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Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward Ted Cruz (born December 22, 1970) is the former Solicitor General of Texas, a position he held from 2003 to May 2008. Cruz was appointed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

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Kellyanne Conway said if you don't like what it says offer an amendment like Ted Cruz di…
Yep, Michelle Malkin, Ted Cruz, Thomas Sowell, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mark Levin & Feisty Floridan, they're all gr…
Brian Adams *** The rest don't make up for Ted Cruz.
The Mark Levin Show 7/18/17 | Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul axis in the Senate: via
What caused David Dewhurst to lose Senate race to rookie Ted Cruz? via
Republican senators — including John McCain, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio — have accepted money from Russian donors.
. "I like Ted Cruz more than most other Senators and I hate Ted Cruz". Lindsey Graham
When Heidi was told of a blind date with Ted Cruz, she thought they said Tom Cruise & it was dark, drinks,etc. Got…
Ted Cruz is that you?Did trump apologize to Heidi and your dad?
I went to high school with Ted Cruz's wife Heidi.
I like to think that all the leaks come from a slutty little Zoe Barnes reporter that screws Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz for stories
Who's that behind Ted Cruz? Why none other than that chameleon, Ben Sasse.
This is why Ted Cruz rightfully called Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor... I'm not surprised.
This is why Mitch McConnell and his minions hate Ted Cruz...…
Sen. Ted Cruz: Trump's air traffic control plan is a 'win-win' for Democrats and Republicans
Sen is a vile . RT. A closer look at Ted Cruz's interest in 'appeasement' via   10% Off
groups on the same side of a health policy issue. But they're united in hating Sen. Ted Cruz's Trumpcare effort to allow insurers to sell
For kicks & giggles, read Sen. Franken's chapter on Ted Cruz in his new book. No one likes Ted Cruz. NO ONE.
Here's a fun fact for your Wednesday: only one Senate Judiciary Committee member missed today's hearing - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
So honored to meet Sen. Ted Cruz in DC to discuss our award-winning Harris Co. SOBER DWI Court program! https:/…
Congrats to Bobcat alum Quinn Cox on his internship with Sen. Ted Cruz. Success on and off the golf course!…
Senator Fake says he supports a health care bill amendment by Sen. Ted Cruz that puts those with preexisting conditions at risk.
Ted Cruz is becoming a Shining Star. Never thought he would be POTU…
It's how much Health Care can you afford to buy to determine your Health in Sen. Ted Cruz's America.
Not just Trump...but how much the Sen Maj Whip aka John Cornyn and GOP Sen-at-Large aka Ted Cruz knew.…
Sen. Ted Cruz on repealing and replacing ObamaCare
Still unresolved in Senate health care according to AP? How to handle Sen. Ted Cruz amendment. Will Senate get a chance to vote on?
It's insane to hear guys like Sen.Ted Cruz & Rep.Steve King defend the indefensible actions of Trump in the same way Trump protects Russia!?
In major blow to Ted Cruz, Alabama Sen. endorses...
Sen. Ted Cruz says lawmakers should keep working on the health bill instead of taking an August recess
The only "freedom" Ted Cruz cares about is for the insurance companies to be able to jack up your rates.
We need more politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz
Health Care amendment from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), which would undermine protections 4 people with PEC .
Down the hall from the Flake protests another 15 activists enter the offices of Sen. Ted Cruz. Many nurses here
Houstonians lined up today to meet Beto O'Rourke, the El Paso Democrat who hopes to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz
Another Senate health care bill protest has erupted in the Capitol. This one outside of Sen. Ted Cruz's office.
If you've eaten lunch, don't watch Ted Cruz humiliate himself trying to dismiss the Russia story. How does someone like that…
President Trump and Ted Cruz are not holding grudges. Can you do the same?
My favorite Congressman is Louie Gohmert and my favorite Senator is Ted Cruz,with strong admiration to Steve Scalese as well.
Paul Scheer as Stephen Miller. Rob Corddry as Steve Bannon. Rob Huebel as Mike Pence. Rob Riggle as Ted Cruz. Joe Lo Truglio as Marco Rubio. ...
I believe you are crazy and we should have the same health care that you have,how about that Ted Cruz
Cruz on GOP health reform: 'I believe we can get it done' - ABC News.. Related Articles:
Ted Cruz x Sierra Club Foundation. Como disse Ivar Giaever, "global warming become a new religion because you... https…
Ted Cruz is not relevant and he has insurance, he an *** hole
Every ought to have the right to choose his or her doctor
Yes, there's another one who needs to go Remember Don called Ted Cruz "Lyin' Ted?" How about "Lyin…
Hamilton Collection
MT Cruz amendment: bring competition back, bring down cost & offer more choices.
There is still something about Ted Cruz that makes me want to pull out some garlic and a cross . . .
MT How to save collapsing healthcare? connect the consumer to product
If Ted Cruz went on tv rn & said that Russia meddled in our election, Hillary fans would be like - 😍😍Ted Cruz is such a gr…
Sec. Mnuchin says he hopes Ted Cruz's proposed health care amendment to allow insurers to offer reduced plans "will get su…
Ted Cruz has no spine. Trump insulted his wife, said his dad helped assassinate JFK. Cruz still falls right into line. Party…
Ted Cruz's Obamacare repeal plan would cripple the market, say financial and insurance industry experts
I just wrote a letter: Write to your GOP Senator: Reject Ted Cruz's Trumpcare proposal. Write here:
Ted Cruz: "If we can't get this done right now, I agree with the president, then let's honor the promise of repeal."
*** Republican confronts Ted Cruz over same-sex marriage
You want to trigger a progressive? It's easy, apparently all you need to do is post a photo of Ted Cruz waving a flag.
White House, GOP leaders make final pitch on health bill - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Ted Cruz's plan should please everyone. But some think we are not smart enough to make our own choices. ht…
Ted Cruz just came up with the perfect health care reform: Real consumer CHOICE and FREEDOM.
Ted Cruz's plan to save the Senate healthcare bill is gaining steam — but it might not fix Republicans' biggest prob…
I still think about Ted Cruz's cheese dip soliloquy now and again
You have Ted Cruz as a picture of your profile, who is one of the most corrupt/bought…
Ted Cruz's plan for the GOP healthcare bill is gaining steam — but may not solve its problem via
Ted Cruz calls for clean Obamacare repeal if GOP can't pass new healthcare law
to Ted Cruz: "We're not talking about an interpretation of some arcane statute; we're talking about religi…
GOP plans urgent health care push before August recess and Ted Cruz may be the key
Why is Rx importation a left wing thing in this picture? Ted Cruz was a supporter of it of if I'm not mi…
Ted Cruz: if GOP can't pass health care bill, then we need CLEAN REPEAL - The Right Scoop.
Partnering with Putin on Cybersecurity is like partnering with Ted Cruz on a new Dale Carnegie book about…
understands: The Six Day War was probably the high point in the battle against Islamic Terror
If your "solution" makes high-quality health care an unaffordable luxury good, you’re doing it wrong
Mnuchin today called Russia/U.S. cyber unit, which Trump has now disavowed, a "significant accomplishment."
WATCH: Ted Cruz defends Trump from George Stephanopoulos' Fake News! "Putin did not like Trump's speech in Poland."
“I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz, and I hate Ted Cruz,” https…
Ted Cruz most hated Man in Senate,Cruz standing on Senate floor Calling L…
.healthcare amendment submitted to CBO for scoring; Also watch Ted Cruz's FULL townhall on Veterans
Ted Cruz clashes with health care protesters at July 4 celebration
New Ted Cruz talks VA healthcare in McKinney local news
One more look at protesters outside Ted Cruz town hall in McKinney.
I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary and general election. Yet the obscene hatred the left has for the office…
Sen Cruz says CNN may have broken law in threatening maker of Trump body slam video.
I was ted Cruz. Then I listened to trump speeches. I thought trump was a joke at first. He is no joke!
Money pouring in for Democrats challenging Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz in 2018
Ted Cruz says may be guilty of 'extortion' by threatening private citizen!
What a week for , who led Toomey protests on Capitol Hill AND in Harrisburg https:…
Beto is best hope to replace Ted Cruz. What we need now is a populist candidate for governor to complement Beto's campaig…
Ted Cruz: CNN may be guilty of 'extortion' by threatening to reveal Reddit user's ID
Ted Cruz faces protesters at a July 4 celebration in McAllen, Texas:
Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke raised over $1M online April-May for his TX Senate campaign against Ted Cruz.
Can Ted Cruz save the Republican health-care overhaul?
Ted Cruz is so vulnerable that even he's worried! is catching fire for this 2018 Senate seat. Tex…
2. It is also an embarrassing low for Ted Cruz. He's just doing whatever he can to support Trump's war on CNN
only wants prices to decline for the healthy: Cruz’s Plan 2Save GOP HealthCare Bill Gains Traction
Gotcha: Ted Cruz has EVEN MORE bad news for CNN
.held a in McKinney tonight. Watch it in full here:
Doofus who questioned his predecessor's birth certificate & accused Ted Cruz's father of assassinating JFK is POTUS. Wages war on free press
People are saying broke the law. Sen. is one of them
Ted Cruz: CNN may have just committed a CRIME
Let's hope Ted Cruz is right, & they have crossed the line criminally & will go down.
Hey Dems, in we have a chance in TX to get rid of please help to
Ted Cruz taking written submissions for questions only- no exceptions. If you try to violate, will be kic…
Remember this day. Ted Cruz now has defended HanAssholeSolo more than his wife.
Ted Cruz should blame the Ku Klux Klan on white supremacy, not Democrats |
so...not leaving the property ~ Ted Cruz vacations in Central Oregon ahead of Senate health care vote
My latest: Ted Cruz vacations in central Oregon ahead of Senate health care vote
Electronic Device Insurance
McConnell's giving up all he can to hold moderates but he has to keep extreme Rs like Ted Cruz on board too. It's maki…
Patrick Marleau and Ted Cruz have the same eyes. I will never be able to unsee this and now neither will you.
Kelly was highly anti-Trump working for Ted Cruz. Look to her connection to GOP Political operative Pe…
Ted Cruz has stood by and support ed POTUS . he has publicly spoken up when Ryan was silent . Trump train will supp…
Wanting to punch Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell at all times is my pre-existing condition.
Ted Cruz has found a doppelganger in Cubs owner Tom Ricketts
Check out this post in the Ted Cruz vibe:. This Pic Of Ted Cruz And Tom Ricketts Is Freaking Everyone The Heck Out.
Ted Cruz finds yet another twin in Tom Ricketts and the internet can't h.. Related Articles:
The Internet is freaking out over Ted Cruz's new doppelgänger
"Shall we play a game"- Ted Cruz, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Tom Ricketts twins with Ted Cruz and the internet can't handle it via
Ted Cruz in a Surprising New Role: Mediator, on Health-Care Reform via
NEVER FORGET Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, & Ted Cruz all turned on Trump when he needed them the most.…
7. Walker heads the Tennessee Pastors Network, was on Ted Cruz's TN team, and supports tran panic bath…
Ted Cruz is actually Ted Bundy. It should probably be more comfortable.
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson need to jump onboard with President Trump and PASS this Law ! Change things LATER,…
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Ron Johnson can't support the Senate bill because it just doesn't hurt people enough.
Don't be fooled! Rand Paul, R.Johnson, Ted Cruz & Mike Lee are phonies & fakers! With the right incentive, they'll vote YES.
Rick Tyler fired by Lyin' Ted Cruz for lying too much. So, of course, says, "Yeah, he'll do.". And Thomas Roberts plays the game...😖
Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee & Rand Paul announced they will not be supporting the Obummercare lite bill! You are American Heroes!!!
big push 2 defund Planned Parenthood BC FALSEHOOD they received $ from fed gov 4 abortions. Ted Cruz &…
Starting to think the only members of congress with any balls are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Does anyone else there plan on…
If you are counting on Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Ted Cruz to stop this than gosh I just don’t know what to tell y…
Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee say they don't support the Senate GOP health care bill in its cur…
ICYMI ==> HA! Ted Cruz empathized with Alyssa Milano’s wish for inclusiveness (guess what happened next)
Every time I see Ted Cruz on TV I wanna brush his teeth with a ball peen hammer. Sanctimonious ***
I can't stand either one or what doesn't see is that she ju…
Ted Cruz just got owned by Alyssa Milano. You ARE the problem, Lyin' Ted! via
2/ She poured ice water down his pants. Robby the Creep grew up to be Paul Ryan., or Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul. Whichever.
MOVIE FACT: The character Cruz Ramirez from Cars 3 is named after the Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz & the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez.
HA! empathized with wish for inclusiveness (guess what happened next)
You ever just think about how ugly Ted Cruz is
We're supposed to believe you now? You LIED about tapes. You LIED about Ted Cruz's dad. You defrau…
Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul issue statement on senate health bill, say they are "not ready to vot…
Chris Murphy "Trust me those guys aren't going to save the ACA." Mike Lee, Ted Cruz & Rand Paul. I concur
If Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson are the current 'no' votes in the Senate, we are well and truly screwed.
Anybody really gonna put their faith in Ted Cruz? Like am I supposed to hope Ted Freakin Cruz is going to be t…
Free hugs for everyone except Ted Cruz.
"I cannot support it" -- Ted Cruz releases STATEMENT on the Senate healthcare bill
the Republican health bill is so bad even Ted Cruz is against it
Sen. Ted Cruz handed these out today in Senate lunch. How he can get to yes.
Kinda reminds me when Ted Cruz ate his booger off his lip on TV
Is.Ted Cruz going to be in this basement??
Take no solace in the headlines saying four senators oppose . Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, & Ted Cruz will no…
First day of the campaign: Ted Cruz roars up in a '76 Camaro and does a barrel roll over the hood while smoking a Marlboro…
When is the GOP going to learn Cruz can't be bullied, lied to and more importantly, bought!. Thank you Ted for your consis…
I do not believe Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are RINO'S but there are many in the Republican party that are. Hopefully not for long!
I don't like Ted Cruz, however, I appreciate him not wanting to come on-board with this bill
Your intimacy with FATHER GOD is awesome.for yrs I believed Pastor Huck or Ted Cruz would be Pres…
Ted Cruz confirms he's among 4 Nos on Senate healthcare bill
Texas loves Ted Cruz and Abbott. They're not flipping Texas. Ever. Too much gun contro…
Was walking in Senate, saw Sen. Ted Cruz walk by a female pastor who shouted "Please talk care of our health care!"
Both she & Ted Cruz have been involved in proposed legislation.
Yesterday at a poetry reading, the poet read one poem was from his "Ted Kooser" phase & I saw the lady next to me write down "Ted Cruz poet"
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, except for Ted Cruz's dad since he helped kill JFK.
You still haven't told me what constitutional principle has been broken Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz they are part of the john birch society
Your reminder that Ted Cruz was in Miller's famous play "The Salem Witch Trials"
I'll trade my Alexander Smith for your Ted Lieu and throw in Ted Cruz with John Cornyn. I'll still be way ahead.
Called both offices. Fat lot of good it'll do. Mine are Ted Cruz & John Cornyn. Can't wait to have new se…
John Cornyn would be the worst Senator from any state in which Ted Cruz isn't the other Senator. God bless Texas.
I went from this bad *** woman as my senator to John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. 🤢 . Miss you
Ted Cruz crushes Al Franken and Democrats at Senate hearing
I came along later. After the Republican primary (John Kasich) stole the nomination from Ted Cruz.
Does anyone else's senators not accept faxes? Or is it just Ted Cruz? 📠
(12) Dems will be concerned about *two* items in particular: Brand's friendship with ultra-conservative Ted Cruz and libe…
I commend Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz for standing behind the President after a tough campaign unlike some of these weak Republican Senators!
Today in Screaming Into the Abyss: sent faxes to my senators re: the ACHA. My senators are John Cornyn & Ted Cruz. 🙃
Mark Pryor, Mark Warner, Cory Booker, and Susan Collins. The second i would say Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren.
Making fun of Ted Cruz does unite at least 99 senators
Ted Cruz is like soft butter. He can't be trusted. He's a mistake that's trying to survive.
Ted Cruz is like.uhm I dunno. He's hard to like one on he creepy.
I just realized Ted Cruz is going to me one of my senators. Better than Rick Santorum?
Another one where Kamala Harris votes the same as Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz, not an internationally aware Senator
Ted Cruz took the time wasting questions. Well I am a member of the next AG. S.C.…
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This is not a republican or a "Bernie Bro". No sane person backed Ted Cruz and also Bernie Sanders. This is a crazy…
When fewer senators trust you than Ted Cruz
Wait, Trump has those things: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and, his own Dorothy & Toto, Sarah H…
Will you apologize to Barack Obama, John McCain, the former Ms Universe, the Khans, Ted Cruz's father, the disabled reporte…
Senators who had serious doubts about Moore Capito, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Cory Gardner /1
Well, Ted Cruz shows bad form in everything else, so it was a reasonable guess
To decrease spending, Ted Cruz calls for the closure of the Federal Communications Commission
You are the worst senator ever from Texas with the exception of the other spineless POS Ted Cruz. Neith…
. Was on same debate circuit as Ted Cruz, Dahlia Lithwick,…
I live in Texas. It's like a competition between him and Ted Cruz for who can be the most craven, unlike…
Ted Cruz speech comes to a sudden end...
I do love how the next speaker just laughed and could care less that it was Ted Cruz, GOP Senator at Lar…
Ted Cruz gets played off in the middle of his speech to the Faith & Freedom Coalition
He's not even the worst Senator from Texas. Ted Cruz has that on hammerlock.
Sad to say he is my Texas Senator. The other one is worse: Ted Cruz :(
Website Builder 728x90
John Cornyn is the best Senator from Texas. BUT that's only because the Ted Cruz bell curve sets the bar low.
Ted Cruz, not helping rumors he's the zodiac killer, just predicted a Supreme Court justice will die sometime within the n…
There are lots of Democrats in Texas - we will defeat Ted Cruz in 2018. BETO O'ROURKE will be our new D Senator!
In order to reduce the federal budget, Ted Cruz calls for the closure of the Government Printing Office
Ted Cruz raises money and woos supporters in Orange County at Palmer Luckey hosted fundraiser
It's not like they stood on principle: eg Ted Cruz of TX got $2.6 million, Richard Shelby of AL $62,650. The rest lie between.
Ted Cruz is about as likeable as Dwight K. Shrute.
"Ted Cruz is a clear [Neil Gorsuch] has been given a Lesson in 1775, Patrick Henry said, "Give me and security adviser
Ted Cruz is "the Dwight Schrute of the Senate" is one memorable line from a genre in low regard: books by senators. https:…
Ted Cruz has done nothing for Texas. Time for a new Senator in 2018
"[Ted Cruz] is kind of the Dwight Shrute of the Senate---he's the guy who microwaves fish in the lunchroom." -- Sen. (D, MN)
We need to appreciate that he called Ted Cruz the Dwight Schrute of the senate &that he's the type to microwave fis…
Samantha Bee and Al Franken Roasted the *** Out of Ted Cruz: 'The Dwight Schrute of the Senate'
Ted Cruz was urging Trump to withdraw along with 22 R senators
Ted Cruz is so hated by his peers that he can't get anything done. Texas needs a new senator
I love that Al Franken called Ted Cruz 'the Dwight Shrute of the Senate'. That's a perfect description.
Senator Al Franken just referred to Ted Cruz as the Dwight Shrute of the senate. I'm dead.
As a resident of Texas, I apologize for Ted Cruz being a Senator.
I don't think Ted Cruz would be president if he had won nomination. Hopefull…
Just my occasional reminder that this is who the right wing evangelicals like Ted Cruz and Mike Pence are defending. ht…
Al Franken jokes with David Letterman that Ted Cruz is 'the toxic guy in the office, the guy who microwaves fish'
Ted Cruz is the void of space, in U.S. Senator form...
Al Franken has bigger issues with Ted Cruz than with Kathy Griffin. Let that sink in
Al Franken on Ted Cruz: "He is just a toxic guy in your office. He's the guy who microwaves fish."
Mitch McConnell says Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush often describe things as "Covfefe"
As part of a hazing ritual, Ted Cruz patiently explains to President Trump that Hollywood liberals are standing in the kitchen. Adam Sandler
Ted Cruz: Still a horrible boil on the butt of the body politic.
Sen. Ted Cruz: President Trump should fulfill his promise to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change
Ted Cruz(29 cornac summoner) was impaled to death by Velarewyn the cold drake on Hathendil 2.
1/Here we go - Over the last few months, Dworkin has revealed that several Republican senators — including John McCain, Ted Cruz, and
I would support Dwayne Johnson for president just so he could give a people's elbow to Ted Cruz
In different ways, they all kind of look like Ted Cruz. Creepy!
Esteem is a strong word but I guess Ted Cruz? Local politics Ras Baraka for sure
Everyone's laughing now but it won't be so funny when Ted Cruz delivers a Stone Cold Stunner to Jonathan Chait
Ted Cruz retorts to 'obnoxious' Al Franken's insults
Al Franken has an entire chapter in his book dedicated to his hatred for Ted Cruz
If you didn't already love him, this story about Al Franken dissing Ted Cruz should do the trick
thehill: Ted Cruz blasts Al Franken for "obnoxious" joke in new book:
Al Franken on Ted Cruz in Giant of the Senate: "Of course, Ted had been leaving a bad taste in people's mouths his whole lif…
Just bc he went crazy about Ted Cruz makes it not racist?
.in Giant of the Senate, recounts pre-clearing a Ted Cruz joke she was going to tell at Gridiron w…
I still say Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of Grandpa Munster.
Some reporter recently asked me a bunch of questions about Johnson and his involvement with a SuperPAC for Ted Cruz.
Friends: Monica and Rachel play Fish For the Diaper. Ted Cruz strips Ariana Grande. Sponsored by Lancome
He ENDORSED Ted Cruz because he was constitutional, conservative & consistent.
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Ted Cruz is the real Constitutional Conservative & Patriot. https…
ICYMI: "Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the GOP revolt." My column-> via
Why Texas Democrats Are Betting on Beto O’Rourke - The New York Times . Get rid of Ted Cruz. He can do it
I assume Ted Cruz is now in the "build this wall" materials business. . No one has told Teddy…
Out of touch Ted Cruz is such a wimp that he supports the man that insulted both his wife and his father. Such a b…
Ann backed Trump from Day 1. Mitchell got on the train in the spring of 2016, after Ted Cruz dropped out.
Steve, u r opinionated like love Ted Cruz &listened to him rip int…
Chris Vance just called Ted Cruz a Vichy Republican. I can't even.
I think going all-in with Trump in hopes of a better gig is the plan of Ted Cruz and my rep, Joe Barton.
Sen. Steve Daines asks Sen. Ted Cruz how he's doing this morning. Cruz takes a sip of coffee and answers, "Just... living i…
*Mr. President, please consider the following for the position of FBI Director-Ted Cruz, Chris Christy, Kimberly Guilfoyle*
GOP pins health care hopes on an unlikely figure: Ted Cruz via
In case you missed Sally Yates responding to Ted Cruz yesterday, I'm reposting it here.
MUST WATCH — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz team up to tell James Comey: "YOU'RE FIRED!" (via
ICYMI: Watch Sally Yates go toe to toe with Ted Cruz over Trump's immigration ban
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Want your feel goid laugh for the day?? Watch *** Ted Cruz get handed his *** by Sally Yates
If Sally Yates runs for POTUS, this clip of her destroying Ted Cruz is the only campaign video she'll ever need
"But the prize for obfuscaton went to Ted Cruz,who brought up Hillary Clinton’s e-mails--yes, them" via
Ted Cruz looks like a fat Paul Reubens from an alternate universe where Paul Reubens is a nasty, evil POS
Sally Yates has receipts. . Ted Cruz and John Cornyn can pack their bags and go home now.
Sally Yates is making MINCE MEAT of Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn. They try to bury her. She's an excellent lawyer.…
Sally Yates put a beat down on Ted Cruz that a United Airlines security officer would be proud of. .
Ted Cruz: I’m the biggest *** senator from Texas. John Cornyn: Hold my Metamucil
The jist of today's hearing. Sally Yates is not the leak & protects classified info. James Clapper delivers serious burns. Ted Cruz is a Putz
Ted Cruz attempts to lecture Sally Yates about the law. It did not go well. 🔥 🔥 🔥
Jesus Christ, someone tell Ted Cruz that this hearing is about Russian interference in the election.
The only person with balls on this panel is Ted Cruz. Lindsay Graham is too busy looking for John McCain's nuts in…
Ted Cruz tries “I know statutes” with Yates on the travel ban. Yates claps back and whips out a statute of her own. https:/…
Ted Cruz fails his constitutional law exam. Don't mess with Sally Yates, who knows a lot more than you do Ted.
I can't believe Ted Cruz had enough time to attend the in between eating children and burning puppies
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BOO-YA! Sally Yates just schooled Ted Cruz on the constitution and it was a thing of beauty.
The Senators are literally laughing at their colleague Ted Cruz as Sally Yates totally owns him!
just wiped the floor with Ted Cruz's smug face. That was glorious.
Sally Yates just shut down Ted Cruz on Constitutional Law.
Ted Cruz talking about "statutory", he need to talk about Trump's cabinet member who was busted for "Statutory Rape". IJS
Ted Cruz, my other Texas Senator, thinks this hearing is about Hillary and e-mail. GOP answer to anything is Ben Ghazi, e-mail, Susan Rice.
If Joe Scarborough and Ted Cruz had a child he'd be Cubs owner Tom Ricketts.
Texas Gov Abbott is just a typical Texas RWNJ. They also have Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, & Louie Gohmert. (better known as Huey, Dewey, & Louie)
Cassidy & Collins should be working on this bill. But instead, Ted Cruz & Pat Toomey...
I cannot wait 4 Julian Castro 2 run nxt yr against Ted Cruz & watch him GET HIS *** KICKED so that…
5 senators to watch in healthcare fight, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rob Portman:
The President of the United States of America has called Ted Cruz a very big liar
Comey got busted big time by Ted Cruz over that Huma Abedin and her sending classified intel to her…
I think it's who it would be if Grayson Allen had a love child with Ted Cruz
2020 will pick Warren bc that's where there's any heartbeat. She is the Ted Cruz of 2016. Will someo…
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July 2016 in front of Ted Cruz, senate judiciary
Long before Donald went from bad to worse, I said that I would write "Ted Cruz" on my ballot. I did.
Paul and Cassidy should be on this list but w/o them, Ted Cruz is almost all the brain power.
I still think the best thing that came out of the 2016 elections were the Ted Cruz zodiac killer memes
Sexist, could you imagine if Hillary Clinton was President & Ted Cruz said the…
He UNC a zoo because black students go there. He's been praised by Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz.
Poll: Donald Trump Hits 65 Percent in New York, More than 50 Percent Ahead of Ted Cruz - Breitbart
Small wonder that Ted Cruz was BASHING the IRS, because his biggest donor, Robert Mercer, owes them $6.8 BILLION.
Ted Cruz sold his militry-grade voter targeting lists to Trump. Data laundering 101.
The other regime -- the one in Julian didn't get Hillary veep nod, Joaquin won't challenge Ted Cruz.
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