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Tejano Music

Tejano music or Tex-Mex music (Texan-Mexican music) is the name given to various forms of folk and popular music originating among the Mexican-American populations of Central and Southern Texas.

Tejano Music Awards Selena Quintanilla San Antonio Jennifer Lopez

Any interest in tejano music? β€” Yea, I listen and like all music..
They're white and listening to tejano music wow
My neighbors playin that tejano music...gonna have to hit a slow two stepπŸ’ƒ
Photos: Love for music abounds at San Antonio's 36th annual Tejano Conjunto Festival
idk where we are but we're listening to tejano music and i am ENJOYING THIS
This Friday - Luz Maria as Selena w/ a powerhouse band! 2 hours of music by the Queen of Tejano. 8p-10p at…
Every time the kitchen door opened Tejano music came pouring out.
Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Most beautiful voice +soul. One of my biggest inspirations for sure. Queen of Tejano music ht…
I love Selena the Tejano queen. Her music is so beautiful.
Thanks to the Talaveras family! Had a blast playing a little tejano y cumbia music. Great food and fun. Lot of boot…
sitting in the rain it's okay tho a little rain won't kill the spirit of TEJANO MUSIC!
Today I listened to The Avalanches, some Sikh devotional music, and the live Tejano band across the street. Oonce. Aum. Bailar.
When La Tropa F isn't performing award-winning Tejano music, they're plumbers!
my roommate is playing norteΓ±o and tejano music and i want to die
Dont ever disrespect the Queen of tejano music
almost 4 hours later and the tejano music is still playing... and I can't.
If you tell me you from San Antonio, I expect you to be friendly, well mannered & like tejano music but nah SA really be having Thugs
Trying to take a nap but all I can hear is the bass to my neighbors annoying tejano music
I just entered to win tickets to 2017 Tejano Music National Convention from
You know it's gonna be a good Sunday when you're baking & listening to tejano music πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Listening to Tejano music, and drinking coffee while my friend's parents cook us papas con huevos.
Bruh all we had was tejano music and the electric slide πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Mine goes to indie to gangster rap to hip hop to tejano I'm universal with music πŸ˜‚
Aka as the queen of tejano music and legend that continues to live.
yo it's 2:45 am and my mom is blasting Tejano music wtfff I know I'm Latina but is this necessary? Ya girl needs sleep
How you gon disrespect the queen of tejano music like that??
When you come home and hear your drunk dad and cousin sing Tejano music horribly at the top of their lungs.
you will NOT disrespect Selena Quintanilla, La Reina of Cumbia and Tejano music.
Shout out to the Mexican American Legislative Caucus for throwing us a party with free tacos and margaritas πŸ‘πŸ½ I need tejano music next time
I mean i love tejano music but she's playing the most boring songs ever
Beer flowing and pure tejano music flowing right now I am in heaven
Country night was actually tejano music night πŸ˜‚
I am determined to learn how to dance properly to tejano music. πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸ½
It's a beautiful evening, listening to tejano music and cooking out with Ramiro's family. ❀️
Ears are full of tejano music, my belly full of tequila and pork tacos...
Why on earth would you disrespect the queen of Tejano music like that
put some respect on Selena Quintanilla - pΓ©rez queen of tejano music's name and don't compare her to a girl group f…
Rare pictures of Selena at the Tejano Music Awards (1993)
*Anthony pulls up to a truck full of Mexicans and blares Tejano music and thinks there's a connection
Cold beer, perfect weather, and some tejano music. This is lifeπŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Have You Voted Today?. 36th Annual Tejano Music Awards . General Ballot is ONLINE NOW! . DEADLINE to VOTE is 12am...
Grupo Ondoconfirmed to perform at the upcoming Tejano Music Awards Why Not? Entertainment Budweiser Hermes Music...
On this last Monday of Hispanic Heritage Month we would like to share this quote from Tejano music idol Selena with…
Why Not? Entertainment is the official marketing team for the Tejano Music Awards. For Press, Media, Interviews,...
Join us for the biggest night in Tejano Music!
Come & cover the biggest night in Tejano Music!
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Support Tejano music and check out the artists pages @
The best type of music to clean to is some tejano music
My frustration with tejano no longer has anything to do with the fact that I'm not a fan of the music/don't speak the language.
Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz will forever be my favorites, love love love my Tejano music πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
I wanna ride shotgun with my baby while listening to some good ol' Tejano music
So apparently my afternoon is going to be nothing but loud Tejano music from the house behind me I can hear in my room.
I'm one of those girls that drinks to Tejano & Mexican music & has a blast while doing it, occasionally feel like cryin, but I ain't no punk
I love cooking and making BBQ to tejano music πŸ’“
let's talk about how this song sounds like tejano music I love it
Thank you so much Tejano Nation for constant support and all you do to keep Tejano music strong! We are here, we...
I go from korn, to POPPIN and locking with rupaul music, and then tejano and corridos . All at 3:58 AM
I wana see where she is at,. I want to dance this tejano music with her 😍😍
Da Krazy Pimpz is scheduled to perform at the 36th Annual Tejano Music Awards, November 12, 2016, at the Tobin... https:/…
I miss this humble and graceful woman.This is a person I learned Spanish and tejano music and culture from.She is a…
i thought the selena hashtag was about Selena Quintanilla PEREZ THE QUEEN OF TEJANO MUSIC
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Tejano music makes me a completely different person than country music πŸ˜…
πŸ“· I like to have fun!!! I like the outdoors. I like all types of from country to tejano. I love...
Tejano music performed by Sonido Cuatro here at Tucson Meet Yourself in Downtown Tucson.
I also have a disliking for obnoxious Hispanic men who blast their stupid Tejano music in public.
Curly is jamming to tejano music full blast πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
Tejano music is the only spanish music I'll listen to.
I'm just really attracted to guys that can dance like especially tejano or cumbia music! 😍😩
I know I'm home when I hear the tejano music blaring
Me: Ya in Texas people either listen to country or tejano music. Group: what's tejano music? Me: *pull's out sombrero*…
Makeup inspired by the late Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla has drawn lines at stores around the country.
Radio playing some good tejano music on my way to work this morning!!
I've also been listening to tejano music all day today .
I just want to dance to some tejano music with someone and have some drinks right now. BUT I'M STILL IN DALLAS GOING CRAZYYY lol.
These past few days I've been listening to nothing but tejano music (:
Pharr native nominated for Tejano Music Award - Monitor
Tejano music with my family this evening ❀️
Tejano music scene. She was very down to earth, donated to multiple charities, and had a huge impact on a lot of celebrities
Tejano Music Awards celebrates 36 years of being the major and longest running event of Tejano Music. The Tobin...
Don't Miss the "Biggest Night in Tejano Music". 36th Annual Tejano Music Awards, NOVEMBER 12, 2016 at the Tobin...
Tejano Music Awards! Make plans to attend Tejano Music friends and supporters!
Will Selena Quintanilla get her own Barbie doll? Fans of the Tejano music queen, one of the most popular late music icons, have launched a
Man Tejano music is by far one of my favorite types of music , so calming and melodically pleasing
someone was bumpin tejano & proud music super loud so I look outside and find out it's my mom πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
The accordion is amazing! Tejano music will always have a place in my heart. ❀️
I should be studying for my test in 10 minutes but instead I'm being a *** and jammin to tejano music πŸ˜‚
Grupo Ondo, Scheduled to perform (Subject to Change) during the 4 day 2016 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair March...
I only enjoy tejano music when I'm drunk. Not when I'm sober trying to go to bed.
My next girl has to be able to dance to country and tejano music or its just not gonna work πŸ’ƒ
I want to dance to some tejano music
Tejano music should never be played loud enough in your car that I hear it in my house.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I want to go to San Antonio and jest jam to good ole Tejano music πŸ€—
I'm sick that Tejano music isn't a big deal in Houston.
A massive crowd of Tejano Music lovers in Midland, TX came to see Xelencia, La DiferenZia, La Fiebre and Little...
Lol that's kind of hilarious. My neighbors blast tejano music like all day everyday. I'm just in my room and that's all I never hear
After we ate our Barbacoa and had big red we blasted our tejano music and danced in the kitchen while cleaning up πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
The latest from is inspired by the Tejano music she’s loved since childhood.
Listening to Tejano music is the only way I get through cleaning days
Selena (Not Gomez) . β€’ queen of tejano music. β€’ gone too soon. β€’ has one of the best biopics of all time. . β€’ gorgeous htt…
Real talk: my love for Tejano music is too deep to describe. And nobody knows that about me.
I can't stand Tejano music too long. It gets irritating lol.
Tejano music be killing my vibe man lol
The connection between polka music and Tejano music is being hammered home by the party down the street.
My parents are listening to tejano music & I'm actually singing along, what the heck? 😳
Dear neighbor,. I'm not racist but I'd really love to shove your overplayed and loud af tejano music up your ***
lol my parents were just blasting tejano music in their room and now they are blasting NWA
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It's a hard life being a Mexican when no matter where you are when you hear Tejano music you have to cumbia
Selena. A true queen & icon. She has left an unremovable mark on Tejano music & is an inspiration to many.
This *** Santi was bumpin Tejano music and put "Black History Month" as his filter πŸ˜‚
Tejano music is where it's at today.
Ok starting off with Selena, QUEEN of Tejano music
The 35th Annual Tejano Music Awards starts now. Watch live streaming now at
πŸ“· michaelsocha: You broke the Tejano music scene wide open. No woman’s ever been able to make it. Now...
Was actually surprised me and my dad were actually jamming to tejano music tonight.
Jamming to some great tejano music on this Saturday night at work!!
I'm sitting here eating menudo and singing tejano music... If I haven't hit my ultimate Mexican level I never will
Listening to all this Tejano music makes me wanna move to San Antonio or somewhere in west Texas.
Wish I could go out dancing to Tejano music, or just some good music
Love love love tejano music, no shame.
December 6th the DFW Tejano Music Coalition is having a toy drive at…
-up from Chech (?) & German immigrants & integrated it into Tejano music. It's huge in Cajun music.
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I dunno what the heck they're saying, but I can surely jam to tejano music.
I honestly like listening to Tejano music. I only understand about half of what they're saying, but it's still one of my favorite genres..
But why am I listening to Tejano music..?
Plot twist I like listening to tejano music
I just want to listen to tejano music and dance in a circle.
Tejano Nation please listen in Monday 9-10am 91.7 FM for info about Austin Tejano Music Coalition TOY...
Tejano Bands interested in performing at the 2016 Tejano Music Awards FAN FAIR can signup NOW. DEADLINE is...
On Monday's show, we'll talk with Aggie Sanchez of the Austin Tejano Music Coalition about this event. Live 9-10...
I remember the loss of A rising pop star that made her bones singing Tejano music but at the threshold of xover success was killed
The one thing I love most about myself is how much I love all music. I can go from rap to acoustic to country to tejano and so on.
Selena is the eternal queen of Tejano music and she was the 90's Tejano's Queen but Selena Gomez is this generations !
Their backup dancers are wearing 90s Tejano music outfits
Great now the fam is busting out the tejano music
Where did the Feeling Go? Selena at the 1991 Tejano Music Awards
tejano music is nice ig but I prefer my music - why don't you blast Hamilton ??
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same! I'm actually not a fan of any Tejano music unless it's Selena lol
Started playing Tejano music in the pharmacy because they made me miss thanksgiving
Someone teach me how to two step. And to dance to tejano music and other Hispanic music πŸ˜…
| Here's the late Tejano singer, Selena singing song in concert. Music is colorblind!
U know ur Mexican asf when Luke Bryan comes on and ur grandpa mutes it & puts tejano music on πŸ˜‚
One person brings a speaker and a mic to the thanksgiving feast and we spend the rest of the day singing tejano music.
What is it about Tejano music that makes the listener insist on playing it so loud I can't hear myself fart?
im also thankful for the God of tejano music Selena
Tejano music playing, making pies, Mac & cheese, drinking cafΓ©, & looking forward to the memories of families!
Grew up playing guitar to tejano heck yes.
I'm thankful for tejano music because without it i wouldn't be happy rt
I'd like to pop in since tejano is a style of music I really enjoy hearing. It'd help if we got a Latin American vb...
Waking up to loud tejano music on thanksgiving you know my dads ready to party lol πŸ˜πŸ‘
hate waking up to loud tejano music...I already know ima be cleaning all day !
Como la flor will forever be my favorite Selena song of music 🌹
Tejano is the best music to play when you're on a road trip
Definitely back in the south. Pick-ups and a variety or Tejano, Country and Cajun music are blaring.
Singing Tejano music and not even understanding what they're saying
My grandpa walked in, turned on tejano music, and walked outside.πŸ‘€
I love coming home and listening to tejano music on the radio mostly bc the play Selena like every 30 min
I think I'm one of the few people who prefers Selena's older tejano music.
I don't ask much of my Mexican food restaurants, but have on Tejano music. I LOVE Cuban music, but it feels wrong.
Time to sit on this porch and jam to some tejano music drink this cold Shiner Bock
Let me go listen to the queen of Tejano music. My beautiful queen Selena
Woke up to mom jamming to tejano music while dancing in the kitchen. She's just the cutestπŸ€“
2015 - Happy Thanksgiving to All, from the Board of Directors and Staff of the Tejano Music Awards!
You are our Casey Cassum, Wolfman Jack & *** Clark. You'll always be the voice of Tejano Music.
The box office is now opened!. Get your tickets to the Tejano Music Awards here - .
My mom got Tejano music going on this early
I highly recommend yall try "Taco Pronto" seriously they make homemade tortillas and they have Tejano music playing lol feels like family
My mom has this tejano music too loud to early
If you don't bump intocable we can't be coo like come on tejano music is πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŽΆ
Jamming out to tejano music gets me in a good mood☺
Join us This Friday night Tejano Music friends and supporters in Houston, Texas!
it really is. I live pretty close to where she came from and Texas still thrives with her music on the tejano stations.
RT_@ ramirez7990: the guy who turns down the tejano music when around racist white...
Stay with the Official Hotel Partners for the 35th Annual Tejano Music Awards with special pricing
Okay. Tejano music is playing. Gotta clean.
See the first ever animated Tejano music video featuring Veronique Medrano!
Just spoke with Sarah Chavez - Latin Pointe. and confirmed Official Photographer for the 2015 Tejano Music National...
Kenny g 3-7. With Kxtn prizes and great tejano music. Have a nice day. Smile.
Tejano jams on point πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ best music to have while cleaning 🎢
That awkward moment when your dog rides in the car with you & changes the radio station. Tejano music? Ok.
All these bad mood people are really starting to kill my vibe. . *plays Tejano music* . Just a little better.
Hope my roommates & neighbors don't mind me jamming to tejano music.. Sorry guys.
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The fact that the queen of Pop music was named after the queen of tejano music 😍😍😍
Dusty's snapchat story makes me wanna go to a dance fr! I love tejano music!
Kenny g from 3-7 with Kxtn prizes n great tejano music. Party time. Thanks for listening to Kxtn.
ehhh not my type of music. I can't dance to it. I like country, tejano, oldies, soft rock,trap music, & mo-town lol
The roofers, along with their hammering, are playing a mix of American pop and Tejano music. At least I won't get musically bored.
Finally listening to this mix of Tejano soul music I got at Record Store Day and this is cool as ***
Tejano music for the drive into summer workouts. Feels like I'm in south Texas! Love it down there.
Tejano Music Awards celebrating its 35th year here is the official poster. Bino G. Ttma
During the summers, I listen to country music and tejano music.πŸŒšπŸ˜‚.
The Tejano Classic and Tejano Music Awards Radio shows can now be heard on POWER 106 in Lubbock. Gracias!
Queen of Tejano music. Selena was murdered 20 Years ago today;. April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995
I get so annoyed listening to my moms tejano and Spanish music it's just not my thing
Official Flyer. The 35th Annual Tejano Music Awards is set for Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Tobin Center...
Today, like many other days, we all have an obligation to our Tejano Culture & it's music. This Summer 2015 is...
Also I realize why I stopped listening to my tejano music, it's because it makes me want to be in San Antonio right now.
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35th Tejano Music Awards Tickets go on sale June 26th 10AM.
A bunch of drunk mexicans, listening to Tejano music on a boat going to Progresso . I wana gooo :(
Make plans now to attend.share with your friends. It will be a great night of LIVE Tejano Music!! $5 Cover...
If only she was still here πŸ˜”, beyond beautiful, Queen of Tejano musicπŸŽ€πŸ’‹! .
These people painting the apartments have no respect. I'm putting my newborn to sleep, I don't wanna hear your tejano music on full blast!
You don't know tejano music if you don't know my tio's song. βœ‹
Tejano music is by far the worst music ever to be created idc what anyone says
Mustang just drove by blaring Tejano music. It's kinda like Mexican Zydeco really, it all sounds pretty much the same. .
Let me know when it's DMCA Tejano Music night.
He would play your music all the time. I was only a kid.He got me playing guitar
Why does pandora think it's okay to play tejano music when I'm listening to corridos?
Sometimes I go through this weird Tejano music phase..πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸŽΆ
I'm really getting tired of waking up to the smell of a burning cigarette, weed, and Tejano music!! 😑
One of the best duos in history. and Beautiful.
ifw to' but i caint get jiggy to mexican music unless its tejano. Boricua baby u know how that go
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Idk why, but listening to Tejano music makes me miss my hometown of Corpus Christi even more!!
you wanted to dance too tejano music like ew πŸ˜•πŸ˜… but I'm sorry frfr its just that i don't like that music lmao & ta mensoπŸ˜…
Remembering the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla, on her Birthday!
Jamaican Hub β€Ί Log In - Jennifer Lopez will pay tribute to the late Tejano music icon Selena at the 2015...
Mozart said one of his best times to receive music was when he can't sleep :)
I may be the only hispanic that doesn't willingly listen to tejano or any latin music for that matter. Not my thing.
I srsly love Tejano music more than any other music.
9AM "Rancho Alegre" Celebration of Tejano & Conjunto - true Texas music forgotten elsewhere on the dial. 91.7FM /
Thanks to you guys for all the great Tejano music.
Let the music and melody go where it wants.Your job is to only bring it into this world
Idk if someone in the neighborhood is blasting tejano music or its coming from fiesta downtown
im actually kidding about the dancing part lol all I hear is tejano music lol
the Queen of Tejano Music. My idol. 20 years later, and her legacy is still alive.
Everyone should know who Selena was she was The Queen of Tejano music and all ways will be..
20 years ago an icon of music and the state of was taken too early. Rest in peace
20 years ago the day Selena was murdered. Pour one for the GOAT of Tejano music.
If anyone knows me they know I love synth driven music. Which might explain why I love late 80's early 90's Tejano music.
ANYTHING FOR SELENNAS! The Queen of Tejano music. Can't believe its been 20 years, I…
Still can't get enough of her music! Wish I could have seen one of her performances!
Tejano music is all men, you know that.
R.I.P to Selena Quintanilla the all time queen of tejano music 🎀
Yes I am listening to Queen of Tejano music Selena on in my office. Feel free to judge jerks.
20 years gone and her memory is still bright as ever! The Queen of Tejano Music!
Queen of Tejano music..I hope that you are resting in heavenly peace love🌹.
Twenty years ago today, Tejano music lost one of its greatest superstars. RIP, Selena.
I remember her music & influence. 20th anniversary of death. http…
I was coming home from the store with my mom when the radio interrupted "Tejano music star Selena has…
10 things to know about Selena, the Queen of Tejano, on the 20th anniversary of her death
Photo: billboard: 20 years ago today, we lost Latin music legend Selena.Β  Selena pushed Tejano to...
Exactly 20 years ago today,The most Humble,down-to earth person the queen of Tejano music left us with great memories.
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the world lost the queen of tejano music. Rest in peace Selena.
Today we remember Tejano Queen an inspiration to the music industry http…
Selena will always be the queen of Tejano music
Tejano music makes me wanna dance the night awayπŸ™Œ
I never thought I would like Tejano music but *** I love it!! 🎢
Check out my video from the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio. I had so much fun and met so many great people!...
Country music and tejano music too. They just make life better
me and Caity were dancing so hard to tejano music and her mom was watching the whole time πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Listening to tejano music on my way back πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
I don't always drink dos equis.. But when I do, it's with tejano music in the background 😎
Nothing better than listening to tejaño music around the table with my mom and her boyfriend and my sister. ☺️
Some neighbors are blasting tejano music. I have no prob w/tejano music. I have a huge prob w/obnoxious ppl. Everyone ***
Happy? yeahh babe!!! thank you for changing tha Music player on the website. Now i can listen all the time the best Tejano Radio.
Listening to the QUEEN of tejano music! I love her she was and still is an inspiration to so many…
Is it real Tejano or Regional Mexico music? There is a huge diff
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Question, why can't someone create an online paid Tejano Music station that plays new Tejano and old? Do you want to know about new albums?
"when you invite your black friend to your quinceaΓ±era me when tejano music drop
*strong urge to dance to some tejano music in SA ☺️
listening to Selena Quintanilla in geography 🎢 long live the queen of tejano music πŸ™Œ
Good morning everyone first day of Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair is here let's get it.
I have my speakers so loud rn bc I can hear my dads tejano music from the backyardπŸ˜’
Can someone tell my neighbors to stop playing tejano music πŸ˜‘
Please tell me why I'm jamming to tejano music rn. Lol πŸ˜‚
I want to dance to nothing but tejano music all night πŸ’ƒ
Tejano music gets me in my feelings lol
There's tejano music blasting throughout my house. HELP.
Got my coffee and tejano music leggo
Done for the day! Camped out here for the night. β€” listening to Tejano music at Bell County Safety Rest Area
It appears will host a tribute to Tejano music legend this month.
I can tolerate listening to tejano while my parents listen to it but what I can't is rock.. I H8 rock music.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
being that you don't know Tejano music I'm moving up there
what to *** is tejano music and also my family had a place in Maine but I'm from Mass.
hey do yall have Tejano music up there in mane
This Olive Garden would be alot more authentic if there wasn't Tejano music blaring from the kitchen.
My music goes from bachata to rap to reggaeton to tejano to house to country.. 🎡
Cleaning to Tejano music is a must ☝️
I can't listen to Tejano music without tearing up. Reminds me so much of my grandfather
Tejano music is relaxing style and it reminds me of home.
is looking for sponsors. Tejano music, culture & lifestyle. Email info(at)to sponsor.
Can my grandpa not blast his tejano music this early in the morning πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Love that this is going on in Houston TX on 3-27-15!!! Cause I love me some Tejano and Freestyle music!!! Let’s...
On a night that I'm down like this, just needa throw on some tejano music . πŸ‘Œ
I added a video to a playlist SESI performs "Ya No Seras" at Tejano Music Fan Fair 2006
When my dad picks me up and all U hear is tejano music πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
My mom and her Tejano music I swear πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜›
Ive got a neverending love for you... listen Ramiro "Ram" Herrera the best tejano music
Had to make some time for Tejano music at SXSW
Thank you to everyone who supported us at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair last Thursday! God bless!
The only commercial radio stations I tune into anymore are the Tejano/NorteΓ±o music stations (usually while on road trips).
UPDATE: STARLIGHTS were in Austin TX. last night ( TUE ) we had an awsome time. We played Blues and Tejano Music,...
Tejano music is just feel good music to me ❀️
My husband is gonna have to know how to dance to Tejano music. Like that's a requirement. If he can't dance then oh well πŸ˜‚
Is it just me or does Tejano music sound like someone raping an accordion with a broken trombone?
I literally listening to anything except country. even tejano music is my jam
Saturday means cleaning and Tejano music. Starting with 😍
My daddy, Manuel Garcia, is now enjoying Tejano music with Agapito Zuniga.que viva Cristo y que Viva TEJANO MUSIC you daddy and Agapito.RIP.
The joy of dancing tejano music with my Andrew my little tejanito he loves it
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