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Terrell Pryor

Terrelle Pryor (born June 20, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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I love NFL football but they got it wrong this week. You can fail a UA for smoking weed yes weed and get suspended for 4 games. Fail multiple tests and you face a year suspension. Terrell Pryor traded items he owned for tats while in college and the NFL suspended him 5 games to start his career. Ray Rice knocked his girl friend out (not shown on video) and is shown on video dragging her off an elevator. Now i know we didn't see what happened in the elevator. I think you can assume what happened. Well the NFL just suspended him for 2 games, thats just stupid. When smoking grass is a worse offense than beating up your girlfriend what does that say. Even though this girl has since married him doesn't change anything. But i guess to share his millions he could knock me out and drag me around a couple times a year to. This is my public service announcement for the day. You're welcome
They better let Terrell Pryor start or get a package
especially when Terrell Pryor gets 4 games for getting a free tattoo in college and Ben gets suspended just for accusations.
NFL suspends Ray Rice 2 games for assaulting his fiancee. Terrell Pryor gets 5 games 4 free tattoos in college? ***
Somebody please tell me how Terrell Pryor got a 5 gm NFL suspension for selling jerseys and tattoos, but Ray Rice gets 2 gms for DV?
didn't Terrell Pryor get 4 games for selling his own memorabilia while in college.
Wow Biz Markie threw out the 1st pitch at the A's game. The coliseum ain't seen a throw like that since Terrell Pryor was at QB
Terrell Pryor was suspended by the NCAA ***
Terrell Pryor got FIVE games suspension for a FRIGGIN TATTOO SCANDAL AT OSU and Ray Rice gets 2 for hitting his wife? WOW OK.
So Terrell Pryor gets a couple free tattoos, gets 5-games. Ray Rice knocks a chick unconscious and drags her out an elevator and gets 2?
Had no idea Terrell Pryor is with Seattle
Ppl keep mentioning on Josh Gordon suspension compared to Ray Rice suspension but they should be mentioning Terrell Pryor suspension
How does Robert Mathis get suspended 4 games and Ray Rice 2? Terrell Pryor 5 for making money as a college student
The Terrell Pryor thing was BS and he shouldn't have lost games in college or pro.
Terrell Pryor he on the Seahawks now but he not gone get no playing time der tho
Rice gets a 2 game suspension for what he did and when Terrell Pryor entered the league he got 5 games for trading memorabilia for tattoos??
drafted Terrell Pryor in the compensatory draft, he was given a 4 game suspension for not paying for tats in college!
NCAA gave Terrell Pryor 5 ganes for trading a jersey for a tat, but gives 2 games for knocking ur wife out.. makes no *** sense
How is that Terrell Pryor got 5 suspended for 5 games in the nfl for selling his COLLEGE jersey but Ray Rice knocked his wife unconscious
Terrell Pryor-5 gms for trading memorabilia for tattoos. Josh Gordon-prolly a year for smoking weed. Ray Rice-2 gms for knocking his wife out
Terrell Pryor got five games for Tattoo gate at Ohio State.
Y'all remember Terrell Pryor gettin a 5 gm suspension for trading memorabilia for tattoos while in college
Ray Rice gets a 2 game suspension?? Terrell Pryor got a 5 game suspension for selling his memorabilia. Josh Gordon season long suspension. That's some weird thinking by the NFL.
Stop mentioning Terrell Pryor in comparison to Ray Rice, Nfl upheld a suspension from college that he never served...
Robert Mathis suspended 4 gms for taking a fertility drug. Terrell Pryor - 5 gms for sellin his cards for a tattoo in COLLEGE. Rice - 2 gms
The worst comparison I've seen is Rice for 2 and Terrell Pryor 5 for...NCAA violations?
Especially when Terrell Pryor got 5 games for trading a jersey for some tattoos
Terrell Pryor got a 5 game NFL suspension for selling autographs for when he was still College!
Terrell Pryor was suspended 5 games for getting some free tattoos. Ray Rice beats up a girl? 2 games.
"Terrell Pryor gets tatoos = 5 Games; Ray Rice knocks his wife out cold, drags her out of elevator by hair = 2 Games"
Care to explain how Terrell Pryor got a stiffer punishment for selling his own stuff than Ray Rice got for KO'in a woman???
What bout Terrell Pryor compared to Ray Rice
NFL losing credibility. Terrell Pryor gets suspended 5 games for selling memorabilia in college. Ray Rice gets 2 games for beating woman.
I think the whole Terrell pryor suspension for tattoos is the worse for comparisons. Free tattoos in college is awful apparently
and Terrell Pryor gets 5 games for trading stuff for tattoos... In college
Terrell Pryor 5 games for Ohio State stuff… tattoos and autographs. Ray Rice beats woman gets 2 games
Terrell Pryor was suspended 5 games for violating an NCAA rule. Go Roger Goodell!!!
Terrell Pryor got 4 for something that happened IN COLLEGE!
They also got Spencer Ware & like two other guys. Too. Plus Terrell Pryor who should just be a RB. Lol
The worst Ray Rice comp is not even pot smokers. Its Terrell Pryor. Pryor got suspended 5 games for tattoos he got in college. Rice? 2 games
it ain't even like he just smacked her lol he knocked her unconscious. Terrell Pryor got suspended for getting tattoos...
remeber Terrell Pryor suspension for college tattoo incident? Apparently that’s more severe than upper …
man and if you do something wrong in college (Terrell Pryor) you'll get longer suspensions than hitting your girl
Terrell Pryor could have knocked out 2.5 girls for a five game suspension, but he gets 5 games for accepting tattoos
Ray Rice suspended 2 games, domestic violence..NFL suspended Terrell Pryor for 5...for stuff he did in college: http:…
Terrell Pryor 5 game nfl suspension for getting tattoos at OSU, Ray Rice drags his passed out girlfriend around a casino, 2 game suspension
Josh Gordon: suspended 1 season for pot. . Terrell Pryor: 6 games for autographs. . Ray Rice: 2 games for knocking out fiancé. . Good job
Terrell Pryor gets 5 game suspension for free tattoos in college. Ray Rice gets 2 for elevator KO of wife?!
Terrell Pryor got 5 games for getting a tattoo... In college...
Terrell Pryor gets five games for free tattoos. And Ray Rice gets two games for knocking his wife unconscious something's wrong there NFL
Terrell Pryor was da man when he played for Ohio State
I hope he doesn't end up like Troy Smith, Dennis Dixon, Terrell Pryor, etc.
not when you got Terrell Pryor at qb and Richard Sherman dives 7 feet to pick the ball
anyone know if Terrell Pryor beat out Russell Wilson for a job yet?
Terrell Pryor is about to take Russell Wilson starting spot! Lol
The Seahawks have Terrell Pryor as their back up 😳 prolly the smartest move this off season beside Michael Vick and Chris Johnson
OK today Chip Kelly will finally show some leadership and discuss the DJax situation. A few facts on the controversy are DJax made an emotion comment after great season and answered a reporters question as to whether DJax deserves a new contract after his ProBowl Season. A statement DJax has since clarified by saying he was just being emotional and is NOT asking for a new contract. Subsequently the media has had him everything from cut to traded for "Terrell Pryor" of all people. My guess is he will announce this is a non story, Jackson is under contract, and is going nowhere. Many think he will announce he will be shopped at the draft. Some think he will announce he will be cut on the mythical June 1st cap cut day. Some claim DJax will in fact get 2 years added to his contract to make him and his contract more cap friendly. What is your guess?
Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen and Bill Polian discuss Raiders QB Terrell Pryor's desire to be a starting quarterb
Raiders got Terrell Pryor and matt schuab
Aaron craft was at OSU so long he got to share a backcourt with Michael Redd, watch Troy Smith win heisman and get tats with Terrell Pryor
Oh the times they are a changin... Its a great day for black QB's, remember when they said we weren't not smart enough to play the position well Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Terrell Pryor, Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, and Russell Wilson... looks like there's a new prototype in the NFL Im excited to see where we go from here
Little Giant Ladders
he's not as good as Troy Smith or Terrell Pryor!
Braxton Miller, just like Troy Smith, Terrell Pryor were recruited as a running quarterback because that is what they are best at is running. Little they know that they will never be a NFL quarterback material, because it takes a lot more than running to be an excellent qb that must be able to determine quickly the defense schemes, directing traffic, excellent communication not only with coaches but also with players, the ability to throw a ball, and probably one of the most overlooked skill is vocalization of plays, drawing the defense offsides, etc. Unfortunately, OSU Athletics program have recruited a running QB for over 10 years all of which have been afro-american descent, and no caucasian QB at all for a long time. What happened to equal opportunity employment. It's time for a change. We need a qualified QB. Otherwise, OSU Buckeye football will remain a big joke, DoDo Bird.
Oh No Joe Flacco was 2nd in the league with 22 interceptions this season. If not for a poorly timed leap last season by Denver's Rahim Moore, Flacco would be the Jaguars QB right now. Instead he fooled the Ravens into paying him the crazy sum of $120M. The man they should have paid is now catch passes in San Francisco, Anquan Boldin. He wrestled balls out of the air that otherwise would have ended up in INTs last season. They won games and a Super Bowl because he stole balls out of the air that would have otherwise resulted in turnovers. ONJ again ranked at the bottom of the league in QB Rating 32nd out of 37, besting only Matt Schaub, Brandon Weeden, Eli Manning, Terrell Pryor and Geno Smith. He completed 59% of his passes which ranked him 27th and his 6.3 yards per attempt was 35th out of 37. When Timino Covington and other Raven's fans bemoan the fact that they've gone another 12 years before competing for a Super Bowl they can look at the contract given to instead of as the reason why.
Of course my franchise qb gets hurt in madden.. Brady Quinn has a torn labrum.. Looks like Terrell Pryor is going to have to right the ship
Terrell Pryor, Chad Henne, Geno Smith, WHOEVER Buffalo's QB is today, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder. ALL high school QB's that played in hyped up college systems, and now watering down the NFL with little talent!!
This season, Terrell Pryor had a long run, Rashad Jennings had a long, Marcel Reese a long run but not Darren McFadden?
Terrell Pryor, Braxton Miller, Kenny Guiton, Matt McGloin, or AJ McCarron. Who is your starting NFL QB?
Vince Young or Terrell Pryor at WR instead of QB.
Reading status' from Chef fans from last night is killing me... Guess the fans didnt realize that playing Manning, @ Mile High would be just a little bit harder than beating guys like Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Terrell Pryor, 3rd stringer Jason Campbell, and undrafted Jeff
Broncos-35 Chiefs-20 Sorry guys, this isn't Jeff Tuel or Jason Capmbell or Case Keenum, or Ryan Fitzpatrick or Terrell Pryor or Blaine Gabbert you're playing tonight.
So the Oakland raiders started Caucasian quarterback Matt mcgloin in place of the *** Terrell Pryor. And the raider s won. Seems like the only way a *** quarterback can win today is they face one another in a game. Oh and I forgot. You can't win with a *** quarterback in the nfl
Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Matt Schaub, Matt Leinart, Matt Cassell, Matt Flynn, Matt Barkley, Matt Cavenaugh - did I miss anyone? Oh, yeah. Terrell Pryor is hurt, so add undrafted QB Matt McGloin to that list. Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be quarterbacks named Matt.
I got offered Run DMC, Terrell Pryor, Bilai Powell, and Lamar Miller for Mike Vick, Ted Ginn, Stevan Ridley, and Brandon Bolden. I could use a backup QB and getting 3 ok RBs for Ridley may come in handy later on. What does everyone else think?
Here goes truth: Lebron James got investigated for money, Reggie Bush got investigated for money, Dez Bryant a dinner, Terrell Pryor money, Cam Newton money, and James Winston for sex. Funny thing is all these black athletes inspire WHITE YOUNG BOYS TO BE SOMETHING IN LIFE. Johnny Football and so many more got CAUGHT and they get a pat on the back. # KILLING YOUR KIND PICK THEM UP
Terrell Pryor because most people thought he was gonna be Jamarcus Russell 2.0 and he has proved a lot of people wrong
Our Michigan bias aside who should I start today Tom Brady or Terrell Pryor?
Hey doc .. Terrell Pryor or Jake Locker for rest of year?? Thanks Visionary.
So Schaub got benched for Yates last night in that blowout L huh? Raiders actually have a QB in Terrell Pryor now, maybe they can stay competitive. Shout out to the Dodgers and Pirates, who are one win each away from making it to the NLCS. Josh Freeman to the Vikings? Wow, bye-bye Ponder and Matt Cassel. Oh, trap time.
Terrell Pryor? Seriously? I should've started him over Matthew Stafford on
EJ Manuel should've ran out of bounds. These running qbs need to learn when to slide. RG3 had a concussion last year and tore his ACL, EJ Manuel hurt his knee, Terrell Pryor got a concussion. Brian Hoyer busted his knee on a run. I'm surprised Kaepernick hasn't gotten hurt yet, maybe he's more cautious when he runs. CB24
Lmaoo Wesley Woodyard hit Terrell Pryor so hard that he forgot the game?
Conflicting reports about status of Terrell Pryor. Jay Glazer reported this morning Players were told Flynn would start but Vic Tafur last night said Pryor would start. Lets hope Tafur is right
I need help for a fill in QB this week Matt Schaub, Phillip rivers, Terrell Pryor or Big Ben
The NFL has decided NOT to fine Denver's MLB Wesley Woodyard for his helmet to helmet hit on QB Terrell Pryor.
DEEP LEAGUE FINDS/PENNY STOCKS: The investment for many will be very low and even in a trade these guys are not commanding a big price. But that doesn't mean they can't help your team. QB1: Alex Smith(50%)- Terrell Pryor's owned % is WAY too low, but I've already written about him earlier. Great matchup (if he plays despite the concussion concerns) this week for anyone who has Rodgers or Newton on the bye week. So I'll go with the very unsexy Alex Smith. Drawing another weak opponent(NYG) who days of being elite pass rushers appear to be behind them. He's a perfect fit for Andy Reid's West Coast dink and dunk passing and possesses just enough mobility to keep plays alive or tuck out of bounds for a marginal gain. The lack of arm strength is killing Dwayne Bowe's value, but he's got to get involved at some point so I'd take a shot at a buy low on him as well. The short passing/Screen play makes any concerns about Jamaal Charles disappear(keep an eye on Knile Davis if anything should happen), and may make D ...
So now with RG3 and Colin Kaepernick struggling, Terrell Pryor getting knocked out of Monday nights game and Tim Tebow now out of the NFL can we officially call the "Read Option" in the NFL a gimmick that has now been figured out much like the "Wildcat" ?
Terrell Pryor is crying saying Wesley Woodyard should be fined by that hit he gave him on Monday night are we playing flag football that's what you sign up for don't play if you are afraid of getting hit its simple
Why does it take people so long to realize runningbacks like Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin, Tim Tebow, and Terrell Pryor can't play quarterback?
THIS WEEK IN FOOTBALL: Thoughts & Ramblings of the NFL: Once again, we're reminded of how slim the talent gap is across pro football. Six of the NFC's 2012 post season contenders are currently 6-12 combined. Right now, Alex Smith has a higher QB Rating than RG3. Terrell Pryor, with a far lesser head coach and offensive line, is currently outplaying Colin Kaepernick. As friends of mine know, I can't stand the belief that quarterbacks deserve either all the blame, or endless praise for the success of an organization when Superbowl's are won by great teams. Bad offensive lines, injured & under performing running backs, along with issues on the defensive side of the ball, no matter the QB, don't make for great teams. There's only 3 QB's in the league who have multiple rings. The Giants and The Steelers each have one of them under center. The Giants and Steelers are also a combined 0-6. Andy Reid is an excellent coach but he needs to jump on that Rex Ryan diet. Or at least Nutri-System.
Can't believe I'm considering starting Terrell Pryor over Colin Kaepernick. What has this world come to.
Terrell Pryor will not lose the starting job to Matt Flynn. Won't happen. Peyote gonna a good qb. He's Hitting his stride
In college, Terrell Pryor probably would have scored that TD late in he 4th quarter on the scramble. In the NFL, you got Wesley Woodyard coming at you full speed...That defense (even without Von Miller and Champ Bailey) is playing great under Jack DelRio and the defensive minded John Fox.
Jake Locker, EJ Manuel, Matt Schaub and Terrell Pryor have the same passer rating as Sam Bradford!
I am a football fan 1st, and Bronco fan 2nd, and a Pac-12 loyalist 3rd. That being said, WOW Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are looking pretty tough to beat. Losing you're premier pass rusher in Von Miller, losing Champ Bailey, and our QB's blindside Ryan Clady. No matter who goes down, we continue to improve. Raiders fans, that means you Paul Mendoza, Christopher Riggins, Alexander Mendoza Berto Guerra you have a lot to be excited about in Terrell Pryor. He is doing all this with some real mediocre WR's. I would love to see what he's able to do with some actual talent...
Terrell Pryor is 16/23...killin, but Peyton Manning won't let him be great...smh
Watching my boy Peyton Manning give the Raiders a lesson in humility! Denver D is looking pretty good too! Gotta say though I like that young man Terrell Pryor, will be watching him for some good things to happen in the future.might consider him a pickup for my fantasy sub qb
Only reason I watch the raider games is for jacoby ford and Terrell Pryor.
Terrell Pryor, I'm sure you're a nice young man, but young bro it's like this. He's Peyton Manning and you're not.
Jon gruden just said Terrell Pryor needs to keep both hands on those balls.jaha
Which QB do I start in fantasy this week? Cam Newton, Eli Manning, or Terrell Pryor? Panthers playing Giants, Raiders playing Broncos
I am getting tired of hearing about the “read option” fetish every NFL fan or commentator currently seems to exhibit. I realize it is a short sample size but there are 8 undefeated teams in the NFL right now. Check out what seven of those eight teams have in common at the quarterback position, a traditional NFL quarterback. Meanwhile Geno Smith, Terrell Pryor, Michael Vick, RG III, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are a combined 6-9. Just like the run n’ shoot or the wildcat defenses are well on their way to figuring out the read option and now real quarterbacks can get back to doing what they do best in the NFL, winning not running.
I just wanna send a personal thank you to Terrell Pryor, Usama Young, and Sebastian Janikowski ( all the The Oakland Raiders ) for winning yesterdays game especially for me! That was the most amazing way to say happy birthday! Thanks guys!
Well by approximately 5pm today I will know if my fantasy football team succeeded or failed at reaching the projected 117.25 points! Here is my starting line up: QB = Drew Brees RB = Adrian Peterson RB = Darren Sproles WR = Miles Austin WR = Julian Edelman (scored 8.20 points on Thursday night) TE = Julius Thomas w/R = Brian Hartline K = Garret Hartley Defense = Raiders I almost started Terrell Pryor at QB only because they are playing the Jaguars and he is projected at 26 points, but I'll be more confident in Drew Bree's projected 23 points against the Buccs!
Tyler Boyd is the most electrifying player to come out of the WPIAL since...who? Terrell Pryor? Steve Breaston? Tony Dorsett???
why does Terrell Pryor get hurt more than Danny amendola? Every game I play TP gets hurt
Terrell Pryor vs jaguars or Tony Romo vs chiefs
Terrell Pryor = great value Walmart brand Cam Newton
Not a Raiders fan, but happy for Terrell Pryor.
and i would rather have Terrell Pryor over Fat Ben.
I hate Ohio State and I hate the Raiders, but for some reason I find myself rooting for Terrell Pryor
lmfao I wish. That was a classic, but I was talking about Terrell Pryor. 😂😂😂😂
Terrell pryor lookin good tho... bright future
& Terrell Pryor lost along with all teams in the state of Ohio 🙅.
Terrell Pryor might be the future of the raiders
Wonder how much $$ Terrell Pryor wagered on Indianapolis to win!
In week 1 I'm proud of my cowboys, a.p and bush for a good performance, Geno Smith starting and winning, ej and Terrell Pryor for starting
Honestly the only reason the raiders were even close today was because of the Ohio State native Terrell Pryor playing quarterback! 👍👌🏉
Terrell Pryor is nice 212 passing yards and 112 rushing!? He is the Raiders team besides McFadden lol
Im happy for Terrell Pryor gertin a chance!!
hey hb Terrell Pryor for us hel of a game for his 2nd start in the NFL almost beat the colts
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Here go... mf y'all almost lost to Terrell Pryor today, lucky it was virtually his first start.
Some fun NFL stats:. Right now, and in passing yards are Peyton and Eli Manning. Right now, Terrell Pryor has the most Rushing yards
Didn't think I'll say it. I'm actually impressed by Terrell Pryor.
The leading rusher so far this week is a qb -__- And it was Terrell Pryor
if you wanna see a good Qb you should have seen Terrell Pryor
Terrell Pryor had 11 carries for 104 yards
Terrell Pryor Dec showed something today despite the ints
Terrell Pryor's future is bright.Colin Kaepernick is officially in shine mode
saw the hawmie Terrell pryoR ball today against colts .? Nothing more attractive then a girl who Likes da Raiders swear ..I'm done
Lol. Terrell Pryor knows how to avoid defenders and if the secondary contains then receivers open
Btw Terrell Pryor is currently leading the NFL in rushing
Terrell Pryor looked pretty sweet today
I only like Terrell Pryor cuz he reminds me of Malik!
is Terrell Pryor the Raiders future at QB? if u don't reply u hate Mexicans. (Jk)
Y'all see terrell pryor almost kill that old man?
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Terrell Pryor is currently the number 1 rusher in the NFL..
Listen up "When Terrell Pryor (QB for Oakland Raiders) has MORE rushing yards than your RBs, there are SERIOUS issues." FIX IT
Terrell Pryor was reminding me of Geo today with all those rushing yards and scrambles from a QB.
very impressed w the overall play of the defense and Terrell Pryor, he made quite a few plays. Great learni…
I have ej Manuel, Terrell Pryor, and Matt stafford in my fantasy football leauge. Who should I start week two
I just got a trade offer… Terrell Pryor for Anquan Boldin… I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response...
Why Terrell Pryor had to throw the interception we could have easily one if he ran it with Darren McFadden!
At the A's game they showed a replay of the Raiders game. The replay was Terrell Pryor getting picked off in the Red Zone. I died laughing😂😂
Oakland-Indy. Was glad to see Terrell Pryor getting his chance.
I'm ready to cut Romo for Terrell Pryor. If he loses.
So much for the "under".and Terrell Pryor leads the NFL in rushing with 112 yds. All left for capper is Cowboys to choke the cover. Yep.
So no RB ran for 100+ yards today the only person who rushed for 100+ was Terrell Pryor smh
Fantasy Cruz and or Randel? (And hopefully Terrell Pryor on a side note)
we had/have Terrell Pryor and Braxton Miller and Guiton too though.
Terrell Pryor just ran over my grandfather on the sideline.
Two weeks ago I would have said Raiders are going 2-14. Now 6-10 doesn't seem like a stretch. Terrell Pryor > Matt Flynn.
Terrell Pryor gave us raider fans something to look forward to he was electric today in the lose but good
I got qbs for days matt Ryan and terrell pryor both got 19 points on my bench but I got Vick starting
Terrell Pryor is a athlete. hands down maybe not a great qb but we gon win some games with em.
Can I start Terrell Pryor at RB and just get credit for his rushing stats?
we struggled wit terrell pryor. Dolphins pocket pass
I know yall saw Terrell Pryor doing work today!!!
Proud of Terrell Pryor he finally got his time and he shined
Terrell Pryor is one high ankle sprain from holding a clipboard.
did you pick Terrell Pryor in the late rounds? I told everyone him and geno would do something this year
how you feelin' about Geno Smith and Terrell Pryor after today?
Terrell Pryor ran for 112 yards threw for 217. Luck ran for 38 yards and a TD but his was the game winner after a Bethea int sealed the game
Loss or not Terrell Pryor is still the man ✊
so far Terrell Pryor is the NFLs Leading Rusher so far
EJ Manuel, Terrell Pryor and Geno Smith walk into a bar for and say "Look at these 2 clowns!"
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Terrell Pryor can play!! Too soon to start crediting Urban Meyer?
Maybe starting Terrell Pryor wasn't such a bad idea after all.
Terrell Pryor starting means there's a chance Johnny Manziel could end up in the silver & black. Wouldn't it be Poetic Justice?
Deion Sanders and Shannon Sharpe need stop whinning about Manziel just getting a half and saying Dez Bryant and Terrell Pryor should (1/3)
Johnny Manziel (white) suspended 1st half of a game . Terrell Pryor (black) gone
probably wouldn't even win there with Rashad Jennings, Rod Streater and Terrell Pryor.
Dennis Dixon and Terrell Pryor are relevant. Enough said
The raiders can have the fastest backfield ever! Darren McFadden Marcel Reece and Terrell Pryor!
yeah, I was actually thinkin Terrell Pryor. With Seneca Wallace as his backup..
hot sports opinion. Johnny football won't see the field this year. Repeat of Terrell Pryor at Ohio State.
I watched Terrell Pryor in the Army high school game and he instantly became my favorite player, big reason why I liked Ohio State lol
I thought the team stopped doing that when Terrell Pryor got busted...LOL
Terrell Pryor had a mean stiff arm n college
that the raiders are *** with Matt Flynn but Terrell Pryor there men
Terrell Pryor and Braxton Miller are the same
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I got the Terrell Pryor feeling again.
I saw enough videos of Terrell Pryor having more yards than Oregonian total in first bell already
If the Raider don't play Terrell Pryor thy r going 2 suck. Thats just my opinion. He gives them the best chance 2 win
Terrell Pryor always looked nervous when he got under center. I knew he would never be a legit NFL QB
ya cuz those Ohio State QBs always turn into all pro NFL QBs what's Terrell Pryor or Troy Smith doing?
I wonder what team will give Terrell Pryor a chance
Terrell Pryor in college or Cam Newton in college? Who'd you take?
i like Terrell Pryor. But lets see how preseason goes
I got this creepy filling that AL Davis last pick Terrell Pryor is going to save the Franchise keeping Al legacy alive as a genius
Terrell Pryor is 6'5" 250 and ran a 4.3. Clearly that doesn't mean he was NFL ready
But really do I look like Aaron Hernandez or Terrell Pryor
will not have as much value or worth. 1 bad seed will hurt a program I.e Chip Kelly, Terrell Pryor, Reggie bush.
Terrell Pryor showed flashes of what could be Cam Newton 2.0
my boy Terrell Pryor didn't even crack the list 😒
Terrell Pryor was Jim Tressell's player.. Quit reaching Skip.. and Zimmerman just got away with murder in FL.. Its natural..
I just want Tyler Wilson or Terrell Pryor to beat Matt Flynn I'm training camp.
Terrell Pryor need to make that switch from QB to WR, I forgot he was even in the league.
Stopped on Columbus to *** and Terrell Pryor tried to steal my car. Sheesh.
Terrell Pryor might make them worth watching if he can beat Flynn for the starting job
yeah they should've used Terrell Pryor
Devonte Owens this season got hoed as much as Terrell Pryor did this year in football
If Matt Flynn doesn't pan out.. I think the raiders should rock w Terrell Pryor for a lil bit.
Play Cathy's call spliced with Terrell Pryor's reaction to Vick's release from jail. Very similar
Then Terrell Pryor's Tattoo guy should be stiched from head to toe lol
hes nice and all but not better than Terrell Pryor
2nd favorite 1st was that Terrell Pryor boi Ohio State was the squad when he was their but once he left LSU boi
Gonna be a Good QB Battle for Oakland this Year.. Matt Flynn, Tyler Wilson, Terrell Pryor.. Who ya Got.?? I would love for them to compete
All I'm saying is in the next madden I will continue to run Tebow, Terrell Pryor and Brady Quinn at QB. Its just how I like to run my team
Greenberg u guys said the NFL cant punish for something that happen in college/Terrell Pryor?
Met a nice girl on the booze cruise, gave me her I found pics the next morning. SHE looked like a linebacker in a Terrell Pryor uniform.
Who would improve the Raiders the most as a starter? Matt Flynn, Vince Young, Terrell Pryor, or Geno Smith?
There's no way I start Carson Palmer over Terrell Pryor. That's like starting Kevin kolb over Cam Newton
Matt Flynn for Terrell Pryor and a late round pick. Deal??
Out of Terrell Pryor,Colin Kaepernick, n RGIII I'll take Terrell Pryor. He has long strides n fast.
Terrell Pryor is better then Collin kaepernick and that's on mommas
I still believe in Terrell Pryor man he was so raw at Ohio State.
Okay all my Eagles fan friends, tell me what you think of my ideas for the Eagles and their QB position. 1) First and foremost get rid of Mike Vick, renegotiated or not 2) Trade for either Terrell Pryor (Ravens) or Dennis Dixon (Steelers) and give Nick Foles his shot at winnin the job out of camp with either Pryor or Dixon pushing him tough. Or. 1) Trade down in the draft and get one of these three, Nassib, Glennon or Geno Smith and see what kind of pressure they can put on Foles to take the job. Okay guys times yours, give me your ideas!!!
My first options are Terrell Pryor, Zach Miller, Jordy Nelson, Kyle Rudolph, or Colin Kaepernick
So does that mean Terrell Pryor should be in? “Brian Griese is in the Rose Bowl HOF?!”
Rundown of whats happened in a crazy day of football: -The Giants beat the Eagles gaining eligibility for PO Season play -The Bears beat the Lions eliminating the Giants and gaining eligibility. -The Vikings then beat the Packers in the final seconds to eliminate the Bears and gained the Wild Card spot along with the Seahawks -Andy Reid has been fired -Terrell Pryor impressed many in the Raiders loss to the Chargers, many calling him the Franchise QB the Raiders need. -Norv Turner, Pat Shurmur & Lovie Smith 2 of the many coaches on the Hot Seat -The Redskins & Cowboys are fighting for a playoff sport AS WE SPEAK. -JMac
Terrell Pryor got that Dave Krieg throw lofting it in the air
What you all think about Terrell Pryor starting?
Mike Vick. RG3. Cam Newton. Russell Wilson. Colin Kap. Josh Freeman. Terrell Pryor. all starting sunday. I like it... naw i love it
Carson Palmer is out this week due to injury to his ribs. Either Matt Leinart or Terrell Pryor will be starting this week. Who would you rather start? -Ryan
The raiders need to start Terrell Pryor and bring back John Gruden. The eagles need to get Bill Cowher and an offensive of line!
Terrell's Pryor most likely all play Sunday
Terrell Pryor should get a shot with the Raiders this week
Playing online...look what my boy Sean did to Terrell Pryor...Falcons play no game
easy Terrell Pryor you'll make Wesleyan ineligible for bowl games
If that's Terrell Pryor in the middle, no it does not
I remember when Toe told me he got stiff armed by Terrell Pryor I was rollin
that Terrell Pryor guy brought some baggage too, whens that plug getting pulled??
“I vote Vick goes to the Oakland raiders next year” I don't think so they have Terrell Pryor
Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Aresnio Hall,Richard Pryor and other Black actors are in there
It is about time in Oakland to put Terrell Pryor in?
more like play Terrell Pryor. He gives us a better chance to win then Palmer at this point.
just picked up terrelle Pryor terrell Owens and LT in my fanasty league ready to win it all
I heard about her and Terrell Pryor
In Madden I like Terrell Pryor. When yall having a tournament so I can start winning money
What if Chip Kelly ran a spread offense with the Raiders using the speed of DHB, Jacoby Ford, McFadden, Terrell Pryor?
Every write up about Dunmore mentions Terrell Pryor
SOURCES: QB Terrell Pryor practiced almost exclusively with the first team in the Raiders morning session. QB Carson Palmer spilt time...
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is it true that Terrell Pryor might play maybe even start? Say yes!
Just killed it today with Terrell Pryor in madden 162 rushing yards and 279 passing yards 9 TD's 2 INT's.
I forgot Terrell Pryor was even in the league 😂
Jon, you're talking to the kid who thought Terrell Pryor's number was
How do you mix Terrell Pryor and Cam Newton up?
he from ATL, terrell pryor is from jeanette tho lol
Terrell Pryor sent my grandma this while she was dying
What are TJ Yates or Terrell Pryor doing these days? Also, I don't know how many more times I can hear you say Kirk Cousins
With the points Seattle's D/ST got me this week I could have started Terrell Pryor and still won. But, I started Brady.
How many *** you think Terrell Pryor den hit 1,000s ***
a qb that is faster than west coast like Terrell pryor or joe Webb
Not a raiders fan at all but man can't wait to watch terrell pryor play! Idk why they haven't played him before!
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imma try to be 235 like Terrell pryor 2013 season. Then 240 2014 season. My draft year
But wait. Why are eagles fans talking bout anything?? Terrell Pryor finna be the starting qb. They top ***
Y do every body want terrell pryor in the game except dennis allen and reggie mckenzie
If LeBron wanted a ring that bad, he should have stayed in Ohio and bought one from Terrell Pryor.
The Terrell Pryor library is my new fav place to study.
They just said boom herron was a "great" running back at Ohio State. They're thinking of terrell pryor lololol
Greg- "I love Terrell Pryor. He's one of my favorite athletes ever."
What ever happens to Troy Smith and Terrell Pryor?
Raiders should start Terrell Pryor. that boy can ball!
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Should the give backup QB Terrell Pryor a shot at the end of the season?
I really hope Terrell pryor is enjoying that tattoo. Looks really good on him as he sits on bench backing up Carson Palmer!
LOL they horrible they should just start Terrell Pryor already the season is over for them
Browne has completed more than 73 percent of his passes for 4,142 yards with 45 touchdowns and four interceptions through 13 win as a senior.
All the Alabama fans out there oughta be thanking Terrell Pryor n Jim Tressel without them the tide wouldn't be playing for the title
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Pryor might come in early if Palmer doesn't make something happen...Yes I know he's under pressure and his WRs are running bad routes... He's still playing the browns
Terrell Pryor is active for today's game but won't start. He might get some playing time. Also DMC and Goodson are warming up on the field no news yet if they will play.
Raiders News: RB Darren McFadden out for today's game and QB Terrell Pryor might see some playing time today. Since the Raider Nation has double sided loyalty, fans can catch the game on 95.7 The Game on FM.
The Oakland Raiders have nothing to lose giving Terrell Pryor a chance to prove himself to finish what's been a lost season for the franchise...
Terrell Pryor was one of the funniest players to watch. But made one of the dumbest decisions
No, the raider do. Chip Kelly, Terrell Pryor, and Darren McFadden. I'm not even a raider fan but that would be dope.
While you are at it write a thank you note to the BCS, Terrell Pryor and Jim Tressel.
"While we're thanking Baylor and Stanford I'd like to thank Terrell Pryor b/c he took out Ohio St. Thank goodness he likes tattoos!"
Terrell Pryor, great character, integrity, and ambition.
Unless the raiders r going give Terrell Pryor a chance but I don't think he is the answer tho..
I think terrell pryor should play , our o-line *** and maybe he can buy time with his athleticism , carson just goes down easy .
no argument here. Terrell Pryor's tattoos are the only thing keeping the SEC schools in the running.
The Raiders need to start Terrell Pryor! Carson Palmer is trash 😄😄😄
Raiders HC Dennis Allen says the staff has discussed turning to Terrell Pryor to evaluate his future with the team
the Carson Palmer trade was a mistake , and leinarts not the answer , I'd like to see terrell pryor get a shot .
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Terrell Pryor's tattoo lol look at the comment 😯😂
its time to start molding Terrell Pryor for the future. Ur paying him might as well play him.Palmer is a wash.
Terrell pryor passer rating is the same as mark sanchez Ryan Wildboy Walter
also haven't seen Terrell Pryor this year..?
and none of them really know anything about osu but Terrell Pryor,Jim Tressel,brax,Troy Smith.
I bet Ohio State really hates Jim Tressel and Terrell Pryor right about now.
Ohio State has no BCS game... Thanks Terrell Pryor -___-
It's time for Terrell Pryor to start for Raider Nation. No matter what happens he would be no worse leading the team then Palmer
The raiders should give terrell pryor a chance just like the niners gave kaepernick a chance
I would rather watch college football than the nfl for pride money # unless your Terrell Pryor
yall should be playing for a shot at the BCS title. Terrell Pryor - 1, Thee Ohio State University - 0
Jon Gruden said before Cam Newton got drafted he thought Terrell Pryor was better.
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