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Ted Kennedy

Edward Moore Ted Kennedy (February 22, 1932August 25, 2009) was a United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party.

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Lets Bill Clinton has a long history of abusing wo…
. The otter pushing the other otter into the water and then leaving.His name is "Ted Kennedy".
Sounds like the same guy that wrote Ted Kennedy's obituary.
None of UR LEADERSHIP willing to do their job. Whine and tell us to 'call Ur congressperson' MINE ARE DEM!. HOW ABOUT…
Twenty years after he's dead, like Ted Kennedy, maybe.
"Sir, your llama just bit Ted Kennedy.". "Good!"
Like Ted Kennedy in the 90's honoring Sosa and McGwire the Home Run kings. Sammy Sooser and Mike McGwire
How many women did Billy Clinton rape? How did ted…
You support the party of Ted Kennedy and have the gall to complain someone is mentally ill in another party? Are you for real?
But, don't you know, Ted Kennedy. So your argument is invalid.
Ted kennedy ended up on it. & if you can end up on it w/o due process, it WILL be abused. S…
I saw that this photo is fake superimposed Soros over Ted Kennedy
Hardly anyone debased American politics & respect for the rule of law the past half century more than Ted Kennedy https:…
A movie about Sen. Ted Kennedy's actions in the car accident that left Mary Jo Kopechne dead and abandoned in 1969
Hillary says: Of course I was far more qualified than nobody Obama, but big-shot Ted Kennedy anointed him over me s…
Something involving the drunk Ted Kennedy and immigration might have happened in 1965.
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Yeah he shoulda treated women more like Bill Clinton, or maybe Ted Kennedy.
Wonder what they had on Ted Kennedy to have him support the bill so fervently?
Ted Kennedy didn't concede until his people voted in the convention in 80. This isn't new.
Clinton worked with Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy. *** she worked with Hastert?
Except it wasn't. The work going into CHIP was done by Ted Kennedy. She just took credit. Sigh.
Clinton waited to endorse for Obama, even citing Ted Kennedy. It's not abno…
Ghost of Ted Kennedy is unimpressed with your choice to push partisan healthcare when D's and R's started working 2gether.
Ted Kennedy said: "Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Doing some good for some peo…
Then SHUT DOWN CONGRESS. Walk out. Refuse to provide a quorum. BE A SENATOR ~ Ted Kennedy would be breaking things. JUST DO IT h…
"His vision" LOL. Paul Wellstone, Russ Feingold,Ted Kennedy - all folks who advocated…
Ted Kennedy knew. "He is, I believe, a disgrace to the Justice Department & he should withdraw his nomination."
"Sessions is a disgrace to the Justice Dept & he should resign his position" Ted Kennedy.
.it is obscene & f'n shameful to blame Ted Kennedy for the state of blood sport alternative fact republican w…
Ted Kennedy, Memphis Sanitation Workers, Frank Kameny, Chinese Railroad Workers…Ronald Reagan? One of these things is not l…
Sen. Ted Kennedy with his wife, Vicki, and his children, Ted Jr., and Kara Kennedy.
Why didn't media slam Ted Kennedy for "normalizing racism" by speaking at a rally with...GOV. GEORGE WALLACE?!?.
Got to remember UVA where Ted Kennedy went to Law?? School ✅
The graves of Robert & Ted Kennedy, Stars & Stripes, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Purple Heart,…
- Really Jeff, really? Ted Kennedy and Coretta Scott King showed the world that you're proficient at…
.is awful. The worst senator since the murderer Ted Kennedy.
Democrats Senator Robert Byrd & Ted Kennedy were more principled men than Senator McCain. They kept their promise to their voters on Ocare.
Warren votes "NO" on EVERYTHING. Talk about a USELESS Senator. Ted Kennedy would be better RIGHT NOW.
Can you imagine if Ted Kennedy were alive today, as a sitting Senator, that he wouldn't be raising holy public *** about dangerous Trump?
Ted Kennedy was a Senator for many years and he drowned a woman. The Senate is so classy now they don't d…
McCain will die as a senator like Ted Kennedy did, metastasis and seizures and still senator.
Ted Kennedy never resigned/retired. Senator of Mass as until the day he died.
Ted Kennedy wasn't in the senate that often but was still technically a…
The Senate can't be worth much if it counted Ted Kennedy as an esteemed fellow senator as Graham,…
Ted Kennedy: Health care "the cause of my life." A wonderful letter from the late Senator.
So McCain was not only right, but brilliant. A Senator's Senator who knows the rules. His friend Ted Kennedy is smi…
Been thinking a lot about the day that this letter from Ted Kennedy arrived in the White House
Ted Kennedy fought cancer while trying to ensue healthcare for all. . John McCain fights through cancer to take healthcare fro…
McCain wants to be the R version of Ted Kennedy, wheeled in to cast a deciding vote on HC. What he will be is th R version of Strom Thurmond
Weirdly, this video omits any mention of Ted Kennedy's explicit efforts to enlist the USSR to defeat Reagan in '84
Must-read "What John McCain learned from Ted Kennedy on challenging his own party"
40 yrs ago this month, Sen. Ted Kennedy drove his car into a tidal channel, drowning Mary Jo Kopechne:.
After Elmo admits to helping Ted Kennedy murder Mary Jo Kopechne, he feels a tinge of remorse.
Prior to that Ted Kennedy let Mary Jo Kopechne die
Ted Kennedy & Daniel Inouye. I know how the replacement gets selected is sometimes a factor. But at…
How dare you compare a truly honorable man, John McCain to the likes of Ted Kennedy . Forgot Chappaquiddick and Mary. Jo Kopechne
What I recall most about Ted Kennedy is he let Mary Jo Kopechne die
1969: Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) crashes his car into a tidal basin at Chappaquiddick Island, MA, killing his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne.
July 19 1969 Body of Mary Jo Kopechne 28 is removed f/car under water where Sen. Ted Kennedy left it night B4 after…
Yesterday in history 1969: Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown to death in the car he was driving.
1969 Mary Jo Kopechne dies at 28, in Ted Kennedy's car
July 18 1969 Body of Mary Jo Kopechne 28 is left in car under water by cowardly Sen. Ted Kennedy who drove car off brid…
On this day July 18, 1969 Ted Kennedy swims free while leaving Mary Jo Kopechne behind
On this day in 1969 Ted Kennedy drove off the Chappaquiddick Bridge. . Mary Jo Kopechne is not available for comment.
Only God knows the truth and Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne have all ready appeared before the Judge.
Ted Kennedy was a murderer. Just ask Mary Jo Kopechne who died at his hands 48 years ago today.
Caught doing the exact same as Obama, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Bill & Hillary Clinton. Nobody cared…
Ted Kennedy killed a woman and colluded, good to know your position Nancy.
Didn't realize Ted Kennedy was the Nancy Pelosi of 1992
So yes, something to be said for fact that media lionized Ted Kennedy -- who killed a woman & tried to conspire with Sovi…
Trying to hang anything on and cabinet..But still nothing. Too bad they didn't go after Ted Kennedy as hard.
Eric doesn't know his history. Ted Kennedy went to Russia to organize Reagan defeat in 1984.
Just like in good ole days when Ted Kennedy was conspiring with Yuri Andropov against Pres Reagan.
Ted Kennedy sought help from Yuri Andropov to defeat Reagan so America would be more accommodating to the Soviet Un…
Is Joe Scarborough to Lori Klausutis what Ted Kennedy is to Mary Jo Kopechne... Both left to die by their boss aft…
Matthew Perry: Why playing Ted Kennedy on After Camelot was his most challenging role ever
"Filibuster proof majority" died when. Ted Kennedy died and Scott Brown won. . Come on, folks.
That guy who owns the Golden Knights and isn't George McPhee, is he a Kennedy? Specifically is he Ted Kennedy.
I suggest the Dems model themselves somewhere between Ted Kennedy and George Wallace.
Remember in 2009 when Republicans won Ted Kennedy's Senate seat?. Memories
Reagan '76 is Kasich. Carter is Bernie Sanders (too old and too crazy). Ted Kennedy is Cory Booker. Re…
Ted Kennedy: Jeff Sessions isn't qualified to be a US attorney let alone United States or federal judge
This old hypocrite Sen Hatch-Utah talks about his friend Ted Kennedy while he stabs his memory in the…
Oh, you mean Ted Kennedy fking Boris Yeltsin asked for Russia to interfere with Reagan. With no reprimand.
Case in point. Senator leading key cmte claims he doesn't what's in the bill. What would his pal Sen. Ted Kennedy s…
For some reason, Sen. Ted Kennedy's floor speech against Bork isn't remembered for bringing up Watergate.
Flag that flew above state capitol presented by state Sen. Ted Kennedy to Post 7666 in which raised…
This is one of the reason Sen.Ted Kennedy refused Session!
I was 10 when JFK was assassinated but I remember the Mary Jo Kopechne mess with Ted Kennedy. 😱
What would The late Sen.Ted Kennedy saying right now
The same Ted Kennedy who killed Mary Jo Kopechne and tried to cover it up? Yeah! He's a real honorable (dru…
Hatch has lost his moral compass, Sen. Ted Kennedy
I honestly don't think I'm ever going to recover from Dave's Matthew Perry-as-Ted Kennedy accent
Ted Kennedy was a drunken POS. He killed Mary Jo Kopechne. Drove his car into river, swam away, went…
Ben Jacobs got roughed up. Mary Jo Kopechne was killed by Democratic Party icon Ted Kennedy.
Remember When a Dead Intern Was Found in Joe Scarborough's Office?. keeping up with Ted Kennedy
It is the way things use to get done. Both Biden and Sen. Ted Kennedy, got so much accomplished with help from Republicans.
An individual who believes in justice and impeachment of Trump based on facts. And, former aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy.
I believe it was Ted Kennedy who sponsored the Immigration Act. Then he drove off the bridge in Chappaquiddick to d…
Ted Kennedy has been dead for years what are u even talking about?
Why cry now? Ted Kennedy had been dead for years!
Well, their other dem hero, the guy who drove a women to her death (Ted Kennedy), i…
LOL. He took a machine to the parallel universe where Mary Jo Kopechne dies and Ted Kennedy still becomes president?
Ted Kennedy would not do what Sen Hatch is doing. Shows you who has some decency & who doesn't
I believe Sen. Ted Kennedy's burial was also at night.
Give me the likes of Rep. Elijah Cummings, Sen. Feinstein, the greatness of Ted Kennedy against the young ignorance…
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Yep. And the same guy who teamed up with Ted Kennedy in the 80s to sink Robert Bork's SCOTUS nomination by slanderi…
Sure, there will never be another Ted Kennedy & Booker's unlikely to a contender for Lion of the Senate.…
You should read Peter Robinson's piece in Forbes from 2009 about Ted Kennedy.
In 1983, Ted Kennedy had a message delivered to Soviet Leader Andropov: a quid pro quo to help defeat Reagan in 1984 http…
I remember this well. . 'Although the ADA’s progressive sponsors, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Tom Harkin,...
The point is loyal to WHO? John Kerry & Ted Kennedy were his best buddies, I suspect he…
Voter breeding is the goal! Johnson started it, Ted Kennedy got imagration rules lowered, Obama in…
So have Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Mike Barnacle, Doris Kerns Goodwin to name just a few. liars, sick twiste…
Joe won the election anyway without the support of his colleague's Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Hi…
I notice that many of the same people who mourned Ted Kennedy are celebrating the death of Roger Ailes.
& they're proud of it!. Who has a record colluding with Russia? . Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry
Ted Kennedy, Jr and his mother Joan arrive for the presentation to former President Obama.
I'm starting to think Ross Perot or maybe Ralph Nader or Ted Kennedy cost Hill…
Said the man who hails from the party of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Rod Blagojevich, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Kwame…
Bill Mahr thinks Hillary Clinton should go away because she had her chance. Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Bernie Sanders, John Kerry, John Kas.. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Reminder -- Ted Kennedy reached out to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov in 1984 to seek Russia help in denying Reagan's re-ele…
Bill Clinton accused of rape, the media yawns. Ted Kennedy accused of murder, the media yawns. Bill OReilly accused, media cries murder
Kennedy won re-election in 2008 by a larger margin than Pompeo in 2016. . Also, he was Ted Kennedy. And he... wasn't on the…
Ted Kennedy started this, Harry Reid and Pat Leahy sped it along. This was fait…
To Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, nepotism was/is just a way of life.
Unless your name is Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or Chris Dodd. .
Let's raise a toast to the men who "lunch" with women not their wives! JFK, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton. Dem icons all!
JFK, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton. Here's to the men who "lunch".
Ended with Ted Kennedy's passing and Chris Dodd's retirement
But Dumocrat support of murderers, rapists and criminals like the Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and…
Of course the Left hates Mike Pence for respecting his wife, their heroes are: John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton,…
God bless our Vice President Pence & his lovely wife. Ted Kennedy was DAMNED to *** for Killing Mary Jo Kopecney,…
Ted Kennedy had the networks give Andropov air time–then rigged it to look like honest journalism.
Reminder: Ted Kennedy sought to collude with Soviets during Cold War to sabotage Reagan and his re-election.…
. It's Ted Kennedy right? He knows how to deal with those pesky Russians .
Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden unbelievably nasty. Sent me on road to GOP.
You mean like Ted Kennedy trying to get Russia's help to fix the 1984 election?
they forget Remember when Ted Kennedy asked the Soviets for help defeating Reagan?
not necessarily. Richard Nixon was never charged. Ted Kennedy. Anthony Weiner. If ur guilty doesn't mean yo…
Ted Kennedy in '84 asked the Soviets to help the Dems beat Reagan
U R young to remember William. Ted Kennedy ask the Russia to get involved in the 1980 election
The words of Ted Kennedy and Loretta King is coming back to haunt a vengeful racist.
Ted Kennedy directly colluded with Russia (USSR) during the 80's to undermine Reagan and the Democrats had no issue with that.
Its about time Ted Kennedy was posthumously executed for treason when he asked the Soviets to interve…
.unqualified, bigoted moron --sounds like you're describing Ted Kennedy
In the 80s Ted Kennedy,Tip O'Neil and Jimmy Carter enlisted the help of Moscow to help beat my father..
BOTH parties ... just as they did with Jimmy Carter. Thank Ted Kennedy for Reagan.
You can't meet a better guy than ❤Jimmy. I was very disappointed in Ted Kennedy.
Must be talking about Ted Kennedy the drunken senator!
Michael Moore: "Arrest Trump" Over Flynn. I never heard Moore suggest Ted Kennedy be arrested for Russia overtures. ht…
names to add are Jimmy Carter,Ted Kennedy,Nancy Pelosi,McDermott and bonior.. Many more deserve a looksy
so when Ted Kennedy plied a Senator Tunney to meet with Andropov to undermine Reagan, that is ok? He got a pass on that one
Jimmy Carter was the first neoliberal. It's why Ted Kennedy primaried him.
how can we help? Especially if you're already my senator. BTW: Ted Kennedy would be proud that you're the senior senator from MA
Years back some Senator was accussed of sexual harrassment n stepped down,Ted Kennedy killed a woman,the Dems worshipped him
u dont know jack about what has been done by many before him, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry
Did you care when Ted Kennedy, back doored President Reagan, to make a deal with Daniel Ortega, a communist. No
the Democrats supported Ted Kennedy who killed a woman,killed her left her for dead
.There is no such thing as a violation of the Logan Act(Jimmy Carter,Ted Kennedy,Rev Jackson would be in jail)
I've never been a Liberal. Ted Kennedy told me he primaried him because Jimmy was too Conservative.
I can't believe white women are quoting white man, Ted Kennedy who killed a white woman, Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969--…
Sen. Ted Kennedy said this in the Senate abt Jeff Sessions in 1986. Elizabeth Warren was told she wasn't allowed to repe…
Because many Liberals voted for John Anderson or stayed home. Ted Kennedy told me Jimmy was too Conservative.
. I can only imagine what Ted Kennedy wld say about Reid's rein of terror.
Biden's full of underhanded activities. He and Ted Kennedy tried to keep Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court.
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More on Ted Kennedy, Tom's mentor and inspiration.
J.FK. Bobby and Ted Kennedy are always in my heart every day
Was confused? This wasn't a hearing for either Ted Kennedy or Chris Dodd. .
Here's what Ted Kennedy said about Trump's pick for Attorney General back in 1986. "Mr. Sessions is a throwback to a sha…
No Dem "offenders" ever, right?. like Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton.
Where was the march against Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd?
If checks W FBI he can learn I told Ted Kennedy my Father is God & JFK Jr better do what I want or *** to pay
I didn't know that Ted Kennedy and Larry Hagman had a child together.
And the "Liberal Lion" (or is it Liberal Lyin') Ted Kennedy introduced "Borking" with his shameful treatment of nom…
"The Stolen Supreme Court Seat" Are we bringing up Robert Bork again?! Ted Kennedy is in *** paying for all his issues. Let it go.
all I hear from you are words did trump kill a woman like Ted Kennedy did or rape like Bill Clinton?
That split has ALWAYS existed. Going back to McCarthy, McGovern, Ted Kennedy, Bill Bradley, Nader, now Bernie.
Bill Clinton pedal 3 women, Ted Kennedy killed a woman letting her drown and you get in a tizzy about trumps words?
Reading memoir, found out how HRC as FLOTUS helped her and Ted Kennedy defeat a bill backed by the big ban…
The party of Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton have no moral high ground to stand on. Go away.
lol, they r the biggest phonies and racist temper bill c told old Ted Kennedy obama would b getting our coffee few yrs ago
Oh And by the it was Bill That pass DOMA and Ted Kennedy the Liberal Lion was ok With it as well as Hillary
he's doing what Ted Kennedy did to prevent wind farms near his beloved Hyannis Port and that seemed to be OK
Your not in Washington DC, Wikileaks, Anthony wiener, Ted Kennedy, we got pedos in our government!
Haven't watched Empire in months, so they sending Jamal to rehab or something? Oh and they basically Ted Kennedy'd Taye Diggs' character?
Remember the time Ted Kennedy made secret overtures to Russia to prevent Ronald Reagan’s re-election?
Your so wrong Peter, what about Ted Kennedy asking Russians to help him beat Carter? BIGGEST STORY IN HISTORY!!
Did u forget what Ted Kennedy did with the Soviets? U R
So the Democrats conspired with Russia in the 80's to beat Reagan! They are the worst. Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit.
Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit. Actual truth that the Democrats actually worked w/Russians to undermine US election
gee, dems didn't have any problem when Ted Kennedy wanted russians to help take Reagan down
And let us not forget, Ted Kennedy went to KGB thug Yuri Andropov to interfere in the 1984 election to stop Ronald Reagan
Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit (I suppose this will get labeled as "Fake News" by the folks that love Kennedy.).
Hey remember when Ted Kennedy plotted w/ the Russians to intervene in the 1984 US Presidential Election?
maybe not a CEO per se' but Ted Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, all o…
That's actually a statement by Vladimir Lenin and was often used by Sen. Ted Kennedy as justification for Democrat policies.
ask Dan how many times he voted for Ted Kennedy??? How many women did he kill? Character issue there?
Roll back Ted Kennedy's/Joe Biden's 1965 immigration, remove visas and get back to 90% Euro-White or approx.
Hey - the church Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy belong to also teaches homosexuality is a sin.
"And I'll make Ted Kennedy pay, if he fights back...I'll say that he's *** "
Since 1990 over 1.5M Muslims brought to US under 1980 bill sponsored by then-Senators Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy. https:…
I'm sure they would say Ted Kennedy's drowning of a girl hardly holds a candle to that language, b/c he Dem
Ted Kennedy was a hateful liar. See the slander he did on Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas
Google Robert Bork! Read all about the sordid affair involving Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy.
Says you, Luis Gutierrez, Ted Kennedy and USA today… not exactly sterling character witnesses. You're reaching on…
“a throwback to a disgraceful era” & “a disgrace for the Justice Department” -Ted Kennedy.
Thirty years ago, Ted Kennedy called Jeff Sessions “a disgrace for the Justice Department.” Now he's gonna run it.
A man Ted Kennedy once called a throwback to a shameful era is Trump's choice for attorney general.
Sessions is one of the most honorable men in public life. The "racist comments" smear (by Ted Kennedy!) is garbage. htt…
Ted Kennedy is rolling in his grave. Moneygrubbers
Every day I hope you are helping I had a race that went from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown. Awful! We need NV!
"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die." -Ted Kennedy
'05 Kerry/Brown approached the FDA at Ted Kennedy's request and were rebuffed
NRSC came in with an ad linking Inez, Kerry and Ted Kennedy. It worked.
They weren't so breathless when their liberal lion, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy was making "waitress sandwiches" in Washington.
Forever. We ran ads/messages for a GENERATION linking Ds to Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.
Sen. Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list, numerous reporters, and tens of thousands of average Americans with no way to get off.
In 2008 Bill Clinton remerked about Obama to Sen. Ted Kennedy " a few years ago this guy would have carrying our bags.". Who's the racist?
Why wasn't the ever "Shaken to Her Core" by Sen. Ted Kennedy? One of the most well known Sexual Predators e…
Remember when Ted Kennedy&Sen Dodd "sandwiched" a waitress in restaurant? Media paid little attention to it.
Michele O wasn't repulsed by Ted Kennedy. Was John Kennedy, Jr running agst Hillary for Sen. when he,his fiancé were killed in a plane crash
.A 'friend' of Ireland, womaniser Sen.Ted Kennedy (D), killed a woman & cowardly ran away yet he never got any abuse like Trump tapes?
It's the that,"dances on graves". Sen. Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopekne in '69 Yet we never, "danced on his…
Pelosi moral police that honored Ted Kennedy who killed a girl & stood by while his nephew Smith raped a girl at hi…
"Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in Poucha Pond on Chappaquiddick Island after a night of…" — otay
The same people so "sickened"by a tape are the same people who glorified KKK member Sen.Byrd and intern killer Ted Kennedy.
Trump doesn't give a crap about anyone other than himself. Do we remember people like Sen. Ted Kennedy who cared a…
Sen. Jeff Sessions support of Trump confirms the wisdom of Sen. Ted Kennedy to oppose Session's nomination as a federal judge.
9) "They don't call me Tyrannosaurus Sex for nothing." --Sen. Ted Kennedy
Remember when Sen. Ted Kennedy resigned after the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in very dishonorable circumstances? Me neither.
An argument could have been made for Ted Kennedy to be on the list
6/Ford loses 44 states in the fall to Democratic nominee Sen. Ted Kennedy, who like his brother, runs with a Texas Senator, Lloyd Bentsen.
nah dude. If a Democratic senator like Ted Kennedy can be put on a no fly list and blocked from getting a gun, anyone can
Put.1 Ooohh! Major blow to Trump! Supports 🚫fly list? Ted Kennedy a U.S. Senator was on that list.
No fly/no buy sounds great until you realize that late US Senator Ted Kennedy got put on it
lets also talk about liberals favorite felon Ted Kennedy killed a woman got away with it cherished senator so stfu
Bernie will continue 2 b a great Senator like Ted Kennedy
What is it about politicians & failed ideas? The latest example is value-based-care, a snazzy new name for Ted Kennedy's HMOs.
Now I don't wanna get off on a rant here, but I haven't seen such a blue team clutch-killer since Ted Kennedy gave Mar…
Every poll, chart whatever is showing Hillary Implosion. . Hillary is sinking faster than Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile
Electronic Device Insurance
"We'll DRIVE OFF that bridge when we get to it!!" - Ted Kennedy and the sinking Oldsmobile. Sorry Mary Jo.
In fact, Ted Kennedy (yes, the senator) was on it. I'd much rather him fly than…
Ted Kennedy hasn't had a drink since 2009, Mary Jo has been dead for 47 years.. Rapist, murderer and all around drunk, libs still love him
so you like Weiner's style. figures. Typical lib. You musta loved it when Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo.
this also the same state that continually voted Ted Kennedy in after killing Mary Jo Kopenche.
Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, Cat Stevens, 6 yr old Alyssa Thomas. Guess they can't have gun cuz they on no fly
By the time Ted Kennedy ran in the primaries after Jack & Bobby were killed, journalists referred to his press coverage as a "death watch."
Sort of like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. stopping windmills off Cape Cod. Far Left Liberal Hypocrisy
Dukakis was a great President, as was Dewey, Kerry, Ted Kennedy, etc...MSM hates when voters don't follow the script
SHE WAS RIGHT!!! And Bill Clinton said of Obama, he should have been serving coffee
“The only reason you are endorsing him (Obama) is because he’s black.Let’s just be clear.” B.Clinton's comment to Ted Kennedy
Via InstaPundit: COMPARISON: George Zimmerman & Ted Kennedy. One of them killed an innocent.
did you really say that Mary Jo Kopechne may have felt Ted Kennedy killing her was ok.
Thanks to Ted Kennedy who loved foreigners.
then said "it's not like when bobby kennedy was running." replied, didn't Lyin' Ted's dad kill his brother? regretted it moment I said it
. Look on the bright side Ted Kennedy will be there So will lots of muslims & illegals they love
I remember that quote from Bobby Kennedy's funeral, read I think by younger brother Ted. Quite an emotional moment 1968.
like Ted Kennedy, all Kennedy's assassinated, he never raised a finger. Soros doesn't raise his head, just pays them off
I guess Bill was serious when he told Ted Kennedy that BO should be serving them coffee or tea, not running 4 POTUS
" "A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would be getting us coffee. ... Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy.
I don't doubt Bernie himself pulling a Ted Kennedy in 2020.
There is nobody that's ever going to fill Ted Kennedy's shoes, and that's a tall order for
it was a democrats idea. Post 1965 immigration wrath of Ted Kennedy
Disastrous legacy of Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy immigration policy ends come 11/8. Disregard the stupid polls DJT. You're the man.
Well, the senators I've enjoyed working with the most would be Ted Kennedy and Kent Conrad, beca
Even good ol' Ted Kennedy was lucky enough to receive $7,000 in campaign contributions from Donald Trump before it was all said and done...
Ted Kennedy seems confidence he won't...
Best part of that video (which I’ve watched) is Ted Kennedy’s absurd overconfidence based on early exit polls.
Ck our history back to about 1920. We went decades without immigration. Pres Carter stopped til Commie Ted Kennedy
FLASHBACK: Speaking of secret dealings with Russian dictators
And btw... No fly list is a Joke... Grandmas,infants,wrong names, heck Ted Kennedy was on list!
one could argue the Robert Bork denial by Ted Kennedy started the erosion.
. Except the elite, Ted Kennedy, (Mr Green) not in his backyard cluttering the water view of the vacation home. Hypocrite.
the Immigration Act of 1965 causing today's ills was signed by Ted Kennedy and two Ashkenazi
Remember is the same as a parting gift from Ted Kennedy
You mean like the National Inquire who implied Ted Cruz's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination? Your a joke!
True! Read "Dupes" - chronicles how USSR wowed democrats for years, esp. FDR and Ted Kennedy
I'm originally from the Peoples Republic of MA (home of Kerry, Frank, Warren, a drunken Ted Kennedy, and other nutcases).
Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Pope Francis... I know virtue-signalling Christians better than I know anyone. And it's bad.
It was Ted Kennedy and other Dems who went out of their way to undermine that policy years ago.
Actually, I've always loved the Osama reference, since it was a Freudian Slip by the late great Ted Kennedy .
Ted Kennedy killed a woman, but feminists loved him, too. So, ok to rape as long as you say the right things after?
Biden spent too much time drinking with Ted Kennedy, but it's no secret about the 'football'.
Old joke: . Q: why did Ted Kennedy drive the hearse for his friend's wedding?. A: b/c she wanted a burial at sea.
GP "Ted Kennedy" is always the correct answer to any "who's worse" question involving politicians.
reminds me of that happy day Ted Kennedy wint to the hot place! The place all democrats go 1 minute after death.
Republicans were right about how terrible turned out to be, but were completely wrong to oppose Ted Kennedy's original plans.
Maybe Ted Kennedy was secretly a sharia practicing muslim, punishing the "adulteress"?
. And I might add~that was a Theater outside of Boston. Crooked Hillary . Pocahontas . Barney F…
Congress has in the past required the learning of the English language and later George H. W. Bush with the help of Ted Kennedy removed it.
The ghost of Ted Kennedy gives you the finger. Is hypocrisy what you guys live by?
Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat, but lost it to Elizabeth Warren. Then, came to NH to challenge Jeanne Shaheen, lost!
Here is a picture of political desperation. Trump shooting himself for president. Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat
Senator Ted Kennedy campaigned for national health insurance as far back as 1980.
The only politician with a confirmed kill in this so called "War on Women" was Ted Kennedy.
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