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Terry Hatcher

Teri Lynn Hatcher (born , 1964) is an American actress, writer, presenter, and former NFL cheerleader.

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I wasn't into the show much but I thought Terry Hatcher was the prettiest back then
In an episode with terry hatcher, lynda carter and katie mcgrath it was calista flockheart that brought the funny a…
I'm not sure who is the worst actor on this sorry *** show, Terry Hatcher or MelissaBenoist just sad!!
I'll admit it, there's something funny about watching Terry Hatcher force someone to marry a Luthor. Still, I want Cat NOW!
It's A'tuin the great turtle. It's the Diskworld from the novels by Terry Pratchett
A world conceived by the bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett. The Discworld
Terry Hatcher, Brenda Strong, Kamala I have a thing for older women now??
Steve Jobs was Syrian, Terry Hatcher, Wentworth Miller and Jerry Seinfield are Syrian lol.
Today I've seen both Terry Hatcher and Parker Posey. Vintage *** amber alert to be issued momentarily.
I'm coming up for air and want to say how the Be Brave Benefit could not have been pulled off without Kay Wright's meticulous brain, Karen Carter Swartz handling the door, Lisa McCormick brilliantly handling Clint and his camp, Karen Louise for running the room like a champ, Ali Valentine for the hook up with Oasis and hotel rooms, Misty Lindholm and Lenora Hyche for their non stop raising of silent auction items, Judith Miller for always being there and taking me shopping, Spruce Dickerson, Barbara Van *** for not taking no and kept at it, Alycia N. Tandy, Bonnie Friedman, Margo Hunt for also always being there and doing so much, Victorious Val , Karen Pappas, Michele Meyer Schalin, Debbie Sunny Broam, Shannon Young, Linda E. Welch Waggoner, Julie Samford, Stacye Blake, Kristina Kline, Courtney Wylie you girls worked your butts off at the event. Terry Hatcher our FABulous auctioneer, Cortney Carothers your PR work was outstanding. Pam Brackin Buske! Angie Brinkley! Konnie Martin Mathis! Melinda Phares M ...
I'm down for chapel in Tuscany, Terry!
Which "Desperate Housewives" star's first recurring role was on "The Young and the Restless"? Terry Hatcher? Fellicty Hoffman? or Eva Longoria? Eva is 39 today. Also, Kellen Lutz is 29, Will I Am is 39, Brook Burns is 36, Alan Tudik is 43
Participação no seriado Desperate Housewives com Terry Hatcher - Scene with Terry Hatcher on Desperate Housewives
Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Terry. It's a tragedy that you never want to see happen.
I got John Locke, which I whole-heartedly endorse. Probably b/x Terry Hatcher was my favorite Housewife.
Birthdays today.. Austin Stark. Pat Marquez. Terry Hatcher. Avan Ward. Breezy Dial. Have a great one !!
Probably my 2 biggest TV crushes used to be Terry Hatcher and Kathy Ireland. Today, Lara Spencer, Maria Menounos, Kaley Cuoco
Movie Review: "Planes" Disney animation returns with "Planes". This fun-filled adventure stars with Dusty (Dane Cook) the crop-duster who wants to race around the globe. The odds are against him, but after he narrowly makes the qualifying round and with training from Skipper (Stacey Keach) and help from his friends Dottie (Terry Hatcher) and Chug (Brad Garrett) he's ready. This unlikely hero is the the little engine that could and kind and helpful along the way. He makes friends from across the globe and wins the hearts of his fellow planes and viewers. This movie is great for all ages.
Dean Cain @ ComicCon . 1st question: What was it like to kiss Terry Hatcher . Answer: Fabulous. 1000 nerds nod, that's what we thought he'd say
a letter to warner bros.& dc comics: watched MoS last wednesday (June 12). the movie is not that great but more than good enough to be watched.the story is good. visuals is good. the action and fight scenes are good. i don't care if PERRY WHITE is black. but i hope Mr. Fishburne had acted a little more of GREAT CEASAR'S GHOST Perry White rather than that of his character Ray Langston in CSI. Amy Adam's Lois Lane is somewhat lacking in character. Margot Kidder ( Superman 1978), Terry Hatcher (Lois & Clark), even Erica Durance (Smallville) captured Lois Lane's essence. I hope it can be remedied in the sequel. and for HENRY CAVILL, he passed as Superman. he ranked in between CHRISTOPHER REEVE 's and TOM WELLING's i have no trouble in the costume modification. i've seen changes every now and then. but what bothers me is the SPIT CURL! where in the PHANTOM ZONE has it gone to.that "minor detail" endured the test of time. even in Superman's death ( Superman in 1992. this is another hoping that you will con ...
Ok im just gonna say it. Once a year i do a complete body cleanse in which i cut out all of the toxins that age our bodies and makes us look and feel like crap. Thanks to the good lord i happen to have great recovery genes and it doesn't take long for me to get the most out of my 6'4 228 frame, wink wink :), lol jjk. but anyways i know i my timeline by the amount of attention i get from my female counterparts, and i must say that even the indian girls are throwing extra taffy in the bag,lmbo. In the past i would take advantage of this and go on a dating rampage until i felt trife, and then i'd blame the girls and act like a victim jjk, sorta. But these days are different for me because im absolutely in love with my girlfriend and when im working out i no longer think of Eva Mendez, Stacy Dash, Selma Hyeck, Terry Hatcher, Jessica Beil, Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige, im thinking of her and how i want to look my best for her. I know this post was random but you all know me and you know im a little bananas,lol. ...
NO-ONE plays a better Lois Lane than Terry Hatcher
Can't wait for my date with Daniel Craig...the coolest spy since Pierce Brosnan and Terry Hatcher in Tomorrow Never Dies. Voted Best Love Scene ever filmed in the history of television. (with me as the judge of course)
Smallville really *** . L&C was d best Superman ever! No one even comes close to Dean Cain & Terry Hatcher they had d strongest chemistry!
So I kept saying to Peter 'Im gonna go up to bed and start that Terry Hatcher book' and me saying this several times he finally corrects me and says 'You me Terry Pratchett' Oops!! Lol x
Hayden Panettiere, Amy Addams, Joss Stone, Nora Jones, Elisha Cuthbert, Terry Hatcher.and the list goes on and on and on...
So I found out this week there is a Wisteria Lane in Clayton County ... no sign of Terry Hatcher's overtweaked, aging *** though.
Just finished watching an episode of Louis and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman with Dean Cain and Terry Hatcher for the first time in over 10 years! And I forgot how good looking one of those actors is ;)
So I recently starting watching Desperate Housewives from the beginning on Netflix, and I have to say the Susan's character (Terry Hatcher) is indeed, STUPID!!
no doubt, but they've already killed off Terry Hatcher in this one - still have Michelle Yeoh. Kate Beckinsale is a hot vampire
.on Terry Hatcher's dress: "I've said it before and I'll say it again, Marc Cherry slapped the wrong housewife."
Had to buy the first two seasons of Lois & Clark, the new adventures of Superman on Amazon they were dirt cheap, Terry Hatcher & Dean Cain will always be Lois Lane and Clark Kent to me.
Fun fact. I share my birthday with Eva Longoria. So I have a perfect icebreaker if I ever meet Terry Hatcher
Julianna Margulies looks like Ellen Pompeo and Terry Hatcher combined. And yes, I'm watching The Good Wife.
"I have to be Mo'Nique fat or Terry Hatcher thin. Either way, you're laughing." --Jenna Maroney
I worry about a generation that, when I ask them if they know Lewis and Clark, respond: "Yeah! I love Terry Hatcher and Dean Cain!"
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