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Terre Haute

Terre Haute is a city and the county seat of Vigo County, Indiana, United States, near the state's western border with Illinois.

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The announcers of the game need to learn how to say Terre Haute. It's not pronounced "terre hot" let's go ISU!
The man who led the Maersk Alabama hijacking is serving his prison sentence in Terre Haute...interesting
Quick bite on my way to Pittsboro... The beast is ready for pick up from DQ Tuned (@ Taco Bell in Terre Haute, IN)
Gucci Mane is locked up in Terre haute
Off to Terre Haute for the afternoon!
Just saw a drunk Santa in terre haute lol real classy
See a virtual tour of my listing on 5120 N 14th Street Terre Haute, IN.
Wouldnt be Terre haute if you didnt get rail roaded
Stained sheets, dirty floor, no shower curtain, but the worst part of the Terre Haute IN was the cockroaches.
First day at Starbucks in terre haute 😅😁
EVERYTIME I look at a bravada all white truck I think it's my cuzzo 😁 then I realized he in terre haute on my *** 😔
Christmas service... Let's celebrate the gift of all gifts! (@ New Life Fellowship in Terre Haute, IN)
Birders hit the woods and fields as part of the Terre Haute Christmas Bird Count
Terre Haute MSA sees nation's second-highest jump in construction jobs over last 12 months
Terre Haute bound tonight with Trick Pony,All you Indiana folk come out and say hello,God bless-BKB
That might have been the longest drive from Terre haute home
My mom and aunt are the REAL MVP's for picking me up from Terre Haute at 1:30am
I thought I escaped the sound of trains when I left Terre Haute for French Lick! must be rolling out!
Um. An escapee from a Terre Haute federal prison was caught hanging out at a U of I library.
There is a "History Tree" in the Indiana Statehouse this year, decorated with ornaments submitted by, and representing, the individual Indiana counties. We made the "Vigo Bell" and it proudly hangs at the top of the tree! Continue reading to see why we chose the bell to represent our county... Francis Vigo, born in 1747, was an Italian-American who aided the American forces during the Revolutionary War as a spy and patriot, as well as the foremost financier of the Northwest. After he was royally feted during a visit to Terre Haute, the Vigo County seat, on July 4, 1834, Vigo revised his will, stating that if the government ever got around to paying that claim of his for services rendered during the Revolution, then the city that had treated him so kindly should have a bell for its court house. Vigo died March 22, 1836, but it was not until 1875 that his estate was allowed payment for $8,016.00, the amount he had used to fund George Rogers Clark's aborted campaign to take Fort Detroit. This was the only .. ...
Aw, shoot they got Gucci Mane at Wabash Valley correctional?? This will probably be the only time he's ever here in Terre Haute lol
Can I just say Terre Haute police can seriously suck my ***
Martin D. Jenkins, (September 4, 1904 – 1978) was an African-American educator known for his pioneering work in the field of education. Early life The only child of David W. and Josephine (Miller) Jenkins, Martin was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. Jenkins's father was a civil engineer, a position that placed his family among the small number of middle-class African-American families living in Terre Haute at that time. Jenkins attended a racially segregated public elementary school and later entered Wiley High School, a large, integrated school of over 1500 students, where he was one of only a few African-American students in his graduating class of 1921. As captain of the track team and its top sprinter, Jenkins established Vigo County records in the 50-yard (5.6 seconds), 100-yard (10.2) and 220-yard (24.0) dashes. He won the district meet in the 100 and 220 to advance to the state finals. Career Jenkins graduated from Howard University in 1925 with a B.S. in Engineering. Upon graduation, Jenkins became ...
South of Terre Haute, Indiana on US 41 you can spot this on the right side of the highway.home built and ready to roll! Anyone up for a ride?
Be the first to apply for this in Terre Haute, IN. Grifols is
Search4Jobs2Day: Searching for in Terre Haute, IN? Send your to Grifols.
From Portland Salt Lake City St. Louis Edwardsville Terre Haute Indiana. Long day of travelin
Well, it's Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. We just got home from Indianapolis, IN. Roads were not great due to 2 tanker trucks stopped on I-70 and "one was leaking"; therefore, 1 hour to go 4 miles and then, east of Terre Haute "Road Work"; but, don't know why it took it all to a STOP. And, at 11:30 PM, we're shopping for TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS. At least, Walmart was crowded. One has to SMILE through all "this" and "that was No Problem". Joy is all around us, you just gotta "Dig a Little Deeper" for "it". HAPPY THANKSGIVING and ENJOY YOUR FAMILY.
This Saturday! Shop Millie & Maude, Modern Charm, Bluebird Style Studio, and The Little Blue Box downtown Terre Haute! Pick up a "flight card" and be entered to win a basket from us!
Kloe and Lucy are seriously the best because they brought me a shake all the way from Terre Haute 😍
... this pic took me longer than it should have to find but IM BORED AND STILL IN TERRE HAUTE 😩😭
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
im working in Terre haute until real late bc of Black Friday/ thanksgiving coming up
Why aren't there more record stores around terre haute
Photo by AARON KENNEDY: The Sullivan Lady Arrows fell to Terre Haute South. For more on this and other stories,...
Got to drive to Terre Haute tomorrow for a few.
Fun little recap on of the NCAA Cross Country national championships from Terre Haute.
Hope to sleep before 4 am (@ snuggled up in bed in Terre Haute, IN)
I might be stuck in Terre Haute for the week but at least I get to spend it with some of my favorite people.
I live near terre haute in southern indiana but my dad lives up here...where are you from? :)
I found a live feed of your game. I'll be tuned in. Dickinson has fans all the way up in Terre Haute, IN
Ya girl is ready lol. I belong in Terre Haute. 😢
Sophomore Kennedy Williams with 20 points and 6 assists as Terre Haute South rolls.
Dallas grad REgan Rome runs to 90th place in NCAA championships: TERRE HAUTE, IN – Dallas graduate and William...
I really need to get out of Terre Haute, tomorrow needs to come faster
Seriously. I still have two and a half hours to drive after Terre Haute. What the construction.
I think terre haute pushes me towards the bottle.
MEProfessor Dr. Mike Moorhead speaks at the annual Terre Haute Service Club lunch today-nice job!
that's cuz yo *** ain't supposed to be outside of terre haute. But *** where at?
Terre Haute intersections reopened after construction: The contractor working on widening Marg...
I hate traveling on I-70 at the Terre Haute area. Get stopped here every time! Been crawling for 45 minutes!Get the darn road fixed! Ugh!
There is a bandana's bbq in terre haute, indiana. The more you know.
I am NEVER coming through Terre Haute again.
Just now pulling through Terre Haute and we've been driving from 3 hours, not the normal less than 1.5 hours. SOS.
We really need a Starbucks in North Terre Haute
Gotta be at terre haute bright and early
Well Terre Haute is as fun as I thought it would be with everyone gone. I shoulda stayed in Richmond.
3rd time this fall I-70 has turned into a parking lot for me in Terre Haute.
2/3 of Stories of You will be at terre haute guitar center in about an hour, be there for a meet and greet
Wish there was stuff to do in Terre Haute
No one seems to care about the fact that some portion of Terre Haute has been on fire for something like 25 years now
don't get too excited. It's only Terre Haute.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Indy went from 50 degrees to 46 degrees in 5 minutes. Earlier, Terre Haute fell 10 degrees in 1 hour.
Here's the forecast on a platter. Chance of light snow south of a Terre Haute to Seymour line tomorrow night.
Living in Terre Haute my favorite thing has become watching the old, all bundled up men on their scooters try to not look insane
Congrats to Justin All of Terre Haute! He was today's Pizza & A Movie winner after identifying Pulp Fiction.
In 2016, American Patriots will have another choice for President! JOIN our PAGE as we get ready to hit the trail! Read his Bio. A former combat pilot in “Desert Storm,” and currently an airline Captain flying with United Parcel Service for the past 20 years, Chris was born in the heartland of Indiana. His family’s roots are in the small town of Clinton, just north of Terre Haute. “I grew up knowing my grandfather worked in the coal mines as a child. I was reminded of it every time I watched him tie a fishing line. He had to use his middle finger because his right index finger was lost in a coal cart accident. He suffered from Black Lung most of his life. Americans like my grandfather worked hard, didn’t complain, help build this nation, and played by the rules.” Chris lived in New Jersey during his “Tom Sawyer” years before moving to New Hampshire in 1974. Growing up in the “First in the Nation” primary state, Chris joined his father volunteering for Ronald Reagan’s presidential ca ...
Photo: I must admit I love living in a low key area. Terre Haute and the country areas maybe boring or not...
1st raffle down and 2nd round at the Wabash Valley TC in Terre Haute players are having lots of fun!.
Honored to preach for my former associate today, Pastor Kevin Szwarga at the Bible Baptist Church in Terre Haute, IN. Pray for me brethren
Thanks Big John. And way to give everyone a wonderful show and bring pride to Terre Haute!
Congressmen are really 'a level above' just like Terre Haute!
Steve Elston to perform today for Mill Pond of Greencastle and Westminster Village of Terre Haute
Book of choice for the flight to Terre Haute, Indiana: The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker.
Come check us out, Indiana State University athletes! Whole Body Cryotherapy Coming Soon to Terre Haute at...
and SMWC faculty & staff helped make this Book of World Records happen in Terre Haute
Doing some research for a giveaway...which place is more appealing to you to shop for baby items in the Terre Haute, IN area? Kohls, Old Navy, Babies R Us
Blues Band - TONIGHT at Blues at the Crossroads in Terre Haute - tomorrow St Louis at BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups.
SEARCH PROCESS OPEN FOR NACCC EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR In accordance with a vote of the delegates at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Omaha, a formal search process is now underway for a new Executive Director of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. Applications will be accepted until November 1 and should be sent to Rev. Dawn Carlson, 20 McKinley Blvd, Terre Haute, IN 47803; dawncarlor 812.249.4389. The Search Committee hopes to recommend a candidate by late January 2015. Leadership and vision are the key qualities the Committee is seeking in the successful candidate, together with the ability to execute the vision and related strategic planning of the Association. The candidate should possess the managerial ability to supervise staff in multiple locations and participate in the budgeting process, and the personal qualities to support churches and clergy, especially those in difficult situations. The Executive Director acts as Association spokesperson, provides assistance in fund-raising as ...
The jury is still deliberating in the T.J Smith trial at the federal court in Terre Haute. News 10's Jon Swaner is at the courthouse following the story. We will have an update for you as soon as we hear more.
9:15pm Live Doppler 13 Radar - heavy rain New Castle to E to Terre Haute - flash flooding is a big issue
DAV Chapter 9 in Terre Haute sending 14 people to our Oct. 5 dedication. Won't you join them? Tix available.
"I know there's a lot of corn in Terre Haute, but is the Field of Dreams behind me???"
Staff Sunday: George Sanquenetti is our featured park volunteer this week! Residing just north of Terre Haute,...
If you're ever in Terre Haute, eat at Piloni's on the north side. Delicious as *** Italian food. Nom nom nom.
I converted to late models when I started working on Scott James car. Raced against Tony at Terre Haute and Haubstadt
Made it to Terre Haute this morning for IndState's football media day. Had a chance to talk briefly with Sycamores head coach Mike Sanford.
2600 block of North 12th St in Terre Haute, Indiana
Traffic going north is completely backed up from Terre Haute to Cloverdale..
I am now a server at Bagger Dave's in a Terre Haute 😝
Members of the 503rd Paratrooper Regimental Combat Team visit Veterans Memorial Museum of Terre Haute during reunion
Terre Haute, Indiana. Home of The King's Harvest Foursquare Church and my brother from another mother! Weird...
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Kokomo Post 6 beats Terre Haute to reach Saturday's final day of action at American Legion state baseball tournament
Worst fog is north and west of 1/3 mile vis in Lafayette.Rensselaer, Terre Haute.
Duke Energy has scheduled job fairs in six communities including Vincennes to recruit entry-level workers for existing and expected open positions in its Indiana service area. The positions include distribution line workers, transmission line workers, transmission relay workers, and generation station workers. The job fair in Vincennes will be held next Tuesday, July 22nd at Vincennes University's student union between 4 and 8 pm. Duke spokeswoman Melody Birmingham-Byrd says many of their Indiana employees plan to retire in 2014 and 2015, which creates open positons that need to be filled. Other job fair sites in Southern Indiana include Bloomington, Columbus and Terre Haute.
Apparently there's gonna be a cold front in the mid west Tuesday so break out those coats Terre Haute, Indiana!
Playing in Terre Haute, Indiana tonight at 6. Come hang out if you are in the area. . 7045 Illiana Dr West Terre Haute IN
Terre Haute is as far west as we go.
older dresser with 3 big drawers and 6 smaller ones $30.00 .Pickup Terre Haute
BOYCOTT GRAIN VALLEY, MO I am encouraging everyone I know to never spend a penny in the town of Grain Valley, MO again. Give your tax money to other nearby towns. Grain Valley, MO is ran and controlled by a bunch of *** The Grain Valley Board of Alderman voted early Friday morning to revoke the Conditional Use Permit that allows Valley Speedway to operate. I was at the meeting last year when this same thing came up. A few facts.. A) Both the Mayor and Track agreeded that the 65 decibel number was one that was just taken at random and agreeded on by the previous track owner and previous Grain Valley City Leaders. They (including the Mayor) agreeded that back then there was no study or effort done to determine what 65 decibels even was. It was basically a number grabbed out of the air to write on a special use permit. B) At that meeting last year the Mayor, City Council and Track Officials agreeded that the 65 decibel number was unfair and a compromise that could work for both party's should be discuss ...
Hello and welcome to the official YouTube Channel of Disc Replay in Terre Haute! We sell used games, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and other electronic devices! Like us on ...
Road Trippin... Driving through Terre Haute and I call it the dirty dirty. Nate corrects me and says Noo it's the Terrible Haute!
Big antique sell tomorrow at 10 am in terre haute 3099 south 6th street 47802 rite at EXIT 7
See a virtual tour of my newest listing 2311 Orleans Avenue Terre Haute IN...
Wish I was in Terre Haute Indiana this weekend!
Panda Garden on Mmm mmm good food here. Stop by on your next visit to Terre Haute.
If you think terre haute has bad drivers you haven't been to richmond
Going in to hiding for the next three weeks. Changing the # again. Moving to Terre Haute is gonna save my life.
First stop in Terre Haute, Indiana on my two week vacation (: Here I come Michigan (:
Does anyone know what's going on, on 41 towards Terre Haute? Traffic is so slow. Been going slow for 45 min.
About this time every month I come here to eat and think on better days. Lots of happy memories and good food. Almost a year since I lost him & this is the only one of "our special date" eating places left in Terre Haute. Sad to see the other 2 go. But I am enjoying the food, our favorite waiter, and the thought of the traditional Blizzard treat that should follow! Miss you Billy.
Driving to Terre Haute to ride my bicycle across Indiana tomorrow. 162 miles 🚴
Really wish I had someone to go to Terre Haute with, at around 5..hint hint
This was my dad that ran this company. He and a partner, I think his name was Bill Robison and the drivers of the buses tried to have a bus route from Terre Haute to Brazil and some other surrounding towns back in the early to mid 50's. It was thriving for a while. This photo is some ticket stapled together for it looks like 5 rides, possibly five tickets for the trip to Terre Haute and the other five for the return ride. The idea was to mainly transport workers from Brazil to Terre Haute and back, or the other way, or for doctors appointments, shopping, etc. Not everyone drove automobiles even in the 50's. I guess he had the right idea. Even if it did fold later on and they went bankrupt. They gave it a good try.
On my way to Terre haute to play some songs
It's safe to say... I hate Terre Haute.
NBC 2 News: Accident on 41 south of Terre Haute has US41 NB closed.
Does anyone know if in the Terre Haute area is there country line dancing lessons on Monday or Wednesday evenings?
Hope to get home before dark to put the blue bulbs out for impd. Had to get them from terre haute
Come on terre haute continue to tell me how you've always been a CAVS fan
2 trains on the way to Terre Haute and I'm just to Lewis ☺️🔫
We'll be at the Terre Haute Downtown Farmers' Market tomorrow 8-noon with lots of yummy
All right, bus is leaving Richmond for Terre Haute. Transportation tomorrow is my bike.
Paid a little visit to the in Terre Haute.
Indiana State absolutely kills it hosting XC. They are great. Terre Haute itself is not great.
Your winner last night at Terre Haute! Way to go
Hey Terre Haute, IN listeners, WIBQ 1230 is giving 4 tickets to the 2014 Brickyard 400 compliments of
Thanks for the follow ! Hopefully one day you with come back to Terre Haute for a HUGE concert in the future! 😊
Never been to the Terre Haute one .I don't like Maurizio's pizza
So blessed to have a Sonic in Terre Haute
Headed to Terre Haute to ride my bike across Indiana with some great guys.
Hi there, just wanted to tell you it was nice to meet you Wednesday night at Terre Haute Action Track!
The first cop funeral I covered in Terre Haute in the 1980s was heart breakin' then, just as watchin' this one for officer Renn is today...
I wasn't allowed to drive from Effingham to Terre Haute because my family thought I would get a speeding ticket lololol
Driving through Terre Haute makes me miss college so much
Hey Kenny, I was at Terre Haute Action Track on Wednesday when you won. I met your wife and kept her updated at feature time.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I am so excited for Terre Haute this weekend 🌴🌴
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Lebron to cleveland. Same with half of Terre Haute heat fans
Moving out of Terre Haute for one reason...trains. 😠
I wonder if 90% of people from terre haute are still heat fans😂
wwe life in terre haute September 5th I'm going
The employment plus in terre haute only hires for one company and it's a factory...
Met a guy in terre haute named ...he wasn't nearly as cool, athletic, or attractive as the one and true KC.
hey Josh when you coming down to Terre Haute?
Just tapped Champagne Velvet, rethinking of the classic pre-prohibition pilsner once made by the Terre Haute Brewing Co.
Found out who my roommate is! Now I can't wait to move to Terre Haute in 35 days❤️
Two arrested after police find meth lab in Terr...
Two arrested after police find meth lab in Terre Haute apartment - WISH-TV
Morning Kenny have a wonderful day. Did you race at Terre Haute this week ?
Barnes and Noble closed in Terre Haute, but I will keep that in mind next time I am in Champaign.
Couldn't be more ready for 4:30 and a 4 hour drive to Terre Haute!😆 ARE YOU READY?
Watch the new film Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition for free Evansville, IN South Bend, IN Terre Haute, IN
Gonna be at WTHI in Terre Haute, Indiana this morning. Y'all come on down! We're gonna put on a show for ya!!
If anyone on my friends list knows MIke Langen, Terre Haute North class of 1996, I would love to have his number.
Nothing like walking through downtown terre haute with a bag of goldfish
Alright Driggers, get Terre Haute off the *** Tour. Give two night next year
I walked 3.03 mi with Check out my route in North Terre Haute, IN, United States!
| Team Member - Cashier & Food Prep at Taco Bell (Terre Haute, IN): You enjoy people and providing.. =...
Why does Terre Haute smell like bleach? Good try, but I'm sure it won't get rid of all the scum
List of things Terre Haute, IN does not have that they need: and
So today is at but Terre Haute doesn't have one :(
Mayor: City will not file bankruptcy » News » News From Terre Haute, Indiana
State official threatens prosecution of city leaders who talk about audit » News » News From Terre Haute, Indiana
- Mobile Edition : Terre Haute North knocks off Clinton for District 4 9-10s title
Congrats to Ann Wagner of Mattoon and Laura Devier of Terre Haute! They both just won gift certificates to Common...
can't wait to leave hammond Indiana, Terre Haute here I come 😊😛
Alumni Golfers: We have two golf outings coming up in July! Join us in Sullivan for the Jim Hartman Classic on Thursday, July 10 and in Terre Haute on Friday, July 18! Jim Hartman Classic info: Terre Haute Alumni Club Golf Outing info:
6th July, 1838. Letter from Don Carlos Smith to his Brother Joseph . Nine Miles from Terre Haute, Ind. Bro.
Everybody going home for the weekend and it's making me rethink my decision on staying in weak azz Terre Haute for the 4th
Looking for a new/fresh start in your life? You can have one, because that's what God wants for you. You're invited to join us at our 11AM Worship Service tomorrow (Sunday) morning at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, 1000 S. 15th Street in Terre Haute, Indiana. Something special awaits you there...You have His Word on it.
Looking forward to hosting the young people of Bible Baptist Church from Terre Haute tonight for a cookout
Rainy while the sun is out.Stay classy Terre Haute.
Terre Haute is Larry Legend's world & we're all just visitors.
Apparently Terre Haute has the captain now.
If you live in Terre Haute and have not eaten a Sloppy Skillet at Cackleberries, then you have not truly lived. I'm talking to you Corey Taylor.
Praying for safe travels as Mary Huff McCarter drives back to Terre Haute from Georgia today!
Nice day for a drive to Terre Haute. ..
route 202 Reminds me of Terre Haute Indiana and it makes me sad cause I just wanna be there
Really *** the IHSAA puts Terre Haute North and Shakamak on separate days..
Wife and I were delighted to meet up with pilots from Terre Haute. It turns out she works with one.
Terre Haute North Baseball will play in the state finals at Victory Field in Indianapolis on Friday at 7:30.
Today is the last day of the camper rally that my dad and step-mom host at Fowler Park in Terre Haute. I am inviting everyone to come and check it out. There are over 50 vintage campers there from all over the United States to view and it is free to get in. Ryan and I will be attending so I hope to see some of you there.
Mm look it up & expose me to Terre Haute South vigo class of 93! Mmm getting so wet!
everything about Terre Haute just gets worse.
Only to Terre Haute and I've already lost a meal bet to the yellow car game with
Did anybody else know that the women from Duck Dynasty were in terre haute yesterday?!
lol im alive lol. Residing in Terre haute currently. How about you??? Are you still in Korea??
Mmmm all of my classmate doing me at once! Terre Haute South vigo class oh 93 ! Hope they see this!
Anyone know any Terre Haute South vigo class of 93 ? Mmm expose me to them if you do !
Two Vigo County catcher prospects are accumulating strong numbers as backstops in professional baseball. Terre Haute North product Josh Phegley has t
The BlueSox take to the road this week at Lorain, Champion City, Danville and Terre Haute. Game at Lorain today is 1:05pm.
Going to preach at St George's West Terre Haute about how k. d. Lang's three versions of the song Hallelujah help me understand the Trinity.
***WARNING - A VERY LONG TEAR-JERKER*** SUNDAY'S INTERESTING PIECE... "DEAR PARENT..." Donald Jensen was struck in the head by a thrown bat while umpiring a Little League game in Terre Haute, Indiana. He continued to work the game, but later that evening was placed in the hospital by a doctor. Dear Parent of a Little Leaguer: I'm an umpire. I don't do it for a living, but only on Saturdays and Sundays for fun. I've played the game, coached it and watched it. But somehow, nothing takes the place of umpiring. Maybe it's because I feel that deep down I'm providing a fair chance for all the kids to play the game without disagreements and arguments. With all the fun I've had, there is still something that bothers me about my job. Some of you folks don't understand why I'm here. Some of you feel I'm there to exert authority over your son. For that reason, you often yell at me when I make a mistake, or encourage your son to say things that hurt my feelings. How many of you really understand that I try to be per ...
Agent in Training Job job at American Family Insurance - Terre Haute
I witnessed the summary of Terre Haute tonight: White trash female on a moped in the drive thru of Mcdonalds!
Guess who's coming back to terre haute this coming Saturday !!!
Terre Haute North will play in the Class 4A championship game at 7:30 p.m. Friday against Noblesville.
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Just now getting home. Gotta get up at 5 for tournaments in Terre Haute. Then work at 11.. can tomorrow just not? :/
this week I will be posting many things on sale also this week I intend to have a yard sale if you are located in Terre Haute Indiana you may be interested in some things I will post
will take on Terre Haute North on FRIDAY at 7:30 for the .state baseball championship
Ready for next school year to start...I miss all my friends in Terre Haute 😔
SOCIAL SECURITY: From big screen to computer screen: TERRE HAUTE — It’s summertime, and that means it’s time f...
Baseball in the Wabash Valley! 3 teams competing for State Titles! Terre Haute North, Shakamak, and Rockville!
If they win state Terre Haute. Will. Burn. Literally we are burning down the city.
New Wave Pro Wrestling in conjunction with the Terre Haute Humane Society SATURDAY NIGHT JUNE 28TH New Wave Pro presents: SALVATION - Benefit for Terre Haute Humane Society Matches Already Signed: we have not 1 but 2 MAIN EVENT! 1st Main Event in a "Kennel Match" Tolerant Xero steps in the cage with Rage 2nd Main Event for the NWP Championship TItle Richard Kent vs Jason Levi This +! all your favorite NWP Stars! Doors 6pm Show 7pm $7.00 ADV $10.00 DOS All Proceeds Benefit 1 Dog Adoption from New Wave pro and Medical expenses for the shelter
People think the only part of West Terre Haute is the inner city 😂 they don't actually realize that it goes to the Illinois …
I have a few pics of from Terre Haute IN
This is another pic of from Terre Haute IN. I think she went to Terra Haute South High School
"Attention.. Noblesville and Terre Haute North will play the 4A state championship FRIDAY - 7:30p at Victory Field."
My mom better plan on just moving to terre haute with me because I really don't know if I can leave her 💔
The Miners had a visitor at the K tonight and it was a welcome sight - clutch hitting. Grant Massey drove in the tying and winning runs to reclaim a lead that was lost against the Rex in the top of the fifth. Effective pitching by Trevor Conn and Kolin Stanley sealed the 1 run win, 6-5, over the Terre Haute Rex. The guys snap their losing streak and hope to build on this big win Monday against the Ironmen at the K. 6-10
TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Today the Terre Haute community rallied to support local heroes. The Fourth Annual Veterans Expo not only offered job opportunities but resources for adjusting to life after war. On display was an innovative type of therapy to help veterans with some of their toughest chal…
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OK, how to cope with a suddenly childless house for 2 weeks? I keep waiting for the boys to come running in to raid the fridge an looking around to see what Tori is into. Problem is the went to Terre Haute yesterday!
I know I'm always asking for things for Freebirds (lol) but I love my job and am all about getting these peoples life on the right track again.we are giving our residents a 4th of July party, good clean fun! Asking for donations of fireworks, any kind if food to cook out, soda pop, or if you have any type of aluminum we could take in to sale. Just inbox me and I'm thanking you in advance ! Please feel free to share this! We will also take cash donations of any amount, if you want to mail cash donation Freebirds Solution Center 145 East Vorhees St. Terre Haute IN 47802, make checks payable to Freebirds. All donations are tax deductible!
Here in Terre Haute this is where the Greyhound stop is. Mine eyes have seen tip much to be believed
The West Virginia Miners scored first on Friday night by gave up ten runs by the end of it to lose to the Terre Haute Rex 10-3.
Indiana United Methodist Conference East District Superintendent Dave Byrum's father died yesterday. Here are the arrangement for his father's visitation and memorial service. Let's keep the Byrum Family in our thoughts and prayers. Please share this message. JACK BYRUM of Franklin, Ind. and former resident of Clinton, Ind., father of the Rev. Dave Byrum, Superintendent of the East District of the Indiana Conference, died Thursday, June 12, 2014. Visitation will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 17 at the Swartz Family Mortuary, 300 S. Morton Street (US31) in Franklin. A memorial service will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 at Grace United Methodist Church, 1300 E. Adams Drive (north of SR44) in Franklin. As the Lay Leader of the Terre Haute District of the former South Conference, Jack Byrum was especially interested in lay leadership development and missions. He also was a Boy Scout Troop Leader and a member of the Union Hospital Board of Directors. Memorials contributions can be made to th ...
flea market Terre Haute Indiana Wabash Valley FAIRGROUNDS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AUGUST 9TH and 10TH OUTDOORS UNDER SHELTER 15X15 SPACES 60.00 for the weekend Contact Kathie Essex or email @ mrsmom03 Electricity is available at no charge /tables available for small fee
Now on to the next stop which is Terre Haute, Indiana
Terre Haute North on their way to the State IHSAA Baseball Tournament game! Way to go Patriots! Stay tuned to WAXI for game time!
Big day out! Went to Terre Haute to Ross Elliott's and got my rings cut off! Not as scary as I thought.
Well false is still NOT fixed.ERGH! And Penny starts work in Terre Haute Monday...could really use a miracle Lord!
Terre Haute North now leading 8 to 4 in top of 5th!
Having a great father- daughter day with Emily. First, we hit the yard sales. Found some good stuff for almost nothing. Now in Terre Haute getting her some new shoes and clothes for upcoming band practices. A good day so far!
still looking for some chicks that will be good egg layers. Located in terre haute in
Ok guys. Do we still have an ice cream truck that drives around terre haute? If so... how does one get them to come to a specific place???
A famous expatriate author travels from Paris to Terre Haute, Indiana to interview America's most notorious terrorist on death row. One man has a story to tell; the other a story to write. As the clock ticks away toward each man's inevitable end, a bond grows between these two strangers. Inspired by…
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Flipping crazy drivers in Terre Haute today
So the wives of the Duck Dynasty guys are in town. That's like just saying Terre haute isn't backwoods enough to get the men.
Well time to get motivated really *** a few hours of sleep.but gotta get sis a new bike, since her big brother Damon Anderson ran over hers. But have to unload my cram packed car before I can do that..later we are thinking about Bogey's in Terre Haute anyone wanna join me and sissybug??? She would love to have another lil friend to play with
How did I not know the Duck Dynasty women were in Terre Haute today? Grrr
Grandma Elmore is in room 4110 in union hospital in Terre Haute.
Officially moved out of my house in Terre Haute. So thankful it's done and blessed for all the memories I received there!!
Me and the kid dancers rocked in front of over 400 people last night in Terre Haute. Tonight, we take the show to Linton. The Hoosier School Heist book/music/dance tour has begun! Look out Bruce Borders!!! LOL :-) Harvey Roscoe Clyde Gaw The Indiana Democratic Party
Good morning, Wabash Valley! is on 11 AM Terre Haute. Join us if you can.
Grandma Elmore is not feeling well today, and asked to go to the hospital. She is being taken to union hospital in Terre Haute. Me or Linda will keep you posted.
The women of duck commander are here in Terre Haute at Sam's. Needless to say this place is in a frenzy lol
Ahhh wish I was headed to terre haute right now not to a ball game lol Duck Dynasty will be there today lol
Road trip to Terre Haute for a family reunion!! . and yes there are two little ones in back with brennan and Carson is next to Audrey .. yes we are NUTS!
I am so excited- Derik brought Denae to Terre Haute so she could meet the women of Duck Dynasty!
Looking for some egg lying hens and some turkeys. Located in terre haute
In a drive thru that stretches back to Terre Haute...ugh
For those interested, the ladies of Duck Dynasty will be at SAMs in Terre Haute today from 10-12. People are already buying their book and lining up. Not me. Now if it were Donny Osmond.
Did Circus Dance Ringmaster Doug Martin and the kids at the Nancy Sauer School of Theatrical Dancing rock Terre Haute last night? You betcha. And even the Associated Press thinks so. I told you these kids were famous, boys and girls!!! Wende Personette Kyley Hedges Pam Gasway Pete Carino
Authorities in Florida arrested Alex Hallett-Miles in connection to the murder of Steven Vicar-Goings of Terre Haute. He's being held without bond in Florida, awaiting his extradition to Vigo County.
Automatic pedal assembly for sale out of my 87 gt.30.00 bucks pick up Terre haute
When I decide to leave Terre Haute, I'm not going back to E'ville. I just don't do well in this town!
Seriously I am having no fun in Terre Haute. It's boring and the people all suck. I hate it.
Had a fun walking around terre haute with Susan Cooper-Pitts Bryanna Cooper Danielle Kayelee Joslin Harrison Chelsea Cooper Michelle Evitts Estep Mark Cooper Patrick Pats Haley Jenkins mike blitz n 2 others had so much fun! Love u guys ur all to hilarious:) love to go again soon;)
Maybe if I did drugs and drink like all the cool kids in Terre haute I might have "friends" -_-
Spent the day with my love in terre haute we had so much fun I can't wait to do it again I love you baby
*PARIS, IL 61944* 2-Horse Trailer (bumper pull) - $600.00 obo Details at bottom of picture - it has not been used for several years but has been moved around so it has not just been sitting. It is outside now but for quite some time it was in a shed. (Tires are 7-14.5MH) as far as I know the wiring is good.. but it will be checked this weekend. It does need some TLC but it is a good Trailer.. There is a bar that splits the stalls inside and a manger for feeding. I live in Terre Haute, but this Trailer is in Paris, IL at my Parents’ house so if you would like to look at it, please let me know and we will set up a time to meet. Send me a PM or email me at LBUTRUM71 ..Thank you..
Here are some pictures from the covered bridge bus trip I am having. If you are interested please reserve your seat soon, rooms are almost full THE COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL BUS TRIP OCT 14th-15th, 2014 Come and join us as we travel thru the Autumn colored trees to the Covered Bridge Festival in Bridgeton, Indiana. Bus leaves Hamel, Il. A.M. Enjoy a full day of shopping with vendors showing their arts and crafts, antiques and collectables, not to mention, food vendors. Ham & Beans, turkey drumsticks, chicken & home-made noodles, home-made ice cream, bread pudding and fried biscuits dipped in apple butter plus a lot more, see the historical Covered Bridge and an original working/operating flour mill. Then that evening stay at the Drury Inns & Suites in Terre Haute. Enjoy their complimentary Happy hour with a hot food bar and drinks, and then relax in the heated pool or hot tub if you would like or go out to eat at Lone Star right next door. Wake up to a full Hot Breakfast included with your stay. Spend most ...
TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - A contractor working on a Terre Haute city street made an interesting discovery this week. The discovery will be interesting to history buffs, but it will increase the cost of a simple project. There are other and more expensive examples being found throughout the city.…
All appointments kept, trip to Terre Haute and back, grass off to watch some LFCC softball. Later!
On my way to a toysrus in Terre Haute.I hate that online shopping.
For Terre Haute, IN friends: Gas is $3.95 all over town, but still $3.69 at Mike's behind the mall.
 As you read this you may want to realize that no, there are not 365 days left until the next Miss *** America pageant but it seemed like a fitting title.  I just got done watching the movie “Julie & Julia”.  This is one of my absolute most favorite movies and very inspiring to say the least.  I wanted to do something similar but couldn’t cook my way through Julia Child’s cook book if I wanted to.  I will be getting me a copy of it, however, hopefully very soon.  However, there is agoal I am wanting to meet and I want you to come along for the ride.   Quite a few years back I watched my drag mother compete and win at Miss *** Indiana America.  After she went on to compete a Nationals, which sadly I was not able to attend, due to issues with the way she had dressed at state during gown, or wasn’t dressed is more appropriate, I have wanted to compete and win a state level prelim for Miss *** America and go on to Nationals.  I should probably give you at this point a little bit about me as ...
Officially submitted my last time sheet for Rose-Hulman Ventures and sent my last client email. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but it's been 3 amazing years that I wouldn't trade for anything. If this were a book, chapter "TERRE HAUTE" would be officially complete. Weird. Well... Here's to Chapter INDIANAPOLIS Part I: ExactTarget.
10am tmw at Sams club the women of Duck Dynasty will be there signing autographs in Terre Haute IN
Anyone know how long I have to get strawberry short cake tonight in Marshall? I gotta run to Terre Haute im gonna miss lemonade stand :( CANNOT miss both lol
Safety 1st potty chair $5 Graco wind up swing $5 fisher price pull behind telephone $5 toddler little girls shoes all size 7 $2 apiece or $8 for all mosses basket bassinet $20 pick up will be at Walmart in Clinton or at maple ave in terre haute at hotel listed on other sites
*** My luck *** got a big black chick flirtin with me now only at mcdonalds n terre haute lmfao
People have been commenting on the burgers at Hill's Snappy Service and it reminded me of the burgers Eddie Stableton use to fry up on his grill in North Terre Haute for Otter Creek students' lunches. The counter wasn't very big and kids would stack up to place their orders. Students would sprint up there from school to try and beat the crowd. Great memories.
will like this. See my first Terre Haute places and faces story right now. Father's Day relevant :)
Ok Terre Haute friends, I got the bike up here with me this time and I'm ready to ride. Who's in??
Oh Friday! Does any place in Terre Haute have poutin?
I 70 eastbound from Terre Haute to the Brazil exit is backed up there is road construction please note for the SIRA races this weekend it is Bad
Beloved - Susan Mccullough (Susan Prouty) had a lung biopsy done on the 11th at the Hospital in Terre Haute, IN. I have been praying for her and sent her a card. I KNOW she would appreciate the prayers of ALL the warriors. Hopefully, I will hear soon how she is doing and that the biopsy is NEGATIVE for any cancer. Stand with me in agreement and pray for this precious lady, will you?! Many thanks! A2
Former 3B Chris Sabo shares skills at our Terre Haute that earned him 3 All-Star appearances.
I saw a comment on one of my friends wall about burning a hole in their pants. It brought back a memory that I have probably told before, but will tell it again. We were in Terre Haute on our way to the Canterbury Christmas party in Indianapolis. I had bought George a new pair of black pants and a gray wool Johnny Carson sports jacket for Christmas, he was wearing them. He loved to smoke a pipe but he had a habit of burning holes in his clothes, the car seats, chairs, whatever was handy when he was smoking one. That night an ash fell out of his pipe and burned a pretty good sized hole in his pants. It was obvious, it had to be fixed because it looked tacky. We stopped at a Quick Mart, he bought a black permanent marker and proceeded to color a good portion of his leg, under the hole, black, We laughed about it for weeks, but it worked! I miss him and his silliness.
Such a great day in Terre Haute at the Special Olympics Summer Games!!! Such great athletes!! Can't wait for Opening Ceremonies!!
Check it out: 100+ Vanderburgh County athletes are at the Special Olympics STATE Games in Terre Haute. . GOOD LUCK!
1988 ROY Chris Sabo & 3x All-Star Gary Bell join our series in Terre Haute, IN this weekend:
As someone that grew up watching Larry Bird & living in Terre Haute where they just built his Indiana State statue, it's cool.
Nephew Robbie Cooper's graduation weekend included a lovely, lakeside cigar tree -- Catalpa speciosa -- on the beautiful campus of Rose-Hulman Technology Institute in Terre Haute, IN. Mighty proud of Robbie who graduated with a degree in Software Engineering (BTW...Robbie, I have computer issues. Can you help me?). Little did I know...Terre Haute also features square donuts and a statue of Larry Bird. And we got to see Uncle Milton race at Crossroads Dragway. There wasn't time for the Clabber Girl Museum.
Happy Birthday to all our listeners on Sunday June 1, 2014 Matthew Salmon from Bronx Will Hunt from Seattle Robert Osborne from wellingborough Joël Cotten from Calgary cliff page from buckingham debill mayer from Bloomer Mariana Hidalgo from Santiago marc kinna from Vancouver Monica Ansell from Phoenix Sean Blackman from Portsmouth Jennifer Forbes from Terre Haute
Hi all. I served a mission in Indiana in 1989 and 1990, haven't been back since, but really hope to be there next year for the dedication! When I was in Indiana I could easily see huge growth. Since then I have been mostly disappointed as I have looked at the church website. No growth in areas around or north of Fort Wayne and shrinkage west of Indy. (When did the Brazil branch die? Do I remember wrong or were three three wards in Terre Haute?) So I was shocked and ecstatic when the announcement was made. These days I live in Bellingham, Washington, the only US stake in the Vancouver BC temple district. And I want to tell you about a real privilege and blessing that you all will soon enjoy. Those of you close enough to the temple will have the opportunity to clean it! For the record: I don't like to clean. Often I must be compelled to do so at home. But doing so in the temple feels like a real privilege. Wards close enough to the temple will be given assignments on a rotating basis. About once every three ...
The summer interns will be having a yard sale this Saturday, May 31st from 9am-2pm at First Baptist Church in Terre Haute! There will be clothes, furniture, lots of knick knacks, and of course, baked goods! Come out and join us and help our interns raise their support!
Is it just me or does something smell fishy here.State Legislator's company gets grant from State. Ethical.Why is it we don't trust politicians? The Indiana Economic Development Corp. is giving Mainstreet Property Group an economic development grant of $345,000 for the construction of a nursing home in Terre Haute that is expected to net House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner $1.8 million. The financial incentive was originally offered by the state so that Mainstreet, which is owned in part by Turner and his son, could move its headquarters from Cicero to Carmel. But now the grant will go toward the construction of a $15.3 million project in Terre Haute, one of many Mainstreet projects Turner helped save when he defeated legislation that would have banned the construction of new nursing homes. Gov. Mike Pence had placed a hold on the state aid last year after The Associated Press reported Turner's connection to the company. But an IEDC review found "no conflict of interest" and cleared the money for the Turne ...
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences - Curriculum, Personnel, and Budget in Terre Haute, IN
Sorry to hear about Mr. Gardiner he was a good teacher. .TERRE HAUTE — Warren H. Gardiner, 93, of Terre Haute passed away Friday evening, May 16, 2014 in Davis Gardens Health Center. He was an Associate Professor of Business at Indiana State University where he taught at Laboratory School and was their golf coach for 27 years before his retirement. Warren was born October 31, 1920 in Loogootee, Indiana, to Isaac Gardiner and Mary Williams Gardiner.
Having a great time at Eighth Avenue Baptist Church revival in Terre Haute! Join us Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening!
Today wraps up small business week and I want to thank the Indiana small business development center here in Terre Haute, Indiana. I had a dream, a goal for my life and they helped me reach for it. Without them I probably would have kept thinking "maybe one day".such a difficult but rewarding journey I have been on this past year. Looking forward to making Nutrition to Grow, LLC the best place for the community to come learn how to "Eat well to live well"! Support your small businesses when you can!!
New Geo-art just south of Terre Haute for all you Star Trek fans!
The CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center is a center that educates people on important lessons of the Holocaust and its survivors that should not be forgotten. You can visit this museum in Terre Haute, IN. Contributor: Jessica McDonald Published: May 12, 2014
Our auction on May 17th features a wonderful selection of vintage Native American jewelry, a great selection of Oriental antiques and jade, fine Councill furnishings from a Terre Haute estate, furnishings from Lorene Burkhart's penthouse, antique Dentzel and Park carousel animals, and session IV of the Ambler collection. This auction is also the first session of the Thelma Confer estate art!
Audition Notice THE NERD By Larry Shue Directed by Steven D. Morris Auditions: Sunday, June 15th, 2014 at 5:00pm Location: Theatre Arlington - 305 West Main Street, Arlington, TX 76010 • Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. • Please bring a headshot and a resume, if you have one. • Audition sides will be posted on our website soon. • Rehearsals will begin soon after the auditions, on a date to be determined. Performance Dates: August 7 - 24, 2014 Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 2:00pm About the Show: Winner of two Obie Awards and two Outer Critics Circle Awards as Best New American Play and Best Off-Broadway Production. Now an aspiring young architect in Terre Haute, Indiana, Willum Cubbert has often told his friends about the debt he owes to Rick Steadman, a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life after he was seriously wounded in Vietnam. He has written to Rick to say that, as long as he is alive, “you will have somebody o ...
Mother, Henry and I took Miss Joan Lucas to Vincennes' Montana Mikes and then up to Terre Haute's Walmart on East side of town. Busy day, but a great one!!! (love that fried zucchini and mushrooms!!!)
There was Great Community Turnout to the TURN TO THE RIVER Plan Draft Debut April 29th at the Art Spaces Open House! Turn to the River is a creative place-making project to determine ways in which public art and design will help to reconnect Terre Haute's downtown with the Wabash River. Thanks to all that attended and we appreciate your input!
Who wants to go to the Grand Prix?!? The Grand Prix of Indianapolis will take place on Saturday, May 10, and thanks to the generosity of one of our wonderful donors, we have four tickets to give away! To enter to win, tell us your favorite thing about the Terre Haute Children's Museum! Do you have a favorite exhibit? Do you look forward to a specific program or event? Do you just love having an awesome Children's Museum in Terre Haute? If you're 18 or older, and you comment on this post before noon on Monday, May 5, you'll be entered to win! Good Luck! :)
Attention: high school & college-age youth: Get good pro-life training at the WVRTL Boot Camp for Life to be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at the Family Life Center of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Poplar St., Terre Haute, IN. Time: 9 AM--4 PM. Contact me today & registration fee is $15. On day of Boot Camp is $20. Mike Spencer of Life Institute Training will lead Pro-Life 101 in three sessions. Two breakout sessions: Gendercide led by Paul Cooper and True Love led by John Cutshall. A light breakfast and good lunch will be served. I have brochures and student applications. Get in touch with me. And please click "share." ~ Ann Coker
Hello Everyone, the Annelies event will be held at the United Hebrew Congregation in Terre Haute, located at 540 South 6th Street. We hope to see everyone there!
NBC 2 News: Duke Energy reports almost 1,000 customers without power after a car accident in Terre Haute. We have a crew on scene and we will keep you updated as we get more information.
Been only I was in Terre the dark.
Congratulations to Ellen Oxendine of Terre Haute! Ellen is today's winner of 2 half day trips at Cave Country Canoes! We will announce one winner each day this week.
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