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Terrence Howard

Terrence Dashon Howard (born March 11, 1969) is an American actor and singer.

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She tried Howard. but Howard had time.
I hope it's Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson, just to confuse people.
Everyday I take some time to think about the fact that Terrence Howard was the villain in Big Mama's House.
Terrence Howard sounded like W. Memphis, as in Arkansas to me or Middle Tn. Ludacris had it but ATL is not far off
Def East TN. Lady Mae is about right. Pastor comes close. And Terrence Howard came close.
Tarji P Henson, Terrence Howard, and others gon do me a big favor soon. . I know folks like yea yea..whatever. All im gon say is
If one more mf compare me to Terrence Howard 😠
"Who is Terrence Howard?"- a wonderful out of context quote from LaVar Ball on First Take
That line by Terrence Howard is from Get Rich or Die Trying 👍🏾
I perform a funeral dirge for Terrence Howard's Rhodey & makes his first "Hiddle-Swift" reference
There are a lot of crazy actors. Tom Cruise. Terrence Howard. Gwyneth.
Terrence Howard is your boy Hank Henry Harris , A.k.a. Southsideslim, get at me man . I'm still playing guitar ✍🏾🎸😊
It can't be anything more terrible in the world than imagining Terrence Howard doing the "Green Lantern Light" chant
Me & the woman just had a heated discussion on who would be a worse Green Lantern: Common or Terrence Howard? Doom either way but...
Don't make the same mistakes I made, Josh. Terrence Howard is ruthless. He hates bagels.
Terrence Newman and Ryan Howard might be the same person
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nice. I don't know much about it, but i know Terrence Howard is in it. 😃
Whenever I see black ppl being completely ignorant, I think about Terrence Howard in crash when he told Luda “you embarrass me”
So why aren't we talking about how Terrence Howard went insane and came up with his own "logic" called Terryology that says 1 x 1 = 2?
Our for this week is Terrence Dashon Howard. . He returns as Lucious Lyon for season 4 of on Sept 28. C…
Terrence Howard was gettin' his early Lucious on...
Terrence Howard is one of the best male actors to date. 100%.
Warlock Terrence Howard and Witch Madonna celebrating the rapture of the church? There's just too much occult and...
Terrence Howard was such a nag in the first Iron Man movie. Something tells me Don would have done that way better, lol!
I love how y'all so anti-domestic violence but your favorite show is Empire. Terrence Howard beat his wife too but- nvm.
Every once in a while, I like to remind myself (and everyone else) that Terrence Howard doesn't believe in math and claims 1x1=2.
I added a video to a playlist Empire Cast - Dream On with You ft. Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard or Maino to play as my father in my biopic
yo grandpa look like Terrence Howard
Tupac, Chris Brown, Kodak, even actors like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Terrence Howard have been accu…
Him, Terrence Howard and Blair Underwood all crazy af
I liked a video Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson perform "Hard Out Here for a Pimp" on Lip Sync
Who would win in a stroll competition? . Steve Harvey, Roland Martin, Cedric The Entertainer or Terrence Howard ?
DC should cast Ed Norton and Terrence Howard as Hal Jordan and John Stewart
Living Single had me thinking Terrence Howard was fifteen years younger than Erika Alexander. . He's actually eight mont…
Long Live Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard. They are the best at what they do
Terrence Howard opens up about finding peace after a violent divorce:
I just realized Terrence Howard play Nia Long's crazy husband in Big Momma House ..I see how u playing it Mr Lee ..
I really wonder why Terrence Howard thinks it's ok to wear these perms???
The chemistry betweenTaraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard is out of this world... 🙌
Terrence Howard's kisses always look so gross 😩
Look at Terrence Howard who's the hair stylist.
Find out which actor is making the most money. (By
Terrence Howard, who has a history of domestic abuse, is a changed man
So tired of Terrence Howard and this texturizer. Ti'ed.
Terrence Howard opens up about finding peace after his violent divorce
Terrence Howard still using that accent he had in Hustle & Flow
Terrence Howard went from violent to refusing to kill a fly by
Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Anna Kendrick, Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard, Sam Elliot, Chris Cooper. How do I not know about this movie?
yes but without them, how else could we celebrate 6 time accused woman beater Terrence Howard while chastising Ray Rice?!?!
Pharrell Williams, Mahershala Ali and Terrence Howard on the red carpet.
Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard and Lake Bell are haunted by the laughable 'Ghost of New Orleans'…
I don't count Terrence Howard from crash
Terrence Howard: "Maybe if there was a PSA like this 20 years ago, my mom would still be here." video
Terrence Howard has the same flow. Still rapping like he's in Hustle & Flow.
When I watch Hustle & Flow I always laugh when Terrence Howard is rapping
I loved the scene in Training and Flow when Terrence Howard served the warrant to Macy Gray
Every movie with Don Cheadle as Rhodey makes me happy Don Cheadle is Rhodey. He is in every way better than Terrence Howard.
106 & Park invited the King as a special guest for their 1,000th episode where he was backstage with T.I. Ray J Terrence ***
TL;DR: Terrence Howard is an *** but yeah, you probably just forgot that.
Was it the where Terrence Howard or whoever performed that pimp song?
I highkey thought this was Terrence Howard and I was v confused
hi I love Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson together
Sitting next to Terrence Howard on my flight. Not sure what do to.
My future's about trying to be a better man.
Terrence Howard's character roles have never really changed, it's so funny lol I love it
young Terrence Howard looks so good 💦 💦💦
Terrence Howard in the 'Foolish' video is hilarious😂
Terrence Howard says his estranged wife is racist - Discussions
They gotta be more consistent with the faces of their characters. You cant make War MacHine go from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle
I've never seen Empire but I assume Terrence Howard's character in Glitter was the pre-cursor for it
When Terrence Howard said his music was better than Jamie Foxxs is when I knew he had to be using lead paint as pasta sauce in his spaghetti
WOW, Terrence Howard is such a Pisces! I heard they needily pinched a acorn...
Everybody at my job calls me Terrence Howard, *** be on *** 😭😭
Wat was Terrence Howard's best acting role? (According to u)
This man is a loving father, and has been hated in the public eye since that incident. But y'all love Terrence Howard 🤔🤔🤔
NBD, just saw Terrence Howard at Gold's gym!
Speaking of Taraji and Shakespeare. Whatever happened to that Macbeth adaptation she was supposed to do with Terrence Howard?
I still miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey. Go back to your academy award Don!!! Too good for the MCU
In 1999, the rom com classic THE BEST MAN came out. Starring Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Terrence Howard and fine as *** Mor…
Taraji and Terrence Howard on this lip sync 😍😂
I have a serious grown man crush on Terrence Howard, lawd.
Terrence Howard wouldn't even treat her like this.
Terrence Howard or Idris Elba.. I'll take either. Just throwing that out there.
I want someone to look at me the way Terrence Howard did Beyoncé at the 2005 BET Awards
A young (and skinny) Terrence Howard in the 96 movie 🎥 "Sunset Park". The lion tattoo was a prophecy: Lyon Dynasty
Nothin funnier than when kevin hart said that trina look like if Terrence Howard and Michael Jackson that had a baby who couldnt look down 😂
Jennifer Hudson,Idris Elbar,Denzel Washington,Naomie Harris,Terrence Howard etc. Neva have they even cracked the "s…
Terrence Howard got the cape out in public 😂
Don't like Marvel did to Terrence Howard *nostril flare*. Don't like that black actors are disposable because of lack of ownership 😤
Just saw this on Amazon: Empire Season 1 by Terrence Howard for $13.54 via
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Im terrence Howard at tonios wedding
A weird hunch Terrence Howard was cast as Luscious Lyon because Jamie Foxx wasn't up for it
is he going to let Terrence Howard play him. They both waffle boys. Lol
Terrence Howard plays an *** in every single movie lol this movie from like '95 & he was a *** in it too.
Just watched a couple episodes of That show is so bad. I thought Howard would be the next He's not!
I got a chance to meet Terrence Howard and hang out with him.
Jamie Foxx's story about Terrence Howard in a zoot suit will never NOT be funny
Cause Terrence Howard said it was rigged
worked on a movie with Terrence Howard, what an awesome down to Earth guy
Terrence Howard long lost twin brother can get these hands too
my RB core is mud. Freeman, Jordan Howard, Terrence west.
play Terrence west or Josh Howard not Cobb lol. Look at how good both rbs have been doing.
Althea (Thi Thi) of Love and Hip Hop fame is the *** Terrence Howard was cheating with in the Foolish video
Terrence Howard has me dead in Nothing to Lose is he trying to rap or what omg
Howard Rahtz says apology is an important step in healing the rift between police & the African American community
I'll trade you, I had a dream that Terrence Howard hit on me and gave me his number 😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Breakfast Club Classic - Terrence Howard 2013 Interview
I added a video to a playlist 'Empire' Terrence Howard Interview | Live with Kelly 2016 September 09
I added a video to a playlist Top 10 Crazy Facts about Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard hit with lawsuit by former managers
Donald went to the Terrence Howard School of Math.
Terrence west, Jordan Howard or tevin Coleman for flex?
I still have to go to my 8AM AND I didn't get to meet Terrence J Howard.TRAGIC.
frankly, all the casting choices Terrence Howard notwithstanding have been clutch...
Terrence Howard in every black people movie 😩
have to start 2 of the 3 this week: Jordan Howard, Terrence West, Jacquizz Rodgers. Who should I go with?
I just want a man who looks like Terrence Howard
Have always been a fan of Terrence Howard, but can no longer support his career. Statements have consequences.…
We know you're missing Empire tonight, but don't fret!. Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard are counting down the...
I added a video to a playlist Empire Boom Boom Boom Boom Lyrics(feat. Terrence Howard and Bre-Z )
I love u Terrence Howard is a very good actor.
Doug Martin, Terrence West, and Jordan Howard. 3 players for 2 spots, who should be benched?
And right now I may just be living inside the heart of the body, and...
I imagine Terrence Howard will fall off the face of the earth by 55. 😭
I appreciate her interest. But can I get coffee before we start discussing Fox/Disney/Sony and Terrence Howard vs Don Cheadle
Terrence Howard will be here tonight!
I had the biggest crush on Terrence Howard until Empire
Terrence Howard or Taye Diggs? I don't watch Empire. I'm simply asking your preference.
Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard are a true power duo, like LORD 😭
I've gotten Terrence Howard a few times, Nick Cannon. And even though he's not an actor President Barack Obama. Lol
Watch the trailer for Cardboard Boxer starring Thomas Haden Church and Terrence Howard.
Why are people still mistaking Terrence Howard for Cuba Gooding Jr.?
Is there an alternate reality where Marvel Studios kept Terrence Howard?
Terrence Howard was nearly fired from Empire – report:
Terrence Howard was almost fired from ‘Empire,’ lawsuit claims
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I liked a video from Jussie Smollett video to Terrence Howard bring your perm back.
Terrence Howard 'was nearly fired from Empire,' lawsuit claims via
Jheeze Terrence Howard was the finest guy in Big Momma's House 😅
Terrence Howard was nearly fired from Empire - report
Empire actor, Terrence Howard, dragged in a $250,000 lawsuit by management: Terrence Howard, who plays the ro...
Robert Downey Jr pushed me out of Iron Man, says Terrence Howard | Film via
Terrence Howard will always be daddy😍😍
French Montana look uncomfortable as *** 😂😂 and Terrence Howard looks excited
Spotted Terrence Howard at O Hare. That's kind of all I have to say about that.
Sat Down with Oscar Award Winner Terrence Howard!!! Ck out interview w/❤️
A flashback photo of Terrence Howard"An American artist" with his friends
If Terrence Howard, Mark Wahlberg, ice cube in any movie, ill watch it 🙂
Terrence Howard has always been fine to me
Terrence Howard dining 3 tables away...I gotta get my money up mayne
I'm crazy. I have a soft spot for Terrence Howard. 😁
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
En la peli de cuatro salen Terrence Howard y Anna Kendrick so blessed so moved so grateful
Terrence Howard always has and forever will be trash!
Empire Cast - Chasing The Sky ft. Terrence Howard…: omg this is my favorite song from empire
Huh ? What's this Taraji and Terrence Howard story I keep seeing floating on my TL
New updated story involving the fight between Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson. He did not punch her in the mouth he "slapped her in face
3yrs ago today the Warriors were talking about trading Bogut & Klay for Dwight Howard!
I never seen nothing about Terrence Howard punching Taraji. Therefore, i dont believe it !
Expect to see Terrence Jones , Dwight Howard and Josh Smith with different teams next year.
I just remembered that Terrence Howard doesn't know math and now I'm dying in my room
I can never get over Terrence Howard's singing on Empire
Terrence Howard can whip the president of Fox *** and still keep his job. He brings too much money in to Fox.
Terrence Howard has caught another assault and battery charge, this time on the set of
Do you think they will go back to Ironman 1 and reshoot scenes to replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle?
The Rockets signed D'Antonio as manager, then they let Dwight Howard go, now Terrence Jones is leaving,smh.. they both should go to the Mavs
Terrence Jones had a rough year, but was really solid in '14-15: .
LITERALLY EVERYONE is in it, including Toby Jones, Juliette Lewis, Terrence Howard, and Melissa Leo.
It'll be okay. The same people complaining still watch Terrence Howard and Josh Brolin films. The listen to Chris Brown too.
Danny updates : Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and other Empire stars at the FYC ATAS Event
| Both of them, with Idris Alba and Terrence Howard. Including their wives.
Madonna dances with Terrence Howard of 'Empire' in a nuked 'Ghostown.' Watch:
I'm listening to Chasing The Sky (Feat. Terrence Howard, Jussie Smollett, And Yazz) by Empire Cast on
How did Terrence Howard play War MacHine at one point in time? 😂😂😂
only celebs i can think of Terrence Howard and Chris b but I just have seen it myself. All *** ruthless lol
No Terrence Howard but I'm flowin and hustlin 😯
I'll bet he's gotten a handful just off Terrence Howard asking for the role like "Ay let me play Arthur Ashe, mayne"
Terrence Howard will forever be the hottest guy to me lol
Check out the read!!! Jamie O'Leary Howard Have Terrence read for me and watch his video at the end of the post...
Whoops didn't finish my CIVIL WAR thoughts yet. As the great Terrence Howard said before being recast in Iron Man 2 "Next time, baby."
Watching Mr. Holland's Opus for the first time and wrapping my head around Richard Dreyfuss teaching Terrence Howard rhy…
Terrence Howard moving up in the world
Fox stay catering to these actors, whereas Marvel caters to the characters and story. See how quickly they got rid of Terrence Howard?
So I show appreciation for the little gifts that have been handed to me.
See Channing Tatum, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and more before they were stars
I love Don Cheadle. still a terrence howard/War MacHine is happening in another universe that i wouldn't mind taking a trip too.
I like most players in the league except James Harden, Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, so pretty much the Rockets
JJ Redick throws up a prayer, Terrence Jones & Dwight Howard answer by tipping it in for him
Part of me feels like Terrence Howard doesn't know Empire isn't a documentary
I hope everyone reads this part of Terrence Howard's Wikipedia page:
I love Don Cheadle, but I thought Terrence Howard was more fun in that role.
S/o to the Stephen Curry Terrence Howard Michael Ealy Species y'all winning in 2016 we going back out of style now
I really wish they wouldn't let Terrence Howard rap on Empire😂
I liked a video from Terrence Howard on his Lip Sync Win | Lip Sync Battle
I liked a video from Terrence Howard's I'll Make Love to You vs. Taraji P. Henson's Just
Marvel should bring back Edward Norton and Terrence Howard as Skrulls in a Secret Invasion movie
Listen to Chasing the Sky (feat. Terrence Howard, Jussie Smollett & Yazz) by Empire Cast on
And, so yeah, I'll always want to work in independent films because you're ...
I like to watch mankind in its futile attempt to understand the unknown, wh...
Terrence Howard is actually my daddy
If that *** play wit me, i whip that chick like Terrence Howard
War MacHine: is now crippled, wishes he was still Terrence Howard.
Terrence Howard especially with his line in Iron Man 1,stares at War MacHine suit "next time".
Whoever number 92 is from the Raptors looks like Terrence Howard in Sunset Park
Sidney Poitier, Dennis Haysbert, Morgan Freeman, David Harewood, Terrence Howard, Idris Elba all played him on film. http…
man Jason Weaver was Turnt lol. Terrence Howard was dancing his *** off on here
Brush this may be a stretch, but Terrence Howard and Leo DiCaprio kind of look a like..
After Nina Simone, I'm just glad they don't have Terrence Howard or Jackie Chan starring as Miles Davis instead of
Players the will draft: Bone Thugs and Harmony, Drew Carey, Paul Newman and Steve Harvey. Oh and Terrence Howard.
Terrence Howard is a top top actor but he's not believable as a musician. He kills his role as Lucious Lyon until he starts ma…
Lackawanna Blues,still one of those ever enjoyable movies,S.Epatha Merckerson,Terrence Howard,Mos Def,Macy Gray and Saul Williams
am I the only one that sees Terrence Howard dressed as Rick James ? I mean he looks...
Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard as the leads... rather good casting, they do a great job bringing their characters to life
Terrence Howard dressed up as Rick James will never not be funny to me... I'm dying watching Lip Sync Battle
Speaking of Mladic, Richard Gere and Terrence Howard's The Hunting Party is a brilliant film on the hunt for a war criminal in Bosnia.
Mike Epps isn't in it, Terrence Howard and Mariah Carey lol
Check out the documentary about the soul of American Music. Starring Terrence Howard and Snoop Dogg
Everytime I watch Pride with Kimberly Elise, Bernie Mac and Terrence Howard man it makes me miss coaching
Zillow is showing Terrence Howard's house on Spring Mill as being in pre-foreclosure.
Love that Jamie Fox brought Def Comedy Jam swagger to the Golden Globes. Denzel, Terrence Howard & Wil Smith got it.
Terrence Howard debuts new track with Omar Kamal at Diff 2015 -
My favorite thing this year is Terrence Howard dropping out of college because he thought 1x1 should equal 2
When are they going to digitally remove Terrence Howard from Iron Man and replace him with Don Cheadle?
10 minutes into Winnie the movie, I am hella disappointed in Terrence Howard's attempt at Nelson Mandela. Poor at best
I would love for Terrence Howard to step out in character (Lucious Lyon) and give his reaction to being left out of
is that Terrence Howard or Towo or Lucious Lyon
Terrence Howard has been dressed as Bobby Jones this whole show.
Terrence Howard got this suit jacket right from the set of Empire its giving me Lucious Lyon. I like.
"You turn Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle and nobody notices."- Samuel L. Jackson in
We can't be friends if you hate Nicki, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jussie Smollett, Taraji P. Henson, or Terrence Howard.
"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli caught up with Terrence Howard at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Global Down Syndrome
Epic black actors such as Morgan freeman, Samuel Jackson, Denzel, Terrence Howard, etc. Don't make as much as dudes like channing tatum
Morris chestnut and Terrence Howard have my heart 💜
Terrence Howard was sexy asf in high school man dayummm. 😭❤
since like grade 5 or 6 its always been Terrence Howard, Nelly, and Morris Chestnut
Wendy Williams suggests Terrence Howard should be fired from Empire - he responds: During her h...
Wendy Williams says Terrence Howard should be fired from ‘Empire’
Wendy Williams wants Terrence Howard fired from 'Empire' because of abuse ... - The Grio
Wendy Williams Recap of Last Night's Episode of Empire (10-1-2015). "Terrence Howard, your personal life has...
Wendy Williams has a few chosen words for Terrence Howard on his domestic violence history. “Between him...
Wendy Williams wants Terrence Howard fired from ‘Empire’ because of abuse allegations
Terrence Howard paid Petey Pablo back for a 10-year old $200 debt with an "Empire" cameo.
Update your maps at Navteq
.was on because Terrence Howard owed him $200.
Terrence Howard shines in an episode dominated by music:
Now everybody a Montana of 300 fan if it wasn't for Terrence Howard putting him on y'all *** wouldn't even kno him 😂
- I quite like Crash, particularly the argument between Thandie Newton and Terrence Howard's characters.
Angry actor Sean Penn angry about being compared with angry actor Terrence Howard:
He's a grade A *** Then again so is Terrence Howard. Lee Daniels is gross too. Ps) fave Tracy Jordan quote
Sean Penn sues Lee Daniels for defamation over comparing him to Terrence Howard.
The strangest interview I have read in many a moon, here's Terrence Howard on why 1 x 1 does not = 1 in
Terrence Howard gets the walk and the gestures right as Madiba, but sounds like an italian mafia boss, not Mandela.
Terrence Howard talks like when David Alan Grier impersonates Maya Angelou.
every time Ben Carson speaks It sounds like Terrence Howard talking
Terrence Howard is busy dismantling universal mathematical principles—and explaining away domestic abuse allegations.
Terrence Howard talks watching his father murder a man, curing his own Bell’s palsy, how Robert Downey Jr. stole $
Click to Empire starring Terrence Howard on DVD with
If you were wondering what actual insanity looks like, here’s Terrence Howard obliging you:
Terrence Howard Is a Total Weirdo and Not in the Good Way
This Terrence Howard story is just amazing. It's made my day.
So much for my plan to hire Terrence Howard as a math tutor
Terrence Howard talks like he's actually Jaden Smith sent here from the future to warn us about bubbles.
Terrence Howard on the booger sugar?
I just read that Terrence Howard interview. Dude is cray cray and delusional.
Terrence Howard and Shailene Woodley need to go found a crazy celebrity commune somewhere.
Oh god, did Terrence Howard really give an interview where he says it's too hard to be a man these days?
Terrence Howard says he got kicked out of Pratt Institute for arguing 1x1 shouldn't equal 1.
Terrence Howard is Top 5 most disturbing dudes in Hollywood, stop hiring him please:
I want y'all to drop whatever you're doing and read this Terrence Howard RS interview, because... -->
star Terrence Howard opens up about his troubled life. Read our stunning profile
Politics will distract by demonizing as *** &giving Terrence Howard an empire but their history books will nev…
9 Bizarre Things Terrence Howard Told Rolling Stone: Terrence Howard is not unlike his Empire character Lucious Lyon: Both have trou...
"I'm just trying to pay my bills." 9 bizarre things Terrence Howard told
!_! what the what?!?!?! Terrence Howard believes 1x1=2, so he created his own language via
Jesus. Terence Howard must be the creepiest dude alive. Eeew.
Terrence Howard quit his role as Rhodes in 'Iron Man' because his salary was cut by $7 million, which was given to Robert Do…
Photoset: Terrence Howard attends the ‘Empire’ curated collection unveiling at Saks Fifth Avenue on...
Photo: saks And then this gorgeous duo arrived! Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard aka Lucious Lyon and his wife...
The real question is: will Jimmy Fallon ask Terrence Howard about his coke problem?
I wanna watch Jimmy Fallon CUS of Terrence Howard and pharrell but then there's Donald trump and I don't wanna puke
Terrence Howard to Appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -
It's a lot to comprehend at first because it's everywhere. But anything Terrence Howard and Derek Luke in is dope.
Jimmy Fallon's Line-up on September 11th → Donald Trump, Terrence Howard, Pharrell Williams - Spike as Trump eats for Lunch.
Denzel, Terrence Howard, Leo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker...all had bad African accents.only Don Cheadle did a good one tbh
Terrence Howard is the law in Wayward Pines as Matt Dillon finds out in this clip
EMPIRE STAR, Terrence Howard revealed to be divorced from third wife, Mira Pak SIRKENAYO_NET
I swear Terrence Howard is my long lost uncle lol
Michael Ealy as T'Challa. Lawrence Fishburne as T'Chaka. Madea as Ororo. Terrence Howard as Klaw
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Airport bar:. "I got upgraded to 1st class and sat behind Terrence Howard." . "Who's that?" . "Did you see Iron Man? He was the black guy"
Terrence Howard with these long white thick *** socks in this movie is blowing me 😂
Terrence Howard cries in court over fears that ex-wife will 'claim he has herpes'.
Judge halts Terrence Howard testimony to decide legal issue
Terrence Howard due to return to court for divorce hearing - Tv - The Brownsville Herald
Terrence Howard and Sugar Shane out here all willy-nilly with poor penmanship. Gotta be careful putting your signature on the bottom line.
Terrence Howard admonished for taking photo during hearing via
I feel like Terrence Howard acts like Lucious Lyon in real life
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