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Terry Pendleton

Terry Lee Pendleton (born July 16, 1960 in Los Angeles, California) is a former third baseman in Major League Baseball, and a former hitting coach and current first base coach of the Atlanta Braves.

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If it's not Mark it's either Otis Nixon or Terry Pendleton
of Gary Martin Hays hanging out with Atlanta Braves baseball coach & friend Terry Pendleton
That Terry Pendleton is awesome! I need to find a signed baseball by him.
Trout already has more 2nd place finishes than Bonds. But Terry Pendleton was a joke.
Man... I remember when he made his MLB debut! We're all getting old! I remember the Otis Nixon and Terry Pendleton days too! Shew!
At Ozzie Smith on the ground, there's a double play. Instead, it went between Smith and Terry Pendlet…
I would sit beside Terry Pendleton for sure. Been there through so much with the Braves and knows a bit about the game too.
and Terry Pendleton & Willie McGee are the only Cardinals to SLG .420 in a season
I know because Terry Pendleton can't coach - make him manager!
.I grew up in love with Otis Nixon, Fred McGriff, Terry Pendleton, Ron Gant, David Justice, AND they were all…
Terry Pendleton, Jack Clark, Ozzie, Whitey Herzog, Pedro Guerrero...lots of good Cardinals buybacks in Topps. (Sigh) Where is Lankford?
Former Atlanta Braves players Sid Bream and Terry Pendleton spoke at Chapel Hill Baptist Church on Saturday.
Terry Pendleton, Walt Wiley and Sid Bream talking at Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Milan, Tenn.…
This day in history: Terry Pendleton wins the 1991 National League Most Valuable Player Award.
Lonnie Smith Ks and Terry Pendleton grounds out. Morris has now twirled 10 scoreless in Game 7, 25 years ago.
Yadi Molina and Kolten Wong going all Terry Pendleton and So Taguchi tonight in New York City.
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Ron Darling talking about his jammed thumb which means I have Vince Coleman flashbacks. Which turn into Terry Pendleton flashbacks. Dammit.
The are facing defensive shifts 15.2% of the time. Freddie Freeman and Terry Pendleton on how to beat them. http…
Terry Pendleton will move from first base coach to bench coach and Eddie Perez will move from bullpen coach to first base coach.
One MLB official says he's "shocked'' went with Brian Snitker over Terry Pendleton or Eddie Perez as Fred G. replace…
Agreed. Surrounding himself with guys like Terry Pendleton, Bo Porter, and Eddie Perez helps.
Braves Coach Terry Pendleton autographed and inscribed bat
Ozil, Terry, Joshua and Pendleton among guests at glitzy Sports Industry awards bash
The sight of Terry Pendleton makes me happy.
Braves fans want Freddie fired. But why? Terry Pendleton Chipper no one is winning with this team and no one will for two more years
if they fold in Terry Pendleton I'm pretty sure that means I'm a kid again and I get to go play
We need everybody back. Let Terry Pendleton hit. Go get Ron Gant.
Oh the Joy of 91. Terry Pendleton, Ron Gant, David Justice, Glavin, Avery, Smoltz. Brings back the best memories.
do you guys thing Rogers looks like Terry Pendleton
With Bobby in the front office I'd guess Terry Pendleton gets first crack at interim.
FINAL: 4, 3! Backman makes the play of the year to end it! Dives for Terry Pendleton's would-be tying hit up the middle...
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Terry asks Craige Pendleton-Browne, CTO of OFX, about the company's journey on AWS
Rogers reminds me of great Terry Pendleton
should bring Terry Pendleton out of retirement. We need some offense.
Writing my post about going to Thursday's Dodgers/Braves game which included an appearance of Terry Pendleton's MVP.
I can't determine if Jason Rogers looks more like Terry Pendleton or Kirby Puckett? Dude has some huge *** legs and ***
maybe he couldn't find his and had to borrow Terry Pendleton's old helmet.
Babyface, James Mtume, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Malik Pendleton, and R. Kelly all produced on this album.
The answer is not Terry Pendleton. Eddie Perez is a possibility. What about Ron Gardenhire?
David Justice, Ron Gant, Terry Pendleton, Fred McGriff all on the same squad
I used to be able to name the entire starting lineup for that year. Rob Gant. Mark Lemke. Rafael Belyard. Terry Pendleton...
Yes a great effort indeed. Do we now get to see the 'ungallant' Francome on a bike ? Terry
Mr. Terry Pendleton coaching 1B for Braves. One of my favorite Cardinals from the 80's! Good to see him
Did Terry Pendleton change his approach/swing when he got to Atlanta? career high RC+ 118 at to 141
Vince Coleman & Terry Pendleton were drafted by the in the 1982 draft.
Terry Pendleton deserves the job. Not Chipper. While Fredi is asleep at the wheel TP is attuned to all aspects of the game.
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And all of the old Louisville Redbirds. Willie McGee, Vince Coleman, Terry Pendleton, Andy Van Slyke, Todd Worrell and Mr…
Terry Pendleton really bringing it here as he tosses BP. The stadium gun at Joker Marchant has him clocked at 122mph.
Terry Pendleton working on short hops with Freddie Freeman. They've been doing the same drills for 100 yrs.
Thanks Terry, seems like yesterday. Night before wedding. I made his Pendleton shirt. Buttonholes Ugg
I'm like, hey Terry Pendleton, you're my favorite, but you only won 1 mvp. Not enough for me to allow your fat *** to bang my mom
If Manfred or anyone else is going to say Eddie Perez, Terry Pendleton, Alex Cora, et al less qualified than someone w/ degree, I say BS.
ICYMI WATCH- Terry Pendleton spoke at Evening with the All-Stars last night & to the team.
Big thanks to Terry Pendleton and all who came out to a great night at our Evening with the All-Stars Banquet. 8 days til 1st pitch.
BSB - Terry Pendleton Speaks at Annual Evening with the All-Stars -
Atlanta Braves first base coach and former Major League Baseball star Terry Pendleton, right, sits with Dr. Todd...
is now introducing Terry Pendleton to the team before tonight's Evening with the All-Stars
We would like to welcome Terry Pendleton and his beautiful wife to the Ed Voyles Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Family!...
It's no time to sit down. Terry Pendleton will be at Evening w/ the All-Stars tonight!
Braves Fat HOF: Bob Horner,Andruw Jones, Terry Forster,Terry Pendleton,and we had him at his fattest.. Babe Ruth.
Terry Pendleton is not walking through that door.
Kenny Stabler in the Pro Football HOF is the equivalent of what? Terry Pendleton in the MLB HOF? Shane Battier in the NBA HOF?
sorry I’m late to the gif party I was stuck in traffic
Terry Pendleton was as good the last yr of his deal. Reggie Jackson with the yankees. Ichiro, Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson
"Braves' 1991 winners were Terry Pendleton, Tom Glavine and Bobby Cox.". If Cubs trio turn out like these, would be awesome!
Sinker that didn't sink. Just got a flashback to 1987. Roger McDowell vs Terry Pendleton.
Happy Birthday to first base coach and 1991 NL MVP, Terry Pendleton!
Friday night, 11th of September, 1987, the night Terry F**king Pendleton murdered my youth & ability to dream...
I hope the FBI finds out that Terry Pendleton's HR off McDowell in '87 was hit because they hacked the Mets internal scouting reports.
Shots fired into church in Memphis, TN »
As long as it's not Terry Pendleton
Our Chapman Metering tech will be moving into Pendleton County for meter testing. If you see Terry, say 'hi.'
thank you Terry Pendleton for the ball!
But I do wonder when or whether Eddie Perez or Terry Pendleton will get their first chance to manage a major league team.
Terry Pendleton as manager. starting tomorrow
Tobias with his best Terry Pendleton impression right there.
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If the Braves lose this game, Terry Pendleton should be managing tomorrow
I mean, STL is wearing throwbacks this weekend, so my Terry Pendleton jersey would fit right in..
explains it all. Somebody remind him Terry Pendleton rides too. And would probably give him better quotes.
John Hart, please fire Fredi Gonzalez. Have Terry Pendleton manage the rest of the season.
Terry Pendleton great hitter but terrible hitting coach...
Yall thought the was a new invention. Terry Pendleton stayed ahead of the game.
if i recall correctly, Cards' jack Clark and terry Pendleton did not play in the series due to injuries.
He actually did a really good job today but when are we firing Fredi? Thoughts of Terry Pendleton taking over are in my head.
The boys with my favorite player when I was growing up, Terry Pendleton.
*Terry Pendleton looks up, thinks for a moment, then goes back to eating his lunch*
Terry Pendleton needs to be the new manager. Agree?
I had a Great time watching batting practice from the field . Thank you Terry Pendleton for the pic…
And Terry Pendleton about 15 years ago. Or Terry Pendleton now, maybe.
Terry Pendleton puts on the gloves and starts throwing hands?
They were like "Kent, stop fighting Terry Pendleton, it's the 38th time this week"
domain names
I'm giving away: Terry Pendleton. Check it out -
I could have had like 44 golden gloves but I kept on fighting Terry Pendleton in the spring training of '92
alright last guesses: Terry Pendleton, Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial, or Tom Herr
bought a box of BB cards at a yard sale for $1 and found a Terry Pendleton auto in the box...framed it!
havent been to see them play in a long time. Terry Pendleton played 3rd and Justice was in right field. Many moon ago
Terry Pendleton was only like 5lbs lighter when he played.
2B ump Jeff Nelson just tossed first-base coach Terry Pendleton for some reason. Hitting coach Kevin Seitzer now coaching first.
Monday: Terry Pendleton on the conflict in Gaza. Tuesday: Mark Lemke discusses gin control. Wednesday: Sid Bream on vaccines...
who do you hire though? I'm not sure Bo Porter would be the answer. I would actually go with Terry Pendleton
Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith and Terry Pendleton. Three awesome black cardinals from old days.
Fire all hitting coaches! Hire Chipper Jones as hitting coach! Keep McDowell as pitching coach! Terry Pendleton as bench coach!
Two autographs, a Ron Gant and a Terry Pendleton. Whoever packed must have been an early 90s Braves fan LOL
Great win by the Cards today. They're finally showing a pulse. They had a few bunt hits and a couple of stolen bases. I heard commentators Ricky Horton and Pat Parris both compare the game to Whitey Hetzog's Runnin Redbirds from 1985. A few stolen base totals from that year: Vince Coleman 110 Willie McGee 56 Andy Vanslyke 34 Tommy Herr 31 Ozzie Smith 31 Terry Pendleton 17 Let's not make ridiculous comparisons and just be happy for a win.
Former Major Leaguer, Terry Pendleton, signs autographs for fans before a White Sox-Braves game in Chicago.
Wife comes up from the basement and hands the kids baseball cards. In the pile there's, Roberto Alomar, Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken Jr, Ken Griffey Jr, Kirby Puckett, Jose Canseco ,Kevin Brown , Fred McGriff , Ryan Sandberg, Terry Pendleton, Ozzie Smith ,Barry Bonds, Tony Gwynn, Andy Van Slyke , Tom Glavine , Mark McGwire. This stack goes in the safe for another 10yrs. Thing that got me is I knew each one of these players and couldn't name 15 players in today's game.
Remember last year when Terry Pendleton nearly choke slammed Chris Johnson after he slid into first? STOP IT, BASEBALL PLAYERS.
40 years ago, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's HR record. If I didn't fight Terry Pendleton so much in 92, I'd be on that …
Went to Florida to some baseball Spring Training games this past week and got a ton of autographs. If your interested in anyone, let me know. I also have pictures of almost everyone that I got signatures from while they were signing, so ill send those to you in a PM also. Here is what I have. Baseballs signed by: (2) Freddie Freeman - Braves first baseman (2) Dan Uggla - Braves 2nd baseman (1) Andrelton Simmons - Braves starting gold glove shortstop (3) Evan Gattis - Braves cather (4) Jason Hursh - Braves overall prospect (4) Christian Bethancourt - Braves overall prospect (1) Terry Pendleton - Braves 3rd base coach, former MVP (4) Matt Lipka - Braves overall prospect (2) Lucas Sims - Braves overall prospect (2) Jason Heyward - Braves right fielder (2) Brad Asmus - Tigers manager (1) Joe Nathan - Tigers closer (2) Jim Leyland - Tigers former manager (2) Al Kaline - former Tiger, Hall of Famer, one of the best players in history. (4) Nick Costellanos - Tigers overall prospect (1) Alex Avila - Tigers catche ...
Hey, Scott Wallace. I want to put together a Royals team made up mostly of players from those 80's teams that made it to the World Series, against the Phillies and Cardinals. And I figured you would be the man to ask. I already have George Brett at 3b. And Ik they had Dan Quisenberry, U. L. Washington and Hal McRae. Ik I'm missing at least one great pitcher and a few hitters. I'm going to attempt to replay the 1985 World Series. I think Ik the Cardinals, pretty well, for the most part. Jack Clark. Tom Herr. The Wizard of Oz. Terry Pendleton. Willie Mcghee. Vince Coleman. Tom Pagnozi. Bob Tewksbury. Al Hrabosky. I guess idk their pitching staff that well. And I might be wrong about Jack clark. Can you help me out?
Today's opening day starting line-up blast from the past - we continue our way thru the 1994 baseball season. Finishing 2nd place in the National League East and who would have been the wild card, was the Atlanta Braves. The Braves finish 6 games back of the 1st place Expos. They have a record of 68-46, under manager Bobby Cox. The Braves draw 2.54 million at Fulton County Stadium, which makes the Braves, 2nd in NL. They open the season, going 7-0 on the road. They play host to Mark Portugal and San Francisco Giants. Its 5-3 Braves going to the 9th and John Smoltz goes out to pitch the 9th. Smoltz does not register an out, gives up a 2 run bomb to Bonds. The Giants then score 2 more and beat the Braves 7-5 Deion Sanders-CF Jeff Blauser-SS Ryan Klesko-LF Fred McGriff-1B Terry Pendleton-3B Tony Tarasco-RF Mark Lemke-2B Charlie O'Brien-C John Smoltz-P
Don't miss highlights from Hot Stove, featuring interviews with Diamondbacks second baseman Aaron Hill, Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten and Braves first base coach Terry Pendleton at 4pm ET!
A few candidates I would like the tigers to pursue are Joe Maddon, Orel Herscheiser, Don Mattingly after that presser, Torey Lovullo, Terry Pendleton, Brad Ausmus
I mean, well done. That's better than the Fox Sports South guy changing cameras as Terry Pendleton grabbed Chris Johnson by the neck
So, Mingua started making the beef jerky in the round cans. Like the old school ones where you couldn't wait to get to the "bait" at the bottom of the can. The bait being the round baseball card. I remember, I would always pull a Juan Gonzalez or Terry Pendleton or somebody "normal" and play horrible, then next time get a Griffey or a Greg Maddux, then played was all about the jerky. Anyway,this Mingua Jerky is SO much better than that Jack Link powder garbage. My lip is currently sore and raw and rotting off, but hey Mingua's stock is up based on my purchases...
Chris Johnson, coach Terry Pendleton argue in dugout after Braves fall to ...
NL East champion Braves finish with 96 wins as Gattis hits 2-run HR in 12-5 ...
Terry Pendleton just chokeslammed Chris Johnson for no reason
Terry Pendleton won't touch me like that
still wondering why Terry Pendleton was so upset with Chris Johnson after saturday loss to the Phillies. Can you explain.
Ole Miss can't beat Vandy! Don't make me Terry Pendleton your ***
presure gets to coach in the dugout, Terry Pendelton gets in a players face, acts a...
We missed this over the weekend, but Terry Pendleton is the best: Only redeemable member of the by far
Pendleton way out of line in the Chris Johnson incident
The Flagrant Fan: Cannot give Terry Pendleton a pass on dust up with...
Braves coach Terry Pendleton grabs and shoves Chris Johnson after helmet ...
Braves' Johnson apologizes to Pendleton: Chris Johnson said Sunday he has apologized to Braves first-base coac...
Terry Pendleton gets into it with Chris Johnson after Braves loss
Terry Pendleton got angry and grabbed Chris Johnson for some reason
Tell him Jose Fernandez says hi and to look out for Terry Pendleton.
And then Terry Pendleton gets mad at everyone for ruining the show for him.
Chris Johnson and Terry Pendleton have made up: We now have more clarity on that weird incident...
Dbacks take a 3-2 lead on *** s infield single. He slides headfirst into the bag, and better watch out for Terry Pendleton.
Anyone know if Coach Terry Pendleton tried to beat up any of his players today?
former Dback Chris Johnson in altercation with coach. Imagine if this happened with Gibby or Baylor. *** kicking time
For those who missed last night. We try to avoid speculation on air. Now we KNOW what happened
Don't mess with TP“GIF: Terry Pendleton will mess you up if you slide into first base via
Terry Pendleton grabbing Jason Heyward by the collar dot gif
Heyward spiking a helmet with the Braves up 10-4 in Game 162. Terry Pendleton should kick his *** too.
last day of the baseball season . Braves you don't need this --->
Chris Johnson and Terry Pendleton have made up (NBC Sports)
what did you think of terry Pendleton instructing Johnson not to throw his helmet?
Terry Pendleton roughs up Chris Johnson over slide into first base *great example of BAD SPORTSMANSHIP!
terry Pendleton May come out and grab somebody lol
“Pendleton, C. Johnson share heated exchange in dugout.
*Don't think Jimmy Rollins can't get to a ball. *Don't slide into 1st base. *Don't *** off Terry Pendelton!
oh no things are getting testy in ATL:
House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, attacks Senate 'arrogance' as government shutdown approaches - Johnson apologizes to Atlanta Braves 1st-base coach Terry Pendleton for throwing helmet into dugout - Labour leader Ed Miliband accuses Daily Mail of 'denigrating' name of his father in article headline - least 25 people killed after suicide bomber blows himself up at Shiite Muslim mosque in Iraq - Scouts of the USA launching recruitment campaign with help from first lady Michelle Obama - Charles leads congregation in Wales at service marking National Police Memorial Day - doctor, filmmaker held in Egypt have detention extended for another 45 days, family says - launches Canadian space weather satellite from California in demonstration flight - with a Chance of Meatballs 2' tops US weekend box office with $35 million, according to studio estimates - Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar arrested, accused of driving under influence of alcohol -
Yes I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan! I have missed very few of their televised games since 1992. That being said, the poor sportsmanship shown by Milwaukee's Carlos Gomez in the first ending of tonight's game was unbelievable. This player angerily taunted Braves pitcher from home plate all the way past 3rd base. Had he been ejected from the game when he first displayed his 12 year old mentality, the in suing brawl involving both teams and ending in the ejection of 3 Atlanta players would have been avoided. Anyone who has ever been part of a team knows what a tight knit group you become. This is certainly the case with the Braves and when you mess with one you mess with all. I'm even prouder tonight to be an Atlanta Braves fan than I have ever been. Here's to Terry Pendleton, Freddy Freeman, Gerald Laird and Brian McCann for taking one for the team!
Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves for clinching NFC East Division and automatic bid to the Play-Offs. I am hoping for a World Series Championship. We haven't seem one since 1995 when we had David Justice, John Smotlz, Ron Gant, and Terry Pendleton.
I guess his mom didn't want to take Andre Dawson & Terry Pendleton on Maury to get an answer so she split the difference.
Me as batboy for AAA Louisville Redbirds circa 1984. (Terry Pendleton, Vince Coleman, etc)
terry Pendleton tries to teach Vick to slide.
Just saw that Terry Pendleton's sis passed away. Please let him know & his family are in our prayers.
Where is Terry Pendleton? He is not on the first base side for the .
think Tony LaRussa could be talked out of retirement? Otherwise w/Nats: Knorr & LeCroy. Outside: Matt Williams, Terry Pendleton
where is Terry Pendleton tonight? Just tuned in and saw some other dude at first base...
Just turned on the Braves, where is Terry Pendleton tonight?
where's Terry Pendleton? You may have said it, but we missed it.. Does he coach St Louis when we to town?
Also, fans, thoughts go out to Terry Pendleton, who left the game early due to the death of his sister
Terry Pendleton is what my pals in the UK call a TOP MAN! Total class act. Thoughts & prayers with him & his family.
Andrelton Simmons is going to get lots of Top 10 NL MVP votes. As it should be. Terry Pendleton cal…
Terry Pendleton's sis died. He left the team and went to Cali.
Also, Terry Pendleton's sister died. He has left the team and went to Cali .
Condolences for your loss. Prayers for Terry Pendleton and his family.
Way to go BRAVES!!! Nice job CJ 2.0!!! To *** with Citi Field. Hudson Heyward NOW Terry Pendleton sister has passed!!! Prayers with all
Prayers to Terry Pendleton, who lost his sister today.
Prayers for Terry Pendleton and his family.
Pray for terry pendleton and his family 🙏🙏🙏
Condolences to first base coach Terry Pendleton as he's headed back to California because his sister has passed away.
Terry Pendleton was 1 of my favorite players as a kid & he couldn't have been kinder to me on the Braves Caravan. All the best to his family
Thoughts and prayers go out to 1B Coach Terry Pendleton and his family after the passing of his sister
Terry Pendleton isn't with team because his sister passed away. He's going to CA for funeral
thoughts and prayers for Terry Pendleton as well ♥
Praying for Terry Pendleton and his family too
Thoughts and prayers with Terry Pendleton on the passing of his sister.
announced Terry Pendleton’s sister, Debra Bradford, passed away on Monday and he is attending her funeral. Left bc o…
ha! I was thinking Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Ron Gant & Terry Pendleton, but we can go with Brian Jordan if you like... :)
I come from the era of my Braves of the Terry Pendleton, Ron Gant, Steve Avery, Greg Maddux, Kent Mercker, Dave Justice!!
First person to tell Andrelton Simmons the World Baseball Classic is not held in July gets a swirlie from Terry Pendleton
We are going to love watching Kolten Wong play next year in St. Louis. The kid is just a bundle of energy. Reminds me of Terry Pendleton
BRAVES VISIT: NLBM was pleased to welcome members of the Atlanta Braves organization today, led by coach Terry Pendleton and Manager Fredi Gonzalez.
I bet Terry Pendleton could get a base knock right now.
enjoying my first NY Mets game with two first base coaches, Tommy Goodwin and Terry Pendleton!
My pal would know better, but first look at Justin Upton in a uniform & I see a young Terry Pendleton physique.
yeah back then Ron Gant, David Justice, Terry Pendleton and Dion Sanders were my favorites.
This years Honorary Naming of the Divisions Criteria is "Fat Guys" ... Yes.. Fat guys who have played the game of baseball (other than Babe Ruth, that's too conventional)... Each Division winner from 2012 will be able to pick their favorite RETIRED fat guy player to name the division after this season... Some suggestions.. Bob Horner, Ken Oberkfell, Fernando Valenzuela, Luis Tiant (my favorite) Kent Hrbek, Rick Reuschel, Gorman Thomas, Terry Pendleton,Bob Hamlin, Kevin Mitchell (another fave) Dave Parker, Benji Molina, Rusty Staub. add any others you can think of...
"Neon" Deon Baby! I watched him and Terry Pendleton hit a homerun against the White Sox at Turner Field in 1994. David Justice, Ron Gant, Greg Maddux, Mark Lemke, Javier Lopez, Sid Bream, Fred McGriff, and Jeff Blauser! What a line-up I kid you not, Terry Pendleton's homer touched my *** hand!!
thats right, you had: Otis Nixon, Ron Gant, Terry Pendleton, David Justin, Fred 'the crimedog' McGriff!
next on the Royals wish list...Ruben Sierra for half a season to be replaced by Julio Franco or Terry Pendleton mid year.
match de la SM 1992 sur Sportsnet Les Braves évitent l'élimination avec une victoire convaincante de 7-2, mauvais départ de Jack Morris, grand chelem de Lonnie Smith, on retourne à Atlanta Down three games to one and facing elimination the Braves returned John Smoltz to the mound for Game 5, who was still seeking his first World Series win. Jack Morris, who had lost Game 1 of the series, was given the start for Toronto. Before the game Terry Pendleton, who had seen a 3–1 lead evaporate in the World Series before (having been a member of the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals), reminded his teammates that the possibility still existed that they may win the series. Entering the game, the Braves' three, four, and five hitters had not gotten an extra base hit in the entire series. That changed in the first inning, as with one out and Otis Nixon on third base, hitter Pendleton doubled to right field to score the first run of the game. In the bottom of the second Pat Borders tied the game with a two-out double to s ...
Terry Pendleton deserve to be a skipper one of these years...
Terry Pendleton scores. Braves 4, Blue Jays 2 in the 5th. I bet the Braves won't score for the rest of the game . . .
Terry Pendleton had a .387 AVG with RISP on the year coming into the final at-bat. And he swung at the first pitch.
Terry Pendleton has maybe the best quiters ever.and a sweet forarm guard.
It's starting to come back to me a bit just how much I hated the in '92, especially Terry Pendleton
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Terry Pendleton shouldn't crouch, he's so short and pudgy.
absolute hands down best southern food in all of GA at Buckner's Family Restaurant. Come by my treat. Terry Pendleton knows us.
Stan Kasten apparently called Terry Pendleton the best Free Agent signing in any sport.
Any rapper that puts terry Pendleton in a rhyme is automatically shifted up a few notches in my favs.
They should put Terry Pendleton on Survivor with Jeff Kent, both of them stole MVP awards from my guy Barry Bonds. Good villains.
Braves fans getting sassy like David Justice and Terry Pendleton coming outta retirement.
has Terry Pendleton taken over as the hitting coach for the playoffs?
Top evening listening to at - will read the book now but not the signed copy! Thank you!
hey don't forget accidental MVP Terry Pendleton.
i told you last week I'd take Terry Pendleton over Rolen.
I'd completely forgotten about the 1991 MVP. I *do* hate Terry Pendleton! :P
I don't have strong feelings either way about Terry Pendleton.
we still got Terry Pendleton and Eddie Perez
On our way to Uncle Terry's for the game and lunch thennn...Pendleton for The Protest and Children 18:3!!! =D ;; It's gonna be a great day!
glad to see some non chipper fans out there I miss the days when terry pendleton d'boed him and made him move to lf
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Chipper's last game. Looked up his predecessor, Terry Pendleton. Won '91 MVP with .319, 22, 86. Pedroia .326, 17, 83 year he won.
Amen, brotha. He was like a second Terry Pendleton to me.
Larry "chipper" Jones.. I seriously can't believe it's over.. You were a true professional on the field and off.. Thanks for the memories and thanks for giving me my first autograph from a professional athlete other than Terry Pendleton!
I have Ron Gant, Chipper Jones, Terry Pendleton, David Justice and the white pitcher with the Jew beard cards.
no I think that was terry Pendleton
The need David Justice right about now. Or Terry Pendleton.
I know right! They wasn't with caring during the Ronny Gant and Terry Pendleton days lol
My family is from GA, so before I watched Mark Lemke, David Justice, Sid Bream, Otis Nixon, Terry Pendleton...
Also, Terry Pendleton has moved from third base to first, but he's playing on the wrong side of the bag, and only when the Braves are at bat
Time to bring in John Smoltz. Then send Terry Pendleton, Fred Mcgriff, and Mark Lemke up as pinch hitters.
I could swear the last 3 batters that just hit were Terry Pendleton, Julio Franco, & David Justice.
Constanza looks like Terry Pendleton at the plate not so much when running the bases
We need Terry Pendleton and Ron Gant to grab a bat ASAP and get a hit!
Terry Pendleton not walking through that door
Chipper Jones better than Barry Larkin ever thought about being, Off & Def .. Terry Pendleton prolly still out play Rolen too
If Ross doesn't get that time call from the ump... Is Terry Pendleton super-fired for another offensive collapse? /assumes he's fired anyway
If Terry Pendleton doesn't lead off the 9th with a double, the Braves have no shot. I just hope Francisco Cabrerra doesn't strike out.
I feel like this game is for Terry Pendleton's soul.
The braves tomahawk chant reminds me of the David Justice, terry Pendleton and Tom Glavine days baseball
It is Terry Pendleton as 1B coach for the him and were thorns in the Jays sides in 1992!
Still don't like seeing Terry Pendleton in a Braves jersey... Go Cards!
Terry Pendleton is the Braves first base coach! Did you know this?
they also didn't watch the 1987 yearbook. Two words: terry Pendleton. Four more: post traumatic Mets disorder
2 hour pregame show starts at 2pm on with guests including Ozzie, Lohse, Matheny, Michael Bourn, Terry Pendleton & more
Sid Bream got caught buttchugging with Otis Nixon and Mark Lemke while Terry Pendleton gazed on
let's do it. I would love to see Ozzie Smith, Dan Quisenberry, Terry Pendleton, Vince Coleman and Willie McGee in action
mailing a Cardinals 8x10 of Terry Pendleton addressed to him at Turner Field today. Hoping he'll sign it and send it back (included SASE of course). gotta love that the Turner Field address is 755 Hank Aaron Way, for The Hammer's career home run total. fantastic!
Ozzie Smith's great teaching lesson to Terry Pendleton,"When you are not hitting,focus on your defense.A great play can change the momentum of a game."David Freese # 20, 2-0.
Chipper Jones of the Braves; a 19 year veteran who's retiring, is playing his last game in Milwaukee tonight & check out the gift the Brewers presented him with!!...I remember him winning the World Series in the 90's w/players like Prime Time, Terry Pendleton, Dave Justice, Tom Glavine etc & cheering them on!! Thanks for being a true MLB player Chipper!!
The top 10 in order are Ozzie, Marty Marion, Molina, Dal Maxvill, Red, Flood, Rogers Hornsby, Terry Pendleton, Ken Boyer and Tom Pagnozzi.
Its friday my Atlanta Braves r n town playn the Giants cant wait 2 c my uncle Terry Pendleton 1st baseman coach 4 the Braveshavent s3n him @ all this yr I might end up n the city b4 or after the game tryn 2 get a Chipper Jones signature bein that hes retiring @ the end of the season will miss c'in him on the field
Classic Cardinal Uniforms, Brings back Willie McGee, Vince Coleman, Tommy Herr, Darrell Porter, The Wizard of OZ, Terry Pendleton, Bruce Sutter, Help me fill in the Names! Cards are the Best!
Everybody always says Magic had more help. You *** right and he played better teams. '92 Final starters 1. Terry Pendleton 2. Clyde Drexler 3. Gerome Kersey 4. Buck Williams 5. Kevin Duckworth.
Evan in Nashville told our call screener Terry Pendleton...which was strange...changes mind to Puckett and Culpepper (Kirby yes, Daunte no)
I like seeing Terry Pendleton in the dug out. It's like hey old friend.
Nick got to meet his hero Dale Murphy. He also met Terry Pendleton. We will call that a late birthday present for him.
Fredi Gonzalez needs to be fired and they really need to go after Terry Francona or promote Terry Pendleton to manager. This is frustrating
McGee, Coleman, Terry Pendleton, Ozzie Smith, Lonnie Smith. 85 Cards brings back memories for the brothas
Enos "Country" Slaughter,who cried when the Cardinals traded him to the Yankees for prospect Bill Virdon in 1954,had his # 9 retired in 1996.Three other men wore this number with distinction as Redbirds:Roger Maris,Joe Torre,and Terry Pendleton.
Had a great time at the Dodgers/Braves game tonight. It brought back a lot of memories of my Grandfather taking me to Braves games growing up in the early 90's. Players like Terry Pendleton, David Justice, Steve Avery, Glavine, Maddox, Fred Mcgriff...oh the memories! Love and miss you Pawpaw...
I'll see that and raise you Jeff Blauser, Terry Pendleton, and Steve Avery. Oh yea, can't forget Neon Deon!
Met John Schuerholz, Frank Wren, Mike Plant, Terry Pendleton, and Fredi Gonzalez. To a man, they willingly went out of their way to engage.
Braves coach Terry Pendleton texted Willie Harris congrats after today's game. Suffice to say, Braves are pumped.
Willie Harris: "I got a text from Terry Pendleton, 'Way to go.'"
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