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Ted Hughes

Edward Ted James Hughes OM (17 August 1930 - 28 October 1998) was an English poet and children's writer.

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I was turning to Wittgenstein... This reminds me of something Ted Hughes said. Source?
Ted Hughes, the bride and bridegroom lie hidden for three days. And hi!
Is that Ted Hughes stood behind the shelf? Peek-a-boo!
Doncaster MP backs plans for Ted Hughes heritage trail
The Kestrel. Effortlessly at height hangs his still eye, . his wings hold all creation in weightless quiet. - Ted Hug…
CROW - written and read by Ted Hughes, music by
.. Darkness beneath night's darkness had freed,. That rose slowly towards me, watching. Ted Hughes, Pike .
Note to self: Never marry a butch northern poet:
hello so this is Very Exciting I am moving into TED HUGHES OLD ROOM for the rest of first year
This time next month, I'll be on the road for tour. Here are the dates & links! ☮ ht…
Kit Wright's collected for children - The Magic…
1956: Sylvia Plath Meets Ted Hughes:How can a beautiful beginning end up in so much misery and so many suicides? 😨😭
Ted Hughes reads the opening lines of Home At Grasmere by William Wordsworth
"What does the suicide of Ted Hughes' son tell us about his poisonous legacy?":
"Ted Hughes, the domestic tyrant".Based on the biography of Wevill: "A Lover of Unreason".Read the article here:…
The article narrates Plath's suffering due to Hughes's affair with Wevill: It is heartbreaking to have lost Plath 😰
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It's been 21 years since I've listened to Pete Townshend's overlooked gem, The Iron Man. Based on the book by Ted Hughes.
Sylvia Plath alleged abuse by Ted Hughes in unpublished letters
I once spent a boozy weekend with Willy Russell in the place Ted Hughes bought for Sylvia Plath in Howarth,…
Ted Hughes? I can't believe anyone would talk that way about Sylvia Plath - And I can't believe he would ta…
Sylvia Plath claimed Ted Hughes 'beat her up' two days before she lost her
Sylvia Plath letters set to be published this year claim domestic abuse by Ted Hughes
someone: hey how are you?. me, internally: constantly angry Ted Hughes had the rights to Sylvia Plath's posthumous publications. me: I'm fine
I've always loved Ariel as a collection. Sad (tho not surprised)to see new Plath letters re domestic abuse by Hughes
I thought it was common knowledge that Ted Hughes was abusive to Sylvia Plath?
no matter how hard i try i seriously cannot bring myself to like Ted Hughes
One of my fav - Unseen letters claim domestic abuse by Ted Hughes
Sylvia Plath letters reveal abuse by Ted Hughes
Unpublished correspondence from Sylvia Plath to her former therapist documents domestic abuse by Ted Hughes.
Ted Hughes meets a hedgehog (who happens to be the Ted Hughes of hedgehogs).
Sylvia Plath letters revealing Ted Hughes abuse go on sale -
Oh!! . Ted Hughes had a terrible track record!!
How Sylvia Plath was beaten by Ted Hughes two days before miscarriage via
The Telegraph: Sylvia Plath letters claim Ted Hughes beat her up two days before she lost her baby.
Sylvia Plath alleged Ted Hughes beat her 2 days before she miscarried their second child & that he wanted her dead: https:/…
Ted Hughes looks like a hotter Bill Pullman.
Was thinking there's a touch of Bill Drummond/Ted Hughes about you!!
Still can't believe this but I've just downloaded Crow unabridged read by Ted Hughes free from Amazon
The Church in Wales commemorates Halifax born Martyr, Bishop Robert Farrar today. Here is Ted Hughes' poem, (with m…
me and Ryan teamed up and got 1st place in a Ted Hughes kaboot quiz, highlight of my year
Only got the Jones for it later in life. Ted Hughes got me hooked with the nature stuff. Then WW. Etc.
I have to confess when I think of Nelson I picture those moody b&w pix of Ted Hughes...
Some more info about my talk on Tuesday about Ted Hughes's manuscripts, All welcome! -
“The moment you publish your own name you lose freedom.” —Ted Hughes
Congrats to Sebastian Barry on 2nd win Only Seamus Heaney & Ted Hughes have 'done the double' to date! 👏…
“I shall also take you forth and carve our names together in a yew tree, haloed with stars." Ted Hughes died 1…
“The world has grown crooked and sour as a lemon overnight." - Plath shortly after she married Ted Hughes.
Mr King is sharing the poem The Harvest Moon by Ted Hughes.
.And Jim Harrison and Barry Hannah and Alice Munro and Adam Haslett and Lydia Davis and Ted Hughes and Anne Sexton and...
Reading Crow, poetry book by Ted Hughes, and catching my breath at the relevant nature of this poem to today's worl…
This should get you in the mood for the trip:.
Which Ted Hughes story do you prefer?
"Nobody wanted your Dance, Nobody wanted your strange Glitter, Your floundering Drowning Life & Your effort to Save Yours…
Ted Hughes Award winning 'Zones of Avoidance' at Winchester Uni on 29 October!
A new plan for anxious feelings: escape the custard! | Neil Hughes | TED...
Very proud to be a judge for Ted Hughes Award. members, please nominate new work in all formats.
Tomorrow Tues 4 Oct, Hughes night. Bring 2 poems by Ted & 2 of yours to read & chat about + coffee…
Ted Hughes: ‘imagine what you are writing about… Look at it, touch it, smell it, listen to it, turn yourself into it.’
BTW I started reading Farming, poems by Wendell Berry, last night. If there are any fans of Ted Hughes' Moortown Diary here you'll love WB.
The Relationship of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes – A study of the astrology of love - StarWheel Astrology Blog...
Perfect. I love Ted Hughes, one of my favourite poets, so real and so aware of nature 😊
Poetry for the soul.: October Dawn by Ted Hughes
“Better disguised than the leaf-insect,. A sort of subtler armadillo,. The lake turns with me as I walk.”. -Ted Hughes
did anybody ask him if his boyfriend is Ted Haggard?
Ted Hughes Award is open for recommendations: honour to judge last year, give the judges some good stuff this year. https:…
See y'all at the Ted this afternoon. Emotional day. Saying goodbye to my home for 20 years. Close it out in style Bravos!
If we exist in a multiverse, there are unstable bubbles where. 1 Animals wrote about Ted Hughes. 2 Beatrice loved Dante. 3 No conceptual poetry
lovely photo of Seamus Heaney leaning on Ted Hughes' shoulder
I once taught an evening class sounding exactly like Ken Clarke on Ted Hughes' Crow. No idea why, not intent. Cold I suppose.
Some of Fay Godwin's stunning landscapes for Ted Hughes' Remains Of Elmet.
Grief Is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter review – words take flight
Coffee. (black). . I take it back . to my bed. I read some. Ted Hughes,. pause after each. poem,. take a mouthful of. coffee. and think. Sundays.
Children’s poetry is eligible for the Ted Hughes Award. Any Poetry Society/Poetry Book Society member can nominate.
I have just listed: 'Poet and Critic: The Letters of Ted Hughes and Keith Sagar', for 9.75 via
Ted Hughes, English poet & former Poet Laureate was born on this day in 1930.
[August - 16, 1930] Ted Hughes, England, Poet Laureate (1984- ) was born on August - 16.
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Someone just referred to Ted Hughes as "the guy that married Sylvia Plath" and it had made my day
Son of poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes kills himself
I'm looking at medieval manuscripts and reading a lot of Ted Hughes, Elizabeth Bishop Basil Bunting and Alice Oswald at the moment
This is an astonishing book. Grief triptych, Ted Hughes, poetry, story, word picture. 114 pages of brilliance.
Great time talk on otters yest. Read from her book Otter Country, Ted Hughes poem, Tarka and Ring of Bright Water. Thank you!
Born in Batley, raised in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Saw Ted Hughes reading his work in Hebden Bridge when I was 18. Just amazing
Letter: Ted Hughes on his marriage to Sylvia Plath - archive, 20 April 1989
Dave Yorkshire: "Ted Hughes a liberal in despite of himself" via
How many people know who both Ted Hughes and Scott Disick are and can use them both correctly in a sentence?
What does Water Reflect? Conceptual counterpoints in Bill Viola & Ted Hughes.
In the next issue: Hilary Mantel on Henry VIII's best friend; Mark Ford on Jonathan Bate’s biography of Ted Hughes
“You are who you choose to be.” The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes, was the first book I ever read.
& Audre Lorde & Adrienne Rich. Please explain how Ted Hughes got in there? via
maybe our life. Is terrifying. Maybe it's the life. In us. Frightening the earth, and frightening us. - Ted Hughes
Mixed Pond,Hampstead Heath.Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes lived nearby in 1960/1961.Sylvia was born on 27 October 1932. https…
Year 4 have been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They have had fun making Iron Man heads that light up in their Science and DT lessons.
What Steve Ely has to say about Ted Hughes is worth hearing. Book in advance.
I'm one of the only people I know who's in❤️with Billy Collins, Seamus Heaney, Robert Pinsky, Philip Larkin, & Ted Hughes & it makes me sad.
"A psychoanalyst who encountered [Ted Hughes] at a party found him so attractive that she went to the bathroom to vomit…
with you there sister! poems are great for that too-if I'm struggling for 'feel' I turn to Ted Hughes
Olwyn Hughes obituary: literary agent, devoted to the work of her brother, Ted Hughes. from
to Karen Wilbur-Hughes How to handle • Learning Not To Swear with Ted Lyde
Here now in West Yorkshire for a week at the 'Ted Hughes Arvon Centre' poetry'ing...
I just wrote some box-and-arrow thingies on a whiteboard, thinking about developing it into a TED talk . cc: Chris Hughes
We've put the Ted Hughes wallpaper up in the IrishPoetryShop loo.
En route West Yorkshire for a week at the Ted Hughes Arvon Centre poetry'ing.
Spent the weekend listening to David Bowie & reading the gripping biog of Ted Hughes by - it's compelling.
Olwyn Hughes, a literary agent, known for her tough negotiations and who devoted her life to her brother and poet, Ted Hughes, dies aged
Still better than a Ted Hughes poem
Enjoying reading our class book, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, what a fantastic read!
Ted Hughes and David Bowie were the reason I learned to write
Loving the image of Ted Hughes and his sister/agent Olwyn used to mark her death. There must be a story/poem in it.
To the boudoir with Ted Hughes and Richard Hawley.
Olwyn Hughes, sister and agent of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, dies aged 87
Closing date for nominations Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry January 8th, 2016
Sylvia Plath killed herself because of love. A poetic demise.Ted Hughes is never spoken of. Poetic justice.
Reading Ted Hughes poems again. He was furiously immense.
“Imagine what you are writing about. See it and live it.” —Ted Hughes
Lol at Ted Hughes: "... and other brains are just lying down snoring and occasionally turning over." (I don't have that kind obvs.)
Reading Jonathan Bate's biography of The one poet I studied at school that 'stuck'. Entrancing voice too
Excuse my extremely red hand, I am very warm right now. 😂 I read CROW by Ted Hughes today and…
Was the Ted Hughes award but I'm not a Poetry Soc. member. Another year to wait to win £5K.
The voices of both Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes are just mesmerizing. Fascinating joint interview.
If you've ever loved an addict, this talk is for you:
For some unclear reason, Ted Hughes's Birthday Letters keeps turning up in my day to day life.
RTwhat you are about. See it and live it. —Ted Hughes. Art Hoang-Yen
Thanks again for my first Janet Malcolm's ever, 'The Silent Woman' on Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. While in Paris I managed
I am more like Ted Hughes than I ever thought possible
Breakfast at Ted Hughes old college - with Ted looking on
Iron Men abound but the greatest came from Ted Hughes. What a book.
He was a giant of poetry and Sylvia Plath's husband. A new bio tells Ted Hughes's life as a kind of tragedy.
Ted Hughes, Pete Townshend, Team not reviewing the year.
Mark Gerson. Stephen Spender, TS Eliot, Ted Hughes, WH Auden and Louis MacNeice at a Faber party in 1961
We might have had Ted Hughes, who dreamed of being a mink farmer in Canada at one point.
please pass on to lovely helpful bookseller (Dave?) it was Seamus Heaney who translated Antigone. Ted Hughes did Ovid & others
Three people who sound the same: Bryan Ferry, Ted Hughes and Prince Charles. Meanwhile BLUR
Am I the only one who associates Daniel Craig with Ted Hughes (and not Bond) because I've watched Sylvia an unhealthy amount of times?
My review of Jonathan Bate's new bio of the poet Ted Hughes was published…
Ted Hughes poem 'inspired by row with Sylvia Plath shortly before she died' | Ted Hughes
Sylvia Plath was the love of Ted Hughes's life: the Cathy to his Heathcliff
School bus strikes child in Macon County. WSFA reporter Bethany Davis and photojournalist Ted Hughes are on the scene now. 12 News tonight.
This is my favourite Ted Hughes poem. It's called Hope.
AA Gill of the Sunday Times may well be a cultural snob, but he was spot on in his review of recent tv Wayne Rooney and Ted Hughes!
Damien Rice was/is a class act but he kinda went a bit "Ted Hughes" with Lisa Hannigan! . "O" is still a brilliant album :-)
I always used to confuse Ted Hughes with Bob Carolgees.
Done some channel flipping, inc. a really domy docu about Ted Hughes. Have ended up with Midsomer Murders. Gr
Recently listened to; 'Ted Hughes biography, Frank Auerbach, Suffragette, Beasts of No Nation' by BBC Radio 4, from the album - Front Row
My NYC copy of The Bell Jar came with me to a week in Ted Hughes' old house. It felt very strange to read it there.
Till gold fields of stiff wheat cry `We are ripe, reap us!' and the rivers. sweat from the melting hills. - Ted Hughes
congrats on Samuel Johnson long listing for Ted Hughes. Obviously haven't read it yet, but I can already smell that it's excellent
... on Atwood, on Matt Ridley, PLUS substantial unseen poem by Ted Hughes and much more
Excellent plenary: in conversation with Neil Roberts about his forthcoming book Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life
Bishop Gary Gordon imitating the first apostles. (Fr. Ted Hughes helped..more or less)
There's a Ted Hughes poem lurking in that somewhere
'Iron Man' the book not the film by Ted Hughes, not to be confused with Robert Downy Jr.
A fox told me as well Ben, a little green one.The Thought Fox - Ted Hughes
'So we stood, alive in the river of light'. From the archive: when Ted Hughes got his memorial in Westminster Abbey.
Before you know it, 'the page is printed'. From a poem by Ted Hughes about the creative process. anyway!
please mention ted Hughes as my literary dad. It will make my year.
In 2013 won the Ted Hughes award, given to the best new poetry.
The 'funny, loyal and affectionate' side of Ted Hughes as revealed on unseen papers,
«In those days I regarded forgetfulness as an essential part of survival». —Ted Hughes
Ted Hughes’s sketch of birds, drawn for Roy Davids. Vía
Like how The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is called The Iron Giant in America because of Marvel's Iron Man.
GCSE work inspired by the poetry of Ted Hughes 🎨📚
...Nothing else really counts at all.” Ted Hughes
Can technology solve our big problems?
The first Ted Hughes Poetry Festival will be taking place in Mexborough, 3rd to 5th July. For more info
󾬏󾬏. Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes reads in the bedroom
I've decided i'll take a bag of the Five Ele­phant roas­ted coffee. Thanks.
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Mmm. I don't suppose you have any of Ted Hughes's 'gluey quasi-pie's too?
Her embrace was an immense press . To print him into her bones . by Ted Hughes.
I'm sure he would hate it. After all he did turn down Poet Laureate in 84 suggesting they give it "to bloody Ted Hughes".
"Nothing ever quite escapes into happiness." - Ted Hughes, on West Yorkshire.
On this day in 1956, Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath married - they chose the date in honour of James Joyce's
Fascinating archive of letters goes to auction:
Philip Larkin in Poet's Corner will be under Ted Hughes who Larkin said unforgettably looked 'like a Christmas present from Easter Island'.
Post one of your favorite quotes and who it's by! — What happens in the heart, simply happens. - Ted Hughes
Where Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath wed. Love the way the lamp seems to be peering over its spectacles at the shy angel http:/…
The Rattle Bag, compiled by Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney, is a great place to start.
yes - but missed out on Ishiguro! Standout for me was Ted Hughes tribute with his daughter Freida & Kate Tempest - so emotional
We have been reading about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Come and meet The Iron Man in our class.
I would like to thank Ted Hughes, Emily Brontë and last but not least Thomas Hardy for making my English coursework literal *** x
Big congrats to for her Ted Hughes poetry prize shortlisting!!!
brainpickings: On this day in 1956, Sylvia Plath met Ted Hughes in one of history’s steamiest encounters …
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Sure? Ted Hughes said: "Usually his communications were gloomy and macabre, though not without wit."
Super fan Cameron Hughes will be back at the Ted on Thursday giving out free Tshirts! Make sure you're there!
As a Feminist, reading Ted Hughes is a guilty pleasure. A wonderful one though.
Photographer Ted Hughes and I staying warm inside the news car in between live shots!
“When I came to consciousness my whole interest was in wild animals.” —Ted Hughes
In his memoir, Gerald Hughes recalls his brother’s love affair with Sylvia Plath—and how her tragic end haunted him
Learn more about how to save yourself from bad meetings:
Great radio drama 'Dreaming of Foxes' Ted Hughes is reunited with a long-lost school friend
"A violet glance of lightning / Melts the granite to live glass, / Pours it into the mould of quick moor-water" Ted Hughes
i don't know why, but that made me think of a favourite poem - "Epiphany" by Ted Hughes.
Ted Hughes was the answer in one of me crosswords who knew that english literature would ever come in useful in life ey
had a great A-Level Eng teacher who taught us Ted Hughes Crow poems. He opened the door, left the rest to us.
How about Allan Baillie's Outpost or Ted Hughes' The Iron Man? A Wrinkle in Time might work too.
Hot off the press! Ted Hughes Lino print on Zerkal paper. Image area 54cm x 40cm
When it rains, it pours: with Ted Hughes
“When you sit with your pen, every year of your life is right there.” —Ted Hughes
Excited for Lecture Series w/ invited speakers and Dr. Ted Grosholz http:/…
Letter from Ted Hughes to Sylvia Plath's mother, Aurelia, March 15, 1963 -
Simon Armitage, Tony Harrison, Carol Ann Duffy, Ted Hughes (specifically Wodwo), and obviously all the others I forgot..
Sean Bean, Ted Hughes, Bob the plumber, Guy Fawkes, Pam from Wakefield, Captain Cook... You'll find all these and more in Yorkshire Wisdom!
If you're teaching any poems by Ted Hughes, how about introducing them by reading his poem Wilfred Owen's Photographs?
Happy Birthday to English poet Ted Hughes, born on this day in 1930*. Portrait of Ted Hughes by Sylvia Plath - 1954*
The 50 books every child should read No mention of "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown" or "The Iron Man" by Ted Hughes!
but then my inner Ted Hughes shoved aside my inner Karen Horney in an arguably misogynistic movement and all was well
The article that Conor wrote about Ted and his poetry is now up on the website - check it out here!
5. Listen to the whole story told through the monologues. For further ideas, see 'After Ovid' or Ted Hughes' versions
Mary Oliver, she wrote many wonderful poems, I like "Wild Geese" lots, do you like Ted Hughes? (I know some feminists don't much)
Courtesy of Pat Hughes on last time Red Sox were held without a hit was 1958 by Detroit; Ted Williams made the last out.
Yeah I'd agree mate. Leave the poetry to Ted Hughes yeah.
*cues eye rolls of everybody who's ever known me. But really I'm actively avoiding Ted Hughes types. And ovens.
I think I would save Letters from Ted Hughes.They feel like a secret I've stumbled across
From Garth... from Ted Hughes... The Art of Poetry No. 71: "In the seventies I got to know one or two healers. The one I knew best believed that since everybody has access to the energies of the autoimmune system, some individuals develop a surplus. His own history was one of needing more than most—forty years of ankylosing spondylitis. In the end, when he was past sixty, a medium told him that no one could heal him, but that he could heal himself if he would start to heal others. So he started healing and within six months was virtually cured. Watching and listening to him, the idea occurred to me that art was perhaps this—the psychological component of the autoimmune system. It works on the artist as a healing. But it works on others too, as a medicine. Hence our great, insatiable thirst for it. However it comes out—whether a design in a carpet, a painting on a wall, the shaping of a doorway—we recognize that medicinal element because of the instant healing effect, and we call it art. It console ...
I'm sO so excited for English literature though, Sylvia Plath n ted hughes (two of my favourite poets in the universe) and gatSBy yH
Without Eliot at poets like WH Auden, Ted Hughes and Stephen Spender would not be as well known as they are...
In the morning they wore each other's face. ''. Ted Hughes - 'Lovesong'
.Everything about her, every perfect vestment already superfluous. TH will help you marvel
Reading a biography of Michael Morpurgo. His struggles with depression, the friendship, wisdom and strength he found in Ted Hughes.
Marry me “And quietly the trees casting their crowns Into the pools.” (Ted Hughes) Down by the river where we stopped to greet the sleeping swans bats twinkle darkly on and off between the trees, like hesitant and twisted twins of the stately blinking distant stars. (I look at you. You smile - and all that I can think is, Marry me. My love, please marry me: my doubts, my fears and all those years I lived without you. Marry me. My love, please marry me: my fierce and lonely pride, the places where I used to hide before I knew you.) The swans and trees still sleep. The bats move like those trembling flecks on an old movie screen where lovers kiss on a deserted bridge and hold on to each other while the credits roll.
pleased to find you on here, I really enjoyed the books I bought from you at Hay Festival! (Ted Hughes & Selima Hill)
Sorry to say it, Alt-J, but 'Hunger of the Pine' sounds like an abandoned Ted Hughes poem.
Just found a Ted Baker clearance in John Lewis. Danger.
"To hatch a crow, a black rainbow Bent in emptiness over emptiness But flying" from Two Legends by Ted Hughes
Make her read the Ted Hughes first, because it's amazing/
yes I remember seeing Ted Hughes when I was in the 6th form..I shall continue to watch them they have a real beauty
Me too! Since I wrote my dissertation on Ted Hughes's Crow poems some years ago!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes: Fine in like wrapper Extraordinary collection and winner of the Forward Poe...
"Planets bad. Reaping the whirlwind." Ted Hughes to Lucas Meyers, 1971-ish
Given in and realised I can't write a dissertation on Ted Hughes without mentioning Sylvia Plath. I could weep.
"His utmost gaping of brain in his tiny skull. Was just enough to wonder, about the sea,. What could be hurting so much?". (Ted Hughes)
How to speak so that people want to listen
The trouble with dipping into Ted Hughes' poetry, is it makes you want to leave the comfort of your sofa and make an effort ...
Ted Hughes' Birthday Letters from Vibes & Scribes bookshop in Cork in '02. It's followed me through 5 house moves
'but there's all this what is it roots. roots roots roots and here's the water. again very *** but I'll go on looking'. Ted Hughes
Interview with Ted Hughes does not sound at all loving towards Sylvia Plath and her astounding poetry. No surprises.
"This right here is Rob who is married to the graduate who graduated" -Ted Hughes
she said you won't because Ted Hughes ?
Take this the right way, but I've just realised Bob De Niro would be perfect for a Ted Hughes biopic!
Fell in love with Gunn's poetry in 1968, same time as I read Ted Hughes. Continued to enjoy him but Hughes was the man for me.
"The only calibration that counts is how much heart people invest" beautiful Ted Hughes to son:
I have just listed:Ted Hughes, Fay Godwin. 'Remains of Elmet', for £14.95 via
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"The only thing people regret is that they didn't live boldly enough, that they didn't invest enough heart, didn't love enough." -Ted Hughes
Ted Hughes' poetry is my absolute fave
Here now is a young wolf, still intact. . ... Asiatic eyes, the gunsights . Aligned effortless in the beam of his power. - Ted Hughes
listening to readings of Wilfred Owen's n ted hughes' etc conflict poetry n every time I just get shivers idk it's all so desperate
Our congratulations to those people receiving Honorary Degrees from the University of Cambridge today. They include CUP author Professor The Lord Rees,cosmologist and astrophysicist; and Sir Ian McKellen, sometime wizard and evil mutant mastermind (amongst other things). Honorary Doctorates are conferred only on people who have achieved the highest national or international prominence in their field. Previous recipients have included Mandela, Ted Hughes, Stephen Hawking, Amartya Sen, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Sylvia Plath: Maybe it was just the drugs Sylvia Plath has always fascinated me. In fact, about 30 years ago, before What Doctors Don’t Tell You and The Field, I nearly did a biography on her and Ted Hughes, not because I considered her a feminist martyr, as she is often portrayed, but because something about the Plath-Hughes myth didn’t quite stack up. I was also intrigued about a man who has not one but two lovers kill themselves by sticking their heads in a gas oven. Assia Weevil, the mistress with whom he betrayed Plath, carried out a copy-cat suicide some years later, but this time took hers and Hughes’ child with her. Think about this for a second. Here Plath pores all that prodigious talent and energy into hitting the target she’s been aiming for all her young years - getting her work published in magazines while she’s still in school, amassing literary and academic prize after prize, securing the guest editorship for Mademoiselle in New York (the top literary prize for a young coll ...
Had a break - Read Seamus Heaney North and Ted Hughes - Sad and thrilling both. Such power in the language - Envious of such skill. xox Nick
Good piece to camera.Did you discuss with TB why Carol Ann Duffy did not get Poet Laureate after Ted Hughes?
We were all reading a lot of Ted Hughes - Daniel Wolfe on the inspirations for Catch Me Daddy
Ted Hughes's always been a big part of my life. My dad's a big fan of his. My mum bought me a poetry books, and they rub off. - Daniel Craig
As you may or may not recall, Wilson MacDonald wrote satirical 'crow' poems before Ted Hughes stumbled upon the idea.
Tonight The Tinderbox opens! Tonight is sold out and there are only limited tickets left for the rest of the run so get booking or miss out. I am also thrilled to announce the Summer show as chosen by the Young Company is. W O D W O Directed by Alistair Debling This summer, inspired by the words of Ted Hughes the Bristol Old Vic Young Company leap into the unknown, to unlock the stories that nature has to offer. Through immersive music, ensemble movement, and enchanting text, we will make the stones sing and hear the flowerbeds scream. If you want to be a part of this devised show you will need to be aged 11-25 years old and attend a casting workshop next week on Wednesday 30th April 6-10pm (6-8pm for younger ones). To book your place and for a rehearsal schedule email getinvolved Exciting Times!
William Stafford wrote a poem a day & was admired by contemporaries Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath. We explore his work:
Sting does it through yoga. Eddie Van Hales plays guitar to do it. Lou Reed counted beads. The poet Ted Hughes fished. Gisele Bundchen does it on the beach, and Oprah Winfrey does it every morning. Michelle Obama thinks all kids should learn how to do it. What is it? ~ you meditate? How and how often do you do it?
"Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self." Ted Hughes
"I've had that love. And I lost it. Me and Bill are Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. This is totes going to work out."
Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes discuss their work and life together in this interview for the BBC radio program Two of a Kind: Poets in Partnership, from January 18th, 1961. The interviewer is Owen Leeming, who asked about their first meeting at a party in February 1956: Plath: I happened to be at Ca...
''Underwater eyes, an eel's Oil of water body, neither fish nor beast is the otter:'' Ted Hughes (b. 1930), British poet. An Otter (l. 1-2). . . Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry Husband of Sylvia Plath.much of his poetry cannot be posted due to copyrighting restrictions.he lived until 1998...35 yrs after his wife.
True self/ secondary self. I found this letter written by Ted Hughes, once husband of the poet Sylvia Plath, to his 24 year old son. I liked it so well that I copied it: "When I came to Lake Victoria, it was quite obvious to me that in some of the most important ways you are much more mature than I am. . . . But in many other ways obviously you are still childish — how could you not be, you alone among mankind? It’s something people don’t discuss, because it’s something most people are aware of only as a general crisis of sense of inadequacy, or helpless dependence, or pointless loneliness, or a sense of not having a strong enough ego to meet and master inner storms that come from an unexpected angle. But not many people realise that it is, in fact, the suffering of the child inside them. Everybody tries to protect this vulnerable two three four five six seven eight year old inside, and to acquire skills and aptitudes for dealing with the situations that threaten to overwhelm it. So everybody deve ...
Couple of lovely hours researching Ted Hughes' friendship with Seamus Heaney. Have blogged:
Today in 1956 Sylvia Plath met Ted Hughes for the first time, an event she recounted thusly: Then the worst thing happened, that big, dark, hunky boy, the only one there huge enough for me, who had been hunching around over women, and whose name I had asked the minute I had come into the room, but no one told me, came over and was looking hard in my eyes and it was Ted Hughes. . . . And then it came to the fact that I was all there, wasn't I, and I stamped and screamed yes . . . and I was stamping and he was stamping on the floor, and then he kissed me bang smash on the mouth and ripped my hair band off, my lovely red hairband scarf which had weathered the sun and much love, and whose like I shall never again find, and my favorite silver earrings: hah, I shall keep, he barked. And when he kissed my neck I bit him long and *** the cheek, and when we came out of the room, blood was running down his face. --Sylvia Plath's Journals And they say writing is boring...
William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850). A documentary about the Lake Poets, focusing primarily on William Wordsworth. Works read by Ted Hughes.
Tonight I'm reading: The Letters of Ted Hughes. It's so interesting to be able to view the other side of the story.
How many have you read so far~PFH Bruce Meyer- Here is the second installment of the 100 books of poems you should try to read in this lifetime. Since my posting last evening, a number of people have written to me asking why this poet or that poet isn't on the list. The list is just beginning. As of tonight, we'll only be at 20 out of 100. Lots more to come, folks. That said, the list is doing what it is supposed to do: generate thought, discussion, poetry awareness, and perhaps some good poetic conversation and composition. So, here, counting down from 89 to 80, in no particular order, are the next ten poetry books for you to enjoy: 89. Seamus Heaney, Death of a Naturalist 88. Ted Hughes, Hawk in the Rain 87. Mary Jo Salter, Sunday Skaters 86. Dana Gioia, Daily Horoscope 85. Czeslaw Milosz, Collected Poems 84. Jack Gilbert, Collected Poems 83. Wilfred Owen, Collected Poems 82. Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems 81. James Fenton, A German Requiem 80. Dana Gioia, Planting a Sequoia Too few women? Wait for it. ...
Richard Armitage reads poem "Song" by Ted Hughes. I used some pics from my favourite movies: Pride and Prejudice 2005 Pride and Prejudice 1995 Persuasion Jus...
Review** Piano Lessons Fort Worth - Lessons Fort Worth Mad Guys Commentary: Episode 508 Lady Lazarus Sylvia Plath helps make a cameo appearance in this week's episode of Mad Adult males, if only obliquely - contributing the title, Girl Lazarus, from a posthumously released poem. Plath died at 30, a up to date of the young set at SCDP, divided from her partner, the poet Ted Hughes. Piano Lessons Fort Worth. How Large Can Superman Comics Soar? As considerably as flicks go, Superman Returns was not 1 of the finest. Not only did it obtain so-so assessments from the critics, but it panned at the box office environment - barely in a position to make back its finances, particularly soon after Warner Bros. dropped a mountain of advertising the box business gross couldn't hope the overtake. Stag Do - A Weekend Full of Craziness A wedding ceremony is the beginning of a new chapter in daily life, you have to go away behind all these foolish weekends with your friends, getting beverages to unidentified girls in the ...
MAHLE AFTERMARKET JOINS ENGINE PRO TO SPONSOR MUST SEE RACING Clevite engine bearings, a product of MAHLE Aftermarket, will join Engine Pro as a marketing and performance partner with Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS ) for 2014. The winged sprint series starts its fifth year of racing April 11& 12, 2014 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida and Mobile International Speedway in Mobile, Alabama and at some of the best circle tracks in the nation including Anderson Speedway, Lucas Oil Raceway ,Berlin Raceway, Salem Speedway, Kil-Kare Raceway, Auto City Speedway, Kalamazoo Speedway, Rockford Speedway, Baerfield Speedway and Owosso Speedway.. Ted Hughes, Manager – Marketing for MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. says, "Must See Racing is about racers pushing their cars to the limits, and since MAHLE Aftermarket manufactures performance parts capable of withstanding those limits, this sponsorship is a natural fit." Engine Pro president Don Weber says, "Must See Racing represents the future of automobi ...
Looking through Nigel Jenkins' 'Acts of Union: Selected Poems 1974-1989' (signed copy, must have bought it at Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 1995) and looking through poems to see if I could remember any he'd read. And they came back with a whoosh. 'Castration' seemed as powerful then as anything by Ted Hughes - and still does. Fantastic closing lines: "There were words about/ that weren't to be trusted." And then I rediscovered this, written at least 25 years ago and now extraordinarily moving in today's context: THE PATIENT To continue on this earth you have only but often to place in your mouth a little piece of the world – an apple, a fish – & let it move through you depositing good till that moment at dawn when it steams back into light with a stench so exquisite it cannot be shared. I’d follow now as always this rule of freedom – it is not Calcutta, there are luxuries of food – but the world is refusing to travel through me: the bile stinks, week by week I am getting lighter: if it weren’t f ...
"Never wake a sleepwalker. Let the blame hit the olive trees." - Ted Hughes, 'Moonwalk'
Extrait d'un article de Jeanette Winterson, paru dans The Guardian, novembe 2002. «...When you take time to read a book or listen to music or look at a picture, the first thing you are doing is turning your attention inwards. The outside world, with all of its demands, has to wait. As you withdraw your energy from the world, the artwork begins to reach you with energies of its own. The creativity and concentration put into the making of the artwork begin to cross-current into you. This is not simply about being recharged, as in a good night's sleep or a holiday, it is about being charged at a completely different voltage. When I read Seamus Heaney or Ted Hughes, I'm not just reading a poet's take on the world, I am entering into a different world - a world built from the beginning on other principles. William Carlos Williams said: "It's hard to get the news from poems, but men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there." Art's counterculture, however diverse, holds in plain sight what the ma ...
Ted Hughes first wife is interred in St Thomas a Beckett`s as opposed to St Thomas the Apostle`s
Great review by for THE DIG by 'like Cormac McCarthy meeting Ted Hughes down a country lane':
today I bought from Heffers bookshop Cambridge Carol Ann Duffy - Mean time Sylvia Plath - the colossus Ted Hughes - Birthday Letters
PROVINCIAL PLEASURES BBC RADIO 4 - Sunday 5th January 2014 16.30 (with repeat Saturday 11th January, 23.30) Eric Robson examines the unique and unjustly overlooked Cumbrian poet Norman Nicholson. Born in 1914, Norman Nicholson lived all bar two of his seventy three years in the same small industrial town, most of them in the same house. Millom (Cumbrian dialect for "At the mills") is not the Lake District of Hawkshead or Windermere. It’s a place where industry came and went, where the population rose and fell. Yet it was here, in isolation from the literary world, that Norman Nicholson became a world-class poet. He wrote about quarrying and iron works, slag banks and granite. He was one of the first to argue that industrial heritage should be valued on a par with our cultural heritage. Championed by TS Eliot, Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney, Norman chose to focus his energies on a non-literary audience, spending his spare time lecturing at local Workers Educational Associations. For this poetry feature Eri ...
Ten rules for writing fiction by Michael Morpurgo: _ 1. The prerequisite for me is to keep my well of ideas full. This means living as full and varied a life as possible, to have my antennae out all the time. 2. Ted Hughes gave me this advice and it works wonders: record moments, fleeting impressions, overheard dialogue, your own sadnesses and bewilderments and joys. 3. A notion for a story is for me a confluence of real events, historical perhaps, or from my own memory to create an exciting fusion. 4. It is the gestation time which counts. 5. Once the skeleton of the story is ready I begin talking about it, mostly to Clare, my wife, sounding her out. 6. By the time I sit down and face the blank page I am raring to go. I tell it as if I'm talking to my best friend or one of my grandchildren. 7.Once a chapter is scribbled down rough – I write very small so I don't have to turn the page and face the next empty one – Clare puts it on the word processor, prints it out, sometimes with her own comments adde ...
Here's my list - what's yours? Choose ten books that made an impression on you - don't think too hard about it, there's no wrong answer. Then tag 10 friends, including me, so we can read your list. Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt Shamrock Tea by Ciaran Carson The Silent Woman: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes by Janet Malcolm My Pilgrim's Progress: Media Studies, 1950–1998 by George W. S. Trow Remembering Bix: A Memoir of the Jazz Age by Ralph Berton Maus by Art Spiegelman The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O'Brien Genesis (trans. Robert Alter)
Don't know how to tag, so here we go in approximate chronological order 1. The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. 2. The Sheep Pig by *** King-Smith (not Babe) 3. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) 4. Sunset Song (Lewis Grassic Gibbon. 5. The Rattle Bag (ed Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney) 6. The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy) 7. Nights At The Circus (Angela Carter) 8, (Most of) The Manual of Horsemanship (various authors. ) 9. Greek Myths by Robert Graves. 10. The Little Prince by Antoine de St-Exupery. The chronological order got a bit screwed in places, but hey.
I like this poem: MY CROW A crow flew into the tree outside my window. It was not Ted Hughes's crow, or Galway's crow. Or Frost's, Pasternak's, or Lorca's crow. Or one of Homer's crows, stuffed with gore, after the battle. This was just a crow. That never fit in anywhere in its life, or did anything worth mentioning. It sat there on the branch for a few minutes. Then picked up and flew beautifully out of my life. - Raymond Carver
Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 – February 11, 1963) was an American poet, novelist and short story writer. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she studied at Smith College and Newnham College, Cambridge, before receiving acclaim as a professional poet and writer. She married fellow poet Ted Hughes in 1956 and they lived together first in the United States and then England, having two children together, Frieda and Nicholas. Plath suffered from depression for much of her adult life, and in 1963 she committed suicide. Controversy continues to surround the events of her life and death, as well as her writing and legacy. Plath is credited with advancing the genre of confessional poetry and is best known for her two published collections, The Colossus and Other Poems and Ariel. In 1982, she won a Pulitzer Prize posthumously, for The Collected Poems. She also wrote The Bell Jar, a semi-autobiographical novel published shortly before her death. Born: October 27, 1932, Boston, Massachusetts, United State ...
Here's a date for your diary! Poetry for the Palace: Poets Laureate from Dryden to Duffy The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse 7 August – 2 November 2014 The office of Poet Laureate is a special honour awarded by the Sovereign to a poet whose work is of national significance. This exhibition celebrates the work of the current Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, at the half-way point in her laureateship. It explores the role of the Poet Laureate, and the close relationship between poet and monarch over the last three and a half centuries. It brings together presentation volumes, original manuscripts, annotated collections of poetry and remarkable images of poets, including John Dryden, William Wordsworth, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, John Betjeman and Ted Hughes. Carol Ann Duffy’s poetry is also represented by the work of the textual artist Stephen Raw, who has created several pieces for the exhibition. Tickets and visitor information: or +44 (0)131 556 5100.
COMPLIMENTS OF THE BRITISH LIBRARY Sylvia Plath was born in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts in 1932. Although best known as a poet, she also wrote a semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar, in which the main character, Esther Greenwood, a bright college student interning at a fashion magazine, suffers a mental breakdown and attempts suicide. Plath, like Esther, attended Smith College and was awarded an internship at a magazine in New York, however, it was just after this experience that Plath made her first suicide attempt and was committed to a mental institution. On leaving the institution Plath graduated from Smith and obtained a scholarship to Cambridge University in England where she met and later married poet Ted Hughes. In 1960 Plath published her first collection of poetry, the remaining volumes of her work being published posthumously following a successful suicide attempt in 1963. At the time of her death in February 1963, aged thirty - tragically she committed suicide - Sylvia Plath had published ...
Jane Austen’s A pain in my head. Robert Graves made me wish I was dead. Ted Hughes, I refuse but . Lascelles Abercrombie, a poet, a zombie...
Scarborough library call for poets Are you a poet and know it? Are you the next laureate – a Carol Anne Duffy, Philip Larkin or Ted Hughes? People are being given the chance to show off their poetic skills at Scarborough to celebrate National Poetry Day. Scarborough Library is joining forces with the Scarborough Poetry Workshop and Children from Northstead School to host an open mic night. National Poetry Day is a campaign for poets, poetry fans and poetry organisations to enjoy and participate in and will be celebrated at Scarborough Library on Thursday 3rd October at 7.30pm. This year’s theme for National Poetry day is ‘water’. The Scarborough event will offer people the opportunity to listen to poetry readings of old favourites and new poetry, watch performances of poetry by the children of Northstead school or come along with a poem with a watery theme . This event is FREE there is no need to book, just turn up and prepare to be entertained. “The evening will be a great way to celebrate poet ...
This week we’ve got Ted Hughes in the red corner and Philip Larkin in the blue. Whose side would you be on? You are invited to write a poem either…
A little late with last week's answers, but here they are! ELEMENTARY GENERAL KNOWLEDGE The answers to the clues in each question in this round include an element. To score the points – ½ point each part of the answer and for a bonus you must provide the symbol for that element; for example, for Lead the answer would be Pb. 1. A children’s novel by Ted Hughes / an English heavy metal band formed in 1975 by Steve Harris Fe – The Iron Man / Iron Maiden 2. A Marvel superhero who rides a surf board / a nocturnal insect, lover of moist areas, often found under stones and wood Ag – Silver (Silver Surfer / Silverfish) 3. TV Channel, home to Spongebob Squarepants and Rugrats / an American cheap shop Ni – Nickel (Nickelodeon / Nickel and dime store) 4. An opera by Wagner / City in south-east Queensland Au – Gold (Das Rheingold / Gold Coast) 5. 1977 hit for Bonnie Tyler / Capital of Martinique Fr – Francium (Lost in France / Fort-de-France) 6. One of Maria von Trapp's favourite things / A group of 6 ...
in fact now that I think of it, my favorite poets - Philip Larkin, Wallace Stevens, Ted Hughes - were never, ever considered cool or edgy
I think HP the only one in my list, I think the Iron Man by Ted Hughes should be on there. i thought it amazing as a kid xxx
NAME POLL: So many wonderful girl names suggested, thank you! Now, let's do boy names - I struggle with them. I'm stuck on James (Jimmy), followed by Charles (Charlie) and then Harry and Edward (Teddy). Given my surname is Wills, things may get a little 'prince-y' if we go with Harry Wills! (Also, Mr POW taught at a boys school which, as teachers know, rules out a lot of choices.) We like old-school names that are spelt correctly, and I like a cute nickname if you haven't guessed. GO!
Actor: Christopher Walken Movie I like: Pulp Fiction, Last Man Standing, Movie I love: Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can Movie I hate: The Country Bears Movie I hate to love: The Prophecy If you want to play, you can like this and I'll pick an actor for you. Dawn Lystad Young picked Mr. Walken for me.
My Ted Hughes poetry book has served me better in killing flies than it ever did in English Lit a-level.
In terms of its filmed legacy, 'Hannibal' the TV series has done great things to redeem the world of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, one of the most famous villains of all time, whose reputation had eroded with overexposure and increasingly diminishing returns. And it started out so smashingly! After two novels (and one mostly forgotten adaptation, 'Manhunter') 1991's 'Silence of the Lambs' movie introduced him to a wider audience than ever before, and thanks to Anthony Hopkins's Oscar-winning performance (in a film that won several other Academy Awards, including a much-deserved Best Picture), Dr. Lecter was instantly iconic. With director Jonathan Demme's steady hand and Ted Tally's solid script, 'Silence' was as much a riveting psychological drama as it was a disturbing horror film. These contrasting tones were well blended and expertly balanced, thanks to patient pacing, down-to-earth cinematography and performances that mostly played it straight (Hopkins could be over-the-top at times, but the character called ...
A big "thank you" to ted Ted Myers for letting me know that Hugh Jackman was on 60 minutes! Thanks, Ted!
If I ever found my Ted Hughes I'd probably stick my head in an oven too.
Tomorrow the world back,hurryin u on into old age. - Ted Hughes
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