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Ted Williams

Theodore Samuel Ted Williams (August 30, 1918 – July 5, 2002) was an American professional baseball player and manager.

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Ted Williams collects his well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award at Liverpool Town Hall today! And plenty of runs…
1969 was so magical, Ted Williams & Vince Lombardi unretired. Curt Flood refused to report. Rick Barry played in AB…
Eddie Collins listens as Babe Ruth and Ted Williams talk before a 1947 Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest hitters of all time. Ted Williams' OBP is over 100 points higher.
AL MVP's named on this day in history: Ted Williams (1946), Roger Maris (1961), Carl Yastrzemski (1967)
Ted Williams. Jimmie Foxx. Lou Gehrig. Rogers Honrsby. Babe Ruth. That is a list of players with a better career slash-lin…
When asked which was the best team he had ever played for, Ted Williams responded without hesitation, "The United Stat…
.proud to join list of winners of Sporting News Player of the Year like Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Hank…
Humpback chub: new hope & new appreciation for a persecuted native fish. Ted Williams reports. h…
not better than Ted Williams or Carl Yastrzemski
Ted Williams was the Alex Rodriguez of baseball in the 40's and 50's. . --
'We respect his talent, but we do not like who he is.'. Ted Williams would be A-Rod in this era.…
Ted Williams dropping knowledge in '72 💣
Don't blame Barry Bonds cuz the Marlins couldn't learn to hit. Ted Williams' son SUCKED and he had the same blood as TED WILLIAMS
We are going to tell our kids about Ortiz like our parents and grandparents would talk about Yaz and Ted Williams
David Ortiz praises Ted Williams in response to question about Red Sox most important player via…
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Holy freaking cow. How magical is that? If u don't feel something, then you are not human. A Ted Williams farewell f…
David Ortiz: 36th go-ahead HR in 7th or later in uniform, tying Carl Yastrzemski for 2nd-most. Ted Williams had…
David Ortiz (125th RBI. It's his 4th season with 125+ RBI, the 2nd-most in Red Sox history (Ted Williams had 5). (via…
"Whenever you go to Fenway Park you see a statue of Ted Williams there. I think deserves one too"- Pedro Martinez
This day in history:. 1960—Ted Williams homers in his final professional at-bat. 2016—homers in his 1st…
in 1941, left fielder Ted Williams became the last major league baseball player to hit .400.
On this day in 1941, Ted Williams becomes last player to hit .400.
He mentioned little bits about Gehringer, Al Simmons, Greenberg, playing against Ted Williams when he hit .400
Currently working on a deal that will get us fantastic past interviews with Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, Mays, Mantle, and Monte Irvin!
Ted Williams did 2 stints - WWII & Korea fighter pilot - and still was the greatest hitter ever
.joins Ted Williams as only with 30-HR, 100-RBI season before age 24. htt…
And ballplayers like Ted Williams, Hank Greenberg, Bob Feller, all stars yet served as well as many others.
Trump would have deported both Ted Williams and Muhammad Ali : two more answers to
Mookie Betts has joined Ted Williams (1939, 1941) and Tony Conigliaro (1965) as the only Red Sox with 30 HR in a season befor…
and crying poor me. If Willie May's, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth had PED's, they would've hit over a thousand
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
like the Pat Tillman, Ted Williams, Willie May's, Rocky Bleier, and so on - who exemplified what true American
in 1987, Mike Schmidt passed Ted Williams and Willie McCovey in home runs (522).
Mookie Betts has joined Fred Lynn, Johnny Pesky, and Ted Williams as the only Red Sox to score 100 runs in a season before tu…
Unless Addison Russell is secretly Ted Williams, there better be more to this deal.
Ted Williams headlines all-time roster by Wins Above Replacement
David Ortiz now has 1,500 RBI as a Red Sox, trailing only Carl Yastrzemski (1,844) and Ted Williams (1,839) on the club’s all…
MassDot did not do a good job at informing people coming from Logan at 2am that west bound Ted Williams was closed. Horror show!
Look at me with a straight face and tell me Gary Sanchez isn't better than Ted Williams
Ted Williams: and should NOT be charged! - OTR
Boston fans are the worst in baseball. Ask any MLB player. Boston fans used to boo Ted Williams.
why does everyone think John Wayne was such a tough guy when he was just pretending to be Ted Williams?
Mookie Betts joins Ted Williams as the only players in Red Sox history with multiple 3 HR games in same season.
Benintendi hitting .406 at age 22, just like Ted Williams. JUST SAYIN'.
Mookie Betts is the first Red Sox player with multiple 3-HR games in a season since Ted Williams also had 2 in 1957.
Andrew Benintendi (22 yrs, 34 days old) is youngest Red Sox OF with 3+ hits vs Yankees at Fenway since Ted Williams in 1940
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Ted Williams and Jerry Coleman introduced greenies into the game. Still great players and Americans.
turns out Ted Williams is the love child of Obama and Mel Gibson
Mine are telling me that Ian Happ is getting moved for Ted Williams' frozen head.
Non-golfers don't understand how capricious golf is. As Sam Snead said to Ted Williams, "We have to play our foul balls."
Ted Williams: "Marilyn Mosby did not have a case from the very beginning."
They should defrost Ted Williams so he can pay homage to Hyun Soo Kim, the real greatest hitter of all time.
Ted Williams received 282 of 302 Hall of Fame votes. 20 voters should have had their vote taken away. Great ball player. Better American.
May have never seen Ted Williams, too young for George Brett's best, but Gwynn, Pujols and Ichiro will do just fine
My grandma used to kick it with Chief Zee, Ted Williams' wife, Jack the Snake, etc. lmao... but drew me closer to the personalities
might have to get those going. photoshop Sandy's face on Ted Williams in a fighter jet.
already been Sandy Ballgame for quite some time now. better than Ted Williams.
I wonder about Ted Williams hitting .400. How much longer will THAT record stand?
Daryl said in high school " yea I heard of Ted Williams but I never knew him personally "
Lmfao Darryl Strawberry said he never knew Ted Williams personally smh
Out of High School, Darryl Strawberry was the ideal prototype… drawing comparisons to Ted Williams.   10% Off
I went to a SABR meeting in 2008 and somebody there said Lars Anderson was the next Ted Williams.
And Trot Nixon was gonna be the next Ted Williams..
false Ted Williams is and will always be the best hitter ever
Will never forget being at the 99 ASG when Ted Williams threw out the first pitch. And Pedro dominated. Yay baseball.
WOW!!! What a moment...nothing will ever top Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams at Fenway but that was pretty close.
Didn't Ted Williams once say something along the lines of 'they don't pay for fielding'?
If he'd just tip he cap once, he could be elected Mayor of Boston in five minutes. -Eddie Collins on Ted Williams
Donaldson joined Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Reggie Jackson, Frank Thomas and Alex Rodriguez on that list.
Ted Williams once credited Sandy Leon for being the greatest influence in his career.
Dave O'Brien said Sandy Leon has the highest batting average min. 50 ABs in Red Sox history (.453) before the ASG. Better than Ted Williams.
I glanced quickly and saw someone being compared to Ted Williams. Figured it'd be Sandy Leon, but it's Mookie Betts.
David Ortiz is making his 7th All-Star Game start. The only Red Sox player with more is Ted Williams (12).
From the Vault: Leigh Montville on his memories of Ted Williams, who died 14 years ago today
There is a saying in baseball that you can't make a hitter, but I think you can improve a hitter. -Ted Williams https:…
Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, and Dom DiMaggio of the Boston Red Sox. -
David Ortiz hits his 522nd career HR passing Ted Williams, Frank Thomas and Willie McCovey for 19th all-time.
Players with 2,000 hits and 450+ HR while with Red Sox:. Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and now David Ortiz. Decent co…
"Xander Bogaerts is the next Ted Williams" says Red Sox Hitting Coach Chilli Davis
This would all seem easier if we had Ted Williams and Freddy Garcia.
exactly. And so should Mike Trout, and Jake Arietta, and Bryce Harper, and Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams. LoL.
You gotta enjoy what Adam Duvall is doing.and wondering how Votto went from Ted Williams to.whoever he is.
If you're Bob Ryan it is: Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Larry Bird and Tom Brady.
70 years ago today, Ted Williams hit what was considered the longest HR at Fenway Park. It's marked by a red seat https:…
great Bob Elliott didn't mIss many stories. I bet Ted Williams is still kicking himself 4not getting 2talk with him
Just saw the guys on Sports Reporters saying Ali was unique for giving up 4 yrs for a cause. Ted Williams? Bob Feller? En…
It's too late. Acquiring a reincarnation of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, and Micky Mantle couldnt save this team
Ted Williams before Brady. Shoot let's put greg Davis "big baby" before brady
Babe Ruth, Willy Mays, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Ted Williams, Rocky Marciano, Jackie Robinson, and Ty Cobb just off the top.
wouldnt it be fun to be a legend in the same city as Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady, and Red.
David Ortiz joins Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski as only Red Sox with 500 doubles and 400 HR. (via https…
Kimberly Guilfoyle for Greta let's Katie Phang & Ted Williams bash Trump about Judge Curiel who's donated sums $$$ to Clinton! KG is weak!
Get a grip, legal panel (Katie Phane & Ted Williams) on You don't know all the facts of case. You're embarrassing yourselves.
unlike _ team that has a farm system lined with Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, and Ruth clones
in 1941, Ted Williams raised his BA to over .400 for the 1st time that year. Here's an oldie (And a goodie?)! http…
Here's Boz, with a look at Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Barry Bonds -- and Bryce Harper. What to do when you can't hit?
you Rock. It was so awesome when u had Jimmy shaking in his Ted Williams' boots.
Ted Williams is one of the best hitters ever to play the game, and I d...
After some quick research, Wade Biggs and Ted Williams did an inning or two each.
My list would be nearly identical, with the addition of Ted Williams and Wade Boggs. Ted/Yaz are going 1/2.
On this date in 1975, Carl Yastrzemski played game with the Red Sox, passing Ted Williams' record.
1939 Ted Williams. I may be a Yankee fan, but you gotta respect big man Ted!
Attack the inside part out front. (Pic is Ted Williams from The Science of Hitting).
against the A's. (2) Only Miggy, Ted Williams and Rogers Hornsby have 4 batting titles, 2 HR titles and 2 RBI titles or (3) In (2/3)
Dilson Herrera's hot streak, together with cooled Walker and Murphy now the new Ted Williams, puts the pressure on to promote him.
Was there ever a doubt he would strike out? Gomez makes Chris Carter look like Ted Williams.
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Love how all of a sudden Aaron hicks is Ted Williams lol
. Harry Kalas was calling the Ted Williams games in 1941? He was 5 years old.
Dumb comparison I can see comparing Jackie to Ruth, Clemente, Ted Williams, Mickey, Jesse Owens, Ali, etc.
Ortiz just tied Ted Williams for most home runs by any Red Sox player in Yankee Stadium (both old and new).
Ted Williams in calais. Anyone know who uncle Norman is? Rick MacDonald
Home for the weekend. Family photo of Ted Williams, fishing at Howard Lake in Calais, Maine with "Uncle Norman."
Thanks for featuring our licensed mural; on our studio, for your 5/5 I know another great article for you!
Kirsty Williams claiming the Lib Dems ran a "positive campaign" is a bit rich given their strategy in Ceredigion was akin to Ted Cruz.
Ted Williams, Ken Caminiti to be inducted posthumously into Padres Hall of Fame
I complained plenty about Ted Williams being inducted into a Padres HOF, but SO glad that PED politics didn't keep Cammy from being honored.
Padres will induct Ken Caminiti and Ted Williams into their Hall o...
"The All Star Game was invented for Willie Mays." - Ted Williams. Happy Birthday Willie!
San Diego will be cursed until they thaw out Ted Williams head and put it on a new body
type "ted cruz god wants him to be president" into google. Various newspapers inc. Daily Express
It's always weird seeing Ted Williams in anything but his traditional Texas Rangers garb.
Ted Williams on lawsuit: “You’re ordering an iced coffee, and what do you expect in there?”
Mike Felger would take David Ortiz over Ted Williams and thinks that's nuts:
Cool profile pic with Ted Williams. Question, how much better are pitchers today than back then? Fastball speed much higher?
Give Ted Williams the burial he deserves.
Ted Williams left to fight in 2 wars. No one ever referred to him as a waste!
"If you don't think too good, don't think too much.". - Ted Williams
Ted Williams is greatest hitter ever!
Ted Williams & Joe Dimaggio chat before the battle begins (1942) ~ vs tonight at Fenway Park!
Boston legend Ted Williams teaches hitting to anyone who's smart enough to listen!
yes can never have too much Starbucks coverage.
Not much. Too busy working. Did have an exquisite banana pudding cup though
Not sure BABIP is the way to evaluate. Having Ted Williams BUNT instead of swing away is part of it working. wOBA?
How much food/drink did you crush at the Wells media tent? Don't stuff your pockets for dinner. Favorite food so far?
Don't worry, I'm working at Starbucks this morning so we are covered
Korean-style fried chicken chain BonChon is coming to Charlotte this spring
Lyons just forgot Ted Williams existed for a minute. No big deal he's just a Red Sox color guy.
After setting the Padres HOF threshold at Benny/Tempy, they couldn't induct Whitson, Brown, Finley, Show, Bip, etc. before Ted Williams?
Ted Williams and Ken Caminiti are the newest members of the Hall of Fame.
I've read a few on LG. Prob 1 of the finest men in baseball.Another BEST bio was on Ted Williams, by Sp Ill author.
podcast discussion of great former Sun writer Richard Ben Cramer's amazing story on Ted Williams
In honor of the first series of 2016, here's Gramp making a bare-handed tag on Ted Williams in '51. http…
Ted Williams was the better hitter Joe Dimaggio was the better player same like Ovechkin is the better scorer Crosby is the better player
First ballot hall of famers who never had a title: Ken Griffey Jr., Ted Williams, Frank Thomas, Paul Molitor, Carl Yastrzemski, Ernie Banks.
Totally. Dan Marino, Patrick Ewing, Ted Williams. All not great players IMO. Good point.
Having a discussion about the who are the greatest players without rings in the Big 3 sports. Ted Williams, Barry Sanders, Karl Malone bam!
Dig into our best stories on Joe D, Ted Williams, the Say Hey Kid, Reggie, Pedro and A Rod: htt…
.is 4th player with SB in age 40+ season, joining Rickey Henderson, Ted Williams & Cy Young. https…
The finale is right there with Ted Williams home run in his final at bat IMO.
Ted Williams listens to Yogi Berra in a late 50's Yankee -RedSox game at Yankee Stadium.
Thoughts of Ted Williams and Curt Gowdy today. Two giants!
Cesar Hernandez is hitting .400. Reminds me of Ted Williams.
When you talk about the greatest swings in baseball you talk about Ted Williams, Ken Griffey Jr., and Bartolo Colón
If you've ever dreamed of holding game used bat from legends like Ted Williams or u need to go to the
Time for pt 4 of awesome series, major league legends. Ted Williams. Makes me want to watch Ken Burns: Baseball again.
David Ortiz & Ted Williams are only players 40-and-over in MLB history to homer in each of his team's 1st 2 games. https:…
Call us Ty Cobb or Ted Williams cause we're over 400 baby! Big thanks to all our devoted listeners for your continued support!
“All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street, folks will say, ‘There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived.’” Ted Williams
Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr, Ted Williams;we are better than them at baseball https…
Didn't Ted Williams hit HR off him that game? I was listening to radio broadcast, called by Curt Gowdy.
Dear Barry..We have lost a dear friend of 78. Kent Askew has LOVED baseball forever. Ted Williams was his fav & The Jays !
first two off the top of my head were two great friends, Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn.
Ted Williams on if he would charge "Absolutely not. I'd love to be the defense lawyer in this case."
It's sad because I finally made the best Diamond Dynasty Team for '15. Finally got Nolan Ryan and Ted Williams.
Ted Williams: "If this was not about we would never hear about a case like this. This guy would never be cha…
are baseball players the only 1 that hold up over time? Ted Williams today? Football would be a crime scene
Derek Jeter reached base safely three more time than Ted Williams did during his career. Teddy Ballgame had 2,814 fewe…
Um, by any chance did you ever accidentily fart in the catcher's face?-Stuttering John to Ted Williams.
Ex-homeless disc jockey Ted Williams who lost everything TWICE is back on the airwaves... .
You might call Ted Williams a know-it-all except he actually DID know it all. Better listen up, Joe Rudi.
Great to see spending time w Founders. Reminds me of Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams yrs ago at All-Star Game
Ted Williams could have sealed a .400 batting average by sitting out the game – he refused. ht…
Babe Ruth and Ted Williams turned down big offers on This Day in Sports History.
I watched Smithsonian Channel on Babe Ruth they asked Ted Williams who is the greatest baseball player & he said Ruth. I agree
.Ted Williams & Babe Ruth never faced a slow-pitch softball pitcher in MLB. And Mel is no Babe Ruth.
ok , will do ! I saw that pic of Ted Williams you have that's amazing had look twice thought was john Wayne lol
Outside jetBlue Park a statue of legend Ted Williams considered by many as the greatest hitter to ever live
Only three players have stolen a base in four different decades. Ted Williams is one of them. .
Ted Williams hit 521 home runs. 196 of them were either go ahead, tying, or walk off shots. .
"All managers are the most expendable pieces of furniture on the face of the Earth." Ted Williams
think we will ever get to this point in CLT? At least someone is doing something.
HOFers Ted Williams and Ralph Kiner,before an early 50's exhibition game.
They have a red seat marking where Ted Williams hit the longest run 💯
Ted Williams, Baseball’s First Quant: Long before quants ruled Wall Street, before Stratomatic, before Bloombe...
Ted Williams on 2nd base in an early 50's RedSox-Indian game in .Have no idea what he's signaling.
Ted Williams is flanked by Dom and Joe Dimaggio before a late 40's game at Yankee Stadium.
Today in 1960s Baseball: Senators hire Ted Williams as manager (1969)
Back in the day: Ted Williams & Jim Rice share a moment at Boston spring training ~ Baseball is almost here!
2 Men who made an impact on the game,Curt Flood and. Ted Williams in a 1971 Spring training game.
Sr. has 1,336 career pts. & needs 17 pts. to tie Larry Cole (73-76) for 14th place and 20 to tie Ted Williams (74-78) for 13th.
Nellie Fox and Ted Williams sorting out the Senators in Spring Training in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Fun fact: Ted Williams won two MVPs, and in three of the years he didn't win, he won the Triple Crown in two and hit .400 in the other.
Jim Gray does blow. Remember when he "jumped" Pete Rose during all-star game in Boston w/ Ted Williams there.
Ted Williams steps to the plate during 1957 Red Sox-Senator game at Griffith Stadium.
Ted Williams knows there's only 9 days until pitchers/catchers report to Boston spring training!
What kind of golf clubs do you have, Jordan? Oh yeah well I have a Ted Williams fishing reel.
"Do something meaningful!" writes man chastising baseball writer for not writing about football or Ted Williams' World Series average.
should Ted Williams, Stan Musial and yogi not be awarded it then?
For everyone who don't know. This is Ted Williams.
Wilt is sort of like discovering Babe Ruth/Ted Williams in that there are numbers and anecdotes that continue to astound.
My beautiful son, Ted Williams. I love him sooo much!
Ted Williams was so much of a better hitter than Pete Rose that it's not an opinion. It's a fact.
Not saying greatest his comment was Pete couldn't handle Ted Williams jock. Everyone has opinions on this
Ted Williams takes BP before an exhibition game at San Diego's Lane Field. October 5, 1941.
Ted Williams is the greatest hitter ever. Pete couldn't carry his jock strap.
Ted Williams reached base safely just three fewer times than Derek Jeter in 2,814 fewer plate appeara…
Who's the better hitter: Rogers Hornsby or Ted Williams? And why?
Ted Williams watches from dugout before late 50's Game at Yankee Stadium.
Monte Irvin was a friend to Ted Williams & a mentor to Willie Mays.
the cubs could unfreeze Ted Williams' head, generate a body, create a super-robot player and Phil Rogers would still complain about the pen.
Ted Williams: Best hitter in history of baseball!
Ted Williams: "This was law enforcement's worst nightmare - an ambush."
They knock over no world championships. Ted Williams? Carl Yaz? Jim Rice? Team game.
Early arriving fans watch Ted Williams take batting practice at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in 1953.
Two all-time greats! Framed jerseys of Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski
Bobby Orr statue at garden Red Auerbach statue at Faneuil Hall and Ted Williams statue at Fenway.
He's the most recent deserving of it, I'd say Maddux & Randy Johnson both did. Not to mention Ted Williams, Willie Mays, etc.
Baseball gives every boy a chance to excel, & not just to be as good as someone else but to be better. -Ted Williams h…
Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, and my Dad make me wish I were a baseball fan.
Here is a little more about the Ted Williams re-sim in .
Ted Williams - 58. Voice over artist. Now working with the homeless. Four years sober. Motivational speaker. Homeowner http…
The real Ted Williams just turned over in his freezer. Change your name to Terrell Suggs
Please send Walt D. and Ted Williams's head my best!
A little APBA, before work out. 1941 Baseball Season. Joe D, Leo the Lip, Ted Williams and others.
Supposedly Bob Feller pitching to Jimmy Piersall with Ted Williams on deck.
A man has to have goals, and mine was to be the greatest hitter who ever lived. -Ted Williams
Tommy Lasorda has a story about when he put Ted Williams on the phone with Frank Sinatra that tops any story you or I have
I think it was Ted Williams that said "I could time a 747 if I saw it enough" speed doesn't matter, accuracy does, ask Greg Maddox
"You are cocking your hips as you stride, and it's so important to get that right."Ted Williams. From The Science of Hi…
Tony Gwynn is the only player in the last 55 years (since Ted Williams) to average over .333 for a career (.338).
DiMaggio's hit streak, Ripken Jr.'s game streak, and I'm confident Ted Williams is the last man that'll hit .400
On this day in 1941, Joe Dimaggio was named the American League MVP, beating out Ted Williams who had hit .406...
Today in Baseball History, Ted Williams wins the Triple Crown and loses MVP
Bart Starr return to Lambeau reminiscent of Ted Williams to Fenway in 1999. Hall of Famers in their own right paying deep …
Beautiful list from readers: 71 things you’re thankful for
"If you want something enough and work hard to get it your chances of success are much greater." Ted Williams...
1989 Bowman Reprint Set with 1951 Mantle Rookie Ted Williams (lot of 10 sets)
I added some stuff to the Additional Resources folder. If you like books by Ted Williams, I'd check it out.
Rogers Hornsby, not Ted Williams, is the greatest hitter of all-time.
In 1941, Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams hammered a pop fly that rocketed more than 560 feet in the air.
Ted Williams once said, "The hips lead the way." Maybe we should stop trying to be smarter than the world's greatest h…
looks like my typical wiffle ball stanceRT There's what Ted Williams did. Then there's this. Tried this drill out. Never.
Age-related (22) record year in company of Ruth, Cobb, Ted Williams none of whom hit against pitchers of color. boo ya
Greatest hitters of all time? Ted Williams, Pete Rose, Tony Gwynn, Bryce Harper
Ted Williams & Yaz may mean more to the history of the baseball than David Ortiz, but nobody has ever meant more to the
Baseball is the place where a man can succeed 3 times out of 10 and be considered a good performer. -Ted Williams http…
Actually, 17 of those 20 seasons of .495+ OBP were Ruth, Bonds, and Ted Williams.
. My SI is the one with Rodney and Ted Williams!
Ruth, Mays, Ted Williams, maybe Hank Aaron . Name me anyone else with an argument > bonds. And I'd say only Ruth, really.
The hitter that says I'm n shape ! Great but can u hit? Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, and Ted Williams ...skills
Dead serious, I can't make up my mind. The Babe, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Joe D., Hank Aaron...too many to choose from.
Check out poet laureaute new book bestseller Ted Williams
Ted Williams: I would like Jamie Foxx & Quentin Tarantino to talk to all the police officers who gave their life in the line o…
Red Sox legend Ted Williams was cryogenically frozen.
"Philly" Brown, Devin Funchess and Ted Ginn Jr. are making plays right now. What is life?
Red Sox Hall of Famer "Boo" Ferriss talks about Ted Williams: via
are driven like mad. Tony Gwynn, Ted Williams, a few more that come to mind on that level.
*** if yall elect him he'll try 2 b governor n 6 yrs like McCrory with that bipartisan bs
wow is right. Are yall bout 2 elect another repub mayor?
Just keep going.. Everybody gets better if they keep at it. -Ted Williams
"Ted Williams...isn't he the frozen guy?" "he wasn't frozen then"
Ken Griffey Jr. had 1,312 BB during his career. Ted Williams had 1,312 more BB than K during his career.
Thank you April. is crazy, I worry about his judgement...
Don't get me riled up while I'm writing a newsletter!!!
I'm with Ted on this one. Was in Asheville all weekend. Had to pay $250 a night bcuz it's "leaf season"... 🚫🍁
same here...I really can't wait for you to see the card I designed for you and
Should I wear my Craig Biggio, Ken Griffey Jr., or Ted Williams jersey on jersey day this week?🤔
Harry Caray informs Ted Williams it's beer thirty.
Murphy Looking like Ty Cobb. Looking like Boggs. Looking like Gwynn looking like Ted Williams. looking like Rogers Hornsby.
Ted Williams had a 190 OPS+ in 1960. He turned 42 that year, his final season. Miguel Cabrera had a career-hig…
I can't envision Willie Mays or Ted Williams doing anything but rounding the bases in a respectful manner.
Ted Williams, Maegan Williams, Brandon That'sBad Wittekind we are all on this stretch of road a lot and late at...
I like Pat Hughes, but saying on the Bryant's rookie year 2nd only to Ted Williams? Wouldn't even have been ROY w/o Grich injury
Oh did you forget Carlos Beltran turns into Ted Williams in the playoffs?
and on Drew's are DRose and Ted Williams' head.
On this date in 1960: 42-year-old Ted Williams went out in legendary fashion by hitting a HR in his final at-bat.
Neil Walker always looks like Ted Williams against us
September 26, 1955 - The Red Sox beat the Yankees, 8 - 1, as Ted Williams goes 1 for 2. Williams finishes the season at .356, well.
Public art in the Bean not involving Tom Brady, Bobby Orr or Ted Williams.
Bus broke down in the Ted Williams tunnel, I'll be working for an extra 4 free hours today.
Joe Dimaggio 2nd at 74 Ted Williams in 3rd with 69. Weird numbers
When people think of greatest players of all time, they'd say. The Babe. Willie Mays . Ted Williams. Id stare them in the eyes and say Tony Cruz
Any time you make a list w/Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays, you're doing pretty well for yourself
I can play that game too. Think about Ted Williams and the time he missed to military. He'd have 700+ hr
My neighbor just told me stories about watching Ted Williams play in Fenway as a kid. Unbelievable.
Don't just swing. Think about the pitcher, what he threw you last time up, his best pitch, who's up next. -Ted Williams
I can't wait. Already put down the deposit my frozen head rooming with Ted Williams'
Here is a great article, originally published by Sports Illustrated in 1986. Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, and Don...
Totally. It just takes the right restaurant to move in. The 5Church location was cursed too until they move…
Ted Williams. We'd talk about fishing after he dissected the pitchers and each hitter.
I'd love to see one like this of Ted Williams if you have it.
The legendary Ted Williams waits in the on-deck circle during a game against Detroit. 1955
Yep it used to be Molly Macpherson’s Scottish Pub. And I think maybe Daddy O’s before that.
You know it. Looking at 'cost per vote' to see how much was spent to get each vote. I won that race at least 😎
first, I love Ted Williams and his whole story. Also all the greats.. Fisk, Yaz, etc. I collect baseball cards and love them
New restaurant named is coming to SouthPark... Now hiring.
Ted Williams:If there was ever a man born to be a hitter it was me.
David Ortiz has his 6th career 35-homer season, passing Jimmie Foxx, Manny Ramirez, and Ted Williams for the most in Red So…
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