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Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi is a computer-animated educational, musical television series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons.

Bubble Guppies Paw Patrol Nick Jr Doc McStuffins Peppa Pig Hello Kitty Good Morning

πŸ’΅πŸš‚ 7-3 -Can't wait to go home, cuddle with my babies and watch Paw Patrol & Team Umizoomi 😍😘
I'm still so tired I was nonstop yesterday I'm so happy Quinn is happy with team umizoomi and cuddling on the couch right now
Nothing like a 4 year old waking you up at 3am asking if you will watch Team Umizoomi with them.
Shoot team umizoomi got ice cream pizza ya *** skippy I wanna try
braelyn's party is this Saturday... it's from 2-4... she picked a team umizoomi cake... can't believe my "baby" is almost 3... :(
i my niece got me in here watching Team Umizoomi
We are home and watching Team Umizoomi :) :)
So me and Jordon laying down watching team umizoomi and he keeps whispering "take it off" I'm not quite sure what I should say or do lol but I am very uncomfortable 😳
Nothing like dancing with the girls to the cartoon music of Team Umizoomi.. they made me do it, I swear. ;)
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Anitrek is really Cool colouring app. Check it out . bhhAjjs
I know that when I was 2, I did not have my own room, and I dang sho didn't have my own tv, so y does my son have both, but I'm still stuck watching Team Umizoomi from the hours of 8p.m til bedtime??? This is gettin outta hand!
Available to purchase! Set of three Team umizoomi characters on poster board. Used once for a party and still in perfect condition! The size is 20x30 inches! $20 FOR all 3
I think the only one I can handle is Team Umizoomi. I think they're cute. :3.
It's too bad classes start up next week. I'm really beginning to love coming home and having nothing to do but watch team umizoomie!
I am putting on my Jammies & watching some mind numbing TV with BHHW.. It is Grandma's time to chill... No Team Umizoomi or Bubble Guppies.
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I love my nephew . We watching team umizoomi .πŸ”₯πŸŒ€
FYI: All caught up on Peppa Pig, Olivia and Team Umizoomi thanks to Terrah Britley & Taryn Shea!!!
Good Morning /_/ just watching team umizoomi inside the classroom. Wala eh batch 3 pa kami ^-^
*** I shouldn't have never put on team umizoomi
Meatloaf white rice and garlic bread with my wine in with my big boy watching team umizoomi I love these moment's
So far my day has consisted of watching Peppa Pig and Team Umizoomi
Aww Mary's watching Team Umizoomi, and they just asked if she'd ever been to the zoo...she says loudly, "No!" LOL She has, but has no clue..she was 6 months old at the time. Heck, if she went to the zoo 2 weeks ago, she probably wouldn't remember it now! :)
Team umizoomi.spongebob.Bubble Guppies n Paw Patrol needs a break from my tv
Adriel and I are helping out team umizoomi find the 12 stink bombs on the loose in umizoomi city.
Too cute... Just relaxing watching Team Umizoomi with no care in the world... Would love to know what…
Im convinced Ive seen every episode of Team Umizoomi
Goodmorning from us , the princess is watch team umizoomi
That box going 14 Pretzel Street? Nahh. It's going to 10 Hamburger Street. Flipping Team Umizoomi teaching me life lessons right now.
In this episode, Team Umizoomi teaches kids about the non-stop excitement of impersonating a police officer!
My nephew got me watching team umizoomi
Kayden is dead glued to Team Umizoomi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Team umizoomi and hot cocoa on this snow day . ❀️
Team umizoomi tells me I should be sleeping πŸ˜•
Team Umizoomi – Hide and Seek with Milli: Join Milli in Umi Park for a game of hide & seek Milli makes hide & ...
Ayden loves team umizoomi! He sings the theme song alll the time!!
I'm not watchin team umizoomi anymore Tristan
popcorn & team umizoomi with my babyboy, oh how I missed him❀️
My bro needs to get out of my room *** is "Team Umizoomi" I'm so cheesed
Its sad how I know the entire cast of Team Umizoomi.
I was gonna watch the oscars but Patrick wants to watch team umizoomi welp guess I'm not watching the oscars
I added a video to a playlist Team Umizoomi Shape Bandit
Meagan absolutely loves team umizoomi 😩😩
In here watching team umizoomi wit my niece 😩
My mom is watching Team UmiZoomi lmfao ***
2 hours of team umizoomi on Nick Jr πŸ™ yes I can get some laundry done
Colour all the beautiful Alphabets pages in Anitrek. Learning through colouring.
Best theme song in television history is a virtual toss up between Chuggington and Team Umizoomi
Don't know how much more I can take watching team umizoomi.
Capital One final or Team Umizoomi??? No brainier, c'mon Milly, Geo and Bot!
Caitlynn woke up at 7 a.m. I tried to tell her it's Sunday. Oh, well, now we're watching Team Umizoomi's and doing the crazy shake. SMH.
Team Umizoomi Full Episodes for Children - Games for Kids - Dora the Explorer#
Happy sunday everyone!!! im sat still editing pics and uploading, i am having to suffer team umizoomi but if it...
From 635am Heidey me tiene viendo Dora-Team Umizoomi -Paw Patrol-Bubble Guppies- Wallykazam If I get up she tells me mami watch cartoons with me please. I'm going to make her bake that's the only way I get her off TV.. so she'll be making chocolate cupcakes ... have a bless morning everyone .
Pretty sure I can recite every episode of Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Dora by heart. At least I get to snuggle with the cutest 2 year old while doing it!
hey Netflix first i want to say thank you for most of the children seletion. My son love most of them so thank you... Now can you please get Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants.. adding these selection will make me the happiness mom in the world. oh yeah please fix American Dad sound.. i call a million times and it's still not fixed yet. Sincerely Marie
I am stuck watching Team Umizoomi this morning. 😐 big sister probs.
Parenthood is that sense of relief after learning you can Netflix the toddler's new favorite show, which means there will be just enough DVR space between every episode ever of Blues Clues and Team Umizoomi for Sherlock & Downton Abbey.
Mr. Man has discovered Team Umizoomi. I must say its actually cute, and a whole lot better than Spongebob!
Music videos with my son at 9:30 in the morning, guess it beats Team UmiZoomi though!
Team umizoomi (Nickelodeon) come and get us counting car with remote control 3 buttons..with milli and geo..Β£20 as brought for over Β£55 less then year ago..hardly used in brilliant working condition..collection only ip4
so tired of watching Bubble Guppies and team umizoomi!! Its the same shows over and over again!! I need a laptop
girl we luckily just caught Team Umizoomi we use to watch it but she started waking up later lol Doc McStuffins we never watch
girl you missing out on Doc McStuffins and Team Umizoomi they got the best theme songs
Gave Antonio some Tylenol, he has a fever from getting his shots yesterday..laying on the couch watching Team Umizoomi... poor baby!
I wake up to the show team umizoomi every morning... By far the most annoying show
I'm watching team umizoomi with the boys and Ayden is getting everything right and Bently is trying to point to everything while trying to say what it is. My boys are getting so big!
I'm watching team umizoomi and rock lees voice actor is here
Watching team umizoomi with my baby boy .
Danielle l am Going to kicking your butt. You got zany obsessed With freaking team umizoomi and I hate it
Watching team umizoomi, this shows how bored I actually am
Well just got done feeding the horses now watching team umizoomi with the boys ;)
Up drinking some coffee while the kids are watching team umizoomi...
I like Team Umizoomi lol, My current situation with my King... Good Morning all, have a blessed and productive day.. Get Off Your Butt!!
You know that your family is crazy when you hear you dad yell team umizoomi like an excites 5 year old...
Bored and sick of Team UmiZoomi. Sick of it!
Fire going in the fireplace, cup of coffee, reading Psalms and watching Team Umizoomi.I am the multitasker!!!
Not a fan of the power going out when I have 3 babies that don't enjoy the dark and get angry when their Team UmiZoomi gets shut off πŸ‘§πŸ‘±πŸ‘ΆπŸ’‘
Level two is triangles. I wonder if team umizoomi can do it.
My godson has killed Team Umizoomi for me. I used to love that show.
Welp me and O are having a snow day today, I'm getting some much overdue Antiques Roadshow in before she gets up and it's all My Little Pony and Team Umizoomi.
This day last year I was so scared and prayed so hard that you ad your mother would be okay. Since the moment I saw I couldn't believe how much I loved you though we just met. There are still times when I cry just looking at how beautiful you have become and how much you have grown. I love the way you dance to you favorite cartoon jingles and I love the way you little teeth show when you smile. Never in my life could I have image that being your father is by far, better than any late night adventure I have encountered with my friends, better than any pay check I have received, better than any memory I have stored. You are the reason why I work as much as I do, so that I can be a better person and eventually work my own hours and help people as you have helped me. You're my Beautiful Grandmother reincarnated and my best friend. Happy First Birthday to my Amazing Peanut/ Team Umizoomi member. I will always protect you and always understand you. I love you Lillyann Rose ***
Team umizoomi on :-( my nephew is watchin this ish...intently.I dont even get why he likes this show
Love it or hate it kids shows. Team umizoomi β™₯Amber
Lol sittn here watchn Team umizoomi with sadie ,& my stomach gurgles she pats my chest n i say oh thk u ,then she says " u poop " ,,lol we burst out laughing ,my funny babes Lmao
If you get any of the things I posted, please comment so people know not to buy them. Bradley likes baseball (Orioles like his Daddy) and his favorite shows are Thomas, Chuggington, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, and Paw Patrol. Hes in 3t clothes.
Forced to watch Team Umizoomi till I KO cause ayda said so lol
I went upstairs to change into my PJ's & run a bath for the boy while he stayed downstairs watching Team Umizoomi. Before I headed back down I decided to clean the "present" one of the furballs had left in front of the litterbox. Then I could hear Paul making his way up the stairs. When I found him he was halfway up. His pants were around his ankles. And he had two fistfuls of poo. (Sigh) He was headed to the bathroom off his bed room, but I picked him up with my hands neath his pits so as to not rock the boat on the delicate balancing act he had going on there. And I took him downstairs to the powder room he had just walked past. He happily tossed the poo in the toilet. Then tried to wipe his hands on his shirt. Thank God I was faster and grabbed him by the wrists before he made a bigger mess. So I set about wiping his mitts and Paul starts getting upset that the poo is in the toilet and not the potty. Yep. So I'm cleaning and restraining and he's crying and trying to reach in the potty. Sigh. This is wh ...
My Lil sister threw up on me man , she better not ask me to turn on DORA/TEAM UMIZOOMI/Hello Kitty or nun i swear -_-
Somee team umizoomi comercial came upp with a songg & mee sister started dancingg lmao it was so funny ! Only us β™‘
Dominic is driving me insane. I'm bout to go crazy. He wants to watch Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi then he says one so I turn it on and he changes his mind to the other. Then I give him milk to drink in his sippy and he wants juice so I give him juice and he then wants milk. He's making me go NUTS! :/
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Team Umizoomi Goin b the death of me
Team Umizoomi Full Episode in English - Best of Games Spongebob TV - Dora the Explorer Team Umizoomi Full Play this Team Umizoomi game:
Finally home from work, fed Carter,cleaned the house , and now hanging out with my favorite princess watching Team Umizoomi :)
The wife came in and I asked her to turn off the kiddo's cartoons. She turned on Steel Magnolias. I begged for Team Umizoomi back.
The only way my kids will sit down & be quiet is when "team umizoomi" is on TV .I gotta get this DVD , lol!
So I just got done cleaning and here soon I am going to put Rylee to bed right after Team Umizoomi is over.
Can't watch PLL because my tv is currently tuned into to Team Umizoomi
The boys dancing and getting all excited about Team Umizoomi
Cuddling with my daughter while she's sleeping loves it.. Cuddled tom this morning.. Yup I love my babies!! Tom is watching team umizoomi right now lol I think that's what it's called.
Oikszadoinks umizoomi it is. Again..and again..and again...can we please go outside yet?
Top 3 favorite shows right now: Sons of Anarchy, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi.
"Team Umizoomi". A colourful and fun tiered cake based on the popular children's programme. . Two tiers of cake...
Just found out some crazy news about a friend of mine. Crazy :( Team Umizoomi with my babies. Then work 3-11.
So my child is majorly annoyed that when she yelled " arms extendo" she couldn't reach the water on the other side of the room. Thanks team umizoomi
Birthday ideas for my pay .. team umizoomi
Team Umizoomi: Download the Team Umizoomi app now to your Kindle Fire or other Android devices from the Amazon...
Oh my gosh. ...I JUST LOVE TEAM UMIZOOMI. ..Wish it was on all day. .Lets do the CRAZZZY SHAKE...
Watching team umizoomi with Sam and they are counting and he is counting right along with him. I'm such a proud mommy right now!
Sitting at home with my daughter watching team umizoomi
Doc McStuffins, Mickey mouse clubhouse, team umizoomi.Nai'Lani be taking over every tv in this house smh
makes watching "Team Umizoomi" more rewarding. I’m earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle .
I'm "Team Umizoomi". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Team Umizoomi please dont tell my grandson its ok to play in the rain. Especially when it 43* and its going to rain. Lmao
Good Mornin Fb Fam. Up wit my quy eatin breakfast n watchin Team Umizoomi den out & about we qo latah on :D
Nickelodeon Team umizoomi Problem Solved Bean Chair: Shop our selection of car seats, strollers, monitors, and...
Team umizoomi wit my son Christopher
Team Umizoomi is the show of the week here (it's on Netflix) it has my not quite three year old doing maths
Team Umizoomi by 2K Play 3,524% Sales Rank in Computer and Video Games: 353 (was 12...
Innotab 2 with 3 games, Dora, Team Umizoomi, and Read, Write, and Paint. Each game retails for $20. Innotab retails for $59.99. Selling for $40. Fisher Price Camera for 3 and up. Retails for $50 and selling for $20 Both in excellent condition. My daughter just got a nabi so we want to sell these to someone who enjoys them as much as she did.
yep so apparently to Tessa I'm Team Umizoomi. lol okay
Ok Miss. Mattie love watching cartoons well there is one that she really like and it is called TEAM UMIZOOMI and I think I'm going to try to see if Wal-Mart can do a Birthday Cake with a picture or something with them on it :-) β™₯ Love Ya Miss.Mattie
Falling asleep watching team umizoomi as big as my bed is im still getting kicked all in the head these darn kids smh!!! Im about to evict they butts!!
Now its time to watch Team Umizoomi :)
πŸ˜‚ Jayden & Mike acting like they on the phone calling Team UmiZoomi
Everyone's here watching Teen Wolf and here I am...21 years old and I'm watching Team Umizoomi...
So thankful to spend this snow day at Mamie's w/ Lylah... But I'm also ready 2 pull my hair out... Thanks to Team Umizoomi. Kid shows just aren't what they used to be. What happened to Scooby Doo?? Lol.
That moment your 15 year old son shows his intelligence by participating with team umizoomi!
Calem was watching Team Umizoomi and they asked if you had ever scraped your knee. Calem talking back to the TV said "Yea, and it hurt so bad I screamed ", lol! I have to say he did scrape his knee badly last summer and he did scream and cry for quiet a while!
I just don't really feel like watching team umizoomi right now
Me & Ny laying in bed watching Team Umizoomi, I'm sitting here listening to her count with them... I can honestly say, she's a smart lil girl!!!
So the other day my son's daycare said he's operating at a 4 year olds level. I knew he was smart, but just now he proved it. While watching Team Umizoomi they asked what number comes after 24- and without any hesitation he excitedly yelled out 25!
So, Chad Ryan Kent Marlee and I are watching Team Umizoomi and the characters, covering their noses, come across a "stinky dragon" (with fumes all around him) and Marlee proceeds to point and yell "Daddy!!!"
Finally home watching team umizoomi with my son til we fall asleep!!..
Geez. Just wanna say how much I lloovvee Milly from Team Umizoomi teaching my kid about patterns. Now he won't eat anything because it's not in the right order.
Laying down wit my baby girl about to watch her Favorite show team umizoomi Sleepy Dub:)
Ahh you know.. Finishing up Bubble Guppies waiting on team umizoomi to come on..
Enjoyed my time baby free for those few short hrs n the fireworks display was amazing n to b surrounded by nice company n funny to but still dont get why i was hated on for just drinkn pop but i know they understood it was outa fun now had a fun fantastic adventures day with nathan bath book team umizoomi dvd prayers n hes ouboutb4 8 n time for me to do some mommy time n pampering hmm or maybe prayers n bed too we shall see
Churr watching good old team Umizoomi
Shake high...shake the crazy shake...brent was so happy to follow the team umizoomi
"Mommy that's Team Umizoomi, not Diego...Try Again" My attempt to watch something different obviously didn't work. Try again...hilarious.
Innotab 2s with headphones, mickey mouse, Jake and neverland pirates, Dora explorer, and team umizoomi games. Works great asking 30. Wanting to get a Nabi tablet for my son will trade this and leapfrog items I posted for one.
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Kilian- Team Umizoomi is on and it says in the back ground "do you like mermaids" and I hear a mini man voice go " no I'm a boy" LOL!
I turn on my tv and Team Umizoomi is on it!!
Man its gonna be a boring day lol watching team umizoomi, all I got to look forward to doing is picking up kenzie then later aj coming home, its gonna be a long day, lol
3 nintendo ds games. Tinkerbell and the lost treasure, club penguin; herberts revenge and team umizoomi & doras fantastic flight. 15$ located in greenville.
Cuddling with my boys on the couch watching team umizoomi:)
Noah was watching team umizoomi and then told me he was using his imagination like the Feedies.
Kids been at school for two he's now n here I am watching team umizoomi by my *** self yup time to change it lol
Watching team umizoomi with my baby might slide to Lauderdale later today
Lol Jaydon James is really trying to have a conversion with Team Umizoomi :) For the first time he's all into the T.V and does not want to go back to sleep.
I live hearing Daisey say Team Umizoomi lol
Team umizoomi since 9 this morning is just great lmao
Sitting with Lily pie watching Team Umizoomi. TV: "What shape goes here?" Lily: "Triangle" TV: "Right! Triangle. What # is bigger than 6" Lily: "7!" TV: "What # is this?" Lily: "4!" I am so proud right now! I love these educational cartoons!
Monday mornings consist of cuddles & team umizoomi & Dora the explorer... & that's what I love about Mondays πŸ’œ
feeling a lot better today yay!!! watching team umizoomi with my wonderful and happy son lol he kept kissing me all day yesterday to make me happy and now im cold ugh I hate winter it needs to go away now!message me if you wanna talk to me
Kids are all at school so why am I still watching nick and team umizoomi
What are you doing right now? I'm watching Team Umizoomi with my son and this little princess I'm watching, about to make them breakfast. πŸ˜‰ Kayla. πŸ’‹
Eating snow cream with my moma watching team umizoomi!!!
Team umizoomi with my princess before I head to work (:
Hmm... Team umizoomi with Michael he loves it so I guess I'll watch it he is learning
Hudson woke up and just randomly said... "Momma, One, Two, Tree, Four, Tive, Six, TEVEN, TEAM UMIZOOMI!!!" Whoa!!! πŸ™ˆ
Watchin mickey mouse club with my silly boy whose telling them wut to do. Hes ready for team umizoomi to come on tho
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Watching team umizoomi with my princess
I guess it's another night of team umizoomi with my niece lol
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Only shows my son stops to watch is Little Einsteins and Team Umizoomi
What has been your little one's favourite moment on Nick Jr. in 2013? Has it been new Paw Patrol, Nick Jr. Peppa or new episodes of Team Umizoomi, Dora the Explorer, Dinosaur Train? Choose from the image below and let us know!
New shows found tonight.Vanilla Ice goes Amish and Wives with Knives. Of course, I was overruled by little boys wanting to watch Team Umizoomi. It was probably a good thing :)
Home sick with my boy. We are sharing catapult king on my phone and also sharing the DVR, alternating between Dr. Phil and Team Umizoomi. Quality (sick) Time
I favorited a video Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr "Shark Car"
Omg boredem is setting in!! Kids are amused watching team umizoomi an I been cleaning but slowing down starting to procrastinate.lawd save me or give me a burst of energy,goodness.
Finally got these kids to watch spongebob instead of team umizoomi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Spent 6 hours today voicing the new series of Team Umizoomi. I'm a robot!!
Last chance to let me know if you want any bows made out of character ribbon. I am placing my order tonight! I so far have orders for monsters high, team umizoomi, and the new movie frozen. If you want me to order something else let me know. I may already have the ribbon your looking for. Just let me know :)
Auntie Splicey just figured out why they run Team UmiZoomi ads during the older kids' programming: To suck in their younger siblings.
I got number 10 so here's 10 facts about my kids. Atiya 1. When she was born her left shoulder got stuck 2. 3 days later found out she was a colic baby (3 mos.) fml 3. She's a very picky eater 4. Sleeps with a pacifier still 5. Loves to comfort her brother 6. Jus started to speak 7. Front of her hair is curly while the back is nappy which makes no sense to me lol 8. Loves salad with no dressing 9. Tells me to shhh when I tell her not to do something n continue doin it smh 10. Loves to play games on my fone J.R 1. He is a momma's boy for sure 2. Gave up the pacifier at 8 mos on his own 3. Walked at ten months 4. He loves bacon and bread 5. As soon as 8 o'clock rolls in he comes looking for me to put him to bed ( that's my boy) 6. Loves playing rough with his sister 7. Loves team umizoomi he can watch that all day 8. Sleeps all over the place 9. He's on mute when he's out in public idk why 10. Loves to turn the tv on and off when there's nothing on Like my status and ill give you a number
The only things I watch on tv when I get home from school are "Team Umizoomi" & "Paw Patrol". πŸ˜’.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Boys sleep && Caylub tuned into Team Umizoomi so I'm cleaning
Hanging out with my zoey watching team umizoomi lol
Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, Dora, or team umizoomi is always on my tv 😩
"team umizoomi juss might be the WORSE show" Sh stop lying to yourself
team umizoomi juss might be the WORSE show
Team Umizoomi: What is a diamond cut in half? Tess: A triangle. Team Umizoomi: what is a square cut in half? Tess: A rectangle. Team Umizoomi: What does it look like if we cut a crescent in half? Tess: BULL HORNS
My little man is so obsessed with Team Umizoomi.and Umizoomi is a really good one. He isn't even three yet and he knows all of the basic shapes plus he can count to ten and is trying to count to twenty. He knows all of the songs they sing and he sings it with them.Holy cow he is growing.However, now I can hear him in the other room singing Dora the Explorer songs and screaming SWIPER NO SWIPING! . he is so awesome!
Q3 Donovan Patton from team umizoomi my 2 year old would love to hear his voice reading a book!
Well Team Umizoomi is done. Changed the channel. Didnt want to watch Dora the Explorer.
This time three years ago, I was getting used to being a mother of two. That first year-and-half, JJ was so chill Daddy nicknamed him Churchill. This second year-and-a-half has been the exact opposite. Through it all, he has always been adorable. For example, right now he is doing the Crazy Shake from Team Umizoomi and winking. Greatness. Happy Birthday, JJ!!
Aww snuggling on the couch with my boys... watching Team umizoomi then Dora lol my boys love these learning shows... Domi really gets into them.
My son just had me crying :'( He accidentally deleted Team Umizoomi that I had recorded for him and the tears just started rolling down his face.. I know it comes on more than once a day, but I still felt sorry for my baby. When he cries I cry...
Watching Team Umizoomi with my nephew. Bot: We need four stars for Gloopy's starship to fly. And we just found one. How many more stars do we need? -pauses- Me: -yells- THREE! Bot: Three. That's right. Me: I AM THE SMARTEST HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD!!!
My baby girl Mckenzie loves Team Umizoomi too cute
Just woke up now watching tv with ducky. Watching team umizoomi (:
Watching team umizoomi with my baby sis πŸ’•
Tomorrow Ty'shawn will be starting daycare for the first time. Yeah he been up under me his whole 3yrs of life but has been asking to go ta school for a while now so its time. U will never kno he hasn't been tho cuz my dude know his colors,how to count to 12 an he will tell u everyones whole name(his,mines,his dads,an his 3 brother) his birthday an how old he is. Yeah we teach em around here wit great help from Dora,team umizoomi,Paw Patrol,Bubble Guppies. Lmao.
Blimey. I know you have no taste, but still. I would NEVER watch that. Team UmiZoomi, if you must know.
My poor baby is getting sick, I tried to prevent it but I couldn't, well that's life though. It don't seem to affect her now, she up nd watching one of her favorite movie's "Team Umizoomi"
Spending most of my morning laying in bed watching Team Umizoomi. Love lazy days with my little man!
My DVR consist of Bubble Guppies, team umizoomi, Dora and the movie mean girls
Not gonna lie kinda missed watching team umizoomi with my baby :-) missed her so much!
Jd an remi are glued to the TV as soon as team Umizoomi comes on lol
Team Umizoomi. Bubble Guppies. Paw Patrol. Spongebob. Jake and the Neverland Pirates. my morning TV lineup. Smh.
Love getting the morning started with this handsome lil man and Team Umizoomi. Now off to my second…
Still sleepy but it's okay IM baby boy Is up playing an watching team umizoomi :-) I love my family. Joby Godwin
Wth is team umizoomi and why am i watching it
Mallory watching Team Umizoomi...she loves this show...usually watches it for the whole hour it is on without fussing...even talks to the television!
All of my precious children are gone and I'm still sitting here watching Team Umizoomi. Sad part is, I actually wanna see how they save the planet.I'm deliriously tired
Kyndels eatting her cereal and I tell her she has 5 more min then we have to get ready for school and she just says .mom im watching tv team umizoomi is on! crazy kid were still getting ready for school lol
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Up watchin team umizoomi with my lil love dallas he had a smile for aunty this morning :)
Up early watching team umizoomi with the bratt
I guess I'll watch team umizoomi mean while
Morning cuddles and team umizoomi with my babies! Love being a mommy!
-team umizoomi! Is it sad that I know the song at the beginning.. Lol
I be waiting for Bubble Guppies and Team UmiZoomi. So what! Idc idc πŸ’
You got mighty math powers, mighty mighty math powers. Team umizoomi ready for action
I guess all those episodes of Team Umizoomi are paying off. Jack was just practicing his cutting and handed me a 4 sided piece he cut and said "look mommy, I made a trapezoid!"
What a great day this is gonna be! I am having an allergic reaction to my meds.. my face looks like i have a sun burn and my whole body is red and bumpy... and marquise is walking around crying and throwing up something very strange . waiting on two dr.s to call back... until then there's team umizoomi and cold wash clothes
hey that song comes out on a episode Team Umizoomi lol
I'm a little concerned. Team umizoomi is growin on me.
For sale: Vtech Innotab 2S Includes blue carrying case, charger, and 3 games (Jake and The Never Land Pirates, Dora Let's Help!, and Team Umizoomi On The Go) Asking $75 It was a Christmas gift for Cruz last year but has only been played a handful of times. After Nevah and Dawson opened their Kindle Fires - he wanted one too. The Innotab is very cool with Wifi, camera, video recorder, E-reader, mp3 player, etc. (We have all boxes and manuels.) Message me for more info or pics.
I am so tired of watching team umizoomi but it's the only thing that keeps chloe entertained
My big BIG friend & team umizoomi r my fav. Cartoons to watch with my kids & alice
Does anybody know where I can find some team umizoomi or Bubble Guppies fabric?
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Layin n bed with my lil guy while watching team umizoomi! i love watching the interested gaze upon his lil face! im glad we got this time 2gether! thank u Father-God!
Just gave my boo a bath! Now we're laying down watching Team Umizoomi ☺️
Bubble Guppies, Dora, Team UmiZoomi, Paw Patrol!? How much Nick Jr can a mommy handle?! [Starting to lose it. Wondering if this is how mom felt when I was Liam's age and obsessed with Barney.]
Brandon just told Jessie that he was watching Team umizoomi he said no pictures
They got me watching team umizoomi yooo πŸ˜©ξŽξ– ,
Ion like this Episode of spongebob so ima watch team Umizoomi
Lookin at team umizoomi wit Mari anything to c him smile
Steve and my sister are dying cus they think team umizoomi is fkn hilarious
Watching coltons favorite show.. Team Umizoomi. . Bleh its annoying lol only another hr of it then mommy shows :) lol cleaning up a bit.. Off tomorrow n hanging out with my babies :) also pray for those who lost their homes and family members out in washington illinois!!
Maddie watching Team Umizoomi sitting and then decides the baby doll bed is hers now lol
Time to cuddle up next to my baby boy til he falls asleep but I have a feeling it's not going to be til he sees team umizoomi :) trip to the college in the morning then work after lunch :)
Khi's obsessed with team umizoomi, the Bubble Guppies, Dora, spongebob & Mickey mouse clubhouse. like he HAS to watch his show everyday .
Not that I don't enjoy Team Umizoomi over and over, but it was nice for a change to watch The Incredibles on repeat... Lol
Drinking chocolate milk and watching team Umizoomi with Sawyer made my dayπŸ’•
Went to the park with my mama cousins n lil sis yelled at random kids cause they were throwing rocks lmao don't think we should go back there and than thanks to my mommy I got a new puppy thank u mom Natalia named her Millie from team umizoomi lmao. I love you mom!
Thank you Team UmiZoomi and NickJr. for my new word today - dodecahedron. I'll never use it, but I like saying it! dodecahedron, dodecahedron, dodecahedron!!!
This kid has been sitting in the laundry basket for like an hr watching Team Umizoomi.& he is not…
Nick Jr Trivia Question! Name all of the Team Umizoomi villians starting with the first one that was introduced. The Answer in a hour.
Nothing better than being curled up on a rainy day with my little princess watching Team Umizoomi!
remember when I was freaking out over Team Umizoomi last night that was a crazy night
goodmorning .up with my babys watching team umizoomi my step daughter just got up and she says" man you guys wake up early" I told her " yup we all start our day at 6 am sharp theres no sleeping late allowed " lol she just laughs anyway enjoy your day!
Having an actual argument with Summer over whether Peppa is better than Team Umizoomi. It is. I win.
Caden has fallen asleep will watching Team Umizoomi. Now to get him to bed without to much conflict. Wish me luck.
Going on almost two hours of team umizoomi with my babygirl i love her more than anything in the world.but dont think i can watch another episode but i guess thats what dads gotta do to make his angel happy!!! So bring on another one!!
My Number is 6 1. My left arm is shorter than my right (I broke my growth plate twice on my left elbow) 2. I use to have a speech problem 3. When I was younger I was in beauty pageants 4. I have been with my high school sweetheart for about 10 years now 5. When watching Dora or Team Umizoomi I answer when they ask questions 6. I LOVE everything Marvel Especially X-Men
Bentley loves team he always wants it on! But he is learning from it so I can't complain! :) can't believe how fast he is growing and becoming so smart! I love you Bentley so much!!! :) Brandon Miller
Find team umizoomi on tv after you said that you did not have team umizoomi five hours ago to watch and then having to hear about how you were mistaken the whole time while watching team umizoomi. Yeap, totally mistaken about having it
I just learned that I dodecahedran is a twelve sided shape thanks to Team Umizoomi lol
Team umizoomi wit my bugs til they fall asleep then cuddle time with the hubby...󾌧 I love all my guys...
I'm thankful that I'm a Grandma! There's nothing like rocking your almost 2 year old Grandbaby to sleep while watching Team Umizoomi! :-)
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My current situation is me at home with my babies watching Team Umizoomi with the lil ones. Love that Nick Jr channel 335 with Comcast high as
Wow.. Team Umizoomi is nott playin around. They're over here teachin kids about dodecahedrons. How many of you even know what that is, let alone pronounce it? Lol
My baby love is feeling much better. She finished most of her dinner and now she's chillin' watching Team Umizoomi :)
Watching team umizoomi with my son it almost time for night night for him
Spending my night with my boys that I missed soo much! Events for tonight consists of lots of popcorn, Capri Sun, team umizoomi, and sleeping with mommy on the living room floor :) absolutely love my life!
Sitting here watching Team Umizoomi eating a snack with my BABIES and cups of MILK ,but am TELLING what OUR snack was sh DON'T tell my little sister Katia Barnes lol
Well sitting here waiting for Brookie to fall asleep she already watched Dora, Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, and now Mickey Mouse!
Watching ciara favorite cartoon team umizoomi
Relaxing nights with my boys are awesome...if only they could crack a beer and watch college football instead of drinking milk and watching Team Umizoomi...
I think I have seen enough Team Umizoomi to last a life time! Wish I could just watch a show that wasn't for kids just once lol
Does anyone know if the song We're All Family the song for this month's theme Family Style Month is from Team Umizoomi? Because it sounds like it's from Team Umizoomi.
Wat shows are your LOs favorites? My son LOVES yo gabba gabba, Bubble Guppies, and team umizoomi :) *Sarai*
Team umizoomi with Jerry..Ny is sleeepin
so found out this morning my child loves her some maple and brown sugar oatmeal. omg time is going so fast i wish i had a pause button on my child's life i would pause it just for a little while so i can enjoy this time a little longer but oh well this anit click it's real life and there is no pause button on real life but it was a good thought. I'm also trying to find out wat i want to do alydia's 1st bday party in and i have realized that there will be more boys at her party than girls so that kinda does away with alot of things for her party. we wanted to do a tutu party but i can just see the looks on the boys face when they walk in and are handed a tutu and a wand yea i see that going over very well. i know we still have 6 mths till then but it is never to early to start planning and getting things together. so if anyone has any ideas they wold like to share please do. and i hope everyone has a great day bout to go bath my messy oatmeal baby and have us some play time watching team umizoomi and bubbl ...
My On Demand is not working so we cant watch Team Umizoomi or Bubble Guppies, it's going to be a very long day.
Lord my baby say she ready to go hm so she could watch Bubble Guppies an team umizoomi say the hotel pop dwn it een hve Disney lol
I am ready to throw our Directv Genie DVR out the window. It keeps freezing up while Evan is watching team Umizoomi & he keeps asking me what happened ?
My son is spoiled and OBSESSED with team umizoomi right now! If the show comes on he says, YAY BOT ,BOT BOT BOT BOT! And when the shows over, he says "OH NO, MOMMY! BOT!" and cries if i turn it off. GAAAH
My son is watching team umizoomi, turned up smh. Just like my brother Deangelo Makeitrain Smith lol
Why my crazy 2 year old come busting in my room talkin bout, "the shape bandit in my room i'm scared he takin all the shapes and putting them behind his back." Really she's crazy goofy!! What did I say? "Girl the shape bandit ain't bad he just wants to build something go finish watchin team umizoomi!!" LOL
It's possible that Team Umizoomi has been on our tv for the past hour, and Siana has been upstairs asleep for about that long. It's possible I'm too wiped out to get up and look for the remote.
Cute Kaylie moment team umizoomi said press the button she gets up I ask her "what are you doing?" Her response "pressing the button."
Jeremias de Jesus and Kirstie De Jesus, you have the sweetest little boy! Kayden decided he wanted to sleep with "grumma Sawah". We read, got tucked in, said prayers (he said no to closing his eyes... Afraid he might fall asleep) and he was happy to except lots of kisses. He asked for team umizoomi and before I got the tv on he was out. What an awesome little man!
Got to the point I gotta tell jr Bubble Guppies sleep & sponge bob team umizoomi & mickey mouse & boots lol
I can get my size (gulp) 10 jeans on *AND* fastened! Still a ways to go~ just a small win for what's been a crummy week. Meanwhile, xen is pouting because team umizoomi isn't on
Okay, it's a deal. What about Team Umizoomi and SuperWHY! ?
NBA this NBA that I ride for this I die for this yadda yadda been waiting since June.lil boy says he wants to watch Team Umizoomi guess what's on the TV? He's lucky it's a blowout and OKC isn't playing though.
Lord he up again...Team Umizoomi...smh! We up to 3
And here we are watching. Team Umizoomi .. Lol...
I'm going to fall asleep on Ava, she want to be up watching Team Umizoomi
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Arianna all ready for bed.. Meanwhile we watching team umizoomi cuddling.. NOTHING IS BETTER!!! 󾌬❀️󾠣
My baby sister and nephew LOVE team umizoomi. ☺️
Laying down with Daniella watching team umizoomi ☺️
team Umizoomi was counting 13, 14, 15 they asked what number comes next...Nolan screams 16. i fell off the couch.
Ok, monster is in his room and for some reason I still turned the tv to team umizoomi.
Team Umizoomi with my two year old nephews…
Ready for the voice! That is one show that both kids and I agree on ;) oan.cant forget Team Umizoomi..(yes, i have a soft spot for that cartoon)
I have a ridiculous amount of hw to do but here I am watching team umizoomi while babysitting
My niece can not here the team umizoomi song lmfao she goes nuts
We are intensely watching cartoons, team umizoomi
Katy Oswald was so cute dressed up as Milli from Team Umizoomi. Thank you Equine-Assisted Therapy, Inc. for painting her horse to match Shooting Star from the series. SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Pictures coming soon.
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