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Teena Marie

Mary Christine Brockert (March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010), better known by her stage name Teena Marie, was an American singer, songwriter and producer.

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can't nobody tell me Teena Marie wasn't one of the best to ever touch a mic
How come Teena Marie never got this much fanfare? She was eons better than Adele. She was a true icon. Look her up if y'all don't know
Most of yall don't know this, but that horn lick a tribute to THA BADDEST WHITE FUNK/R&B FEMALE ARTIST EVER, TEENA MARIE.. R.I.P LEGEND..
listening to the Hostility EP. Dope. May well purchase. And u mention the great Teena Marie who I love
Behind The Groove by Teena Marie is in The Sun, Lancaster. Download it now at
Me and pops in here off that Teena Marie
Listen to Fire and Desire by Rick James & Teena Marie on
Ooo my Teena why did we lose you! Love my white girl with all that soul! ❤️😥
I don't think there's anybody that loves Teena Marie as much as me
Teena Marie will always be the truth.
same. My mom always had some RnB in the car growing up. SWV, Mary J, Teena Marie, Badu, Ashanti, etc.
Ok, you're indeed in the Teena Marie, Lisa Stansfield, Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith Hall of Fame! Ha! 😉
please do your research. Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, Teena Marie, Iggy Azalea, Robin Thicke, and Emimem have BET awards!!
Me (to Reuben & Moska) : "do you know who Teena Marie is?". Moska: "I know a Tina Penson". Reuben: "did she go to Diamond Bar High School? "
Dabbling in some modern Motown Funk for tonight's set. Mary Jane Girls, Rick James, Teena Marie,…
did you peep the Teena Marie sample?
Catch me at 9 AM Bumpin Rick James and Teena Marie "Fire and Desire" smokin on a big joint 🌞😎
Our Powertools Flashback came from the SOS Band - Take your time (do it right), & on now Teena Marie - I need your lovin...
Happy by Rick James Feat. Teena Marie, found with Listen now:
Teena Marie voice was mind blowing to me
I want a friend who gon passionately sing Fire and Desire with me and know all the ad libs. We can take turns being Teena Ma…
Fire & Desire x Rick James & Teena Marie is hands down one of my favorites ever .
Deli I'm in is playing some awesome 80's songs right now. Singing along to Lover Girl by Teena Marie & I know all the words. Weird
listening to Listen Free to Teena Marie - Out On a Limb Radio on iHeartRadio
listening to Listen Free to Teena Marie - Fire And Desire Radio on iHeartRadio
listening to Listen Free to Teena Marie - Deja Vu (I've Been Here Before) Radio on iHeartRadio
Doing this Teena Marie tribute tomorrow. I might die. But it's worth it.
Same thing happened with my fav Teena Marie. I didn't know she was white for a LONG time
listening to Listen Free to Teena Marie - Can’t Last a Day Radio on iHeartRadio
Riding in rain listen to Teena Marie
Teena Marie was too lit for her own good
80s rock Teena Marie I Need Your Lovin' Download the smart phone app now.
Need babe to learn Teena Marie's part of "Fire and Desire".
If I had to guess, I’d say Mike Huckabee is your closet Teena Marie fan.
as a professional political journalist, which candidate would you say likes Teena Marie best? Filling out my endorsement slate.
My new plan is to vote for whichever Presidential candidate likes Teena Marie best.
Playing Rick James & Teena Marie - Fire and Desire (1) on Front Porch Jamz your home of R&B ,Southern Soul,Blues, and Gospel
My mom has been playing Portuguese Love by Teena Marie on repeat for the past hour
All the old teena Marie & Rick James blasting in my mama kitchen tonight 💃🏽
Oh 80's music how I love thee: Teena Marie - Lovergirl 📻via
Square Biz!! Teena Marie! So good, one of the unsung practitioners of white soul and the second (?)…
I just made pancakes and cleaned while jamming out to Teena Marie and I am feel great about life
I am just in awe of the vocal range and overall soul that these women possess.reminds me of Teena Marie of the Rick James
Same as Teena Marie. We love her although she was white. It didn't matter.
Anita Baker and teena marie my gals.. Love them!
I'm just a Teena Marie looking for my Rick James y'all. 😂😩
All purpose parts banner
Could someone please make a Rick James biopic already??? Who would play my girl Teena Marie?
I didn't find out Teena Marie wasn't black until years later lol
This is my jam: Behind The Groove by Teena Marie ♫
Lisa Raye & The Brat, Lil Kim & faith Evans,Tamia,,Teena Marie and more of clones of Myself ,it's going to look ugly in the end !
Teena Marie sang the mess out of Casanova Brown.
Amy's done it, Joss Stone, Teena Marie, Rob Thicke, JT... so I'm confused on how being white n creating R&B ballads is a prob.
I liked a video Rick James and Teena Marie Fire and Desire Live
Spent the day listening to Amy Winehouse, Luther Vandross, and Teena Marie. That combo can make you really feel some type of way about love!
What yal really know bout Teena Marie.. Ma pop use to Cruz to this.. Put a lil *** D
Teena Marie couldn't even make it in 2015.
They need to stop playing and have do a Teena Marie biopic, she would be perfect for that
LIVE on Beating my friends backstage. Teena Marie tribute
Wild Horses by Teena Marie is still my fav 😩👌❤👐
They played Teena Marie - Square Biz and Drip Drop from Empire at the Labor Day one.
"I'm young and I'm old. I'm rich and I'm poor. I feel like I've been on this earth many times before.". Teena Marie
Hamilton Collection
I also have to wonder, if Adele made unambiguously Black sounding music, would the industry Teena Marie her?...*scratches chin*
Adele, Jon b, teena Marie, even gonna reach with Elton John etc they were all themselves as white people and they just were soulful
I love the *** out of Teena Marie, Jon B, Michael McDonald, Timberlake, and Winehouse
Now i'm not saying Adele is Teena but it's interesting to compare how the latter was widely accepted by black ppl.
real talk, your mama nem loved Teena Marie almost especially bc she was white. She could blow and was "down", but white and "special"
Things you didn't know: In 2004, while American singer Teena Marie was sleeping in a hotel room, a large picture f…
black folks loved them some Phil Collins, Michael McDonald and Teena Marie.
I want to live in the space Teena Marie describes on Déjà Vu. That would be the place to be.
Teena Marie is the ONLY White Soul Singer...that ever had an "Original" sound all her own. Rest contrived.
Granted, iggy needs her *** kicked. And yes, Adele is a regular *** middle school teacher with a voice, some are dead fire. RIP Teena Marie
Teena Marie - Square Biz - 1981 (ReMatered from live concert to CD quality) via
I feel like listening to some Teena Marie
If this how y'all feel about Adele, how TF did y'all feel about Teena Marie?
I mean Adele just has crossover appeal. *** we claimed Teena Marie
If Adele is appropriating Black culture, so is Teena Marie.
My fav 80's song is a tie between For The Lover In You by Shalamar and Out On A Limb by Teena Marie.
that's not really it. Teena Marie was a great artist but even 20 years ago, black women who could sing …
Whitney Houston. Mariah Carey. Teena Marie. Stephanie Mills. Patti Labelle. That's already five, and these are only black wo…
Deja Vu (I've Been Here Before)via"I can feel this for sure, I've been here before.." Timeless Teena Marie!
Teena Marie goes so hard *** like I'm constantly in the mood to listen to her
If you have heard this one by Teena Marie, you are going to love it!!. Cruz Inc Radio
This is my jam: Fire And Desire by Rick James / Teena Marie Slow Jams ♫
they was playing teena Marie tonight 👀
🎵 Listening to the ever talanted Teena Marie, Dear Lover. 1983. .
Listen to Tune in Tomorrow by Teena Marie on
"You never know where a blessing come from.". -Teena Marie
Yall do realize that Teena Marie released "Irons In The Fire" only five months after "Lady T"? Man look.
I didn't know he had Teena Marie on that beat.
I added a video to a playlist Teena Marie -Out on a limb- (Best Quality)
On air now I Need Your Lovin` - Teena Marie. Check us out online at
He gave us Teena Marie, Eddie Murphy's pop career, and the Mary Jane Girls.
October 23rd "A Tribute to the music of Teena Marie" with Pam Ward and Comedy Featuring Funnyman…
Check out the replay of our show featuring Legendary R&B SINGERS as the likes of Teena Marie, Patti Labelle, Aretha, Stephanie Nancy Wilson
Deja Vu by Teena Marie really is one of the greatest songs
Clearing my mind with music. Vibing to Teena Marie .
Playing music videos from Teena Marie to Rick James to Mary Jane Girls to PRINCE to Morris Day and The Time! Lovin' every minute!
Raising my hand for Teena Marie in class with on IJS. LOL
watched on Teena Marie soundcheck Thx for the lookin! a venue institution.
I try so hard every time to hit that Teena Marie note...but ummm
One of the best duets of all time.OMG "Fire and Desire" Rick James and Teena Marie.
Ray has me listening to Teena Marie.
Man rest in peace Teena Marie. Her music was so dope.
Teena Marie one of the only few artists that can bring chills throughout my body just hearing her sing👌🏽
I'm in the mood for a little Teena Marie this Sunday morning...
I'm listening to I Need Your Lovin' - Teena Marie on Diva Radio Funk!
soundtrack of my youth. Along with Diana, Gladys, Aretha, and Teena Marie.
Teena Marie was feeling her puss on Square Biz lol
Teena Marie is SO slept on. She was amazing.
yesss teena marie...ok I wish I was with...let me shake the thoughts I would have a good soundtrack going lol
Does anyone know any females that can sang? Not sing but sang? Also looking for a voice like Teena Marie. Inbox me plz…
Shaun King is White but down like Tommy, Bill Clinton, & Teena Marie
Teena Marie, Donna Summer, Phyllis as well. I need them on a poster too.
Teena Marie had me in the shower jamming and dancing
about to kill...that new snippet with the horns is like Zendaya mixed with Beyonce and Teena Marie and I am in love with it!
Thank you I miss my friend Teena Marie so much. Mad cool peoples yo.
Teena Marie station while I shower for the win
she was EVERYTHING. I live for Teena Marie.
Teena Marie was so severly underappreciated. F y'all.
I love Joss Stone, I do. But gotta stick with Motown bae Teena Marie. She's queen of White Soul.
My generation jammin out to Teena Marie Maze & Earth Wind & Fire Sade Wu PE Naughty. They will have songs about nothing.
They didn't put Teena Marie on album covers for a long time cause they didn't know her being white would go over with blacks
Teena Marie - Young Love . Somebody should sample this
Lovergirl by Teena Marie is one of my favorite songs rn, idk I'm feeling it
Teena Marie was absolutely amazing, Fire & Desire was the first song I loved from her & Rick!
Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, Etta James, Bill Withers, Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, and Sade will always be my favs
ii just wanna hold u tight do it to you all night superficial pillow lay ya head on down ohh wOw!! - Teena Marie 🌹
Teena Marie probably has the most soothing R&B playlist, Isley Brothers just came thru in the clutch. I'm a old *** man at heart
Nice work Chris. What the jeffing *** is it? While you're there can you get the 'Best of Teena Marie'?
I dont know how Teena Marie crept into my life but man... Portugese Love...
Must find a Teena Poster for my new room :)
Rick James X teena marie to get me going this morning
None of my friends know of Johnnie Taylor, Bobbie Womack, Stephanie Mills, Minnie Riperton, Teena Marie, 😫 it makes me so sad.
Patti, Teena Marie and Stephanie Mills need to not be covered... Off Limits dammit
"Square Biz" by Teena Marie from 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Teena Marie ♫
all I listen to is Luther, The Temptations, Teena Marie, The O'Jays, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Denise Williams and so on
I'm listening to Wild Horses by Teena Marie on SiriusXM Heart & Soul.
If ya girl got a Teena Marie playlist she's a keeper.
Bob & Doug McKenzie! Howard Jones! Teena Marie! How the radio sounded the last week of March every year in the 80s.
Up listening to Anita Baker, Luther Vandross Teena Marie & more. Cleaning!
"They told me that they are starting a classic label, and ..".
Along the same vein of Miss Chaka Kahn is Teena Marie, jeeze date myself much!! Loved these girls when I was a girl!
Teena Marie's "Out On A Limb". She's one of my favorites. This song is too.
I added a video to a playlist LADY TEENA MARIE REMEMBERS Rick James
"My brothers and sisters please. Our earth is so holy. My Lord help us up above. Recycle our hate to love" . -Teena Marie
I added a video to a playlist RIP Teena Marie: One of her final interviews 2010
*** Teena Marie had a set of lungs on her.
Rick James and Teena Marie Fire and Desire Extended. my error
Fun Song of the Moment: Honey Call - the great Teena Marie - Happy Birthday to a legend who consistently did her thang(M…
Teena Marie - Lead Me On: I will never care how cheese this song is. Came on my iTunes so i thought id share
“Teena Marie - Out on a limb 😍” we was singing that leaving Tennessee 😹😹😹
domain names
To celebrate birthday here again is my 1st aired on Dec2010 feat
To celebrate Lady T's birthday here again is my tribute show first aired on Solar Radio 30th Dec 2010. Featuring...
Fire and Desire - Rick James X Teena Marie. Love love love, it'll never die
These middle aged ladies @ brunch are drunk as *** Cursing like sailors, dancing in unison, demanding Teena Marie and catcalling young men
I def thought Teena Marie was a redbone smh
"teena would get all of it if I had it to give" Teena Marie??
Can't wait!!! I'm going to Tribute to Teena Marie, Feat. Carmen Jones!
You've got Carte Blanche baby.your really bossy I know but I love when you take control 💗 Teena Marie 😊
. ♫ "Behind the Groove by Teena Marie wld kill the bass
Listening to Teena Marie thinking about me & singing in Ms. Parker class 11th grade year! Lol 😘
Why 106.7 and 98.5 not playing Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, and Teena Marie? That's what I feel like listening to. 😞
get your tickets for Tribute to Teena Marie, Feat. Carmen Jones by March 7!
Ok, Teena Marie was annoyingly called out for over-singing her soul... Who's going to call out John Legend ?.
Berry Gordy basically GAVE Teena Marie to Rick James. He didn’t know what to do with her. No one at Motown did.
So cute!!! Imma get Arya to do that along with some Phyllis Hyman and Teena Marie songs. LOL... no, I'm serious...
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Taylor Dayne, Teena Marie, Jason Williams, 3rd Bass, Scott Van Pelt on the JV team.
Listen to Pamela Williams Ft. Patti Labelle, Teena Marie - Secret Garden (Q Re-Edit) by Q Narongwate on
DIED ON THIS DAY: Mary Christine Brockert March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010 better known by her stage name Teena Marie, was a singer, songwriter, and producer. She was known by her childhood nickname Tina before taking the stage name Teena Marie; she later acquired the nickname of Lady Tee (sometimes spelled Lady T), given to her by collaborator and friend, Rick James. She was known for her distinctive soulful vocals, which initially caused many listeners to believe she was black. Her success in R&B and soul and loyalty to these genres would earn her the title Ivory Queen of Soul. She played rhythm guitar, keyboards, and congas. She also wrote, produced, sang, and arranged virtually all of her songs since her 1980 release, Irons in the Fire, which she later said was her favorite album. Mary Christine, or Tina as she was called, was the daughter of construction worker Thomas Leslie Brockert and his wife, home renovator Mary Anne. She spent her early childhood in Mission Hills. Her ethnic heritage was Por ...
Real music has no color (See, Teena Marie or Darius Rucker). But Iggy Azalea is to Hip Hop what Pat Boone is to Rock N Roll.
When Bruno Mars says 'Saaayyy whaaattt' like Teena Marie on Uptown Funk I die
OMG! FB Fam. A Few Tickets Left..Thank you all whom has purchased Tickets! The Hottest Show in TOWN for the Xmas Holiday's Now Playin' The Howard Theatre, "Salute To Motown Twisted" Salute to the Divas, Lashawn Johnson, Sharon Humes, SwaySmokey Staton, Farrah Synclaire, Marcus Smith, Rell Anthony, Stefon Royce, Rashan Legacy Broadnax, Calvin Andre' Hardy Sunday, December 7, 2014 for the ultimate girls's night out. This two-hour show features performers as they sing, dance, and impersonate popular female & male artists, and get the audience in on the act. Enter the magical world of illusion as your favorite divas and divos dazzle right before your eyes. Diana Ross, Mary Wells, Four Tops, Temptations, Rick James, Teena Marie and Martha and the Vandellas replicated by DC's top illusionist. Hosted by the historic newly restored Howard Theater, this show takes on a Las Vegas/Atlantic City feel, and marks a milestone in history being the first female impersonation show since the 1960's The Jewel Box Revue at th ...
Square Biz by Teena Marie on Majic 107.5, Atlanta's Best Mix of R&B!
But what yall don't realize is that sampling Teena Marie's Portuguese Love is absolutely EVERYTHING ❤️
On EVERYTHING I was just ranting and raving about Teena Marie not getting her just due...then gonna sample Portugese Love!! 🔥
I'm not a fan of sole sex r&b albums and this is that. Plus this ode to Teena Marie on Portuguese love Is a no no no.
Hey now! Back in the day Slick Rick and Teena Marie...
Listening to new album VII.loving that Teena Marie sample at the end of Broken Hearted Girl tho! Love the whole album.
I can listen to Teena Marie all day, everyday. No exaggeration.
I added a video to a playlist Tribute to Teena Marie by Jessica Betts-Deja Vu
Teena Marie was the business! I remember crying when she died she my friends were looking at me real crazy lol I love her
Yeah Miss. Definitely Snapping On Her New Album. Speaking Spanish, the Teena Marie plug..she showing out & I'm here for it 🔥🙌
Jess J is a bad woman. On some Teena Marie Lisa Stansfield shii.
Teena Marie - Square Biz is the greatest female contribution to rap
“feel like listening to some Teena Marie” so wassup you tryna share yo itunes you got all the music
“feel like listening to some Teena Marie” she has a beautiful voice, I can't wait to hear that record her & Berg made
feel like listening to some Teena Marie
snapped on this album. Money well spent! I'm super proud of her. And she did a lol Teena Marie on it. Snap then!
The Teena Marie pulled out though😻🙌 Slay mama. This album is the truth, baby!
I want to download Portuguese love by Teena Marie none of my apps have the original
DJ Bandit playing big tune from 112 - 1981--Teena Marie-Square Biz now @
Listen to Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin - M+M Full Mix Coming Summer 2014 by John Morales on
Kna-Lo Venge & Jill Jones talking about her days with Teena Marie are redoing one of her classics. Jill was with Teena & Rick James b4 Prince
Check out Angela Johnson's amazing cover of Teena Marie's "Deja Vu"
Rick James and Teena Marie 🌊 y'all youngins don't know nothing about this 😎
TEENA MARIE at The Birchmere in Virginia singing a snippet of Young Love
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One of my all time fav's... TEENA MARIE Young Love LIVE
My dad is being funny tonight. Over here singing Teena Marie telling me I'm not singing the right note 😂 Boy bye
LOVERGIRL by TEENA MARIE is playing soon on 106.5 The Lake! Pwd by Tireman USA
Teena Marie had a powerful voice omg
On "Recycle Hate To Love" 2004 by Teena Marie, Joyce Sparkley wants to be Rev. 11:11 in reverse earth mama till her cookies freeze over
dayum I got Teena Marie kicking. Creating that play list yezzir
Teena Marie singing "Out On A Limb" is what passion sounds like. I love this song.
I may have voted Teena Marie to office, man.
Teena Marie be crankin on Portuguese love
I emulate Teena Marie in every song I sing
I didn't know teena marie was white til i saw her on the parkers ;_; RIP.
I'm listening to Out On A Limb by Teena Marie on
Happy Sunday! Sun is shining, windows open and I am jamming in the living room. What else can you do wi...
Teena Marie - Portugese Love. Just because her voice is flawless on this :)
No matter what anyone feels is our generations Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Teena Marie, Diana Ross, Anita Baker, Sade
I gotta perfect my Teena Marie voice. I got my Trey Songz, Ron Isley, & Rick James down perfectly.
Teena Marie was a true Diva, spectacular Vocalist and Songwriter..
brisk4life you know I thought about you soon as came on lol! ♫ "Lovergirl" by Teena Marie | via…
Ayye maaiinne stop trippin & just be happy 2be alive...put on ya MJ or ya Teena Marie & be easy thats what I do hehe
Teena Marie was a God on the mic...
If you didn't know who Teena Marie is . you done slipped, fell, & missed it! I got you by Teena Marie!
Now playing Teena Marie - I need your lovin on A1A Classic Soul
Kicking off tonight's with remix Teena Marie - I Need your Lovin
Square Biz x Teena Marie still like the greatest song ever.
Teena Marie- Casanova brown 🎼. Some of y'all are too young to vibe to this lol
this Teena Marie pandora station really has me questioning the music of today.
I need a "best of" Whitney Houston n 1 for Teena Marie
Teena Marie at Q's. This here Bay Area is cranking out stars.
I liked a video Teena Marie live with Rick James
Only white Female that sing anywhere as near as good as Teena Marie is JoJo
I have three teena Marie songs on my top 25 songs ever created and this includes Shostakovich, Dvorak, Beethoven and Kanye
Teena Marie - Out on a Limb on WOWRadio Where Women RULE! Listen on your iPhone or iPad!
NP: - "Oh La La La" feat. Teena Marie on The Beatz & Lyrics Show UNCUT! Streaming NOW from the Atlanta studios of
you know bout Teena Marie and the old school music?
I remember when Michael Jackson died my parents were just whatever about it but when teena marie died it was like the world came to an end.
A new favorite: Selected by Magnifico DeeJay, The Selector! Teena Marie - Portuguese Love (JSolo Remix) by J.Solo.
Now Playing: Fire and Desire by Rick James & Teena Marie on Urban Radio - Slow Jams
Now Playing: Lovergirl by Teena Marie on Urban Radio - Old School R&B
hi nathan: Will malese jow sing the tight Teena Marie song called i need your lovin from the year 1980 to impress her fans?
Coming up next following the fabulous Davis Lynn with The Retro Lounge Radio Show Panama City is Funk 180! Tonight's show is a celebration of the Bar-Kays 50th anniversary in the music biz! Make sure you check out their FB page at The Official Funk Domain Of The Bar-Kays and make sure you tune in tonight at 9pm CST either on the web at or on the FM dial at 90.7FM. The first hour includes tunes from the Bar Kays, Teena Marie, Cameo, Ronnie Hudson and Street People, the/Gap Band, Rick James, Cherelle and Slave.
Feeling recharged after that 16 hour "nap".. Getting ready for tonight!!
I'm playing Teena Marie and the bouncer in the Skarhead t is clapping along. My fun is un-policeable.
I remember being so shocked when I found out teena Marie was white back in the day 😂
Out on a limb by teena marie be having me completely drained
Billboard ranks 'em, counts 'em down! . At number 25 this week is 'Lovergirl' by Teena Marie.
I'll always regret not seeing Teena Marie when she stopped in Philly to do a show. smh
The Donna Summer and Teena Marie had a tribute that was thrown together but what do you expect? It’s BET
this the Bet Awards not the Billboard awards. Teena Marie was an rnb singer. Christina performed in honor of Whitney.
Teena Marie has never been underrated.
it's by Rick James anf Teena Marie lol...listen to it and you'll understand why it's funny lol
Yall already let Dijon mustard prod remakes of the fugees(teena marie ) joint and candy rain. Wait til he prod knocking tha boots
"I've heard a boatload of others ladies' raps but they ain't got nothin' on me" ♫ "Square Biz" by Teena Marie
Somebody compared us to Rick James and Teena Marie i was like awww...dogged
This evening has been brought to you courtesy of Bobby Womack, Sam Cooke and Teena Marie.
is now playing Teena Marie - Portuguese Love The home of Soulful House, Classic R&B and Christian Music!
Teena Marie Radio is playing all the jams. Can't clean for stopping and having mini concerts lol
Teena Marie was signed to Cash Money ? whoa
Teena Marie got me going this morning! 😊
Shout out to Teena Marie for traveling from Louisiana to get her RESULTS in! Awesome full body workout with my...
She's to be heard and not seen. Should have Teena Marie'd her. The Internet would be a bigger name by now.
as i get ready for work . TEENA MARIE - OUT ON A LIMB (NEW ORLEANS BOUNCE):
now TONY SNOW x TEENA MARIE prod by Chevygwapgang NEW 2014 by TONY SNOW 312 on
“Jazzy“ vocalist would be more in line with Anita Baker, Teena Marie, Phyllis Hyman… Hence, the strong Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson influence
The Ultimate Tribute to Teena Marie featuring Carmen Jones at Historic Bal Theatre on June 14... $15.00
Patti Labelle, Gladys knight, Teena Marie, Syleena Johnson, Leela james, Whitney Houston and the list goes on
Wait. I just saw the Ivory Queen of Soul's name misspelled on my TL. Her name is Teena Marie.
Who's the better singer...Teena Marie or Alicia Keys?
Hey FB Fam...tomorrow night we're bringing the Teena Marie tribute to Q's Lounge in Oakland, 2nd & Broadway Jack London Square 8pm-11pm. There no cover, lots of food, and you never know who might show up!! See you there!
Tickets are almost gone yall! Please don't miss this! Go to for more info on this colossal tribute to the music of Rick James & Teena Marie with yours truly Adebayo De' De' Folarin & the soulful Pammy Pam Ward!
On May 16th, we will celebrate the lives and the music of Teena Marie & Phyllis Hyman. Shuga Shang performs in the spirit of Phyllis and Amij FsRecords performs in the spirit of Teena. Don't be the one to here about this concert... BE THERE and see it for yourself. It all takes place at The Boston Street Theater inside of The Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Center, where every seat has a great view of the stage. Get your tickets today at
Trevor Smith did you see the Charm City Jazz event happening, Friday, May 16 on Boston St. Jazz memorial for Phyllis Hyman and Teena Marie. Go to the page and check it out.
While today I'm honored to have left Mother's Day Wishes for My mom, aunt and cousins today I was also having Reflections about my late God Father Donald Yearwood who passed on this day last year. He was a wonderful man with lots of love, wisdom, strength and love. He overcame many obstacles he had throughout his life (including being in a coma for 3 months) but he lived and fought until the end. I miss his love, cooking, his stories about his life including him meeting Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill (he told me the real deal of Phyllis's down to earth and outgoing character and how she was a lovely lady who didn't tolerate disrespect), his advice on dating and how we would speak about many performers, authors and the Unsung documentaries. In fact a few months before he passed he was saying how he wanted to see documentaries on The Dramatics, Brownstone and Xscape. His favorites were Xscape, Phyllis Hyman, Angela Bofill, Teena Marie, Luther Vandross, Jermaine Dupri, Kriss Kross, T.I. Ludacris, Chris Brow ...
If your swirly boo doesn't know Teena Marie, Jon B, Bubba Sparks or Paul Wall...RUN!
Out On a Limb by Teena Marie on 93.1 WZAK! Next up: CHARLIE WILSON.
Nominations are in for the latest round of inductees into The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame! Voting is open to everyone! Just to go register (it's free), log in and go to Hall Of Fame tab. Nominees include Betty Wright, Lenny Williams, The Stylistics, Rahsaan Patterson, Najee, Jerry Wexler, Maurice White, Teena Marie, Natalie Cole and Sweet Inspirations/
The Souled Out Show March 16th 2014 some great tracks on this: Teena Marie, Lonnie Liston Smith, Terry Callier
Be the Teena Marie to my Rick James and do coke and dance with me all night long…
Teena Marie and Anita Baker for , love the dearly departed Lady T but Anita Baker for me all the way.
OMAHA HISTORY: WALI ALI (CLICK THE WORD "SEE MORE" TO READ THE ENTIRE STORY) Wali Ali from Omaha, Nebraska is no stranger to the music world. He helped as a lead Guitarist The Temptations, Eddie Kendricks, Teena Marie, Rick James & Patrice Rushen just to name a few. Wali Ali has toured as guitarist with Marvin Gaye, The Jacksons. Aretha Franklin, and the Undisputed Truth. During his tenure as musical director of the world famous " Cotton Club", Wali was dubbed the "Minister of Music". In the mid 70s he recorded one of the rarest albums on Jobete records entitled “(Oh I) need your loving”, but it was never released. It was released only as demo. Later he played guitar for Marvin Gaye on the album released in 1978. He sang as a backing vocalist for Norman Connors on the album Invitation in 1979. Also he sang together with Patrice Rushen on the song “Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be) “ included on her Posh album from 1980. The same year Lamont Dozier formed the soul group Zingara. Lamont D . ...
-love the 2nd hour-always the possibility of a Teena Marie track gracing the airwaves!! Loving the show
In Memory of Teena Marie "Lady T" Ivory Queen of Soul R.I.P Album Starchild No copyright infringement I DO NOT have any type of ownership or copyright of thi...
I can't wait to sing this Teena Marie song in the African American History Show. 😁❤️
My babies will be made to some teena marie
Sitting outside enjoying this day, I was listening to Pandora until I took out one of earbuds and notice that one my neighbors is listening to the sweet sounds of Teena Marie!! Since he's playing it so loudly and I love her might as well enjoy it!!
Square Biz x Teena Marie is giving me life. 🙌🙌😩😩
From Teena Miller: Good Morning! I was so pleased to get your thank you but we are the ones that need to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you. The girls were so happy! GIRLEEgurlz is the best and I will be telling everyone about your business. I want to send something to Katile. I felt so bad because I didn’t have cash on me and wanted to tip her so I will be sending a check to you for her. Question for you…… My other granddaughter has an environmental peanut allergy and Type1 juvenile diabetes. With the environmental peanut allergy - that means that if there are peanuts or peanut butter anything anywhere in the vicinity, she will have a serious reaction. I would love to bring her there sometime but wanted to check if you are “peanut free”. Teena Marie
When u cant find the remote so you gotta watch them old music videos of Foster The People and Teena Marie.
In my world you're either Teena Marie (squarebiz) or (messy), there is no in between. Keep your word & always be honest!
Teena Marie pandora station cup if tea and "work"
So I knew Oh-Gee-La by TGOD sampled the Fugees but I never knew the Fugees sampled Teena Marie.
Stream Lovergirl by Teena Marie on Greatest Hits for free on Grooveshark.
No one should be shot for playing loud music. Back in high school, I blasted Prince and Teena Marie all day, every day in my car. The older people would just look over, shake their heads, and hope the light would hurry up and change. Things aren't like they used to be!
Teena Marie before work.I'm motivated to have a great one!
Teena Marie will always go down as the most soulful white woman . . My God that woman had so much soul
**NICE, NICE, NICE** Teena Marie ft Ronnie McNeir We've got to stop (meeting like this) .
Teena Marie Erwin do this for winter!
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