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Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi is a computer-animated educational, musical television series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons.

Bubble Guppies Paw Patrol Peppa Pig Doc McStuffins Good Morning

I worked, what Team Umizoomi with Lewis, then Deadliest Catch.
NWGA Exclusive! Auto RePost: (click the link!). Team umizoomi look and find book $5. Vtech lap top $10. Mickey...
What is your favorite season of Team Umizoomi?
I'm officially best friends with a 6 year old... She watches Team Umizoomi. Get on our level.
My morning routine every day consists of: Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, Frozen, & Dora the Explorer. The theme songs are growing on me...
this kid really got me watching Team umizoomi πŸ˜‘πŸ”«
My little brother is watching team umizoomi or somethin & it was like "this is a trapezoid" and he goes "I don't care" and I lost it
But I'm on sister duty today. One is playing the game, the other is watching Team Umizoomi. They're semi quiet πŸ™Œ
Team Umizoomi is kinda boring with the intro song lol
I'm watching Team Umizoomi and it's making me miss my nephews like crazy :(
I thought chase was gonna come watch cartoons with me but I guess not cause I'm sitting here watching team umizoomi by myself..
Morning yoghurt & team umizoomi.. She finds it funny cause she keeps smiling at the tv, little cutie..…
My lil niece got me watching Team Umizoomi.
My brother was just whistling the theme song to Team Umizoomi πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ***
Team Umizoomi, and I want to throw myself off a cliff.
Me- "Dom are you going to help Team Umizoomi?" Him- "No I'm just going to eat their food" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Confused as to why Team Umizoomi is on. Another line up change has occured. I will be on 9.
They really are! I've now been informed that the wrong episode of Team Umizoomi is being shown too
Great ABC learning through Anitrek. I just love it.
I feel like all that's ever on in this house is team umizoomi..
Twenty years from now, Ben and other 20-somethings talking on their iBrains about how great Team Umizoomi was.
Gordon Ramsey was in a commercial with team umizoomi.
Oy vey...I woke up with the Team Umizoomi song in my head and I just can't get rid of it!!!!!
July 14th 2014 - JL decorated Team Umizoomi cakes to celebrate getting a place at nursery in September…
"Team Umizoomi" may be a loud and irritating show, but it does make my kid go bananas, and at least that's a lot of fun to watch.
Both of the nugs are awake and now I'm stuck watching Team Umizoomi. Kms
You know you're a parent when you catch yourself singing the Team Umizoomi theme song in your head. At least it's not Let It Go.
Download this exciting for your little ones now!
I added a video to a playlist Team Umizoomi Full Season - All in One 1 Hour ( Part 2 ) - [ English
Been watching Team Umizoomi for the past 2 hours. Still better than soccer.
Team umizoomi or Paw Patrol for my sons 1st birthday cake ??
Freddie's just solved a pattern problem on Team Umizoomi and I genuinely didn't get it! Still don't - ...Milestone moment!
Just caught myself counting along with the lil girl on Team Umizoomi 😐 we've seen too many cartoons today
I hear them but I'm watching team umizoomi.
Only ambulances, police, fire trucks & team umizoomi can speed.
I learned that the children's television show Team Umizoomi will not be renewed for a fifth season. This is sad...
I cannot watch another episode of team umizoomi
I added a video to a playlist Team umizoomi theme song
I liked a video Youtube poop team umizoomi ***
I hate when isa wants to watch team umizoomiπŸ˜’
So far while I've slept madam watched team umizoomi 10x sheriff callie, jake pirate and mickey mouse. She thinks she's in heaven lol
Of all the kids tv shows we watch team umizoomi or whatever is the worst it makes me die inside it makes me FURIOUS
I know all the theme songs, Bubble Guppies is my favorite... but my son loves team umizoomi
They got me watching team umizoomi lord
We're here counting to 27 with Team Umizoomi
It just hit me how much of a kid I actually am . . I'm sitting here watching Team Umizoomi and am actually intrigued by it. πŸ˜‚
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Its 2:46 in the morning and im watching team umizoomi. .wUT?!?!?!.
Check out NEW Team Umizoomi bath book toy via
An hour before my alarm went off I hear a "whisper" 2in from my face, "Mom, I'm awake & starving. I need a bagel with cream cheese and a banana smoothie. Also, Team Umizoomi is on." I was still only half awake pulling out the toaster, when I got a little irritated. I put it away and pulled out the Cheerios & Milk. And turned on an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. There kid. Saturday morning. Learn it.
Spent the morning watching team umizoomi with a three year old. I learnt all about emotions today, and that my nephew can count to ten quicker than me. There's no emotion for that.
loving the Spider-man bathrobe. Having to sit through Team Umizoomi before the rugby starts.
Love being up this early watching team umizoomi! . not lol
So me and Rylen are watching Team Umizoomi (his choice not mine) and he walks over to me and said "woves (loves) me mama" and I said "yes I loves my punkin" and he says "no, woves me" and climbs in my lap, hugs me and says "yes woves me" THIS KID IS JUST AWESOME!
Watching a little team umizoomi on the iPad before bed... Can't get much better than that
I wish it would stop storming... Chance and I are just chilling on the couch watching Team Umizoomi. and it is so bad outside!
I don't watch hannity. I watch team umizoomi and transformers. I don't even have satellite.
Team Umizoomi Games - Compilation for Children Team Umizoomi is an animated fantasy musical series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical ...
Twlight Zone-ish -- Golden Earring "Twilight Zone" has replaced Team Umizoomi theme in my head
Watching Team Umizoomi when the kid is not home. *** is wrong with this picture?! lmao
Team Umizoomi theme over and over in my head ... "We are a tiny team ... We go behind the scenes ..."
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Anyone else having to watch Team Umizoomi at 6.30 this morning?
Bathed my baby girl now just laying here with her watching Team Umizoomi while her daddy sorts out HER movies πŸ˜πŸ’š
:: I chuckled lowly before turning on some cartoons for Jace. He had to have some show called Team Umizoomi. I hated this show but I ::
do I need to get team umizoomi involved
Custom Team Umizoomi Speed Turfs I did for my me for sneaker work for you special little someone
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My son is addicted to freeze pops, tic tacs, juice, eggs, toast, and Team Umizoomi. πŸ˜‚
Chilling out with khlo watching Paw Patrol and Team Umizoomi while drinking red coolaid jammers.
Yes, I admit, I do like Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi. Don't judge me.
I love doc mcstufffins and team umizoomi and Paw Patrol Hashtag# the doc is in
It's sad how team umizoomi makes me feel smarter with math xD
New gameplay video (another one today)! Team Umizoomi: Math Racer HD by Nickelodeon:
Email catch up, proposal review, Peppa Pig, Team Umizoomi and built a Thomas track all before 8am 😳
they all like different stuff. Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins team umizoomi Dora, etc lol it's 6 of em
I get my dating advice from Team Umizoomi
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Team Umizoomi on DVD. Calling all Umifriends! Team Umizoomi is ready for action! Join math heroes Milli, Geo, and...
So the remote wants to go missing when team umizoomi comes on.
I'm getting far to into team umizoomi!!!
I am currently watching team umizoomi help
I'm watching Team Umizoomi and earning great rewards from
I'm Team Umizoomi. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Aubrey showing Milli from team umizoomi her dance!
Took Aubrey and Emersyn to meet Milli from team umizoomi.
Team Umizoomi - SpongeBob SquarePants - Bubble Guppies | Full Game Episodes . Full Compilation of spongebob, guppies, team umizoomi for kids , children and b...
Now that the game is over I'm stuck watching team umizoomi πŸ˜’
Lorenzo doesn't quite understand that the hotel tv doesn't have a DVR. He thinks the remote can pull up any of his favorite tv shows at any time. He's currently asking for Team Umizoomi
Team Umizoomi ,I Hope You Enjoy. If You Like, Subcribe to see more Team Umizoomi! team umizoomi full episode, team umizoomi full episode in english, team umi...
Doesn't beat the theme to Team Umizoomi!
I really miss the monsters. Asking for apple juice, trying to play && watch Cars or Team UmiZoomi.
I absolutly love watching team umizoomi in the morning with caiden and ethan!
Milli from Team Umizoomi has arrived in Fergus Falls!! She is resting up so she is ready to meet everyone on Friday. Come down to Otter Tail Telcom from 1-3:30 on Friday or in Underwood from 10-11. Don't forget to bring your camera!
Tonight was Waylon's turn to spend the night. He hung out with Aunt Jenny, Colton and Chase and watched Team Umizoomi. Got to play with cousin Benjamin until he went home, good times! One wore out little boy!
One of the best moments in the world: spending the evening with Ben setting in my lap, watching Team Umizoomi. I love my nephews and niece so much!
about the team umizoomi thing, I question you
I am in so much trouble. I just got called down for singing commercials! I will have you know it wasn't a commercial it was an episode of Team UmiZoomi! Apparently, I need to get in some more adult time!
I don't let Jayden watch TV except for, Super Why and Team Umizoomi. Basically,because I like the shows,answering the questions and singing the songs. LOL!!! Oh.and because he always learns something!!
I've watched team umizoomi for the last 5 days...
Team UmiZoomi Full Game Episodes in English - Kids Games TV. Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi and more games to play online on Kids Videos - Children Games T...
Am I really watching team umizoomi πŸ˜‚
Team umizoomi on nickjr is what I'm currently watching on tv. Oh and it's all about a meatball machine... you'd love this
Love how my munchkin yells the answers at the tv on team umizoomi. He loves that show and is normally correct with his answers. Yay math! Hope he's good at it, I sure wasn't.
Sitting watching Team Umizoomi with Aidrian realizing my 4yr old knows his left and right better then i do...
My brother is dead sitting here answering the questions to team umizoomi correctly.
The little kids on Team UmiZoomi are horrible actors.
I should NOT know all the Paw Patrol characters! 🐢🐾 or all the theme songs to wallykazam, team umizoomi & Paw Patrol 😾
Get them to try Team Umizoomi on netflix/nick. Far worse kid shows on TV.
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Watching team umizoomi with my number one sidekick 😍 Good times
Team Umizoomi seems to be the favourite choice of the wee one. time she was in bed methinks.
ISO- Team Umizoomi dvds. Not sure if I'm supposed to post this here but I cant find any of these anywhere!
Thank you Team Umizoomi for teaching my son how to count to ten! ❀️
more importantly though, they have Dora the Explorer & Team Umizoomi !
That moment when you are watching Team Umizoomi with your kid and you realize, "hey, that is a different voice actor for Geo."
Good choice. I love her. Beautiful, awesome personality, and she's personal friends with Team Umizoomi
You can't see it cause this camera *** lol but I'm spending my morning watching Team Umizoomi 😐 [pic] β€”
Team Umizoomi on yall dnt bother me
My son is slightly obsessed with team umizoomi bloody boring :( x
I'm really upset with "Team Umizoomi" They sing a cute song, "How Does it Work?" Instead of telling us how it works we're told what it does.
I'm all for these Watch & Learn cartoons like Dora and Team Umizoomi, but I know my kid would get such a kick out of Tom & Jerry
Watching team umizoomi with the kids.. peacefulness is priceless
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Watching Team Umizoomi with my nephew & sis ..
My daughter is so freakin' silly! I bought her fruit snacks in the grocery store and as I'm loading the trunk and she's still in the cart, she's like, "Where's my fruit snacks at?" Then she proceeds to scream, "Team Umizoomi!!! Where are you?!" over, and over, and over again while the onlookers tried to figure out what was going on. All I could do was laugh and shake my head.
Listening to my daughter try to reason with the tv while watching team umizoomi is pretty dang funny
Since 3 o'clock today Lukas has had TEAM UMIZOOMI on the play station and he still wants more! My head is battered!
god-daughter got me stuck watching Team Umizoomi
I like to watch me some team umizoomi with Reanna and sing the theme song.
hanging out with my grandson..he got me watching..Team Umizoomi!
Helping set up gabi's brother. Her sister is watching "Team Umizoomi". I think its more effectively killing my brain cells than alcohol...
Strangely animated dinosaurs doing surreal things in cutouts of what looks like London... I think my daughter is watching the Terry Gilliam-inspired episode of Team Umizoomi.
Team umizoomi w A he loves this show
I'm watching team umizoomi with Jaxson and he's chewing away on everything and being silly.
Watching team umizoomi and lalaloopsy, and nick junior stuff with my little sis for now then ice cream truck and playing outside with her kinda games and stuff too !!!
Anybody kids like team umizoomi? I got a innotab 3s vtech teamumizoomi tab 4 sale 50 bucks my sis bought it 4 80 mir doesnt play it nomore good condition hmu if u want pics
Chocolate chip pancakes sausage cheese eggs and team and Tae chillin. Good Morning!!!
Why am I having terrible thoughts about the "lizard launcher" on Team Umizoomi?
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They're teaching kids what a dodecahedron is on team umizoomi ***
Watching Peppa Pig then team umizoomi with hope
Jacob watching Team Umizoomi Savannah playing on the computer just us today got it easy today yay Josh is still asleep getting kids blanket and sheet washed that's really all I gotta do today yay
To everyone who garage sales I'm looking for a team Umizoomi backpack for Zander. If you see one at a garage sale please pick it up for me!
I liked a video My reaction to Team Umizoomi getting cancelled
Nightly routine of team umizoomi. I thought he would never give up Mickey Mouse clubhouse.I'm beginning to miss that one lol love my lil stinker
Team Umizoomi fallin off my screens
Any1 know when they r gonna make any new Team UmiZoomi's? Watched like the same one's a million times & it's killing me.
Team Umizoomi episode with β€œice lasers” makes my brain hurt due to the complete disregard of science.
Team Umizoomi Shape Bandit Game on PC. Help team umizoomi to catch the bandit. My other channel, please subscribe
I think I've officially seen every episode of team umizoomi.
Watching Team Umizoomi and they ask what time of animal is on the screen, it was a pig, and Kinzley shouts out, "Pork!" πŸ˜‚
Watching team umizoomi with Greyson Jaylynn and Kaylee
Annie (aged 18 months) completely obsessed with her big sister's Team Umizoomi shirt and won't take it off. It's sized 5T.
mine is only lukewarm on Wally. Loves Team Umizoomi & Guppies tho!
Aunt Adventures with Team Umizoomi: . β€œBreaking news!? That sounds important.” . Well, Bot, usually it is…
Who's going to save the blue mermaid?! WE ARE! TEAM UMIZOOMI!
This is what aub does when team umizoomi comes on πŸ˜‚ love my baby girl
I just watched an entire episode of Team Umizoomi before I realized my kids are playing in another room.
Trading SportsCenter, Jersey Shore, Bar Rescue and CSI for Bubble Guppies, Wallykazam, Paw Patrol and Team Umizoomi this summer.
Laying in bed with Aubriana watching Team Umizoomi and having some morning cuddles 😊😍 Waiting on Emerson to wake up!
Staying home babysitting and watching team umizoomi with my baby nephew & niece & is on it! Lol
We're watching Team Umizoomi and Max really participating lol.
So me and Laniya are watching this stupid team umizoomi crap. And this little blue dude just sang "Super shapes!" Idky I think its so funny!
I'm sitting here with the tv on but haven't looked up from my phone. What the *** is Team Umizoomi?!
Can i get in the team umizoomi car & go 3 feet to the next ridiculously-easy pattern/vague directional sign?
My sweetheart just woke up. Daddy is officially on duty. β€” watching Team Umizoomi
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I showed AJ the Cloudy with a chance of meatballs DVD he got hype, as soon as Team Umizoomi came out the bag he tossed the other one 😩
Nephew wants to hang out tonight. He better understand that we will NOT watch Team Umizoomi when we can watch Team Rangers/Canadians.
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No team umizoomi I have no desire to help you use pattern power.. And using a dollar as a parachute does not sound safe at all
Randy is way to excited over this episode of Team Umizoomi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Alina gets so excited for Dora and Team Umizoomi, it's hilarious!
Watching a Team Umizoomi episode about getting your haircut
Jeff Gordon to star on Nickelodeon with Team Umizoomi - With a preschooler and a toddler at home, Jeff Gordon...
They really don't give a monkey's whether they're singing in tune on Team Umizoomi do they?
Door Mouse in Team Umizoomi is a bit of a knob
Shout out to all the amazing parents who do anything to make their happy. I think I've listened to the FROZEN soundtrack at least 100 times, and easily have every song memorized!! And don't forget watching Peppa Pig, Dora, Julius Jr., Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Lalaloopsy and Super why. ( and dancing to the Fresh Beat Band).
Should I stay with Comcast it go back to DirecTV? Has to have Bob the builder, Team Umizoomi, and Bubble Guppies though.
Paw Patrol, Spongebob, Team Umizoomi, and occasionally Yo Gabba Gabba is all I watch!
Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, Dora, Team Umizoomi & Pepper The Pig I swear that's all I be up watching when it's just me & dayday
our boy was watching Team Umizoomi and they asked what this shape was. He yells "trapezoid!" Ummm smart much?
First of all why am i watching team umizoomi second of all why am i enjoying it
Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol and More preschool shows on Nickelodeon Summer Playdate Season Break.
Special cuddle time on sofa with Gino & he saids he wanst to watch Team Umizoomi. I said don't think that's on, he replied its ok mummy it's on demand! He knows my sky box better than I do!
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Lalaloopsy, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Tickety Toc and more preschool games itunes will go to Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014.
Watching Team Umizoomi with G & I see a commercial for a Barbie who picks up dog poop. ...
Trenton doesn't want me out of his sight! I am glad that I got some Laundry,and,santizing done while he was still sleeping,he is bathed,and,resting watching Team Umizoomi! This Momma is exhausted! An hour sleep,and,ready for a nap! Praying that he gets over this soon!
I just want to sleep past 8 a.m. on my day off. Daisy however has other snuggle time and team umizoomi
Team Umizoomi is rescuing a cat named Brownie. Our cat is named Brownie. Kids find this A-MAZE-ING.
Niece got me watching some Team Umizoomi πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Team UMIZOOMI Full Episodes for Children & Kids to watch in English HD
πŸ’΅πŸš‚ 7-3 -Can't wait to go home, cuddle with my babies and watch Paw Patrol & Team Umizoomi 😍😘
I'm still so tired I was nonstop yesterday I'm so happy Quinn is happy with team umizoomi and cuddling on the couch right now
Nothing like a 4 year old waking you up at 3am asking if you will watch Team Umizoomi with them.
Shoot team umizoomi got ice cream pizza ya *** skippy I wanna try
braelyn's party is this Saturday... it's from 2-4... she picked a team umizoomi cake... can't believe my "baby" is almost 3... :(
i my niece got me in here watching Team Umizoomi
We are home and watching Team Umizoomi :) :)
So me and Jordon laying down watching team umizoomi and he keeps whispering "take it off" I'm not quite sure what I should say or do lol but I am very uncomfortable 😳
Nothing like dancing with the girls to the cartoon music of Team Umizoomi.. they made me do it, I swear. ;)
Watch great Team Umizoomi online free video clips and episodes,Team Umizoomi, free, video, watch, clips, nick jr, episodes
Anitrek is really Cool colouring app. Check it out . bhhAjjs
I know that when I was 2, I did not have my own room, and I dang sho didn't have my own tv, so y does my son have both, but I'm still stuck watching Team Umizoomi from the hours of 8p.m til bedtime??? This is gettin outta hand!
Available to purchase! Set of three Team umizoomi characters on poster board. Used once for a party and still in perfect condition! The size is 20x30 inches! $20 FOR all 3
I think the only one I can handle is Team Umizoomi. I think they're cute. :3.
It's too bad classes start up next week. I'm really beginning to love coming home and having nothing to do but watch team umizoomie!
I am putting on my Jammies & watching some mind numbing TV with BHHW.. It is Grandma's time to chill... No Team Umizoomi or Bubble Guppies.
I love my nephew . We watching team umizoomi .πŸ”₯πŸŒ€
FYI: All caught up on Peppa Pig, Olivia and Team Umizoomi thanks to Terrah Britley & Taryn Shea!!!
Good Morning /_/ just watching team umizoomi inside the classroom. Wala eh batch 3 pa kami ^-^
*** I shouldn't have never put on team umizoomi
Meatloaf white rice and garlic bread with my wine in with my big boy watching team umizoomi I love these moment's
So far my day has consisted of watching Peppa Pig and Team Umizoomi
Aww Mary's watching Team Umizoomi, and they just asked if she'd ever been to the zoo...she says loudly, "No!" LOL She has, but has no clue..she was 6 months old at the time. Heck, if she went to the zoo 2 weeks ago, she probably wouldn't remember it now! :)
Team umizoomi.spongebob.Bubble Guppies n Paw Patrol needs a break from my tv
Adriel and I are helping out team umizoomi find the 12 stink bombs on the loose in umizoomi city.
Too cute... Just relaxing watching Team Umizoomi with no care in the world... Would love to know what…
Im convinced Ive seen every episode of Team Umizoomi
Goodmorning from us , the princess is watch team umizoomi
That box going 14 Pretzel Street? Nahh. It's going to 10 Hamburger Street. Flipping Team Umizoomi teaching me life lessons right now.
In this episode, Team Umizoomi teaches kids about the non-stop excitement of impersonating a police officer!
My nephew got me watching team umizoomi
Kayden is dead glued to Team Umizoomi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Team umizoomi and hot cocoa on this snow day . ❀️
Team umizoomi tells me I should be sleeping πŸ˜•
Team Umizoomi – Hide and Seek with Milli: Join Milli in Umi Park for a game of hide & seek Milli makes hide & ...
Ayden loves team umizoomi! He sings the theme song alll the time!!
I'm not watchin team umizoomi anymore Tristan
popcorn & team umizoomi with my babyboy, oh how I missed him❀️
My bro needs to get out of my room *** is "Team Umizoomi" I'm so cheesed
Its sad how I know the entire cast of Team Umizoomi.
I was gonna watch the oscars but Patrick wants to watch team umizoomi welp guess I'm not watching the oscars
Meagan absolutely loves team umizoomi 😩😩
In here watching team umizoomi wit my niece 😩
My mom is watching Team UmiZoomi lmfao ***
2 hours of team umizoomi on nick jr πŸ™ yes I can get some laundry done
Colour all the beautiful Alphabets pages in Anitrek. Learning through colouring.
Best theme song in television history is a virtual toss up between Chuggington and Team Umizoomi
Don't know how much more I can take watching team umizoomi.
Capital One final or Team Umizoomi??? No brainier, c'mon Milly, Geo and Bot!
Caitlynn woke up at 7 a.m. I tried to tell her it's Sunday. Oh, well, now we're watching Team Umizoomi's and doing the crazy shake. SMH.
Team Umizoomi Full Episodes for Children - Games for Kids - Dora the Explorer#
Happy sunday everyone!!! im sat still editing pics and uploading, i am having to suffer team umizoomi but if it...
From 635am Heidey me tiene viendo Dora-Team Umizoomi -Paw Patrol-Bubble Guppies- Wallykazam If I get up she tells me mami watch cartoons with me please. I'm going to make her bake that's the only way I get her off TV.. so she'll be making chocolate cupcakes ... have a bless morning everyone .
Pretty sure I can recite every episode of Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Dora by heart. At least I get to snuggle with the cutest 2 year old while doing it!
hey Netflix first i want to say thank you for most of the children seletion. My son love most of them so thank you... Now can you please get Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants.. adding these selection will make me the happiness mom in the world. oh yeah please fix American Dad sound.. i call a million times and it's still not fixed yet. Sincerely Marie
I am stuck watching Team Umizoomi this morning. 😐 big sister probs.
Parenthood is that sense of relief after learning you can Netflix the toddler's new favorite show, which means there will be just enough DVR space between every episode ever of Blues Clues and Team Umizoomi for Sherlock & Downton Abbey.
Mr. Man has discovered Team Umizoomi. I must say its actually cute, and a whole lot better than Spongebob!
Music videos with my son at 9:30 in the morning, guess it beats Team UmiZoomi though!
Team umizoomi (Nickelodeon) come and get us counting car with remote control 3 buttons..with milli and geo..Β£20 as brought for over Β£55 less then year ago..hardly used in brilliant working condition..collection only ip4
so tired of watching Bubble Guppies and team umizoomi!! Its the same shows over and over again!! I need a laptop
girl we luckily just caught Team Umizoomi we use to watch it but she started waking up later lol Doc McStuffins we never watch
girl you missing out on Doc McStuffins and Team Umizoomi they got the best theme songs
Gave Antonio some Tylenol, he has a fever from getting his shots yesterday..laying on the couch watching Team Umizoomi... poor baby!
I wake up to the show team umizoomi every morning... By far the most annoying show
I'm watching team umizoomi with the boys and Ayden is getting everything right and Bently is trying to point to everything while trying to say what it is. My boys are getting so big!
I'm watching team umizoomi and rock lees voice actor is here
Watching team umizoomi with my baby boy .
Danielle l am Going to kicking your butt. You got zany obsessed With freaking team umizoomi and I hate it
Watching team umizoomi, this shows how bored I actually am
Well just got done feeding the horses now watching team umizoomi with the boys ;)
Up drinking some coffee while the kids are watching team umizoomi...
I like Team Umizoomi lol, My current situation with my King... Good Morning all, have a blessed and productive day.. Get Off Your Butt!!
You know that your family is crazy when you hear you dad yell team umizoomi like an excites 5 year old...
Bored and sick of Team UmiZoomi. Sick of it!
Fire going in the fireplace, cup of coffee, reading Psalms and watching Team Umizoomi.I am the multitasker!!!
Not a fan of the power going out when I have 3 babies that don't enjoy the dark and get angry when their Team UmiZoomi gets shut off πŸ‘§πŸ‘±πŸ‘ΆπŸ’‘
Level two is triangles. I wonder if team umizoomi can do it.
My godson has killed Team Umizoomi for me. I used to love that show.
Welp me and O are having a snow day today, I'm getting some much overdue Antiques Roadshow in before she gets up and it's all My Little Pony and Team Umizoomi.
This day last year I was so scared and prayed so hard that you ad your mother would be okay. Since the moment I saw I couldn't believe how much I loved you though we just met. There are still times when I cry just looking at how beautiful you have become and how much you have grown. I love the way you dance to you favorite cartoon jingles and I love the way you little teeth show when you smile. Never in my life could I have image that being your father is by far, better than any late night adventure I have encountered with my friends, better than any pay check I have received, better than any memory I have stored. You are the reason why I work as much as I do, so that I can be a better person and eventually work my own hours and help people as you have helped me. You're my Beautiful Grandmother reincarnated and my best friend. Happy First Birthday to my Amazing Peanut/ Team Umizoomi member. I will always protect you and always understand you. I love you Lillyann Rose ***
Team umizoomi on :-( my nephew is watchin this ish...intently.I dont even get why he likes this show
Love it or hate it kids shows. Team umizoomi β™₯Amber
Electronic Device Insurance
Lol sittn here watchn Team umizoomi with sadie ,& my stomach gurgles she pats my chest n i say oh thk u ,then she says " u poop " ,,lol we burst out laughing ,my funny babes Lmao
If you get any of the things I posted, please comment so people know not to buy them. Bradley likes baseball (Orioles like his Daddy) and his favorite shows are Thomas, Chuggington, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, and Paw Patrol. Hes in 3t clothes.
Forced to watch Team Umizoomi till I KO cause ayda said so lol
I went upstairs to change into my PJ's & run a bath for the boy while he stayed downstairs watching Team Umizoomi. Before I headed back down I decided to clean the "present" one of the furballs had left in front of the litterbox. Then I could hear Paul making his way up the stairs. When I found him he was halfway up. His pants were around his ankles. And he had two fistfuls of poo. (Sigh) He was headed to the bathroom off his bed room, but I picked him up with my hands neath his pits so as to not rock the boat on the delicate balancing act he had going on there. And I took him downstairs to the powder room he had just walked past. He happily tossed the poo in the toilet. Then tried to wipe his hands on his shirt. Thank God I was faster and grabbed him by the wrists before he made a bigger mess. So I set about wiping his mitts and Paul starts getting upset that the poo is in the toilet and not the potty. Yep. So I'm cleaning and restraining and he's crying and trying to reach in the potty. Sigh. This is wh ...
My Lil sister threw up on me man , she better not ask me to turn on DORA/TEAM UMIZOOMI/Hello Kitty or nun i swear -_-
Somee team umizoomi comercial came upp with a songg & mee sister started dancingg lmao it was so funny ! Only us β™‘
Dominic is driving me insane. I'm bout to go crazy. He wants to watch Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi then he says one so I turn it on and he changes his mind to the other. Then I give him milk to drink in his sippy and he wants juice so I give him juice and he then wants milk. He's making me go NUTS! :/
Team Umizoomi Goin b the death of me
Team Umizoomi Full Episode in English - Best of Games Spongebob TV - Dora the Explorer Team Umizoomi Full Play this Team Umizoomi game:
Finally home from work, fed Carter,cleaned the house , and now hanging out with my favorite princess watching Team Umizoomi :)
The wife came in and I asked her to turn off the kiddo's cartoons. She turned on Steel Magnolias. I begged for Team Umizoomi back.
The only way my kids will sit down & be quiet is when "team umizoomi" is on TV .I gotta get this DVD , lol!
So I just got done cleaning and here soon I am going to put Rylee to bed right after Team Umizoomi is over.
Can't watch PLL because my tv is currently tuned into to Team Umizoomi
The boys dancing and getting all excited about Team Umizoomi
Cuddling with my daughter while she's sleeping loves it.. Cuddled tom this morning.. Yup I love my babies!! Tom is watching team umizoomi right now lol I think that's what it's called.
Oikszadoinks umizoomi it is. Again..and again..and again...can we please go outside yet?
Top 3 favorite shows right now: Sons of Anarchy, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi.
"Team Umizoomi". A colourful and fun tiered cake based on the popular children's programme. . Two tiers of cake...
Just found out some crazy news about a friend of mine. Crazy :( Team Umizoomi with my babies. Then work 3-11.
So my child is majorly annoyed that when she yelled " arms extendo" she couldn't reach the water on the other side of the room. Thanks team umizoomi
Birthday ideas for my pay .. team umizoomi
Team Umizoomi: Download the Team Umizoomi app now to your Kindle Fire or other Android devices from the Amazon...
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