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Teresa May is an English glamour model. The Secretary of State for the Home Department, commonly known as the Home Secretary, is the minister in charge of the Home Office of the United Kingdom, and one of the country's four Great Offices of State. 5.0/5

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You only have to look at her record as home secretary to see that, WHO is the real Teresa May?
Home Secretary? Imagine you've been working for Teresa May & suddenly Boris Johnson is bounding into the office like a St Bernard.
Teresa May, Home Secretary, has shown her strong intentions to keep the British people safe through the Tories' pledge r…
IAG independent advisory group with Teresa May the home secretary at almadina mosque
Teresa May plans to allow Ministers and even the police decide what people are allowed to say in public.
Teresa May the best Home Secretary ever - vows to take on the gangs that control our cities... she boldly states...
If you didnt catch the Home Secretary ripping into the ranks of corrupt police then read this excellent article on it. Teresa May the Home Secretary "also had no choice. (to rip into them) Public disapproval of the police has become increasingly widespread." I think I can safely say my work with JusticeNow has certainly helped bring about thus climate of change. Along with fellow campaigners around the country. like Teresa May, all people ask is for a professional and accountable police for the people. We shouldn't be asking as this should be a given.
Teresa May and Cara Delevigne have some scarily similar outfits. Love it.
I had Teresa May on board last time I was in Lux but we had smooth entry. Helps to be Home Secretary I guess
Wow. Teresa May, the Home Secretary just got a huge round of applause at the Conservative Conference here in the UK for announcing the repealing of the 'Human Rights Act'. She also got a round of applause for the repeal of 'Right to a Family Life'.
Here we go again: Teresa May wants to censor online activity to protect us all
Is it time for Teresa May the Home Secretary to go over the Abu Qatada debacle costing UK taxpayers £2 million a year ?
Teresa May could back down &as Home Secretary put the alcohol unit price bill through the commons.Then, when she's Prime Minister,repeal it
Mark Tierney Do something useful today. Send a copy of this to your MP. Around 60 MPs have had this so far, but of course, most will just ignore it. Send it, keep sending it and demand action. Thanks. Dear [my MP] Last year, Tom Watson MP raised the issue of a possible paedophile ring linked to Parliament and Downing Street during Prime Ministers Question Time. I am very aware of the progress regarding the investigations that David Cameron initiated at that time. ] From my monitoring and background reading, it seems clear that Geoffrey Dickens (Conservative MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth) handed over a significant dossier to Leon Brittan (then Home Secretary) in 1984. understand that Tom Watson has raised the issue about a paedophile ring linked to Parliament and Number 10 Downing Street yet again - this time in a written question to Parliament. He has asked Teresa May to find Mr Dickens' dossier, circulate it to all MPs, re-read and act upon it. As my member of Parliament, I ask you to support Mr W ...
Judges are offended because Home Secretary, Teresa May, has dared to ask them to actually do their jobs and protect the public by ensuring that foreign criminals are sent back to their own countries. The judiciary, however, feels that it is ok for convicted burglars, terrorists, rapists and murderers to be allowed to stay as deportation would infringe on their Human Rights. They should, apparently, be allowed to have a normal Family Life. Regrettably, the people they have robbed, raped or murdered have lost the chance of a normal Family Life. Whatever the shortcomings of May as Home Secretary, she should not be vilified by the bewigged buffoons and their cronies for 'pursuing populist policies.' What *ing policies is she supposed to pursue then? Ones, presumably, which allow these over-privileged *** to remain in their ivory towers, high above where the rest of us are getting mugged and stabbed. If new legislation is the only answer, it should provide the means for judges to be held directly responsi ...
I never write anything I wouldn't want Theresa May to read. (That's the Home Secretary, not Teresa May the model)
Shortly after the attacks on New York's World Trade Centre in September 2001, British citizen, Gary Mc Kinnon, carried out ' the biggest military hack of all time' on U.S. government computer systems. Refusing to extradite him to the USA, Home Secretary, Teresa May, said : ' I have to consider his Human Rights.' British citizen, Abid Naseer, was arrested on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in the UK and in the USA. Despite the fact that the police in Britain could not find enough evidence to charge him, he was extradited to America yesterday. This bothers me. Greatly. Robin
Teresa May - incompetent as Environment Minister and an embarrassment as Home Secretary - £100MILLION spent on the farce that has been the Police Crime Commissioners. Might that have been better spent on actual policing?
Is it just me or does Teresa May the Home Secretary look like a woman on her first night out after her divorce has come through and ends up crying in the toilets at midnight?
will make a bloody good Home Secretary. Head and shoulders over Teresa May. Watching the hillsborough debate
So pleased that the Home Secretary, Teresa May, has removed the extradition order on Gary Mckinnon. Not so pleased, on the other hand, reading the comments from some people on the BBC website, and others, who obviously know nothing about Asperger Syndrome. Please do go and read about the condition first before making remarks like "if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime." Or just go and boil your heads.
Has the Home Secretary, Teresa May used the Human Rights Act correctly and done a good deed or set an awful precedent?
Teresa May adds voice to abortion time limit row: Home Secretary says it is her "personal view" that legal limit...
Teresa May - Still the worst Home Secretary of all time
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