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Terrell Pryor

Terrelle Pryor (born June 20, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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Tell me about it! Had him and Terrell Pryor in a 1 week playoff matchup league. I'm heartbroken! But aye, at least my GMEN won!
Terrell Pryor being a free agent is the best thing that could have happened to him after the year he had, he's gunna land a big contract
Over 12 hours later and I'm still laughing at that Pacman Jones "GARBAGE" rant over Terrell Pryor.
Adam Jones snappin off about Terrell Pryor is the funniest thing I've seen in my lifeπŸ˜‚
And yes, to be honest... TERRELL PRYOR IS brother ain't said nun but the TRUTH..
"it's your job to take the Terrell Pryor out"- PAC man
Pac man jones calling Terrell Pryor trash is kind of funny to me just because the bengals are terrible. It's like if Mexico said Iraq sucked
lol it's funny cause Terrell Pryor is trash. Idk why they move him from qb
Why is everybody coming for Terrell Pryor? I never hear him talking crap. I don't get it
Pac-Man Jones went off on Terrell Pryor cause Pryor grew up in the suburbs? Why is growing up in the hood considered "real"?
Adam "Pacman" Jones doesn't hold back when it comes to Terrell Pryor!
Corey Coleman, Terrell Pryor, Isaiah Crowell and Gary Barnidge is lowkey a stacked offense
we should be watching Terrell Pryor tonight, future
Yeah, I offered him Tim Hightower, Terrell Pryor and Corey Coleman/JJ Nelson for Odell Becham. He declined.
Terrell Pryor look like Allen iverson mixed with mugsy bogues lol
hey man. Terrell Pryor, Jordan Mathews, or Mike Thomas in standard scoring today?
WR and FLEX spots available, Michael Thomas, Ty Montgomery, and Terrell Pryor. Please help!
I'm starting Demaryius Thomas as my WR1. But who should start for my WR2? Terrell Pryor, Julian Edelman or Stefon Diggs.
who should I'd roll with today Terrell Pryor or Michael Thomas ??
need 2 of 4 in half point ppr league. Allen Hurns, Terrell Pryor, Demaryius Thomas, and Anquan Boldin
who should I start, Terrell Pryor or Demaryius Thomas, I'm in a PPR league
who should I start as wr2 -- Kenny Britt, Desean Jackson, Edelman, Demaryus Thomas, or Terrell Pryor? T Coleman is the flex.
Will Fuller or Terrell Pryor. Matt Stafford or Carson Wentz. Zach Miller or Kyle Rudolph. LA Defense or PHI Defense. SO MANY QS this week😩😭
Matt Jones, Terrell Pryor, or Tajae Sharpe? Need two to start. Standard scoring.
I need two players to start, one WR, one FLEX, Tajae Sharpe, Terrell Pryor, Randall Cobb, or Matt Jones? Standard Scoring! Thanks
Who should I go with in standard league at flex: Terrell Pryor, Matt Jones, Isaiah Crowell, or Sterling Sheppard
QB/WR Terrell Pryor and cleveland browns should circle the wagons and upset the patriots and spoil tombrady first game back
I Really hope the QB/WR Terrell Pryor and the cleveland browns circle the wagons and beat the patriots with brady first game back Sun
would you trade Fitz for Michael Thomas and Crowell? I still have Jordan Matthews, jordy nelson, Terrell Pryor and Edelman.
Do I start Spencer Ware or Terrell Pryor this week? (PPR of course). Big fan of the show btw.
lineup question for this weekend: Flex starter...Terrell Pryor or Spencer Ware?
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Terrell Pryor in at quarterback for the Browns momentarily. May end up calling the ol' Nelson Muntz play any moment…
RG3 to Terrell Pryor is officially a thing.
Tedd Ginn's Senior year caught my attention. Plus Terrell Pryor was the man at OSU
Gordon comes in hurt? Sounds about right. It's the Terrell Pryor plan for making the team.
Terrell Pryor was garbage, that's why he moved to receiver
Corey Coleman Terrell Pryor Josh Gordan with RG3 throwing them the rock-that's a *** of a video game lineup
Terrell Pryor has more talent than the entire Browns team, if he isn't starting then they are a lost cause.
I bet Sharpe still thinks Terrell Pryor and Josh Freeman should be starting qbs tho lol
Since you go to are you gonna pull a Terrell Pryor and give the tattoo place some autographs for some tats?
where is Terrell Pryor on the depth chart heading into camp??
Rog and Terrell Pryor getting it in!
any chance you'd sign them Mr All American? What are you asking for them? Don't want a Terrell Pryor Situation
Terrell Pryor working out with McCown and Randy Moss is very encouraging.
Who will throw more TDs to Corey Coleman this season, RG3 or Terrell Pryor?
If you're thinking of how the NFL punished Terrell Pryor, it's different. He declared early for the draft to get out of...
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Browns fans, let's not forget that the Browns staff seems to have high hopes for Terrell Pryor too!
bro why didn't we get Braxton Miller he's a beast and he's versatile... Also do we have Terrell Pryor?
do you remember the Terrell Pryor suspension? Something actually could happen... Like a suspension
shoot why did Terrell Pryor get suspended by the NFL when he got to the league,upholding NCAA penalty ?
So Goodell says that he can't do anything about Tunsil. But how did he discipline Terrell Pryor a few years ago?
Just heard from the experts that the NFL has no interest in NCAA issues. Tell that to Jim Tressel and Terrell Pryor.
. Shotgun set. Josh Gordon. Terrell Pryor. Corey Coleman. Gary Barnidge. Duke. RG3. I'll take my chances with that.
Don't forget we got Terrell Pryor, 6'4. lol
based on precedent, Tunsil is in position to be suspended by Goodell, not for gas mask but for benefits. See Terrell Pryor.
Terrell Pryor traded his property and signatures for tattoos and the NFL enforced his 4 game NCAA suspension.
NFL suspended Terrell Pryor for actions at Ohio State
Terrell Pryor received a 5 game suspension from Roger Goodell for his actions at OSU
you list these trash *** quarterback turned receiver Terrell Pryor clones and not sterling Shepard? THE BEST wr in the draft?
nah cuz he's got RG3, Terrell Pryor, a decent line, good running back, they have a chance to be good
Ask Terrell Pryor how well that worked out. Goodell can punish for anything
Guys before this pick our fastest receiver was Terrell Pryor
you think they have any of Terrell Pryor's stuff?
Love Zeke, but some people can't name a WR outside of Terrell Pryor (who has been a WR for 1.5 yrs). We need wideouts
his QB was Terrell Pryor when they went 8-8!
Why Terrell Pryor look like Juilo low key lol
Is Cardale's future as NFL QB brighter than Jamarcus Russell and Terrell Pryor's? Has he ruled out move to TE?
As roster stands now, if Browns drafted WR Michael Thomas, he would be best receiver on Browns now. Don't sleep on Terrell Pryor.
neither do Terrell Pryor or boom Herron πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I agree with that statement. I think you can't rule out the fact that Bro's white. Terrell Pryor and Vince young are strugglin
Terrell Pryor & Braxton Miller will forever be my fav ❀️
Terrell Pryor getting tressel fired makes him mvp of this game
her man is a crossbreed of Terrell Pryor and Chris brown. Its remarkable actually. πŸ˜‚
plz dont draft connor cook so many better options at qb in this draft! Id rather terrell pryor be qb again im sure agrees
Justin Gilbert and Terrell Pryor. Do either of them get cut or make a Probowl?
I would love to see RG3 and Terrell Pryor on the field at the same time
Just give me a GT and Terrell Pryor is the best qb in the game
Is Terrell Pryor the best QB in the game?
Robert Griffin III said he reminds Terrell Pryor Griffin was the freshman All-American at Baylor. Were same year.
I believe Charles Johnson and Terrell Pryor should also be breaking out any minute now.
Yeah Terrell Pryor might start over him. Never know
so Terrell Pryor can't get a job as an NFL qb but mark Sanchez somehow keeps finding work
AP, Terrell Pryor, clowney, and Vince young all top high schoolers at one point. There's a correlation to college success
You're stupid. Terrell Pryor and Curtis Grant... Also we're about to have the overall pick in the NHL draft.
Josh Gordon coming back, Terrell Pryor, Dwyane Bowe and Brian Hartline.. Browns NEED to go QB then RB
Ryan Lindley has thrown a TD. Terrell Pryor caught a pass. EJ Manuel came in for one play to draw an offside penalty. WHAT IS HAPPENING??
Even OSU fans...Loudest moment I ever encountered at the Schott was when Terrell Pryor, as a recruit, walked past the students
Felt like it was yesterday when us Raider fans were invested in Terrell Pryor
Cam Newton is what Terrell Pryor had the potential to be
The Browns are 1-0 with Terrell Pryor active. Coincidence? Yea, probably.
Our QB's are game managers not NFL stars, and oh Terrell Pryor NFL career went well. πŸ‘ŽπŸ½
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To all my Browns fans, on madden put Terrell Pryor on at QB. Thank me later.
that's why they should lose out and draft well get Josh Gordon back and train up Terrell Pryor and actually have a good team 2016
Just found out Terrell Pryor was the No. 4 recruit in his football class and No. 39 recruit in his basketball class.
Does anyone know if terrell pryor had any impact for the Browns today
and Terrell Pryor's first game as a Brown so that was cool
That was JaMarcus, Terrell Pryor type of offensive half cant get any worse
TERRELL PRYOR UPDATE : He's sitting on the bench now.
Terrell Pryor has entered the field he plays Wide Receiver now
I want to see Terrell Pryor on this next drive. Manziel to Pryor touchdown would cause Cleveland to riot
We are undefeated with terrell pryor starting.
can't wait for Johnny Manziel and Terrell Pryor to rewrite the history books together
member when you thought Terrell Pryor was better than cam
Johnny needs to throw my man Terrell Pryor the ball.
Has anyone seen Terrell Pryor out there?. Active as 3rd string QB??.
Mike Pettine... Bring Terrell Pryor in and your journey to the dark side will be complete!
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Terrell Pryor coulda been like Cam Newton had it not been for that tattoo fiasco and gettin drafted by the Raiders
Niners should get this game. But I’m tryna see what my boy Terrell Pryor does at WR
Terrell Pryor is active today. Hope he makes a big play.
Every time I hear the name Terrell Pryor I think of failure πŸ˜‚
Terrell Pryor is a wide receiver nowπŸ‘€
Johnny Football to Terrell Pryor for the score is all you're going to hear today
Terrell Pryor active. Maybe will finally be right on his super-super sleeper.
Is Terrell Pryor about to eat today?
Can only sleep on for so long before he wakes you up. It's game time. Him and Terrell Pryor about to feed to the dog pound
you can roster Bailey, who was shot in the face. but you cant roster Terrell Pryor
Terrell Pryor suiting up over a healthy Dwayne Bowe in Cleveland. You embarassed Dwayne Bowe?
Johnny and Terrell Pryor playing today πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ lets go
they're playing Terrell Pryor over Bowe today. GM planning!
I hope Terrell Pryor has a huge day today.
WR Terrell Pryor will get 15-20 snaps today at a new position but CJ Spiller cant get 10 snaps at a position he was selected to a ProBowl.
Recent players drafted who also took money. Gurley, AJ Green, Terrell Pryor again doesn't have anything to do with pro career
Hopefully the Browns play Terrell Pryor so I'll have a reason to watch the game.
The Browns gone start Terrell Pryor, but at WR πŸ˜’
Terrell Pryor the Brown's 2nd top wide out and the Manziel vs Mangini match up interest us this weekend? Lol
Johnny Manziel and Terrell Pryor are about to be the biggest QB tag team since JT and Cardale.
if they wanted a qb that can't throw but can run Terrell Pryor would have been a lot cheaper
They did the same thing w a Terrell Pryor piece, I think.
even worse Terrell Pryor got a card and he's a free agent
or like Terrell Pryor when he tried playing pro football at all
"Buckeye Justice", assuming you're an OSU fan, didn't Terrell Pryor sell shirts for tattoos??
out as QB?? 15 mins are up.. does Terrell Pryor have a roommate?
remember she 1) called Terrell Pryor a terrorist and 2) equated Johnny Football to Rosa Parks. Can't argue with insanity
maybe Terrell Pryor can go back and play WR. NFL doesn't seem to need him
what's with O st. QBs. Play like crap against most everyone but have career days vs Oregon. Both Cardale and Terrell Pryor
why do you think they didn't give Terrell Pryor the PS/ roster spot over Thompkins? More upside with Pryor no?
Terrell Pryor "8. What has been the best college football player you've seen past 10 years?"
Terrell Pryor might be a better QB at this point than Colin Kaepernick. WATTBA
are they next to try out Terrell Pryor?
they play this guy,but cut Terrell Pryor?! A freaking joke, bad coaching
I can't see Terrell Pryor not helping more than this guy..
If Johnny Football were black he would've been out of football quicker than Terrell Pryor
philly playbook, play with be Chiefs and sub in Terrell Pryor starting QB
lol what about Terrell Pryor, would you accept him?
didn't Terrell Pryor win like 10 or 11 games as a true freshman?
I say we give Terrell Pryor a tryout 6'5 with 4.40 in a 40 Tuff lets go boyz
Why don't we try out Terrell Pryor 6'5 with 4.40 40 i say give him a chance Mr Jones...Opposite of Dez and T Williams LETS GO BOYZ
Terrell Pryor lost his NFL job to Matt McGloin.
I don't get why the Giants are working out Terrell Pryor at wide out. Why not bring in James Jones?
Let's go Terrell Pryor, show the league your an all around athlete. Make that Giants squad. We can use you, even at QB
how would you feel if the Giants signed Terrell Pryor?
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Can confirm worked out Terrell Pryor at wide receiver today, per source. Will have full list of tryout players later today
Terrell Pryor can he make it as a WR? Would he work best with a veteran QB?
man cut the fakeass outrage. Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Terrell Pryor, and the list goes on and on.
I'd rather have Terrell Pryor penciled in as the 3rd QB than Thad Lewis.
If Terrell Pryor can do as well as he thinks he can does Dwayne Bowe turn into this years Ben Tate?
Browns secretly want Terrell Pryor to start QB...
Am I the only one who just now realized that Terrell Pryor is on the Browns?? I'm pumped to see him as a wide out
Terrell Pryor will play QB this year for the Browns and he'll be *** good at it too.
Even if you WERE thinking about Terrell Pryor at QB...WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT OUT LOUD?
this gotta be Terrell Pryor little brother
Cincinnati Didn't Want Pryor To Play WR - Terrell Pryor didn't want to play receiver during his br...
Cutting up Terrell Pryor sound and after hearing about the work he's put in, I am changing my tune on the position switch
Terrell Pryor the only *** in high school top 20 in basketball and football lol
Kinda hopeful that Terrell Pryor can be a good wide receiver because *** he is a freak athletically
For someone who's like 7 foot tall Terrell Pryor has a really unimpressive ***
Terrell Pryor is doing it in the NFL .
Terrell Pryor is putting in serous extra work and so is Manziel love the work ethic now seeing
Braxton Miller's idol growing up has always been Terrell Pryor
Who makes the better Transition from QB to WR? Terrell Pryor or Braxton Miller?
Yeah I definitely understand that. He probably would make a better transition then Terrell Pryor would lol
the same guys who still think Terrell Pryor is a system fit at QB? Color me shocked that they were a step behind.
facts!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ defiantly not goin to league to play QB u see they changed Terrell Pryor to wide out and he was Better than brax
maybe he could train with Terrell Pryor?
Sleep..he only ain't get a championship cuz they couldn't go cuz Terrell Pryor
Overreaction Monday- Terrell Pryor will be a 1,000 yard receiver for the Browns this season
denard was a rare exception. Devin Gardner, Matt Jones, Brian Mitchell, soon to be Terrell Pryor. All are busts
Terrell Pryor wasn't a top pick because he got in trouble, I what you saying but Braxton in my opinion the best QB OSU had so far
Is Braxton Miller ahead of the Terrell Pryor curve and switching before he heads to the NFL and kicked around a few teams
Yeah but he's thinking about his future he can't play QB in the pros. Just like Terrell Pryor
Terrell pryor is for the browns now tooo
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First Terrell Pryor and now Braxton Miller moving to WR smh
Although I think Braxton is a great QB with a cannon, he made the right move and Terrell Pryor probably wishes he did the same
Braxton Miller did what Terrell Pryor should have a long time ago
oh yeah business decision he not a NFL qb. Terrell Pryor should of did the same thing
Braxton Miller is playing wide receiver this year at OSU 😱... Second coming of Terrell Pryor
Braxton Miller is doing what Terrell Pryor should have done a long time ago. Gotta respect that.. and the prospect of another Ship. The!
it will work as well as Terrell Pryor in the nfl
If you're a smart NFL team . Please take Terrell Pryor as your WR
A page from the Terrell Pryor playbook?
I'm from here and I would rather have Terrell Pryor playing QB in his receiver jersey than have Hoyer again!!
Terrell Pryor should be decent receiver since he's training with Randy Moss
Terrell Pryor about to go crazy playing receiver πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
is Terrell Pryor a legitimate possibility for the at WR?
denard robinson was a qb, turned rb! Terrell pryor is gonna be a beast!!!
will Terrell Pryor make an impact as a wide receiver more then a quarterback?
I respect Terrell Pryor so much dude is doing whatever to be in the NFL I don't blame him live your dream
how good a wr Terrell Pryor's about to be.
Terrell Pryor might lead you in the right direction. Only cost a few autographs
cville sports politics, such a joke..So much talent wasted because coaches want their nephews and cousins to be Terrell Pryor
I think MJ Walker is the first to be consider a top 50 player nationally in football and basketball since Terrell Pryor.
Terrell Pryor is working out with Randy Moss?! Sure, why not? It's not like the Browns have anywhere to go but up…
I believe Terrell Pryor is gonna show out once he gets the hang of Wide-Reciever just watch
I'm really hoping Terrell Pryor has a good year at WR this season.
Terrell Pryor looking for a team, hit him up
I hope Terrell Pryor understands that playing WR takes more than a summer of running routes. Being a Michigan fan, I hope he fails
Randy Moss' academy drew some of the top wide receivers in the NFL and a quarterback-turned-wideout in Terrell...
Terrell Pryor gone kill it at WR... Mark my words
wasn't the only win they did have prior to 2014 taken away bc of the Terrell Pryor stuff. And wasn't that against...wait..Meyer
Gotcha. Archer a better option than Keith Price or Terrell Pryor.
It's time for the Browns to give Terrell Pryor a shot.
Terrell Pryor outchea looking like Lou Diamond Phillips in La Bamba.
I can't help but wonder what it will take to get the NCAA to investigate the SEC for possible recruiting violations. Just from the scandals that we do know about with Alabama, Tennessee and Auburn, it'd be nice to see them get serious after they tore Ohio State's program down over Terrell Pryor. They can start with Auburn and Tim Irvin.
so was Cam Newton jamarcus russel Terrell Pryor and Vince young and only Cam Newton has been a decent nfl quarterback
He was overrated in college. Tebow.Matt Leinart, Terrell Pryor.& Troy Smith were to.
Jones looking like the late Terrell Pryor
Ryan Fitzpatrick & Matt Flynn keep getting starting gigs in the NFL but Terrell Pryor is at home & Troy Smith is playing in Canada.
And brought up that former OSU QBs, Troy Smith & Terrell Pryor, have had unsuccessful careers in the NFL, and that they'd never get a ––
The Browns should look into signing Stephen Hill, Vincent Brown, or even Terrell Pryor at WR. Austin-Hawkins-UDFA isn't going to cut it
Man Seattle is not playing fair Russell Wilson is a beast then they have Terrell Pryor as a backup.
are loaded at the QB depth! Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, and now Terrell Pryor! What were the Raiders thinking releasing him!
The NFL is sickening. The message it has sent is that beating up your fiance/spouse is ok. Ray Rice gets a 2 game suspension for admitting to knocking his fiance out on an elevator. Yet, Terrell Pryor got a 5 game suspension related to trading autographs for tattoos. A senior vice president for the NFL said this morning that the 2 game suspension sends "strong message". He also said that he believes that if Ray Rice wasn't an NFL player, no other entity would have given any punishment. Really? I beg to differ. The spoiled brats that are athletes (not all) are the ones that get the slaps on the wrist, thanks to money and game. It's disgusting.
Raiders- Bridgewater Vikings, Johnny Football- if Terrell Pryor is there is choice other than hard-
I love NFL football but they got it wrong this week. You can fail a UA for smoking weed yes weed and get suspended for 4 games. Fail multiple tests and you face a year suspension. Terrell Pryor traded items he owned for tats while in college and the NFL suspended him 5 games to start his career. Ray Rice knocked his girl friend out (not shown on video) and is shown on video dragging her off an elevator. Now i know we didn't see what happened in the elevator. I think you can assume what happened. Well the NFL just suspended him for 2 games, thats just stupid. When smoking grass is a worse offense than beating up your girlfriend what does that say. Even though this girl has since married him doesn't change anything. But i guess to share his millions he could knock me out and drag me around a couple times a year to. This is my public service announcement for the day. You're welcome
They better let Terrell Pryor start or get a package
especially when Terrell Pryor gets 4 games for getting a free tattoo in college and Ben gets suspended just for accusations.
NFL suspends Ray Rice 2 games for assaulting his fiancee. Terrell Pryor gets 5 games 4 free tattoos in college? ***
Somebody please tell me how Terrell Pryor got a 5 gm NFL suspension for selling jerseys and tattoos, but Ray Rice gets 2 gms for DV?
didn't Terrell Pryor get 4 games for selling his own memorabilia while in college.
Wow Biz Markie threw out the 1st pitch at the A's game. The coliseum ain't seen a throw like that since Terrell Pryor was at QB
Terrell Pryor was suspended by the NCAA ***
Terrell Pryor got FIVE games suspension for a FRIGGIN TATTOO SCANDAL AT OSU and Ray Rice gets 2 for hitting his wife? WOW OK.
So Terrell Pryor gets a couple free tattoos, gets 5-games. Ray Rice knocks a chick unconscious and drags her out an elevator and gets 2?
Had no idea Terrell Pryor is with Seattle
Ppl keep mentioning on Josh Gordon suspension compared to Ray Rice suspension but they should be mentioning Terrell Pryor suspension
How does Robert Mathis get suspended 4 games and Ray Rice 2? Terrell Pryor 5 for making money as a college student
The Terrell Pryor thing was BS and he shouldn't have lost games in college or pro.
Terrell Pryor he on the Seahawks now but he not gone get no playing time der tho
Rice gets a 2 game suspension for what he did and when Terrell Pryor entered the league he got 5 games for trading memorabilia for tattoos??
drafted Terrell Pryor in the compensatory draft, he was given a 4 game suspension for not paying for tats in college!
NCAA gave Terrell Pryor 5 ganes for trading a jersey for a tat, but gives 2 games for knocking ur wife out.. makes no *** sense
How is that Terrell Pryor got 5 suspended for 5 games in the nfl for selling his COLLEGE jersey but Ray Rice knocked his wife unconscious
Terrell Pryor-5 gms for trading memorabilia for tattoos. Josh Gordon-prolly a year for smoking weed. Ray Rice-2 gms for knocking his wife out
Terrell Pryor got five games for Tattoo gate at Ohio State.
Y'all remember Terrell Pryor gettin a 5 gm suspension for trading memorabilia for tattoos while in college
Stop mentioning Terrell Pryor in comparison to Ray Rice, Nfl upheld a suspension from college that he never served...
Robert Mathis suspended 4 gms for taking a fertility drug. Terrell Pryor - 5 gms for sellin his cards for a tattoo in COLLEGE. Rice - 2 gms
The worst comparison I've seen is Rice for 2 and Terrell Pryor 5 for...NCAA violations?
Especially when Terrell Pryor got 5 games for trading a jersey for some tattoos
Terrell Pryor got a 5 game NFL suspension for selling autographs for when he was still College!
Terrell Pryor was suspended 5 games for getting some free tattoos. Ray Rice beats up a girl? 2 games.
"Terrell Pryor gets tatoos = 5 Games; Ray Rice knocks his wife out cold, drags her out of elevator by hair = 2 Games"
Care to explain how Terrell Pryor got a stiffer punishment for selling his own stuff than Ray Rice got for KO'in a woman???
What bout Terrell Pryor compared to Ray Rice
NFL losing credibility. Terrell Pryor gets suspended 5 games for selling memorabilia in college. Ray Rice gets 2 games for beating woman.
I think the whole Terrell pryor suspension for tattoos is the worse for comparisons. Free tattoos in college is awful apparently
and Terrell Pryor gets 5 games for trading stuff for tattoos... In college
Terrell Pryor 5 games for Ohio State stuff… tattoos and autographs. Ray Rice beats woman gets 2 games
Terrell Pryor was suspended 5 games for violating an NCAA rule. Go Roger Goodell!!!
Terrell Pryor got 4 for something that happened IN COLLEGE!
They also got Spencer Ware & like two other guys. Too. Plus Terrell Pryor who should just be a RB. Lol
The worst Ray Rice comp is not even pot smokers. Its Terrell Pryor. Pryor got suspended 5 games for tattoos he got in college. Rice? 2 games
it ain't even like he just smacked her lol he knocked her unconscious. Terrell Pryor got suspended for getting tattoos...
remeber Terrell Pryor suspension for college tattoo incident? Apparently that’s more severe than upper …
man and if you do something wrong in college (Terrell Pryor) you'll get longer suspensions than hitting your girl
Terrell Pryor could have knocked out 2.5 girls for a five game suspension, but he gets 5 games for accepting tattoos
Ray Rice suspended 2 games, domestic violence..NFL suspended Terrell Pryor for 5...for stuff he did in college: http:…
Terrell Pryor 5 game nfl suspension for getting tattoos at OSU, Ray Rice drags his passed out girlfriend around a casino, 2 game suspension
Josh Gordon: suspended 1 season for pot. . Terrell Pryor: 6 games for autographs. . Ray Rice: 2 games for knocking out fiancΓ©. . Good job
Terrell Pryor gets 5 game suspension for free tattoos in college. Ray Rice gets 2 for elevator KO of wife?!
Terrell Pryor got 5 games for getting a tattoo... In college...
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Terrell Pryor gets five games for free tattoos. And Ray Rice gets two games for knocking his wife unconscious something's wrong there NFL
Terrell Pryor was da man when he played for Ohio State
I hope he doesn't end up like Troy Smith, Dennis Dixon, Terrell Pryor, etc.
not when you got Terrell Pryor at qb and Richard Sherman dives 7 feet to pick the ball
anyone know if Terrell Pryor beat out Russell Wilson for a job yet?
Terrell Pryor is about to take Russell Wilson starting spot! Lol
The Seahawks have Terrell Pryor as their back up 😳 prolly the smartest move this off season beside Michael Vick and Chris Johnson
OK today Chip Kelly will finally show some leadership and discuss the DJax situation. A few facts on the controversy are DJax made an emotion comment after great season and answered a reporters question as to whether DJax deserves a new contract after his ProBowl Season. A statement DJax has since clarified by saying he was just being emotional and is NOT asking for a new contract. Subsequently the media has had him everything from cut to traded for "Terrell Pryor" of all people. My guess is he will announce this is a non story, Jackson is under contract, and is going nowhere. Many think he will announce he will be shopped at the draft. Some think he will announce he will be cut on the mythical June 1st cap cut day. Some claim DJax will in fact get 2 years added to his contract to make him and his contract more cap friendly. What is your guess?
Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen and Bill Polian discuss Raiders QB Terrell Pryor's desire to be a starting quarterb
Raiders got Terrell Pryor and matt schuab
Aaron craft was at OSU so long he got to share a backcourt with Michael Redd, watch Troy Smith win heisman and get tats with Terrell Pryor
Oh the times they are a changin... Its a great day for black QB's, remember when they said we weren't not smart enough to play the position well Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Terrell Pryor, Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, and Russell Wilson... looks like there's a new prototype in the NFL Im excited to see where we go from here
he's not as good as Troy Smith or Terrell Pryor!
Braxton Miller, just like Troy Smith, Terrell Pryor were recruited as a running quarterback because that is what they are best at is running. Little they know that they will never be a NFL quarterback material, because it takes a lot more than running to be an excellent qb that must be able to determine quickly the defense schemes, directing traffic, excellent communication not only with coaches but also with players, the ability to throw a ball, and probably one of the most overlooked skill is vocalization of plays, drawing the defense offsides, etc. Unfortunately, OSU Athletics program have recruited a running QB for over 10 years all of which have been afro-american descent, and no caucasian QB at all for a long time. What happened to equal opportunity employment. It's time for a change. We need a qualified QB. Otherwise, OSU Buckeye football will remain a big joke, DoDo Bird.
Oh No Joe Flacco was 2nd in the league with 22 interceptions this season. If not for a poorly timed leap last season by Denver's Rahim Moore, Flacco would be the Jaguars QB right now. Instead he fooled the Ravens into paying him the crazy sum of $120M. The man they should have paid is now catch passes in San Francisco, Anquan Boldin. He wrestled balls out of the air that otherwise would have ended up in INTs last season. They won games and a Super Bowl because he stole balls out of the air that would have otherwise resulted in turnovers. ONJ again ranked at the bottom of the league in QB Rating 32nd out of 37, besting only Matt Schaub, Brandon Weeden, Eli Manning, Terrell Pryor and Geno Smith. He completed 59% of his passes which ranked him 27th and his 6.3 yards per attempt was 35th out of 37. When Timino Covington and other Raven's fans bemoan the fact that they've gone another 12 years before competing for a Super Bowl they can look at the contract given to instead of as the reason why.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Of course my franchise qb gets hurt in madden.. Brady Quinn has a torn labrum.. Looks like Terrell Pryor is going to have to right the ship
Terrell Pryor, Chad Henne, Geno Smith, WHOEVER Buffalo's QB is today, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder. ALL high school QB's that played in hyped up college systems, and now watering down the NFL with little talent!!
This season, Terrell Pryor had a long run, Rashad Jennings had a long, Marcel Reese a long run but not Darren McFadden?
Terrell Pryor, Braxton Miller, Kenny Guiton, Matt McGloin, or AJ McCarron. Who is your starting NFL QB?
Vince Young or Terrell Pryor at WR instead of QB.
Reading status' from Chef fans from last night is killing me... Guess the fans didnt realize that playing Manning, @ Mile High would be just a little bit harder than beating guys like Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Terrell Pryor, 3rd stringer Jason Campbell, and undrafted Jeff
Broncos-35 Chiefs-20 Sorry guys, this isn't Jeff Tuel or Jason Capmbell or Case Keenum, or Ryan Fitzpatrick or Terrell Pryor or Blaine Gabbert you're playing tonight.
So the Oakland raiders started Caucasian quarterback Matt McGloin in place of the *** Terrell Pryor. And the raider s won. Seems like the only way a *** quarterback can win today is they face one another in a game. Oh and I forgot. You can't win with a *** quarterback in the nfl
Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Matt Schaub, Matt Leinart, Matt Cassell, Matt Flynn, Matt Barkley, Matt Cavenaugh - did I miss anyone? Oh, yeah. Terrell Pryor is hurt, so add undrafted QB Matt McGloin to that list. Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be quarterbacks named Matt.
I got offered Run DMC, Terrell Pryor, Bilai Powell, and Lamar Miller for Mike Vick, Ted Ginn, Stevan Ridley, and Brandon Bolden. I could use a backup QB and getting 3 ok RBs for Ridley may come in handy later on. What does everyone else think?
Here goes truth: Lebron James got investigated for money, Reggie Bush got investigated for money, Dez Bryant a dinner, Terrell Pryor money, Cam Newton money, and James Winston for sex. Funny thing is all these black athletes inspire WHITE YOUNG BOYS TO BE SOMETHING IN LIFE. Johnny Football and so many more got CAUGHT and they get a pat on the back. # KILLING YOUR KIND PICK THEM UP
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