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Terry Pluto

Terry Pluto (born June 12, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an award-winning sportswriter who primarily writes columns for The Plain Dealer, and formerly for the Akron Beacon Journal about Cleveland sports and religion.

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Great article from Terry Pluto. Something not enough people talk about.
Faith & You: When someone needs to tell us the truth about zippers, etc -- Terry Pluto: There are times when ...
Cleveland Browns Scribbles: Nice moments for Nassib, Schobert and Ogbah, Coleman rusty -- Terry Pluto: In the...
cleveland​.com >> Will Cleveland Cavaliers win only 52 games? -- Terry Pluto (video)
cleveland​.com >> The worst Cleveland Browns team ever? -- Terry Pluto (video)
.win in 10 last night. Listen to on the win and the cuts.
Terry Pluto of the Plain Dealer on the Indians 1-0 win in 10 and cuts in Berea by the Browns.
Baseball - Are the Cleveland Indians in trouble? - Terry Pluto > The..
Are the Cleveland Indians in trouble? -- Terry Pluto (video)
Cleveland Indians come home with chance to pump up fans and stop doubts -- Terry Pluto -
Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' Pryor, Griffin, dreams, realism, expectations -- Terry Pluto (video) - …
Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' predictions and fighting boredom -- Terry Pluto (photos)
Cleveland Cavaliers free agency coming and not everyone will be back but J.R. Smith is needed -- Terry Pluto (phot…
When Cleveland Cavaliers win title, there should no excuses from Golden State Warriors -- Terry Pluto
Mike Brown: This Cleveland Cavaliers team is the best talent LeBron James has ever had -- Terry Pluto
Keith Dambrot: LeBron James had to leave Cleveland Cavaliers, then he had to come home -- Terry Pluto
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Lebron James - The Making of an MVP, by Terry Pluto & Brian Windhorst (2009) SC
CLE Plain Dealer: Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' about 87 wins and playoffs this season -- Terry Pluto
Terry's Talkin' Opener as time begins for Tribe fans -- Pluto
CLE Plain Dealer: Cleveland Indians open the season, time for fans to say, 'I got a game today!' -- Terry Plut...
America's best sportswriter on America's best team talking w/its owner: Memo to nets: Sign Terry before Convo
Cleveland owner Paul Dolan plans to keep team, still open to ...
Cleveland Scribbles sorting through the outfield, looking for ...
Terry,Do you feel irving is NOT being receptive to lebrons suggestions? Like NOT passing ball.etc
Go back through Terry Pluto's timeline. He wrote about it.
Terry Pluto is coming to WPPL on Wednesday! There are still a few signups left! Join us:
Cleveland Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' LeBron James and who is the Best 3? -- Terry Pluto (photos)
Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' about their 'F' grade and quarterbacks -- Terry Pluto (photos)
Talk Browns, Cavaliers, Indians with Terry Pluto live at 11 a.m.
Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan explains why team had to invest in ballpark -- Terry Pluto (photos)
Cleveland have Terry Talkin' Tyler Naquin and 25 scribbles from ...
Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan talks about how the farm system has really improved -- Terry ...
Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan talks about last season's letdown, this season's expectations -...
Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan says team is keeping Chief Wahoo, but not as main logo -- Terry Pluto
Cleveland will contend in Central Division: Terry Pluto (video)
Cleveland Indians starters will be pushed to do more this year -- Terry Pluto |
CLE Plain Dealer: Cleveland Indians wise to add Marlon Byrd in quest to find some power -- Terry Pluto
CLE Plain Dealer: Cleveland Browns roster moves make sense, as painful as that seems -- Terry Pluto (photos)
estate of late Steve O'Neill sold team to Jacobs bros on '86. Terry Pluto's "our tribe" tells story well.
Thought would like this. Any combo of Terry Pluto & Mike Moran is good stuff.
Terry's Talkin' about how Mike Moran has John Carroll's basketball team running to a 15-0 start -- Terry Pluto
Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' about changes, ownership and Alex MacK -- Terry Pluto: The Cleveland Brown...
Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' about Mark Shapiro and Sandy Alomar -- Terry Pluto (photos)
Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' about Anderson Varejao, point guards and final roster spots -- Terry Pluto.
4 of 5 stars to Loose Balls by Terry Pluto
Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin&about improved drafting and ...
Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' about the need to face reality on offense and defense -- Terry Pluto (photos):…
>> Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' about improved drafting and April sorrows: Terry Pluto
Former Cleveland Brown Joshua Cribbs cut by Oakland, pays price for years of special teams play: Terry Pluto
We now know Pluto has skies of blue and frozen water
Joe Haden's injury was not the real problem for Cleveland Browns in San Diego -- Terry Pluto (video): When Joe...
Cleveland Indians finished strong, but must not ignore the fact they weren't good enough -- Terry Pluto (photos):…
This is why Terry Crews is a massive LAD! 💪🏼
Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' about what's been happening in training ...
Talk Browns, Indians and Cavaliers with Terry Pluto live at 11 a.m.: View full sizeTerry Pluto talks Cleveland...
Cleveland Browns have Terry Askin' what happened to 'Playing like a Brown' and ...
The recent satellite mission revealed what the other side of Pluto looks like:
CLE Plain Dealer: Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' to himself about Johnny Manziel and Josh McCown -- Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto - Timofey Mozgov could receive a $100 million deal as 7-footers who are true centers are very valuable.
Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' about how Josh McCown can make a comeback -- Terry Pluto (photos): Can the…
Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' about Travis Benjamin, Taylor Gabriel, Justin Gilbert and stuff from pract...
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Cleveland Browns Scribbles: Thinking about Terrelle Pryor and Browns depth at quarterback -- Terry Pluto (phot...
Burying the Curse: How the Indians Became the Best Team in Baseball, Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto reported yesterday that the Cavs’ offer to J.R. Smith is less than the option he turned down earlier this summer.
Great Faith & You column from Terry Pluto. Don't push out those who love us. via
Terry Pluto with a mistake in his lede this week, saying Lindor is the second-youngest behind Addison Russell. Rougned Odor is younger.
According to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, J.R. Smith is still expected to re-sign wit...
CleNews: Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin' about Tristan Thompson and probable return of JR Smith …
Terry Pluto said we'd get rid of Mike Miller... Not sure how Bron is going to feel about that
That makes Hannah Kirby, Alex MacK, Kid Cudi, and now Terry Pluto. Looking at you Ellen Page...
Podcast: P-B-P man Tom Hamilton on talking baseball & his book w/Terry Pluto
Talk Cavaliers, Johnny Manziel and Indians with Terry Pluto today at ...
Glenville's Ted Ginn talks about life, -- Terry Pluto via
How would Corey Brewer fit with the Cleveland -- Terry Pluto - The Plain Dealer -
Cleveland Browns final scribbles: The best, the good and the rest in the Browns victory -- Terry Pluto (...
"Hoyer has a little Brian Sipe in him" - Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto is speaking at Thursday 10/7 on "Faith and You". Talk details in comments:
Can you believe the Cleveland Browns won this game? Maybe something special is happening -- Terry Pluto…
Oh, we won't ever confuse you with Terry Pluto, Sam. Taco Bell & Swensons is love
The inside story of how the Cleveland courted Shawn Marion -- Terry ... - The Plain Dealer - cleveland
Trading for Kevin Love won't be easy for the Cleveland -- Terry Pluto - The Plain Dealer
Cleveland Browns pregame scribbles: Worrying about the special teams -- Terry Pluto
This is a big game for Brian Hoyer and the Cleveland Browns -- Terry Pluto - clevelanddotcom
Terry's Talkin' about the agent for LeBron James, Tristan Thompson and the Cleveland Cavaliers -- Terry Pluto -
Terry's Talkin' about Cleveland Indians depth at shortstop and Corey Kluber -- Terry Pluto
Terry's Talkin' about Cleveland Browns, Barkevious Mingo and Miles Austin -- Terry Pluto (videos)
Cleveland Browns day-after scribbles: Rave reviews for running attack, tackling was poor -- Terry Pluto
Brian Hoyer solid, Johnny Manziel up and down in Cleveland Browns’ first preseason game — Terry Pluto
48 Minutes by Bob Ryan and Terry Pluto: Too much play-by-play when the best parts of the book when it pulls away. Refs have a hard job.
Cleveland Browns acquiring picks in first round then drafting Bortles and Evans? It's tempting -- Terry Pluto:...
Happy Friday! Here's The Morning Program: 6:00 / 8:00 - David Platt comes to Moody Radio Cleveland this coming Monday at 10am ...we've got a preview! 6:35 - Janet Parshall comments this week on the never-ending conversation between the Palestinians & Israelis 8:35 - Wayne Shepherd & Dr. Bob Bakke talk about "what's next" after the National Day of Prayer & the One Cry Prayer Summit 8:45 - Terry Pluto is talking to himself about Our Tribe this morning ...and so am I Get ready for a great Sunday with the Savior! (Mark Zimmerman)
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Here's Wednesday's Morning Program: 6:00 - Have you ever thought about reconnecting with an old friend? Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer says "DO IT NOW" ...before it's too late. 6:35 - Station Manager Scott Krus talks with us about some new programs coming to Moody Radio Cleveland next week... 7:35 - Dr. Mark Eckel finishes his series on holiness... 8:45 - The Tribe has just about 'run the table' out west - and not in a good way - hang in there... TOMORROW: The Morning Program is LIVE at the Willoughby Area House of Prayer (4091 Erie Street in Downtown Willoughby) from 6-9am - if you're in Lake County, stop by and pray with us to start the National Day of Prayer!
Terry Pluto's Cleveland Browns Scribbles: Why Browns are determined to add another…
Terry Pluto: About the NBA and entitlement ... Part of the reason the Cavs hired Mike Brown was that the team of mostly young players had a sense of entitlement. With young men drafted high in the NBA lottery, they are made to feel as if they have "already made it" in the NBA before taking a dribble as a pro. Even more disturbing is how the league fuels that entitlement. The NBA draft is a huge television show. Then comes the All-Star weekend, where there is a game between rookies and second-year pros. Nearly all of those young players have done nothing to merit being on the same stage as the real All-Stars. But there they are -- hanging around with MVPs and guys with championship rings. The Cavs' Tyler Zeller, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Irving all played last season in what is called "The Rising Stars" game of first and second year players. Other than Irving, none are even close to All-Star status. Many players come from a culture of jumping from team to team. In the summer, it's the high-level A ...
Watching new Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine search for assistants has Terry Pluto talking to himself
Do your homework bro, lots of revisionist history once he landed in Baltimore. Read some of Terry Pluto's books, honest guy.
Cleveland Browns' premature firing of Coach Rob Chudzinski puts front office on the spot: Terry Pluto
Cleveland Browns final scribbles: Terry Pluto wonders if Browns have plan in ...
Terry Pluto's Cleveland Cavaliers scribbles: Team on pace to finish 30-52, and ... - Plain Dealer
Cleveland Browns final scribbles: Terry Pluto talks about the need for a running game: ...
Cleveland Browns lack of talent on offense can't be excused or blamed on the coaches: Terry Pluto - …
Totally agree with Terry Pluto from PD. "About Alex MacK As the Browns are trudging to the end of the season, I wasn't very concerned about Alex MacK heading toward free agency. I figured if the Browns center isn't signed -- just make him a franchise player. That means paying him the average of the top five salaries made by centers. Only there's a problem: I had the salary cap rules wrong. To be a "franchise player," Mack would have to be paid the average of all offensive linemen. That includes the pricey left tackles. In 2013, that was $9.8 million. Ouch. Mack is paid $3.8 million. That ranks No. 4 among NFL centers. Mack has played every snap at center since he was the team's 2009 first round pick. That was the draft where Eric Mangini continually traded down, and the Jets used the Browns' top choice to grab Mark Sanchez. Most NFL people would probably prefer Mack over Sanchez at this point in their careers. Anyway, Mack is a Pro Bowl caliber center and at age of 28, he's in the prime of his career. The ...
Random rec: Terry Pluto's oral history of the ABA is a ton of fun.
Tony Rizzo is a wife beater. Bernie Kosar is a drunk. Terry Pluto gave up years ago. Outside of Jason Lloyd, Cleveland sports media is weak.
TERRY'S TALK' SPORTS: Can this loss in New England really be a sign of progress for the Cleveland Browns?...
Cleveland Browns don't just lose, they do it in a way that seems impossible to believe: Terry Pluto - clevelanddotcom
TERRY'S TALK' SPORTS: Cleveland Browns halftime scribbles: Jason Campbell is sharp, Tom Brady is not as Browns...
TERRY'S TALK' SPORTS: Cleveland Browns Pregame Scribbles: Having Jason Campbell still has the Browns facing a...
thx for going back. Tall tales by terry Pluto long ago inspired my interest in bball roots
Terry Pluto's Talkin' about Browns quarterbacks, stats on defense, Cavs big men, and Tribe's Josh Tomlin - clevela...
some bs like vorpwar+ and say it's controlled for park factors and live ball era. Ppl r like, wow ur the next terry pluto
TERRY'S TALK' SPORTS: Kirtland is the story of a small town with a big heart and a Tiger of a football team:...
Terry Pluto said the Cavs should take Thomas Robinson and said it was crazy to take Drummond, LOL
Lol, still taking notes for my Overtime column. Here is one from Cleve. Plain-Dealer sportswriter Terry Pluto: " Brandon Weeden kept both teams in the game with his passing." ( Weeden had turnovers on 3 consecutive series.)
Best podcast in weeks. Thanks to for the imagine of Terry Pluto & Co. licking Joe Banner's balls. Love it!
Have you entered our Browns Books giveaway? Time is running out for a chance to win books by Terry Pluto, Scott...
The victory over Kent State is a sign Terry Bowden is making some progress with Akron football: Terry Pluto
Cleveland Plain Dealer >> Terry Pluto on the Browns at the bye week, start of season for Cavs and Chris Perez:
Cleveland Plain Dealer >> Talk Cleveland sports with Terry Pluto today at noon
Once again, Cleveland Browns victimized by second-half problems: Terry Pluto's ... - Plain Dealer
What a great weekend for Clevelandsports! Terry Pluto, Cleveland sports writer, visited our Bainbridge location...
Ready for another week of morning show duty at Majic 105.7... I'm pretty sure I predicted a 17-6 Browns victory on Friday! We'll check the tape! 7:40 - Terry Pluto talks about the winning weekend. 8:10 - Steve LaTourette. 9:30 - Allison Janney from the CBS series "Mom"... Plus, I'll have 10 facts about coffee you probably DIDN'T know. So, grab a cup and let's hang out 5:00 to 10:00 Monday Morning.
At least one Cavs center will be ready to open training camp! Anderson Varejao is ready to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers after the Brazilian has been cleared by team doctors, declaring him ready when the Cavs open training camp in October. (VIDEO) Terry Pluto from, the 30-year old forward-center is finally healthy from various injuries, including leg problems (quadriceps) and blood clots. In the 2012-13 regular season, Varejao missed 57 games and in the last three seasons he has missed a total of 149 games and only played in 81. While considered injury-prone by many, Varejao has been very effective in the times he actually played. In 25 games in the 2011-12 regular season, he averaged 10.8 points and 11.5 rebounds per game. Last year, he bumped up those averages to an even more impressive 14.1 points and 14.3 rebounds per game, although he once again played in just another 25 games. When Varejao finally returns to Cleveland’s roster, he’d see a different, improved depth in the f ...
Cleveland Browns going with QB Brian Hoyer? Why not, says Terry Pluto - Plain Dealer
Cleveland Plain Dealer >> Cleveland Browns scribbles from Terry Pluto: Good reviews for Sanford, Fort, Hoyer and
"Leon McFadden had his first NFL action, and the rookie was schooled by Reggie Wayne and other veteran receivers" - Terry Pluto
Chris Buckley, Joel Stein, Terry Pluto, EA Poe, Dostoyevsky, Philip Roth, David Donald. Wish I had time to read more
Terry Pluto gets the greatest emails even when they're sad. This one is about what a nice person Omar Vizquel is.
Terry Pluto award-winning sportswriter who primarily writes columns for The Plain Dealer :
Terry Pluto's Blog: Miami's LeBron James feeling the heat as Cleveland ...
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about Mike Brown's return, Barkevious Mingo and the ...
Terry Pluto's Morning Draft Blog: Cleveland Browns need to pick two more ...
Terry Pluto's Cleveland Browns Blog: Sorting out what the new front office did in the NFL draft: ...
The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto reports the have "looked into" free agent TE Fred Davis.
Wow at this from Terry Pluto of Cleveland Plain Dealer: have more players (2) from the 2009 team than the Browns do (1).
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about more Browns player shopping, an improved ... - Plain Dealer: Terry Pluto's Tal...
Indians CEO Paul Dolan explains his team's thought process following a 68-94 season in 2012 and says that a total rebuild was not an option, Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. "None of us wanted to think about tearing it down. Our goal is to put together a team to win a World Series. Another goal is to avoid 20 years of losing, which some smaller-market teams have endured." The Indians did trade outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, but rather than also dealing veterans like Asdrubal Cabrera, Chris Perez and Justin Masterson, the team spent heavily on free agents like Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher. Here are more notes from Pluto's interview with Dolan. Dolan expresses "a high degree of confidence" in team president Mark Shapiro and GM Chris Antonetti, even though the Indians haven't had a winning season since 2007. Dolan also confims that the Indians offered a four-year, $43MM deal to outfielder Shane Victorino, who ended up going to the Red Sox for three years and $39MM. Dolan says he didn't want t ...
Indians CEO Paul Dolan tells Terry Pluto in wide-ranging interview that the team's 2012 dismal finish "was a shock we needed."
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about Browns expectations, the Indians' off-season ...
Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto "guesses" that the Browns will sign Matt Moore if they sign a free agent quarterback this offseason.-Alex
It's not fair! Faith and You columnist Terry Pluto offers some tips about dealing with resentment.
"My story on Weeden and how he was hurt by the offense..shocked by data I found. great article Terry!
.here. The was the 3rd most-watched telecast ever. But Terry Pluto is tuning out. Hear why Weds, 5:35 & 7:35 a.m.
Great column from Terry Pluto on how the misused Brandon Weeden last year.
Terry Pluto: The West Coast offense and Brandon Weeden were never going to be a good fit.
I encourage you to read Endless Summers. It gives the Non-Terry Pluto version of what happened to baseball
Statistics show West Coast was never the best route for Cleveland Browns' Brandon Weeden: Terry
Terry Pluto talked about the and Alex Smith, the Super Bowl and the in his weekly podcast.
Terry Pluto talks about Alex Smith, Super Bowl, Tribe and Marreese Speights: Podcast: Should the Browns go...
I will be giving a faith talk Wednesday at 7 PM at Stow Presbyterian Church. It's free. Here's info:...
The Moon entered questing Sagittarius this morning, establishing a mood for experiencing life from within the context of the big picture for the next two days. Her first contact is to activate the Mars-Neptune union in Pisces where Mars is reminded that if you don't like where the tide of your life is carrying you, make the needed adjustments and begin now to create a new story. This Mars-Neptune union is enabling us to merge and integrate human and spirit and as Eckhart Tolle noted, "Present moment is the field on which the game of life happens." Just trust your heart & love into the answers as Luna flows her light to Venus and Uranus, creating opportunities to reap the benefits of dancing beyond habits and patterns founded in the illusion of separation. This is a great day to cultivate your friendship with Serendipity--benefits may very well show up quite unexpectedly and in the most delightful ways. May it be that today you have the experience that "Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all. ...
Terry Pluto writes that Terry Francona's co-author thinks the are getting a rejuvenated manager.
The Indians are still considering Jim Thome: Not as some philosophical subject, but a a DH: Terry Pluto reports ...
Here's my column on Terry Francona from the view of his co-author:...
Beautiful job Terry!RT My Sunday blog on Art Modell...keep the comments clean, no name-calling, etc.
Terry Pluto's Sports Blog: Just glad the Hall of Fame voting and the Art Modell issue is settled: This was not a...
the only thing in the PD Sports not painful is Terry pluto and Paul Hoynsie. Original guys with classy articles.
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about the Browns' off-season needs, the Indians' options at DH and catcher and a...
Brutal — The Hall of Fame case for Art Modell? It just doesn't exist: Terry Pluto |
March 22-24 I'm in Duval ta go in fa my 25th bday!! I know my peoples got me.. Lou Bake Terri Brooks Jermaina Brooks
Cleveland Plain Dealer & writer Terry Pluto talks with Baskin & Phelps about the Browns hire of Michael Lombardii and Rob Chudzinski, and what he thinks it means for players like Brandon Weeden.
Good days and bad days. Today was a bad day. Needing the Lord to really smack me in the forehead and shake me like never before. I need answers and I have none. I dislike very much so. the unknown.
Terry Pluto: Cleveland Browns CEO is just saying what I've been saying all along, that Chip Kelly was a gamble
Just read Terry Pluto's column on being relieved Chip Kelly turned the job down. Couldnt agree more and he mentioned maybe taking a look at Brad Seeley. Forgot about him and think he would be a great choice for next head coach of the Browns. What does everyone else think?
Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto shares his insights on "More Sports & Les Levine" on Time Warner Cable Channel 1311 at 6 p.m. tonight and Mary Kay Cabot joins Andre Knott on "The Browns Red Zone" on SportsTime Ohio at 8 p.m.
Terry Pluto's new book, Faith and You Volume 2, includes 35 essays about faith in everyday life, including such real-world topics as how to make friendship more meaningful, relating better to our siblings and parents, handling stressful holidays, dealing with jerks, losing a pet, and more.
Cleveland Browns fan email their apprehensions about the coaching change to Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto.
Terry Pluto's scribbles on the Cleveland Browns' search for a coach - Plain Dealer (blog): Plain De...
Terry Pluto says fans have no choice but to trust Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam. Do you trust them?
As the Browns play their final game of the season, Terry Pluto wonders when fans of the Browns will have a final game that really means something.
Pat Shurmur made some moves that will help the next Cleveland Browns coach: Terry Pluto
Nick Swisher signing is a stunning move by Cleveland Indians - Terry Pluto -
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about Trent Richardson's value, a speedy Brown, a big future for a big Cavalier and the...
The Wednesday "MP": 6:05 / 8:05 - Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer went to Summit County Jail recently to talk about "second chances" 7:05 - David Szafranski of Edgewater Investments in Avon asks "How much IS the government supposed to take care of us?" 8:35 - I've talked about the solemn nature of Advent before - today, Julie Roys compares Advent & Lent in her audio blog (mz)
Browns replacing GM Tom Heckert with Mike Lombardi makes no sense: Terry Pluto
Mogadore running back Gary Strain bulls his way into history: Terry Pluto -
This was in today's Plain Dealer. If you have a couple of minutes, it is worth the read. What is described in the article happened to me when my mom died. We all knew she was dying. I was sitting at my desk at work when suddenly I was overcome with an overwhelming feeling that I needed to go be with her. I had called and checked on her that morning and her condition had not changed. After I got this feeling, I called and checked again and nothing had changed, but I listened to that feeling (God) and went to her. I received one of the greatest gifts I have ever received - being able to be there with one of the greatest women I have ever known when she took her last breath. Moments before this, I sat with her and told her how much I loved her and that me and my brothers were going to be ok and that it was ok for her to go now and she did. An excerpt from "Faith and You Volume 2: More Essays on Faith in Everyday Life" by Terry Pluto. Chapter 29: Is That You, God? In his new book, Faith and You Volu ...
Excerpts from Terry Pluto's new book start tomorrow (Wednesday) in The Plain Dealer.
Just another loss for fans locked in the Cleveland Browns' torture chamber: Terry Pluto
Hi everyone. if you get a chance read the article in today's {pd0 sports section by Terry Pluto about John Hay HS football the head coach is my sisters son in law, rodney. It is a very positive article about the teams first time to the play offs and how the players have 3.0 GPA and how acedemics come first along with being real MEN. We all are so proud of Rodney and the Hornets...
John Hay High School football team overcomes long odds, on/off field: Terry Pluto
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Phenomenal story about Cleveland students thriving in the classroom, and at football: John Hay with Terry Pluto:
Plain Dealer's Cleveland Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot and columnist Terry Pluto look back on Mike Holmgren's three years as president of the Browns.
Cleveland Browns don't have many wins, but they are improving: Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto if the plain dealer is a biased reporter his entire article about josh Gordon talk bout his past but nothing not his talent
For Tony DeCarlo, John Carroll University was the only place that felt right: Terry Pluto
Although it has been frustrating to watch... Browns have been annoying, for sure, but Terry Pluto and some NFL GM's believe they are getting close to finally being a competitive team in the division...Weeden will get better...the whole thing is the dropped passes so far, which Weeden has no control over...the Browns probably win a couple games if those receivers catch the *** ball...Billy Winn, Craig Robertson on defense, and Trent Richardson and some of the young guys on offense will make the Browns a team to watch down the road...
Now that Cleveland Indians have fired Manny Acta, what next? I have no idea: Terry Pluto blog: After firing Mann...
Youthful roster at the heart of Cleveland Browns' slow start: Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto on the Browns-Bills matchup, replacement referees, Josh Cribbs and Manny Acta's future: Podcast
The Browns' rusty rookie should round into form over the next few games, says Terry Pluto.
Art Modell, former owner of the Cleveland Browns-turned-Baltimore Ravens, died on Thursday. Bill Littlefield and Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer remember Modell and his impact on the NFL.
Terry Pluto wonders why fans still stick with the Cleveland Browns
Terry Pluto: "I am blanking out at 3rd base, whoever it was he wasn't very good..." talking about '07 tribe. He doesn't remember Casey Blake
Terry, what's most likely to happen when you have venus in the 6th opposing pluto in the 12th???
Probably not many...I only know it second-hand myself through reading Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto thinks Ubaldo Jimenez is the biggest disappointment for the Who would you choose?
Cleveland Indians Ubaldo Jimenez is the biggest disappointment of the Tribe's season: Terry Pluto Morning Blog
Reading at work. Terry Pluto is 100% correct, though I would like to see Hafner get another at bat in Cleveland.
Congratulatons to WKSU's Vivian Goodman and former Akron Press Club member Stuart Warner on their induction into the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame. Well deserved recognition.
Terry Pluto is yet again spot on in his analysis of the
Andy -- Joe Tait has a book out written with Terry Pluto -- "Joe Tait -- It's Been a Real Ball". How have you heard Joe?
With their fate sealed, Cleveland Indians have no excuse for not giving prospects a chance: Terry Pluto
Congratulations brother! Well deserved. Is there a cash award? You still owe me $10.
- Terry Pluto talks about Browns' win over Lions, Brandon Weeden and Indians: Podcast:
Talk and with Terry Pluto live at 1 p.m.
Terry Pluto to speak at the Medina Library, Tuesday, September 18th. Come and listen to a local legend talk about...
I used to be a fan of reading Terry Pluto, but now its like he writes the obvious...seriously, I feel like I waste my time reading his stuff
Browns fans are being reminded there is one big problem with rookies -- they are rookies.
What we saw Friday from the Cleveland Browns was the play of rookies: Terry ...
They would rather read about how Brandon Weeden had ugly moments at quarterback, and how Mitchell Schwartz sometimes looked shaky at right tackle.
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about the Browns' new owner, a positive training ... - Plain Dealer (blog)
Be kind. That advice can save us a lot of grief, writes columnist Terry Pluto.
"It's a lousy team being led by a rookie QB and ... a lousy head coach ... (Brandon) Weeden's problem is A) He's not 22, so he needs to catch on faster. B) He might be washed away with the rest of this regime if he ends up being the starter on a 2-14 train wreck when the next front office moves in."
I have a friend who works in retail. One day, some of her co-workers got into an argument. And soon, she was sucked into the debate.
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about the Browns' first practice game, the impact of two contracts on the Indians and a...
“Here is my latest faith column...Browns fans need faith, right?... why we love Terry Pluto in
Like most fans, I want to see Brandon Weeden. But the Browns have so many more guys worth watching, including Mohammed Massaquo and Josh Gordon.
Cleveland Browns' error-prone exhibition opener not worth fretting about (too much): Terry Pluto
Not much to enjoy in the Browns' first half of the preseason: Terry Pluto's scribbles
By Terry Pluto DETROIT: Here r my Browns halftime scribbles: 1. Dn't wnt to thnk what the Browns...
By Terry Pluto DETROIT: Here are my Browns halftime scribbles: 1. Don't want to think what the Browns...
Kindness can go a long way in easing workplace disputes: Terry Pluto
Do you feel the same way about Terry Pluto and his "Most fans..." device.
Owner Paul Dolan just said to Terry Pluto that the team is, "Not For Sale". Great so I have to settle for more mediocrity
From Terry Pluto's story in tomorrow's 'PD' on the Tribe's collapse: "The franchise is not for sale." - Paul Dolan Dolan Family: If you think you can build the Tribe back to what it was worth when you bought it using the methods you're using now... please. In order to reach that level, you're going to have to play the same "risk/reward" game as Detroit & Chicago. That takes $$$. Millions of $$$. AND... you're going to have to do it this fall & winter to have any HOPE of selling tickets the day after Thanksgiving. You in?
After reading Terry Pluto's sit-down with Paul Dolan, I am more disheartened for the future of the than ever
Tribe CEO Paul Dolan reaffirms that the team is not for sale, but that some investors would be welcomed.
I hope the Dolan family goes completely broke after that BS interview with Terry Pluto. I dream of a day when the attendance is 0 for 1 game
Was? “Cleveland Indians CEO Paul Dolan on Tribe's midsummer collapse: 'It was so dismal' Terry Pluto |
Time for Colt McCoy to accept being a backup, because that's reality for him in the NFL.
It's time for the Indians to release Derek Lowe and Johnny Damon since the veterans are not producing enough to justify their roster spots, Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes.
Terry Pluto is Speechless and so am I. By Terry Pluto There are times when the local teams leave me speechless... Only I'm paid to write about them. The Indians just traded for a guy hitting .165, and is 3-of-36 vs. lefties. In 79 official at bats this season, he has a in A double. He has an on-base percentage of .212., and that matches his career batting average. His name is Brent Lillibridge and he's here via the Boston Red Sox. He can play everything but catcher. It doesn't matter where he plays, he doesn't hit. Period. He's 28, and I wish they just would have skipped it and brought up Jason Donald. Oh, there was a player in the deal...the Indians sent 26-year-old Jose De LaTorre to Boston for Lillibridge. He was 8-1 with a 2.81 ERA at Class AA Akron. De LaTorre was sent to Class AAA by Boston. For what it's worth, Donald is hitting .268 (.802 OPS) at Class AAA Columbus. In 13 July games, he's at .315 with 3 homers. I know, he opened the season with the Tribe and was 9-of-48 (.188), then se ...
Terry Pluto's Talkin' about Dion Waiters, Andrew Bynum, the Browns, Tribe and more GGGoo
Cleveland Indians' Jason Kipnis eager to improve his play: Terry Pluto's Scribbles
Terry Pluto checked in from Tampa today to talk Browns, Indians and Cavaliers.
The Cleveland Indians are trying to deal for San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin, reports Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer...
Lunch with terry Pluto today. We are gonna talk browns football for sure.
The only celebs wey get sense for 9ja na Ruggedbaba.2baba n Dbanj.n faze..I like terry G..
Terry Pluto reports that the Indians are indeed in trade talks with Quentin, but the 2 sides "don't have much common ground" at the moment.
I just read an article by Terry Pluto that said that Andrew Bynum had the Cavs on his list of teams when he's a free agent. LOL REALLY?
Cleveland Indians can't escape the pressure of the trade deadline: Terry Pluto
Check out Daily LIVE with guest host Michael Reghi & Terry Pluto:
Terry Pluto talks about Dwight Howard trade that would bring Kris Humpries to Cavs, possib...
Plantain and Terry goto Pluto yesterday. We find crate that says Hobo-13. Now we goto Hobo-13!
I've spent part of today working on these Cavs scribbles about the rumored deal: By Terry Pluto 1. I can't figure...
Brandon Jackson - Browns - Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer says Brandon Jackson has “established...
You need a copy of Terry Pluto's Loose Balls. DEFINITIVE book on the ABA.
Losing a treasured pet that provided years of emotional comfort can be devastating, writes columnist Terry Pluto. But grieving owners should know that God is still with them.
I see Terry Pluto is up to his old tricks again of trying to influence people's thoughts on what should and should not happen.Give me a brek
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about the Browns' run emphasis, the Indians' pitching issues and the Cavaliers' quiet...
Great article about Larry Doby's challenging route to the Cleveland Indians from Terry Pluto
Larry Doby's challenging route to the Cleveland Indians and MLB history deserves a street (and probably more): Terry...
Jus seen my lil sis she aint seen me in 2yrs nd all she could say was Terry wen yu takin me shopping swea she gon run me broke
We need Ubaldo Jimenez... He's coming around. Good story on his resurgence by Terry Pluto:
About to read "False Start" by Terry Pluto. Too *** hot to be outside. Thanks Medina Public Library!!!
How has Ubaldo Jimenez started to work his way back into form? Terry Pluto takes a look.
Surprised by the Cleveland Indians' record -- Terry Pluto - Plain Dealer (blog)
Columnist is Terry Pluto is surprised by the Indians' 42-39 mark at the halfway point of the season.
By not throwing in the towel, Ubaldo Jimenez showing signs of coming around for Cleveland Indians: Terry Pluto
I know this might be blasphemous to say as a writer, but Terry Pluto just doesn't really do it for me
Surprised by the Cleveland Indians' record -- Terry Pluto HLcAhvZn
Surprised by the Cleveland Indians' record -- Terry Pluto: Cleveland Plain Dealer » Columnist is T...
Surprised by the Cleveland Indians' record -- Terry Pluto
Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott and guard Dion Waiters will be fun to watch this season -- Terry Pluto: St...
Terry Pluto and Joe Tait. Both are legendary, award winning sports icons that the city of Cleveland instantly identify with. And both will be here at the Fairlawn-Bath Branch Library to discuss Joe’s memories and reflections from his life and hall of fame career that he and Terry recently collabor...
Good to see Mike Cairns basically stole a column Terry Pluto wrote two weeks ago and set it to video:
A week before the NBA draft Terry Pluto is still calling for the Cavs to draft Thomas Robinson and thinks Drummond is like DeAndre Jordan...
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about the Browns' offensive confidence, the big question about the Cavaliers' draft and if...
Terry Pluto's Talkin' ... about the Browns' QBs and growing LB depth the Cavaliers' draft choi
Terry Pluto likes Kent State's odds in Oregon: The Kent State University baseball team is one step away from the...
Terry Pluto has gone several weeks now saying how the Cavs should draft Thomas Robinson. It is not going to happen. Please stop Terry.
hope u saw terry Pluto column that ran Tuesday as well
Just heard what Terry Pluto said on Harrison Barnes. Gotta say I agree.
dey waz high asf, Terry waz juz reckless buttbutt waz on Pluto lol
Terry Pluto is really going for the jugular when it comes to who he thinks the Cavs should draft. I think the sports talk is rubbing off.
If you don't know the story of BB Hall of Famers Jack Twyman and Maurice Stokes, here's a good place to start.
High on pluto toldd em I'll be back
Terry Pluto is a respected writer who covers everything. Which is why I know he didn't watch anywhere near as much college hoops as me.
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