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Teresa May

Teresa May is an English glamour model.

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Don't mistake Teresa May's follies as a public breakdown. That's on the Conservatives. T…
☹️I think many police officers aren't trained properly in how to handle dog…
Can u also tell us under whose pressure Girish Kuber's article (May '16) on M. Teresa was pulled out by Loksat…
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"What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway." ~ Mother Teresa
.Teresa May has a change of heart and now wants to make a Trade Deal with Trump! In the end they will all💋Trum…
6. Kushner partner Roth (Vornado) himself is billions in debt to China, which may explain why Kushner is running around wi…
Jeremy Hunt groped a ferret while staring longingly at a picture of Teresa May
If I may be so bold: Teresa and I are open to a sharing arrangement.
TM is working, however she's not telling the voters anything. Where as a lot of sense is spoken by JRM. Need to hea…
'No election until 2020' Teresa May 'no ifs no buts' Dave Cameron
Outrageous, Scotland and Wales fly their own flags, ? Where is the LAW that says we can't fly a…
Still think it's bitter that Maggie II wannabe Teresa May has a go at et tu Brutus et al for his and co incontinenc…
Can you see HRC shouting 'FAKE NEWS!'.. Bumping Teresa May out of her way...Or putting…
So, I didn't get to post yesterday but here is my fave Linkin Park song in honor of Chester Bennington! May you...
No,no,no Teresa May. I voted out of the EU, so we have more control of our boarders. Not for an extension of 2yrs! I also gave…
If u think Teresa May is good at her j…
Great letter from Alf Dubs & 4 MPs to Teresa May re child refugees. All power to them
I am in the middle. I have equal stress on both with a schwa in the middle. Almost as…
Teresa May seems determined to drive Scotland out of the UK. Does she realise how badly this will play in Scotland.
I voted for Clinton and would vote for Harris, but you only need to look to Teresa May or S…
Literally every single person turned for the camera. Trump. Trump?. Trump!. Oh FFS. TRUMP. Teresa May had to nudge him…
Thatcher was a monster with a brain Teresa May is a brontosaurus a dinosaur with a tiny brain even tho…
Think you've got problems? Nigel Dodds is my MP, extra £1½ billion from Teresa May and still my paveme…
Suggest a new poll, with Trump, Teresa May, and Lord Sutch.
So the list is out, Brandon Lewis, Jeremy Hunt, Teresa May, Amber Rudd, Andrew Mitchell, Ian Ducan Smith all voted against us plebs.
Just when you thought Teresa May was the most hated person in the UK someone sneaks in and takes the lead ht…
sage words indeed from Lord Patten *** of a mess due to Teresa May and David cameron
Declare the six treaties null and void under the British Constitution. Teresa May could do that o…
Why doesn't Teresa May just fly over to Brussels and work on Brexit negotiations and appoint Corbyn to handle the domestic policies?
The media is making much of Diane Abbott and type 2 diabetes. Teresa May has type 1, a far more debilitating level requiring injections.
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Teresa May MP: Teresa May, we need an inquest not a public enquiry. Residents need to be involved. via
Why doesn't Teresa May just replace all the courts with a life size image of the Tory god, Satan
AKA The Teresa May 'hair wafting in the breeze' slide
An explanation of where and Teresa May possibly came from.
By referring to Ramadan as 'The Holy Month' has Teresa May put a seal of approval on a religious belief that has a truly frightening agenda?
But Teresa may defiantly want cling to power
The only decent thing for Teresa May to do is RESIGN. She has lost all credibility.
Corbyn is like a black belt at exposing the tory lies and incompetance - BUT - Teresa May is like an eigth dan!
Hello Teresa, regarding EU regulation, you may claim up to 600 EUR on
Imagine that, Teresa May has a plan!
If sat Teresa May enjoyed her wheatabix this morning.
Of the United Kingdom, Teresa May, making sure she identified the attacker as a white male, makes me no never mind, I'm white guy myself.
.Sorry I called you a BATCH Mrs. May! How u feeling today? Strong and Stable???
I Diane Abbott is unable to manage Type 2 diabetes how can she manage our Home security, Teresa May manages Type 1 (far worse)
Wish the Labour Party get their act together after the election results and really put sustained pressure on Teresa May with no mercy.
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Love this and foxs are popular at the moment thanks to Teresa May lol very in trend
Look at out there on foot, meeting Grenfell towers residents and showing genuine compassion whilst Teresa May tal…
Remember the way loads went out and voted last week and no-one won, why is Teresa May STILL being called Prime Minister?
Teresa May makes bad decisions & Jeremy Corbyn who seemed timid is a vile Monster of Epic proportion with cunning devious associates
Blatant disregard of expert advice time and time again. Gavin Barwell and Teresa May should resign and take full r…
Teresa May is doing what we voted for, don't blame others for your…
I'm not Dianne Abbots biggest fan, but when has the BBC ever grilled Teresa May about her diabetes and job related stress?
Anybody else think it's weird that Teresa May is getting rid of the NHS while we're being attacked by terroists frequen…
Dear Teresa May,. Walk away from DUP nonsense now. No deal is better than a bad deal. .
The bloke was the council was as reprehensible as Teresa May! They must learn that s…
Surely comparing Teresa may to dame Edna everage is a terrible insult to dame Edna
I think Teresa May should call Corbyn's bluff and tell him to form a government. The sooner he tries and fails the sooner we can move on.
Failure by Teresa May to secure majority government heralds new dark age for England, leading scholars say.
This is Teresa May saying pedophiles have a right to have children. To adopt!! What is going on in U.K.?!
trending and being compared to Teresa may - dame Edna would probally do better in a live debate possoms !
BBC are a fcking disgrace and need folding up now..RIGHT NOW. Tim…
I see Teresa May running in the wheat😂
Just because we don't like everything someone does doesn't mean we get rid of them. Leave Teresa May alone to get on with her job.
Yes, so, how survivors fairing, cause of fire still under investigation// 9/11-'A good day for burrying bad news.' praps!
Teresa May getting the blame for the fire now ! Labour have been in power as many years as Conservatives since that building…
You may have to update your chosen video player, which is usually free. Or download a diffe…
If you leave now Teresa May could secure your residency in Europe and you could then…
Question- have U discuss it with Kim as your career partner/may partisipasyon ba sya?. Xian - when it comes to batohan ng i…
This is beautiful. "May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in." - St. Teresa of Calcutta
Even The Queen and Prince William have the decency to meet people affected by the Grenfell fire but Teresa May doesn't…
Totally agreed, but at the same time Danny Baker is the Teresa May of sport based DJ's who used to be on TV.
Another their first words after BA and election fiascos, both Willie Walsh & Teresa May seemed unaware of what had happened.
Teresa May has taught everyone with a job a real lesson .don't volunteer to apply for your own job as you just might…
Teresa May and Arlene Foster has to be the worst double act since Hindley and Brady
Teresa May is the new Edward Heath. Call an unnecessary election and find electorate don't like you.
Jeremy Corbyn forming a coalition with the SNP, Lib Dems, Greens, and SDLP to take down Teresa May .
if you need another reason not to vote Conservative, Teresa May actively supports killing these beautiful creatures…
Amanda Solloway isn't standing with Teresa May, she's sitting with her. And David Davis is sta…
This real issue is Teresa May cut 20k police officer 10s k of support staff and 2k firearms offi…
Teresa May scoring more own goals than Frank Sinclair
Teresa May gone from Captain Manwaring declaring war on Junker on the steps of No 10 to Corporal Jones in less than…
UKIP manifesto launch : Paul Nuttall points at Teresa May..."what she said" Or have I…
Teresa May addresses Congress from the safety of her mother ship
Can imagine if Teresa May walked on with a band it would be U2
Teresa May stole her slogan 'Strong and Stable' from final paragraphs of Meine Kampf? Ian Duncan Smith says 'work will set you free'
Blow 2 Teresa May as Ireland et al get veto on Trade Deal So now we know my (rhymes with farce)
Love the doctors on so true! Where is Jeremy Hunt and Teresa May in this NHS IT crisis???
Rather than the asking Teresa May about her shoes I've still yet to see anyone challenge her on hitting targets as Home Sec
notice that Teresa May and emperor Palpatine have never been seen in a room together!?
Teresa May and the evil emperor palpatine are they perhaps related
Both the Queen and Prince Philip appeared in good health today - Her Majesty meeting Teresa May and Prince Philip at Lord…
And a vote for Teresa May is a vote for a hard Brexit outside the single market. Bad for Wirral S.
I don't know if "undermine" is the right word. They're being honest and Teresa May is some sort of moron. .
Teresa May currently appearing on the set of Grange Hill in Bristol.
BREAKING: Teresa May due to make announcement at 11:15 at Downing Street. Scenes if it's a new contract for Wenger.
The Queen, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Teresa May & many more all claim to be Christian, but it's the elephant in the r…
Sadly Paul, Teresa May is actually delinquent for a lot of the aggressiveness, xenophobia and racism have in the UK.
I think this proves the dream I had last night that Teresa May wants to be the new Margaret Thatcher.
isn't this how the galactic empire got started? Have you ever seen Teresa May and the Emporer together?
Love how Teresa May reckons she's more in touch with the feelings of the Scottish people than the devolved govt is.
Teresa may saying it's not right to have a border poll at this stage…what is she on
And now a dramatisation of Teresa May triggering Article 50 .
Teresa May's negotiating stance on U.K. nationals in the EU beggars belief,when will she understand that we have no bargaining chips at all?
Let us pray for one another so that we may open our doors to the weak and poor.
Big fan of , she won't be intimidated by Teresa May. Corbyn and Fallon, take note !
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Teresa May keeps reminding us she's 2nd woman PM Sturgeon she's 2nd 1st minister the good thing about no 2s we get to flush them down toilet
Teresa may isn't making it very subtle that she wants Boris assassinated is she ?
It has taken Britain almost an year to trigger article on brexit and Teresa May is still like before the end of Month.
Teresa May doesn't want to 'play politics or create uncertainty'. How's she going to go about her business as usual then?
Was that Teresa May's idea of a trigger warning?
Teresa May and David Davis have managed this parliamentary process very skilfully
Just me who thought Teresa May said 'Cattery Delegates' not 'Qatari Delegates' in her Brexit speech? I didn't realise cats were big business
Got to say listening to Teresa May responding to clueless Corby makes him looking a complete fool. I ain't a fan of her at all but fair play
Martina Anderson of SF/IRA told Teresa May to stick a border where the Sun don't shine ,well she do the same with a United Ireland, FGAU.
Watching Teresa May's address is sort of fun, heckling makes speeches more like sport
Teresa May is about to show Nicola Sturgeon how to play Poker.
Teresa May should trigger a fuc*ing big CANNON to Berlin, Bruxelles and their Saudi friends!
Teresa May speaks for the majority of Scotland. You speak for your narrow band of rotten Nationalists.
No doubt Teresa May will have major issues with this. Goes much further than previous
Get over yourself. You power crazed fool and *** Stay strong Teresa May
GREAT prank by teresa may to repeatedly say she was going to pass article 50 today and then when the day comes do nothing
Trying to find a picture of smiling is as hard as finding a picture of Teresa May looking sexy.
Teresa May's egalitarian side showing - she despises all of us equally
Teresa May to make a statement in the house of commons at Half 12
Over a dozen Tory councils have written to Teresa May sharing concerns over lack of school funding. .
You didn't vote for Teresa May either!!! 😜
They got 48% of the the vote with no election fraud. Can Teresa May say the same?
keep doing what you're doing and don't take any aul jip from that skitter Teresa May
A meaningful compromise from Teresa May could halt the whole process. How come no one is reminding Teresa May and Ruth David…
Teresa May making a statement at 12.30 - has she triggered it then?
Because they are being protected.Teresa May is blocking info being released to the public on them
If the Scottish don't behave Teresa may is said to be considering reinstating patrols along Hadrian's wall..😉
Nicola Sturgeon was elected by almost half of the voters. Who elected Teresa May as Prime Minister?
Woman's hour asking if Teresa May and Nicola Sturgeon being at the forefront of home politics as possibly 'job...
"Politics is not a game" - says May to Sturgeon. But that's exactly how shallow destructive chancers Cameron & Johnson treat…
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. Gina Miller Thrive for publicity she knows she is not good and can do no damage to Teresa May and her Government.
Hi just wondering am I allowed to like Teresa palmer or is there any reason that someone may shout at me for her being problematic???
with regards to Northern Ireland Teresa May without a majority depends on block Unionist support in ANY vote
"The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway." ~ Mother Teresa
What law says Teresa May can demand another election & SNP outright majority as condition for ?
May set 'to deny second Scottish referendum'.. Teresa May is no more then a BULLY... We know what happens to bullies
Now that's total governance... Teresa may move aside, I know who I want to negotiate our brexit terms 😏
go on dream harder, imagine Angela Eagle squaring up to Teresa May.
Teresa May rejecting Scots would set a very dangerous precedent. Not for London to decide what another country can vote on.
Not a Teresa May fan but I totally agree with her - Sturgeon needs to shut up WE DONT WANT ANOTHER REFERENDUM..
Wee Jimmy Krankie will be raging when Teresa May puts the skids on a second referendum 😂
Scotland wouldn't be able to have a ref, but then the SNP will just be like "Look at Teresa May oppressing us'
I want a debate and not just Teresa May making the decision. It'll show up the Tories for what they are not SNP
"Live simply so others may simply live." ~ Mother Teresa
It's fourth behind Teresa May, Nigel Farage and the fall in production of Essex jellied eels!
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Great speech from Teresa May on the SNP today, Wee Jimmy Krankie won't like it😂
You only have to look at her record as home secretary to see that, WHO is the real Teresa May?
all PM's have got 1 thing in common Corporate and never put their country first Teresa May is a example of t…
UK's Teresa May said today that she does not want to b divisive with mosems. overthrow / rape. . That seems divisi…
UK parliament just gave Teresa May green light to trigger Article 15 and exit the EU? Beginning of the end for the Euro? Markets will react
Teresa May is becoming my favourite leader! Labour/snp/libs=spent force. RULE BRITANNIA
Matthew Parris in The Times today on that horrible, depressing line from Teresa May's 2016 conference speech.
Teresa May rolling her eyes Uncool and disrespectful in front of Churchill bust
And he just snapped Theresa May's bra...ok, maybe not, but I'm sure it's coming!
I'm sure Donald Trump took Teresa May very seriously, and didn't insult her at all right after she left.
Hopefully Teresa May will follow suit for the UK.
Teresa May and Donald Trump standing in the Oval Office in order to complete the circle of old world incompetence.
Looks like Mexico might be up for a big trade deal, Teresa May
Britain's PM warns Trump to 'beware' of powerful nation
Wait til they muddle up Theresa May with Teresa May.
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Teresa May we loved your suit you look fab! ❤
Trump making G.W. look good. Teresa May seems bent on doing the same for Tony Blair. Why are british pols trying to self destruct.
Teresa May does not seem to know perils of conceding 'special relationship' with a big power.Nepali politicians cd give her a coaching class
Her name is Teresa May now. It has been decreed!
Trump has misspelled the U.K. Prime Minister's name as Teresa May, an Adult Film Actress. You know what Trump is thinking!
'Teresa May': White House spells Theresa May's name wrong three times in memo ahead of visit
The fact that the real Teresa May is actually a glamour model makes this even more amusing.
Well then I would cancel that press conference if I was Teresa may
Poor Donald. He was excited because he thought Teresa May, the adult film star, was coming. Pouting has to talk with a PM.
WH: Pres. Trump holds joint press conference with UK PM "Teresa May" at 1:00 pm ET - misspelling her name 3x on the guidanc…
Not any of us want to imagine what Teresa May 'forging a strong relationship with President Trumpkin would look lik…
May: "Engage but beware" Yes & given Russian actions in especially beware.
Is Teresa May willing to sacrifice food safety standards to have trade deals with the USA ? via
Trump to himself: *** I thought I was going to meet Teresa May, the actress!"
Bad sign: White House schedule sent out ahead of a press conference with Trump and UK PM Theresa May has misspelled her n…
So Teresa May is going to charm Donald Trump! If this was a video it surely would come under the horror section,...
Teresa May cannot do trade deal with Trump until she breaks from EU - is setting up a hard Brexit. Shouldn't let her mouth run.
Kelly Anne Conway lies within five seconds on PM, saying Teresa May was elected as PM by the people, as Trump was…
"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." -Mother Teresa
have called her Teresa May 3 times so far, looks more like 3-1 to the USA
watched Teresa May's speech prior to meeting Trump. A strong lady who will lead Britain to a bright future.
So...A woman will bring peace in this world. LET ALL THE WOMEN MOVE UP IN ALL COUNTRIES AND TAKE THEIR RIGHTFUL...
I am confused. Which May had anal sex with Donald today, Teresa or Theresa?
White House misspells Prime Minister's name as "Teresa" May in press release
Daily guidance email from WH says Trump will be meeting with a "Teresa" May tomorrow. Spellcheck
I reckon Theresa May will change her name to Teresa. That's how well this is going.
NATO, Russia and trade top the agenda for Trump talks with Britain's May: via
Why is the British media so desperate for 'merica to like our politicians? Lets be honest, very few people are 'impressed…
Teresa May won the race to be first, oh wait, no other leader is bothered
So WH left the "h" out of Theresa May's name on yesterday's official skeds. . Problematic in UK press since "Teresa May"…
Email from the White House misspelled Theresa May. Three times. Spelled it Teresa May.
Now Sonny Liston carried off tartan much better than Teresa May.
Teresa May announces breakthrough Free Trade Deals with Narnia and Ruritania and a Customs Union with Pitcairn Island.
Teresa May is making this Brexit speech whilst listening to an earpiece playing Daniel Beddingfield's Gotta Get Thru This.
Angela Merkel warning us about Europe, Trump offering quick trades deals & the break up of Northern Ireland government, time for Teresa May
Every time Teresa May speaks my aussie dollars are worth more
ooh A little uset are we - the BBC that Teresa May did not want media with an anti Brexit left wing agenda to interview her?
Teresa May must answer to Parliament about the crises we have seen in NHS & tell us all how she intends to solve it https:/…
Civil service leak apparently the EU have threatened no free trade agreement if Teresa May discloses any Brexit plans before Article 50
Cameron unleashed far right monster & Teresa May will never get it back in its cage. Country hostage to ignorance
Teresa May didn't tell Cameron, Johnson and co she was going to stab them in the back
I meet so many inspiring people, it's a sad indictment of UK elitism that likes of Teresa May, Boris Johnson + Michael Gove are in charge
...if you're not hearin' me about brown-haired white British women like Teresa May or Princess Kate subliminal lead the male PoC...
it boggles my mind that Teresa May makes Boris Johnson look not as evil
Where were Teresa May and Boris Johnson when it was time to veto the resolution? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Have I missed discussion lambasting Boris Johnson and Teresa May for not vetoing? Is it just that Europe is a lost cause?
just thinking about how Teresa May is almost as bad as Boris Johnson
Teresa May makes Boris Johnson look godlike by comparison
Boris Johnson makes Teresa May look like a saint
Boris Johnson is almost as bad as Teresa May
yes, because Teresa May and Margret Thatcher are/were such a lovely, gentle pacifists
My ideal woman would be a mix of Darcey Bussell,Kate Garraway and Teresa May. Beauty,fun and power and I guess filth in bed!👙.
Teresa May's Government hands £ for flood defences to Yorks, nowt for - Nigel Evans is strangely quiet!
Teresa May's speech to British industry dominated by ?Red Admiral butterfly...
Also he rang Teresa May 9th in the queue of world leaders clearly doesn't care that much about us
Good luck managing that special relationship Teresa May
he can have DAVID Davis, liam Fox and Teresa May now if he likes!
Teresa May tells Mark Carney "Oh yes we forgot about you. Pop in to Amber Rudd and collect you registration documen…
If you believed Teresa May's lies on the referendum. She wanted to cut the European ties during the Abu Hamza case . Lies Lies
Teresa May never wanted the control of Europe She lost the battle over Abu Hamza. It's a personal Sham..political lies
Scotland would do well to remember that Teresa May and Ruth Davidson care not a jot what Scotland wants re Brexit. Acce…
hate to break it to you, but you were not in Teresa May's plans. Guess you failed😅
Excellent-Teresa May backing UK OIl. Households offered up to £13,000 in the great shale bonanza
Teresa May, our new Prime Minister, went on record to say she is prepared to use nuclear weapons to kill (100,000 men, women and children)
Teresa May is here less than two weeks and is already pissing me off with this Trident bs and hiring Boris Johnson as foreign secretary
Teresa May won't get to press the button on our leased trident missiles unless the USA agrees. Hardly an independent deterrent.
Mad Fool Teresa May says she has no problem using nuclear weapons. . No one wins a nuclear war, everyone loses everything. .
Kuala Lumpur airport 75km from KL fast one stop express train 30minutes to city👍
Anyone care to speculate on what the dirty tricks-style tactic the PLP will come up with next? Get Teresa May to declare Corbyn illegal?
shouldn't be Heathrow or Gatwick no build growth should be Stanstead plenty of rm
Those attacking Owen Smith tonight might do better attacking Teresa May for being happy to kill 100,000 people. Are you opposition or not?
Teresa may aint here for 2 weeks and is already pissing me off
"I do not believe the threat of mass murder is a legitimate way to deal with international relations.” how does TERESA MAY NOT SEE THIS
Teresa May looking like she wants to trial Fallout 5 for Xbox one..
disgraceful this from Teresa May. Standard defence mechanism
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Teresa May and her plans for a fast exit and ditching Brussels Thank the Lord
Land tell them all to go there together then make a wall. Don't let them in. . It's them or you remember that. . I wish Teresa May was like
Yes, they have similar names.  But to clarify, it’s British lawmaker Theresa May and NOT adult actress and model…
Teresa May,s treatment of immigrants not at all Christian. Merkel on the other hand tried her best,
My name is Teresa May, I am become death, destroyer of worlds!
luckily for us, Teresa May cannot authorise a nuclear strike... She has to ask the Americans first, lol. Yup they have control.
It comes as precisely no surprise that Teresa May would not hesitate to commit genocide via Trident.
It would be difficult for Teresa May to appoint a health secretary, because the medical & scientific community clearl…
The new British PM, Teresa May, at special reception for Huzur in 2013 said this & more:.
I also so a woman Anchorwoman covering Teresa May becoming Primeminister. Clearly some sort of conspiracy.
Respect Teresa May feel the difference in the atmosphere since being made PM everything feel lighter agree Exit success
Ed Miliband says (with tongue in cheek) of Teresa May's Downing Street speech: "I hope she is going to have the courage…
I just want everyone to know I am not in anyway related to Teresa May! 👎🏻
When Teresa May was asked if she could press the button and kill 100,000 innocent people, she said "yes." I wouldn't
yes and we get on alert to fire nuclear weapons Teresa may would have the final say
That Teresa May looks like that old neighbour who always shouts at he for walking up yer path too loudly
WW3? Boris is at the FO and Teresa Mad May has just said in Parliament that she would push the Nuclear button. Just saying!
Teresa may made a good decision to sack George Osborne not going to lie
Voting out not racist. I do not regret my vote in the slightest. Let's all talk about how Teresa May should call a general election instead
MP: "Would you be prepared to use the nuclear deterrent and kill hundreds of thousands of women and children?". Teresa May: "Yes I would."
Teresa May is turning into my best friend. Told Sturgeon who was boss and when asked if she'd press nuclear button she said…
Teresa May, the new PM of England, Zionist supporter of Israel...and the story never ends, doesn't it? Still can't see the authors?
I think the power has gone to Teresa May's head a little to fast
I can't tell what I love more about Teresa May is it her views or her trademark kitten heels
like Teresa MAY be the new PM - loads of those gags dropped last week by people who were pleased as punch they came up with it
Just waiting for Teresa May to be announced as the winner of the 76th Hunger Games.
New Prime Minister Teresa May admits that she is willing to commit mass murder - could be worse she could have had liaisons with a pig.
Teresa May staring at you while you're looking at bikini photos is a perfect metaphor for how the Internet will be.
Teresa May the devil ball licking muppet. Do you guys think Canada will accept me as an immigrant/Expat? Which ever one works tbh.
Teresa May should visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki before being so sure she would authorise a nuclear strike on innocent people
Jackson thought Teresa May is the UK's first female Prime Minister. I can't. 🙄
Jackson thought Teresa May was the first woman Prime Minister. He had to be corrected by Laura. LAURA
Singing 'Teresa May' to the tune of 'Enola *** has suddenly lost all comedy value
Teresa May says she will happily use WMD that can kill 100Ks of people, easy from 300ft below ground in a nuclear bunker
Even the housemates can't believe and that Teresa May is the new Prime Minister
Andys reaction to teresa may being pm is brilliant
The people in this house are thick, God knows why Jane is so excited about Teresa may
Hughie echoes the rest of the country "who's Teresa May"
without any doubt agree with Teresa's May.
Blimey, Teresa May has balls of steel. I'd love to see her negotiating with Juncker, she'll batter him
Great we have still got nukes and Teresa May has her finger on them. Ok that will work!
Teresa May not even pausing for effect before answering nuke thousands question in the affirmative. Referee!
Regarding Teresa May's response to the trident renewal, at least she was upfront about her answer and didn't ignore the question
- Nuclear deterrent my *** - Teresa May, supreme poker player, total newbie or insane na...
I really like Teresa I need to get off the wine ?
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Why does think it's important to tell us John Key's opinion of someone he's never met? (Teresa May)
The fact that Teresa may doesn't seem to understand the concept of M.A.D worries me deeply.
A lot of respect for Teresa May on her answers in Parliament on Well said about that green woman. Defend our enemies more than us
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