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Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker (born October 24, 1962) is a New York Times best-selling author best known for mystery, thriller, and fantasy novels including Thr3e, Obsessed, and the Books of History Chronicles.

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JK Rowling & Lloyd Alexander. Ted Dekker & Michael Crichton played a big role in my teen years, both gre…
What would you die for? The Martyr's Song by Powerful Story.
John Hadley Chase. John Grisham. Ted Dekker. Nora Roberts. . Hope you know these guys? We've got their books! .
To the Homeschooled Young Woman Who Asked Ted Dekker for Help at Realm Makers via
This holds true for all of us. How do you tackle darkness with light in your community? ― Ted Dekker, The…
Love? You have no understanding that to love is to give, not to take. - Ted Dekker
I miss reading Ted Dekker books. If you have any. Please. And Frank Peretti too
Rebel - Ted Dekker and The girl who loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King
Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris and Thr3e by Ted Dekker!
Here's a giveaway where you can win fiction by Ted Dekker, William Paul Young, and more!
The Circle series by Ted Dekker (Titles are Black, Red, White, and Green).
Chris Ryan. Stephen King. Ted Dekker. Three authors you have to read.
4 of 5 stars to le confesseur by Ted Dekker
Like all of my fictions, 'Sinner' is a mirror. Look into it and you will find yourself. What ...
"Our story begins in a world totally like our own, yet completely different."
Please where does Ted Dekker get the inspiration to write his novels😩. They are💯
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reminded me of the by Ted Dekker so I liked it. Season 1 was 4 / 10, season 2 was 8 / 10.
I am literally in love with Ted Dekker.
What matters is discovering myself under the veneer, under the layers that are wrapped around...
random but it sounds like you guys would really enjoy Ted Dekker’s books AD 30 and AD 33.
I always managed to get in trouble, like every kid. But I had to learn a lot of hard lessons ...
If you could find a way to peel back the skin of this world so to speak, would you really see...
My idea for 'BoneMan's Daughters' came from the loss of my own daughter when she left home to...
Thrillers provide the reader with a safe escape into a dangerous world where the stakes are a...
I hardly read novels these days the last one if I could remember were Ted Dekker's and they were worth it.
When I sit down to write a novel, I am exploring my own relationship with G...
My first seven novels were contemporary spiritual novels, my next nine had ...
My stories are not Christianized at all. I don't even have any Christians i...
That and this new Ted DeKker book has me thinking about the subconscious and if reality is real.
Most believers struggle to really believe in the supernatural as a meaningf...
also I got a Ted Dekker book and some Anne of Green Gables books at the book sale 👍
Ted Dekker bought my family dinner tonight. Hor d'oeuvres and everything. Pretty awesome.
Rachelle Dekker is a chip of the Ted Dekker Block. Her second novel The Calling is a success.
Story is the shortest distance between truth and the human heart. Ted Dekker
Ted Dekker is mad. What am I reading ?
It's called The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker. One of my favorite books by him.
You are obviously not in your 30's. Ted and the gang is like looking in a mirror for us pre-millennial folks.
Now look at all that Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti 😍😍😍 where do you live please? 😒😒
Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Francine Rivers, Dan Brown can't seem to get enough of 'em
man alive,C.S.Lewis!so sad I've read all his non fiction :( Ted Dekker and Steve Peretti though are fabuloso x
I really want Chris Nolan to adapt Ted Dekker's Circle books to film. Or whoever directed the last three Harry Potter movies.
Check out 2 Hardcover Books: Monster by Frank E. Peretti, '05 and Thr3e by Ted Dekker, '03
LOOKS THAT DECEIVE ‘A bit of a gut twister at times in the style of Ted Dekker’
My photo of me and Ted Dekker from 2 years ago is the best profile picture ever. But I got a dog and we took a selfie so...
4 of 5 stars to Sovereign by Ted Dekker
I think I'm gonna go take a mid-day sit down bath and read Ted Dekker.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"You’re only as sick as your secrets." - The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker.
Check out Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker 2 Hardcover Novels Monster First Printing and House via
On page 57 of 432 of A.D. 30, by Ted Dekker
4 of 5 stars to Black by Ted Dekker
“Prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has.” ~Blink. Ted Dekker. (pic courtesy, .
Ted Dekker himself is fire. Trust that.
Check out Black by Ted Dekker, The Birth of Evil, Book 1 via
On page 291 of 368 of House, by Ted Dekker: OH MAN IT'S GOING DOWN
On page 229 of 368 of House, by Ted Dekker: Oh my god this book is insane. Literally batsh...
On page 131 of 368 of House, by Ted Dekker: Running and running.
Ted Dekker's 'Blink' has me enthralled! Going back to work is so hard after that...
On page 75 of 368 of House, by Ted Dekker: This book has gone from zero to sixty really qu...
“It is not where that matters so much as simply following. Faith, you see?” -Ted Dekker. Jesus I…
Rachelle Dekker (yes that's Ted Dekker's daughter) is following in her father's footsteps with her debut novel...
skin by Ted DekKer or anything by him! Or monster and/or house by frank perretti
Renegade by Ted Dekker! The lost books series has been SO good thus far.
The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness cannot understand it. ~ Ted Dekker
Who is your favorite author? — (W)right now, its Jeffery Deaver. Others are John Sandford, Ted Dekker, and Steve...
Do you love Ted Dekker? I'm giving away his new book on my blog!
"The good, the bad, and the beautiful" THR3E Ted Dekker
We just worked out a great deal on Ted Dekker's new book! Tag your Dekker friends so they know too!
Thr3e by Ted Dekker downloads torrent
I've actually read something very similar. Three, by Ted Dekker. The 'girl' just... isn't on the internet.
I thought it was so cool to see Dekker trending until I realized it wasn't about Ted.
Ted Dekker is a really good writer. "Thr3e" was one intense book.
The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. I was deeply moved by the love that God showed through this book
Been a while since I read a new Ted Dekker novel. Picked up HACKER today. Pulled in at the first page. I love this guy! God bless you, Ted!
“I think a woman is born with the desire to hear she is beautiful.” – Ted Dekker
Truly my favourite Ted Dekker book so far: "A.D. 30"
SIMON SAYS (My free eBook) is currently charting above Ted Dekker. James Patters
fiction story has been Outlaw by Ted Dekker (anything by is powerful). Non-fiction would be the Story of Jesus.
4 of 5 stars to Hacker by Ted Dekker
my favorite author is Ted Dekker and his circle series
On page 43 of 379 of Adam, by Ted Dekker
Wow! I just won this for free, 3 Hardcover Books by Ted Dekker
HMM. Ted Dekker comes to mind, but he's not really scifi. And I keep thinking of Robert Jordan, but those are not Xian.
The book 'Three' by Ted dekker is about to change the way I think forever.
Nevertheless, this is not an evangelical fantasy, ala Frank E. Peretti or Ted Dekker (thank God), but simply fantasy based in Christian myth
but I enjoyed reading Saint by Ted Dekker
Free: 3 Hardcover Books by Ted Dekker. Check it out -
"The simplest way to deal with evil is to force it into the light of truth." -Three, Ted Dekker
4 of 5 stars to A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker
Finished with The Bride Collector, by Ted Dekker: The book is really good, but the romance...
After some cleaning I just realized I'm still missing Sovereign by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. Now let's…
"For any of you that are fans of Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti you should consider this A great read..."
A link to Ted Dekker's new book, AD 30. I can't wait to read this novel.
"I will buy everything this man writes. I like reading this as much as Ted Dekker" 5 Stars. BLOOD TITHE.
Ever read a "Christian-oriented thriller" by Ted Dekker, a Texan. Horrible things happen to people.
Empress by Karen Miller, Eragon by Christopher Paolini, Adam by Ted Dekker, anything by R.A. Salvatore
4 of 5 stars to Forbidden by Ted Dekker
One of my goals as a writer is to ultimately be weirder than Ted Dekker.
4 of 5 stars to Saint by Ted Dekker
Ted Dekker, Dan brown, Elmore Leonard."Nice, I like John grisham. what do you read now?" Uhmm. A bit
Halfway through my timeline I couldn't tell if I was doing english homework or drawing Ted Dekker fan art
Whoever has not gone and read the Paradise Series by Ted Dekker needs to go out and read the three wonderful books right now.
On page 50 of 423 of Thr3e, by Ted Dekker: Esto da mucho miedo, ok.
When all else fails and you don't know what to read, ransack the Ted DeKker section (and throw in some…
Don't be the next Ted Dekker or the next Stephen King or Dean Koontz. Be the first you. Kevin Kaiser
|| this book is amazing. Another brilliant Ted Dekker book.
I need a whole set of new books. Preferably Ted Dekker’s books.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
On page 34 of 400 of Red, by Ted Dekker
Anyone have "red" by ted dekker and wouldn't mind letting me borrow it?
|| You'll understand why I write the way I do if you've ever read a Ted Dekker book. I model my writing after him, because I love his books.
"There is no mystery greater than the reality beyond flesh and bone." - Ted Dekker
As writers, "everyday, you walk into a prison in order to find your way out.". —Ted Dekker
On page 6 of 400 of Red, by Ted Dekker
fans, check out New book coming soon on
Dan brown researches a lot...grisham's another cool me some thriller author also, like ted dekker.. Not romance, nah
This Escape Plan movie looks like it was adapted from Ted Dekker's novel sanctuary. The prisons are similar in a funny way.
That is what happens when you read too much Ted Dekker.
So, yesterday I shared with you that I enjoy fiction novels by Ted Dekker. However, my all-time favorite fiction...
You don’t need any ideas to write. You just need to get out of the way and let them rise.-Ted Dekker
In a way, writing is a high point that feels like death at times.- Ted Dekker
It’s very heavy on my heart, or very bright on my mind.- Ted Dekker.
"You get what you want when you no longer want it." Ted Dekker.
Hamilton Collection
"Writing cannot be taught. It can only be learned" Ted Dekker
The current Ebola outbreak reminds me of Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy/Series.
becomes scarier for me after reading Dekker's books: black, red, white. The method of spreading it in the book was the Airports.
Its just sad that no one introduced me to Ted Dekker since. Y'all suck.
because it's a compulsion and I can't help myself... have you ever read the book Thr3e by Ted Dekker?
Live in the present, not in fear of the future,... – Reading The Sanctuary by Ted Dekker —
Ted Dekker stopped by to surprise the blue monkeys!
Just finished reading "Hacker" by Ted Dekker - Marvelous! I truly enjoy his fiction books. Ted Dekker always has...
doctor sleep, duma key..both by Stephen King. Three, hacker, house, obsessed, saint...all by Ted Dekker
there's star wars (++authors), Sir A. C. Doyle, O. Wilde, Ted Dekker, Terry Goodkind etc but thats all I had on kindle :/
Via de schitterende TED talk van Louis Schwartzberg over 'mysteries of the unseen world'
DO IT. Just be prepared to lose a lot of sleep and have your mind blown. Ted Dekker is crazy.
Win a copy of HACKER the latest book in Ted Dekker's OUTLAW CHRONICLES!
"Prayer may just be the most powerful tool humankind has" --Ted Dekker. Please join the Intercessory prayer call...
You win copy of latest novel, Hacker? ... via
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Someone just told me that they think Ted Dekker is on the same level as an author J.R.R. Tolkien. Jesus keep me near the cross.
Wanna win an Outlawed Giveaway with Ted Dekker? - via
You wanna win a copy of novel, Hacker? Here's how... via
Ted Dekker is the bestselling author of 30 novels. Ted is a keynote speaker at this year's conference. He will also be teaching the continuing class
alrighty I can lend.u.some too...i have demon a memoir from Tosca Lee and a few from ted dekker
Kobo deals for today! Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King (15.99, but as a new release by this author it's worth it) (Eyes Wide Open, Book 1), by Ted Dekker Witch (High Witch Book 1), by Mona Hanna (Romance)
5 of 5 stars to Water Walker (The Outlaw Chronicles by Ted Dekker
Finished take-with book, Star Trek ENT Tower of Babel yesterday. Starting Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee today.
Apparently there's a movie based on Ted Dekker's "House" and I'm so excited. 😍
I got my skin in the mail ... Err I mean I got Ted Dekker's book Skin in the mail.
Ted Dekker & Erin Healy authors of Christian suspense novel KISS on Atlanta Live. .
also anything by Ted Dekker is good.
On page 286 of 336 of Sovereign, by Ted Dekker
Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker. I hear it's good!
Only supernatural fans would get this. or Ted Dekker fans, lol
The Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. Thr3e by Ted Dekker. Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
**This is EPISODE ONE of a serialized novel** WATER WALKER is the mind-bending thrill ride from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker which can be experienced THREE different ways. You choose: 1. As an episodic story. Read WATER WALKER as four shorter sequential "episodes" much like your favorite TV show. The ride starts with Episode 1. Think of it as the pilot. If you like the story, continue...
“My life's an open book. Some of the pages are a little ripped, but it's open.” ~ Ted Dekker
Check out today's $3.99 Christian Kindle Bestseller Markdowns ~ Includes Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti! comment, or share!
Finding better outlets than the interweb is Oh so important. Ted Dekker Novel, here I come! And maybe some scripture later, which i shooould make more time for. oh well, pray about it.
I do a lot of reading. I always have. It's something I really enjoy...a good book can take you on a little vacation from your own reality for a while. I used to read a lot of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, then I started reading John Grisham. I've tried James Patterson, but haven't been able to really sink my mind into any of his stories that I've read so far. I started reading Lisa Jackson (her crime romance, not her harlequin crap..can't stand that stuff!), Mariah Stewart, generally the crime romance genre. I stumbled upon Ted Dekker completely by accident one day. He's more religious crime than crime romance. I've read several of his books, but the one that I just finished was the best I've read by him so far. It's titled "Thr3e," and it's filled with twists and turns. The Bride Collector was really good, as well as The Priest's Graveyard.
House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti (2006, Paperback) like new condition.
On page 200 of 432 of Black, by Ted Dekker
On page 100 of 432 of Black, by Ted Dekker
The Amazon Kindle Daily Deal is Elyon by Ted Dekker for $0.99. Elyon is book 6 of The Lost Books series.
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