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Ted Robinson

Theodore Ted Robinson (born on July 19, 1957 in Queens, New York) is an American sportscaster. He has been the radio play-by-play announcer for the San Francisco 49ers since 2009. Since 2000, Robinson has been with NBC as tennis play-by-play, Olympics, swimming/diving announcer and NBC Sports Network for college football/basketball.

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Opinion | Why does Sean Hannity care what Ted Koppel thinks?
Your entire premise is a wet dream. The Russians have been meddling in our elections for years. . USSR + Kennedy…
Ted Koppel should get high praise for calling out Hannity as "bad for America."
Just in case any of you think Peter is saying anything new, useful, or interesting:
do you need any evidence first to have a scandal? Where does this scandal rank?
You can't work with Russia to swing an election!. Oh, maybe you can?.
your fake news story this evening was the worst I've seen. Report on this:
Very humorous presenter with very correct idea about educating. "Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and...
Congrats to Donato, Pearl, Rassey, Robinson, Flemming. Ted didn't hesitate to look in the mirror. Now, Frozen Four.…
Ted Kennedy had the networks give Andropov air time–then rigged it to look like honest journalism.
This old and popular video by Sir Ken Robinson incited heavy convo today among members in ff pix
I gave a TED talk on 3 ways to spot a bad statistic. I really hope you like it
A TED playlist to watch: Ken Robinson: 10 talks on education via
Ride with the legendary horseman!. I still have two rider slots open for anyone wanting in the Ted Robinson...
Reminder: Ted Kennedy sought to collude with Soviets during Cold War to sabotage Reagan and his re-election.…
. Let's review some history of involvement w/ Russia.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Change your name to Kennedy, and it won't matter.
Sir Ken Robinson presented a TED Talk in 2006 entitled, "Do schools kill creativity?" It has become the most...
. It's Ted Kennedy right? He knows how to deal with those pesky Russians .
The most popular talks of all time - My fav is the first by Ken Robinson about via
When Anne Robinson met Elton John during the filming of Celebrity Weakest Link.
I'm offended by all extremists. This includes Tommy Robinson.
Go on lefties, make Tommy Robinson top trend because you're more offended by his presence in London than by a terrorist a…
Tommy Robinson issues warning at scene of London islamic attack: ‘We are at WAR’. The Barbarians Are In The Gate! htt…
Never forget that Charles Manson and Ted Bundy had women lining up to be their wives at the height of their dysfunction a…
I don't recall much howling when Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy wanted the KGB to help overthrow Reagan. Do you?
Babe Ruth ted Williams Lou Gehrig Jackie Robinson Derek jeter all looking down smiling. USA best in the world ***
The REAL real question is WHY the obvious collusion of Dems w/Russia is ignored?…
Respect to Ted Robinson - slam finals, Olympic diving, etc - commenting on Mmoh vs Mahut on a random Wednesday at 11am.
Aw this is lovely: for Big Ted, Amelia Jane - & Wandering Robinson (who will return one day, right, Mrs…
"Creativity is as important as literacy.". So many gems from this classic TED talk by Sir Kevin Robinson.
In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 pres. election
Continue with your baseless narrative. This:
This is what actual collusion looks like.
Thats a fair point. But, when looking at guys who played before we watched (Mays, Ted, Robinson), it does matter more, imo.
The real Russian collusion in USA election!
Ted are you with me on wanting Cam Robinson at 24?
Sir Ken Robinson is speaking at Check out this TED Talk - Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan share their thoughts on the beginning of the John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan era. 🎥
When it's time for a change, think Speedy Oil Change & Tune-up... please dump Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan.
I'm not going to say anything mean about Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan today, both of whom I want fired and think are a bad look for the team
Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan, because they think they are all of those things
Ted Robinson points out that Bruce Bochy has 2 90 win seasons with the Giants. Dusty Baker had 5. They've both managed SF 10 years.
Center David Andrews of the joins us on followed by the voice of the Ted Robinson.
Cal fans: Ted Robinson, Yogi Roth, & Cindy Brunson are your broadcast team again this weekend on
Heads up you were close: Ted Robinson is the radio vox & Bob fills-in when Ted is elsewhere
with his on-air comment re: Harbaugh, Fitz is trying to steal Ted Robinson's job like he did with Greg Papa.
Great work by Ted Robinson, Mary Carillo, and John McEnroe to give that last game the silent treatment. Tension didn’t need the commentary.
I love how John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson have been silent through that last game. The drama speaks for itself.
Mike Tircio will try to replace Al Michaels, Bob Costas, Dan Hicks, Ted Robinson, and Tom Hammond at NBC.
Mary Robinson: Why climate change is a threat to human rights - TED for
"I am not a visionary. I do not have a five-year plan. I'm an engineer." — Linus Torvalds
.may not have been the "Asian Ken Robinson" but bringing to his district even more powerful than those views.
Ken Robinson. Classic. Bautiful. Bring on the learning revolution!
When a kid commits a crime, the US justice system has the power to make this life-changing choice:
Just had a great conversation with Domer and 49ers play by play broadcaster Ted Robinson! calling the meet w
Sir Ken Robinson makes entertaining & moving case for an education system that nurtures (not undermines) creativity.
"Ted Cruz is like the Jackie Robinson of lizard people going into office"
Cutch and Harrison honor Jackie Robinson with special cleats on Jackie Robinson Day. READ:
Tonight, we celebrate with Jackie's wife, Rachel Robinson.
Luv this quote from Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe on his admiration of Jackie Robinson! RT
Bryce Harper changed his number to 42 for Jackie Robinson! Class act!
The republicans need a forward thinker.what even? It's almost as bad as "carpet bombing" Ted Cruz
Ted Crawford: My *** has evidence. Judge Robinson: Excuse me?. Ted Crawford: My *** .. my private investigator.
Both Jackie Robinson and Ted Lily were given the middle name Roosevelt.
Jackie Robinson day; perspective. Glimpse into the great Mike Royko's humanity. Jackie at Wrigley. (ht ht…
"When I justify bad choices, I make it harder for women to achieve equality, and I need to own that." —
you may remember Sir Ken Robinson was in the TED talk project I did. Really like him.
He's not Paul Robinson's from Neighbours son is he? ;)
Bring on the learning revolution!Ken Robinson calls for personalised learning
The great Ted Tevan interviewing the incomparable Jackie Robinson (audio):
When all the elements align. . Photo: Ted Robinson
One of my heroes was listed today in top ten of innovators
are killing our children's creativity - (by Sir Robinson
Amazing to have had lunch with Sir Ken Robinson and his wife after watching his TED talk 8 years ago
Ted Robinson: ...has to be careful of is getting up against Rafa, [Jim Courier laugh a little] try to volley HIS ball.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A big thank you to my new followers Carey Allen, Nicola Morgan Fletcher, Scott Lostitch, Ted Robinson and Mark...
Gary Radnich: "If you're calling Fitz and Ted Robinson homers, then why don't you call all the rest of the (Bay Area) broadcasters homers??"
ted robinson is such a *** and always plays up the organizations line. His commentary about league and 49ers issues are always
Listening to the Ted Robinson bit on KNBR & maybe i'm coming from a different perspective but it didnt sound overtly homeristic or that he
Ted Robinson knows who signs his paycheck, has his nose firmly planted between butt cheeks
Is Jed York standing right behind Ted Robinson during this?
Seen Ted Robinson at the airport in person a month ago and must say his 👀 looked like he's using a helluva drug. He's still using..
I'll reiterate what my source said, to counter whatever Ted Robinson is saying: "They all miss Harbaugh."
Sad truth about Ted Robinson: Timid, company man.
"hey...49er honk Ted Robinson...practice what you preach..."...sincerely, Jeff Fisher
Ted Robinson is such a shill. Ever since he got scolded he always is the company man protecting the 9er 'shield' hard listen
Ted Robinson: "No one around here gloated when this happened to Harbaugh last year. Jim's in a good place. He didn't have to do that."
Ted Robinson has just become plain awful. I haven't met one person who liked Jimmy T
ENOUGH! I can't listen to Ted Robinson. Is Jed in his living room handing over bullet points to focus on or speak about?
cancel this Ted Robinson weekly segment in the name of journalistic integrity. It's insulting listening to this shill.
i seriously am starting to hate ted Robinson
"Sometimes we all need to look at facts more than perception" - Ted Robinson-York
Ted Robinson has commissioned a painting of "Saint Jimmy T" to hang in his man cave. It will be breathtaking.
knbr about to ask Ted Robinson about 49ers pattern of media leaks, should be good stuff
Ted Robinson laying it on thick this morning: "One thing that we can all agree on is that Jim Tomsula CANNOT tell a lie."
Ted Robinson still taking shots at Harbaugh..."locker room was horrible last year"
since Ted Robinson is such a company man, ask about what Kruk said about leaks. Are they "classy?"
Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, and my Dad make me wish I were a baseball fan.
But, but Ted Robinson said he has to get stronger?
Again these last few quotes are all Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan.. Not my words.
Will be hilarious to hear how Ted Robinson, Tim Ryan and other team propagandists spin this after their ferocious defense …
In case y'all didn't know, I hung out in the niners press booth with Ted Robinson today :)
Why do presser with all the media when JY can do one on one with Ted Robinson to address the fans since rest of media is "bias"
I’m really glad I avoid listening to Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan (not you
As awful as the 49ers were on and off the field this season, Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan were worse. I know you weren't listenin…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
listen to Tim Ryan and Ted Robinson and listen to their tone when talking about Baalke. They are key when getting on Jeds head
Time for the 49ers to score 2 late TDs, so Ted Robinson & Tim Ryan can gush over how amazing every player & coach is on this snake-bit team.
So much better to be listening to Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan on you actually feel like you are learning about the game.
Grant, Jerry, Ted Robinson, Greg Papa and Kruk and Kuip. Not sure what regional fans have it better.
I'll say this. Brent Jones is keeping it real. Can't say that for Tim Ryan and sadly, Ted Robinson.
Sir Ken Robinson--still one of my favorite TED Talk speakers of all time. :)
I think a lot of us, like have been inspired by Ken Robinson and his TED Talks:
Now a classic. Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson. Fantastic, inspiring and funny TED Talk on education
I wonder if ran into Ted Kennedy while in the USSR.
Chauca with some great hustle, as he knocks over Ted Robinson's monitor
host Carroll at 7:00 tonight. No radio but with Ted Robinson and Mike Montgomery on call
Loving this inspiring TED from Ken Robinson re: creativity in education!
Kerri Lee Krause citing Ken Robinson at Remind me this is always worth a watch:
Creativity can save us!! Listen to Sir Kenneth Robinson:. Do schools kill creativity?
Ted Robinson just said on KNBR that it's unfair for media to rip Gabbert & 49ers mgmt for playing Gabbert.
listening to Ted Robinson u would think a new dynasty was born yesterday. Throwing up in my mouth driving
Listen to these powerful words that can transform us into agents of change (Ken Robinson: 10 talks on education)
"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original" Ken Robinson
Just remember fans all Jed's guys pushing Gabbert on us. Walcoff, Nedney, Tim Ryan, Ted Robinson. They will all look bad.
Love the pictures! In PPR.. Davante Adams or Ted Ginn? Allen Robinson or Malcolm Floyd?
A poignant and incredibly funny talk by Sir Ken Robinson
Same at home on TV. The ESPN 3rd string is horrible. Almost as bad as Glenn Parker. Poor Ted Robinson.
Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley : This approach has always been my philosophy. CMN.
I added a video to a playlist Why Climate Change Is a Threat to Human Rights | Mary Robinso…
TED: Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland shares why climate change is too important for politics:
Dead serious, I can't make up my mind. The Babe, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Joe D., Hank Aaron...too many to choose from.
Do schools kill creativity? (watch Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson & read the story by - sad but true info)
Treating myself to an afternoon of Ken Robinson and TED. Think this about sums it up.
w/ Sir Ken Robinson are always inspiring. If you have time to spare, watch this...or even if you don't.
People want Jed York to speak to media: he DOES->every time Murph talks to Tim Ryan, Ted Robinson, et al, they are mouthpieces.
A talk worth listening to . Sir Ken Robinson . Bring on the learning revolution!
Scott Robinson recounts his and Ted Parker’s world record 1982 Birding Big Day in Peru
Ted Robinson on KNBR talking about this Falcons game reminding him of the last game at Candlestick. Wow.
What do you think about Ted Robinson saying the Niners O Line was good last year?
watch Ken Robinson's TED talk. Also, RCC 2013 based their show off of that talk. Still one of my favorite WGI shows.
A playlist to watch: Ken Robinson: 10 talks on
Tim Ryan and Ted Robinson want to pretend like some of those dimes he threw (Crab vs. Packers, Boldin vs. Seahawks) never happened. They did
Mary Robinson's TED Talk on why is an existential threat to human rights:
Catch my podcast Off The Air with Radio man Ted Robinson on iTunes
Ted Robinson is like Jed York's Ari Fleischer trying to spin the Niner world into something positive.
Why does insist on having Ted Robinson on 3-5 times every week to talk about the same game over & over again? Same w/ Greg Cosel.
Ted Robinson having an earnest conversation about on air 49ers homerism with Gary Radnich. /mindblown dot gif
Dave Flemming and Jon Miller drew straws and apparently Flem lost, so now he's forced to talk to Ted Robinson on the Giants pregame show.
Rusty Staub as well. Some good PBPers as well though like Gary Thorne, Ted Robinson, & Dave O'Brien who've all done big things.
John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson are concerned that this match can finish on time with four hours left of daylight
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Wow...Monfils "This is what he does" says Mary Carillo. "Welcome to the show" says Ted Robinson... one set apiece
Listening to Ted Robinson and Tracy Austin call matches on Tennis Channel reminds me when I was younger and they used to call the US Open.
Announcing with the legendary Ted Robinson and the great Tim Ryan is a career highlight.
Scott Erickson, Ted Robinson on Pac-12 Network (so they're paid to talk up P12) completely at a loss to explain call.
Why good leaders make you feel safe
If you watched his original Ted Talk you will enjoy this followup where Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a...
"If you are afraid of being wrong, you will never come up with anything original" - Sir Ken Robinson
A great reminder about what education really is.
BREAKING NEWS: Jack Robinson's been ruled out for up to a year after sustaining a knee injury;
Sen. Ted Cruz seeks to upend D.C. laws on contraception coverage, *** rights
'Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular perception of ability.' Sir Ken Robinson:
How school kill creativity - Sir Ken Robinson tells you how it is.
Love listening to Ted Robinson doing play by play. Reminds me of late night at the open on USA
Ted Robinson just knows how to broadcast tennis. One of the best.
Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity. One of the giants.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
“So how much did Johnny Mac bribe you?” asks Ted Robinson to Jim Courier on no linespeople, Hawk-Eye only on circuit
Sir Ken Robinson does it again. The second TedTalk about revolutionizing education.
too much chatter amongst the commentators during Nadal-Simone match. and Ted Robinson
"Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning."
Sir Ken Robinson on the education revolution...definitely worth a listen! This is the 2010 Ted Talk...
Ken Robinson really hits the nail on the head with how our educational system is set-up to produce factory...
Love this! - Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Talk Video | from CM Browser)
"Education, in a way, dislocates many people from their natural talents." - Sir Ken Robinson
The brilliant Sir Ken Robinson on the revolution
Ted Robinson of and Bahram Akradi, founder of on the mic this morning!
Day Two of the kicks off with TV broadcaster Ted Robinson, Lifetime Fitness' Bahram Akradi, USTA's...
Ken Robinson picked his 10 favorite on
Jed York spoke with Ted Robinson for an exclusive 1-on-1 to discuss the future of the
But what about Senator Ted Kennedy's letter to the Soviet Union?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
What can L&D learn from Sir Ken Robinson's School of Dreams?
Worth checking out why this talk by Ken Robinson. How schools kill creativity is one of the most popular one...
Ted Robinson saying on TC that Mo told him he couldn't involve himself in that MP overrule because it was too close to call.
A great talk from sir Ken Robinson about how school 'kill' creativity! One of the best!
I completely agree with Ken Robinson and feel fortunate to fit the system. A must watch - How schools kill creativity
Just for fun, remember when Ted Kennedy sent a delegation to Moscow to conspire to undermine the country? Good times. http:/…
49ers should discipline Tim Ryan the way they did Ted Robinson for his dumb comments as well
I fondly remember listening to Ted Robinson call Giants games growing up, but nowadays him and Tim Ryan butcher the 49ers radio broadcast.
I won't be surprised if Ted Robinson joins Tim in his comment. on the payroll
Ted Robinson, Tim Ryan, Baalke and Jed York losing touch with reality with each passing statement.
Tim Ryan isn't comfortable with Ted Robinson being the biggest *** in the radio booth.
Why Creativity in the Classroom Matters More Than Ever: In his popular TED talk, Ken Robinson made ...
just watched Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk - totally amazing - we need more people just like him
Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity : Relatable in so many levels .
Good holes with ridiculous tree placement is Ted Robinson's hallmark, right? Same at Mill Creek CC and Sudden Valley.
So Bill Walton gets to exasperate 2 play -by-play guys on 2 networks in 1 day, Ted Robinson, then Dave Pasch.
Telephone book, anyone? Bill Walton and Ted Robinson at the Pac-12 tourney (
Ted Robinson and Dave Pasch must earn some kind of "sorry for putting us thru this" incentive from the networks for working with Bill Walton
Show Duane Kuiper, Mike Krukow, John Miller, Greg Pappa, and Ted Robinson, and the Albert brothers in action!
Recapping 2014 and looking ahead, the o-line is a major storyline. 1-on-1 with Ted Robinson:
[NFL: San Francisco 49ers] - 1-on-1 with Ted Robinson: Reviewing the 14 Season..
Tips from the Masters Volume 3, is now available! To order directly click here: information and ordering other Tips from the Masters Volumes, 1,2,or 3 ,and Tips About Bits, click here: Volume 3 Reined Work features: • Ted Robinson, LTE $1 million+, 2x World’s Greatest Horseman, and 7x SBF Champion, shares how he helps people coordinate their hands and feet while turning • Sandy Collier, LTE $765k+, AQHA & NRCHA World Champion and NRCHA and Cowgirl Hall of Famer, demonstrates 3 of her favorite exercises to help riders of all disciplines gain a better handle on their horse • Jake Gorrell, LTE $776k+, takes us through how he warms a horse up and the 3 ways he stops one • Chris Dawson, LTE $500k+, teaches us how to and the importance of backing a horse off the bit • Ron Ralls, LTE $744k+, and World’s Greatest Horseman, demonstrates the foundation of his spin • Jon Roeser, LTE $1.2+ million, shares how he turns a horse into the fence for a rollback • Greg Ward, 2x SBF Champion, and NRCHA Hall ...
.Butta Baker, Cameron Van Sickle, Jason Callier? Can Ted Robinson do 5 minutes of research for the next game?
Jason Callier? Cameron Van Sickle? Wondering what prep Ted Robinson did for this game. Atrocious.
Mad Dog can't believe the 49ers suspended broadcaster Ted Robinson for his remarks while they let Ray McDonald suit up on Sunday. Catch Mad Dog Unleashed weekdays at 3pm Eastern on Mad Dog Sports Radi
KNBR suspended Ted Robinson two games for his comments on Ray Rice's wife and the 49ers stand by the suspension. Yet they'll happily allow Ray McDonald to practice as well as play. I expected better but maybe I expect too much. I do know this, if this was 1985 and Bill Walsh was coach he'd be off the team.
I'm the happiest man in the world thanks to Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Ray McDonald & Ted Robinson! Thanks, Ray Rice
Ken Robinson RSA 'creativity' vs. Antonio Damasio --> Ken Robinson 'wins' on oratory, but Damasio wins on 'knowledge'
Was it awkward for you in the studio with what Ted Robinson was saying Monday?
49ers suspend the announcer, Ted Robinson, and McDonald plays this week? This is crazy.
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Another broadcaster sent to re-education training for having an incorrect opinion about Janay Rice:
So the San Francisco 49ers suspended Ted Robinson for comments he made? What about players involved in criminal investigations?
49ers suspended a broadcaster for calling Janay Palmer "pathetic," but are still letting Ray McDonald take the field: ht…
Barbra Streisand to make rare late night appearance on Tonight Show:
suspended radio broadcaster Ted Robinson for 2 games for his comments on Ray Rice.but Ray McDonald is still pl…
Domestic violence offends 49ers now . The 49ers suspended team radio broadcaster Ted Robinson for two games for...
Niners suspended Ted Robinson for saying dumb things about domestic violence, continue to suit up the domestic violence-accused Ray McDonald
Worth watching this (again). Sir Ken Robinson in 2006: How schools kill creativity. A must see for any parent.
.49'rs radio announcer suspended for saying Janay Rice should've spoken up sooner about abuse!!!
49ers suspend radio announcer Ted Robinson for comments about domestic violence
U.S. senator says Ted Robinson Warren Buffett called him about tax
and did not suspend McDonald, that is crazy. Ted Robinson s/ not have been suspend h/s what everyone else said..Smh
So 49ers radio voice Ted Robinson gets suspended for 2 games for speaking his opinion about the Ray Rice situation.
Ted Robinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: San Franciso 49ers announcer Ted Robinson was suspended two games...
Scott Robinson is at LSUMNS telling about the previous world big day record in 1982 with Ted Parker!
Radio broadcaster Ted Robinson blasts J. Palmer's decision to marry Rice as "pathetic." In his apology (?) he says, I am responsible for my
Incredible tech inspired by Ted Robinson biology When the body comes under
49ers suspend Ted Robinson over Ray Rice's wife ...
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? - one of the best TED talks I've watched!
49ers suspend announcer Ted Robinson two games for domestic-violence ... - SFGate (blog)
Read on the 49ers' perplexing stances on lineman Ray McDonald and announcer Ted Robinson
War reporting, Ted Robinson and voting for change in can be found in today's Letters to the Editor:
suspend broadcaster for two games for words while Ray McDonald plays. Up is down, down is up.
broadcaster Ted Robinson deserves his suspension for what he said, but how can Ray McDonald continue to play after what he did?
The 49ers for suspending Ted Robinson & not the real offender Ray McDonald. Idiotic.
49ers, Pac 12 nets suspend announcer over Rice comments
I agree with broadcaster Ted Robinson that the Rice - Palmer marriage is pathetic. Suspend me too.
Here's something that you education students might like to take a look at. Ken Robinson's playlist of top videos...
SF let McDonald play which is ok until it goes to Court but suspends announcer Ted Robinson talking Domestic Violence WRONG
Ken Robinson chooses his 10 favorite talks on education:
Jim Harbaugh talks tweaks from Week 1 to Week 2, Aaron Lynch, run defense and more: Since the Ted Robinson thi...
Thank you Larry and Ted Robinson for offering a different POV on McDonald's case than Tim & Ann.
Too bad Ted Robinson has to be burdened with Tim Ryan as analyst on 49ers broadcasts. I wish he'd stop talking.
Tim Ryan doing a really nice job on KPIX with Ted Robinson.
'Quotes from Sir Ken Robinson’s 2013 TED talk' is the SlideShare of the day.
'Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity' has more than 27.5 million views. What are your thoughts on the topic?
when you do your bar shots, you should see if you can get Ted Lange to bartend...or Keith Robinson...he has experience...
A Classic TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of arts and creative thinking being nurtured and taught...
Great talk by Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity
That's been his thing. He once asked Ted "What if he kills someone?" after Packers signed DUI magnet Koren Robinson.
if anyone's interested, I'll be doing a TED Talk on bang trimming in 10 minutes behind the 7-Eleven
Robinson: When Ted Turner first came to the Braves he drove a beat up old Toyota.
Eddie Robinson: Ted Turner didn't know anything about baseball but he was highly opinionated.
Surreal to be hearing from Eddie Robinson, who played against Ted Williams # baseballhistory
The pursuit of perfection is attainable to all. | photo:
Perfect and awesome!. Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms_
I've watched this talk by Ken Robinson many times before; yet I love how he uses humor and stories to make his point
“Creativity is now as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.”—Ken Robinson
You cannot beat Sir Ken Robinson. You should check out some of his Ted talks, too.
This week's thoughts on inspiration - and a TED talk by Ken Robinson on creativity and education.
Ted Robinson said Azarenka's been "a bit feisty on court tonight", which is like saying Venus has been a bit tall on court tonight.
And Ted Robinson's doing this, for good measure. What an era of televised sports we live in.
Just gave Bay Area broadcasting legend and 2 time Emmy winner Ted Robinson some sample PowerStrips
Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
Amazing TED talk from Ken Robinson on 21 century Highly worth watching?
Hear Smokey Robinson and Elton John duet on a brand-new version of "Tracks of My Tears":
Mary Carillo & Ted Robinson couldn't make it anymore obvious how much they're in love with Sharapova…
Ted Robinson and Dan Jansen wrap up the U.S. Speed Skating Trials for the men with a look ahead to Sochi and...
Please keep the Ted Robinson family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the passing of Ted. Viewing will be At Bowen Donalson funeral home on Saturday from 6:00 PM till 8:00 PM and services will be at 2:00 PM on Sunday. Ted is the father of Gary Robinson who is the director of the Southwest Georgia chapter of M.A.D.D., Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.
Please join us for the GOLFopolitan Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the UR Charities on Saturday, April 5, 2014. We will have an outstanding day of golf at the beautiful Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos, a Ted Robinson-designed course, where a fine balance between beauty and challenge awaits a...
Las Vegas golf tee times for the Tuscany Golf Club, located in Henderson, Nevada and designed by Ted Robinson.
Ted Robinson: "Fans cheering because Jed York just threw a pass to Jerry Rice! I didn't know that Jed threw left handed." -to
glad I will be there so I don't have to listen. Ted Robinson and Eric Davis in the ear.
You & Ted Robinson should have a contest re. frequent flier miles.
Chris Fowler or Ted Robinson would do this match such justice.
Jesse Beltran:. Unsung Hero's. I had the opportunity to interview Ted Robinson, the man who saved Kennedy in the...
Ted Robinson might be one of the most underrated play by play guys in sports. He can do all and put in a good performance.
So Ted Robinson is buried over on Tennis Channel while we had to suffer through Bill Macatee during Serena on CBS today? Rough.
Thanks Captain Obvious Ted Robinson. Obviously the story is elsewhere. There hasn't been a story on Ashe since the first break of serve.
BTW, hope Tennis Channel uses more of James Blake instead of Gimelstob in future. Enjoying trio of Ted Robinson, JB & Courier
Why is Ted Robinson calling him "Michael" Youzhny? He think he's Gilbert or something?
she and Ted Robinson are a good pair,I hear Ted now too..TC utilizing everyone atm,along w/guest James Blake.
CBS needs to hire back Ted announcer duo is more fun than Robinson and John McEnroe for tennis!
great "The newly-retired James Blake joining Ted Robinson/Jim Courier on Tennis Channel: Djokovic vs. Sousa match tonight"
The newly-retired James Blake will be joining Ted Robinson and Jim Courier on Tennis Channel's call of the Djokovic vs. Sousa match tonight
Ted Robinson is a Fedfan, btw. Jim Courier, like most former players, is all for Rafa.
I can't believe Ted Robinson is still allowed to speak on TV about
Ted Robinson calling a night match at the Just like the old days.
Tell your friends. The Greatest Of All Time now LIVE on from the . Ted Robinson and Jim Courier w/ the call.
"I gotta tell ya, I lived in Minnesota for 18 years, and I couldn't tell you where North Dakota State is." - Ted Robinson
Heard Jim Kaat announcing last night on he's still great. Kaat & Ted Robinson doing TV Twins games was best combo they've had.
The interview Ted Robinson did in pre-game with special-teams coach Brad Seely was very insightful. He's gotta love what Cam Johnson's done.
Looking forward to golfing at Sudden Valley tomorrow - designed by world renowned course designer Ted Robinson
All of the storylines, who's on the bubble and more. 49ers pregame is on ESPN 1320 right now with Eric Davis and Ted Robinson.
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