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Ted Mosby

Theodore Evelyn Ted Mosby is a fictional character and the protagonist in the U.S. television sitcom How I Met Your Mother, a hopeless romantic portrayed by Josh Radnor.

Robin Scherbatsky Ross Geller Ross Gellar Barney Stinson Josh Radnor Marshall Eriksen Robin Sherbatsky Jim Halpert

Better question: Why are white women failing women?
We, dissenters and lovers, gonna miss Obama.
Gen. Petraeus, one of the people on Trump's list for Secretary of State, has to check with his probation officer before leav…
Oh dear. New HHS nominee is in fringe group Assoc. of American Physicians & Surgeons. It is anti-vaxxer and says Obama…
Ted Mosby is goals for all you men out there pls try harder
“You can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on, it's already gone.” . -Ted Mosby
Unless your name is Ted Mosby please refrain from wearing a suit jacket with jeans to work, it looks lazy not casual
He looks like Ted Mosby when he was in college from HIMYM 😂😂
I know I should be grateful that I didnt walk out of undergrad with excessive debt and I am. Im just venting lol
ugh because I took the long route to get my 4 year degree and managed to only end up with 11K or so in student loan debt so adding 35k is 😡
Im looking at online master's programs at these schools and one is 35K for the entire program.Im like ugh
Boy, if you don't love like Ted Mosby, skedaddle.
I feel like the journey to meeting my husband will easily rival Ted Mosby
Lawd But then you know someone would've excuse her behaviour or somehow blamed black people for it
My home state of Texas would die without federal funding and federal jobs. Someone has to subsidize the low wages
Did you ever notice that in himym ted mosby and his wife both have coin collections and that they named their daughter penny🤔🤔
"Sarah Palin under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs,"
I hate Ted Mosby: . -Felt entitled to love without working to be someone who deserves it. -Took screen time away from Jas…
9. Ted Mosby. complainer. reeked of desperation. get over Robin. how i met your mother or how i want to bone your a…
Who is worse: Ted Mosby or Ross Gellar. They both make me want to puke so bad I can't decide. Need help.
Ted Mosby pining over Robin Sherbatsky is the single most annoying thing in tv history
You're the Robin Sherbatsky in my Ted Mosby. :-)
Your performance in Minions was spot-on Ross Gellar/Ted Mosby *** satire. Truly genius.
Everyone has a little Ross Geller and Ted Mosby in them
Ted Mosby is also second worst tv character. right under Ross Geller
I am Sarah Braverman and Ted Mosby and Ross Gelled and I hate that.
"Just looking for the perfect mix of Andy Dwyer, Chandler Bing, and Ted Mosby."
Tate Donovan and Ted Mosby are on our flight to jfk
ted mosby. -hes annoying. -boring. -why did he try to date robin so many times. -dude chill out. -him n barney were an O…
Really looked like a Ted Mosby last night
We need more Ted Mosby's in this world
Best compliment I've ever received: "You remind me of Ted Mosby"
Ted Mosby was right, nothing good ever comes after 2am
It's basically the anti-HIMYM, right? Because I feel like Ted Mosby met his future wife 100 times and just didn't know it.
There are few things more inspiring than Ted Mosby's existence, honestly.
Also because I'm Ted Mosby and I love grand romantic gestures.
I have a rather large crush on Ted Mosby
I've never felt more like ted mosby in my life than right now
"you're what would result if Ted Mosby and Liz Lemon had a child."
im a combo of Ted Mosby and Ben Wyatt
Re-watching How I Met Your Mother as recent life events have made people compare me to a hopeless Ted Mosby.
I'm Ted Mosby with Marshall's love of pizza and burgers with barney's confidence and narcissism.
I feel like season 4 Ted mosby today
Barney Stinson on the outside but Ted Mosby on the inside.
Going to start asking every girl I see on dates. The Ted Mosby way.
" that's why when u find someone u want to keep around,you do something about it " - Ted Mosby.
Little Giant Ladders
That awesome moment when you know more than just Ted Mosby. :D
Ted Mosby ever said, "there's nothing good happen after 2 a.m so just go to sleep". Well there still one hour left then.
Last night I met a dude who looks like ted mosby
Lowkey Ted Mosby was an extremely accomplished professional and it got downplayed the whole HIMYM series
she's the Robin Scherbatsky to your Ted Mosby dude...
"We got to wait for the real thing, no matter how tough it gets" . -Ted Mosby
Anyone else up past 2 AM and feel bad because you know Ted Mosby would be mad at you?
❁Ted Mosby❁. -architect, not archeologist. -gave the longest story on how he met his wife . -hopeless romantic
Sometimes I think I have an unhealthy number of similarities to Ted Mosby from HIMYM. This makes me equally hopeful and mortified
Rewatching how I met your mother and I have to admit Ted mosby is my favorite character i met your mother
"The heart is a mysterious muscle, you never really know what's going on in there." - Ted Mosby . Aint that the truth 😔😞
Ted Mosby (barely won out over Dr. J.D. Dorian), Leonard Hofstadter,…
I'm honestly just a Ted Mosby and she's my Robin Scherbatsky.
Ted Mosby: When you love someone, you don't stop. Ever. Imran Khan: LOL. Karan Singh Grover: LOL. Sanjay Dutt: LOL
My parents pastor looks like Ted Mosby
Nutter butters are underrated, Ted Mosby was right
She really compared Drake to Ted Mosby all I could do is laugh
You are my Ted Mosby, and I am your Robin Scherbatsky. We are two people who once forced the impossible.
Veronica Mars is as bad as Ted Mosby!!!
tbh I want my sugar daddy to be Ted Mosby or Ross Geller so if that's not him... byeee
Girls--(not smart) most of them want a Ted Mosby or Ross Gellar (😷), when really the true winners are Marshall and the Chan-Chan Man.
Stay away from the Ted Mosby's and Roy Anderson's. Look for your Marshall Eriksen or Jim Halpert.
*gasp* you take that back. Ted Mosby is nothing like the monster that is Ross Gellar.
This guy on tinder called himself a "Ross Gellar and Ted Mosby admirer" and I threw up in my mouth a little bit.
Ted Mosby getting Miss Havisham-ed is simply not the follow up to England's victory that I wanted
If you took Ross Geller, Ted Mosby, Ben Wyatt, and Chris Traeger and mashed them into one sitcom amalgamation you would have me
what is it like working with Ted Mosby aka Josh Radnor?
So I feel like Josh Radnor's character on Mercy Street is just Ted Mosby if he had been a Civil War doctor
be my Ted Mosby and i'll be your Robin Scherbatsky 📯💙
I'm a mix of Ross Geller and Ted Mosby
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Lmaooo what is Ted Mosby doing on masterpiece theater 😂😂😂
Convinced I'm Ted Mosby and Austin and Shelby are Marshal and Lilly
Pierre McGuire is Ted Mosby, everything makes so much more sense.
Ted Mosby is the third doppleganger
I think I just had a Ted Mosby moment just now of epiphany & self realization. Of all places this occurred while working Hall of Presidents.
Everyone needs a Linus in their life.
Some day i should really try to pull the, 'ted mosby, architect 😎' move on the ladies
"If you care about somebody you should want them to be happy even if it means being left out." -Ted Mosby
sorta looks like Ted Mosby from HIMYM😱
I hate casual fridays cuz then some of yall's butts be having me like...
A white man wrote a "field guide to Latinas" like if Latinas are animals. I'm so disgusted.
no my bank account is in critical Condition
I thought the girl next to me was reading an article titled, "My class is too big and I don't want it to get any bigger…
I'm actually full tho so I guess it was worth it
"I'm always gonna love you 'til the end of my days... and beyond." - Ted Mosby
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So Marvel comics is on a big diversity push but their CEO just gave a million dollars to Trump.
just got robbed I spent 8 dollars on a pb&j sandwich some *** and apple juice
I always thought part of the Johnny Manziel hate is because he plays and acts on the field like he grew up around black kids
Some of us still want our athletes to be quiet and not out spoken unless they are white and then it is is, "he's a passionate competitor"
Football still has conservative racial fans, Hockey and Baseball too. Basketball is different
ESPN aint sitting around discussing if the J J Watt love is racial and debating it but with Cam, we gotta debate the hate?
J J Watt is flashy, folk love that.Cam is flashy, the world is ending
The Mike Vick hate had a racial component too.
If people would be 100 and just say I do not like his flashy black *** we can move on lol
Yes, Race is part of why some people do not like Cam.I don't see why we have to keep debating that
On another note, why yall aint tell me that Rita Ora had her girls out?! *google searches*
They hate him cuz his music doesnt sound the same, they hate him bcof Kim K. They hate him bc he's brash, arrogant. The list goes on & on
Im not specifically talking about you, Im talking about the masses.
it's about as much hate as I have for IL's Governor and Donald Trump. Well...change that to most politicians.
I aint saying he's the only one, Im saying that the hate for him is strong in the Force
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And they hate him so much that they go in on Kim K even when she aint involved and put Amber on a pedistool cuz she drags him
Dude, you've expressed your hatred for Kanye multiple times
It's excessive, is what Im sayin. Ppl hate dude so much that anything he does that they don't like, they magnify it
Im not excusing Kanye but let's be real, any negative thing he does at this point will be magnified bc there are tons of ppl who dislike him
I disagee. I've known your hate for Kanye for a long time.
He's wrong for dagging her & her son into his rant but let's not act like there are not ppl waiting to go in on Ye
Let's be honest, because you do not like him, you're going to jump on the side that goes in on him, regardless least you're admitting your bias
Man, you just hate Kanye. What he do to you?
He's right one is excusing Kanye, though. There are enough think pieces going at him
How does ESPN have tom Brady as number 1 in the 50 best Super Bowls? Joe Montana had better stats
It's scary because I don't remember how it felt to just be "normal" and enjoy life
I have symptoms of OCD, I've had symptoms of OCD. I've spent 19 years trying to manage them.
a bad break up is stirring up my OCD
there are really only three types of guys, Barney, Marshall, or somewhere in the middle Ted Mosby
Welcome to Mosby, Ted Bear. enjoy, follow if you love himym, thank you. I think I'm in love…
Ted Mosby was right when he said go to bed after 2am
"This is a big thing for you, it's like your Virginity the Sequel." - Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby what it is? I'm down to play you just give me a heads up 😜 hopefully you haven't lost your killer skills
Someone be the Ted Mosby to my Robin Sherbatsky 🙏🏽
I hope everyone enjoys my senior quote... It's by Ted Evelin Mosby!
Why is my mindset so similar to Ted Mosby
I get way to excited when I find new music
I'm fr man , I avoid them because it scares me 🙊
just-shower-thoughts: Ted Mosby of “How I Met Your Mother” has no problem giving intimate details of his...
The real question for is can Josh Radnor overshadow Ted Mosby? I sure hope so.
I hope to some day meet call him Ted Mosby, and go buy red boots together 😀
Don't trust people who say they can relate to either Ted Mosby or Ross Gellar.
Lily Aldrin,Marshall Eriksen and Ted Mosby called some cab driver Barney Stinson.My flawless best friend has no worries lol!
I feel like everyone is either Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, or Barney Stinson.   10% Off
Ted Mosby is the most perfect man ever & I hate Robin Scherbatsky
We're like Ross and Rachel but the Ted Mosby and everyone before the mother
Am I just another Ted Mosby and you a Robin Scherbatsky, except with a different ending than the show's?
"You're my Robin Scherbatsky, I'm your Ted Mosby." Anda bukan Ted, anda Barney Stinson...
Somewhere between Ted Mosby, Ross Geller and even a bit of Nick Miller... There it is. 😍😍😍
Ted Mosby ruins HIMYM. He's annoying AF and he should have been killed off in the first season.
"We only see what we want to see, when we're ready to see it." -Ted Mosby
As the soon-to-be wife of an architect I often wonder whether Ted Mosby uses AutoCAD
Ted mosby : portrayed as the good guy yet shagged more girls than ewan haddow
Ted Mosby couldn't take his mind of Robin after finding out who the mother is?
BREAKING: US hiring surges in October with 271,000 jobs added, unemployment rate falls to 5 percent.
Ben Carson, on CNN, argued that President Obama was never vetted by the media.
Ben Carson is playing the "victim of the media" card too heavy in this interview with Her questions ar…
Fascinating how conservatives are outraged that Ben Carson's memoir is being verified, yet said nothing when the same w…
I think people who were raised by single parents have very romantic and unrealistic ideas about the reality of being rais…
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"In order to determine whether we can know anything with certainty, we first have to doubt everything we know" Ted Mosby
When you are not use to guys being nice to you so when one is you can't tell if it is a Ted Mosby or Ted Bundy moment.
Just finished Season 8 of I so waited for you Mrs. Ted Mosby!!!
Ted Mosby, he is the man who still loved Robin Scherbatsky.
Kourtney Kardashian is so slept on 🔥😍
Mosby-Schmosby! Things only Ted from How I Met Your Mother could teach us!
one day I will make a girl beyond happy
if you ever see me smiling to myself in public it's probs because I'm thinking about the way ted mosby says the word chameleon
This is the right place and the right time, Ted Mosby, where art thou?!
I'm so Ted Mosby it's really horrible
is ted mosby still there with elbow patches? Have they got their booth?
"There is nothing in this life that comes close to the terror and exhilaration of making your move." -Ted Mosby
I learned a lot from Ted Mosby tonight
The most stereotypical but 100% correct descriptions of me are Aquarius, Slytherin, and Ted Mosby
My coworkers told me Ted Mosby tried too hard, Ross was annoying, & Jim didnt deserve Pam. Sometimes I wonder why I bot…
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Can't tell if I'm more of a Barney Stinson or Ted Mosby... or a combination of both
Paperman reminds me of a combination of Jim Halpert and Ted Mosby and it's just too perfect ❤️
"I don't want to fall in love with everybody like Ted Mosby because I'm so single it hurts." but me too.
That awkward moment when you realize you're the Ted Mosby of your friends.
Ted Mosby would stand exactly like this Mike guy if he was ever on Jeopardy
I hope I marry someone like Ted Mosby
I asked Nick to provide data to back his "it's a fact that transgenders make people uncomfortable" claim. His reply: http…
My wife figured out why Ted Mosby is such a bad person: he played out Marshal's 'wife dies so he can bang the other girl' fantasy
There was a lynching threat left at Berkeley High School. . A LYNCHING THREAT.
as vezes o Sufjan Stevens parece o Ted Mosby
Oh, it's that eppy of Judging Amy where a young Ted Mosby (HIMYM) is an inexperienced trial attorney.
And now I'm just turning from a Ted Mosby to a Barney Stinson, wow.
I'm a mix of Ted Mosby and Eric Foreman 😧
This presentation came up in a great conversation between Josh Radnor ( aka Ted Mosby) and Comedian Pete Holmes.
Did anyone ever realize that Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby's names might be inspired by Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone..?
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The series concerns the adventures of Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) and how he met the mother of his children. *thanks google*
Ted Mosby, Ross Gellar and Leonard from TBBT all need putting in the bin.
Ross is another problematic character. Why couldn't they focus on Chandler? Why couldn't Ted Mosby not be a men's rights activist?
My blog will be like Jean Paul Sartre, Eugene Debs and Ted Mosby all wrapped up into a couple paragraphs.
I might be crazy, but I'm not yet Ted Mosby.
God Ted Mosby gives the best speeches!!! Such an amazing character
am I Ted Mosby or Lily Aldrin I can't decide
😂😂 the best one is the Ted mosby playbook trick, "I got left at the altar" works every time
I really feel a connection with Ted Mosby
I need to find someone like Ted Mosby 😭
"You know how everyone has that guy or girl that no matter what happens, you know will be perfect for you?" - Ted Mosby. Yeah, buddy 😊
"Why confront something if you can avoid it?" . -Ted Mosby
"She shouldn't be with him she should be with me" -ted mosby
Wow seeing that text rocked my world
u will allways be ted mosby to me ur awesome u are my favorite character on how I met your mother go browns josh
En parte me identifico con Ted Mosby
Am I the only person that thinks is Ted Mosby undercover in a baking competition?
Ted Mosby is the devil! I'd change identities if I ever interacted with him honestly
Leslie Knope, Ted Mosby, and their pros and cons list
I'll always be your ted mosby if you'll be my marshall erikson 👬
the only architect w/ a social life is Ted Mosby and he is a fictional character
I sound like Ted Mosby, don't I. Speaking of the one, too many dreams no action to achieve them and faking everything.
It feels like that me and Ted Mosby have the same personality...
I am going to pac I haven't got my classes yet
I don't have you for class though. I have her for class that's why lol & you told me you're not even going to pac
I'm basically Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother except he can actually get girls to like him back.
Can't figure out if David Belle is the Dustin Hoffman of Parkour or just the Ted Mosby of Parkour.
Marshall - Ted: I ,Ted Mosby, promise to stop putting everyone else's interest ahead of my own and for once in my life d…
"Some stories you tell. Some stories you dont". -Ted Mosby-
The Ted Mosby Affect, girls rejecting me, and Ness: via
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"When its after 2am just go to sleep. Bc the decisions you make after 2am are the wrong decisions." -Ted Mosby
I think people who find their soul mates at a young age are lucky in a way, watch me be the female version of Ted Mosby in the future
Just pack it in because love is the best thing we do" -Ted Mosby
The Two-Minute-Date on How I Met Your Mother remains to be a top 10 romantic scene in all of television. Ted Evelyn Mosby you sly ***
I'm Ted Mosby when I talk to girls, on Ghaudy
I need a Ted Mosby or a Jimmy Fallon in my life...
oh yeah. Maybe if destiny is right you'll see him again. (Sounding like Ted Mosby from HIMYM oops)
Why do I have to be the Ted Mosby of my friend group...😣😣😣
My goal in life is too marry a Ted Mosby.
Goals: find my own Ted mosby, mike hannigan mix and marry him.
"We are not platonic... Platonish if that's even a word..." Ted Mosby
I just happen to be the Robin Scherbatsky to a Ted Mosby.
Ted Mosby would of Lebron coming back to Cleveland
Ted mosby when he signed up for a match maker and found out he doesn't have a match
"Shouldn't we hold out for the person who doesn't just tolerate our little quirks but actually kinda likes them? " - Ted Mosby
TED MOSBY is a jerk, Do not date him
"Hi. I’m Ted Mosby. In exactly forty-five days from now, you and I are gonna meet. And we’re gonna fall..."
I'm just now realizing that my life has an uncanny resemblance to the plot of How I Met Your Mother, and I'm Ted Mosby.
My dating life *** worse than Ted Mosby's. I think I could use a wingman like Barney.
Everytime I hear the word architect the first thing I think of is Ted Mosby.
The older I get I realize my life tragically resembles that of Ted Mosby. Where's the yellow umbrella?
I'm Ted Mosby and I hate myself for it
Nível Ted Mosby: All I know is that you're so nice / You're the nicest thing I've seen
ted mosby How to free from Read here:
I feel like I'm Ted Mosby and youre Robin Scherbatsky and this is season 7, episode 17
I see begging Tyrese is back lol. This album actually sounds pretty good, so far. ♫
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