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I am a die hard Tesla fan and am looking forward to my model 3. Please consider SiriusXM as an option. Thanks. Keep the vision!
Will Model 3 reservation holders receive an update on approximate delivery date? I ordered in March 2016. Thanks!
I was sold a Tesla Model S that had been in accident and not being helped much now, its only been two weeks since my purchase
it pisses me off that hasn’t given me a Tesla Model S despite my many requests.
We tried Tesla's Autopilot feature in the Model X — here's what happened
Porsche's gorgeous electric sports car looks to knock off Tesla's Model S in 2019 via
More competition for $TSLA and so much of what I see is better looking w better tech. Is Tesla the new Edsel? (Or w…
The $80,000 luxury EV is expected to rival Tesla’s Model S.
Porsche’s Mission E almost stacks up against Tesla’s Model S in price, range and performance -
Tesla Model 3’s unique HVAC system explained in new patent
"If the Model 3 receives great reviews from in-depth tests this fall, one can expect the stock to react positively"
Tesla Model 3! There's a waiting list, but it should be worth it. 😀
I added a video to a playlist Tesla Model S Aftermarket Audio Upgrade
Hey how long till you pull the trigger on a ? 😎
Tesla Model 3s are out on the roads. Where will you charge yours?
Los Gatos is filthy with Tesla model S's. How about a Tesla SC here? 👍   10% Off
Can Tesla come up with a cheap version of model X too?
Tesla Model S autonomously crashes into a parked trailer while in Summon mode via
Tesla Model 3 actually has 334 miles of range according to EPA data
Tesla lowers Model X base price due to improved margins  Tesla has .
Porsche’s all-electric Tesla rival could cost less than $100,000
Porsche's upcoming Mission E is the first I've seen that actually compares well to Tesla Model S: https:…
Tesla Model 3 Long Range actually has 334 miles of driving range according to EPA data -
"This is where the second era of the car commences." - Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review - Motor Trend
Everything you need to know about which is starting production today
Tesla is about to deliver the Model 3, its most inexpensive vehicle and most valuable asset |
The first batch of Tesla Model 3s are ready.
Tesla confirms its mass-market Model 3 sedan will enter production in July
Tesla Model 3 production line sighted as “SN1” build set to begin -
Ouuu my neighbor got that new Tesla model X . Jelly.
Just looking for an excuse to spank Elon. Tesla's stock selloff messes up Elon Musk's big week via
.is setting even more deadlines for ahead of the Model 3 rollout.
You know I dont care if it takes Elon 12months to reach output goals. THIS IS THE FUTURE NOW.
an entrepreneur with vision and talent can make it possible , same case of electrical car l, now with Tesla Model 3 it's afdble
Tesla Model 3 rollout eclipsed by stock tumult. . Apply:
Tesla Model 3: Everything we know about the 'electric car of the people'
Tesla shares rev up as Model 3 deliveries to start in July
Tesla's very first Model 3 could roll off the line today - here's what you need to know -
Is this a picture of the 'Alien Dreadnought' ? These pictures showed up on Instagram shortly after the VIP tour…
Tesla loses $12 billion in market value as Model 3 leaves assembly line via
Exactly how specific were you? I might have a solution that keeps you hon…
to talk Tesla earnings, Model X and Model 3: Live blog...
Tesla confirms mass-market Model 3 could cost as little as $25000 in US
Everything you need to know about Tesla Model 3, which is starting production today
Also, Teslas are tempting but expensive. I think leasing one for a few years then buying a cheaper Tesla…
Tesla releases first Model Y teaser image
Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) upcoming Model 3 car will only get two choices in configuration
loves shadows. Wonder if the will stay mirrorless.
Tesla releases teaser for new Model Y : Comments:
Elon Musk shares sneak peek of the newly announced Tesla Model Y
Tesla chief Elon Musk teases new details on the Model Y and Model 3
I'd buy Tesla Model 3 if I could afford it
Tesla teased an early look at the Model Y and revealed more details about its plans for the SUV htt…
Initial Tesla Model 3 Design Studio will roll out with only choice of color and wheel size - https:/…
Tesla plans new plant for Model Y crossover, Musk says
Tesla model sound like Pokémon they have the model X now they coming out with Y next year they unveiling Z
Tesla adds lots of Certified Pre-Owned Model S vehicles for less than $40,000 with new warranty ht…
on track to deliver first production Model 3 next month: via
.says plans to build new factory for Model Y crossover. .
Tesla releases teaser for new Model Y
Trending on The Verge: 7 things we learned from Elon Musk’s Tesla shareholder meeting
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The supply chain is not even close to being ready for this coming Tide of Electric Cars and https:…
AGM Video - All cars will be electric and much sooner than a lot of people think. Plus $LIT https:/…
Info from: Roskill's market report has forecasts out to 2026. One more angle on the market to digest https:…
Risks remain, as no new technology, whether mineral- or brine- based, has yet achieved large scale. https:…
Investment being led by major existing lithium producers such as $SQM and
15 of the coolest customized Teslas we've seen.
18-24 months was the timescale for the reveal of the Tesla pickup.
Tesla gives first look at Model Y small electric SUV. I tried to get most out of the image. . (original via
Model 3 caught getting a midnight snack as it crossed Illinois:
The Tesla Model 3 will launch with just two options
has given us a glimpse of its new compact SUV -
Tesla Model 3 electric sedan will launch with limited options, but will still have an 18 month lead time
The only reason why the Model 3 is not the Model E is because Model E beat them to the punch.…
Design a new all-wheel drive Model S 70D for yourself:
Tesla just unveiled a very faint picture of what their next car, the Model Y, will be like 👀
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The Model Y SUV has been teased at the brand’s annual shareholder meeting, and it could arrive in 2018:
Tesla Model Y teaser has no sideview mirrors and new platform ditching 12V battery architecture?!?!
Tesla teases new Model Y car as cheaper Model 3 nears production
Here’s your first real look at the Tesla Model Y:
Send your artwork to You need a Model S or Model X though.
Tesla owners drop serious cash on their cars only to wait months to get them repaired
Tesla Model 3 battery options to top out at 75 kWh with likely 300+ mi. range
.Model 3 Mania: 1 year and hundreds of thousands of reservations later. My latest on
Tesla Model 3 won't get conventional instrument cluster
Want to win a stay at this Hudson Woods house? You'll get a Tesla Model S car for the weekend as well!…
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y update: Reservation-holders of EV sedan may ask for more; Affordable SUV teased…
Another life saved by a Tesla and its driver.
First time I've seen a Tesla Model X. Looking fine in Egham Hythe
caught fire in Manchester, says cause is due to a crash 2 months before the fire.…
With the ramp up of the Model 3, there are high hopes for Tesla’s production. Read more:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I wonder what you would say if someone drove a Tesla Model S/X? Doesn't matter the driving range or extra's on it.
Back in the news!. Find out what Models will no longer be producing!.
Tesla Model 3 won't get conventional instrument cluster:
I have driven the Model S and honestly if you ever get into it Maria you will never want to get…
What Model 3 feature are you most looking forward to?
Silicon Valley license plate of the day, on a Tesla Model X: "EDSN LOL"
Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's Model 3 on this day last year. Tesla Market Valuation:. March 31, 2016: $30 billion. March 31,…
People are expecting too much from the Tesla Model 3 (TSLA)...
Tesla aims for the Model 3 to be the first mass-market autonomous car
Exclusive: Model 3 test drive fleet expected to arrive in stores in Q3
good. make it so! $TSLA. aims for the to be the first mass-market autonomous car .
Skoda’s about to take on the Tesla Model X with this, the Vision E concept:
Autopilot 2.0 is artificial intelligence and Tesla HUD! | Model 3 Owners Club
Enter to win a Tesla Model S by from
I'd like to buy a new car, will the buy me that expensive Tesla model X I've had my eye on "to go green"? Thought not.
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Bare want a tesla model s but don't have a spare 60-100 grand 🤔
Model S now world's quickest production car; 0-60 mph in 2.5 sec & first to go 300+ miles
I liked a video Here's Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car
Tesla Model S 60D is the least expensive Tesla you can buy video - Roadshow
Tesla Model S 60 (2014) This car is being sold to the highest bidder without a
Tesla Model 3 now in stock for immediate delivery.
Compare this to the simplicity of Model X.Bentayga: secrets of its design and engineering uncovered
Tesla owners who leave cars at Superchargers after charging will pay $0.40/minute
So this hugely elaborate auto-door mechanism on a Tesla Model X seems like a recipe for winter fun. Who's gonna loan me one so I can try? :P
The doors on a Tesla Model X are probably going to be SUCH A HUGE PAIN in winter when they inevitably freeze
USA Bloggers Top story: Tesla owners who leave cars at Superchargers after char… see more
Thank you -- superchargers are not free parking spots people!
just watched your Tesla Model X video. I was pretty angry at the beginning, but then I watched more!
I liked a video from Tesla Model X: Meet My New Car!
Model S owner transforms home garage into a Tesla gallery showroom
A Tesla Model S P850 in red with the dark rims
Ever wondered what it's like to own and drive the amazing Model S? Well, here's a preview...
Out with the old, in with the new. 📸: ・・・. 22 inch staggered Giovanna kilis for Tesla Model X...
.pushed Model S P100D to its limits. Their verdict: 🚀
All new Tesla cars now have hardware for ‘full self-driving capabilities’
All Tesla cars built from today on have all hardware needed for full self-driving:  Elon Musk revealed the Model 3 in March, revealin...
Tesla’s upcoming announcement is Part 2 of the Model 3 reveal | TechCrunch
Every Tesla car, including the $35,000 Model 3, will now include Autopilot
The Electric Renaissance: All Teslas — including the Model 3 — will now have the HW for full autonomous driving:
Tesla just revealed new cars and Model 3 will have fully self-driving hardware
I'm going to be on that new wave when the Model 3 comes out!.
Want one? Make your way to the back of the line...
Elon Musk says Tesla will announce ‘Model 3 part 2’ at 8PM ET
The more I read about the more I want a Tesla. Anyone tryna buy this G-Wagon off me? I need a Model S P100D.
I liked a video from Tesla Model S P100D Impressions!
All Teslas in production now have Full Self-Driving hardware, this will include Model 3
USA TODAYPrediction: Apple will buy Tesla MotorsUSA TODAYA robot puts on the top of a Tesla Model
You can say a lot of things about Elon Musk, but you can't say he lets the grass grow under his feet. The serial entrepreneur has spearheaded a string of successful projects over the past two decades, including PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX. ALSO SEE: According To Elon Musk, Tesla Model 3 Will...
Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Green Culture, Tesla Motors. When is a Honda Accord more appealing than a Tesla Model...
Tesla Motors is exclusively an electric car maker, with Elon Musk expressing disdain for cars like the Chevy Volt and BMW i3, which pack gas-powered range-extenders. But Tesla may be working on a different kind of hybrid; a hybrid battery pack that could extend the range of cars like the Tesla Model...
"Like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, the Tesla Model S is a pure electric car" — yeah, like pizza and tomato, carrot is a vegetable…
A successful SpaceX rocket launch, an ahead-of-schedule delivery announced for the Tesla Model S, makes for a happy entrepreneur.
Tesla Model S deliveries to begin June 22: Tesla Motors Inc said on Tuesday it will begin delivering it...
The first Tesla Model S electric cars will arrive in exactly a month ...: Electric car company Tesla Motors says...
The BRANDInsider team went out to Newport Beach Fashion Island preview the Tesla Model S and Model X. We sat down with George Blankenship, VP of Sales and Ow...
Tesla Model S electric car on sale date: Tesla Motors has moved up the on-sale date of its 2012 Tesla Model S to...
Tesla Model S EV to Come Ahead of Schedule: Tesla Motors have confirmed the company’s plans to launch its Tesla ...
Tesla Model S Reveal: Tesla Motors has recently announced the news to launch their Model S.The world’s first pre...
Visit: - Part 1 of our three-part Tesla Model S preview. This video originally published at
I want a Tesla Model S when I graduate. No gas, just go home and charge the car and u easily get over 160 miles on 1 charge. 0-60 4.4secs
I have ordered a Tesla Model S. Just recived great news:
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