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Terry Gross

Terry Gross (born February 14, 1951 ) is the host and co-executive producer of Fresh Air, an interview format radio show produced by WHYY-FM in Philadelphia and distributed throughout the United States by National Public Radio.

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I even changed a tire in the rain on the turnpike before turning on Terry Gross!
April is the month for Some of the great female voices: Terry Gross, and Sarah Koenig
Dion! Such memories and good music. Thank you Terry Gross and Fresh Air!
Very glad I got to hear this old Terry Gross interview with Dion today. I love Dion and this is so interesting.
I will be satisfied when, and only when, Terry Gross deigns me worthy of an interview.
Hearing explain "AF" to Terry Gross is the highlight of my day, thus far.
thats really unfortunate, Terry Gross is usually great.
.Time to fire Terry Frei for gross incompetence as a sportswriter if nothing else.
Gene Simmons to Terry Gross on Fresh Air: if you're going to welcome me with open arms, you also have to with open legs
Vince Furnier on KISS to Terry Gross on Fresh Air: They're just being 4 Alice Coopers.
Terry Gross (I'm not super familiar w NPR people- I guess this is the first thing of hers I've heard)
A decade ago I once slept with a woman because she kind of looked like Terry Gross. Do I regret this? Yes, I do.
Terry Gross and Maureen Corrigan of share six books to carry you away this summer.
bonus: really good conversation btw Ricks & Terry Gross on last week (forget which day). give it a lis…
Must read by Thomas E. Ricks, author of Fiasco. You might also want to listen to Rick's interview with Terry Gross:…
Ricks on Terry Gross earlier this week saying McMaster giving away slices of his soul.
you should definitely book Sen. Franken on Krys Boyd is just as good as Terry Gross!
its not lying, its acceding w/ Trump lies. I don't know if due to gullibility. Terry Gross was so skepti…
Update, were listening to eastern Europe , their terry gross is not as good as…
You too can score an interview with Terry Gross or Charlies Rose. Tell your friends in Mantoloking or Bar Harbor.
"Welcome to Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Today we're talking about gangsta rap."
BREAKING : Obama Tried to Hack 2016 Election in Gross Abuse of the NSA
Sack Terry Kindeleit and Simon Wright with immediate effect, gross misconduct and you know it. Disgraceful they are still employed 😡
Terry Kindeleit and Simon Wright need to be sacked with immediate effect for gross misconduct, is your HR d…
It's not about what has happened despite her, it's about her will and the way she spins or…
I haven't played my ukulele in a while because my voice sounds like terry on that "i used to be a smoker" commercial so I sound gross
Gov't sponsored segregation still shocks. Terry Gross interviews Richard Rothstein, author of "The Color of La…
Friday is payday for many people so here is a little breakdown for ya!. Understanding Your Paycheck. Gross pay:...
.you got on Terry Gross. You've made it with Desi uncles.
His interview regarding the movie with Terry Gross on Fresh Air was fascinating and insightf…
Happy 30th anniversary Here’s our interview with Terry Gross from January
Happy 30th anniversary especially to my girl Terry Gross who is the best in the…
César Aira will forever be my role model and intellectual crush. Till I die. I've never felt so strongly. Him and Terry Gross. 4ever + ever.
How low must you go to 'dis our US press treasures, Terry Gross or Judy Woodruff?
hmmm.. is it a career watermark when your name has been said by Terry Gross?
Can't stop looking at this pic of my girl (THE Terry Gross)
hey guys, Terry Gross congratulated Jordan Peele on the sex on the march 15 Fresh Air podcast.
Terry Gross is a danger to the American™ people.
...because listening to Terry Gross try to sell a few more NPR tote bags is exactly the same as being disemboweled by Vandals.
Yeah, I know tons of farmers and ranchers dying to hear Terry Gross interviews.
I'm not quite the "Minneapolis rapper" NPR's Milo Miles of Fresh Air with Terry Gross thinks I'm am—alas, I'm...
Just tried to hang up my phone after listening to a podcast as if terry gross would ever be my friend :/
NPR in 2018: Terry Gross standing on a milk crate shouting thoughtful questions into the void.
Terry Gross just said "Congratulations on the sex," to Jordan Peele and my life is complete.
Also, ICYMI, Peele did a really great interview with Terry Gross on NPR Fresh Air yesterday. On podcast.
Please don't let him take Terry Gross' dulcet, liquescent tones away from us
Terry Gross is a national treasure. Such a prepared, curious, and empathetic interviewer.
She told Terry Gross that Bernie is a mansplainer.
Terry Gross does the best interviews on
Why do our recorded voices sound weird to us? We talked to Terry Gross of & a scientist
Please report back when Terry Gross has watched The Stepford Wives... Essential viewing!!
Some females intentions be gross bro rs , that's why I keep my eyes open
I was waiting for this terry gross interview with Peale 👀
Takeaway: The editor of Brietbart washes dishes and listens to Levin. I do that to Terry Gross.
Terry Gross knocking it out of the park with another great interview with For the love of God please see Get Out
Terry Gross wishes congrats on the sex, er success, of his film, and he doesn't let her live it down
I really like the way Terry Gross says "Fresh Air"
Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up via
All of 2017 has been building to Terry Gross discussing Get Out
Great interview, as usual, with Terry Gross!! I really want to see 'Get Out' now!!
Peele's interview w Terry Gross is 💯. my almost fav part is her Freudian slip at the end & not letting her get away with it
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Just listening to Jordan P talking w Terry Gross on today's Fresh Air podcast re: Good program...
did Terry Gross just congratulate you on the sex? Well, congrats then man! Enjoy the baby, too!
did you really call Terry Gross 'cute' on ... smh bro. smh. She's a national institution! Sad.
Replaying now Fresh Air with Terry Gross WABE — listening to WABE
Is it too late to be Terry Gross when I grow up?
Great interview by Terry Gross on w speaking about .
laughing at Terry Gross for asking "Were you terrified of Freddy Krueger's knife glove?" is the best thing I've heard all day.
Mom:Thought your pod would be like with uh famous ppl. Me:1st verified guest on this wk. Mom:WHY AREN'T YOU TERRY GROSS
Terry Gross radio.chatting about Movie with Jordon Peele.
I am Terry Gross, this is Fresh Air (in a low radio tone of voice)
Terry Gross is killing me right now
If you liked our talk with Mary Graham about "Presidents' Secrets," here she is on with Terry Gross:
Should be reading, but listening to talk w/ Terry Gross about why she shd see Stepford Wives. So good.
Just another great interview by Terry Gross!
.tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross that he thinks of as a "social thriller."
The rise of addictive technology on with Terry Gross .
Digging this soft flirtation between flirting & Terry Gross on
It was so exciting to talk to NPR Fresh Air's Terry Gross about my book If you missed it:
I heard your interview with Terry Gross on NPR yesterday. Really good
is on NPR right NOW! Go Terry Gross. Such a GREAT film. Scary Stepford Wife's stuff…
Fresh Air with Terry Gross has a lot of author interviews and reviews (though obv not exclusively books on her show)
it's really just part of my plan to meet Terry Gross
Okay, now I just want to ill-advisedly riff on the idea of "NPR genocide." . "This is Terry Gross. Welcome back to Cut Down The Tall Trees"
Fresh Air with Terry Gross has a fascinating listen about Hitler,Adolph and his drug use. Check it out...
because he is a super gross racist and I have many opinions on him both as Hulk Hogan and Terry Bollea
The incomparable Terry Gross interviewing the intrepid on - must listen! New details on…
For the last 20 years or so, we have such speakers as Gail Collins, Terry Gross, Diane Rehm, Robin Wright and...
Ira Glass is my dad, Terry Gross is my mom, Marc Maron, Bob Boilen, & Robin Hilton are my cool uncles. Sarah Koenig is my cool aunt.
I love the "spunk" episode. I am just about to relisten to Terry Gross' 1995 interview w/ Mary Tyler M…
I added a video to a playlist James Baldwin on Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Just once I want James Corden to ask his carpool guest, “Shall we listen to some radio?” and then he turns on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.
On the topic of 1st Amend. Terry Gross interview with is a must listen.
Underneath my grey wolf feed this morning was David French on Fresh Air. 2016; three irony boys scoopin Terry Gross.
Loved American Honey almost as much as I loved hearing Andrea Arnold ask Terry Gross if she knows to how to twerk
Obama on Terry Gross: Her patient, persistent questioning in 1000s of interviews .revealing simple truths that affirm our…
I've been able to rule out Terry Gross, Henry V, the cast of Magic Mike XXL, the Progressive spokesperson, Elmo
Heard this part of Terry Gross' interview with Gene Wilder and lost it. Mel Brooks forced him to argue to keep it in-
Tim LaHaye spoke to Terry Gross in 2002. I wish she had deeper questions, like "What about 1st 18 cent. of Xianity?"
Wonderful with James L Brooks. Especially the reminder re. *** 04 with Terry Gross. One of the most joyous interviews ever.
Didn't believe my ears: Terry Gross broadcasts a debate about tabs vs. spaces.
Honestly, I'm just looking for the Brian Lehrer to my Terry Gross. (Or the Steve Inskeep to my Renee Montagne.)
listening to Joe Wong and some of your only child Q's are answered here... with Terry Gross
Jesse Thorn is to Terry Gross as Tupac is to Biggie. THINK ABOUT IT.
Fresh off their recording at the White House & a shout out from Terry Gross, join in Oakland
Terry Gross of shares how to successfully interview Denzel Washington
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Last week they teased an interview with Terry Gross and I think Kevin's been too busy SEEING HAMILTON to watch ☔️☔️
"People either hate me for not being Terry Gross or hate me for not being Kinks Dave Davies."—NPR Dave Davies to his therapist every week
Terry Gross looks exactly like my Aunt Jane in this photo dug up
Hearing Dave Davies say he's sitting in for Terry Gross is the expecting a chocolate chip only to learn that it's a raisin of the NPR world.
Public radio moment of the day: Terry Gross: "Let's talk about the mosh pits..."
Pointing to Terry Gross, Communication Studies prof Ed Lordan says writers should learn to go where the interview goes.
Obama could NEVER match Terry Gross for credibility!
I can't help but impersonate Terry Gross after listening to her! She has a very unique voice and idiolect.
I think of Terry Gross, one of the best listeners ever.
Terry Gross saying "Ghostface Killa" is as funny as Patrick Stewart saying “And once again, Salt N' Pe-PAH!" on SNL.
.saying "Call Becky w/ the good hair" is as surreal as Terry Gross saying the name "Ghostface Killah."
I bumped my grocery cart into Terry Gross, while listening to today. It was an dream come true.
Terry Gross asked X if they used to worry about being pulled into 'the mosh pit'...ya know, when they used to play w/ Cro-Mags @ Rock Hotel.
Next up listening to, Terry Gross on Not Having Kids on ~ recommended by
with Terry Gross Grateful for family and Jesuits, who helped him keep a "human size" https…
Ever heard of the sixties revolutionary Terry Gross? He wrote about Government plants that would incite violence.
I swear to god if I hear him on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, I'm swerving my car off a cliff.
My brother Terry Gross is in Nursing Home still recovering from attack
Terry Gross Recovery Fund via Survived a vicious Hammer Attack, that his buddy did NOT Daytona Beach
all I do is cry about how gross my figure is n how fat I'm getting but I still constantly think about food and eat loads
First Bowie, then Prince... I'm worried about who's gonna be next! Dear god please don't let it be Terry Gross
Terry Gross is a badass. Love these photos and interview
As an abject fan of Terry Gross, this made me bust out laughing on the subway.
"I really wanted to be an independent woman who didn't have to rely on a man." Bless you, Terry Gross! 🙏 🙏
. TERRY GROSS: So tell us a little more about your creative process. CHARLES: Well first I take the baseb
even the bankers want a Universal Basic Income, fascinating.
Terry Gross interviewed Maria for Fresh Air, too!! Will be ordering for shop!!!
love love love this live Questlove interview! Thanks Terry Gross and NPR for making my bus ride interesting!
📷 npr: nprbooks: DYING OF ENVY. Terry Gross got to talk to Questlove about his new book,...
Big props to for the beautiful interview with Terry Gross about not having children.
Me: I like to ask for the aux cord and put on Terry Gross podcasts
Have RESPECted Terry Gross since I was like 7. Met through met through TB. So😅you’r all in my life…
"This is Fresh Air, I am Terry Gross"- me every time I walk outside
Great interview. Such a lovable, good person. EPISODE Terry Gross on Not Having Kids
Oh be still my little heart. EPISODE Terry Gross on Not Having Kids
You should listen to Fresh Air sometime, he's just ripping off of Terry Gross
on featured Diane Rehm and took a jab at Terry Gross. I'm sold.
Really great radio interviews of author Pat Conroy by Terry Gross on his memories of his dad, "The Great Santini.".
My short bio: I was just featured last week on NPRs "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross…
NPR: Hillary Clinton angry at NPR host Terry Gross on the show "Fresh Air" via
Siri just tried to answer the radio. Not sure I'm more offended by poor voice recognition or the fact that my phone thinks I'm Terry Gross
Terry Gross of course asks about Paulson's sexuality.
*punches a hole in the wall*. "You're in Terry Gross country now, ***
Tune in to NOW to hear Dr. Theodora Ross' discussion with Terry Gross.
It's a great day to be @ UTSW. Dr. Theodora Ross is on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross right now.
(1/2) Hillary's comments to Terry Gross in 2014 & her comments Friday about Reagan show she thinks she's got the LGBT vote on lock.
I don't care how core 'pragmatism' (lol) is to your identity. If you can listen to that Terry Gross interview and still vote Clinton, u nuts
I'm pretty sure Terry is just gross bacteria and algae but I still love him
Nothing makes me more aware of my own mortality than the difference I hear in Terry Gross's voice in her interviews from the 80s.
Terry Gross interviews Tracey Helton Mitchell about heroin addiction and the challenges of recovery.
It's a good start to the week when you see your event published.. .
Many artists use their own lives as a kind of case study to examine what it...
Famther manager isn't american and he thought we were talking about Terry gross some lady on npr
Loved you talking about it on Terry Gross. It was the singing that got to me.
"I'm David Bianculli, in for Terry Gross." . 💭...thank god...💭
Is it just me, or is NPR's Terry Gross a total ghoul?
I love the Moth Terry Gross' Fresh Air and This American Life and I can get the podcast You gave me a good idea
Since you appreciate great interviews, Terry Gross talking to Sarah Paulson is superb.
.will join Terry Gross in Philadelphia for live interview event
Heard you on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Immediately called others to alert them. You are an inspiration! Thank you!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Loved you interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and I LOVE your character on :)
Hildabeast even bullied Terry Gross on NPR! Who does that?
I gotta check that out. Terry Gross is my spirit animal :D
Terry Gross going for the Holland Taylor jugular in her Sarah Paulson interview.
10 times NPR’s Terry Gross pressed Hillary Clinton on her stance on marriage ewuality
Terry Gross talking to Pat Conroy over the years. :)
Met a couple of screenwriters who recommended Fresh Air by Terry Gross which I did not know about. Brilliant.
Hear more of conversation with Terry Gross here:
Listen to old interview with Terry Gross where she asks about policy shift and her reaction is all you need to know.
When Terry Gross has a profile, I hope they go to to talk up Sheepshead Bay.
Terry Gross interviewed on and I think it's the best interview ever.
Road trip with Seam Paul. Can we put on some NPR? I needs my Terry Gross up in dis ***
It's amazing that Terry Gross' interviews more than a decade ago are just as brilliant today.
Garrison Keillor asks a bellboy to bring him a silk bathrobe. A cotton one appears. "Terry?" Keillor says. "Gross!"
Go listen to her testy interview with Terry Gross. Hardly some rock solid advocate for *** marriage.
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Yet again I'm 1)grateful 4 the interviewing skill of Terry Gross 2)even bigger fan of an actor I already admired
The late Pat Conroy's interviews with Terry Gross are featured on Fresh Air today at 1/7 on Pick up Pat Conroy's books here!
.Terry Gross to interview in front of live audience in Philly on April 24:
Sitting next to Clinton would probably go like this:
I thought this painfully awkward 2014 interview she did with Terry Gross made that pretty clear too
I just wanted to mention that Terry Gross is probably the best interviewer alive on this planet right now.
At least before i went to cooper i was on the path to make art that like terry gross would like
Questlove, Terry Gross teaming up for live interview event: Two big Philly names are joining up for a WHYY eve...
Terry Gross teaming up for live interview event
.& Terry Gross of team up for live interview event
Now addicted to American Crime Story because of this interview with Terry Gross
Fresh Air is on KCHU Monday thru Friday at 9 AM except Wednesdays for Coffee Break. We love Terry Gross! Do you? :)
Terry Gross really is a master interviewer. She asks tough, uncomfortable questions but with so much grace. Woo
Beautiful story of & a better future for girls. Bonus shoutout to Terry Gross
I can't think of any interviewer, alive or dead, better than Terry Gross.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Sarah Paulson told Terry Gross she would only watch herself on the OJ show once the "hoopla doopla doo" died down. Anywa…
Questlove to join Terry Gross in Philadelphia for live 'Fresh Air' interview event: Philadelphians Terry Gross...
Please read the NPR's Terry Gross last summer section on what Hillary said! As race heats up skewing!
Next to live chat, this is the best profile of interviewer extraordinaire Terry Gross
Last year was great for with just listened to the new year episode. For me, Terry Gross was the best episode.
Dreamt I interviewed Terry Gross on a beautiful stage. Couldnt stop trying to be her friend in front of 100s of strangers. Total nightmare.
Leaving feelin GOOD is on w/Terry Gross. Totally mesmerized by 's beautiful voice
Highlight of 2016 so far.and it's so early: the sublime Cecile McLorin Salvant in conversation w/ Terry Gross
Sigh. Terry Gross has clearly never seen the made-for-TV R&H's Cinderella, feat. Brandy, Whoopi, Whitney, and Bernadette.
You just love hearing Terry Gross' wonderful, soothing voice like the rest of us!
[terry gross voice] "so how much of yourself is in this book you didn't write? Do you ever feel in control of the words?"
Dreamt last night Terry Gross was interviewing me about a book I'd neither written nor read. Possibly I'd blurbed it.
"Will he fail?. Now that's the wrong conversation. Terry Gross on the mic, I'm the talk of the nation". Love a good NPR reference.
Saw Anomalisa. Recommend it, but admit I liked the Terry Gross interview w Kaufman&Johnon more than the movie
📷 nprfreshair: DJ and producer Mark Ronson tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about getting the retro-soul...
Terry Gross wished listeners HNY & added "if your year was difficult due to illness or misfortune, we hope 2016 will be easier" & I cried.
Special thanks to Terry Gross for recognizing that not everyone's holiday is a happy one
Just heard Terry Gross do it in an interview with Jennifer Lawrence and I almost cried
"Welcome to Fresh Air, fam. I'm Terry Gross and I'm here with my guest Rowan Atkinson" NPR 2016 and beyond
Really nothing better than hearing Terry Gross say the name "Ghostface Killah"
Is there anything more satisfying on talk radio than hearing Terry Gross say "Ghostface Killah?"
"I'm Terry Gross & this is Fresh Air..." You know the intro well & now you can read some of Terry's best interviews
While I was in Wauwatosa Psychiatric Hospital, I read "All I Did Was Ask" by Terry Gross and "Killing Time" (1964?)
There's Stern/Terry Gross people but there's also Maron people.Your interview style is right up there with the greats!
Terry Gross: "It sometimes is just the fear of being misunderstood."
Best of coverage My interview with Terry Gross on
I bet Han and Leia had a good decade of dull and dusty road trips in the Falcon spent listening to Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Terry Gross must be someone's spirit animal.
I don't think its just you. I seem to remember Terry Gross calling him out about it on Fresh Air a year or so ago
was just saying They should make a Terry Gross Siri voice
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
on JayBo's honorable mentions is Terry Gross w/ R. Dwayne Betts
I am writing an essay about Queen Terry Gross this should not be so Hard
Only smoke weed when Terry Gross says its 4:20 on
Terry Gross's interview with is amazing. She's one of the best.
Study Marc Maron & Terry Gross to learn how to interview, and Charlie Rose for what mistakes to avoid.
Think of what a Marc Maron or Terry Gross could've done with that comment, using it as pivot to get Lucas to open up. Rose is opposite.
Terry saying someone's mom isn't as important as his wife??? He's so gross thank god he was booted early in second chances he's so gross
Wow, listened to Terry Gross (repeat) interview with Gloria Steinem who is brilliant and inspiring beyond words.
I liked a video The Terry Gross interview with Philly Music Producer Thom Bell!
What do you think Terry Gross is like at parties? I assume she sits in a corner and refuses to talk to anybody.
What if a movie used Terry Gross voiceovers the way Inherent Vice used Joanna Newsom voiceovers?
I think when I am consigned to *** I will be listening to Terry Gross interview Jonathan Franzen for all eternity.
Do we know they really had sex in that box? - Terry Gross 😳
Excerpt from Steinem's interview by Terry Gross:. GROSS: If I asked you to make a list of the five most important...
"President Obama sounds like a man who wishes he was Terry Gross" "But he's not Terry Gross" shots fired by
I want a white noise generator to sleep to that's just Terry Gross reading gibberish words.
Terry Gross interviews about advice from Jon Stewart, feminism, and racism.
it'll def hurt him with the totebag-wearing Terry Gross crowd
I wish Terry Gross would interview Diane Rehm on and Diane would interview Terry on before Diane retires.
Speaking of The Leftovers, Terry Gross has a great interview with Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta about the show:
When oh when will Terry Gross stop talking about Bop-it, right?
Thanks! Linda is a great interviewer, and a lot of fun to chat with. She reminds me of Terry Gross from Fresh Air.
new podcast! Tune in for intelligent talk/ This week Charles Blow, Terry Gross, hosted by https:/…
Great interview with reporter Jessica Silver-Greenberg with Dave Davies on Fresh Air with Terry Gross:...
You've made it when you're invited to be on with Terry Gross, right? Hearing story
Indeed that's the sound of Sleater-Kinney on today. Carrie Brownstein + Terry Gross:
new post on the same old movie:Brady slays Jets, a great NYT story on Terry Gross,and how much can Okla. St. endure?
My mom loves Terry Gross and then Marc Maron interviewed her so now he is her new god
Almost certainly. I'll go before you go,. So I won't have to miss you. — Maurice Sendak, to Terry Gross.
If you missed it: Fresh Air's Terry Gross interviews me about my comprehensive history of autism.
Terry Gross asked Keith R about it in his interview and he threw *** under the bus hard, ha.
Oh no! Another NPR member drive. I will only donate if Terry Gross calls me herself.
loves ur story with Terry gross very interesting wish u the best
Huge thanks to Dave Davies Terry Gross & Fresh Air for a great "Black Flags" intvw!
Kylie was 17 when she started dating Tyga (25). So to do that shoot w/ KNOWN predator Terry Richardson was just... SO GROSS.
Listening to Jonathan Franzen get emotional talking to Terry Gross about David Foster Wallace was NOT the best Sunday night wind-down pick.
Just found Terry Gross' interview of Bryan Stevenson on NPR. You can listen here:
Nick Hornby gave a great interview to Terry Gross who idolize! She is it for me.
In lieu of new content about current events, here are some interviews from several years ago. I'm Dave Davies in for Terry Gross.
I am not ashamed to admit I like Dave Davies better than Terry Gross. I am ashamed that I have an opinion about it.
No. Tig Notaro was pushed by Ira Glass and then Terry Gross because Nick Kroll's family are big funders. FACT
When Dave Davies fills in for Terry Gross :'(
Terry Gross interviews animal trainer Teresa Ann Miller about her work on the Hungarian film White God.
Fresh Air, David Sedaris and Alan Cumming (Nonfiction) - Terry Gross | | News free audiobooks online
Terry Gross and Dave Davies are fighting to interview different authors. Who will win?!
*** this interview with the Her Story guy is making me thing should be the Terry Gross of Giant Bomb.
I think 's Terry Gross bought the Tig Notaro nick kroll cancer hoax but knew what was up!
No shortage of "making-of" stories on - but I could listen to Maron talk to Terry Gross all day.
Listening to Kathy Johnson's early commentary is bizarre. It's like listening to an old Terry Gross interview.
Terry Gross and Tig Notaro kinda have the same voice
great interview with Terry Gross made me want to check out his podcast Love the podcast - would even give it $
Great interview by Mark Maron of Terry Gross -
This will make podcast/interview nerds (like me) very happy – Marc Maron in conversation with the amazing Terry Gross
Good point thought it was just me I usually like Terry Gross' interviews but this 1 felt like she badgered or had an agenda
... is apparent that Terry Gross does not have children. (2/2)
I can't tell if Terry Gross is personally scandalized by Sally Mann's photos or just asking what people want to know but it definitely (1/2)
did u hear Louis CK tell Terry Gross about his freakout at either '80 or '81 Boston Garden show? @ 32:30
As the 2016 cover reveals begin, we're asking: What makes a great book design? Fresh Air's Terry Gross...
I listen to conversations, as well as interviews (Terry Gross, Charlie Rose, Kirsty Young ). Also…(1/2
Christoph Niemann’s illustration of Terry Gross interviewing Maurice Sendak should be viewed regularly. Beautiful.
I'm bothered by the way Terry Gross asked Kim Gordon how she "made the choice" to break up Sonic Youth after Thurston Moore cheated on her.
"from WHYY in Philadelphia this is Fresh Air..." 😀. "... I'm Dave Davies in for Terry Gross" 😒
am writing a political thriller script called Gross National Product but if Terry Gross doesn't agree to take the lead role it won't work
In interview with Terry Gross on today, her brilliant analysis amazed him.
Michael Keaton did not really sound too good/stable talking to Terry Gross on tonight. Is he all right?
I heard Terry Gross tonight enthusiastically interviewing Michael Keaton about the Oscar-nominated movie...
I'm sure you've heard this before but I'd love to hear you talk with Terry Gross.
or "From WHYY in Philadelphia, I'm Terry Gross and this is 'Fresh Air'"
Congratulations to Michael Keaton for describing his *** to Fresh Air's Terry Gross on NPR today.
I can't believe Terry Gross didn't know the world labile. I also can't believe I just had to add it to my Swype Dictionary.
Watching Susie's son Daniel give her a sponge bath is just as gross as watching terry cover her throat hole..seriously stop smoking dummies
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