disco music' by Geoff Boycott on Test Match Special...
Graeme Swann is every bit as bad on Test Match Special as I expected. Smug and self indulgent with added banter. Shame the bbc chose him
James Taylor may be short, but he caused big problems for Sri Lanka says BBC Test Match Special's analyst Simon Hughes.
The thoughts of all of us at Test Match Special are with the family and friends of Phillip Hughes today
As the rain falls in Hambantota we are reflecting on the funeral of Phillip Hughes on Test Match Special
The thoughts of everyone at Test Match Special goes to the family and friends of Phillip Hughes. Devastating news.
Behind the scenes of Test Match Special: Following a triumphant season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and a...
I know insists that Test Match Special on t’radio with Geoffrey Boycott is a sacred thing, that is also baffling
All the best reaction and analysis in the Test Match Special podcast
Phil Neville praises Sir Alex Ferguson and recalls cricket career on Test Match Special at England vs India...
Boycott remarked on BBC Test Match Special that it's a contest between two AVERAGE teams.
why is Test Match Special from last Thursday not available on five live extra?
Have Channel 5 not put a bid in for this already - to double up with Cricket's Test Match Special??
Might be like Test Match Special where they do a simulcast?
Going to the on the 7th-11th of August? Order one of our test match special picnics! Order, collect and hop on the tram!
not sure me driving around with the roof down listening to Test Match Special really loudly is the one either
Will the 5th day of the England/India test match special be placed on the radio iplayer anytime soon? Thanks.
Anderson and Jadeja found not guilty - means I can listen to Test Match Special again without wincing.
The Test Match Special commentary team for 4th Test will include Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-Moon and Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Blofeld & Baxter at the PLAYHOUSE in October. Out for a duck if you miss it!
BBC Test Match Special covers Wisden Almanack's cricketeers   . As the 100th anniversary of the...
Next weeks radio: from Holding Hands to Test Match Special
Absolutely. MT Humorous insightful and spot on observations from
Humorous insightful and spot on observations from one brilliant commentator about some others
Sports and Match Special have brought us into a of We have entered a…
Nice piece in praise of TMS and Sky commentary
Dhoni dismisses idea charge against Anderson motivated by removing him from Test match. Says players can't touch each ot…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sky Sports and Test Match Special have brought us into a golden age of cricket commentary, says
As always you speak before facts are known , why do test match special have you again ?
A test match at Lord's is always special..!! Its never easy 2 win against England!! Can Indian bowlers take 20 wickets??
Test Match Special a good example of TMS
Back by popular demand, even more untold stories from behind the scenes at TMS will be revealed in ...
(2/2) the revolution will not televised, so listen to Test Match Special
Fantastic listening to the man on Test Match Special. One of the best cricket brains, mouths & faces around.…
The test match in Galle will be ever more special now. F everything, I'm coming to see you play at the Dust bowl
Ex-England spinner Graeme Swann is to join the BBC Test Match Special team for Englands one-day tour of the West Indies.
BBC test match special just mentioned it was MND awareness day! Excellent stuff, the message is getting out there.
This week we spoke with BBC Test Match Special about how memories of sport can help people living with
A day of unpicking what need to do with complex dependency & listening to test match special. Mentally stretching and relaxing all at once.
Here is man of the match on Test Match Special after the game
I'm listening to test match special podcasts.
Lawrenson thinks he's on test match special. Watch the game ***
Stop chatting about the sunset lads, it's not Test Match Special.
The Test Match Special champagne moment was Alastair Cook taking his first test wicket!
Have tweaked alarm so I now wake up to test match special. Sir G on good form; a robust start to the day.
sunbathing in the garden...listening to test match special on the wireless with a thermos of chilled rose'.can't be bad...B|..downside is I got a bit 'crozzed'...
Boycott telling it like it is on test match special as England crumble against Sri Lanka
Graham swann on test match special? he should be up for treason for his cowardly ashes capitulation that prompted his "retirement"
It seems my cat enjoys sitting in the garden listening to Test Match Special as much as me.
Yes! Test Match Special is back on in Australia! Hmm, sleep before Melbourne or insight from Graeme Swann? Decisions...
cheers - must listen more, or on those days Test Match Special isn't on
Giving thanks right now for Test Match Special, giving me respite from everyone else talking about the BLOODY TENNIS...
Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special "When you are in control of a match you have to keep your foot on the throat. Spirits are low, shoulders are down and it's Sri Lanka who have got England by the throat." Well said GB
Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special "England are frightened of Mathews and the way he's batting. They're petrified of this lead getting any bigger and they haven't got a clue what to do." Marvelous Mathews.. carry on boy...
Sat in traffic. The bloke in front dance music pumping on full volume. Me, test match special on full blast.
Red hot sitting in back garden enjoying a hob goblin and test match special on the radio
Writing Year 8 reports and listening to Test Match Special on a free lesson. Sri Lanka fully in control of this game now 345/7. 237 ahead.
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"I'm a metal dragon ... I had my house feng sui'd by a Chinese master" - Boycott on Test Match Special
One of the Sri Lankan commentators on Test Match Special is called Roshan. This makes me super happy.
Makes Sid Barnes getting out for 234 to match Bradman look bush league. MT Mahela and Sanga now both on 11,…
The Test Match Special team in the middle at Headingley
IT'S KICKING OFF. Everybody, to the NRA Bunker. I've got Battenburgs, Test Match Special and a crate of Black Sheep.
Gorgeous sunny day.gonna chill in the garden and listen to Test Match Special.
bbc test match special are obsessed with Moeen’s doosra
Spent Sunday stripping woodchip wallpaper and listening to Test Match Special - both oddly relaxing. Today going...
THOUGHTS ABOUT THE POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER NATURE OF THE WORLD SINCE 1945 The thing about that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder era was that, in a school of hard knocks, you can end up realising that you have gone 'too far'., and progress can be made if you realise it and apologise and adapt.. .I was thrown back yesterday by the Test Match Special lunch-time feature on the summer of the "Blackwash"...and the pleasure expressed by one South London West Indian supporter at the way that Michael Holding and Co took fast bowling to a new level.. .As he said in the Caribbean people were bowling like that and putting people in hospital, but others took up the challenge to be as hostile back and thrash the fast the ball to the boundary...all in the spirit of Cricket.But I recalled a Staff Room chat with Wyn Austin, who seemed to have cricketing connections and was a Member at Lords, when England were in the Caribbean on tour..In the build up to the tests Mike Gatting was, he said, doing "too well"..And he ad ...
as ever with Test Match Special it's basically a very English and polite way of saying oh bugger...
The Test Match Special podcast is available including an interview with Moeen Ali -
Sun is shining, Test Match Special on the iPad, BBQ lit and beer in hand. Happy days :)
Test Match Special everyday all weekend. It now plays in my dreams.
About to start on Long Wave is Test Match Special: Test Match Special. England v Sri Lanka. The Seco...
Sangakkara has been absolutely mesmerising this tour. I love listening to Test Matches on the real TMS - Test Match Special.
Sitting in the sun, listening to Test Match Special while drinking beer :-)
Summer in garden. Test match special. Sublime.
Sat in the sun, listening to Test Match Special...lush!
What a PLEASANT surprise to suddenly discover that the BBC are now allowing overseas listeners to enjoy Test Match Special again! They must have listened to all of us Crickophiles and ex-pats whining about it for the last few years. Good thing I don't live in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan or Bangladesh - they're still barred, though perhaps that's just for this test series versus Sri Lanka...
Chilling out in the garden with Amanda Gregson. Listening to the cricket on Test Match Special. Sunday is all about relaxing with Mrs G.
You can't get Test Match Special in Australia. I am on the first flight home.
For any cricket fans who've never listened to BBC Test Match Special... here's a wonderful opportunity
I like dipping into Test Match Special, but Geoffrey Boycott is getting on my wick.
Really enjoying the test match commentary from Test Match Special until that whingeing, wife-beating Tyke gas bag Boycott comes on and had to switch it off.
From the Interweb: It’s normal to watch cricket on TV with the sound off and listen to BBC radio’s Test Match Special (TMS) at the same time. On TMS, they talk cricket, but also life and cake!
"I think that's why people love Test Cricket" - Alastair Cook on Test Match Special
Hard to beat listening to Geoff Boycott on Test Match Special while working hard from home
Here is the Test Match Special rota for the day
Last time I visited Bamburgh Castle, was listening to Test Match Special & Alec Stewart was playing one of his first Tests
Test Match Special on the air from 145pm tomorrow with ball by ball commentary on the deciding ODI plus the King of Spain is popping in!
I keep wanting to say but it reminds me of Test Match Special. In related news, I, much like enjoy cricket a lot.
Excitement is an invite to appear on Test Match Special with a legend to talk sporting memories, cricket & dementia
Adam and Alex who won a prize to visit the Test Match Special box meet
Went for a little bike ride, currently walking around Borough Market with with Test Match Special playing in the ears
Sunshine, garden, bottle of beer and Test Match Special on the radio. Marvellous
mind you, I've got Test Match Special on at the moment ;-)
BBC Sport shared the following link and had this to say about it: As preparations build for the ICC Cricket World Cup can England Cricket defeat Sri Lanka Cricket today and climb the ICC - International Cricket Council rankings? Follow live at and on live commentary from BBC Test Match Special.
If you want to see more Test Match Special behind the scenes photos and a video of our walk to the ground try -
They are discussing strap ons on Test Match Special.
What do you call Test Match Special when it’s a One Day International?
England win toss and bowl. Test Match Special on air 1015 , LW and
Test Match Special is now also on Instagram! You can check out behind the scenes photos by following bbc_tms.
Thoroughly enjoyable chat with this morning. Looking forward to Memories of Test Match Special at on June 26!
Book now to see legendary TMS duo at Folkington Manor, June 7th
Nick Mullins, seemingly thinking he;'s on Test Match Special. Morning all. ITV going with Cibulkova/Stosur. Crowd of about nine.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Howzat!? Tales of Test Match Special come to Folkestone: Blofeld and Baxter to bring Test Match Special ...
Not as bad idea at all. But do it in the style of Test Match Special, c.1955., i.e. reserved and snobbish.
Mine sometimes listens to 'Test Match Special'... I don't mind that, it's just blokes chatting. :} ML
On this day in 2000. Pak lost a controversial Test match in Antigua by 1 wkt despite Wasim Akram's 11 wkts htt…
Remember Test Match Special? Want to relive the highlights? Come to the Maltings on 10 June to see Blofeld & Baxter
Is it true that Lucien F. paints to old recordings of Test Match Special? V clever to source these as I can't find them anywhere
Blofeld and Baxter will visiting with memories of test match special this sat
Quotes on the Test Match Special commentary box
Cricket bats, shots, stumps. Test Match Special? No, just watching the Oscar Pistorius trial!
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