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Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones (born January 9, 1992 in Portland, Oregon) is an American college basketball player for the University of Kentucky.

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Terrence Jones with the nasty ball fake!.
Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas went from "Rockets have to pick one or pay $30 million total" to "vet minimum Pels…
Terrence Jones just tossed an alley-oop OFF THE GLASS in a half court possession. It worked because Anthony Davis.
We should've signed guys like Terrence Jones & Seth Curry. Instead we got Smith, Nicholson, & Burke smh
better play tonight, Wilson Chandler since he's probably going to start or Terrence Jones?
Buddy Hield on performance by Terrence Jones (26 pts, 9 reb): "He was special. He basically put the team on his back in the 3rd quarter."
Scoreboard read Orl 81-73 earlier but now it's 79-77. Don't tell anyone. Terrence Jones now 25 pts. FYI his career high is 36
Terrence Jones is fired up, scoring 5 more quick points and rejecting a Magic shot on D. Jones 21 pts. Orl 54-52 at 7:45 in 3Q
finally a good stretch of offense, cut Orl lead to 54-47 early 3Q. Would be in big trouble without Terrence Jones (16 pts, 7 reb)
Gentry says Terrence Jones will start in place of Anthony Davis. E'Twaun Moore will start, too, moving Buddy Hield to th…
Hearing a great message from Nehemiah by Terrence Jones, Pastor of Strong Tower Church at African American Dinner.
the glass of Macallan 12 I just poured is raised to you Misters Jon Leuer, Langston Galloway and Terrence Jones.
Who's getting the starting position between Terrence Jones and Dante Cunningham? How many minutes will either be expecting?
Wouldn't be surprised to see Terrence Jones start tonight in place of Dante Cunningham. Suns have been starting Jared Du…
The 2012 NCAA National Championship in New Orleans was won by the Kentucky Wildcats featuring Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones.
Buddy Hield on play of Terrence Jones (18 pts, 2 treys, 4 reb, 1 blk): "I love his aggressiveness. He's a nightmare ma…
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As expected, Anthony Davis is out, still nursing the sprained ankle. Terrence Jones (bruised right knee) will play.
Anthony Davis, E'Twaun Moore, Robert Sacre all out tomorrow vs Atlanta. Terrence Jones is questionable.
Pogba has been absolute garbage ever since he decided to wear Terrence Jones number 6 shirt lmao in the off season.
I'm stuck with my drunk grandma while my dad is hanging out with Terrence Jones in New Orleans😒
Jru Holiday. Lance Stephenson. Tyreke Evans. Terrence Jones. Anthony Davis. No reason anyone other than Westbrook should put up better
Moncrief, Marvin Jones or Terrence West at flex in non PPR league?
Well, sure but what is that really saying? Terrence Jones wasn't an NBA caliber player last year.
only a man who knew nothing about Terrence jones would thumbs up this not once but THREE times I'm laughing at you
so should have Marvin jones and Terrence Williams
All I'm saying is I'm a beast with Terrence Jones & dez bryant on madden
The Pelicans are taking (smart) flyers on guys left and right. Believe the Terrence Jones signing has the potential for the biggest payoff.
Terrence Malick's film of The Thin Red Line is weak, 2nd-hand stuff next to James Jones' great, brutal, painful novel.
I really want Terrence Jones back he was one of my favorites
LOL you'll see.. you forgot terrence jones who will be vital and Buddy will most likely start. You just hating on things you
how bout when the person getting cooks and Blount rbs are sproles Matt jones and Terrence west ?
All purpose parts banner
I want to say Josh Smith but he was bad last yr. Terrence Jones didn't play. Who does it this yr? Or MDA removes that?
it's dumb because at the end of the day they still going to stick with the iPhone
I actually like ios 10 lol it just reminds me of when people went from 8 to 9 they complained like no other & here we are again
if Terrence Jones was still on the Rockets it could be Terrence Jones vs his slightly larger clone
I would've cut Terrence Williams if I'm Jerry Jones. If I was his teamate, I would've cussed him out.
terrence is hit too tho. Can't deny that either
Terrence Jones should balance out Gee being cut in terms of AD's friends.
Matt Stafford came up HUGE today! Marvin Jones almost pulled a Terrence Williams
All these receivers not wanting to get out of bounds today , *** is the deal Marvin Jones , Terrence Williams
Marvin jones just pulled a Terrence Williams. Luckily Detroit had more timeout.
Marvin Jones Jr wants to be Terrence Williams so bad
Marvin Jones just did Terrence Williams a favor lol
Don't fret Terrence Williams, plenty of WRs fail to get out of bounds... like Marvin Jones for example.
Jones pulled a Terrence Williams.. *** is up with these players Football IQ.
Oh so Jones got out of bounds. What a concept. Paging Terrence Williams
Jones JR pulling a Terrence move there
Stafford barking at Jones to not be Terrence Williams
if Cole Beasley and Terrence Williams didn't cost your team wins against the Giants the last two games
Don't think Terrence Williams gets out of bounds anyway.. .Prescott good in opener, Jones paid way too much for Zeke.
Jerry Jones: cut your boy Terrence Williams. That was one of THE dumbest plays in NFL history. His mental game is all off.
Terrence Williams GET OUT OF BOUNDS *** oh well Jerry Jones takes an L, so I'm good.
Terrence Williams is an *** . And Jerry Jones is probably sad. . I'm happy.
Terrence Jones who was in the Houston Rockets
Pelicans free-agent signee Terrence Jones excited t... via
Pelicans free-agent signee Terrence Jones excited to reunite with Anthony Davis -
Click here to support Terrence Dante Smith (Blak) by Ayanna Clark-Jones
Terrence Jones showing major love to Demeco Ryans right now on "The Way It Is"
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist sounds like he'd love to join Anthony Davis & Terrence Jones in New Orleans, but Pels have limited assets to get him.
What Hornets' Michael Kidd-Gilchrist told reporters in Kentucky today re: Terrence Jones and Anthony Davis in NOLA: http…
How will Terrence Jones fit with New Orleans Pelicans? - Lexington Herald Leader (blog)
“Derek Fisher has a higher rating in 2K than Terrence Jones. Let that sink in.
The last time Anthony Davis & Terrence Jones played a basketball game together in New Orleans...
The move to the Pelicans would pair Terrence Jones up with Anthony Davis again. That duo did well at Kentucky ... https…
[The Score] - Report: Pelicans, Terrence Jones agree to deal
Free agent forward Terrence Jones is nearing agreement on a one-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, league sources…
Players the Spurs could target to replace Tim Duncan: . David Lee, Brandon Bass, and Terrence Jones. Pass on Thomas Robinson & Josh Smith.
A list of the free agent PF's still available before the Sullinger signing. Terrence Jones. Brandon Bass. Jordan Hill. David Lee. Josh Smith
yes, add D-Will, Dirk, Harkless, end of bench fillers (Terrence Jones, Brandon Ashley) and we got a chance
With Al Horford gone, I'd sign Lance Stephenson (dead serious or Marcus Thornton), Terrence Jones, Myers Leonard and call it a day.
Would like to see consider - Biyombo/Ezeli, Myers Leonard, Mo Harkless, Barnes, Lance Stephenson, Terrence Jones, Monetjunas
If Raptors could sign someone like Terrence Jones or David West I'd cry tears of joy.
Expect to see Terrence Jones , Dwight Howard and Josh Smith with different teams next year.
Please try to pick up Terrence Jones and Jeremy Lamb for the bench. Also, please inquire about Cousins for the
The Rockets signed D'Antonio as manager, then they let Dwight Howard go, now Terrence Jones is leaving,smh.. they both should go to the Mavs
I would like to see the Heat go after KD (obvi), Crawford, Conley, Bazemore, Affalo, Bass, Terrence Jones, and Lance Stevenson 🔥
Terrence Jones had a rough year, but was really solid in '14-15: .
Two or three of Jeff Green, Jamal Crawford, Terrence Jones, Sullinger and Born Ready it's lit
Kyle Wiltjer won a championship with Anthony Davis, MKG, and Terrence Jones in the 2011-12 season.
Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb, and Ulis all ended up fine.
I like most players in the league except James Harden, Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, so pretty much the Rockets
JJ Redick throws up a prayer, Terrence Jones & Dwight Howard answer by tipping it in for him
Tyler Ulis, Devin Booker, Terrence Jones and Alex Poythress showing their style on the red carpet.
Tyler Ulis, Devin Booker and Terrence Jones just made their way down the red carpet.
Dmo hurt his back, Josh Smith just got worse, Corey just became terrible, Terrence Jones became terrible.
Williams and Parsons gone opt out...let them walk, go sign Brandon Jennings and Whiteside then get Terrence Jones n a SG for the bench
PG, I'm looking at Jeremy Lin or Ronnie Price. PF, Ryan Anderson, Terrence Jones or Marvin Williams
To be clear: not saying Terrence Jones is a Draymond Green-stopper or "the answer". But he can run with him, battle boards vs him, D him up.
"Them lil' mofos come in there, you block that sh--t!" - Coach J.B Bickerstaff coaching Terrence Jones
Brandon Bass on the move to Houston for Terrence Jones is a possibility league sources tell
Howard, Ariza, Terrence Jones for Love, Mozgov and Richard Jefferson. Who says no?
My idea for next year is get Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones and Jordan Clarkson
TRADE BUZZ: The and the are engaged in Dwight Howard & Terrence Jones for Pau Gasol & Taj Gibson tade talks…
Rockets forward Terrence Jones was diagnosed with a concussion from his car accident. He is out Saturday against the B…
Dwayne Wade gets up to block Terrence Jones at the rim
I would think Danny'd be interested in a player like Terrence Jones, but 1) logjam, and 2) who do we have that Houston would want?
The Houston Rockets are no longer willing to trade Donatas Motiejunas, but Terrence Jones remains available. (Via Sheridan Hoops)
hi Joe: H2H pts should i keep Donal Sloan, Covington and Terrence Jones or add Aaron Gordon over one of them ? Thanks
So if you're Terrence Newman do you just have to retire after getting worked by James Jones tonight?
James Jones is destoying terrence newman tonight man
James Jones absolutely mincing up former Cowboy Terrence do I remember those horrible days...
Why is Terrence Newman fossil *** matching up with jones on the 1 on 1 routes.
It's James Jones vs Terrence's like 2010 all over again
I saw James Jones beat Terrence Newman on a pass play, and I was wondering what Vice President Gore thought about the play.
Lmao Terrence Newman vs James Jones is like My dad going run routes against yo dad in the park
Three takeaways from Rockets loss to the Spurs: I'm over Terrence Jones and other takeaways from the loss On…
Nice left handed runner from Terrence Jones.
Cat on Cat crime. Anthony Davis with the blow by and jam on Terrence Jones.
Terrence Jones showing off his athleticism.
Recommendation by :Terrence Jones sat on Tuesday, but did ...
News Alarm: Terrence Jones (PF - Hou) Terrence Jones (wrist) was able to make it through a full practice on Sunday.
Noticed Terrence Jones was getting his wrist iced after the loss to the Spurs. But he's fine, he practiced today in Utah.
drop Terrence Jones for Aaron Gordon? Who do you think has the better season long outlook?
Corey Brewer, Josh Smith and Terrence Jones hit like 8 threes in the last 13 minutes of game 6.
Thoughts on Larkin now that Jack is out. Drop Terrence Jones for him?
Motiejunas is overrated by Rockets fans who don't appreciate Terrence Jones.
The next move HAS to be dump Markieff. At this point, I don't care about Terrence Jones or Thad Young. Just get rid of him
Would love to see Terrence Jones in a Wolves jersey. Any thoughts/package ideas Kevin Martin and AP enough? +- 2nd round pick?
When does JB Bickerstaff understand Corey Brewer and Terrence Jones straight hurt the Rockets? SMH
Terrence Jones was a -36 against the Spurs - tied for the second lowest in a game by a Rockets player since 1997.
Terrence Jones was a -24 in 15 minutes of play on Thursday against the Warriors. He's a -23 so far in 18 minutes tonight.
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Who exactly was Terrence Jones covering? Not Boris Diaw that's for sure.
The tonight were -36 with Terrence Jones on the floor
Terrence Jones was a -36 tonight. Capela was -1. Why the *** does jones have more minutes, bicker staff??
Udrih and McRoberts for Ty Lawson and Terrence Jones good trade?
Terrence Jones and Corey Brewer are the reason the Rockets are below .500 . I'm dead *** serious. Them *** awful!
But the reason is Terrence Jones inability to compliment Dwight, especially on the defensive end.
My god I am so close to believing that Terrence Jones is the dumbest player I have seen play in the NBA but then I have seen …
Terrence Jones plus minus going to be a zip code by the time this game over. Y
Terrence Jones look like a 2k player with no handle right there. Lmao
Terrence Jones picking up where he left off on Monday. Starts with a 3, then finishes strong through a foul, shouts "And1."
Markieff Morris has been traded to Houston, would be made official by Jan 15. Suns receive Terrence Jones and Corey Brewer. ☀️
If Houston is making Terrence Jones and or Dwight Howard available, need to jump on this
Joey Dorsey and Terrence Jones worst players to play in the NBA
(pointing at Terrence Jones, basketball player): "is that Kevin James?"
And just like that, Rockets answer by ripping off back-to-back three's from Terrence Jones, James Harden. Houston 5-7 3FG. 42-29.
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ESPN’s 3) Keep an eye on the status of Terrence Jones (hand). If he doesn't play tonight, Marcus Thornton's value bumps up.
Fantasy News: Terrence Jones spotted with left hand wrapped - Terrence Jones | HOU
Terrence Jones and Pat Beverley are out for both games.
Rockets' head coach Kevin McHale said that Terrence Jones has shown improvement in his lacerated eyel...
Rockets head coach Kevin McHale said that Terrence Jones had the stitches removed from his right eyel...
Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas are both out, so it's Ariza at the 4 and Marcus Thornton matching up with Kevin Durant. LET'S DO THIS
Lineup note: Coach Kevin McHale refused to disclose who will start for Terrence Jones on Monday. TBD.
Houston F Chuck Hayes (foot) is questionable Monday. F Donatas Motiejunas (back) and F Terrence Jones (eye) are out
The are at full strength tonight, are without Terrence Jones & Donatas Motiejunas and Chuck Hayes is questionable.
Rockets center Dwight Howard, forward Terrence Jones out for game against Heat
. Who's poised to have a better season? . Meyers Leonard or Terrence Jones?
Steal And Slam - Terrence Jones intercepts the pass and gets it to Trevor Ariza for the dunk on the br...
In Transition - Terrence Jones runs the break and finds Trevor Ariza for the rim-rattling jam.
Tristan Thompson isn't much better than Terrence Jones lol
Can someone please explain to me how Terrence Jones isn't on the list but Deron freaking Williams is .
I just got a signed ball from Terrence Jones, and slapped Dwight Howard and Klay Thompson on the back 🙌🏼🏀
I wonder why Josh Smith left the Rocket. Ty Lawson, James Harden, Terrence Jones him and Dwight Howard? BEAST
Trade the Donatas Montiejunas and Terrence Jones for the Tyler Zeller, Jared Sullinger & Perry Jones.
BS. I don't think any team can top the talent of, Anthony Davis, MKG, Terrence Jones, Teague, Lamb, and company.
I wish the Mavs could have that 2012 draft back and either not trade Tyler Zeller for Cunningham/Crowder/James, or just take Terrence Jones.
Resign Jason Terry, Josh Smith. Trade Terrence Jones for David West. Pick up some shooters like Morrow, Dorell Wright, Cole, etc..
The should trade Devin Harris for either the Terrence Jones or the Jamal Crawford
lol "wrecking". Anderson in D-League: 21/9/5. Terrence Jones in D-League: 19/9/3. Barely better than Jones. That's not "wrecking"
Rockets are shopping around Terrence Jones today. In effort to clear cap space to make a run at Kevin Love or LaMarcus …
Terrence Jones will make less than $2.5 million next season. Wouldn't be surprised of Morey attached Joey Dorsey to him to…
Terrence Jones, Joey Dorsey, and Kostas Papanikolaou all have to go.
Rockets are trying to trade Terrence Jones in order to clear cap space to sign Kevin Love or LaMarcus Aldridge in free …
Draymond Green had to battle Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Dwight Howard, and Terrence Jones. Bad back + Thompson = not good.
trade 6, JT, and Ray for Lawson. Stauskas for John Henson. Collison for Terrence Jones. Sign Afflalo, CJ Watson and Casspi
Terrence Jones puts new role in perspective
FA prediction: Houston gets Ty Lawson in exchange for picks 18 and 32, and Terrence Jones.
Why do teams constantly switch their 4 man on to Curry? Houston did it with Terrence Jones & now Cleveland with Thompson
“Do you see that, Terrence Jones!?!?!?” no use in helping him now. he's already in denver.
I'd about only root for the Cavs if they were playing a team of 4 Harrison twins and Terrence Jones.
Terrence Jones held his own on those switches. Defended hard and well. Didn’t matter :(
He cooked him just like he did Terrence Jones lol
to be fair, the Rockets play like this. It just looks different when Josh Smith and Terrence Jones are shooting those 3s
Terrence Jones: "If this group comes back together, the sky could be the limit." via
so James Harden doesn't have Dwight Howard and Josh Smith? He even got a decent forward/center in Terrence Jones..
Lo needs to stop investing so much energy in flakes like Terrence Jones and Aaron Gordon.
this is mostly true, just need Terrence Jones to be a bigger force
I like Terrence jones but he's like the same player as Thad except not as good.
If you're gunna do a trade w/ houston, do plumlee, 2nd rd pick for terrence jones. Trade Jack then draft a backup C, and PG. Idk
I can't stand Terrence Howard. And he's a huge turd in the Wayward punchbowl
give me Terrence Jones over Rex. He actually won something.
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Part 2 of the exit interviews features key free agents and injured players: Josh Smith, Corey Brewer, Terrence...
6th pick, JT, Ray for Lawson. Collison for Terrence Jones. Stauskas for John Henson. Sign Afflalo and CJ Watson.
My boi George Fant going up against Anthony Davis & Terrence Jones!! (WKU)
that's good , plus we have to get a PF and a better PG , I want Terrence Jones out
Report: PF-SF-C Terrence Jones will likely be the favorite to start next season.
PF-SF-C Terrence Jones said he wants to become an all-around player for the Rockets next season.
In the mock draft I traded Batum and CJ McCollum for a haul of Stanley Johnson, Terrence Jones and a few non guaranteed players
why we're doing this, AD, Terrence Jones>Robinson. Kanter>Morris Twins. Boogie, Patterson>Aldrich. Wall,Bledsoe>Xavier Henry
Rockets forward Terrence Jones says his nose is fine
Terrence Jones dribbles with the most awkward 'guard-arm', it's ridiculous. Even when no ones there...
interesting because Terrence Jones is basically Tristan Thompson.
he "kinda quikc" for a PF 😂 he'd get worked at the 3. Like another Terrence Jones forreal
Do you think Houston will extend Terrence Jones this Summer?
do you remember when Hitman sent the video clips of him hitting the bench press after using vicks?
I saw Terrence jones/for our Gives us proven stretch four that plays d and a pick to draft Hunter, RHJ, or booker
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Taraji P. Henson​ gave Terrence Howard a shout-out at the Critics’ Choice Awards in true Cookie form LOL
Bulkier Terrence Jones looking to become an 'all-around player' for Rockets
Terrence Jones has to go Dorsey can be cut and maybe try to find someone better than Terry and lowkey look at upgrading center position itf
Terrence Jones says he's prepared to become better 'a...
We recently caught up with former LB Terrence Jones in an exclusive interview. READ:
We caught up with former Alabama LB Terrence Jones recently. Check out the story and see what he had to say in...
In this trade scenario, the Nets would land Terrence Jones in a trade for Mason Plumlee:
>> Terrence Jones says he's prepared to become better 'all-around player'
“I want to get better all-around, in the post, shooting...better all-around player for my team.”. -Terrence Jones http…
Hawks aren't getting blown off the floor yet, Horford for Terrence Jones straight up?
Wish they can trade people in the playoffs. Ill give Cleveland Whataburger, Terrence Jones, Dorsey for Delly.
Rockets report: Terrence Jones remains focused on fixing ‘effort’ issues in Game 4
not to mention Dwight missed 40 games, Patrick Beverley missed 40, Terrence jones missed 50. all three are starters
no go watch the film, he gave Terrence Jones most of those points in games 1-3, then they switched Dwight to him
Not a Rockets fan, but I do still love Terrence Jones
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Terrence Jones on Game 3 loss: "I'm angry. I mean, I'm definitely angry about losing like that at home."
Terrence Jones says,"I'm angry. I don't know about anyone else but I'm angry."
Until the very end of 3rd when Brewer found his offense, bench had 2 points- on 2 Terrence Jones free throws.
Terrence jones' new hair cut looks like a hot wheels car hit the brakes on his hair line
All it comes down to for Houston is will Howard and Terrence jones show up they are the key for the rockets to make this a series
With ANYONE. *** was abusing poor Terrence Jones the other night.
what kind of contract do you see Terrence Jones getting this summer?
I can't believe how much time McHale gave Josh Smith in G3. He's not that good! Give those minutes to Terrence Jones!
Terrence jones is the best player in the nba... When your team is down by 35
At this point, I'm ok with giving up Josh Smith and Terrence Jones.
and take Terrence Jones slow lazy sorry *** and Jason Terry's old *** with you
I like to imagine this is what Josh Smith and Terrence Jones listen to before playoff games to get pumped up
Rockets coach don't know Stephon Curry needs defense... Starting Terrence Jones and Johnson it would be a whole different series
lol what? Harden has a team too .. Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, Corey Brewer?? And more
Terrence Jones dribbles as if he is trying not to wake up a sleeping baby!
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Not trynna joke or nun but anybody ever tell u that u resemble Terrence Jones?😂
Terrence jones playes just like my boy 😂
Terrence Jones is the 2nd best player on the Rockets, definitely their best post player.
Terrence Jones came down the court did the same move & hit the same shot in the same spot 😐
*Terrence jones takes ball up court and nails pull up J. Starts considering meaning of life
It's so bad that they have Terrence Jones bringing the ball down the court... What is this
Dwight and Terrence Jones were hurt for half the season and James Harden carried us. Dude is burnt out
he said Terrence jones is better than Dwight Howard.
Exactly Josh Smith is the rotten egg in ths rockets team..Terrence Jones should play more often
terrence Jones is a softy that's why
say goodbye to Josh Smith, Terrence Jones, Pablo, and Jason Terry if you want to be a contender.
Most athletic thing Terrence Jones has ever done
I like Terrence Jones, a lot. He's amazing.
Why does Terrence jones see the floor 😑
Cory Brewer and Terrence Jones too boo boo.
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.Terrence Jones glad to be back to face
Jason Terry looking at Terrence Jones like, "Why didn't you pass the ball?"
Terrence Jones could easily passed it to Jason Terry who can hit 3s but instead jacks a horrible buzzer beater attempt leaner.
Terrence Jones so selfish he gotta pass that to Jason Terry...
Terrence Jones, why wasn't that ball kicked to wide open Jason Terry, young man?
Jason Terry wanted Terrence Jones to pass him the ball so bad right there.
Jason Terry was laughing over the fact that Terrence Jones shot that three himself rather than passing to him.
Terrence Jones a hog for that Jason Terry was right their WIDE OPEN...he wanna dribble all ugly and shoot smfh
Jason Terry was looking at Terrence Jones like why did you shoot that lmao
Terrence Jones was living his Carlton fantasies just now 😂. had Jason Terry (Will) open for the 3
Josh Smith will get the start in Tuesday's Game 5 vs Los Angeles. Terrence Jones will come off the bench.
Terrence Jones "the pressure of going home...I think really drove us tonight & gave us energy we needed to...take care of business"
Terrence Jones, Josh Smith swap roles as Rockets adjust with season on the line
Terrence Jones : 12 points on 5-8 shooting & 5 rebounds in 24 minutes off the bench (1st game off the bench in this series)
• yo between Jordan, Howard, Josh Smith, Terrence Jones and Brewer... it really a bunch of garbage FT shooters on this court b 😂
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Terrence Jones is gonna have Griffin nightmares for awhile. He is getting worked. It's a JV vs varsity matchup.
If the Rockets win the championship Terrence Jones beard gone finally connect
Yea if we could just not play Terrence Jones ever again, that'd be great
Terrence Jones & a 1st for Lawson. Could get HOU over proverbial hump, & a much-needed pick for DEN + a PF with potential. Works for both.
Terrence Jones needs to be dropped from the team! He's the problem being a starter and can't guard power forwards!
Capella playing better than Terrence jones
Trevor Ariza said to Terrence Jones you better come give me this handshake or else!!!
Terrence jones parts in his hair are ugly 😂😂
Seems like bringing Terrence Jones off the bench was a necessary adjustment.
terrence jones can't guard Blake, smoove guards him better but his offense is a complete 0.
Sounds like this isn't the first time you've expressed your disdain for Terrence Jones.
Terrence Jones look like the greatest player of all time, thanks to the Clippers. Good job, give the man a career high. Bravo!
Terrence Jones is having his best game out of this series
When Terrence Jones plays well the Rockets are better than when he does not.
Look who showed up for the 2nd round! Terrence Jones, welcome back!
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Terrence Jones has some serious Lamar Odom potential when he brings it like this
Maybe Josh Smith starting was more of a wake-up call for Terrence Jones than a move to immediately help the starting lineup.
Blake is so *** cold. Terrence Jones is underrated
Terrence Jones getting buckets is a good thing.
Terrence Jones playing with confidence tonight. Major change.
Not getting defensive stops. Clippers are letting Terrence Jones dominate like he's this all-time NBA great.
Really wish the Bucks had more of a need for Terrence Jones. I like watching him play basketball.
Terrence Jones with a confident, if ill-advised move. Confidence matters.
Blake just jumped on a Terrence Jones three pointer pump fake.
KNOW YOUR PERSONNEL: Griffin should never be jumping at a Terrence Jones three-point shot fake
DeAndre Jordan split the fts: 83, 71. Then, Terrence Jones scores in the paint.
Terrence Jones has been flat out incompetent in this series. No way around it.
Terrence Jones out there killin' it right now.
Bad things happen when Terrence Jones is in against Blake Griffin.
Terrence Jones looks like it got in his head he's not starting
Apparently the ball is now an extension of Terrence Jones
Blake Griffin just backed Terrence Jones down from midcourt.
Great acting by Blake Griffin to draw foul on Terrence Jones, who had 100% clean pick on steal
Griffin just keeps taking Terrence Jones' lunch, and he's left eating soggy fries of his boy's plate.
Terrence Jones just gave Blake Griffin a terrible case of pinkie-eye.
$1M bounty out for the barber that put those 2 garbage parts in Terrence Jones' hair.
Kevin McHale made a change to his starting lineup, starting Josh Smith over Terrence Jones.
This man Terrence Jones looks like he got the North Face logo cut in his head 😂😂
Terrence Jones always looks like he can hear something being said to him
Terrence Jones needs to be a spokesman for tantric sex or erectile dysfunction.
Josh Smith -4 and Terrence Jones is a +11 and the world wonder why feels Kevin McHale is a bad coach!!!
Josh Smith and Terrence Jones the same person..
Reggie Miller explained that Josh Smith started over Terrence Jones because Smith's "a better scorer & rebounder..." htt…
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