Ted Heath & Ken Clarke

Sir Edward Richard George Ted Heath, KG, MBE, PC (9 July 1916 – 17 July 2005) was a British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1970–74) and as Leader of the Conservative Party (1965–75). Kenneth Harry Ken Clarke, PC, QC, MP (born 2 July 1940) is a British Conservative politician, currently Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. 2.0/5

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Ken Clarke thanks PM for his achievements in the renegotiation. . Ted Heath would also have welcomed the deal.
amazing everyone talking about Ted Heath. nobody talking about Ken Clarke... wonder how that happened
You couldn't make it up: Ken Clarke accused of child abuse and within 24 hours the corpse of Ted Heath is thrown to lions.
Brothel madam says Ted Heath 'was just a sad, old *** man'  via Ken Clarke will be happy ! silly season ?
Excellent programme on Ted Heath on BBC Parliament with Ken Clarke, Tim Bale, Lord Donoughue assessing legacy
to ask why focus on Ted Heath as soon as Ben Fellows's acquitted after accusing Ken Clarke of childabuse when hes alive
Whilst the news is busy telling us about dead Ted Heath being a nonce, current kiddy shagger Ken Clarke's still at large. Keep voting fools.
Amazing how the media can cover the Ted Heath abuse story without mentioning the Ken Clarke one?!
While Ted Heath is trending, let's not forget the allegations towards Ken Clarke, who is still alive. Timing is everything.
so you deny Ted Heath & Ken Clarke are big govt conservatives
there are big govt Conservatives Ted Heath & Ken Clarke spring to mind
Ken Clarke first became a minister under Ted Heath, who its claimed was a paedophile
Ken Clarke, Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile, Broadmoor, Haute de la Garenne, Duncroft it all makes sense now
Ted Heath was PM when he got his OBE and Ken Clarke was Secretary for Health when he got the keys to Broadmoor. Hmmm.
This is about Lord Robertson, Lord Mandelson, Ken Clarke, Ted Heath and the peados the media are silent on.
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