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Tesla Model 3! There's a waiting list, but it should be worth it. 😀
Tesla Model 3 actually has 334 miles of range according to EPA data
Tesla Model 3: Exclusive first look at Teslas new battery pack architecture
Trading Jason Chaffetz for John Curtis is like trading your 1992 Toyota Tercel for a Tesla Model 3. Also, your Tercel h…
Tesla Model 3 battery packs have capacities of ~50 kWh and ~75 kWh, says Elon Musk
"What does the Tesla Model 3 mean for Tesla Motors and the World" by on
Tesla Model 3 has arrived. Is it what disruption looks like?
Tesla steps up auto service as Model 3 debut nears
The Tesla Model 3 doesn't have a key
Tesla Model 3 will be mine in 2019 you heard it first here!
settles range anxiety on Model 3, but Australia will have to wait
Prime News: Tesla Rolls Out First Batch of Model 3: Electric automaker Tesla has delivered the first 30 new Model 3…
Tesla Model 3 reviewers are in love: “Yes, the hyperbole is necessary” - Quartz
The Model 3 has the most minimalistic interior I've ever seen (TSLA)
CNN investigative reporting finds out that extra cost money on cars. STUNNER!. via
⚡️ “Tesla's Model 3 is here and it's full of surprises” by
I drove the Tesla Model 3, and it changes everything — the entire world will want this car htt…
First Customers Get Tesla Model 3 Electric Cars - Enlarge this image Tesla CEO Elon Musk arrives in the company...
Want Tesla's new Model 3 in red? That'll cost $1,000 extra - The consensus thus far: The Model 3 is an impeccab...
Musk: Tesla’s already booked more than 230 Model 3...
My "No BS" take on Tesla's new Model 3: Will its funky interior and giant tablet 'dashboard' help or hurt the...
"I felt like I was driving in an Eames chair."
The company delivered the first 30 of its new "affordable" car on Friday. via
Tesla handed over the keys to the first 30 Model 3 owners at the automaker's manufacturing p
Tesla’s Model 3 hits the road with a stunning 310-mile electric range
Watch the first Model 3 handovers on this Friday at 8:45pm PT
Want a Tesla Model 3 in red? That's $1,000 extra: [[ This is a content summary only. Visit…
Every Tesla Model 3 review you need to see to know if this car is the future via
Tesla's first sleek Model 3s are on the road via
Tesla's Model 3 just took back the trophy for cheapest electric range
Elon Musk gets the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 price tag he wanted — but extras cost more featured in NBC s Science of Love
Is this the car that'll bring EVs to the masses?. Tesla Model 3 review: first drive of Elon Musk's affordable EV >> https:…
Tesla Model 3 first drive: this is the car that Elon Musk promised
Elon Musk unveils Tesla Model 3. Here's everything you need to know!
How the Tesla Model 3 depicts future of transport.
Tesla Model 3 production starts, goes to Elon Musk – first pics and video of the Tesla for the ...
Production of the Tesla Model 3 is off to a rolling start, and got the first one.
Here's the first real, production Tesla Model 3
Elon Musk just gave us our first real look at the Tesla Model 3 via
Tesla Model 3 production line sighted as “SN1” build set to begin -
Tesla Model 3 rollout eclipsed by stock tumult. . Apply:
Tesla Model 3: Everything we know about the 'electric car of the people'
Everything you need to know about Tesla Model 3, which is starting production today
Tesla Model 3 release date 2017: When is Tesla Model 3 coming out in the UK?
Tesla Model 3: Five facts about Elon Musk's new electric car
Apple ARKit user puts a color changing Tesla Model 3 in his driveway before the car's release…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Elon Musk announces Tesla Model 3 to be delivered Friday | Related Articles:
'Here we go!' Buyers throng to sign up for Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3 electric car
I'd buy Tesla Model 3 if I could afford it
Tesla Model 3 electric sedan will launch with limited options, but will still have an 18 month lead time
Two things about the Tesla Model 3 that Elon Musk wants you to know.
Tesla Model 3 is Elon Musk's next huge bet (with $5.5B more of his own cash)
35.000 is more affordable, but still a high price. I think Model 3 must cost, some day, 25.000...
Revving up, a bit: Tesla increases deliveries of electric cars | The Economist
esla’s racing to finish the Model 3. Here’s what we know about its most important car ever via
Tesla Model 3 was very recently spotted testing on the highway in blue!
I am following Elio Motors from the start but they haven't yet gone into production.
There are many reasons Tesla will surpass any company in the fut…
Rumour: Tesla moving to more of an inventory sales approach for Model 3
The content produced by this site is for entertainment purposes only. Opinions and comments published on this...
Spy shots and video footage of an almost production-ready Model 3 have surfaced:
Tesla Model 3: decoding the release candidate's user interface on center screen via
Someone rich buy me a Tesla Model 3 or something pls
Tesla increases deliveries of electric cars. The real test will be whether it can churn out its new Model 3.
The same thing is happening in California. It'll be interesting to watch public perception towards EVs when Tesla M…
My current obsession is reading about the Tesla Model 3. The final reveal can't come soon enough.
Tesla’s new ‘Advanced Automation’ group will drop all other clients to focus on Model 3 production
Tesla explains why Model S owners shouldn’t buy a Model 3: covering up for stupid naming via
Model S or Model 3: Which Tesla is right for you
The world get's a first look at the secretive Tesla Model 3 in the wild
Tesla wants everyone to know: The Model 3 won’t be more advanced than the Model S
News: Tesla Model 3 caught on video during daylight testing
Tesla Model 3: new blue release candidate spotted testing on the highway [Video]
First sighting of a blue Tesla Model 3 testing on the freeway with Ludicrous Model S P90DL acting as the chase car - https:/…
25 brand new spy shots of the Model 3 we captured today near Tesla HQ. Enjoy!
this the Tesla Model 3? 'Uh, no' - Roadshow The Faraday Future engineer testing the FF 91 in public probab…
Tesla Model 3 battery options to top out at 75 kWh with likely 300+ mi. range
Tesla Model 3 won't get conventional instrument cluster
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y update: Reservation-holders of EV sedan may ask for more; Affordable SUV teased…
Tesla Model 3 won't get conventional instrument cluster:
People are expecting too much from the Tesla Model 3 (TSLA)...
The real surprise about the Tesla Model 3? Safety, says Morgan Stanley
I liked a video Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt | The Race for the Electric Car
Tesla's Model 3 and new solar roof are on track to arrive this year
MODEL 3 needs two charging ports one TESLA and one CHadeMO. Two many chademo upgrades down line for adaptors plus too bulky.
Losing money like mad is no reason not to carry on regardless, says Tesla
Tesla Model 3 set to start production in July 2017
I hope the Model 3 goes with this display
Tesla 'on track' to begin building Model 3 in July
"Confident that with the Bolt and Tesla Model 3...and a few others that EV growth will happen in every state."
Tesla says Model 3 on track for volume production by September.
Elon Musk sticks with his July deadline for Tesla's Model 3 mass-market electric car
Tesla posts earnings loss but claims Model 3 production will start in July
Just How Much Money Does Tesla Need to Raise to Launch the Model 3? -
I liked a video What We Learned About the Tesla Model 3 on February 22 2017
Tesla plans to get its much-anticipated Model 3 electric car into production by July
Tesla is planning to build more Gigafactories
thanks - Will Tesla Model 3 be most 'made in America' car, beating Toyota Camry?
Check out: Tesla expects Model 3 production to start in July - Autoblog via
Model 3 Design Studio expected in June, "Founders Series" will go to employees first https:…
Elon Musk: There’s a ‘good chance’ Tesla Model 3 will be most Made In America car
Very interesting concept. EVs make this so much simpler than messy conventional. cars. What I don't understand...
Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk hints at heads-up display, releases details about screen, battery, and more
That's how Tesla's ludicrous mode feels like. Can't wait for Model 3.
In this post, I question Brian Cooley's prediction that the Chevy Bolt will destroy the Tesla Model 3 in sales.
Tesla Model 3 now in stock for immediate delivery.
Tesla Model 3 sold out for first 12 months of production: Delivery times for Tesla's mass-market EV have been...
Tesla Model 3, may reduce US daily oil demand by 300K barrels by 2035, ~2% total demand but move in right direction
Six ways the Tesla Model 3 changes the EV game
Is the Tesla Model 3 just the beginning? Elon Musk says that Tesla's "Top Secret" Masterplan will be published soo…
Following the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 on March 31, Edward Tanas of Calgary, Canada, ... -
Good news, hyperspace fans: the Tesla Model 3 will get 'Ludicrous' Mode
-Planning on chasing down any rogue Winnebagos or Druidian princesses in your Tesla Model 3? Then...
Tesla Model 3 battery will be smaller than the Chevy Bolt's... New on
new Leaf ad makes fun of Tesla Model 3 success
Tesla Model 3 preorder frenzy should have Chevy Bolt EV green with…
Will the Tesla Model 3 recharge the U.S. electric vehicle market?
I liked a video from Corvette Wagon, Tesla Model 3 is RWD, Bentley Continental GT
| Singaporeans pre-ordering the Tesla Model 3 don't know how they'll charge ... | -
276,000 people pay $1k deposit for the new Tesla Model 3 mass market electric car. 212+ miles per charge, £25k price
Still grappling with Tesla Model 3 numbers - $10B worth of pre-orders! - and wondering if and even saw this coming?
Will the Tesla Model 3 turn Elon Musk into the next Henry Ford? - Is this a game changer for EVs? Where is Detroit ?
Tesla Should Raise Money Now - Model 3 orders provide an excuse to raise cash.
We did have EVs, but nothing came close to popularity of Model 3 (preorders). Because that’s the first mass-market Tesla!
Tesla Model 3 unveiled: Race on for 2nd gen EVs: +300km range at mass prices. Nissan & GM vying for top spot
Car for masses in U.S is around $22k-25k. Tesla Model 3 is not for masses yet in U.S. Don't get overboard
Tesla's Model 3 has already racked up 232,000 pre-orders via
Almost booked Tesla Model 3. Almost. Now, time will tell if I will regret this decision or rejoice it.
What it's like to ride in a Tesla Model 3
Tesla's Model 3 gives Elon Musk an iPhone moment - and big test for factories via
New tesla model 3 coming in soon for me😎
Is electric the future? seems to think so. However, what will all of this electricity be made from? Coal?...
Tesla's Model 3 is sleek, fast as *** and the most important car that Tesla has built
Meet the Model 3, Tesla's most important car
"With the Model 3, Tesla just became the new Apple" I had been thinking the same thing! :-) via
[During sex]. So, you hear about the Tesla Model 3?
SpaceX employees are now able to reserve the Tesla Model 3...
Contemplating on booking the latest Tesla Model 3. Tabhi conscience ki awaj aayi..
With hype soaring for Tesla Model 3, here are 8 competitors in the electric vehicle market http…
Tesla is practically drowning in Model 3 pre-orders
Tesla has now raised more cash from the Model 3 crowdfunding ($253M) than from it's IPO ($226M)
Tesla will begin taking reservations for its coming Model 3 car this week
If one can also stay in Tesla Model 3, then it might be a 'Value for Money' option in India:). Mobility vs Housing
Tesla's Model 3 already has 198,000 reservations ...and it totally lives up to the hype
Tesla reveals some details about the Model 3 — and keeps others under wraps -
I really like The Verge's "supercuts", for example the Tesla Model 3 event:
got 200,000 orders for the Model 3 in first day - CNN
More than 250,000 orders have been placed for the car
why "place a bet" on any unknown product? Is your money burning a hole in your pocket ?
Tesla Model 3 is amazing and much cheaper than other models. I'm wondering how is the UX inside that huge screen.
Tesla Model 3 gives CEO an iPhone moment and big test for factories - TODAYonline: TODAYonlineTesla Model 3 gi...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
What it's like to ride in a We took a spin at the launch party. Video: $TSLA http…
Musk says orders for Tesla's Model 3 jumped to 253,000
This is the most BS comparo ever. The author is an ignoramus.
Model 3 vs. Chevrolet Bolt: Battle of the long | Tesla
Tesla unveils the Model 3, and the world will never be the same
Tesla revealed the Model 3. See the specialized robots that build the Model S. More videos:
Tesla Model 3 vs Bolt 2017: Which is the REAL value for money?
Pre-orders of Tesla Model 3 hit almost 200K in 24 hours
Alex Roy on a Tesla Model 3 test drive!
Tesla Model 3 pre-orders stack up as Elon Musk unveils new car. got my order in last night in Oz
Orders for the Tesla Model 3 topped 115,000 in the last 24 hours
$TSLA closes 3.4% up on the day. Trading at $237.59 after unveiling Tesla Model 3 last night. 198,000 orders in last 24 hrs!
Tesla Model 3 pitched as an 'affordable' electric car
Tesla Model 3 announced: release set for 2017, price starts at $35,000
Enjoy the first ride in the Tesla Model 3 with Tesla and Alex Roy of The Drive.
Hamilton Collection
Major tech announcement with Tesla Model 3, and Elon Musk delivers it in 27 minutes. The entire keynote. Lesson to be learned there.
One keen man is already lining up to buy the Tesla Model 3 in Australia: . The basic specs and price of Tesla's...
davidbychkov: business: Can the Tesla Model 3 dominate the entry-level luxury market?
Tesla Model 3 will be for sale on 31 March, with a $1,000 reservation fee industry
Tesla Model 3: What to expect from the next mass-market electric car
Test drove Toyota's Prius Plug in hybrid.felt like missionary sex the Tesla Model 3 was ready for Canada
Volkswagen EV aims for Chevy Volt and Tesla Model 3: Even as the diesel scandal ...
Elon Musk reveals when you can order a Tesla Model 3 electric car
Elon Musk: hopes to unveil $35k, 200-mile Tesla Model 3 next March and start selling it in late 2017.
Tesla Model 3 will be the first electric car you can remotely afford: ...
Elon Musk says Tesla Model 3 will be $35,000 — without tax incentives
GM thinks its 200-mile Bolt can beat Musk's Tesla Model 3: General Motors believes it can compete head to head...
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