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Ted Kennedy

Edward Moore Ted Kennedy (February 22, 1932August 25, 2009) was a United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party.

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I don't doubt Bernie himself pulling a Ted Kennedy in 2020.
There is nobody that's ever going to fill Ted Kennedy's shoes, and that's a tall order for
it was a democrats idea. Post 1965 immigration wrath of Ted Kennedy
Disastrous legacy of Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy immigration policy ends come 11/8. Disregard the stupid polls DJT. You're the man.
Well, the senators I've enjoyed working with the most would be Ted Kennedy and Kent Conrad, beca
Even good ol' Ted Kennedy was lucky enough to receive $7,000 in campaign contributions from Donald Trump before it was all said and done...
Ted Kennedy seems confidence he won't...
Best part of that video (which I’ve watched) is Ted Kennedy’s absurd overconfidence based on early exit polls.
Ck our history back to about 1920. We went decades without immigration. Pres Carter stopped til Commie Ted Kennedy
FLASHBACK: Speaking of secret dealings with Russian dictators
And btw... No fly list is a Joke... Grandmas,infants,wrong names, heck Ted Kennedy was on list!
one could argue the Robert Bork denial by Ted Kennedy started the erosion.
. Except the elite, Ted Kennedy, (Mr Green) not in his backyard cluttering the water view of the vacation home. Hypocrite.
the Immigration Act of 1965 causing today's ills was signed by Ted Kennedy and two Ashkenazi
Remember is the same as a parting gift from Ted Kennedy
You mean like the National Inquire who implied Ted Cruz's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination? Your a joke!
True! Read "Dupes" - chronicles how USSR wowed democrats for years, esp. FDR and Ted Kennedy
I'm originally from the Peoples Republic of MA (home of Kerry, Frank, Warren, a drunken Ted Kennedy, and other nutcases).
Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Pope Francis... I know virtue-signalling Christians better than I know anyone. And it's bad.
It was Ted Kennedy and other Dems who went out of their way to undermine that policy years ago.
Actually, I've always loved the Osama reference, since it was a Freudian Slip by the late great Ted Kennedy .
Ted Kennedy killed a woman, but feminists loved him, too. So, ok to rape as long as you say the right things after?
Biden spent too much time drinking with Ted Kennedy, but it's no secret about the 'football'.
Old joke: . Q: why did Ted Kennedy drive the hearse for his friend's wedding?. A: b/c she wanted a burial at sea.
GP "Ted Kennedy" is always the correct answer to any "who's worse" question involving politicians.
reminds me of that happy day Ted Kennedy wint to the hot place! The place all democrats go 1 minute after death.
Republicans were right about how terrible turned out to be, but were completely wrong to oppose Ted Kennedy's original plans.
Maybe Ted Kennedy was secretly a sharia practicing muslim, punishing the "adulteress"?
. And I might add~that was a Theater outside of Boston. Crooked Hillary . Pocahontas . Barney F…
Congress has in the past required the learning of the English language and later George H. W. Bush with the help of Ted Kennedy removed it.
The ghost of Ted Kennedy gives you the finger. Is hypocrisy what you guys live by?
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Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat, but lost it to Elizabeth Warren. Then, came to NH to challenge Jeanne Shaheen, lost!
Here is a picture of political desperation. Trump shooting himself for president. Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat
As Ted Kennedy said “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives & the dream shall never die."
Senator Ted Kennedy campaigned for national health insurance as far back as 1980.
The only politician with a confirmed kill in this so called "War on Women" was Ted Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy drunk, woman chaser, who let his secretary drown. Who he was having an affair with. Spent his life being a drunk playboy.
Did you know that O.J. Simpson, Monica Lewinsky, Ted Kennedy, and President Bill Clinton are all avid golfers?. O.J…
. It's lucky that Senator Ted Kennedy has passed so as not to have to see that a woman and her dog can
I do have one very good memory. We meet Ted Kennedy at one Political Party & heard him speak. A beautiful man. :) ♥
Ted Kennedy: role model to the Clintons
If Ted Kennedy could have seen this video.
Today marks 2,548 days of sobriety for the Lion of the Senate, Ted Edward Kennedy Good job Ted
Blame Ghetto poverty on LBJ, Ted Kennedy for immigration to take their jobs. Crack coincided with HipHop, evolved into BLM
dye witch die, its karma, slow and painful like Chappaquiddick ted Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy once told me, "Run unopposed, or run like the underdog." It's how you win.
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MSM asks, "Can Elizabeth be the new Ted Kennedy?". Warren is 3 tankers of Scotch behind, but she's working hard to…
Jimmy Carter led the "Never McGovern" movement back in 72. Ted Kennedy challenged Carter in '80 for the Dem nomination. Nothing new here.
I have no problems voting for a woman. *** I voted for Elizabeth Warren because Scott Brown was just a seat filler after Ted Kennedy died
Ted Kennedy asked the Russians to help Dems beat Reagan in 1984
Wow. Bernie has taken Ted Kennedy's mantle as the elder statesman - and fighter - of/for the Democratic Party.
Seriously. Ted Cruz must have been inspired by Ted Kennedy's 1980 speech.
This bar has portraits of JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. And, sort of randomly in the corner, is a portrait of John Adams.
and Pence seems like a disaster. He makes Ted Cruz look like Ted Kennedy
and 2 days before that Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge and killed Mary Jo Kopechne.
On this date 47 years ago, Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die, trapped in his car off Character al…
47 years ago today Mary Jo Kopechne died. Ted Kennedy suffered no legal consequences for his gross negligence, er, "extr…
You, Bernie Sanders, are no Ted Kennedy. Great read on today's endorsement from
called Trudeau a cuck. Bet he didn't know Pierre Trudeau was literally a cuckolded by Ted Kennedy.
Congressman have been on the No Fly list, John Lewis, MLK, Ted Kennedy. Is flawed, misused
Mike Tyson’s convention speech will make Clint Eastwood’s performance feel like Ted Kennedy in ‘80
You mean like when Steven Hayes and Ted Kennedy both ended up on lists?
4 generations of my family have owned guns, and we have killed less people than Ted Kennedy's automobiles.
Bundy's, Ted Kennedy, Steven Hayes, all wrongfully put on that list without due process. The Innocent Stripped of rights.
Tell that to Ted Kennedy, Steven Hayes(Fox) took them Months @ get off it. Dont trust U or DOJ after IRS Targeting of Tea Party
which barely got passed, because Ted Kennedy died and Massachusetts elected a Republican senator
Ted Kennedy refused to drop out and took it to the convention which damaged Jimmy Carters chances of reelection
DYK: people wanted Ted Kennedy to run for VP or president after Bobby died?
1968 Bobby Kennedy died. Peek into history with LBJ talking with Ted Kennedy:
Trusting Hillary Clinton with US National Security would be like trusting Ted Kennedy with a bottle of scotch and the ke…
Obama flipped John Lewis & won Ted Kennedy's endorsement. Bernie had a year to win big endorsements and didn't
Bob Goff, two years before founding our firm, schmoozing with Ted Kennedy.
Time to use Ollie North to end McCain for good. He can expose this Ted Kennedy fellow traveler, end this scam.
Matthew Perry to play Ted Kennedy on a new show. Could he BE any more political??
Matthew Perry cuts a disgruntled figure as he takes on new Ted Kennedy role.
A white male Mormon millionaire was not gonna beat Ted Kennedy in Mass...
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Matthew Perry dyes his hair grey to play Ted Kennedy via
Mary Jo Kopechne thanks you for your support of Ted Kennedy.
Newsflash - Mary Jo Kopechne says that Ted Kennedy is no conservative. He left her to die in the water.
NYT whining about "dignity"? For dignity should check its reporting of Ted Kennedy's murder of Mary Jo Kopechne.
Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment but Ted Kennedy had some not very good reasons why
“A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.”—Bill Clinton, talking to Ted Kennedy about Obama in '08. Th…
Laura Bush opens up in revealing interview with daughter Barbara about how she learned of 9/11 with Ted Kennedy, w…
Bernie also voted against the comprehensive immigration bill that Ted Kennedy was trying to pass. Now he cares about Latinos?
Bill is a Democrat saint like other rapists and adulterers including JFK, FDR, and even Ted Kennedy (homicide bonus).
Never have I know a progressive vote against The Immigration bill from a progressive leader like Ted Kennedy
Need I remind you that Ted Kennedy was a Liberal? I think Mary Jo Kopechne would disagree with you
I believe Bill Clinton just may be the off spring of the late Ted Kennedy !
Did he apologize for scuttling Ted Kennedy's bill?
Howard Dean, Bill Bradley, Gary Hart, Jerry Brown and Ted Kennedy all won the hearts of young voters in the years they ran
Not sure if I still have but I did have a great book produced to attack Ted Kennedy - in 1962
Ted Kennedy one of the 'great architects' of peace in the North - Mitchell (May 18) :: The I...
Ted Kennedy remembered as one of the 'great architects' of peace in N Ireland
Sen. George Mitchell thanks Sen.Ted Kennedy for getting him involved in peace talks.
Both sides of the aisle on this issue, i.e. JFK, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Gary Hart. . .
.Whatever DT did doesn't compare do Ted Kennedy killing a young woman then looking for someone to take the fall for him!
Throwback Thursday: Minority leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Ted Kennedy was looking down on us.
John Huston and his famous guests.. Liz Taylor and Ted Kennedy.
Thomas Eagleton lasted less than a month in 72; Ted Kennedy might have made a difference but spurned McGovern
This is sickening at best. None are qualified by any rational argument. In writing in either Sponge Bob or Ted Kennedy. :(
John Curran in talks to direct "Chappaquiddick" starring Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy
Newly released interviews show depth of Ted Kennedy frustration with Hillary Clinton and Bill...
Somebody let Will Ferrell know that I have written a comedy about Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne. It's as funny as dementia!
I hear Will Ferrell's next project is a comedy about Mary Jo Kopechne using up the last of the air bubble in Ted Kennedy's car.
How about a film where Ted Kennedy's brain tumor goes back in time to save Mary Jo Kopechne?
Roughly the equivalent of Michael Dukakis offering the VP slot to Ted Kennedy. Nutso!
Anthony Wiener, Anita Hill, LBJ and Ted Kennedy must all be rehabilitated. Reagan on the other hand..
Ted Kennedy once introduced home run kings "Mike McGuire and Sammy Souser" at the White House.
He called me an *** for saying Trump would be a bad president and that Ted Kennedy wasn't a conservative.
Yeah, that's what we all thought when there was a special for Ted Kennedy's seat. Welcome Scott Brown.
What about Mary Jo Kopechne being honored for doing more for America than anyother woman by ensuring Ted Kennedy wasn't president?
as a member of the Giant Irish Heads club with Chris and the late Ted Kennedy, no.
Eduardo is Edward. Ted is nickname for Edward. Ted Kennedy is an example.
Sitting at a replica of Ted Kennedy's Senate seat at the new Edward Kennedy Library.
Ted is NOT a "fake" name. Ted is a nickname for Edward. Thus Ted. Edward Kennedy = Ted Kennedy.
Victoria Reggie Kennedy (wife of late Ted Kennedy) receives Lifetime Achievement Award at ATFL.
in 2008, Bernie voted to confirm her as Secretary of State. So did Barack, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy...
to be fair Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that Obama would be carrying their bags years ago.
Thank you, Susan. Fair and balanced. Back in 90s Ted Kennedy didn't consider Clinton 'effective' Dems.
In 2008 Bill Clinton said something so nasty about Obama that it angered Ted Kennedy and he immediately backed Obama for POTUS.
Kerry Washington as Anita Hill, Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas. Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden! TREAT WILLIAMS as Ted Kennedy!
BTW, Ted Kennedy spear headed the ADA in order to get votes, or else he'd've brought Rosemary out of the institutions...
Earl Warren Lyndon Johnson, Ted Kennedy are three who helped destroy America. And none of them ever get the blame they deserve for it.
I used to think Cape Wind was a great idea. That was when Ted Kennedy was a...
any mention of Al Sharpton dodging millions in taxes? Ted Kennedy killing a woman?
It appears to me that "TrusTED" Ted Cruz is really closer in character to the late Senator from MA,Ted Kennedy, than he is to Ronald Reagan.
Media didn't put this much attention on Ted Kennedy killing a woman as they R the " HE TOUCHED ME!" https:…
When u list the great villains of History. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Mohammed, Hitler. Do not for get Ted Kennedy, Earl Warren & Lyndon Johnson.
Don't get me started. . Instead let's have a moment for Senator Byrd (the dude in the wheelchair who bigs up Ted Kennedy.)
In gentler times, shots at the Capitol just meant Ted Kennedy & Chris Dodd were getting drunk again. . eric @ Tygr Express
with the DNC it's child rape and dead women in rivers. See Senator Robert Menendez and Ted Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy killed a woman and got to be a senator, so.
Do you know why Ted Kennedy primaried Jimmy?
Ted Kennedy's endorsement partly made primary win possible. Wonder if Ted would have endorsed fellow Irish Catholic
4 of 5 stars to Ted Kennedy by Edward Klein
Former President Bill Clinton tried to get former senator Ted Kennedy to endorse Hillary Clinton for
Recall what Ted Kennedy said Bill Clinton said about Obama. Gotta wonder what he says about Bernie privately
No thank Reagan who ended the Fairness Doctrine because Ted Kennedy challenged JC.
For your St. Patrick's Day, here's Ted Kennedy and Joe Brennan singing.
Folks just like Ted Kennedy, the Ohio governor can cause a contested convention by not suspending or ending his campaign,no matter the vote
alum Matthew Perry will play Ted Kennedy in Reelz miniseries opposite Katie Holmes
Unbind all delegates at the Democratic National Convention, because, you know, Ted Kennedy did it in 1980.
So, as Hillary invokes Ted Kennedy, let us be reminded the Kennedys endorsed BARACK OBAMA. Now this! https:…
Bernie voted against Ted Kennedy's immigration bill, because it wasn't perfect. He threw out the baby with the bathwater.
Am I the only person that isn't impressed with House of Cards? Can't figure out if Spacey is supposed to be Robert Byrd or Ted Kennedy.
Too bad Bush capitulated on vouchers and let Ted Kennedy write his Education law.
JFK's grandson skewers Ted Cruz: He 'is no Jack Kennedy'
How great leaders inspire action: via
Soros, Saudis trained BO so they could buy election. Ted Kennedy's "magic *** (BO) is filth.
This is the look of diversity and the irreparable differences that come with it. Thanks, Ted Kennedy!
Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy: "A few years ago, this guy wld have been getting us coffee."
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...economic immigrants like my dad in. Specifically, I think it was Ted Kennedy (I might be wrong)
Ted Kennedy, Lois Lerner, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Hillary etc etc...not one day in jail (yet).
led by Ted Kennedy. Ironic that his brother's murder was a catalyst.
she's afraid bc of 2008 but Bernie is no Obama. O had Ted Kennedy on his side and history to make.
What do you think Ted Kennedy would think of Obama now.
I keep seeing team bernout saying bernie didn't know about Ortega's atrocities. did he ignore ted kennedy talking about them in congress?
You honestly think Obama didn't do anything to earn everything he has, it was just handed to him by Ted Kennedy? Delusional
You can thank Ted & Robert Kennedy for that. Learn about their "diversity" scheme they planned way back when.
What the what... ? -> "Margaret Trudeau wrote in her memoir that she had a romance with Senator Ted Kennedy." ... in her book apparently
I don't buy Michelle Field's whining. Ted Kennedy's detail threw me down in 72 as I asked him a question. It's a security thing.
Ted Cruz looked gleeful when taking advantage of the Trump rally being cancelled in Chicago.
Mine was the Carthage must be destroyed, paraphrased to something like Ted Kennedy must be destroyed!
I don't remember the Right being crass when Paul Wellstone, Ted Kennedy, Geraldine Ferraro, etc passed away...HRC is just AWFUL!
It's clear that is using the *** Rights platform to attack religion. The son of Ted Kennedy's lead attorney is LIBERAL!.
looks like Ted " the murderer who left Mary Jo to die" Kennedy
Remember the time Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that Obama should be bringing them their drinks & not running for president?
I remember all the respect shown by Andrew Breitbart &co when Ted Kennedy died.
the big missed opportunity is the Nixon-Ted Kennedy thing.
likes to make Ted Kennedy smile in heaven.
Yep, Hillary is the only candidate who voted for Ted Kennedy’s bill in '07. voted against it.
that time praised what Ted Kennedy referred to as "slave camps" filled "at gun point"
we can also thank bush, Clinton, and if you really want to go there we can thank Ted Kennedy and Abe Lincoln.
.So Ted Kennedy supported BO bc he was black? I disagree. I think bc TK didn't think highly of Clintons after messy 90s
Ted Kennedy is the only person alive who might know more than we do about C...
Lady Dorothy's nephew married Kathleen Kennedy. Her brother was 10th Duke of Devonshire:
To me, if you didn't run your mouth about Ted Kennedy at his funeral (who actually killed someone), you don't get to do so for Nancy Reagan.
Having casket sitting in the rain is the dumbest thing since Ted Kennedy's funeral -they forgot the lights at Arlington.
. Islam too while I'm at it. Or the Democrat party of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.
No president or 1st lady is perfect. But didn't the entire political system ignore AIDS in the 80s? Where was Ted Kennedy?
People did it after Christopher Hitchens died. It's like this weird cycle around here. They did it with Ted Kennedy. Robert Byrd.
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Wow. It reads like what the press omitted abt Bill Clinton & the late Ted Kennedy for decades. 😱.
what are you even talking about? You mean the equal rights amendment that he and Ted Kennedy tried to pass?
Raised a Lib Dem, Mom worked for Ted Kennedy! He's another Con con, & I've been bashed for saying it for years.
*** Ted Kennedy was over 1000 delegates behind and he challenged Carter at the convention in 1980.
Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. and the Connecticut Forest and Park Association support a bipartisan effort to protect...
Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. joined advocates and lawmakers today to pledge his support for Connecticut's state parks.
Naw, it's gotta be a similar offense. Gotta go with a Ted Kennedy-Chappaquiddick comparison.
Clever, wise cartoons explore what it means to be a woman:
reddit: Why did Ted Kennedy try so hard to contest the 1980 Democratic Primary, and what effect did the party infi…
Tacoma teacher fired, accused of being ‘fairly intoxicated’ in class . What about Grant, Churchill, Ted Kennedy? OK, forget about Ted.
in 1980, Ted Kennedy primaried Pres Carter 'from the left'. Bizarre narrative was that Jimmy Carter was too c…
I firmly believe Ted Cruz is a stick of butter in a human suit
Ted Kennedy helped everyone in this country.
to ten years ago when Ted Cruz supported the Ted Kennedy/McCain amnesty for illegal immigrants
us a Freeze, then maybe bring back pre-1965 controls b4 changed by Ted Kennedy & flooded US with 3rd World.
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Add Ted Kennedy to that list too. He killed a lady while drinking and driving and cheating on his wife.
“What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.” – Ted Kennedy
He was lied to by a corrupt Congress. Ted Kennedy comes to mind.
Other Dems who voted for 94 crime bill inc Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Paul Wellstone & only African American Sen at time, Carol Moseley-Braun
gave money to the Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Harry Reid, John Kerry. is a
Nelson Mandela meets Jackie Kennedy Onassis. (Ted Kennedy is on extreme right)
He scored and people such as Ted Kennedy, Osama Bin Laden, David Bowie, Whitney Houston died. true?
1987, Ted Kennedy made statement abt Robert Bork's America. Read it, that's what they mean.
1927, Robert Bork was born. Ted Kennedy's battle w/ Bork was a big one:
Wonder who they scrubbed? Mister Rogers, Ted Kennedy, okay. Cat Stevens? Al Baghdaddi? Al Franken?? Not so good.
All of whom also worship the memory of Ted Kennedy, an even sleazier, more prolific rapist than Bill Clinton.
The Barack Obama presidency was created by the Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Tom Daschle wing of the Dem party establishment.
compares endorsement to Ted Kennedy's. I never thought I'd miss David Gregory,
If the Utah senate chose, we would be spared squishy RINOS like I heard he once had a friendly conversation with Ted Kennedy
Same goes for Elizabeth Warren, by the way. She’s a powerful Senator and only gaining in strength. She’s the new Ted Kennedy.
Brad we are talking about a President who attended Ted Kennedy's funeral. You know, of Chappaquiddick fame.
Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner. Let's talk about the war on women !!
Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Spitzer, , Ted Kennedy, All liberal heroes, all abusive to women.
OH Decency and competency died when Ted Kennedy died. The effort to work together does not exist! 2010 made it worse - NO GOP!
Ever heard of Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, or Harry Reid? Bork you, freaking hypocrite.
Republicans need to watch the video of Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy in the confirmation hearings for Robert Bork & Clarence Thomas
sounds like a plan. and R's will extend that person all the courtesies that Ted Kennedy offered Robert Bork.
Yup that says it all. Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden.
And who helped block, delay and drag that Reagan SCOTUS appointment? Ted Kennedy and . . . Joe Biden.
Reagan got Kennedy on 3rd try. Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Dems blocked Bork, Ginsberg withdrew after marijuana controversy.
And the brilliant Judge Bork was dehumanized by Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden!
Early this morning, news broke that Sen. Ted Kennedy had passed away: “Rest in Chappaquiddick.”
Sanders ranks himself better than on race relations, than on women's issues, than Ted Kennedy on hu…
I'm glad to hear how much Hillary and Bernie love Ted Kennedy, who, you know, killed a women. Praise for O.J. next?
Are you afraid that Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd will haunt you if you don't suggest higher taxes?
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- Ted Kennedy and Orin Hatch got CHIP passed. Hillary played a supporting role. Hillary needs to run on her OWN accomplishments.
Hey Mika, you're becoming downright smarmy trying to please Scarborough. And Mike Barnicle, Ted Kennedy would rescind his friendship w/you.
9. Even then, liberal had a *wide* variety of meanings, depending on whom you asked. Scoop Jackson? Liberal. Ted Kennedy? Also liberal.
So did Bernie. Obama was the big champion PFA. SCHIP was conceived of.and written by Ted Kennedy + Orin Hatch no Hillary.
Ted Kennedy said the same. He knew there was no real threat.
Edward Kennedy, Jr., wasn't named Ted either but that's what he preferred.
.. NO... I hate stupid conspiracy buffs. . He was Ted Kennedy's fav, &would have been ny senate, then potus run 2008
On a scale of One of to Ted Kennedy how drunk are you right now?
I agree and Ted Kennedy was the father of the tactic known as being "Borked."
Ted Kennedy's immigration policies "elected a new citizenry." This is the mess we are in today. Thank Ted Kennedy!
Q How does Bill keep Gennifer Flowers away from the White House? A He keeps offering to send Ted Kennedy over to give her a ride. :0
Ted Kennedy's ill deeds prevent us from rolling back the destructive immigration policies he put in place 1965-2000
a cafeteria Catholic can be as bad. Ted Kennedy
Rats wouldn't eat Ted Kennedy's body. They have a cannibalism taboo. Besides, the glowing liver scared the *** out of them.
That’s like suing Oldsmobile when Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne.
“Have faith in yourself and in the future.” – Ted Kennedy.
Will James Brady Be Used as Ted Kennedy Was to Continue the Push for Gun... via
President Kennedy lives on in the Democratic Party. I wrote this, check it out!
Proof there is a God? I dunno. Look at how many times they elected Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.
Ted Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, and Rosie O'donald are typical democrats.
Remember, this woman has the support of people who thought Ted Kennedy's killing his mistress was no big deal.
Ted Kennedy will the only honest answer is far more than bombs. It must be about 5.5 million people.
Yeah, Durbin, much of the black Caucus, Ted Kennedy, great donor network…not like he was locked out by Dem powers.
Buddy, the Portuguese Water Dog related to Ted Kennedy's Portuguese Water Dog? Bill only to have cat
E.J. Dionne reviews 'Lion of the Senate: When Ted Kennedy Rallied the Democrats in a GOP Congress'
Happy to attend this TCC event. Patrick J Kennedy was amazing Son of senator Ted Kennedy
BREAKING: Hillary's emails indictable. IN OTHER NEWS: Ted Kennedy has been sober for 6 1/2 years.
. I wish I knew what you two knew. . Getting dicey out there. Clinton is making Ted Kennedy look honest.
is so incredibly slimy. She makes Ted Kennedy look honest.
At times like these what we sorely miss is Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. We miss his Strength of Character..Moral Courage..Lion's roarrr!!
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Ted Kennedy: health care as a fundamental right not a privilege
Ted Kennedy watched as Gov. Romney signed the Massachusetts health care law….dude has a case of political amnesia
Ted Kennedy the LAFBI might ant to know that there is a terrorist group here and that elderly ae good cover for an Anonymous
In the Senate, Ted Kennedy didn't move to the right—he pushed opinion to the left.
.We blacks disagree with you, privileged white Liberal!
These 2 guys, Zimmer & Kennedy had U.S. Citizen moms, just like Ted, but their Presidential aspirations are dead! Why is Ted special?
Paul Kirk, former DNC head and ally of Ted Kennedy just endorsed Bernie!
Sen. Ted Kennedy: Health care is "a matter of right and not of privilege."
When did Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy endorse Obama in 2008? Was it before Super Tuesday?
Hey! We bashed white rapists like Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd,too.
John Danforth and Clarence Thomas on one side. Anita Hill, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden on the other. Bad guys?
She left out Jack and Ted Kennedy, 2 more prominent Democrats who abused women!
So multiple TSA & Homeland Security employees as well as Sen. Ted Kennedy are included since they were on that list?
Ted Kennedy is portrayed as Joe McCarthy should be, and Sen. McCarthy as Sen. Kennedy should be, except by
But the cartoon drawings on the it just me or does Maxwell look like a cross between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy?
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Harsh but true. And what about Ted Kennedy, who avoided prosecution for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne? And my rant goes on..but stops now.
Uncle Sam & Ted Kennedy want to know how much money is enough?
What about the courage of Mary Jo Kopechne? Oh wait. Ted Kennedy left her to drown. Democrat
No, but it gained prominence with Ted Kennedy when he killed Mary Jo Kopechne
. Who? People who are aware the No-Fly list has flagged children, Ted Kennedy, Nelson Mandela. (more)
"The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not relax the standards of admission." -Sen. Ted Kennedy (1965)
"The bill will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs." -Sen. Ted Kennedy (1965)
.your thoughs about Mary Jo Kopechne, the woman Ted Kennedy left to die?
.😂😂😂 OK. Meanwhile, carry on. Remember that Ted Kennedy did same to Jimmy Carter.
It's almost Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer stuck in my head but instead it's a song about Ted Kennedy.
the sad thing is that people from Ted Kennedy's district think Kerry's a genius.
Caddy Shack. Starring Mike Skakel and Ted Kennedy. Michael swung his club to hard and Ted drove the cart into the lake .
Sen. Ted Kennedy was on the Terror Watch List. Should he have lost his rights, too?
Hollywood to Make Chappaquiddick Film With "Hero" Ted Kennedy: Remember that time that Senator Ted Kenne...
"Ted Kennedy deserved to go to jail (manslaughter at the least) not be elected senator. MA has…" — frankjohnson221
So what drunken bum Ted Kennedy was a Senator.
For some reason, I can't see John Kerry without thinking of Ted Kennedy. Why is that? Other than I don't like either of them.
he was my senator. He's a worthy replacement for Ted Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy is on that list. Do we not allow the senator to fly? Oh, wait...
State Senator, Ted Kennedy, Jr serenaded our senior citizen club, the Sages last week.
DOE is an illegal federal agency backfired by Carter and Ted Kennedy via the Commerce Clause like Ocare.
If Robert Zimmerman can explain why Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, Cat Stevens & Steven Hayes were on the no-fly list, fine.If not STFU
The same 'intel' that put senator Ted Kennedy on the list, and a 2 year old, now 8 on the no fly list... ?
The late senator Ted Kennedy was on the no fly list so, *** as well as terrorists.
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