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Terrence Mann

Terrence Vaughan Mann (born July 1, 1951) is an American actor, director, singer, songwriter and dancer who has been prominent on the Broadway stage for the past three decades.

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Everyone *** so I'm just going to listen to Roses by Susan Egan and Terrence Mann on a loop.
Literally obsessed with the fact that Charlotte d'Amboise and Terrence Mann are married in real life since 1996.
No Terrence Mann, the one constant throughout the years has not been baseball, it's been the disappointment that is
Mann i got some strong feelings about terrence Williams but imma chill it's Thanksgiving
Terrence Mann's hair blowing majestically in the wind...
Can't explain why, but is one of my fave shows of all time. Would LOVE to see the revival (and Terrence Mann).
Best part about Macy's Day Parade?? The theatrical performances! Loved seeing Terrence Mann in Pippin! Remembering when I saw him years ago in Les Mis... classic.
Okay, now I have to plan a trip to New York so we can see Pippin on Broadway. I've been singing "Corner of the Sky" to Rachel since she was born. And Terrence Mann is in it. This is what I want for Christmas. :)
My friends, Terrence Mann and Charlotte D'Amboise rock, end of story! Patina totally owns it!!
And clearly I'm thankful for the existence of Terrence Mann.
Gf would not let me go take Terrence Mann to a baseball game at fenway
Movies will make you famous, television will make you rich, but THEATRE will make you good. -Terrence Mann. Good night! :)
16 hours ago I was smooching TErrence Mann live on stage, now I'm heading to see my nieces school play in nephi, utah. This life thing is kickin athis year :)
I love you Terrence Mann, have a great day !
I just wanna see Terrence Mann in Pippin
I liked a video All Things Terrence Mann -- Extended
Why can't everything just be Terrence Mann
Terrence Mann just called my cell phone to thank me for the painting I dropped off for him at Pippin. He is in the...
Lmaoo, I went with Pippin! He seemed more like a Pippin. But I'll save Terrence Mann for another pet ;) lol
i think pippin is the best name for any pet. PS Terrence Mann is pretty awesome, too ;)
Got a fishy for school in place of my dog. Thinking of calling him Pippin. My mom suggested Terrence Mann... lol.
Nbd just singing in a concert behind Terrence Mann in a few short days
Between Pippin, Cats and Beauty and the Beast I have a crazy amount of Terrence Mann music on my iPod.
Great to have so many friends over for the Tony's party last night. I am still upset that neither Rob McClure nor Terrence Mann won the awards they most definitely deserved and also that Bring It On was nominated for Best New Musical but Chaplin was not. Otherwise, they were great! Also great to have another SIUian come visit last night in Phillip Christian George! I'll see him and Liz Loar tonight at Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama - Official Site!
Broadway star Terrence Mann, who holds Western Carolina University’s Carolyn Plemmons Phillips and Ben R. Phillips Distinguished Professorship in Musical Theatre, is a two-timer no more.
i essentially got my equity card because i crashed an audition for sweeney todd at north carolina theater. i think Scott LaFeber hired me as johanna because i offended the crap out of him. i probably offended Terrence Mann too. i was on a roll.
One of my favorite events Thursday: The Outer Critics Circle Awards at Sardi's. Dinner with the winners: Nathan Lane, Cicely Tyson, Billy Porter, Patina Miller, Tom Sturridge, Kristine Nielsen, Terrence Mann, Andrea Martin, Holland Taylor, Diane Paulis, Jack O'Brien among others. Who will be at my table??
May 11, 2012   I was waiting for a taxi to take me to Ottawa.  I was going to see DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING?  It was a celebration of the composers of Miss Saigon and Les Miserables, Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boubil.  It was at the National Arts Centre- one of my favourite venues in the city.  The National Arts Centre Orchestra was playing the music and stars of Broadway were coming to Ottawa to sing lead parts.  Lea Salonga, Terrence Mann and Eric Kunze were among the stars coming.  I was excited to see Eric perform again.  I saw him as Jesus in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. Just thinking of that made me sad. I had just pulled the plug on yet another attempt to mount Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR in my hometown.  This was attempt or 4.  I can’t remember.  The Mississippi MUDDS had turned down my proposal once again for a concert version of JCS to be co-directed by me and a MUDDS-established director in a church here in town. I had come really close this time ...
Joseph Smith here reminds me of Terrence Mann and now I can't unsee drunk!Javert.
Terrence Mann's is one of my favourites too, along with Roger Allam's!
I'm still on a high after seeing Terrence Mann sing Stars live in concert! And to top off an amazing evening, Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg came out on stage for the curtain call!! I didn't even have to fly to New York City to have this amazing experience because they came to Salt Lake. All I can say is WOW!
OMG! A Thrill of a lifetime happened tonight! Theatre Lovers will understand...I went to see Terrence Mann, Sarah Uriate Berry, Jennifer Paz, Eric Kunze and Maria Zamora with the Utah Symphony. Wonderful show...but the thrill was at the end during the bows... Jerry Steichen, the conductor of the Utah Symphony...came to the microphone and said that there were very special guests here and he introduced... ALAIN BOUBLIL AND CLAUDE-MICHEL SCHONBERG. I was in total awe and shock. A dream come true. For those who don't know who they are...the are the writers of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon (to name a couple). Les Mis is my absolute favourite to be there with them in the room was a dream come true. I wish I could meet them. Any way...that was my fantastic evening.can't wait for tomorrow.
Terrence Mann's voice while playing as frank-n-furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show! = love!
Went to the "Dead Mann Down" premiere last night. Colin, Terrence and Dominic were great. Suggest you see it if you like revenge and a lo…
I love Terrence Mann as Bob in Dresden Files. There's something very Tim Curry-esque about him :D
I saw Les Mis on Broadway in the late 80s. With Colm Wilkinson & Terrence Mann. Why didn't I see this year's movie?
Terrence Mann and More to Perform with the Utah Symphony, 3/1-2
I think so, but I don't remember..oh and Terrence Mann, the Broadway Javert, was in the dream, too
Mr Ref! Neh dis is poor quality, Safa needs 2 do sumthing!
after 20 years of listening to Terrence Mann sing 'Stars' I agree.
Terrence Mann had a different way to emphasize
I paraphrased in order to keep it under 140 characters but as we all know, that's Terrence Mann from
I love to see my Audei and his loving Daddy Terrence Mann playing with his airplanes around the house, I love those moments, they are priceless.
Finally saw Le Miz at Reel Pizza! Loved it, of course. Told myself that I wasn't going to cry, but I did. Every time I see that show I want to go out and join a revolution.the music is just so inspirational!!
CNN is pathetic. They are equating the crippled Carnival cruise ship debacle to hurricane Katrina, wow. I'm sure we'll be hearing it's Bush's fault any moment now.
My hubby locked me in the bedroom . . . . . Terrence Mann is back, I hear a lot of noises . . . . . oh Lord what's happening out there ?!?!!?!? what kind of Valentine's surprise is this?
nor he a Roger Allam or Terrence Mann but I suppose he made it up on the acting...
So from now on Javert and Chauvelin start occupying the same slot in my brain. Thanks, Terrence Mann.
Listening to Terrence Mann sing "Stars" properly gives me Les Mis closure rn, lulz.
"Terrence Mann's speech is unmatched" no doubt...number two is Money Ball...but it's not even a close second
BroadwayWorld sat down with our royal (and real-life) couple, Terrence Mann and Charlotte D'Amboise
Finally going to see Les Mis tonight. Must try not to judge Crowe by Terrence Mann standards. Each actor offers a unique contribution.
Terrence Mann speech in Field of Dreams sums it up.
Would love to see Clay Aiken and Terrence Mann in Hunchback on Bway.
Wiki stalking Terrence Mann. Better known as from 'Power of the Night'.
Lol memba n da 6grade me n reggie use 2run around wit r gym shorts rolled up so r collard shirts kuld hang ova dem so it look like we had nutn but shirt n shoes on lmao we was wild dena *** done put smilez on alota faces
This is a continuation of a prior review, as the title denotes. If you have not read the preceding section, I would strongly advise that you do. It covers a different perspective you may find enlightening, or at least interesting. This segment is focused on Les Miserables, the film, as a Les Mis experience, essentially how it stacks up against other Les Mis media. This essentially means the soundtrack and the live show. The specific soundtrack is the Official Broadway Soundtrack, with the original cast. Meaning, Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean, and Terrence Mann as Javert. As far as the show goes, there is great diversity based on the venue and cast that you saw performing, and so here I will be forced to move to a more subjective technique where I will compare the film to the show in the aggregate sense, the average, most typical performance of Les Mis.  Now, this section of my overall review shall be, by nature, far more subjective. Remember, I am not stating anything here as indisputable fact. It may s ...
YES. So few people know about t, it seems. Terrence Mann's Chauvelin (I almost said Javert XD He's played that role too)
I just found out Terrence Mann is Charlemagne in the ART's Pippin. I am stupidly happy right now. Who wants to see it with me?
Pre-sale begins for the Broadway revival of PIPPIN. Time to plan our next NYC adventure.
(Yes, I'm obsessed) - So, I'm listening to the Original Broadway version of Les Mis...and I'm glad I saw the movie first. Yes, I know, Colm Wilkinson and Terrence Mann and all that, but while the singing may be better, the performances are so much truer in the film. Javert and Valjean (but especially Javert) are so...cartoony.
Why is my place filled with smoke? The Taco place down the street caught on fire. Thanks North Hollywood Fire Department for putting it out so darn quick!
I think this was also the first time I didn't hate, and in fact, loved Charlotte d'Amboise. And Terrence Mann was great!
When you can't find your headphones and you have a 5 hour trip ahead of you...
Getting ready to see Les Mis finally!
I'm pretty sure that I'm set for life because Terrence Mann (the original Beast in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, the original Rum Tum Tugger in Cats, and the original Broadway Javert in Les Mis) remembered who I am one week after stagedooring Pippin at the A.R.T.
I believe Terrence Mann is reviving Pippin this season? Didn’t age too well but always love “No Time At All.”
Well, as we discussed the other night, here's the cast for PIPPIN.
Terrence Mann with the pull up jump shot.
Yes! Had the pleasure of working with Terrence Mann and Charlotte d'Amboise, hope they stay on!
You haven't lived until you've seen Terrence Mann on a unicycle.
Tomorrow I give you my opinion of Les Mis... But best part was watching it with my expecting daughter and in our fine tradition the baby kicked all through... Worst part: Russell Crowe.more to day more.ONE DAY MORE! Love you Cam!
as sweet as Terrence Mann going all Tonya Harding on Ray Kinsella on
when Annie's brother threatened to close the farm... why didn't Terrence Mann offer $ you just saw GHOST PLAYING BASEBALL!!!
Just bawled watching Field of Dreams on TV. To quote Terrence Mann "You're seeing a whole team of psychiatrists aren't you."
Ray gets Terrence Mann a dog and a beer, gets the same for himself. The cost is 7 dollars total!!
Oh the Cougars will win, Ray. They will most certainly win." -Terrence Mann
I just realized Terrence Mann plays Bob Ballard on 30 Rock. That show is perfect in nearly every way.
Bout to hit my bro Terrence tell em cop that bottle it's well needed nfs
Yup. Broadway version is the best. Colm Wilkinson and Terrence Mann as Javert. So good.
and he's great. Also, I saw Terrence Mann in The Addams Family, which was a TERRIBLE show.
Excited for the Les Miserable movie, however I feel rather skeptical that Russell Crowe will make a good Javert. Im so used to Terrence Mann
Beginning my speech tomorrow with Terrence Mann's quote in the movie "Field of Dreams"
Did you know that Terrence Mann originated the role of Javert in the Original Broadway Production of Les Miserables?
Lyrics to "It's the Power of the Night" by Terrence Mann. The song from the 1986 movie, "Critters." Without a doubt, one of my favorite movies.
Terrence Mann for the truly obsessed . . . Assassins, Beauty and the Beast, Cats, A Chorus Line, Critters, The Dresden Files, The Last Juror, Les Miserables,...
A great deal of Terrence Mann music is going to be needed to get me through this hellish night. Goodbye sleep, hello Peter Pan unit plan due in 24 hours.
Power is officially out. Hanging out with my mom, my dog and watching Terrence Mann on YouTube until my laptop battery dies. Fun times!
Terrence Mann and Rene Auberjonois read Poe! Selected Shorts: Tales of Terror from Edgar Allan Poe - WNYC
Okay, I just listened to about ten different versions of "Stars" in a row. A Les Mis intervention may be in order. [Norm Lewis' take on it has grown and grown on me, but I think I'll always be a Terrence Mann girl...]
My favorite funny scene from Field of Dreams. Terrence Mann is NOT interested in 60's hippies :)
What was a better moment in your life? a. When you found out Elijah Wood played Frodo in LOTR and was the voice for Mumble in Happy Feet or... b. When you found out James Earl Jones played Terrence Mann in Field of Dreams and was the voice for Darth Vader?
//Hands down! Terrence Mann and Michael Crawford. You seen the show in broadway baised on Billy Joel's music?
"People will come Ray. The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: It's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh, people will come Ray. People will most definitely come." ~James Earl Jones as Terrence Mann in Field of Dreams
I'm thinking of greeting my students like James Earl Jones :-) Field of Dreams - Ray meets Terrence Mann: via
Terrence Mann just taught the cast the Les Miz walk for Pirates of Penzance! Very cool
Tell me it ain't so. I'm a huge James Earl Jones fan. First Red, now Terrence Mann. Dammit.
Broadway vets celebrating birthdays today are Terrence Mann, Alan Ruck and Twyla Tharp!
Just testing out iMovie. Joseph fiennes is a beautiful man. Song: power of the Night sung by Terrence Mann
Pat Sajak to Star in THE ODD COUPLE at CRT; Terrence Mann to Lead DON QUIXOTE...
Directed by Richard Attenborough. With Michael Douglas, Terrence Mann, Michael Blevins, Yamil Borges. Hopefuls try out before a demanding director for a part in a new musical.
and Linda had a very nice evening at the Strathmore. Along with music from "Martin Guerre" and "The Pirate Queen", Peter Lockyer, Jennifer Paz, Kathy Voytko, and Maria Zamora sang pieces from "Les Miserables" and "Miss Saigon", but Bill's favorites were Terrence Mann doing Man of the House (Les Mis) and "The American Dream" (Miss Saigon).
Love Jack Davenport. I like that he plays layers. But Debra Messing. Not really a fan. ...and Yay! Terrence Mann!
I thought Terrence Mann was real for so long! Interestingly in the book, the author is JD Salinger...
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