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Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward Ted Cruz (born December 22, 1970) is the former Solicitor General of Texas, a position he held from 2003 to May 2008. Cruz was appointed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

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Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the only senators who have not withdrawn their endorsements of Roy Moore.
Good but you failed to call out Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.
Lindsey Graham said that Ted Cruz could be murdered in the senate & no Sen wd convict his killer!
Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) pulls his endorsement of Roy Moore. (Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have not.)
Just WOW: Ted Cruz reveals how Dems filibustered legislation that COULD have stopped Devin Kelley
Actually, just like what former House Speaker John Boehner called Ted Cruz, St…
It’s how people like Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Robert Jeffress…
I FINALLY received 280 characters so I’ll keep this short and sweet: Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, Charles Manson is NOT a ser…
The Daily Beast | Ted Cruz pointed out that other objects can...
Hey, I didn't see Ted Cruz's dad mentioned anywhere in the JFK papers, guess Hannity/Trump/Al…
Re: Senator , Ted Cruz, praying for Rand Paul & his family
Ted Cruz is an amazing. Texas you're ever so bl…
Beto O'Rourke is running against Ted Cruz for Senate — and he just ran a unity 10K between El Paso and Mexico
McConnell is part of the swamp that needs to be drained. Ted Cruz is a 1st-term Senator a…
I'm a native Texan the worst senator in the United States is Ted Cruz he can't govern his way out of a wet paper ba…
I'm glad Trump is my President but I must say I'm tickled to have Ted Cruz as my Senator.
Y'all I just realized when I move Ted Cruz is actually going to be my senator.
Ted Cruz stands with Tom Donohue the destroyer of American Businesses & The American Economy
Over coffee, Ted Cruz decides not to tell Omarosa Manigault that Jews are human, all too human. Lou Dobbs returns no phone calls.
Rumors that Mueller is indicting Raphael Cruz (father of Ted Cruz). This is rock solid distraction from Obama Admin. crimes. Disgusting!!
Thank God. There was a nut job last year who said Ted Cruz's dad was involved in it. Insane!
Congrats to Fred & Ted Cruz who just got married at the World Series!
Cruz on Decision to Seek Death Penalty in Case Against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev | Ted Cruz | U.S. Senator for Texas
What's up with Ted Cruz's Dad: Raphael Cruz and JFK? Raphael was a CIA operative. Apparentl Frie…
Jack Ruby was Jack Rubenstein. Jewish. Ted Cruz is of Spanish origin. T…
Don't leave out the part where you assert to Ted Cruz's father, Raphael, was involved in JFK's ***
Well, we know now that Miguel Cruz is a different man, than Ted Cruz's Father, Raphael Cruz.
Trump is just excited about the because he thinks they'll prove that Ted Cruz's dad assassinated our 35th pres…
If there's even one mention of Hillary Clinton, Bob Corker, or Ted Cruz's dad in these files he's releasing, I'…
*** Lefties said Ted Cruz was a Nazi, Mitt Romney was a Nazi, George W. Bush was a Nazi.
North Korea isn't interested in a future without nuclear weapons, writes Stop pretending it is.
Hamilton Collection
Senator writes that it's time to re-list North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.
Lol. Remember the Ted Cruz cult? You'd think he was an angelic messenger from God the way…
Rep. Sen. Ted Cruz reveals "I was model for digital recreation of They assured me i…
is basically a slightly less annoying version of Ted Cruz.
I'm sitting in the dark thinking gdi my Halloween costume should've been Ted Cruz as the Zodiac Killer I'm so STUPID
DEFLECTING with & obsessing on Hilz isnt good 4 you.Put ur energy where it will d…
James gets thrill up his leg when Mean Girls give him attention as Sanders does when CNN asks him t…
So, if the Kennedy assassination papers are released will Ted Cruz's dad show up in them as per Dotards claims? Another lie!
Ted Cruz such an *** you can see the strain on his face as he tries to hold together the web of lies n deceits.
Ted Cruz: Ignorant hicks vote for Trump, smart people vote for me
Anyone who thinks that Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio
Hypocritical Ted Cruz Attacks Apple's Hypocritical Concession To Chinese Censors what an awful man, too
Lyin’ Ted Cruz just cancel the air conditioning didn’t know the truth.
Senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada, whose momarch is Elizabeth II. Does he count?
"Designate PY as State sponsor of terrorism" a list of "arguments" w/ no connection with terrorism. By Ted Cruz.
I liked a video "A FRAUD!!! ... A LIE!!!" Bernie Sanders WIPES THE FLOOR with Ted Cruz in CNN Tax
That feeling when you meet the person who's going to take down Ted Cruz in 2018. . 🇺🇸
Until you try to explain it to someone irl. My mom lectured me for calling ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer 🙄
Trump stirs big buzz with decision to open JFK files; suddenly Ted Cruz is being summoned for comment
Ted Cruz doing great on healthcare and taxes chill out!
Try source other than Ted Cruz & FOXNews. Propaganda already proven as main contributor for Trump'…
is a very smart, but Saturday night in your nice words and Lyin' Ted Cruz from on its 300
I didn't like Ted Cruz that much during last year's election.but as I watch him debate Bernie, I'm liking Ted a lot mo…
Hey, Baby Animals? You got some Ted Cruz staff situation goin’ on over there at BA HQ?
I’m still a Ted Cruz conservative and feel not the slightest bit morally compromised arguing against NeverTrumpers from…
Who is unhappy about the release of the Classified JFK files ! The Bush Crime Family , Ted Cruz's creepy father and LBJ…
i remember when me and my friend were making headcanons and Jona was a Sanders supporter, Dio was…
Wait... we're you sleeping when ted Cruz filibustered for like three days straight?
Republicans backed themselves into a corner and Democrats not poised to take advantage. 👉🏼
With top musical talent from Texas & beyond, Deep fromgress on North Korea
Considering that you have had Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Even , and more on your show, his attitude is pretty sad.
Lyin' Ted Cruz campaigns for mandatory gender reassignment surgery -
Last time crayons were involved I wrote something about Ted C…
lol "he's not Ted Cruz" . That's the lowest bar compliment you can give someone. Ted Cruz is gonna sm…
Senator Ted Cruz in Attempts to make North Korea behave have failed. Time to try another tactic.
😂😂😂I noted that too--made me snort. He'll rethink it when he realizes Ted Cruz's fa…
Will he talk about Ted Cruz’s pop’ should be fun to see his lie come out in the Kennedy r…
Sharing space on the front page with Ted Cruz' op-ed reminding us that the Norks are sponsors of terrorism. Sigh.
I hear this: "He's not Ted Cruz" or "He bettet than Ted Cruz". It's the broken record of 2016 Election & why Hillary lost.
Cruz takes to NYT opinion page to push to relist North Korea as state sponsor of terrorism
Must read: urges the Trump admin and Congress on North Korea
Ted Cruz is so terrible that to make himself more likable he has to pretend he's a serial killer
- - Ted Cruz vs. Beto O'Rourke called the 'marquee race in Texas' -…
Breaking: Bernie Sanders reportedly in critical condition after being Roasted by Ted Cruz
Bernie Sanders crushing Ted Cruz on tax reform is so much fun to watch!
Ted Cruz killed the Internet’s favorite Ted Cruz joke, leaving the 2nd favorite: he is also Kevin Malone
Ted Cruz hilariously hits Bernie Sanders on not understanding The Point of Robin Hood.
I think Ted Cruz just admitted to being the Zodiac Killer.
Tired of Ted Cruz? He's up for reelection in 2018. Donate to his opponent, Beto O'Rourke:…
Wait did Ted Cruz imply Obama is responsible for the huge debt?
Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders start talking about George Soros and CNN host immediately says "Ok let's move on"
Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders: Robin Hood was taking from tax collectors
Ted Cruz loves to threaten us with Cuba. Wonder if he's heard of any of these other countries? https:/…
Looking forward to Ted Cruz wiping the floor again with everyone's favorite crazy old Uncle…
Ted Cruz said tonight with his that he never said Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Well. http…
Ted Cruz: "Bernie & the Democrats believe that Government knows best. He admitted he wants to raise taxes on ALL Americans…
via Ted Cruz makes pitch for tax cuts |
There is a poll about who won tonight.ya'll know what to do.
Ted Cruz just said "if you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it's free." .
If you can't beat the memes, join 'em.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
This is still Ted Cruz's all time greatest debate moment
It only took Ted Cruz 20 minutes to tell a straight lie about the estate tax.
Replay of Ted Cruz serving it up to Bernie.
This is the first shred of humanity I have ever seen from Ted Cruz.
Bernie Sanders is in way over his head debating Ted Cruz on Tax Reform... Bernie simply doesn't understand economics...…
Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have disagreed on efforts to overhaul the tax code. Watch at 9 ET.
Ted Cruz tells Bernie to curb his enthusiasm
No mercy rules in Congress. Maybe Bernie will suffer brain damage as a result of sparrin…
Great exchange between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Go Lion Ted! We support you
Someone should tell Ted Cruz there's a separation of state and church in America, it's in the constitution
Ted Cruz admits: “Bernie is the leading voice and face of the Democratic Party”. Out w/Corporate Dems - in w/progressive…
Ted Cruz just told Bernie Sanders to "Curb your enthusiasm.". I'm rolling on the floor.
It's hilarious how CNN pits Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz on They're throwing Bambi to a Tiger and expecti…
The Internet lampoons the Bernie-Ted Cruz tax debate: ‘Possible Zodiac Killer lies out of his a** for an hour’
Melania is using a body double. Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. What’s next?! Trump is a Russian puppet installed by Puti…
Ok, I hate Ted Cruz but that Curb Your Enthusiasm quip was pure gold.
"Under the GOP 30% of the middle class will be paying more in taxes." -taking Ted Cruz to sch…
Ted Cruz is laying a smack down on Bernie Sanders! 😂😂😂. . 🔥
Sen. Ben Sasse said he accidentally spilled Dr. Pepper on Sen. Ted Cruz.
"Bernie fundamentally misunderstood that story.”. Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders on Robin Hood .
Ted Cruz as the Zodiac Killer makes complete sense. Cruz was born 2 years after the first killing, giving him a tight alib…
Ted Cruz is mopping up the floor with Bernie Sanders tonight. They should just end it now for Bernie’s sake. .
Weird. I always thought Robert Graysmith was the Zodiac...
can we talk about how this video of me proving that Ted Cruz is a serial killer has almost 600k views
Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders: "As some might say, 'curb your enthusiasm'"
Ted Cruz needs you to be dumb enough to think two Koch brothers giving as much as entire teacher associations is the sa…
Ted Cruz looks like an Aeon Flux character that wears fetish gear & keeps a family of mutants prisoner in his mouth with his menacing tongue
Oooh, Ted Cruz wants to tax all energy equally?. So why do fossil fuels get 7x tax breaks of renewables?
Funny that liberals laugh at Ted Cruz yet take Frederica Wilson seriously. .
don't let Melania's body double distract you from the fact that Ted Cruz admitted to the Bay Area Zodiac killings
"Ted Cruz has said he thinks that the party could face a 'Watergate-level blowout' at next year's elections"
At Koch donor summit, Mike Pence promises tax reform, and Ted Cruz warns of midterm 'bloodbath' if Congre…
And, neither Miller or Ted Cruz realize Bannon also supports Russia and white supremacist!
Then again, there's also Anthony Scaramucci, Stephen Miller, Richard Spencer, Ted Cruz, the list goes on.
Is Stephen Miller just Ted Cruz without his toupee?
Sources: Steve Bannon is coming after Republican senators and only Ted Cruz is safe
Steve Bannon on tonight, We're going to challenge every Republican incumbent but Ted Cruz. Steve &
Steve Bannon is going to primary every Republican Senator up for reelection in 2018 except Ted Cruz. So awesome!
Steven Miller is like if someone tried to clone Ted Cruz and gave up halfway through.
LIVE: Gov., Sen. Ted Cruz vow to get help for South Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey
Do you get the feeling that Stephen Miller was the 'Ted Cruz' in his high school and college?…
Funny how Stephen Miller & Ted Cruz left such bad feeling from as early as high school & college.
I don't know why, but I get the feeling that Stephen Miller and Ted Cruz would either be lifelong friends or the bitterest of enemies.
Ted Cruz calls Steven Miller an Uber home so he doesn’t ruin his chances at last call.
Stephen Miller was probably as unpopular in high school as Ted Cruz is in the senate. W…
What do you get when you mix Steve Bannon's ideology with Ted Cruz's punchable face? Stephen Miller!
If I was in a room with Stephen Miller and Ted Cruz, and I had a gun with one bullet, I'd ask myself "Why am in a room with these two?"
Steve Miller exists to make Ted Cruz seem more palatable.
She went to downtown Disney, Westboro Baptist Church, and going to a Ted Cruz rally in downtown Dallas.
In order to reduce the federal budget, Ted Cruz suggests a cessation of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency
I was within feet of both Ted Cruz and Von Miller today... I love my job 😍
Ted Cruz on Bump Stocks: Let’s get all the facts first before we consider public policy…. [AUDIO] – The Right Scoop htt…
Ted Cruz offered legislation to increase fu…
The last time we had Ted Cruz was 16 years old.
Aidy Bryant in a chicken costume looks like regular Ted Cruz lol
Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Christie, John kasich...we can go on and on
Sen. Ted Cruz says that he does not currently support the Senate GOP's latest bill to repeal and replace Obamacare
Every day, we get just a little bit closer to Alex Jones successfully primary-ing Ted Cruz.
Roy Moore will make Ted Cruz look like Bernie Sanders.
(has endorsed Doug Jones) sends out $$$ email after results: "Can you imagine a senator worse than Ted Cruz?"
Breast Cancer Awareness
Probably the same reason why Ted Cruz blocked aid for Hurricane Sandy!
Ted Cruz will definitely be back on board.
Are we just not gonna talk about how ted Cruz is like feeling himsel…
Ted Cruz isn't on board. I wonder why!
Ted Cruz and Susan Collins announce opposition to GOP health bill Dead man walking. No surprise
If Ted Cruz and John Cornyn vote for Trumpcare, I wonder which one will lose his office first?
Even Ted Cruz has a little backbone, I have no faith in Gardner whose still "studying".
Marco Rubio, John kasich, Ted Cruz, even Jeb Bush. GOP how in the heck did we let Donald trump get the nomination.
Don't believe him. Ted Cruz has no credibility. Keep calling your senators!
This all seems like a clear bid to gain Rand Paul's vote, and now also Ted Cruz and Mike Lee's. But Qs will arise for CBO & parliamentarian.
Ted Cruz is probably in there playing with his nipple
Breaking: Senator Ted Cruz has just announced, in a speech in Austin, TX, that he's NOT supporting Graham-Cassidy.
How are Ted Cruz & Rand Paul different. I despised Cruz for what he did during election.
BREAKING: GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas says 'right now' he opposes Republican health care bill, further dimming measure's prospects.
I agree with Senator Ted Cruz about once every two years. This is one of those times.
Real question is why does Ted Cruz have his hand inside his jacket?
Ted Talywhacker Cruz has 3 million followers. is honorable and a true Texan and American. Follow Beto and he…
Ted Cruz "no" on Graham-Cassidy? Kobe, Pete Carroll, Ray Lewis, Robert Kraft condemning Trump remarks? Agreeing w/ too many I don't like.
Why does serial killer Danny Rolling look like Ted Cruz had a child with George W. Bush?
Late at night, Ted Cruz reluctantly admits to President Trump that prison guards are open to dialogue. David Brooks is hired, then fired.
Why am I just now finding out Jake Gyllenhaal was in a movie with Mark Ruffalo AND Robert Downey Jr. about the Zodiac Killer/Ted Cruz???
Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tom McClintock ... a person who will stick to their guns and be able to articulate it.
But is it Ted Cruz on Booze or Zodiac Killer on a Miller? 🤔🤔🤔
No one was. Just ask Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.
Bernie is not complaining. Jeb Bush is not complaining. Ted Cruz is not complaining. Rubio is…
Everyone needs to be protected from Ted Cruz!.
Ted Cruz would do a much better job than Ryan or Mc Connell. Hope he and anyone but Mc Cain will step up. Please!
Ted Cruz : use this ,, it help when Owen ( my grand-son)) wouldn't stop self molesting . I will pray for you,! ! Jesus…
Arent you the woman that had an affair with Ted Cruz and sleaze ball Jason Miller? Which, by the way w…
Hmmm is it a coincidence that every call Mark Levin takes is a Never Trumper who voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries. SMH
Ted Cruz: Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in their bedrooms; “The media and the left seem obsessed with…
Mark JEFFCOAT is standing up to Ted Cruz. Will you?
I guess just like Mark Levin projected Ted Cruz bcoming POTUS not to bright👇maybe if REPUBLICANS helped Trump more…
Ladies and gentlemen, gender-non-conforming individuals, allow me to introduce to you sex-positivity icon Ted Cruz!!! https…
Mark Levin is beating up TRUMP. Feckless Levin. Mark would be happier if his Ted Cruz natural born Canadian citizen ha…
It would be a wonderful thing for Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to round up the rest of the Republican Senators and visit Mitch RINO McConnell.
Someone develop a reboot of The Odd Couple with Ted Cruz and Stephen Miller.
Heidi Cruz, tomorrow: Ted Cruz can't come to the phone right now...why? Oh, because he's dead.
I love Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi. But I have to admit. Melania IS a Very Classy and Beautiful First Lady,...
James Adomian's Ted Cruz bit at the start of today's Chapo was A+ stuff. Very Tom Leykis. Love that he's part of the Chapo Universe.
We thought it was Ted Cruz... but is Bernie the real Zodiac Killer?
I would like to propose a Ted Cruz theme song: I Touch Myself by the Divinyls.
Ted Cruz would have won far easier than Trump. Would of done it with actual policy deb…
Ted Cruz &Heidi are ultimate globalist insiders. she wkd on "B…
Sept. 14, 2017. "SPOTTED: Ivanka and Jared having dinner with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife Heidi at a...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
So does Ted Cruz view himself as the dude in the video? The woman who looks like Heidi is the other woman's step mother. Which makes Ted...
really? So you mean all those people who thought Ted Cruz should not be…
Utterly gross and disgusting to think of ANYTHING Ted Cruz might be doing in the bedroom. Heidi probab…
Ted Cruz think we all dumb to believe that mess with that staffer Heidi probably not giving him the booty meat so 🤷…
Sen. Ted Cruz: President Donald Trump talking to Democrats is "perfectly fine"
Looks like Ted Cruz is using the Anthony Weiner defense, and we all know how well that went.
Ted Cruz tonight when he comes home to Heidi
Technically Trump is not a white supremacist just because he likes them a lot. This is also the reason Ted Cruz is not a po…
Ted Cruz claims the left is obsessed with sex. Really, Ted? More like the right. Just look up the Meese Commission for fun…
Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer claims his next victim: his meat
Ted Cruz voted against providing federal aid for Hurricane Sandy victims — but now he's asking for it after Harvey.
Sen. Ted Cruz speech on taxes echoes the GOP’s aims of simplifying tax returns and emphasizing economic growth.
Just In: Mike Pence no longer allowed to have dinner with Ted Cruz alone.
Ever notice Demetri Martin kinda looks like Ted Cruz???
Now we know this was definitely Ted Cruz when he was a debater
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Idk about the rest of you but these Ted Cruz faces have just taken on a whole other meaning for me.
James Woods, Ted Cruz, Ed Murray, and Bob Filner walked into a bar. Ouch
Bernie Sanders your silence on Ted Cruz jacking off is deafening
10:00 PM. Sergio Dipp: I'm the most famous man on the internet tonight!. Ted Cruz: hold my beer
Mirna is writing a magical Ted Cruz x Mike Pence fan fiction and only 3 people will ever see it. This is a shame.
One might say Ted Cruz needs to get a better handle on his staff
I want Ted Cruz to coach me like Will Smith in Hitch
Congratulations to Ted Cruz for surpassing "It" as the creepiest thing millions of people saw this week.
You mean wasnt pure relief bill? You know, the kind that Ted Cruz insisted last time during Sandy was inapprop…
if Chevy Chase married Ted Cruz his name would be Chevy Cruz like the car
Religious moralist Ted Cruz took a secret $1MM loan from Goldman Sachs. FEC found him 6-0 guilty of illegally hiding it. A…
Sergio Dipp out there sending a thank you bundle of Campbell's Chicken Noodle to Ted Cruz's office.
my heroes James Woods and Ted Cruz both had big days in the press and I still have three whole fingers on this monkey's paw I…
Ted Cruz, Chevy Cruze, Victor Cruz.we don't give a ***
Everyone judging Ted Cruz- let's see how much of a saint you'd turn out to be if you were raised by the man who shot J…
Hey as funny as it is calling Ted Cruz and stuff lizard ppl, please remember that the whole "lizard people rule the world" conspiracy is 1/?
Can't wait until 2020 when Ted Cruz runs for Prez with running mate Ron Jeremy
Steve Simmons DMing Ted Cruz and asking him for tips with this whole internet thing
Ted Cruz in hot water for too much information
Even the Daily Caller is calling out Ted Cruz for his lie on Sandy relief! 😳
Now imagine Ted Cruz is doing this four feet below you in the bottom bunk bed. Yes, my misery very much appreciates your comp…
Incase anyone was wondering why Ted Cruz was trending... I'm screaming
What does Ted Cruz use as lube. My bet is whole milk.
Ya'll acting like Ted Cruz ain't a human being who nuts like the rest of us
It's late at night, and Ted Cruz already knows what hour it is...
Ted Cruz social media team right now
Trump seeing why Ted Cruz is trending
Live look at Ted Cruz trying to figure out how he's going to get out of this one.
Ted Cruz has always been tackling the hard issues.
Ted Cruz "Anthony Weinering" himself was No. 3 on my political wishlist, trailing only a Trump impeachment and Pence exposed…
I suppose we all have our own ways of remembering 9/11, but I was taken aback by Ted Cruz's approach.
What?! Ted Cruz was just having a midnight ham saandwich with extra mayonnaise.. What??!
When you see why Ted Cruz is trending... 😂😂😂
In the name of God, please stop saying "Ted Cruz's staff" ...
Only thing about Ted Cruz that I relate to.
Ted Cruz will say it was a rogue staffer but...
Me waiting for Ted Cruz to respond to this drama
They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but I think Ted Cruz proved them wrong.
I'll pay $10 to any reporter that asks Ted Cruz if he's seen any good movies lately.
Ted Cruz 's reaction after realizing why he's trending
This is the night that Ted Cruz became president.
Ted Cruz always was a hypocritical wanker
If I were Ted Cruz I'd go with, "Look, I liked it, I didn't love it."
Ted Cruz: I swear, I did a search for Lou Diamond Phillips bc I love young guns, & I'll be damned if his…
Known political figures should probably be mindful of what they do on all public social media. Ted Cruz, looking up…
Me: Ha ha Ted Cruz. Bae: And what do you look at on the Internet for hours each night. Me: MEMES I look at memes. Bae:…
lord help us if there's a Ted Cruz sex tape
Ted Cruz said in a statement before the vote." I would have much preferred a clean Harvey relief bill. Remember yo…
Ted Cruz really wants to be President so he’s taking a page from the Trump playbook.
Ted Cruz & Mike Lee can't do it alone, Matt...
Every time I get depressed I just recall Sally Yates cutting Ted Cruz to his knees when she testified. Ya gotta love it.
My Congressman 😑 Well at least I have Ted Cruz as one of my Senators. Could be…
Ted Cruz's career changed with Donald Trump's victory. Hurricane Harvey changed it again.
Ted Cruz is ... from Texas! 🌵 Plus Kamala Harris brings up Bootsy Collins and P-Funk:
In my darkest hours I will think of Sally Yates destroying Ted Cruz on national television, and it will sustain me.
45 said some choice things about Ted Cruz t…
"Dreamers" arrived to 🇺🇸with same dream as Mrs Trump, Ted Cruz, Mario Rubio's parents and many more! ..💔🇺🇸
I hope he checks with Ted Cruz first.
Ted Cruz who voted down relief for Hurricane Sandy now stands begging for federal $
Ted Cruz allows himself to be utterly humiliated. Again. By the scumbag who said his dad killed JFK and insulted his…
A Ted Cruz, Reince Preibus co production. Now available online at with foreword by
I've gone from despising Ted Cruz to loving him! He just called out Rino John McCain & the other 2 Rino's who lied. https:/…
Remember when Ted Cruz was against Hurricane Sandy aid? He's so slimy that he's actually making us side with Chris Christie
Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley have submitted requested a special prosecutor from doj to in…
I used to think that Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz were the bright future of the conservative movement. How the mighty have fallen.
Ted Cruz calls Chris Christie "desperate" as he doubles down on Sandy hypocrisy
Ted Cruz, the most difficult person in the U.S Senate to deal with, is now asking Congress to help his state of
Sen. Ted Cruz: "We will rebuild. We will be stronger" after Hurricane Harvey
New York and New Jersey Republicans are having none of Ted Cruz's crap
Chris Christie on "Morning Joe" raked Ted Cruz for saying 2/3 of Hurricane Sandy relief bill was pork. "He made it up"…
The media is totally misrepresenting where Ted Cruz and John Cornyn were on Hurricane Sandy funding
Juan, you totally ignored Ted Cruz's position re pork in Sandy bill. Why are you such a hack and slimeball? Repent, brother!
Juan Williams on the Five jack wagon jack wagon ok skippy we no you hate Trump. Lied about Ted Cruz tonight and the bill he voted against.
Analysis | Ted Cruz's claim that two-thirds of the Hurricane Sandy bill 'had nothing to do with Sandy'
As American as Ted Cruz, a truly successful business man with real political experience, compassion, balance: . Vice…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Before he says another word owes Texas an apology. Ted Cruz: Trump should withdraw from Paris climate pact https…
He must never be allowed to live this down.
Is there a reliable voodoo curse to send some never-ending kidney stones Ted Cruz' way?
If the president's mother is a US citizen its ok if s/he is born outside U…
Ted Cruz TELL Evangelical Church Powers and their Greed! Open their Doors or No more $$$! Joe…
Ted Cruz explains Harvey aid request despite Sandy "no" vote: Not time for "political sniping"
As lifelong NYer w/ NY values I will vote for emergency Harvey $ for Ted Cruz's constituents. Above all, true Americans mu…
I won't abandon Texas the way Ted Cruz did New York:
Don't buy Ted Cruz's talking points. Pork was to help victims of Hurricane Isaac, rebuild infrastructure after Sandy Hurrica…
MSNBC Katy Tur calls out Ted Cruz over Hurricane Sandy vote on live tv!
Yes I know Ted Cruz +Texas GOPers voted against Sandy relief but Democrats should be championing relief for Texas showing…
Ted Cruz blusters when asked why he opposed Hurricane Sandy relief then, but wants Harvey relief now
Watch: Ted Cruz squirms when asked why he voted No for Sandy aid but now asks for Harvey aid https:…
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