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Terry Smith

Terence 'Terry' Smith (born 20 May 1943, West Norwood, South East London) is a British Jazz guitarist.

Julie Smith

J Griffin & Mark Sadler & Terry Smith & Chris Holman & Mike Snyder I just wanted to share the awesome.
This is gonna be a tough week for my husband, Terry Smith, and I. Bullet was the first pet we got after we married. He has always been full of life and love. He can't wait for us to sit down that way he can give us puppy kisses. Even at 6 months, he is very protective of our 4yo daughter. Bullet loves playing with our miniature dobermann and our 3mo German Sheppard. He also has some of the funniest faces. He will fight you over a chair and has the loudest snore. He stole my heart the day my husband brought him home. Seeing him with no energy, depressed, falling over, and not playing, really makes me appreciate and love life and all our babies more. Mama loves you Bullet (pitt bull), Smokey (miniature dobermann), Peaches (German Sheppard), X-Mas Girl (hamster), and Red (Tennessee Walker horse).
Fundsmith, founded by Terry Smith, announces that the Fundsmith Equity Fund is now available on Hargreaves Lansdown’s Vantage Service, the UK’s biggest retail investment platform. In a research note, Hargreaves Lansdown noted Terry Smith’s long-term, high conviction approach and the Fund’s impressiv...
As soon as the 9.30 am train to Cork left Cobh this morning the swat team of Cobh Men's Shed and Cobh Tidy Towns with the great help of Dougie Black with his lorry, Terry Smith with a JCB and Paul Whelan with a forklift descended on the railway station. The one and a half hour window of opportunity before passengers for the next train arrived on the platform was used to install 6 large boxes made by Cobh Men's Shed on the pre-platform area and plant a tree in each one. Next step will be to paint these boxes in "seaside" colours and encourage more wildflowers to grow here creating another welcoming gateway to Cobh. This project was grant aided by Cork County Council through a Community Contracts scheme.
Free shirt and mouse pad to Terry Smith ! Thnx for liking and sharing our page.
Went to an excellent service for my uncle Terry Smith. It was sad to say goodbye, but we will meet again! His memory will live on through his daughters and grandkids, and oh what great memories they have! Much love Smith family!!!
Lots of pain and sorrow today but yet love and happiness sharing memories of my uncle Terry Smith thank you to all who showed your love and support to the family it's greatly appreciated I'm so blessed to be apart of this family
Watch out Dowlings Irish Bar myself, Terry Smith, Tracey Goddard,Jill Thorpe and an array of other riff raff will be gracing you with our presence tonight, your so lucky lol xxx
Just finished and heading to the Chinese buffet all you can eat with Graham Hannah once I drag him out from watching footie;last nite;week has flown pass;lovely catching up;safe journey and loving seeing folks over here not seen in decades;only few more sleeps and have Julie Smith and Terry Smith over;whoppe more veggies too ! Xx
Graphic Design is the mastery of Art made insignificant by it's repetition - Terry Smith
spousal support was what helped Dave Sim, Terry Moore, and Jeff Smith succeed at their self-pub ventures. ppl don't talk abt that
Is the NBA going to fine J.R. Smith for pulling on Vince Carter's headband last night?
Is this the final straw for IAN DUNCAN SMITH as it was for TERRY McGARVEY??
Artículo: Investors are their own worst enemies Investors are their own worst enemies.
I love watching Lizard Lick Towing on TruTv. Bobby sounds and acts so much like Terry Smith..kinda comforting. Always leaves a smile. :)
Jr Smith was balling I'm the beginning of the playoffs last year threw that elbow at Terry been trash since
The only thing that (fund mgrs) regard as worse than failing is standing out from the crowd. Terry Smith
Many thanks to Clinton LaTourette for grooming since 4:00 am and still at it. Most main trails are smooth and 2 groomers heading out this evening to attack some of the secondary trails. Thank you in advance to David Richter, Mike Komar, and Terry Smith.
who would watch Cuh Cuh vs. Zimmerman ill spit on cuh
I flew my shorty in from Cali and she brought OG
EXCITING NEWS Second Edition of HIV themed Children's book "I Have a Secret" by is NOW AVAILABLE ht…
So Terry Smith, Edan Gomez, and I had a discussion about who would win Justice League or Avengers and came to the conclusion that the Avengers win because Scarlet Witch turns the Justice League into crack babies
Andrew Smith in Scotland on Sunday. Can someone remove sharp objects & shoelaces from
Whitehead will be Terry Smith's 1st big test. Pittsburgh kid, Def Rec Co., Pos Coach
Would like to thank Terry Smith and Lynda Smith for a lovely weekend. Was nice seeing you.
Russ Smith cannot do it all himself, and he did not have to on Sat. Overlooked key: Freshman Terry Rozier, who had 11. Getting good minutes.
Massive long shot BUT if anyone has or knows of two spares for Arsenal can you let or please??? Thank you 💙
Happy birthday to Terry Smith. Love you hope you have an amazing day you deserve it
Read Terry Smith in on why he avoided investing in IBM, unlike Buffett
. -Jada Pinkett Smith or Naomi Harris,like the character of Terry Crews in:"The Expendables".
We had such a wonderful Sunday with friends today. Cook low country boil and had a great match of cornhole with Terry Smith Potts/John Potts, me/John Taylor, and our cheerleading section, Cheryl Greene Horton/Jimmy Horton.My sweetie John Taylor is such a GREAT cook/love him!! Thanks you guys for a great day of fun, laughter and friendship. Love you guys!!
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Derrick Fields Demondric Owens Terry Smith Robbie Rob.Marlon Williams Said y'all be not move & he on kill
South Carolina Kayak Tournament Trail - Lake Keowee. 2nd Place, with his Score of 32.75" with just Two Nice Fish... Terry Smith!
What a wonderful time I had today @ Hebron M. B. Church in Lamar MS. Pastor Terry Smith brought the word. Awesome. Congrats to Pastor and Lady Andre' Williams on their 1 year anniversary.
takin' it to the Hoop. More TERRY SMITH PHOTOS now on GCSN
Terry Smith better give me a 💯 for my project, or I'm going to be pised.
"Everton Sainsbury's Walton Park" Could this old plan for a Stadium plan be reinvigo…
“Last time I promise >>Why Arsenal's reduced allocation reasons are nonsense: tried my best!
“wouldn't that give us 73” Absolutely spot in Keef. Even my optimism is under-scored! Forgot about Palace.
That's being very optimistic with us & realistic with others. All our games are winnable with fit forwards.
will come back to this in a few months Terry, let's hope your right! COYB
The Freshman Terry Rozier's assist to the Senior and National Champion Russ Smith will be etched into the history of a dyin…
Had fun today hanging with Terry Smith, And then having dinner with Nicole Bender,Brooklyn Smith,Terry Smith, little Trenton at TG Fridays
““Igorant posting of the day.” Thanks buddy but that's not even a word.” Igorance is biss eh Sockher ***
Wasn't it Michael Smith he beat, not Terry Jenkins??
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Had the best time shooting with for Issue on stands this Thursday.
Terry Rozier grabs Russ Smith after Smith sunk the winning shot for the Cards.
Playing an ultra-conservative/no-risk game means not blowing out Norway. It also means Sweden, USA don't get to score a…
People that think of no one but themselves will Die with there Curse.and will be remembered for there selfishness in Life. Terry Smith
Thank you to Teresita Ngalongalay and Agustín Ngalongalay, Susan Mollenido, Terry Smith and Joy Renee Smith and Tacing Mosones, Ayok Palmos and everyone else who spear headed and participated in this year's Gift Giving project that is supported by MACLA and MAI. And most gratitude to those that gave their charitable contributions this past year :)
Please pray for Terry Smith he is back in the Rockdale Hosp in ICU with sepsis. He was admitted last night with pneumonia. His daughter says it is not looking good at this time. Prayers are really needed.
Terry Smith on why he didn't buy IBM when Warren Buffett did - low quality of growth via cost cuts and buy backs
Pitt coaches are going to up against Urban Meyer, James Franklin/Terry Smith, Tony Gibson/Tom Bradley. Things just got tougher.
Terry Smith...easter bubble gum machines! so cute!
Valentine's dinner with my sweetheart Terry Smith
Playing pool with Terry Smith won first game
God is good all the time!! Thanks for the wonderful people around.. May the good Lord bless u with the happy life and good health as well.. Thanks Uncle Terry Smith for the wonderful gift u gave.. Well promise to take good care of it..
Good luck Claudia Adams and Terry Smith with your gruelling run. I don't envy you, but we are proud of you all!
R.I.P Aaron Ray & Terry Smith... I followed them every day as a child. .. we use to watch robocop every day... Just seen the new robocop and it was good as *** but couldn't help thinking bout them and if they were here... muah.. I love yall boys
Thru all the ups and downs, and there have been many, you have always been the calm in the storm, my motivation and happy place. I love you with all my heart Terry Smith. Happy Valentine's Day.
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Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! Although I dont have that special someone to celebrate it with I am content with being single cause I have Gods Love, His arms protect me and comfort me when I am at my loneliest hour, although I feel sometimes that I let Him down and that my love for Him fails occasionally, but His grace and love for everyone is unyeilding and will never fail. I wanted to send out a special I love you and a thank you to three special people that have helped bring a smile to my face today with their posts and comments, these three people own a piece of my heart. Terry Smith, the poem you shared this morning spoke right to my heart and your faith has always been an inspiration to me, Charles Ford, my dear uncle I thank you for your comments earlier on my status last night and I'm so proud that you have turned your life around for the better and I wish you the very best in life, and last but by no means the least, Ashley Maxcy, the positivity you express in all your post, your kind heart, you ...
Hats off to Donnie and Terry Smith of for committing $3.2 million to the University of Tennessee,
TVA President & CEO Bill Johnson and Terry Smith as we honor 80 years of service to Tupelo.
Congrats foootball signees: Terry Smith & Allen Brown to Glenville. Isaiah Brown to Marshall.
If you are 18-25 and home from school for the weekend, we have a new Sunday School class just for you! Terry Smith and Jason Powell are your awesome, wise co-teachers! We love them and think you will too!
ESPNGateway to western Pennsylvania: Terry Smith's Penn State ties bolster James ...Penn LiveJames Franklin is officially introduced as the new Penn State football coach during a news conference at Beaver Stadium. Franklin replaces Bill O'Brien…
Angels Hot Stove is coming to Join Victor Rojas, Terry Smith & special guest Hall-of-Famer Rod Carew…
Terry Smith is still looking for a buyer on 56 Port Townsend Bay Rd
Mikel Arteta (Arsenal): "Deulofeu has chosen the ideal club to make his top-tier debut, I hope everything goes well for him…
“Just got home! That was the best performance of the week! Bar none” Don't watch Al. You'll think you've imagined it all!
Terry says twice captain, I agree with him.
always easy to say good things about good work! Great job last night and best of luck to you sir
Clendening, next to Danault is Smith, next to Clendening is Terry Broadhurst, next to Smith is Nordstrom [I believe] [cont]
“what fans do at champions league final in Istanbul . But you won't” LFC Secret Weapon
Wow!!! Just after one puff of marijuana, Will Smith's face completely transformed!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Terry Sannella Savage shared the following link and had this to say about it: Gaylene J Smith
We enjoyed meeting you last night. Thanks for the positive comments on our song. We wish you the best of luck with your music.
I just can't believe that this team makes Nike Foles, Geno Smith look like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. Cant all be talent
8 clean sheets in 15. Only the league leaders have conceded less. Speaks for itself.
When will we finally get some credit? by James Hollis (AFC 1-1 EFC)
Getting ready for day 2 Am chairing a session this morning w. Amelia Barikin, Ian McLean & Terry Smith on Writing about art
Due to deteriorating road conditions, the Marine Corps Exchange, the Java Café, and the Cpl Terry L. Smith Gymnasium will close at 3 PM.
“Absolutely loving the plaudits coming our way at the moment.” And for all his *** ups, Kenwright deserves some real credit.
“most outstanding team this season have been This Goliath of English football are...BACK !!!” And we ain't no David🙏
“Man of the match? How do you compete with THREE simultaneous substitutions? Bring an attacker on!
fantastic. I will defo email you thank you. It was great! As are all things with terry smith involved. Speak soon
“1-1 V Arsenal! Very happy for the game and my goal. Thank you very much! Muchos gravitas DelBoy!
“What happened to the promised thrashing? Wenger out eh Piers? Or maybe "Get Barkley for whatever they want"?
Does that mean we've just handed City the Premiership again with that game?
“Go on then, let's have your match comments. All those *** who still doubt Martinez, own up - you're Kopites!
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Can anybody say about Fortenberry, Terry & Smith: "Keep up the good work?"
“Delighted with the unchanged team. I expect more from Barkley and Lukaku. As ever, desperate to watch McCarthy.”ENJOY YOURSELF
Hope your old shirt brings us good luck at 4.10pm and after 90 minutes - good Cup draw and Lukaku winner
Loved seeing him sprinting past the opponents with ease
“Everton are ball 17 in today's FA Cup 3rd round draw." Magic number: Lukaku, Cahill & this fella
Good morning and welcome to new followers
Random find of the day. Terry Smith this is your B-29 at Castle.
is it me or does Steve Smith remind people of a fair haired Terry Sullivan from The Sullivans?
Stunning images by Terry W Smith from album Wild Horses- gorgeous horses and unbelievable terrain of our high...
true! It just don't seem right not sitting on the patio though 😒
Glenn Healy is the best reason there is to learn Punjabi.
"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" just played on the radio. . . . Bing Crosby, flannel pajamas, bubble lights, vintage ornaments, a tree in the corner of the living room, oh, and the World Worse Fudge ;) . . . . . Terry Smith, Angie West, Bill Dibling, Deb Light, Kathy Meister, Arlene Saul
That fund manager Terry Smith doesn't like the lack of footfall in the shops. There's less money in peoples pockets these days
We want to congratulate Terry Smith with Owens Corning, NBAA winner of the awesome weekend getaway to beautiful Monterey.
It's only fitting that my Marina Abramovic ticket now be used as my bookmark for Terry Smith's "what is contemporary art."
Okay everyone so you think I'm adventurous, I'm not. Left for our hike as we were approaching the area I realized it was a prairie suddenly started to freak a little thinking oh boy lots of grasshoppers said to myself I can handle this! Started our hike within 1 1/2 minutes I saw 3 grasshopper (Huge). The biggest caterpillar ever and 2 snakes needless to say terry is driving me back home. I will be making my gravy, meatballs and sausage for dinner tomorrow, I will do some laundry and clean the bathrooms. I'm not a princess but I'm not Bindi Irwin either. I live Terry Smith for understanding. Oh and Terry is heading back to hike.
Sending prayers and warm wishes to the family and friends of Terry Smith. Lord give them strength and comfort through this difficult time.
Rest in peace Terry Smith 🙏 so young to have been killed like that
It's a cruel world we live in, RIP Terry Smith. Crazy to think stuff like that happens
Don’t know whether to be sad that Terry Smith’s body was found, or relieved that he can no longer be hurt.
I will never get over what happened to Terry Smith. Those people make me sick! 💙
I kno for a fact that terry smith was killed by his mother..
Lil Terry Smith Jr. is in a better place with the most High.
Terry Smith, I knew you through friends, we shared the same community & you were such a sweet little boy, Rest in Paradise JuJu❤🙏👼
Terry Smith's family is in my prayers. Lord I don't understand why things like this happen, but lord I trust you and know you will be there.
Teenage relative arrested in death of missing California boy Terry Smith:
I just read the Terry Smith story & my heart goes out to that poor boy, its so sad & the fact they he was autistic makes my heart break :(
I seriously want to cry right now. Rip terry smith my prayers go out to the family
I'm very saddened by the passing of Terry Smith. Even though I had never heard of him before this…
A very sad day today . a body matching the description of Terry Smith were found today in the yard of…
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The Terry Smith story has been bugging me all day. It's just so sad. It makes me just want to hug Jacob. 😞😩😭
So much anger and sadness over the murder of Terry Smith. Hundreds of ppl searched while the family sat there..knowing all along.
Vigil for 11-y/o Terry Smith is set for 7:30 pm at Menifee Market, where search team was posted, per
When I hear about Terry Smith, I get tears in my eyes. This is all so sad.
16 year-old family member arrested for murder of Terry Smith, missing boy in Menifee, California, police say - htt…
Terry Smith's dad is trying to raise money to be able to see his baby boy one last time. If you're…
What happen to that kid Terry Smith?
My prayers go out to every single helping hand that played a part in the Terry Smith search. May God…
*** that Terry Smith kid got killed by his brother and he buried him to hide him, sad.
My heart is heavy for the Lost of an innocent little boy. I'm so sorry Terry Smith Jr your time on earth was cut short..
Rest In Peace Terry Smith. The 11 year old autistic boy who was killed
To be killed is horrible, but when you're an 11 year old boy killed by your own mother or brother.. I literally cried. . R.I.P Terry Smith ♡
Link for the song I wrote for Terry Smith called Terry's Song
Martinez Austrian bike ride training ends in disaster for poor Jelavic.
(LA Times) Buried body found in Menifee believed to be missing boy's: The search for Terry Smith, 11, comes to...
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Huge crowd shows up for candlelight vigil honoring 11 year old Terry Smith in Menifee. More than a…
People can be so horrible. Rest in peace Terry Smith, God gets another perfect angel. 💕💖👼
Terry Smith: Relative, 16, arrested on murder charge
RIP terry smith you'll be missed buddy 🙏
Video: Family member arrested on suspicion of murder in death of Menifee boy Terry Smith. reports.
:( Can't believe people. Rest peacefully now, Terry Smith, because nothing can hurt you now💕
Officials located body of juvenile that fits description of Terry Smith 16yo family member a…
Seeing home on the news this way breaks my heart. My prayers are with all those who have searched & are grieving over little …
RIP Terry Smith I wish I could have paid my respects tonight. Know that you were loved. You brought an entire community tog…
I understand that Helen Lane is cordoned off with crime scene tape - what does that mean? Either they found a body ... or one of the searchers broke in a house? What's up with the Crime Scene tape? Help find Terry Smith (Ju Ju)
Still searching for Terry Smith, Day 3. We have had such an outpouring of help from volunteers not only in Menifee but in surrounding cities as well. We have been asked how you can help. If you would like to volunteer to help search please check in at The Menifee Market on Scott Road, just East of Murrieta Road. We are asking everyone to please follow safety guidelines and cooperate with all law enforcement and command post personnel. If you can not search and would like to donate for supplies and such to help aid in the search you can go into a Wells Fargo and donate to the Find Terry Smith special fund account People are getting agitated and frustrated in this process. Please remember why were are all doing this and that the most important thing is to bring him home. That is the focus. Stay focused and stay safe out there! The time and help you all have put into this is not going unnoticed. Menifee you are doing a great thing! We are proud! ~ Buzz
Wow been out of the loop for 10 days!!! It was a nice trip. So gad to see Terry Smith, Jack Smith, Annette Smith, Bruno Smith, Julie Smith, and all the little descendants of Smiths. To Dad and Annette, so good to see you and I am glad you are into new hobbies! To Jack Smith Thanks for the awesome book and keep up your faith through trials that are surely not yet over, I love you bro. To Bruno and Julie Smith, Thanks for the good time and the awesome cold room to watch over haul-in' with you. We all had great fun and look forward to doing more things in the future. To Melissa Smith... OMG I am missing you so much hurry and come home!
The search for Terry Smith is in need of a large dumpster. If anyone can coordinate with Waste Management and help set up, please let us know asap!
Filmmaker Chuck Smith stumbled upon Terry Smith creating this wall drawing on the facade of Ideal Glass and decided to document the process over the course o...
GREAT EASTERN MOTOR LODGE Trophy Yesterday afternoon saw 113 players tee of in glorious conditions to contest the Great Easterm Motor Lodge trophy donated by Norm and George Christie. Winner, in a prolonged count back that went back to the first individual hole, was Lou Lombardi, from Alan Connolly, John O'Connor and junior Jake Scott, all with 40 points. Well done. Best gross was Russell Goldsworthy with 37 points. Nearest the pin winers were: on the Crust Pizza (Canning Vale) 4th hole, Paul Dawson. Mark Pettit on the 7th. Barry Urbano on the 9th. Terry Smith won the voucher on the Attfield Tavern sponsored 11th hole, while Vice Captain Garry Radford was closest on the 14th. Well done to all players. See you all next week for the ATTREE REALTY Monthly Tankard.
Went by the Fremont Garden today and spoke with John Wright and Terry Smith about building better spaces for your community
What a weekend! The Redeemed Trio had a blast singing three concerts in as many days. When we arrived in Sturgeon on Thursday evening we were greeted by around 5 guys who insisted they carry in our equipment so we could set up. Terry Smith also made sure to carry most everything back to the van. Tracy Pope Smith you have a wonderful husband, but I assume you know that by now! Friday night we had a great time with our friends at Pleasant Bethel Baptist Church. Again, we were met by a wonderful lifetime friend, Sheila Richner. Sheila is Kim's BFF from elementary school days! She not only greeted us and made sure we had water, temperature was set correctly, etc. she provided drinks and snacks for a reception in the church basement. She told me before the concert she wanted to be a blessing to us. Sheila YOU ARE!!! Saturday afternoon we spent the day with pastor Brent C McCune and his congregation at FBC of Sunrise Beach. The outdoor event was moved inside due to the. RAIN! Anyway, we were happy ...
I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to the men who helped me become the man of God I am today. They showed me how to provide, lead, work, and most importantly...grow in Christ. A true man of God seems to be hard to find these days, but these men are as real as it gets! As iron sharpens iron these men have sharpened me! Happy Fathers Day Van Jackson Sr., David Clues, Pastor Lionel Thierry, Phil Newsome, Sedrick Green, Elder Tucker, Terry Smith, Pastor Charlie Williams, Calvin Edwards (Heaven's Garden), last but definitely not least Pastor Tim Ennis! Happy Father's Day! Be blessed. Love you all!
Welcome. Our mission is to provide images of wild horses in their natural habitat, and to provide useful information about habits of mustangs, along with range information.     The current members are: Barbara Wheeler, Sue Winslow, Carolyn Edson, Tracey Westbury , Debra McGuire, John Wheland, Terry Smith, Sonya Spaziani.     South Steens HMA is located seventy miles south of Burns along Highway 205 and the southern portion of the Steens Mountain Loop Road (on the west side of Steens Mountain). South Steens horses are typically the most visible, even though their "area" includes over 127,...000 acres of rugged, high desert country. Pinto, sorrel, bay, palomino, brown, black, red roan, and dun colors may be seen on the 159-304 horses who occupy this territory. They range in size from 14.2-16 hands high, 900-1,000 pounds and rely on a diet of native bunchgrasses within sagebrush and juniper cover. Perennial streams, natural ponds and springs are common water sources. (herd area informatio ...
you could stop telling me about the black-smoke coming out of my chimney, I knows already, everyone keeps telling me...NLHC, Terry Smith and Rod knows about it, they said there's nothing to worry about
Preview Evening This Friday (14th June, 6.30pm) Altered Space 2 Alison Dalwood: Nothing from Something. This is the second show in the Globe Gallery's new programme for 2013-14, selected by Franko B, Jason E. Bowman, Julie Crawshaw, Rashida Davison, Gillian McIver, Terry Smith, Stephen Snoddy and Paul Usherwood. An inspiring and diverse series of exhibitions and events responding to the broad motif of 'Altered Space', supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts. Alison Dalwood exhibits internationally and curates exhibitions with the artist's group which facilitates Chinese artists working in the West and presents exhibitions in Europe and China: Venice Biennale 2013, Bridge Over Trouble in 2012 and All the Things Between in 2008. She received her MFA from Reading University and BA in fine art from Newcastle University. Permanent commissions include Time Visible as Moving Light, University of Ulster, Belfast, 2007. Her current project, inspired by the 18th Century hand-held Claude ...
"Where did you get your shirt from Terry?" "Oh, it's my grandad's" "... Ahh"
loved having you this am. Your words were inspiring & kind. Great to connect around great purposes.
Terri Smith I think your account has been hacked mate. You had two messages on your wall about that diet thing and I was tagged in one of them so have removed myself from the tag and reported both messages as "I think my friends account has been compromised or hacked". Get your other friends to remove themselves from the tags and report those messages too.
Family Feud question: (mine) Name a tv nurse, waitress, or secretary : ( one answer only)
Only 5 days left for Oblivion who's going ??
Sunday Night Classics, an overtime field goal determines the fate of Gateway and Central Catholic in the 2007 WPIAL Football Championships at Heinz Field. Hear from Andrew Taglianetti, Terry Totten, Cameron Saddler, Terry Smith and Rob King while you relive one of the best championship games in WPIAL Football History...Sunday Night Classics 'Fantastic Finish'...Tonight at 8:00 on ROOT SPORTS.
Terry Rozier talks matching up with Russ Smith his first day on campus at [VIP] via
A Mighty Girl Community Poll Time! What songs would be on your Mighty Girl playlist? We hope to expand our collection of girl-empowering songs on A Mighty Girl so we’re eager to hear your favorites! And, to browse our music collection, complete with our “Notes to Parents” section regarding lyrics and video content,” age recommendations, and embedded videos for easy previewing, visit A Mighty Girl's music section at
Ok I had a moment of losing my temper, but it's not worth it. Ann Smith Alberts Melissa Brockway Bustos Terri Smith Joelle Bynoe Minaka Bess, thank you guys I'll try to behave now :-).
Mark and I had a great day yesterday. We were able to watch glass blowing. What an amazing art! Thank you Sherry and David Smith for taking us and a special thanks to David Smith for showing us around. Your work is beautiful!!! Also we had a special treat of spending time with Terri Johnson!!! Next trip, you guys come see us!!!
With Deacon Ray Williams Pastor Frazier Terri Frazier Gerri Overly L Denise Smith Brad Heilman Toni Brown Wilson Ashley Lynn If you focus on the mockers, instead of focusing on Your Assignment - you will not fulfill your destiny. Acts 2:13 You need your mockers, your mockers Substantiate that you are on your path - your mockers help elevate you! We are called to Speak the Word of God - and others will hear... in their language. Do you ever feel that you are in the middle of a bunch of people and you cannot understand what they are saying? - The Word of God when spoken from you and they will get it... you speak it, You have the Authority. "They will hear what they need to hear; God will draw them in." When was the last time you called on the name of the Lord... You can't call on His Name and then complain... "who shall ever shall call upon His Name, shall be saved" - IN EVERY DECISION - the grocery store, your health, your finances... oh my the Word came today... praise the Lord!
Just chopped it up with Terry Smith, Temple WR coach. Good guy
Kudos Terry Smith on AM 830 for two energetic calls on 8+ hours. & UCLA dismay continues... Solid year
Love having my beautiful niece over for dinner Terri Elsie Bartle ❤❤❤ Never be a stranger x
Capital City brought the fire last night and we got low Brittni Young Mary Harrison Coley Terri Smith Pamela Bates Graham
glad to see your marking is going well Terry!
“EXCLUSIVE Interview with former Everton striker FRED... Anybody else remember the purple hearts?
R.I.H &HAPPY B DAY Curtis Steele Sr. Every year I get choked up around this time. My grandad b day was today he passed june 11 my b day is june 13.
Had a wonderful weekend with Courtney Keith. I'm a lucky man!! Life is good!! Now gotta work 24hrs and then leave for Disney World first thing in the morning. Matthew is so excited its funny.
Shout out to all the strippers out look easier than done.that stuff is hard! Guess when I grow up that's what I can't be!dang it.cross that out.
Jordyns 9th bday party was a success! Shout out the the Smith family for the support♥ u showed up in large $163.00 cash, 32 outfits, 2 swimsuits, iPod touch, & a ton of miscellaneous gifts. Thank u all xoxo Family & Friends
Terry crews and will smith are my favourite actors
And chocolate candy bar wins.1st place, again :) Congratulations, Shaks Shaka Smith You worked so hard! You definitely EARNED this win. XOXO
“A Letter from a Wigan Fan Cue the knuckle-draggers & half-wits screaming "Kenwright's got it wrong"
Had a wonder time of fellowship and dinner at the Smith's last night!! Thanks Terri Smith & Lonnie Smith for having us! Time for church!! Thank you Jesus for all the blessings in my life and the freedom/ability to worship & praise you!!
if your looking for genuine rafflers that I trust 100% these are the following people Love Raffles Page Kayleys raffles Terri Raffle Auction Lewins Sharon Bradfield LouiseandJohn's Page Emma's Christmas Raffle Page Suzy CashRaffles Lyons sorry if I missed u out if I have then let me know
As I go through album after album of pictures of you my heart breaks a little bit more. I can hear you now " what up shorty" "how's good ole' Corning?" "How's your mom & dad & bro?". After that you started in on your wise *** jokes~ and I always said " here we go".you always picked on me about my NY accent. You hated it.we were so young when we dated but we became good friends... You would always text and make sure things were ok... You had a huge heart . I know I was lucky to see a side of you a lot of people didn't get to see... You knew me better than I knew myself sometimes, you could read my thoughts without me even speaking... When I saw you in April, I never thought it would be the last time. I hoped one day I would be invited to your wedding and hold your child... I always thought you would be there always--- the person I could bounce advice off of and you would be brutally honest. You never gave me bs when it came to that. The news of you passing cut through my heart. I literally felt pain like . ...
Hello FB friends. Boots is at Terri Lindley's for some higher learning which means I will need to improve my riding abilities. Who would like to join Carol Gardner John Brown and I at Terri Lindley Horse Training Saturday 15 June for a mini clinic? I will be meeting with Terri today to work out the details of price and such. Please reply with questions and suggestion of what you would like to work on. I for one always need to work on my ground training. Also, please reply if you like to audit. Tina Hummell
Dam finally got the call my sista is in labor ,safe delivery Let's go Ny"la we've waited long enough .
Congrats to and Sharon. You've carved out a great body of believers and now have a built a great building to match.
This homemade toothpaste is squeezable for easy use and contains coconut oil, calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and essential oils for remineralizing and oral health.
I haven't; but I listened to Smith discussing the book on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR. It sounded very interesting.
Carolyn Lockwood,Kerri Lockwood,Terri Smith-Armstrong thank you all for the beautiful birthday cards.
Neville Smith a 7.985 and Terry Burnett a 6.925 to top qualify. Burnett gives the wall a soft tap in the braking area.
Had a blast with all my family we was turn up
On March 20, 2011 my life my families lives and my three grandsons Drew Russell, Dylan Russell and Derek Russell's lives were forever changed. But I am here to tell you that no matter what hard or difficult times we have faced and even when we haven't always agreed on everything and had problems we have remained and stayed together as a family. We are close and no matter what happens or goes on we will always pull together as a family we will never let any problems, disagreements or anything else destroy our family. We have our sorrow and our pain but we don't walk around acting like we are mad at the world all the time making everyone around us unhappy and miserable just because we have been hurt and have problems. We serve an awesome God who has all of us in his hand and will carry us everyday and see us through whatever comes our way. We also have an awesome extended family and true loving friends who have supported us and prayed for us and I know will continue to do so. We are The Larry Williams fami ...
The rest of the field is Queen, Jeff Shiflett, Smith, Edwards, Terry Carroll, Justin Carroll and Jeremy Grogg.
Lap 25 now and its CE Falk, Smith, Wyatt, Wertz and Terry Carroll back in the top 5.
Lap 3 and under caution its CE Falk, Matt Waltz, Nick Smith, Terry Carroll and Dude Gibbs the top 5. Green next time by.
pastor I want to thank you for being our Pastor, great job tonight amazing service tonight
Today was a gud day went swimming wit mi sista Meme Oliver and mi niece n nephew. Mom Terri Memyselfi Smith cooked meatloaf, yams n cabbage and had sum family tyme. All smiles frm ear to ear for me.# Now its tyme chill n call it a night soon
Unofficial rundown in the 1st 63 lap feature...Winner is CE Falk, Nick Smith, Greg Edwards, Matt Waltz and Terry Carroll the top 5.
Lap 63 and its CE Falk the winner, Smith is 2nd, Edwards 3rd, Waltz 4th and Terry Carroll 5th.
Lap 20 here its Smith, Waltz, CE Falk, Edwards and Terry Carroll the top 5.
Before going into work today I had to stop at the bank to get some cash and I saw this cute Teller assisting me. I should've talked to her a little bit more but I was more caught up in going to work smh
In the er with Bryanna. Her leg is twice the normal size. Some kind of bug bite. The boys are actually behaving this time!
very busy day coming to a welcome wind down. nice to spend time with Terri Smith and my Sarah and the girls! Wish I had a video of the girls on the trampoline!!! Too funny!!!
To all who know my bother he is going to die very soon plz do not call he
Well I made it to Cali and my sister took me to IN N OUT how awesome love that place
think I might watch after earth and see if it's any good
Caption these photos wot funny ones can we come up with Terri-Sioux Burt Shane Rko Smith Di Dell Sinbad Shurmer Havok Willsson
Inbox: I feel so horrible and disgusted with myself im 19 and 16 stone! After having my lil one i lost two stone then in two years have piled it back on i took a picture of my back just now and its horrid my hips size of anything rolls and over hang im now 10 weeks pregnant with my second and gunna get a lot bigger someone please help i feel so down and depressed!x -Chelsey xx
Special thank u to my friends & family that came out to support me at my graduation.. THANK U ALL! ❤... Also wanna thank those who wanted to attend but could not. I understand & wish u coulda made it!
“Nev, greatest goalie in the world & got us 20 points a season. Why did you say getting Martinez showed lack of ambition?
Well you get to spend another day with Khalid lol
nah I got home late last night I leave tomorrow at like 4am
Wowww so you've been at the airport since yesterday? Do you know when you're leaving?
Middle of a major "friend" purge. If you've been removed, and care to be added back, please send me a request. Just spring cleaning inactive "friends."
“Neville confirms his 19-year playing career is officially over. Sky Sports has nowt to worry about. He retired after Wigan
Trust you to find the only One Arm Bandit in Tenerife!
I honestly hope im dead wrong and in May next year you can rub my face in it. I really do.
And the only manager in history to take a team down in the same season he won that one trophy
“Look for BBC Wales doc on Swansea. Replay Qtr & Cup Final. See how he beat Top 4. Has at least ONE more trophy than Moyes
Maybe I have got so used to Moyes and comfort in the top half of the table I feel uneasy about the change.
What has he done to give me any confidence?
“I find it sad that someone who offers great potential is immediately knocked. It's ridiculous not to rate him. Sin Miedo!
And why is it "sad" to have doubts. Personal opinions dont need that kind of put down. Its just a debate.
Had a really great at the park with Jelz Millwall Dolan Greg Smith Lee Michael Ford Chloe terri and Micheal had a lovely dinner x
Based on Wigan. In the back of lots of fans minds he took a team down with comparable finances to ours
“fans who want Kenwright out need 2 be careful what they wish for. Careful.They'll be callin you Happy Clapper
Anybody headed to Walmart stay out of Mama Terri Smith way. She's hunting for a new coffee maker and didn't have no coffee before she left.
“I cant in any honesty say Martinez is right for Are you being serious? Based on what may I ask? Sad!
HELP HELP HELP! Somebody call the coffee man. Mama Terri Smith coffee maker is down. She's already started beating up Uncle Jimmy Smith, got him back in a corner tellin him he better *** to Walmart and get her another one A.S.A.P. Someone bring us a coffee maker immediately.
Johanns, Fortenberry, Terry & Smith voted for the sequester in 2011.
Here's a TRUE story (as passed down to me from my mother Mary Bingham) that JUST might "Set your Hair on END"... it did my Dad! My Mother & my Grandmother used to sit around the Kitchen table (here on Crystal Hill Century Farm) & they would place their hands on the table & my Grandma would ask it questions & the table would levitate & it would tap 1 leg down (Once for Yes & twice for No). My Dad heard the story & decided he wanted to see for himself. So... Mom brought him over here to the farm & she & Grandma Leva commenced the questioning. It FREAKED Dad out sooo bad that he told Mom that "He NEVER wanted her to do that again"!! I personally never got to see them do it but heard the story from my Mom. Sooo...I think he Ouija Board will be a VERY interesting test to see if the powers that "Raised the table" are still here and active? :-)
Debater asked: Should divorce be made illegal?
I used to only wanna hang out with girls at night... Cause thats when i got horny. -Terry Smith
Clinton Gregory and Gerald Smith accompanied by Scott Terry on June 8th, 7:00pm at the Jerry Run Summer Theatre...
My first Saturday morning in almost a month I got to focus on a few hours of house cleaning!! What an awesome feeling us woman have when our home is clean not to mention the calories we burn.. Not to shabby for 2 1/2 hours of cleaning.. Now I am enjoying my much earned awesome clean salad!! Yummy!! You won't find any FF's in this thing!!
MUSIC: Local musician Terry Everson to perform Sunday at Fort Smith Public Library cafe
Hanging out with my buddy Dan Dean (Philips Craig & ...?) and my youngest son Christian.
Ready for a FULL day of fun...that's what I came back home for, right? Rooting on the littlest Wooten, Teagan Wooten, at his last baseball game; spending some family time with my parents & longtime family friends; then off to see the SJ Sabercats play some arena football (haven't been to a game in YEARS!). And if the energy is still up, who knows where we'll end up after the game. Then back at busy tomorrow!
“Sorry if people experienced technical issues with our stream.but it'll probably be blamed on Kenwright or Elstone.
Even though I've been in the hospital almost this whole week; nothing compares to the moment when I saw my sweet pea n pod was sleeping (we both were lightly sedated) and baby's arms were over face and when tech awakened baby lots of kicking! Lol je't'adore!
So proud of my oldest son, G. Allen Smith, he is graduating from college, AMDA, which is American Musical and Dramatic Academy, its a Performing Arts school Kevin Smith, Terri, Wesley are
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Enjoyed the evening with some pretty special people Terri Wilson, Tina Trotter Brewer, Tracy Karr Roper, Lindsay Smith and especially Tyler!
Thanks everyone for my Birthday wishes. Today I get to collect a bet with lunch at Mr. B's in the quarter with my best bud Chuck Maryan , my BFF Sandy Smith Lazare and Richie Lazare another best bud, and Lori DiLorenzo my Hunni. IN case yall are wondering how old I am...I am celebrating the 30th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I am so blessed by my Lord Jesus Christ.
Omg what a amazing experience! The ice one what a killer i couldnt breath or pull myself out from shock to body (thanks Sarah Creed) and the 2 electric shock ones, was laughthing so much at Gary hayre and Dan wolleys screams next me. And the last electric shock one myself and brotheur Brad Cox got flung into the mud from the electric but brad went in face first!Pmsl so proud of myself and everyone that done it. 12 miles 21 obstacles, 3 hours EASY. :/
Right now my BEST FRIEND is the happiest woman n the world Terri Smith Crook WELCOME HOME MR CROOK
My mom has several free kitties and mommy cats...they are not able to care for all the cats please help find homes for these tiny babies
I prayed that God would send me the "right" man and 34 years ago today I married him! Happy anniversary John. What a blessed life we have. It just keeps getting better and better :-)). I LOVE YOU!!
Futility cover falls Any stray of my life can end in the city Hall's shelter without having the chance to be released. Each of them meant I spent time, money and invested feelings. A decision of local authorities changes their life. The fear I won't find them any more insinuated deep in my heart, just like 10-12 years ago. We are back in time although laws of physics forbid that. “Hundreds” is the word suited for me: I caught for sterilization hundreds of strays, I took hundreds of injured strays to the vet to be treated, I fed hundreds of hungry strays. The authorities will work again with ten times more ,“Thousands” . Dogs born or unborn. Over all these a futility cover falls, both from our side and theirs, the authorities.
A spanking for the Spankees. . Don't even have a tiny bit of sympathy. With Shannon Keeney Byler Anna Eccard Terri Smith
Holi Festival Of Colours London // Sat. 10th and Sun. 11th of August 2013
And we're off to the tournament in Tiverton! Come on AC Plymouth :) Nina Rodosthenous Kelly Hoggan Terri Catterall Nicola Symons Joel Briggs Brad Smith good luck boys wo !! X
You're in a fantasy realm. Go to your profile and look at the nine friends in the left hand grid. Go in order, left to right, top to bottom and record your friends as the following. Enjoy your fantasy roles! Sword-wielding Bad *** – Kathie Ford Peters (definitely a bad *** ) Healer – Nacole Smith (a nurse, but of course!) Fighter who needs no weapon - Jessica Jarrett (Just her sarcasm and wit!) Elf Mage - Rhonda Hall (She is magical!) Fairy Princess - Marian Cooper Johnson (Fairy Jello shot making princess!) Arch Nemesis - Catherine Mora (Not sure this is how you wanted to make the list...) Evil Sorcerer - Alisha Emry O'Connor (Evil, but on my side!) Dramatic Death Scene - Stephanie Stowe (Oh, the drama!) Adorable Creature Companion - Samantha Reimer (I'm having de ja vu... didn't I just tell you that you were adorable??? Lol)
Opponents of prostitution laws will rally in Vancouverby Charlie Smith on Jun 7, 2013 at 10:14 amA Toronto bondage-house operator says the government has no legal right to shut down her business.Shutterstock   Sex workers and their supporters will gather on the south side of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 2 p.m. on Saturday (June 8).   It's part of a national day of action in advance of a Supreme Court of Canada hearing on June 13 in a landmark case involving the legal rights of sex workers.   The attorneys general of Canada and Ontario have gone to the highest court in the land against Toronto dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford (a former resident of Vancouver), former fetish-house escort Amy Levovitch, and Sex Professionals of Canada executive director Valerie Scott.   In 2010, the trio successfully argued in Ontario Superior Court that three antiprostitution laws in the Criminal Code of Canada were unconstitutional because they interfered with sex workers' freedom of expression or their right to security o ...
I wanna thank god for blessing me with another wonderful year of greatness. I wanna give a special shoutout my husband Jason J. Della Lee for making for birthday beyond!!! Oh yea special thanks to my girls Tamekia Nicholson and Brittany Danyal Smith for spending it with me and thanks for coming dejuan. Love u guys too pieces!
The other day I posted a pic of my new ride, a shiny new bicycle. You hear people say all the time, "Oh, it's like riding a bike, you never forget how". Well, I'm here to tell you your mind may remember how to ride that bike but if you haven't ridden one in over 20 years, you body most definitely DOES forget how to ride that bike. :) Day One: I couldn't wait to get started. I got on the bike and lasted all of about 3 seconds before it dumped me in the driveway. I looked around and didn't see anybody so I'm hoping no one saw me trying to pick myself up out of that driveway. Determined not to give up, I got Fred to lower the seat to accommodate my shorter, compacted self and gave it another go. I went through the front yard into the road and road back around to the driveway. Ok, not far I know, but I lasted longer than the first try. Day Two: I rode it down the road one way and came back the other way down to the mailboxes and back. Hey, that's farther than I made it on day One. Day Three: I'm p ...
Update your maps at Navteq
Thank you all for hanging in there with us tonight! We hope you have enjoyed it! Be back tomorow for more chances to win!! Our winners so far are listed below... if you are a winner and haven't private messaged us, please do so!! Thanks! WINNERS: Kayla Huels, Tina Smith Bassett, Terri Williams Jones, Claire Fitzgerald Larson, Paula Swearingen, Sarah Maddox Shepherd, Laura Ingram Southerland, Greta Barrett Collins, and Luther Wendy Smith
"FINALLY!" My poor little Meiko man is getting some relief, he & Momma are going to get some well deserved rest tonight too... Had to take him into the Vet last Monday as his bottom was alarmingly swollen, so much so that the base of his tail was more than twice its normal size... He had been whimpering quite a bit for several days prior, drinking excessively too which tipped me off but when he literally screamed trying to go potty I snapped him up an off we went to the Vet! ...I have NEVER ever seen an anal gland so huge!!! It finally broke after what seems like an endless task of pain pills, antibiotics, and sitz baths 3 times a day and hours on end of belly rubs... Love my lil'man to the moon an back!!! So glad we will be able to get some rest tonight too, lol!!
What a great night had with an amazing group of friends and family:). Thanks for coming for fun, fellowship and pretties! Love and hugs to: Kellee McCoy Kronenberger, Holly Gray Gilliam, Terri Smith, Christi Dawson Salchak, Heather Friedhoff, Vonda Fruhwirth, Audra Martin Aul, Terri Kronenberger, Mandi Nicole Eblin and of course love to my Heather too:). (Ella and Logan also:)). A night to remember:)
I want to watch all my peeps run in the 5k tomorrow...I will be there in spirits..get it Terri Lavette Fugh, LaToy M Allen, Brooke Smith!!
Had a wonderful surprise visit from my Mom and Miss Aubree tonight. I think she knew I needed her somehow. She is such a blessing to me and I couldn't make it without her. The Lord gave me an angel when he picked her to be my mom. I love you Terri Smith!!!
Okay. I am now ready for a grandsons first birthday, one son and daughter In laws anniversary, one sons graduation and party, another son and almost daughter in laws wedding, house is in good shape for mother in law to sleep comfortably AND fathers day. Bring it. I am my own hero right now.
I have the best coworkers. Max threw up all over Terri Troy Smith. Sorry again! And she, Emily Sievers, and April Mann cleaned up the mess and the baby without complaining once! Thank again girls.and so sorry! Love ya!
Try this high-intensity muscle-building workout for greater strength, endurance and cardio health.
Okay, here we go! You are in a mental hospital, use the first seven people in your chat-no cheating! Remember, it's all in fun! =) My roommate: Jessica Vernon Licking windows: Max Cann Helping me escape: David Debono Running around naked: Terri Unrue-Kreiser Yelling nonsense about clowns: Stephen Smith Person I went crazy with: Darrell Miller Person that drove me crazy: David Baughman
URGENT -- this beauty may die if not claimed or pulled by Monday. Please circulate to any groups or friends you think might help. Teresa Smith Dawn Johnson McDonough Conner Esther Schkurman McKenna Travis Poe Emily Williams Joy Greenawalt Sam K. Haynie Tim Brewer Randie Benno Randy Johnston
Kevin Smith, G Allen Smith and Terri Smith are at Lux Lab + Salon, in Pasadena where Wesley works and he is doing a makeover of my hair. Can't wait to see the results.
This Tuesday at 7pm come hear from Terri Johnson and Jennifer smith! Terri is our top performer for last month and Jennifer smith has been building a very strong online following and is willing to share her secrets with the team!!! This will be hosted at the Terri's house :) if you need the address let us know ASAP. WHATEVER IT TAKES!
Can't stop laughing, we are talking about out upcoming trip to Miami for Mini Lobster Season and I told Nolan Barco... Ya know Kolby Jarquin is excited but at the same he is like ... So I'm diving with a bunch of old guys ?? I guess I don't see the gang as old people ...but from a 20 year old perspective .. what a smack of reality Bill Feuerman Richard Alvarez Terri Smith De Cubas . BAWAHHH
is going to the B'ham Ski Club Lake Party tomorrow on Smith Lake - it better be sunny and hot, no rain please!
We lost our best buddy Gibbs today. He was a true part of our family and loved by everyone. Until we meet again.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Happy Friday to all!!! We here at Johnathan's Flooring would like to mention our friends' birthdays for this week.a very very happy belated birthday to Terry Olin, Chuck Hill, Heather Thomas Nara, Joseph Jo Joseph JoJo Herbert, Charlie Crawford, Nathaniel Lillard, and Whitney Ashley Streets!! Today, Tonya Smith Bragg has a birthday and we'd like to wish her a very happy birthday.Tonya, we hope that you have a very special day! Also, for tomorrow we'd like to recognize Chris Moore, Linda Gentry, James T. Climer Bonding, and Billy Tidwell!! A very happy happy birthday to all of you!! And Sunday brings more wonderful birthdays to our friends Terri Hutchins Richardson, Stephanie Stamps Findley, Nicole Smith, and Jason Butt!! Happy Birthday to you all and enjoy your weekend!!! :D
I love the title of author Terri Peterson Smith’s new book, Off the Beaten Page: The Best Trips for Lit Lovers, Book Clubs and Girls on Getaways. It makes me want to book a trip right now! Today, I’m pleased to host Terri for my latest installment of Travel Reads. Off The Beaten Page encourages avid...
Kitty Goodhead your bed is already ! Start of a mad weekend, got Darren Smith & Daniel Whitehouse staying until Sunday, Kitty Goodhead & Martin Martin Hopcutt staying tonight. VT Tilly & Barbie Kruger here for cabaret tomorrow night. Then it's off to Blackpool with Darren,Dan & John Park on Sunday for the afternoon & night at Blackpool pride. Monday sees us make a trip to Birmingham to drop the deadly duo home & it would be rude not to stay over & have a night out in Birmingham Monday ! Ooosh it's all go, I do it cos I can. Be great to catch up with good friends in Blackpool .
I'm not ready for any relationship. unless it Sex without the extras.
I am probably going to *** several of you off, but here goes. I do NOT care that the government is tracking phone calls, emails and what ever else. I AM fine with it and glad to hear of it! If it helps keep our land safe from attacks, people out to take advantage others, or any other kinds of threats against humanity than I am all for it. I have nothing to hide.! If you do, then maybe you don't like the gov watching you. If you don't want someone else to know what you write or say, then don't do it in the first place. This is what we tell our kids when we want to keep them for texting or posting bad things/pictures. Seriously, what do you think the government is going to do with your innocent email or location of your cell call? BUT, I sure hope they do something with that email or suspicious behavior of someone about bombing another building or people. Maybe I want to live in a land of rainbows and butterfly's. We do live in the land of the free however there are always rules and always been government . ...
This weekend just isn't going to be the same without the car show! :(
Nicole Smith. Do I understand correctly that Terri's counsel is now seeking the divorce proceeding to continue and it is now Kaine holding them off?
A special THANK YOU for all the help from everyone who is there for us and making life a little easier right now. Every. Little. Bit. Helps. More than you know. I truly appreciate everything, from the bottom of my heart. Terri Miller, Melissa Smith, Dawn Thorfinnson, Amy Gunn, Saira M. Tomasek, Andrew Prenosil, Dayle Prenosil. I hope I didn't miss anyone.
Nicole Smith, So Sandy Lessman is the one who cerated the Kyrons Kubs page? What a freak. How can you be for Terri and make excuse after lame excuse for her and be for Kyron? Sandy...collecting all the teddy bears in the world will not cover the filth you spew about Kyrons parents.
Visit with Terri Scott Smith and her family at Pipe Creek. A true Texas Hill Country home and family at heart. I was so impressed with everything there and secretly jealous at that! Visited the chickens and Violet the pig (sorry gang no pics! Violet was a bit dirty!) Altho the area is dry and arid Terri manages to keep her yard nice and green very lush and weed free! I know Kim would be envious! Betty Mitchell you are definitely in for a treat when you come down here! Thank you Terri for the memory and opening your home to me and my family.. Love you bunches!
Our prayers to the Terry McCallister family from the Smith/Stutesman family. Such an icon and wonderful man that will be surely missed. God bless this family.
I made a conscious decision when I began the Ripped2Fit Challenge eight weeks ago not to let my trainer Melanie Wells tell me my weight or inches lost every week. I've been down the weight loss road before...many times and know I have a tendency to get too hung up on those numbers. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Since then I have struggled daily to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, reduce stress and exercise regularly. I have a wonderful medical support team including an internist, endocrinologist and dietician. Although most of the time my Type II diabetes is under good control, I have never been able to accomplish my biggest goal...eliminating my medication. This morning I received an email from my internist sharing my latest blood test results: Cholesterol: April 169 / June 137 LDL (bad cholesterol): April 116 / June 84 HDL (good cholesterol): April 40 / June 43 (goal is greater than 50) Triglycerides: April 67 / June 49 HbA1C: April 5.5 / June 5.2 (this tests my 3 mos average gl ...
And the two winners are. Hollie Queen and Wendy Boling! Congratulations! You two are heading the VIP event for the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta on July 17! Please email editorto claim your tickets.
Yesterday evening Terri Smith and I went to an open air play at Godolphin House down here in Cornwall. The play was The Taming of the Shrew, put on the Truro College 2nd Year students. It was a lovely evening with swallows swooping around above the house, birds singing. The wind had dropped, as it got dark the swallows departed and bats took over which could be clearly seen in the spot lights! The students were brilliant, lots of action and great character acting. It's the first time I have ever seen a play in the fresh air. Really enjoyed it. Down side, midges, they went up my jean legs and bit my legs, got in my hair and my forehead was covered in bites! I think they annoyed a lot of people the audience all scratching away! The gardens at Godolphin House and the grounds are well worth a visit, dogs are allowed as well. :-)
INDUBITABLY! I love that word. Just say it and it gets plastered into the back of your brain. Next thing you know, you're hooked on this word saying if over and over again.. It just kind of rolls off your tongue. Lol
Fear is an emotion we don't like to experience. Yet remember, it can also end up becoming the motivating factor that gets you to finally take action. You finally decide to "move" forward. When you experience fear, your body and mind respond with a "fight or flight" stance. It has its purpose. Anxiety can cause you to become paralyzed due to being overwhelmed. Fear...will limit your choices. This brings a new clarity to your life. You are forced to choose action. You either move away from something or muster the courage to face it. And when you face it, you are finally able to fight it. So are you afraid? IF so.RUN with it. Appreciate what you have. Know you are more than capable NOW. Let it motivate you. Turn the fear into courage. Make it work for you. Take charge. You are in control. xo
thanks Terri Goble Smith, we will have to hang out next visit home.Paying this one forward ... "I have Lots of Love for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Copy and paste please, don't share.."
A smile is a great way to start off your day. Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!! :)
the 6th day of every month is hard but ive got an awesome bf who will b there for me and brooke ty Terry Smith for being there for us we appreaciate it luv ya
Faustine Elizabeth Aplin Harrison Mrs. Faustine Elizabeth Aplin Harrison of Darlington, Florida, the Oak Grove Community, passed away Monday, May 27, 2013. She was 88. Funeral services will be held 11:00 am Wednesday, May 29, at the Oak Grove Baptist Church with Rev. Terry Smith and Rev. Chuck Scott officiating. Burial will follow in the church cemetery with Sorrells Funeral Home and Crematory of Geneva directing. Mrs. Harrison will be placed in the church one hour before services. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Tuesday from 6 until 8:00 pm. Mrs. Harrison was born September 18,1924 in Geneva County, Alabama to the late William Allen and Mattie Holley Aplin. She was a loving and devoted mother and grandmother who loved people and never met a stranger. She had a very loving and giving spirit to all who knew her. She was a member of Oak Grove Baptist Church for over 65 years. In addition to her parents, her husband, Archie Harrison; brother, Tommy Aplin; sister, Marlene Linder; and gr ...
Such a beautiful evening... Need to refurbish the Texas art Terry Smith & Angie Smith gave us ... We miss yall.
Exit Sir Alex. Exit the sage of our age, Terry Smith. Truly the end of days. New Gdn Diary.
Good point by regarding Temple landing two Gateway recruits: former Gators coach Terry Smith is WR coach for the Owls.
Watching cover the court or election night is like watching Alan Francis pitch shoes.
BIG congrats to one of our fearless leaders, on award-winning coverage of ruling:
Haters add fuel to my fire.. Me i just add flavor
Gotta start gettin ready for my nephew cookout in two weeks...
Congrats to on winning the Merriman Smith award. Couldn't happen to a nice journo!
“Take the Quiz: Brendan Rodgers or David Brent? is what I was tellin you! x
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