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Terrence Ross

Terrence Ross (born February 5, 1991) is an American basketball player, most recently playing for the NCAA Division I Washington Huskies.

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I liked a video Kobe Bryant death stare at ref... then destroys Terrence Ross with Stepback Jumper
That Terrence Ross letter pulled at a few heartstrings
⚡ Terrence Ross writes touching 'thank you' letter to the Raptors.
Great essay from a departing Raptor giving props to his team, Toronto, and Canada. A wonderful read.
Terrance Ross wrote Toronto and an amazing love letter:
Norman Powell has as many 20pt games this season for the Raptors as Terrence Ross did, despite having played 200 mins less than Ross.
Bryan Paul Colangelo admitted to tanking the 2011-2012 Toronto Raptors season and ended up with Terrence Ross in a draft with Anthony Davis.
you are one classy guy. Thanks for what you have done in Toronto & for . Good luck in Orlando!
An interesting piece on Ross in Orlando...
On the thanks the city of Toronto as he begins a new journey with the
How the leadership of and prepared for his next step.
"We're gonna make the playoffs". *lose to Aaron Gordon and Terrence Ross*
Fantastic tribute to Toronto. you will be missed! Keep proving naysayers wrong 👊🏼
The letter Terrence Ross wrote has me in tears
writes love letter to Toronto and Canada. Class act. Honourary Canadian.
Terrence Ross scored 10 points on 5-of-9 shooting vs. the Heat on Friday. #
Terrence Ross has dramatically improved in the past month...
Terrence Ross had a solid all around game with 10 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks!
Terrence Ross does a bit of everything in win over Heat
Terrence Ross' farewell to Toronto. Good of him to do this. He'll return with the Magic on Mar. 27, by the way
I love Terrence Ross, but Powell is what he couldn't be as a Raptor.
I don’t remember Terrence Ross playing like Norm is.
Terrence Ross has a great jumpshot, Elfrid however might have the ugliest one I've ever seen lol
Lou Williams, Terrence Ross, Norman Powell. What is it about Raptors bench guards always being Wizards killers?
my senior year Justin, Josh, and Terrence Ross came to practice with us. Nino told Ross to stop dunking lol
hey Josh. should i drop wesley mat. for terrence ross?
Terrence Ross, the second unit misses you
JV is doing Terrence Ross things tonight.
Terrence Ross should get some burn at PG
Terrence Ross has a great ability to evade a tough shot situation into a clever assist
'I’ll tell them — I’ll promise them: 'It goes through this team. Through this city.' oh oh oh i 💜 this
he's been lost since Terrence Ross got there
Terrence Ross is going to mid-range you to death and there's nothing you can do about it
Magic need a starter back in against this Heat lineup right now. Terrence Ross checking back in.
Delon Wright and Norman Powell need to send Terrence Ross a gift basket.
Terrence Ross elevates and denies Goran Dragic at the rim.
ORL turned Tobias Harris, Victor Oladipo and a lottery pick into Terrence Ross and a late 1st
We need to see Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Gordon, Derrick Williams, Terrence Ross, and Jaylen Brown for next year's
P-12 coaches always get it wrong. Picked D. Williams over Isaiah and Klay, and robbed Terrence Ross even tho UW won the league.
As much as Magic fans bemoaned the initial Serge Ibaka trade, they got a quality player in Terrence Ross in return and a…
🚨 TRADE ALERT 🚨. get: Serge Ibaka. get: Terrence Ross + 2017 first-round pick. Details ➡️
Raptors/Orlando Trade:. Raptors get: Serge Ibaka + 1st Round Pick. Magic get: Terrence Ross. Who won this trade?
ORL has Terrence Ross and a first-rounder to show for trading Serge Ibaka, Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis, Tobias Har…
Orlando has agreed to trade Serge Ibaka to Toronto for Terrence Ross and a 2017 first-round pick, league sources tell…
Magic trade Serge Ibaka to Raptors for Terrence Ross and a first rounder. Who wins?
Raptors are sending Terrence Ross and a first round pick to Orlando for Serge Ibaka. (via
Marc Spears evaluates the Raptors' decision to trade Terrence Ross and a first-round pick to rece... - via App
Serge Ibaka traded to Raptors for Terrence Ross ! 👀 great move...looks like the raptors and Cavs will be in the eastern conference finals
Good move from Raptors:. Magic get Terrence Ross ' 2017 1st rd pick from Toronto for Serge Ibaka.
BREAKING: acquire Serge Ibaka from for Terrence Ross and 2017 first-rounder
My goodness, Terrence Ross must've been a monster in triple jump
Easy way to maximize the productivity of Terrence Ross: match him up with Joe Harris every game
Terrence Ross, Norman Powell, and Jonas Valanciunas have a 140.4 ORtg in 48 minutes together for the Raps. Seems good.
Hornets head coach Steve Clifford is a smart man. Praises Lowry and DeRozan and then points out how good Terrence Ross has been this year.
Gerald Green, Giannis, Terrence Ross, Aaron Gordon, Zach Lavine would be the greatest dunk contest of all time
According to Mike Breen,raptors don't have ANY recognisable names except Lowry&DeRozan 😂 Think he knows Terrence Ross now though
Terrence Ross has to be one of the most underrated players. He could start on some teams. Always amazes me with shots he hits
Toronto gets Kyle korver and Paul millsap in a trade for Cory Joseph, Terrence Ross and Jakob poeltl
What about Millsap to Toronto 4 Patrick Patterson,Terrence Ross, and Jakob Poeltl?I think Atlanta fans would be a bit miffed
Thomas Robinson, Terrence Ross, and Cory Joseph gotta go ham for 2-3 minutes before the starters roll back in.
Update moved Harrison Barnes to the 4 put ilyasova on the bench and let Terrence Ross crybaby *** start SF
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It looks like Terrence Ross and the windmill dunk are back on good terms.
Excuse me hello yes who is this new woman on Terrence Ross's snap story cuz it sure as *** ain't either Amber Rose or his baby momma
Was going to attempt the Terrence Ross challenge but, guess not. SMH
Patrick Patterson has a net rating of 14. Terrence Ross is 14.5. They must be all-NBA players
Dillon Brooks should be a 1st round pick. He will be my favorite player the NBA... sorry Iguoadala and Terrence Ross
Terrence Ross is in the 98.4th percentile as the ball handler in PnRs this season.
NBA rejects Toronto Raptors protest over 102-99 loss to Sacramento Kings on November 20th when Terrence Ross 3 poin…
Ruby Klay Thompson and Sapphire Terrence Ross leading the way
my 2k crashed with about 40 seconds left of the terrence ross challenge which i had completed. I have a photo of it finished. 1/2
JV, Terrence Ross, and two firsts? Not sure if that'll do it. But that's about as good as we could do I imagine.
that is true, but given your feeling on Terrence Ross I feel my argument may fall on deaf ears
Norman Powell!!! is why terrence ross is expendable.
If terrence ross and Igoudala went to one team or got 3 team traded to the same team, they would become my new favorite team
terrence ross is my 2nd favorite player in the league only behind Igoudala
Terrence Ross is the new generation. Dude chucks and chucks.
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LOVE how Jaylen Brown just tossed Terrence Ross aside on the sideline.
Brown has a tough cover - Terrence Ross. Thus far he's made it through all of those picks.
Is Terrence Ross the greatest shooter ever? Or the greatest shooter in history?
Terrence Ross makes the most of his opportunities.
Game 22 update: Terrence Ross is still good.
Norman Powell is real good, Raptors need to lock him up for long term, and Terrence Ross too
NBA denied protest of their 102-99 loss to on Nov. 20. Confirmed replay used correctly on Terrence Ross' late 3P shot.
The NBA has denied the Raptors' protest, but they'll never be able to deny Terrence Ross' clutchness.
please provide further clarification on how ruling was determined considering Terrence Ross was not aware of "correct" time
Terrence Ross said he isn't surprised protest got denied. Still doesn't understand/like the whole situation. Doesn't seem right.
i have certain doubts about Hezonja, i feel like he might be a Terrence Ross-Jeff Green kind of player :/
Now in Use the Sapphire Terrence Ross to re-create his 51-point night for a reward of 10,000 MT! http…
hope Terrence Ross leaves y'all ain't using him right he should take his talents to the land 😈
Terrence Ross needs to get out of Toronto...avg 10ppg shooting 50% from the field 45% from 3... he may never be the star imagined...
Despite the deflection, Terrence Ross shot was good. What did the NBA time 🤔
Just did that long *** Terrence Ross challenge got 54 pts and no reward at the end of my rainbow. Gg 2K 👿
I like this one. Raptors get: Nikola Vucevic, Jodie Meeks, 2018 2nd round pick. Magic get: Terrence Ross, Cory…
Raptors coach Dwane Casey irate after Terrence Ross's game-tying buzzer-beater waved off on video review as Kings sweep se…
Terrence Ross and Austin Rivers both fall down within five seconds of one another. The NBA is back, baby
Terrence Ross better be ballin like the new Paul George tonight idgaf
Paul Pierce but he's just watchin. Stanley Johnson and Terrence Ross are playing rn. Nick Young and Javale McGee next
Terrence Ross said he's put a lot of focus on getting stronger this summer.
Greg Monroe to Raptors for Terrence Ross and Patrick Patterson. Who says no?
NBA Rumors: Raptors to acquire Nerlens Noel from Sixers for Terrence Ross?
Biyombo prolly isnt resiging with the Raptors. I could easily see a Nerlens Noel for Terrence Ross and Cory Joseph trade
Would you trade Terrence Ross and a 2nd for Nerlens Noel?
Raptors lost Harrison Barnes over a coin flip and settled for Terrence Ross.
Is Amber Rose and Terrance Ross an "Item" yet?: We can securely allude to Ball player, Terrence Ross as Golde...
Lol this dude in sportscenter just said Terrence Ross and Patrick Patterson will average 20-25 ppg... I'm laughing so hard rn
Terrence Ross was flying in the first half! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Terrence Ross with his second impressive slam of the half!.
How is Pat Riley going to shift a Cover 2 away from Terrence Ross after a long rebound?
As long as we minimize Terrence Ross's minutes, we'll be just fine.
Hope Casey keep Biyombo/Patterson on the floor for as long as possible. Wouldn't hurt to bench Terrence Ross for Powell at SG.
Long talk with Justise Winslow about his play in G4 after not playing in G3. He was critical of his work against Terrence Ross.
you and Terrence Ross long lost twins?
There is literally nothing about Terrence Ross' game that I like
Mo Williams, Corey Brewer, Terrence Ross, Andre Miller, and Kevin Martin all current NBAers that have dropped 50 in a game.
Jesus christ why is Terrence Ross taking shots right now!? Is this a regular season game???
I would fire Masai Ujiri right now for the Terrence Ross extension.
Danny updates : Amber Rose confirms she is dating NBA star Terrence Ross with a video of them kissing
Just watched footage of Terrence Ross cupcaking on IG with Amber Rose.
we need to get to the point where we don't lose the Terrence Jones/Ross, KLove, Singler type players.
Just spotted: Amber Rose and Terrence Ross canoodling outside the Trump Hotel. 👀
How did terrence ross uglass get Amber Rose
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Awww Amber Rose claimed Terrence Ross publicly...he's winning this season
Terrence Ross used to be one of the best Dunkers in the league he just be lowkey now
Terrence Ross logs 25 minutes off the bench on Friday…
Terrence Ross strips the ball and throws down the fast break hammer via
Air Canada - Terrence Ross soars for a big dunk after forcing a turnover.
Terrence Ross glides under the rim and sinks the reverse layup.
Up Up and Away Terrence Ross takes flight via Air Raptors!!
That was a very nice slam dunk, Terrence Ross
Smart is so ferocious on defense that he's a one-man trap. What he just did to Terrence Ross in the corner was ridiculous.
Terrence Ross auditioning to be the next JR Smith I see
hearing from trusted source that Terrence Ross is making an appearance at said party after this game
The confidence that Terrence Ross is playing with is incredible. Thanks, Amber Rose.
Congratulations to Terrence Ross for his 46th assist of the season in his 62nd game.
Terrence Ross adding a little bit of play making to his game is really awesome.
In case you've been living in a box, Amber Rose and Terrence Ross are now a thing.
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It still blows my mind how Terrence Ross was able to dunk this...
How Terrence Ross managed to trap Amber Rose still amazes me
theJASMINEBRAND: Amber Rose On Her NBA Boyfriend Terrence Ross ‘He swept me off my feet.’ [VIDEO]
.On Her Boyfriend 'He swept me off my feet.' [VIDEO]
Amber Rose Says Her NBA Boyfriend Terrence Ross 'Swept me off my feet.' [VIDEO]
Amber Rose went from Wiz to Odell Beckham to MGK to nick cannon to James Harden to Terrence a year. She the micheal jordan of ***
Terrence Ross was in a coma tonight. Offensively and defensively.
Oh good for Terrence Ross, I didn't know he bagged Amber Rose
Doug has 25 points in a game WITHOUT Terrence Ross guarding him!
Steph Curry shoots like a girl. Klay Thompson shoots like a robot. Terrence Ross with prettiest shot in NBA
Terrence Ross shooting that rainbow with the clock running down, "Don't worry, I got us."
Terrence Ross' shot arc is so high, it would even get arrested in Colorado.
Terrence Ross shooting that rainbow, "Don't worry, I got us."
Let's just say these have not been the best 6 minutes we've ever seen from Terrence Ross
Dejounte Murray as good as gone. Hes just scratching the surface. Will be more like Terrence Ross less like Tony Wroten in
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Amber Rose and Terrence Ross dating now?via
I just realized that Tyler Henry said that Amber Rose is going to find someone with a T name... And now she's dating Terrence Ross. WEIRD!!
Terrence Ross stealing the ball like he stole James Harden's girlfriend.
Dwane Casey says he told Terrence Ross he wasn't happy with his ejection. Says it wasn't smart.
Corey Brewer, Mo Williams, Terrence Ross, Andre Miller, and Kevin Martin all have career-highs of 50+ points.
Fans meeting the Toronto Terrence Ross at our Queen West store. 🏀🏀🏀 Snapchat: frankandoak
My idea for next year is get Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones and Jordan Clarkson
Do you think Bulls could pull off a Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson for Terrence Ross deal? Clears salary/get high upside player
I added a video to a playlist Terrence Ross - The Fix (Prod. De’la)
Terrence Ross money is where I have him pegged.
Terrence Ross better off the bench this year. Maybe rushed him into the starting lineup too early .
Special mentions for Kyle Lowry & Terrence Ross in Game Rap. . READ:
Kyle Lowry scores 25 and Terrence Ross adds 18 as the beat the 103-89.
Terrence Ross seems to be thriving with this new bench unit. Another great performance tonight.
where can I go to buy an OVO Terrence Ross jersey?
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Toronto was calling for Terrence Ross' head in November. How do you like T.Ross now?
Terrence Ross has been unbelievably good for 2 months straight. Good for him. Potential star.
Raptors pull away for win as Pistons fail to build on Drummond’s amazing 80-foot shot via
The fact that Dwane Casey has more faith in his rookie starting than Terrence Ross, is indicative of Powell's success and T Ross' regression
told you Terrence Ross would come around not his fault he had to figure out a way to contribute as a fourth option while injured
Terrence Ross : 18 points on 7-13 shooting, 4-6 from 3 & 4 rebounds in 29 minutes off the bench
.Terrence Ross surprised shoppers over the weekend
Okay... I'm officially a Terrence Ross fan. I'll stick with him through thick and thin.
Headband Terrence Ross is a new animal but the same beast.
is Terrence Ross eligible for Most Improved if TJ Ross wins Rookie of the Year?
Detroit going at Terrence Ross in every PNR now. Stan Van Gundy knows a defensive liability when he sees one.
yeah, yeah. I like Terrence Ross more. I wish he was the better player. Maybe it's a looks thing.
Terrence Ross a key player for the Toronto Raptors since turning his season around
Smart defensive play by Terrence Ross on that play. Great awareness.
Last time, on the revival of Terrence Ross, which has continued tonight:
Terrence Ross the biggest problem in Detroit other than unemployment
Terrence Ross is taking flight tonight reminds me of another Raptor
Terrence Ross hasn't just gotten better, he's changing games
Wade just sent Terrence Ross across the border
Terrence Ross & of course Vince Carter. I'd love to go to the game...
There was no reason for Terrence Ross to do what he just did, other than it was probably fun. And you know: good for him.
Looks like Patterson for Toronto going to kill me or blow me up Don't ask me why I forget about Terrence Ross n that center not looking good
The will start James Johnson on Friday instead of Terrence Ross.
Terrence Ross is the absolute worst player in the history of the Raptors franchise. Worse than Rafael Araujo, Marcus Banks and Luke Jackson.
Man, Terrence Ross just totally getting killed right there.
No. . Austin Rivers just stopped and put Terrence Ross on ice skates. . .
Terrence Ross re-signs with Raptors, avoids free agency
Terrence Ross plus whatever for Alec Burks. He is twice the player Ross is
Casey should give you more minutes...You're better off than Terrence Ross, both offensively and defensively.
watching my first Toronto game of the year and Terrence Ross looks like John Salmons with that headband on.
In 2 more days we get to complain we get to complain about Terrence Ross' existence, James Johnson lack of minutes, &Demar's shot selection
Amount of Terrence Ross did. You saying Terrence Ross isn't top 300 this era?
even Terrence Ross has a 50pt game lol
Terrence Ross once dropped 51 so he's automatically better than every guard who hasn't dropped 50.
Where do you fall on the Terrence Ross Belief Chart? I’m currently at 52%.
Terrence Ross windmill dunk and. the double dribble.
I wrote something for ., and debuted the Terrence Ross Belief Chart:
Terrence Ross throws down windmill dunk, but forgot to dribble first
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Terrence Ross puts preseason in preseason dunk (video).
I know its just preseason but Terrence Ross did Jamal Crawford DIRTY!.
It's only preseason, but.Terrence em.
Terrence Ross (fully healthy after ankle surgery. More at
“The first guy that comes to mind is Terrence Ross,” Casey said
Raptors GM Masai Ujiri talks about the future of Demar Derozan, Terrence Ross and much more:
People like tony delk and Terrence Ross are avg matt Barnes Matt bonner patty mills people like that
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NBA Trade Rumor: Dell Demps might have an opportunity to land Terrence Ross
Terrence who scored 51 points? Yes, the Raptors' Terrence Ross. More background on the man who tied VC's record:
A comprehensive evaluation of Terrence Ross: With the newly acquired DeMarre Carroll poised to assume starting...
Will Terrence Ross turn it around this season?
Terrence Ross' future with the Toronto Raptors - Raptors Rapture
Maybe Raptors are building for the NEW new NBA: Terrence Ross at C, DeRozan at PF then Lowry, Joseph, Wright. They'll out…
I really think the lakers shud get a SF. A very good SF. I'll wait for it tomorrow. (Wilson Chandler, Jeff Green, Terrence Ross)
aye sign and trade with the Lakers...Jordan Hill for Terrence Ross
we need perimeter d. Maybe try to bring in Wilson Chandler or Terrence Ross
The bar is still Terrence Ross. I think he's safe.
I think should trade Harrison Barnes for the Terrence Ross
Harrison Barnes is like a better Terrence Ross
have you got a Tony Delk / Cory Brewer / Terrence Ross random 50pt'er in you?
Jeff Green is the Terrence Ross of the Grizzlies.
a lot of players are like that, Terrence Ross, Jeff Green, Marshon Brooks...they're more talented but you get what I'm saying
When Greg Stiemsma has more points in two minutes than Terrence Ross has in 30, you know your team is finished. So long,
Lou Williams gotta start over Terrence Ross man. He just has too
Terrence Ross doesn't box out, allows Lance Thomas to collect a putback. Raps trail by 4 heading into the fourth.
Thomas Robinson signs with BKN:. Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes, Terrence Ross and Andre Drummond were drafted after hi…
Celtics seek to acquire a shooter by deadline. Exploring options for players players like Marcus Morris, Terrence Ross, and Wesley Johnson.
Raptors considering trading Terrence Ross and others for Pacers F David West, according to
Next year I want to see Zach, Terrence Ross, Paul George (if healthy) and Wiggins. Maybe even John Wall
Dude just said Terrence Ross was back at Kentucky tonight... That's the real T Jones, little man
UofL football player Terrence Ross arrested on assault & drug charges. Bobby Petrino immediately names him team captain.
Louisville DB Terrence Ross has been suspended from the team following assault and drug charges.
The should trade J.R.Smith & Samuel Dalembert for the Amir Johnson & Terrence Ross
Blazers head coach Terry Stotts said Terrence Ross was the best player he saw at last summer's Tim Grgurich's camp.
Q&A with Toronto Raptors guard and Portland native Terrence Ross: Portland native Terrence Jones on the Raptor...
Terrence Ross warms up before - Clippers. Ross coming off a season-high five 3-pointers vs. Bulls on Dec. 22
“Dunk of the year candidates. Which one you got? Terrence Ross
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View of the funeral gathering for NYC officer Ramos from my friend Mike Ross.
Terrence Ross, who had 51 pts. vs. the Clippers in 1st meeting last season, brings Raptors into Staples Center today.
Terrence Ross with the sick behind the back dunk
.Terrence Ross takes flight to earn a spot on Sunday's Top 10 Plays:. WATCH »
Terrence Ross play fr when hes angry
Klay is a glorified Terrence Ross lol
Toronto Terrence Ross worked out with James Harden - FanSided
Only on the TSN Top 100 plays of the year. All good. Shout out to Terrence Ross on the poster: …
terrence ross is the best dunker in the NBA
ICYMI - wrote about Ross's adjustment since DeRozan's injury and 💩'ed the idea of trading for David West …
I wrote about Terrence Ross, potentially acquiring David West and free agency. Read it here:
Terrence Ross, JV, and James Johnson just walked can by me at the airport
I want to see Terrence Ross represent at the NBA All-Star Game!
Dear Santa can you send Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Terrence Ross, Gerald Green, and John Wall to the 2015 Dunk Contest😬
Drake is a man of many talents... including breaking down a Raptors and one by Terrence Ross. »
Man if Terrence Ross and Vince Carter (when Vince was in his prime) were on the Raptors together nobody would know Blake and DeAndre...
Dunk of the Night: Raptors' Terrence Ross soars through the air to throw down the nasty alley-oop! . VIDEO:
Watch as Toronto Raptors guard Terrence Ross elevates for an amazing alley-oop dunk.
Terrence Ross has hops as he hangs in the air and slams down the oop from Lowry as The Toronto Raptors are 8-2. Good game from Jonas Valančiūnas who had 17 and 14.
Grant Hill is getting nostalgic: "- Must be nice to be able to jump like Terrence Ross
Terrence Ross can fly. I wish he had a better north-south mentality with the ball. He doesn't utilise his athleticism enough.
VIDEO: Raptors SG Terrence Ross has HUGE block on the Sixers' Chris Johnson via
Re: Last RT: Demar Derozan’s work ethic might finally be rubbing off on Terrence Ross.
Toronto exercise options on Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross ... - National Post
my breakout players for this season hopefully, Archie Goodwin, Jeremy Lamb, Brandon Jennings and Terrence Ross
I wanna see a dunk contest with Vince, Jordan, Wilkins, Lavine, Terrence Ross, and Spud Webb
In 2012, the raptors original pick was supposed to be Dion Waiters. Damian Lillard and Terrence Ross were the next options. Not Jeremy lamb.
for Terrence Ross, Andre Drummond and Brandon Jennings . FAV for Deron Williams, Derrick Rose and Jared Sullinger
Fibr All-Stars promise to put on ‘a good show’ for Filipino fans in ‘Last HOME Stand’ event Some of the biggest names in basketball are raring to strut their stuff before Filipino fans in “The Last HOME Stand” slated for July 22 and 23 at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum. James Harden, Demar Derozan, Brandon Jennings, Kyle Lowry, Damian Lillard, Terrence Ross, Kawhi Leonard and renowned skills coach John Lucas arrived in Manila on Monday and were presented to the public a day before they showcase their skills in the All-Star charity event which will also feature the Philippine national men’s basketball team. “We came here and put up a good show and give back to charity,” Lowry said. “We’re gonna enjoy our time here.” DeRozan and Harden, who have visited the Philippines in the past, said they are happy to make another trip to the country. “It’s definitely fun to be back. I just came here a few weeks ago,” DeRozan said. “Fan support is really encouraging. It’s really great to be ...
I find this so cool!! Paul George & Terrence Ross at this All Star Basketball Charity event!
Had a dream about Terrence Ross last night. We were friends trying to find lost treasure.
This guy is saying the way to win with the new draft pick is to surround him with superstar version Terrence Ross, Marc Gasol Clone,
Terrence Ross with the monster dunk over Kenneth Faried
And Giannis Antetokounmpo and Dennis Schroeder are still my two Andre Drummond and Terrence Ross... Shabazz Muhammad will always be my TROB.
Terrence Ross with the DEEP 3... or not? Tag someone who can't shoot 3's.
Dwane Casey on playoffs: "Each game a young player grew and learned something. Today it was Terrence Ross. Again, I'm prou…
WOW! What a defensive play by Terrence Ross!
Terrence Ross gets the steal and the Raptors have the ball down by 1 with 6.2 seconds left.
A positive: Terrence Ross has played some quality D on Joe Johnson, who hasn't scored since the first quarter
Terrence Ross using his entire body weight while Joe Johnson barely look like he trying
I expect the Raptors to dabble with more Terrence Ross single-coverage on Joe Johnson. Probably their best look. Or least bad look.
Terrence Ross just played the best defence Joe Johnson has seen tonight.
"Terrence Ross posterizes Kenneth Faried!! 😱 see I told you he *** !
Not sure Terrence Ross is ready for this yet.
Dion Waiters, Terrence Ross? It's a lot of them out there doing their thang
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Coach Casey get Landry in the game Terrence Ross isn't shooting or defending
have taken Kyle Lowry off Deron Williams. Trying Terrence Ross. Meanwhile, Joe Jesus comes to life
My bold prediction for Game 3 of is that Landry Fields will replace Terrence Ross in the starting 5.
Terrence Ross is captain casual...Demar Derozan is getting eaten by Joe Johnson and Alan Anderson..yes that's correct..Alan Anderson. SMH
Mason Plumlee just rejected Terrence Ross and. .screamed in his face.
Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors (-2.5, 194) The Nets' starters boast a combined 399 career playoff games, while there are three playoff rookies - guard Demar Derozan, forward Terrence Ross and center Jonas Valanciunas - among the Raptors' first five. The teams split four meetings this season, with each squad going 1-1 on its home floor and three of the four games decided by four points or fewer. After a slow start and a notable trade that sent swingman Rudy *** to Sacramento, Toronto went 42-22 over the final four-plus months of the season to record a franchise record in victories and storm to the Atlantic Division crown - its first since 2006-07. DeRozan and point guard Kyle Lowry were the catalysts all season for Toronto, combining to average 40.6 points and 11.4 assists and stepping up their games against Brooklyn; DeRozan averaged 22.3 points and Lowry 22 points versus the Nets. TRENDS: * Under is 4-1 in the last five meetings in Toronto. * Home team is 7-2-1 ATS in the last 10 meetings. * Nets are 0 ...
*** Terrence Ross hit that 3 from heaven 😂
Terrence Ross thought he was Jason Williams...He was wrong.
Dunk of the Year is between Terrence Ross on Kenneth Faried and Xavier Henry on Jeff Withey. Griffin on Humphries was NOT a dunk.
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