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Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward Ted Cruz (born December 22, 1970) is the former Solicitor General of Texas, a position he held from 2003 to May 2008. Cruz was appointed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

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Ted Cruz graciously suggests launching himself into space
Ted Cruz and John Cornyn combined wouldn't make one decent turd sandwich
😂😂😂. "Find someone who looks at you the way Ted Cruz looks at Neil Gorsuch.".
That whirring sound you hear is Doug Adams, spinning in his grave. Ted Cruz and his ilk should just stick to writin…
Ted Cruz and Neil Gorsuch sitting in a tree/ K I S S I N G while going against the CONSTITUTION - Receiving Stolen Pro…
I hate Ted Cruz but I once had a dream where he crashed at my house and we stayed up all night discussing Star Wars fan theories.
If Grandpa Munster and Ted Cruz had a love child...
To the point where I'd vote for literally anyone, even Ted Cruz's Grandpa Munster looking *** just to get the orange meatloaf out.
Media in 2013: Ted Cruz an extremist for "shutting down" gov't. Media now: Dems are brave wanting to shut gov't down. https:…
Ted Cruz lovingly elbows his wife in the face. Things did not end smoothly for the Cruz campaign. After Ted Cru
"TrumpCare: 'the Ted Cruz of healthcare legislation'"
I liked a video from Ted Cruz's Trump A$$-Kissing Tour Continues...
Ted Cruz is a graduate of Princeton Univ & Harvard Law so he can't be as stupid as he sounds…
Ted Cruz brings daughters to meet Donald Trump, who insulted their mother and grandfather https…
And JFK shot himself to undermine Richard Nixon and Ted Cruz.
I totally get what Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Jim Jordan are concerned about, but I also trust Paul Ryan. And…
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Trump dines privately with Ted Cruz amid Obamacare disagreement
Ted Cruz is definitely NOT an alpha male. In the presence of trump, he lies on his back, exposing his balls to the…
Trump breaks bread with former foe Ted Cruz
Healthcare hearing: Democrats try to stall bill as Ted Cruz voices pessimism - the guardian
Ted Cruz has no respect for himself or his wife.
Why doesn't quote the new Iowa Poll where I have a 33% to 20% lead over Ted Cruz and all others. Think a…
Ted Cruz thought he had been discovered wearing his victims skins again
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Bring Attention to the Need for a Free Market Repeal of ObamaCare
Ted Cruz also suggested Sessions may have misspoke because he had been subjected to hours of grilling.
This is the same Ted Cruz who basically accused Chuck Hagel of treason over a few meetings.
Lyin' Ted Cruz can't get votes (I am millions ahead of him) so he has to get his delegates from the Republican bosses.…
The Evil Republican in me would LOVE to see Ted Cruz in a Kangz uniform.
girlll, I feel you on this bc my ex is white AND a republican who voted for Ted Cruz 😹😭
Ted Cruz looks like he ate away the pain of losing the Republican nomination
Via US Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz drops out of the race as Donald Trump wins Indi
US Senator Marco Rubio is doing re. Russia what his Republican Senate colleague Ted Cruz did re. Chinese embassy in…
The only Republican who can out-smarmy Ted Cruz. That's actually quite an accomplishment.
Heck, helped pave the way for someone like Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee to be considered.
If they don't repeal it, I for one, will never vote for another Republican again, except for Ted Cruz.
Robert Mercer, massively wealthy hedge fund manager, owns Breitbart, Bannon, Conway, Ted Cruz, David Bosse and all the Depl…
if it were legit, Ted Cruz would have been the Republican nominee instead of Trump.
Ted Cruz defends the right of lunatics to bear arms and kill illegal immigrants. The Second Amendment says they can!
The dark and criminal Duggar family secret is about to become a problem for Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.🍕.
is Michelle Fields the one who shacked up with Ted Cruz or the one that Trump's Nazi stormtrooper assaulted?
While some say that Ted Cruz is kind of a modern-day Elmer Gantry, it's also true that he's kind of a modern-day David Koresh.
Mr. Trump, let nominate Ted Cruz for Supreme court for next vacant position !!!
Oh yeah, I agree. I don't think he thinks of himself as a Republican after what Ted Cruz did to him, ha ha ha.
Always knew Ted Cruz was nothing but a Republican establishment guy ever since Trump threatened to form a PAC against him.
Remember when the liar in charge said Ted Cruz father helped kill Kennedy?
I realize it is inevitable that at least one US Senator representing the state of Texas will be a Republican. Let's at least dump Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, and Rand Paul might just make a Republican out of me.
Here is my interview with Ted Cruz from Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, MD. https…
Ted Cruz blasts veteran lawmakers for 'corruption' This is Miriam Webster poster boy of a bonafide ***
I'm loving the 'Simon Harris is a vampire' meme nearly as much as the 'Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer' one from mid '16.
In order to reduce the federal budget, Ted Cruz claims, we should get rid of the Department of Defense
FiorventusBot? All of mishandling classified/top-secret material that yomp sounds like Ted Cruz, but "Nelson Rockefeller
Tell me McConnell does not have a top 5 "punchable" face and I will call you a liar. Also include Ted Cruz and Step…
And guess who introduced him? A former Texas solicitor general named...Ted Cruz
.It's useless engaging Milo. He's that republican (Ted Cruz and Stephen Miller type) that gets off on being hated
When I grow up, I wanna be a Canadian, just like Nimoy, Doohan, Diana Krall, Dudley Doright, Maynard Ferguson and Ted Cruz!
& trump/spicer/Miller didn't need to name a source for 3 mil illegal votes that they keep harping on? Ted Cruz' dad?
Sen. Ted Cruz to President Trump: Name John Bolton as national security adviser
Ted Cruz: Why not John Bolton for national security advisor? - Hot Air
Never thought I'd say this, but comparing Stephen Miller to Ted Cruz is an insult to Ted Cruz. Love the pod though!
Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee “at the end of the day, radio silence is not sustainable in being true to yourself.”
Would Alex Acosta, a BIG supporter of Ted Cruz, be good for the immigrant community? 🤔🤔
These are news stories. Conspiracy theories are false & more like "Ted Cruz's dad was with Lee Harvey Oswald" or "vaccines…
I don't take Johnson seriously. I'd like to see Stein against someone like Ted Cruz. Also, I think overall Cruz beat Sanders
Cuba born Rafael Cruz, father of Canada born Sen. Ted Cruz, advocates for sending President Obama "back to Kenya".
Don't @ me but I miss Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz only bc they were such good memes
What you need to know about Obamacare before you watch CNN's town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Ted Cruz
Does anyone else remember when people thought Ted Cruz was the zodiac killer bc I do and I miss it
Sen. Sanders will debate Sen. Ted Cruz tonight on the future of the Affordable Care Act. Tune in at 9 ET!
Sen. Ted Cruz still struggles with human interaction.
ok kids don't forget, Grayson Allen is still Ted Cruz and also the zodiac killer. Don't let that meme die
Ted Cruz: ‘The Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan’ "DEMS FORMED KLU KLUX KLAN,THEY OWN IT"
Ted Cruz calls the Democrats "the party of the Klu Klux Klan". Finally, even our politicians are saying it.
Where was rule 19 in 2015 when Ted Cruz called Mitch McConnell a liar on the senate floor? That's not civil.
I don't even like Ted Cruz but he put Bernie in the figure four last night .
GOP censors Elizabeth Warren for readin' a letter from Corretta Scott King but let's Ted Cruz call Dem Senators the "Party…
Bernie Sanders & Ted Cruz debate tonight on Who asked for this?
Bernie Sanders going against Ted Cruz on Obamacare is like Muhammad Ali going in the ring against a George Foreman Grill.
Bernie Sanders v. Ted Cruz was extremely good.
📷 3 big takeaways from Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz’s CNN debate Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders held no...
I added a video to a playlist Ted Cruz vs Bernie Sanders Debate the Future of Obamacare - 2/7/17 -
Ted Cruz is making Bernie Sanders look like a fool. . Go Ted!
Have you noticed how many times Dana Bash interrupts Ted Cruz but never Bernie Sanders? It's just like a Presidential debate.
Ted Cruz, this woman doesn't want your prayers. She wants insurance coverage regardless of her pre-existing conditions.
Bernie is simply attempting to pull on emotions. Ted Cruz is arguing facts and statistics. Facts over feelings. .
Ted Cruz is destroying Bernie. Ted just got Bernie to admit Obama lied to the American people. .
Ted Cruz just flat out lied. Senate Republicans voted to strike down pre-existing condition protection. He just lied agai…
I didn't like Ted Cruz during election&RNC speech.but lately, Sen Cruz has shown he's supporting agenda, so…
Just woke up and Bernie Sanders is debating Ted Cruz. Thank God, it's only September. I had the worst dream about the…
"Ted, let's work together on a Medicare-for-all, single-payer program," Sanders tells Cruz, latching on Cruz words about…
She plays right out of the Ted Cruz playbook of "dead ender" politics.
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Fact check: Ted Cruz wants to take away health care from 30 million Americans.
Bernie did not do any homework before the Ted Cruz annihilated him with facts, ideas, and statistics. htt…
Ted Cruz was only programmed for 1 hour of human empathy, he needs to re-sacrifice a goat to his old genesis god.
Any man who kisses the butt of someone who insults and berates his wife gets no respect from me. That is why Ted Cruz i…
Ted Cruz said you wait 89 days in the U.K. for a hip replacement. Of course he doesn't mention that your new hip is free. .
Ted Cruz thinks women having access to healthcare is comparable to having a luxury sports car. Jesus Christ.
I liked a video from EPIC BERNIE VS. TED CRUZ LIVESTREAM! (With Crowder and Friends)
When Cruz called McConnell a liar on the Senate floor, and McConnell didn't try to muzzle him like he did
"Congratulations on your struggles." Looks like the grease-weasels in Ted Cruz's Fake Emotion engine pushed the wrong lever on…
Hey Ted Cruz shove your 'prayers' up your *** just don't take this poor woman's healthcare away by repealing Obamacare.…
Ted Cruz's strongest argument so far tonight is that every American millionaire has the right to buy health care.
Senator Ted Cruz is destroying the Democrats and Obama. Bernie Sanders completely out of touch with reality.
Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan is financially impossible, and Ted Cruz proved that tonight beyond a shadow of a doubt!…
Watch Ted Cruz DESTROY Communist Bernie Sanders on the scam known as Obamacare. Repeal and replace!.
Lindsey Graham jokes about how to get away with murdering Ted Cruz”
In case you were wondering what the Wall Street Journal said about Ted Cruz's Tax Plan:
Bernie Sanders debating Ted Cruz on healthcare is like Neil deGrasse Tyson debating Sarah Palin over quantum physics.
"Of course Medicare should negotiate". -- Ted Cruz. Bernie just cornered Cruz into agreeing Medicare should negotiate prices!…
Ted Cruz is SHAMELESSLY shares his father's immigrant story - all while supporting anti-immigrant proposals
Bernie just schooled Ted Cruz on what "access" means. Cruz might have learned something tonight.
I love how shamelessly Ted Cruz switched between Obamacare is a disaster & America health care is the greatest
"Congratulations on your struggle dealing with MS" - Ted Cruz. The smarmy robot is malfunctioning.
Ted Cruz sprinkling those facts over Bernie Sanders. .
LOL Ted Cruz is reading stats about dental treatment to a woman with MS! ***
It really is. I sincerely believe that Ted Cruz is Elizabeth Warren's inspiration in many ways.
Ted Cruz: "People vote with their feet". Viewers: oh so you're into feet, huh, Ted?
Ted Cruz: "I think everyone agrees there is an urgency to honor the promises we made"
if you are sure CNN already gave the questions to Bernie Sanders, but Ted Cruz will still win. .
Wanna know why Bernie lost? Because right now as dem Senators r holding the floor of the senate to block a racist. He's…
I just finished watching the CNN hosted debate on the Affordable Care Act between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.
Ted Cruz came prepared with facts and stats. Bernie Sanders spews the same 3 lines.. .
Seems like a bad day for Dems:. They failed to block DeVos. Ted Cruz destroyed Bernie at Warren is kicked off Se…
CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims from Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders’ Obamacare
Ted Cruz is comparing healthcare to driving a lamborghini and I'm about to shove a fork in my eye.
Ted Cruz bashed Obama for vacations, but Cruz took more vacation in a year th...
This is your reminder that Ted Cruz called McConnell a liar and wasn't silenced for it.
Ted Cruz is spot on - gov't regulation has suffocated innovation for years. This keeps doctors from saving more lives!
The most popular health care program in America today is Medicare – or what Ted Cruz would refer to as “socialized medicine…
Ted Cruz scoring some good points with Christopher Walker reference!
Ted Cruz* scary social programs will make you a North Korean COMMUNIST! Run! Ah!!
anderson cooper why doesn't somebody ask Ted Cruz how he plans to PAY for his plan ?
Ted Cruz doesn't understand it at all. He should stop talking.
Hope you catch Ted Cruz debating Bernie Sanders on ACA 9pm EST on CNN tonight
Sen. Ted Cruz: "The Democrats are engaged right now in unprecedented partisan obstruction"
Ted Cruz is totally unelectable, if he even gets to run (born in Canada). Will loose big to Hillary. Polls show I beat…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Ted Cruz, who led a government shutdown & threatened to block all Clinton SCOTUS picks, complains about obstruction. https…
Lies! As though white latinos like Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or exist!
Duval progressives get together Tuesday at Rain Dogs for Bernie vs. Ted Cruz 》》》.
Ted Cruz was a republican senator in a democrat majority senate. Tired of hearing that he shut down gov. Dems failed to legislate
.Ted Cruz is heavyweight champ of kicking Democrat *** in Congress on a daily basis.
Sen Ted Cruz after the Sessions vote: "The Senate's going to be a battlefield" in the Trump admnistration. Ya think?
Cruz: Nuclear option on the table if Dems filibuster SCOTUS pick
If you're gonna shoot for the stars how about CLINTON ENDS F-35 PROGRAM instead of TED CRUZ FORCED TO BINGE 'UNBREAKABL…
CNN to Host Debate Night with Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on Feb. 7
GOP just did same thing to that *** Ted Cruz, who owned Evangelicals, but he's hispanic, no GOP noms for anyone but a white man
. says Judge Neil Gorsuch is a 'home run' for the Supreme Court
Senator Ted Cruz tables bill to ban Muslim Brotherhood, raising fears of a crackdown on Muslim civil society groups
.and to debate future of Obamacare on at 9p ET on Feb. 7th
Ted Cruz defending Trump: "Describing this executive order as a Muslim ban is not accurate."
Ted Cruz is on the media RIGHT NOW LYING HIS A$$ off. When are Dems going to RISE? What is wrong with you?
Imagine willingly listening to Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz arguing for an hour when the outcome of the debate is of zero…
Ted Cruz was the apocalypse for Deadspin.
Al Franken calls out absent Ted Cruz & Cruz's GOP colleague John Cornyn objects. Franken: "Well, he should be here." https…
Al Franken eviscerates Ted Cruz over Jeff Sessions, Cruz gets the outcome he wanted anyway, life goes on:…
"It's not our job to change his record..." –– Sen slams Ted Cruz for trying to make Sessions look like a civil right…
Ted Cruz: "Democrats will not succeed in filibustering this nominee. They may try, they may not try...But they will no…
God remember Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer Times, those were the days
JUST IN: Sanders to debate Cruz live on CNN
Just last October, Sen. Ted Cruz said the Supreme Court only needed 8 members if Hillary Clinton won.
Ted Cruz talks frustration over Democrats in Trump 'denial'
I'm old enough to remember Ted Cruz reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor to protest people getting access to health care. h…
As a Republican I know Ted Cruz is good old fashion crook and loves to distort the facts. He lies. He Did the same…
Ted Cruz speaks to reporters after the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Jeff Sessions
Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz to debate Obamacare in CNN televised event
And why is Ted Cruz still a thing? Go home & watch 2 broke girls on TBS or something.
Bernie Sanders should stick to what he's doing and let Bill Nye The Science Guy debate Ted Cruz
Are you a different Ted Cruz than the one who was a Tea-Party supported Republican Senator from Texas?
Ted Cruz is aware that he looks like Grayson Allen.. Related Articles:
before Alex Jones endorsed Trump he also endorsed Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin or did that not happen either? my imagination?
Any Republican senator or governor who announced a 2020 primary campaign today would get a lot of progressive donations (except Ted Cruz).
Ted Cruz is pushing a bill to designate CAIR, the civil rights org fighting Muslim ban, as a terror affiliate group
People really believe JFK is Jimmy Carter & Ted Cruz is Robert Kardashian? Lol smh
💀 Grayson Allen looks exactly like a younger version of Ted Cruz
Well done Deadspin. You managed to make Ted Cruz('s social media intern ) look good for the first time in years.
Ted Cruz is encouraged by President Trump's agenda so far
It's nice to finally agree with Ted Cruz. Glad he came around to Team Trump!
GD, Even Ted Cruz has bantz. No wonder all these lefties are so assblasted and buttpained.
Cruz delivered when Deadspin asked for proof that the ex-presidential candidate plays basketball
of the people – not the special interests like lightweight Rubio or Ted Cruz!
Deadspin just got pwned by Ted Cruz. Twice.
Tbh I didn't notice the Duke jersey and legitimately thought this was a picture of young Ted Cruz playing b-ball https:/…
Gorilla Mindset is pleased to sponsor a clean, legal, sparring match between and a Ted Cruz supporter. Any volu…
Ted Cruz doesn't want to hear from his fellow Texans. Which means you should shout even louder.
Large group visits Ted Cruz's Houston Office - Some escorted out by police (VIDEO)
4 bringing Ted Cruz into the fold so he can Attack & Maul those who defy common sense!! Donald Trump htt…
>When you get memed on so hard by Ted Cruz it makes the news.
I have a good meme for Ted Cruz, he should take a photo of himself doing the condescending Wonka pose but also while setting…
"Ted Cruz is familiar with memes," read the headline of the New York Times, as sulfur and brimstone rained from the skies.
People I'd love to ball with: Obama, Ted Cruz, Bill Simmons and Dave Jacoby, Tucker Max, Gabrielle Union
I don't rli dislike Ted Cruz, but I rli LIKE this meme
Ted Cruz throws all his weight behind POTUS Donald Trump & Vows 2take a blow torch to Snowflakes Everyday & Twice on Su…
Ted Cruz owned Ashley Feinberg so hard that Salon will do an article accusing him of violating the 13th Amendment.
You can say whatever you want about Ted Cruz's politics, but he just ethered Deadspin.
EPT_bot: send us proof of ted cruz playing basketball
Deadspin, in case you need help next time, here's how you do it it's the third picture
Ted Cruz just shut down Deadspin harder than he did the United States Government. .
TFW Deadspin made people love Ted Cruz. Absolutely incredible. Trump was telling the truth, we can't stop winning. Savage
"Maybe if I own myself so hard I literally die, people will forget how badly Ted Cruz owned me"
I laughed way too hard at this. Ted Cruz made me laugh twice today. Much more than i'd like to admit.
Politics aside, everyone has to agree Ted Cruz is a Legend for this.
Send us proof of Ted Cruz playing basketball
for keeping Ted Cruz hidden. Now release him the voters in Texas are looking for him. His staff won't answer the phone.
This thread made me laugh with Ted Cruz and honestly?
Will Donald J Trump also be the 'gaslighter-in-chief'?.. Related Articles:
Ted Cruz hammered Deadspin and I for one enjoyed it more than I thought I ever could or would.
I was a strong critic of Ted Cruz- I was wrong. He is a class act. My apologies to Ted Cruz. Ted, keep fighting for a conser…
Hulk Hogan and Ted Cruz are the new mega powers
Scott Walker and Paul Ryan =/= Ted Cruz. Bruce Rauner won Illinois, you think Illinois easily goes to Cruz because…
If you told me 3 years ago that Hulk Hogan would kill Gawker and Ted Cruz would troll/murder Deadspin... I would have c…
Ted Cruz is on CRTV with Mark Levin. and it is great. A must watch.
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"Jefferson referred to the Constitution as chains to bind the mischief of government"-Ted Cruz to Mark Levin on
Didn't Ted Cruz introduce Tillerson to the Foreign Relations Committee? Didn't the rest of the committee R senators ask…
the White House is Trump family house now with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and everyone turned their eyes…
BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz is now the 45th President of the USA. His first law is to legalise queso across the country.
"The movement to defund Obamacare did not start with Ted Cruz," tells FRONTLINE. READ:
Ted Cruz for the U.S. Supreme Court - American Thinker 222 http…
Ted Cruz accuses Democrats of being 'silent' when Obama administration politicized Justice
Ted Cruz's father hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald says hello.
Remember when Trump said that you couldn't trust Ted Cruz because his wife once worked for Goldman Sachs?
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul supported Bernie Sanders drug importation amendment; Cory Booker opposed it! Let that sink in.
If Rand Paul saves health insurance, that'd be cool but not as ironic as if Little Marco saved it or Ted Cruz died…
I remember some were calling Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio white supremacists...
Ted Cruz had something white on his lip and then he ate.
Ted Cruz looks like he's the kid that would remind the teacher he forgot to assign homework for over the weekend https…
I mean, I despise Ted Cruz as much as anybody. But to blanketly imply his father killed JFK is thoroughly insane.…
4. Ted Cruz's father was w/Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK was shot.
. Yeah what kind of moron would believe such nonsense like say "Ted Cruz's dad was with Lee H…
showrunner Jo Miller says covering Ted Cruz was a "blast" but that Trump & the election were awful/dra…
"We had a blast covering Ted Cruz. THAT was fun," says EP Jo Miller, who's not so amused by Trump.
'We had a blast covering Ted Cruz,' but it's hard to find comedy gold in Trump's victory, says EP/showrunner Jo Miller.
Jo Miller says the election result broke her for weeks, "but covering Ted Cruz was fun!"
"School choice is the civil rights issue of our era." -Ted Cruz
In the contest for most unsettling face, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are far and away the dead-eyed leaders of the pack.
Wait, no Shakespeare or Ted Cruz in this fantasy?
.scoop: Bannon sounded out Cruz about SC appointment. He turned it down (bc he wants to be prez?)
Sen. Cruz:. History will record Barack Obama and John Kerry as relentless enemies of Israel. https…
he has mocked Ted Cruz and even himself in this way over the years. There is video of each incident.
Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz team up to defund UN over Israel vote
if u can't stop Ted Cruz and LG that would be best. Wars are more costly
Here’s Ted Cruz to reporters in Austin on the end of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy!
oh my god i had this customer who looked and sounded So Much like ted idk why hed come to frederick to watch passengers but...
Sean Spicer and Mike Pence didn´t say a peep when Donald was being a "birther" or saying Ted Cruz´s dad participated in K…
Lmao Ted Cruz looks like a Delta who just probated and is about to throw up the mid for the first time in public
BOOM! TED CRUZ, DESANTIS PUSH For Term Limits: "It is well past time to put an end to the cronyism!
Ted Cruz and John Cornyn in harmony with one another and Donald Trump
If Democrats paused on Russia for a sec they would realize what is of real concern: Attempt to blacklist Muslim orgs.
Ted Cruz urges Texas Legislature to focus on school choice via
Steve Bannon has talked with Ted Cruz about Cruz possibly being Trump's nominee to fill the SCOTUS vacancy .
Folks like Cruz who are going down this road need to think about Christie
Was there another loan that Ted Cruz FORGOT to file. Goldman Sachs owns him, he will do anything they demand. Not much…
It's going to be hilarious when we see Ted Cruz making campaign calls for Mike Cernovich…
It is time to call this enemy by its name and speak with clarity and moral authority:
Unlike Trump, who speaks of "thousands and thousands" celebrating 9/11 in Jersey City, Ted Cruz's dad's involvement with Lee…
Allegedly DNI Director James Clapper eats his boogers like Jim Harbaugh, Ted Cruz , & that guy from Alabama... Alle…
Scarlet Johansson: "If you had skywriters put LEAVE TEXAS over Dallas, they'd prosecute. Ted Cruz would be Clarence Darrow."
What about Ted Cruz? Conway worked for him & could have used oppo intel to get Trump to hire her & appoint hubby as Solicitor General.
"You are fake news!" says the guy who spent 8 years birthering Obama, and said Ted Cruz's father helped kill JFK.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will return as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee’s space subcommittee:
Paradise lost Now young Ted Cruz is out there pushing around coaches??? Oh boy...
This is great. I like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.
Ted Cruz says he won't watch President Obama's farewell speech, adds "who cares at this point?"
Ted Cruz makes Snake Soup out of BROKEN Obama, SCANDALOUS Lynch & there SLITHERING Justice Dept !!!
he did the same when talking about Ted Cruz prior to that. His mannerisms.
Wow, Ted Cruz has shown us a side of Jeff Sessions we've never seen before:
Oh boy.there goes Ted Cruz sermonizing. Pandering! Reminds me of Eddie Haskell in Leave it to Beaver. Bleh!
That's even before we talk about Republican Jesse Helms and Ted Cruz's deep admiration for him.
no he's mimicking a flustered general and Ted Cruz. But the media didn't care to show that part
Against China's objections, Ted Cruz and Texas governor meet with Taiwanese president
Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott say they met with Taiwan Pres. Tsai Ing-wen as she was passing through Houston https…
We want a super majority of Constitutional Conservatives like Ted Cruz & Mike Lee to replace RINO's like McCain & Graham
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Samantha bee is kind of like the female Ted Cruz: uncomfortable to look at
. True. He and Ted Cruz are so valuable in the Senate. Wasn't Mike Lee's brother already on the list?
How to win in Iowa? "Please pray one minute a day: Father God continue this spirit of revival"- Ted Cruz in Waukon.
and Ted Cruz's father was in on the plot to assassinate JFK? He is a serial liar.
So we just forget about Ted Cruz father being a possible part of JFK's murder? I don't think so. Cruz is Cuban and should not be in congress
But they literally provide zero evidence. This is like speculating Ted Cruz's father was involved in JFK assassination.
Was it started by Ted Cruz's father?
Ted Cruz: History will record President Obama, John Kerry as ‘relentless enemies’ of Israel – TheBlaze
How have I never seen how much Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster before?
We would actually have PEOTUS Ted Cruz if got his way.
OUT. OF. THE. PARK. 'History will record Obama and Kerry as relentless ENEMIES of Israel' - Ted Cruz
every night i say im thankful Ted Cruz didn't win because then we'd have 50 stars of David on the American flag
Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz: Defund the UN unless it repeals its anti-Israel vote
Ted Cruz takes a stand: Defund the United Nations over their anti-Israel resolution
Take note,Ted Cruz, Ralph Reed, Falwell Jr., Graham Jr.,Family Research Council, and the 80% of evangelicals who vo…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I just remembered someone saying that Kevin Jonas's daughter looked like Ted Cruz in a picture & I don't think I've ever laughed so hard
In his classic book, "Libra," author Don DeLillo makes the case that Ted Cruz's father shot JFK
Is Eric the moron or the *** The one who looks like Eddie Munster and Ted Cruz or the one that just looks like a…
Sen. Ted Cruz says a new African-American history museum made a mistake by not featuring Justice Clarence Thomas
Grayson Allen got suspended indefinitely on Ted Cruz's birthday? Hmm...
FUN FACT: Ted Cruz has the same name as a guy who once filibustered for 21 hours against the Affordable Care Act by readin…
thank you so much. On the off chance I'm. It allowed to do trump, in thinking of going like Ted Cruz or pat McCrory
Ted Cruz has always reminded me of a more spiteful, petty Frank Grimes.
This has to stop y'all. Supporters like Ted Cruz and Conn Carroll say that a Trump presidency has opened the doors for this bill to pass
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