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Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Teddy Roosevelt (October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919) was the 26th President of the United States of America (1901–1909).

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Yeah i know teddy roosevelt, hes the dude from night at the museum
My history knowledge is so poor, I nearly fell for that...”Didn’t Teddy Roosevelt look like Grouch Marx”, I thought...🙄
Amazingly enough, Teddy Roosevelt spoke from beyond the grave to weigh in on today. Here's what he had…
Crowdfund a comic book that's like if Teddy Roosevelt had made The Toast, but with ***
The story behind Jeff Flake's Teddy Roosevelt quote on why criticizing the President matters.
I like that. If I remember correctly, Teddy Roosevelt wanted the grizzly bear for national symbol. I…
Lincoln was shot. Garfield was shot. McKinley was shot. Teddy Roosevelt was shot. (AND finished his speech). JFK was sho…
Maybe he’s going for the Teddy Roosevelt era definition of Progressive?
The hate themselves: Rob Bishop goes after Teddy Roosevelt and the Antiquities Act.
Fortunately the statue of Teddy Roosevelt,the rough rider, is still intact in downtown Portland Oregon in f…
Eisenhower was a good start, Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller perhaps, Arlen Spect…
Top three are definitely Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Andrew Jackson. All three are completely ba.
Cmon you know Teddy Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson has to win.
It'd come down to Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson, and they would beat each other into a stalemate…
More reading: Eugene Debs tearing strips off Teddy Roosevelt.
Can we just find Victor Frankenstein or Herbert West and resurrect Teddy Roosevelt to take care of these anti-public lands fools?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
We know our heritage and support management started by Teddy Roosevelt long…
Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders all over again.
I can't begin to tell you how much I love this series!. Teddy Roosevelt's own
Met w/ Theodore Roosevelt IV, great grandson of Pres. Teddy Roosevelt re: and my bill to save Plum Island
Tom Berenger did a fair job depicting Teddy Roosevelt. A good made for TV movie. .
It’s happened before. CFB killed people on the field all the time before Teddy Roosevelt intervened. It can happen again.
"Trump has been the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt: He has spoken loudly and carried a little stick."
Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave...
Congressman suggests Trump take Teddy Roosevelt's advice when it comes to N Korea: Speak softly, carry a big stick.
it says we're 9th cousins. Also have Joan Crawford, Marlon Brando, Wright Bros, Johnny Appleseed, Teddy Roosevelt and more.
I love that Teddy Roosevelt had a hyena called "Bill" and a black bear called "Jonathan Edwards". And that Calvin C…
I think you are forgetting about a dozen other presidents--like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and John Ad…
How dare you compare Trump to Teddy Roosevelt? What part of speak softly don't you under…
You are the party of Lincoln, the party of Ulysses S Grant, the party of Teddy Roosevelt and this is what you've become?
While we're at it, Teddy Roosevelt doesn't really belong on Mount Rushmore aside Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. He's a C+…
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Excellent leadership traits from Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR via Doris Kearns Goodwin
Teddy Roosevelt:. "Speak softly, and carry a big stick.". Donald Trump:. "This is going to kill me. I am the world's greatest p…
Mexican official: “the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt. He speaks loudly and carries a small stick.” http…
If I could grow a mustache like Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, or Teddy Roosevelt, I'd never shave.
Poor he just longs for a Teddy Roosevelt to charge up San Juan Hill.
The Rough Riders: Model 1878: is patterned after a holster used by Teddy Roosevelt in his youth. See full features:…
True historical fact: this is why Teddy Roosevelt started the Spanish American War while his boss was on vacation
I love Unbeatable, unbreakable. He's Teddy Roosevelt's "man in the arena" even when we're on opposite sides.…
Seriously? Teddy Roosevelt was so publicly critical of Wilson he pushed us in WWI. I invite you to read history.
Thought experiment: What if the Kaiser offered Teddy Roosevelt oppo on Woodrow Wilson in 1912?
It's actually five. Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Carter, Reagan and Obama have all won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Yeah, but you're not Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose in a river cool.
Actually if you study progressivism starting with Teddy Roosevelt and perfected by Woodrow Wilson it w…
WGN Chicago Interview on Teddy Roosevelt in the West Library of Congress FDR Library DC Public Library National...
Ryan Zinke is no Teddy Roosevelt despite his lame symbolic act. His historical twin is more like Albert B. Fall of the Teapot Dome Scandal.
Spanish American War factors significantly, too. Teddy Roosevelt comes to Tampa. American imperialis…
I remember being really impressed with Teddy Roosevelt. I read his biography theee or four times. Also Dolly Madison.
Born Today 1873 Jean Adair: Oh, he's so happy being Teddy Roosevelt. -as Aunt Martha in Arsenic & Old Lace…
A great American progressive to counter the plutocracy, Teddy Roosevelt - Trust Buster - Progressive - Henry Wallace -
Across street at Menger Hotel bar is where Teddy Roosevelt & Rough Riders would meet. Great stop for a d…
Teddy Roosevelt to the meatpacking industry after reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
Just finished an incredible work by If you thought you knew about Teddy Roosevelt's fortitude, re…
Donald Trump is the man for the job. He has the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt. He never quits.
Henry Clay was a Whig and thus Pro-Business while Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive & cut down on Business trusts.…
Also on Bush, and the other Clinton. Also on Teddy Roosevelt and Louis Gossett Jr. None of th…
National parks' champions, Teddy Roosevelt and John D. Rockefeller Jr., are turning in their graves at the thought…
Love the old photos of the father of our Natl Park System on his big game hunting trips. Yes, Teddy Roosevelt. 😊 🗽👍
Portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt set at Carson City Sunset Rotary meeting Nevada Appeal Teddy…
and to think teddy Roosevelt pushed a lot of this land through as parks with exec orders before congress stopped him
Fun Fact: Teddy Roosevelt was blind in his left eye due to an injury in a boxing match.
Reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt who said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Trump: No warnings, just a stick.
Teddy Roosevelt was born with terrible asthma. As President he swam the Potomac regularly & boxed with foreign lead…
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Roosevelt
We've come a long way from the days of Teddy Roosevelt.
Do you have a favorite U.S. President? — Teddy Roosevelt
Said to be Teddy Roosevelt's daughter, this Antique framed print, Alice Blue Gown by Arthur Garrett is gorgeous
Why Teddy Roosevelt tried to bully his way onto the WWI battlefield.
100 years ago: Teddy goes to Wilson and asks him to allow a re-constituted Rough Riders to fight in WWI France
Underpainting on my master copy is done. Teddy Roosevelt after John Singer Sargent. @ Westwood,…
Something about Teddy Roosevelt's stubbornness in this story cracks me up
"Believe you can and you're halfway there." — President Teddy Roosevelt
My postcard this week takes on Conspiracy at Teddy Roosevelt Island!.
“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” ~Teddy Roosevelt
march 5th into the wild. WANT glowy kitty. perhaps Teddy Roosevelt, who speaks softly, but carries a big ***
Teddy Roosevelt wanted officers be able to ride 90 miles in 3 days. When they said that was too much, he did it in 1 https…
“Complaining about a problem and not offering a solution is called whining.” - Teddy Roosevelt
I'm related to Archibald Butt, the military aide to Presidents Teddy Roosevelt & Taft. He died on the Titanic and I found out he was ***
Can't wait to tour with Andy Warhol and Teddy Roosevelt!
Obama signed 275 executive orders in 2 years. Fewer than EVERY 2-term President back to…
Teddy Roosevelt was very close to becoming a main course.
I totally agree 150% Teddy Roosevelt had problems with these 7th century savages. 5 times to go to a…
Today's thought from the Best Lent Ever program, a quote from Teddy Roosevelt. There is no effort without error & s…
"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." — Teddy Roosevelt
you might be cool, but you'll never be Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose through a river cool.
This day in history. 1904. Teddy Roosevelt refused to join Britain and France's Entente Cordiale on learning it didn't…
Thank you for this award. It's a tribute to this great country that a man who once took a shot at Teddy Roosevelt coul…
This "president" makes George W. Bush seem like Teddy Roosevelt. What an utter boob of man-baby.
Teddy Roosevelt once said "Speak softly and carry a big stick.". Your approach: "Speak loudly and a car…
I honestly didn't notice the quote because it was zoomed out but I thought it was just a stern Teddy Roosevelt 😂
And to be fair I would have voted for Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Lincoln and numerous former GOP candidates. When they were that party.
Sounds like Civ 6. Finding Teddy Roosevelt in 2000 BC is just a bit weird.
"Speak softly and carry a big stick." -Teddy Roosevelt
This is what happened when Teddy Roosevelt drank a cup of coffee at Andrew Jackson's house. How did I not know this?. https:…
Current events evoking fond memories of Teddy Roosevelt's legendary beef with Enrico Caruso
Once the party of Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower + Earl Warren, GOP has become party of white nationalist Steve King: .
After serving as president, Teddy Roosevelt led a team to chart a river in the Amazon.
it is now the dawn to be fierce to show no mercy in the hands of treason & corruption think Teddy Roosevelt be US
Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt release his tax returns? No. What about Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln or George Washington? No
“He said to Leonardo DiCaprio the other day that he wanted to be the next Teddy Roosevelt, and he can easily do...
You are becoming more & more like Teddy Roosevelt, brought down Corrupt Tammany Hall, NY Police Dept, & Rich Barons of 1890
would not mind if they had chosen to conserve the values of Teddy Roosevelt, rather than Ebenezer Scrooge
was with the when they charged San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt!
Teddy Roosevelt, pfftt loser. I wouldn't have charged that hill in San Juan, I would've made San Juan PAY for the hill!
on Sept 15: As Hispanic Heritage month begins, let us remember Teddy Roosevelt and the Roughriders on San Juan…
Read what Henry Cabot Lodge and Teddy Roosevelt were saying in the 19th-20th century... it's in the DNA
Rough Riders. Volunteer Calvary led by Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish-American war. Famous for victory at San Juan…
Botanist, native, Liberty Hyde Bailey died 1954. Teddy Roosevelt made him chair of Nat'l Comm. on Cou…
abortion came about due to eugenists like Margaret Sanger,founder of Planned Parenthood,Teddy Roosevelt,etc, to get…
John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt are spinning in their graves this morning.I'm sorry guys!
Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and John Muir are all rolling in their graves. thank you !
Teddy Roosevelt would tell the Secret Service to stand down, and fisticuff all the way to Cuba.
John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt rolling over in their graves today.
As John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt roll over in their graves.
This picture reminds me of a picture I sawOFPresident Teddy Roosevelt,ALSOthe movie the wind and the lion Sean Conn…
In NY for a funeral. Stopped by Teddy Roosevelt's summer home on Long Island and President Trump's boyhood home in…
one time in college I took US History 1800-1900 to learn about my favorite president Teddy Roosevelt but he didn't take offic…
Teddy Roosevelt would do whatever Jacob Schiff or the sugar, coffee & fruit cartels in Latin America told him to do.
is no longer the party of Teddy Roosevelt or even Richard Nixon. We're going to have to fight as hard as we can https:/…
Just something I remembered: . When President McKinley was murdered, Teddy Roosevelt was hiking on Mt. Marcy in Adirondack mountains.
Teddy Roosevelt's "bully pulpit" meant a platform from which to advocate an agenda. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding by Trump.
Teddy Roosevelt wasn't the greatest POTUS, but he sure got this spot on!
if I'm not mistaken the original quote is attributed to Teddy Roosevelt.
When Teddy Roosevelt spoke in 1909 about a "bully pulpit", he did not mean that the president should be a bully.
that was teddy Roosevelt. Can not gov both
Who was the first president that wasn't racist?. Jimmy Carter probably. Outside of that, I don't think Teddy Roosevelt was racist.
You might be cool, but you'll NEVER be Teddy Roosevelt riding a…
.Can we please get Teddy Roosevelt in a future episode? (At any point in his career)
Probably Jeffrey but he would have to add some story about oh let's say Teddy Roosevelt presidency.
Teddy Roosevelt would have worn a wet shirt and no hat. Bet Trump can't do that.
There are times where original progressive, Teddy Roosevelt version, makes sense. But today's version o…
I remember 1908. Teddy Roosevelt greeted the last Cub team to win the World Series. It was broadcast on cable.
Couldn't he have just said Teddy Roosevelt or Mickey Mantle or something?
Donald Trump in many ways reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt who was also very unconventional and freely spoke his mind. Not unlike Trump!
Who would win? Teddy Roosevelt or the Time Mage? Take up the fight in Time Quest: Heroes of History!
Teddy Roosevelt once got shot during a speech then said "It takes more than just one bullet to kill a bull moose" and finished his speech
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.Last time... Teddy Roosevelt was the president
--Teddy Roosevelt, had that chance of common ground and shared solutions, even the Dem Party of JFK, but it's reached the --
quotes Teddy Roosevelt about the need to tell the truth about the president and then immediately star…
No wonder Teddy Roosevelt spent the most time away from Washington in the wilderness from all presdts. Dems drove h…
I’ve only had one teddy bear. I named it Roosevelt and dressed it in old timey hunting/fishing gear. I was a weird kid.
Chloe drove really carefully to the located barn. "Looks like nobody was here since Teddy Roosevelt." She stated.
This take a few tips from Teddy Roosevelt on proper technique for battling werewolves. It could save your lif…
Patriotism is loving your country, not your president. Teddy Roosevelt
AKA Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, and JFK. We need you to be a good political figure that makes a difference like
Podcast: How Teddy Roosevelt returned the GOP to its roots as party of the avg citizen
To announce that there must be no criticism of the president is morally treasonable to the American public.-Teddy Roosevelt
Interior secretary nominee praises Teddy Roosevelt but has questioned the human role in
GOOD LORD DOUBLE-S!! didn't teddy roosevelt ever teach you anything about treading softly with a…
If Teddy Roosevelt wrote this, why didn't you mention it 8 years ago???. Shouldn't ALL presidents be kept honest?
Disgraceful that the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan now has this buffoon as its fig…
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And while the team is spent, we, and they, should walk proud today. I come back to Teddy Roosevelt.
In order to be presidential like Teddy Roosevelt, one should always speak softly and carry a big stick
Yes, it's been true since Teddy Roosevelt.
Last time the won the WS Teddy Roosevelt was President!. No jersey numbers back in the day! Would have been
Who are LeBron, Teddy Roosevelt, David Lee Roth, Duchamp and Matisse? If you said "An NBA star, a president, the...
Pres Obama notes the last time the won the World Series, Teddy Roosevelt was president.
If FDR died of polio, Teddy Roosevelt died via choking on a teddy graham
"[Immigrants] must revere only our flag, not only must it come first, but no other flag should even come second." - Teddy…
Teddy Roosevelt nails it on immigration! As does htt…
The new Teddy Roosevelt is Both sent the in totally new direction. He is not a conservative.
Making a plan of the things I'm going to do in NYC is way better than revising. . Visit Teddy Roosevelt's house, central park, freedom tower😄
Teddy Roosevelt left Republican Party bc of of the regressive and exclusive platform, please educate yourself
Your article so reminded me of one of my favorite Teddy Roosevelt quotes. .
President's that have seen bigfoot. Teddy Roosevelt and Trapper.
It took since Teddy Roosevelt to get any healthcare, so freaked out r they by collective concepts. GOP Congressmen sez GOP bill will b /   10% Off
did-you-kno:. On October 14, 1912, Teddy Roosevelt was shot just before his speech. Because the would-be …
The last president the Cubs could have visited was Teddy Roosevelt.
“Free speech exercised by individuals and a free press is a necessity in any country where the people themselves are free…
yes, sorry like the series on Teddy Roosevelt or Crazy Horse.
"It is unpatriotic not to oppose him..." - Teddy Roosevelt
Time for the Return of Teddy Roosevelt and His Rough Riders to deal with THAT
Where are Teddy Roosevelt & his Rough Riders when we need them??
fate/stay night hollywood. shirley is a white dude from the brokeback mountains of the south but one day he summons a Gunner. Teddy Roosevelt
Communications staff with WRAP partner pose with “Racing President” Teddy Roosevelt at WRA…
Gingrich called Trump part Andrew Jackson (shudder at that for a moment), part Teddy Roosevelt (w/o the love for nature) an…
Why were Rutherford B Hayes, Teddy Roosevelt, and James Garfield so *** gorgeous before they became our president?
DJT is a gilded-age union buster. Where is our Teddy Roosevelt? Our Eugene V. Debs?
Normie older guys at bar in Santa Barbara comparing Trump to Andrew Jackson & Teddy Roosevelt. Glad he'll drain swamp etc.
We've not got it right for a long time. Perhaps since Teddy Roosevelt's famous San Juan Hill. Look back & learn.
Teddy Roosevelt stepped aside so William Howard Taft could be president in 1908, then got mad at him in 1912 and ran loudly.
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One visit to North Dakota was enough to make Teddy Roosevelt a conservationist for life. is on at 8. ht…
Here's the Teddy Roosevelt quote from Karla's message at REVIVE tonight! @ Lutheran Church of Hope
no, it had a chance. Just as it had a chance when Abraham Lincoln was voted in and Teddy Roosevelt
The last time the Cubs won the World Series:. -Teddy Roosevelt was president. -Avg price of gas was 20 cents. -David Ross wa…
Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill in Arsenic and Old Lace. Love all the historical references. Come see the…
Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Dan Sickles, William Jennings Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt and on and on
This is so cool! Just found out my cousin-in-law, a National Park Service Ranger in DC, portrayed Teddy Roosevelt a…
A little perspective, please:two scholars take the long view on HRC--Teddy Roosevelt?--and DJT--George Wallace?
Celebrating the birthday of President, Explorer, Conservationist and father to our National Park System, Teddy Roosevelt
I've been playing as Teddy Roosevelt, & hearing the theme evolve from a simple banjo melody to full-on Aaron Copland orchestra is wonderful.
Heroes of our students: Jim Henson, Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, A. Hamilton, Roald Dahl, Teddy Roosevelt, Florence Nightengale and more.
the Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive Era President who championed many social reforms?
displayed an image of Teddy Roosevelt while Rex Murphy was speaking of FDR on "Point of View" (The 'Outlandish' Election) Sept. 30.
In some alternate universe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt are all just face palming after tonight.
Teddy Roosevelt was so bored with being Vice President that he considered finishing law school during his term.
domain names
Great leadership example, Teddy Roosevelt getting Jack London out of POW camp in KOREA during Russo/Japanese War, 1904!
Teddy Roosevelt via Bernie Sanders. *Donald Trump said wages are too high, no increase on min. wages, protects corp's http…
In 1906 Teddy Roosevelt was instrumental in bringing the Freer Gallery and the Peacock Room to Washington!.
The EscapeRoomArtist crew were more than impressed by Teddy Roosevelt's room. Wanna know why?…
read your American history and Teddy Roosevelt, Favs. "America has room for but one flag." Your borderless global vision is dying.
Yes! First Progressive was Teddy Roosevelt then Woodrow Wilson. Progressives began in 1890.
William Jennings Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon. I rly don't like Jackson, Bryan, or Nixon.
I believe it was right around 1900 with Teddy Roosevelt then Woodrow Wilson added exponentially and O is on steriods.
THINK also Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Think TRUE DEMOCRACY & vote for Bernie Sanders today.
100 years ago today REPUBLICAN Teddy Roosevelt founded the National Park Service in the name of conservation. How times h…
.Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt and Stalin were all young men at the time. Teddy Roosevelt was president.
Teddy Roosevelt was 42 years old when he took over as president after William McKinley was assassinated, which...
DJT reminds me of Brian Keith's role as Teddy Roosevelt in the movie "THE WIND AND THE LION" Bluster isn't just noise=expression of intelect
Great endorsement for from Paul Marshall. Includes bonus Teddy Roosevelt quote!
Teddy Roosevelt kept a pet badger named Josiah in the White House, and this is his story:
Ty for the follow! Funfact: Teddy Roosevelt was just a highly advanced potato -
stop just stop he would never be VP why because he woyld become another Teddy Roosevelt thats why.
Steinway grand piano - artwork from Thomas Wilmer Dewing. Commissioned by Teddy Roosevelt. Relation to
I've heard him compared to Theodore Roosevelt most often. Teddy didn't put up with anybody's BS. A man's man.
I hate to slander the term "progressive" because of Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy will haunt modern day progressives.
Hamilton fanfic idea: Hamilton knows his drink is poisoned but drinks it anyway and carries on like Teddy Roosevelt
A failed hunting trip and Teddy Roosevelt were responsible.
Teddy Roosevelt, on public outrage against trusts. Source:
Pres Teddy Roosevelt was a true Patriot Then we had Kennedy Reagan and now Trump Vote
I want a progressive for president. someone go clone Teddy Roosevelt.
In 1912, a progressive candidate who lost the nomination refused to go quietly
True. Going back to Teddy Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson-first level. FDR-2nd level. LBJ 3rd level and Obama 4th.
U ever wonder how Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln felt when they saw their faces on Mt Rushmore? Lw how I was feelin
I just really like this tattoo of sunburnt Teddy Roosevelt out on a hike that I finished today.…
Before invoking the visage of Teddy Roosevelt, please learn his positions, decidedly anti-freedom:.
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So the can either go back to being the party of Abe/Teddy Roosevelt or allow Cruz coup or let keep nomination and implode.
I wish we could back to Environmentalist Conservatives like Teddy Roosevelt.
"We have room for but 1 flag - the American flag. We have room for but 1 language here, and that is the English language. -…
Guys there is a coffeeshop in Columbus with a life-size cutout of Eleanor Roosevelt and a doughnut based on Teddy's favorite cookie.
the way the liberal media spins common sense into racism...teddy Roosevelt said it best they should research that
If Teddy Roosevelt isn't your inspiration in life then you're doing life wrong.
I'll take Teddy Roosevelt over Obama any day
A F/A-18 lands on the USS Teddy Roosevelt during Carter's visit. (Vine by
THE TRUTH from Teddy Roosevelt. Islam is not a new enemy. It has been waging jihad for centuries.
Not my quote, gentlemen. That is a variation on something Teddy Roosevelt wrote years later.
To you conservatives who say you won't vote for remember Teddy Roosevelt - http…
teddy Roosevelt never said this crap?
"Wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will." -Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt anoints William Howard Taft as his successor, but William Jennings Bryan argues he'd be a...
For me personally the high point of the for USMNT was the fan who consistently dressed as Teddy Roosevelt.
This isn't the National Rifle Association of Teddy Roosevelt. It all started in 1977 when they started Lobbying
Which was expanded upon by both FDR w/ help of the Reorganization act and Teddy Roosevelt w/ the Antiquities Act.
A smart look at what Teddy Roosevelt really thought about football
No Cannabis Empire in Washington State?: In the early 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft b...
Teddy Roosevelt got 27% of popular vote running as the Progressive Party candidate in 1912; Ross Perot got 19% in 1992.
Bernie Sanders is doing to Hillary Clinton and Dems what Teddy Roosevelt did to William Howard Taft and GOP. Yay repeating history!
Trump is a modern Huey Long, and Bernie is a modern Teddy Roosevelt. I'd rather elect Teddy.
may I suggest a rap battle for you? here's some, Ash Ketchum vs Yugi Moto, and Teddy Roosevelt vs Franklin D. Roosevelt
Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1905 Washington to Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt, on William Howard Taft: “A flub-dub with a streak of the second rate and common in him.”
. Republicans are not exactly angels. Examples: Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush Sr. and Jr.
Teddy Roosevelt said it best: Anyone claiming another nation is NOT a REAL American! There can be NO Hyphenated-Americans!
Teddy Roosevelt (26th US President) was the first American to receive a brown belt in judo. He would spar with anyone.
Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Martin Van Buren, and Millard Filmore (all plus Grover Cleveland and Chester Arthur represented New York).
Would DJT be first President from NY since Teddy Roosevelt?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Teddy Roosevelt's great grandson endorses for president
Teddy Roosevelt was our greatest environmentalist president. How can his descendant back THIS generation of GOP?!
The President should catch *** for acting like Teddy Roosevelt while in office, does he think he is a Republican ?
After his second purchase termassassinated Teddy Roosevelt working man vice president protection replacement
Teddy Roosevelt volunteered for service in World War I. Ten years after having served as U.S. president.
Students from enjoyed their visit from Teddy Roosevelt and learning about the 26th President.
Basically on point. & the remarks about La Guardia & Teddy Roosevelt show he's done some homework.
Teddy Roosevelt didn't use a Bible when he was sworn in as President.
On this day in 1905 Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt were married in New York City. President Teddy Roosevelt, in... https:/…
Trump's not a cookie cut future President, neither was Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan.
Jack Johnson as a part of an elite steampunk team along with Annie Oakley and Teddy Roosevelt. I'll take it.
Teddy Roosevelt is in fact a precedent for Trump as president. So don't say any different.
Did y'all see whats happening in this year's president election? I remember back when Teddy Roosevelt was POTUS!
A Teddy Roosevelt gave a great presentation of the former U.S. President at Morgan County Public Library. Read (4-16).
"I was the person person to run for President to be in Watertown since Teddy Roosevelt" That one got an applause from the crowd
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.says he was the first person running for president since Teddy Roosevelt to campaign in Watertown. (He was there this morning.)
Kyrie focusing on being a titan of industry instead of a pugilistic competitor like our president Teddy Roosevelt.
Well, the last president to shoot his shotgun from the backdoor of his house was Teddy Roosevelt.
🙄 you're saying he's better president than Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt? Just bc he's cultured with the new trends
Teddy Roosevelt was a member of 'The Bull Moose Party,' the original progressive (communist) org. in America. Bad example.
Teddy Roosevelt tried it in 1912 with the Bull Moose party. Result: Woodrow Wilson
King Edward VII. a portrait in our hotel. Teddy Roosevelt attended his state funeral in 1910. It was the end of...
Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders took San Juan Hill—behind two black cavalries.
'After a Louisiana black bear crossed paths with Teddy Roosevelt, it allegedly inspired an American shopkeeper to...
"Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't play it safe..." - Plan a trip to North Dakota!
results Day 8: Teddy Roosevelt over Woodrow Wilson and Harriet Tubman over Susan B. Anthony
your heroes? Try William Jennings Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt, Eugene Debs, FDR, Henry A Wallace, all improved lot of common man
Teddy Roosevelt stormed San Juan Hill with is cavalry The Storm Troopers
teddy roosevelt cruz once said . as did william p mcshakespeare these catheters i hate. cant pinch this. kenteuch this. pent. ur time IS at hanze
The last decent republican president was Teddy's all been downhill since then.
If she wear glasses she ride a mean D - Teddy Roosevelt
No visit to Cuba has been worthwhile since Teddy Roosevelt
Is that Bob the historian or Teddy Roosevelt?
Teddy Roosevelt got a pass bc he was a savage. I don't mean that in a necessarily nice way. He was bloodthirsty to the point of stupidity
A2: Same advice Teddy Roosevelt would give: Speak softly and carry a big stick 😄
I get especially angry at endangered species safari hunts. I'd use a time machine to pistol-whip Teddy Roosevelt.
I am a Cultural Anthropologist and Historian andvyou just told a huge lie! Teddy Roosevelt was!
I will, my personal favorite is Teddy Roosevelt my wife's grand parents were personal friends.
Will "Trump for President' sound more like "Cthulhu 2016 (why vote for the lesser evil)" or Teddy Roosevelt nostalgia in 25 years?
Things I want right now, in no particular order:. Via Napoli Pizza. Teddy Roosevelt lounge cocktail. Citrus Swirl. Popcorn + grand circle tour
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