Teresa May & Abu Qatada

Teresa May is an English glamour model. Abu Qatada al-Filistini (Abū Qatāda al-Filisṭīnī; born 1959/60), sometimes called Abu Omar (ابو عمر Abū 'Umar), is a Palestinian Islamist of Jordanian citizenship. 1.0/5

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Last week not a good one for Theresa May: not just Abu Qatada | UK Human Rights Blog
Is it time for Teresa May the Home Secretary to go over the Abu Qatada debacle costing UK taxpayers £2 million a year ?
I pledge to deport Abu Qatada, but stupid Teresa May got the dates wrong.
Guess who is in town today folks? King Abdulla of Jordan. Can it not be arranged that Abu Qatada aka Omar Othman aka Assim Qureshi be wrapped up nicely in a bag by Teresa May in Duty Free at Heathrow where King Abdulla could pick him up on his way back to Jordan and take him home as a present from the British Public? It might be against the law but . stuff Europe and our Courts for that matter. Where has the common sense gone in our world. We don't want him here. He was expelled from Kuwait in 1991. He was an illegal with a forged UAE passport when him and his wife and five kids arrived here in the first place in 1993, so how has he had the benefit of the law on his side. I know there was a rumour that he was working for MI6 for a while but we have all watched *** have we not. I don't care who these people are, our lawyers (working on both sides of the case) are a bunch of scavengers making as much money as they possibly can at our expense. They are not interested in morality. How come our Governme ...
Muslim cleric Abu Qatada will not be deported to Jordan, after winning his appeal at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.
send your email to Teresa May to kick Abu Qatada out of the UK - he is no moderate Muslim & is an illegal immigrant
they will be able to carpet Home Secretary Teresa May's office with Abu Qatada's beard by the time she gets him out of the UK.
Come on Cameron get a grip Gas companies fixing prices *** Abu Qatada a terrorist here for 12 years and we cant deport him *** BBC{ paid for by licence fees} in turmoil *** Teresa May waste of f- - - - - g time no idea on immigration how many or where they are *** Nick Clegg all he can come up with is flexi time for parents *** Young men sent to Afghanistan on a futile mission *** The country is being run by ***
Dear i want to thank you & that *** Teresa May, for Abu Qatada. Always nice knowing where my taxes are going.
Teresa May is right to send Abu Qatada to Jordan. He is a threat to the UK.
Abu Qatada wins deportation appeal. Teresa May not a happy bunny. He will still be on 16 hour curfew.
Teresa May runnin like a muppet trying to get dem bad muslamics out. Not sur abt Abu Qatada but BabarAhmad isa grave miscarriage of justice
I can't wait till teresa may meets her maker, for all the Zulm that she's done to Muslims the 5 deported and now she's all " he's a threat to national security" speaking about sheikh Abu Qatada although he's never been convicted or charged with anything! 34.32. The arrogant oppressors retort to those who were oppressed: "What! Did we (forcibly) bar you from following the guidance after it had reached you? No, but you yourselves were the criminals (committed to accumulating sins)!"
Abu Qatada, G4S. What if there left for Teresa May to *** up?
I suppose he knows he'll win 'cos Teresa May lost to Abu Qatada he's still here and so are loads of known terrorists you know
"Every time I see a news story about Abu Qatada, immigration or deportation I look for a photo of Teresa May" says my male friend. Hm!!
We could keep Julian Assange - and Teresa May could be put on same flight as Abu Qatada! Result!
Abu Qatada aside, imagine Teresa May would regenerate backbenchers. Significant contrast to Miliband.
especially of you're Teresa May or Abu Qatada!
Teresa May must be furious about Abu Qatada. Maybe her mate Pickles could just override a court's decision with his Localism act again?
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