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Team Mexico

Team Mexico is a professional wrestling stable that was first formed in 2004 to compete in TNA Wrestling's America's X-Cup Tournament and has since returned to compete in other TNA X Cup Tournaments.

Luis Cruz World Cup Team Canada World Baseball Classic Adrian Gonzalez Joakim Soria

Overseas here includes Mexico and of course there's also a small benefit for the team that only plays 7 road games…
At Wembley? Just before the England team (World Champions) went off with World Cup Willie to Mexico to defend title…
Help promote volunteering abroad and join the Content Team in Apply on Travel Massive Jobs:…
Who is ready to do some racing down in Mexico? The team heads out for Baja today with the green flag dropping on...
What are the cubs to do when trump deports most of the team and its fans to mexico? Better pack the Gatorade's
featuring Enrique and his team from in Mexico City🛠😀 →
What is next for The Combat Team? . Exciting fun news! We are heading to Rio Bravo Mexico April 26th - 30th. We...
ready for support our team during the season!!! Greetings from amigos...
13-year old Mexico's 2016 National Youth Award officially opens the Junior Ambassadors Program in our tea…
There's a team from Mexico sitting in front of us and they're so spirited and it's so entertaining
is going to be a team player and win initials with 6 points. Supplying me with burgers for 2 wks in prep for Mexico
Watch Canada Canada's Junior Men's Team at 1pm as they face Mexico today at the Pan Am Championships
Looking forward to the match today against the Mexico U20 National Team!
It's not right though, with his national team career. His first cap was Mexico in 2000, this has it against Honduras in 2001.
Iniong comes out of Baguio's Team Lakay, while Gonzales Hills fighting out of Jackson-Wink MMA in New Mexico.
UNM Board of Regents: Save the University of New Mexico Ski Team - Sign the Petition!
on vacation in Mexico showing the team colors...
Hi frodan, just wanted to let you know, i got selected to cast for the México team on i´M SO EXCITED, any tips on casting?
At about 1:00 PM of April 21, 2017, Project Tokhang Team and PCR Team of Mexico MPS led by PCI JAYSON L...
Atleast in 2013 Team Canada tried and beat mexico, just embarrassing this time
Launching Cocktail of the Mayakoba Masters of Food Wine & Golf in Mexico City –
MY only two memories is beating team USA and brawl vs Mexico
Congratulations to our boys basketball team! New Mexico 3A State Champions!! Go Pecos Panthers!!!
Here in Monterrey Mexico with team from to talk about social work and family complexity.
Puerto Rico wins pool D and advances to the 2nd round. The 2nd team to advanced will depend on the outcone of Mexico vs. Venezuela tonight.
Congrats to Team Puerto Rico on advancing in the WBC. Italy will need Mexico to upset Venezuela!
Joakim Soria was back in action for team Mexico last night.. he let all inherited runs score
After Ghost Gaming smoked eUnited at Mexico. Ghost having former player Godplays on the team... eUnited dropped Xcells for Godplays.
WATCH: coach Scott Drew talks about his team's NCAA tourney opener against New Mexico State in Tulsa.
Quick look at the New Mexico State team that will face in the first round.
But like I said last night, don't sleep on New Mexico State, that's a *** good basketball team.
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Mission accomplished! The 1Mission team in Mexico is coming home tonight! Pray for safe travels!…
New Mexico State is a tough draw for Baylor. And a win likely gets Bears a good SMU team.
they were playing Team Mexico in Mexico, freaking scary no thanks
Baylor will be 3rd team in East and play New Mexico St
Mexico 0-2. How's having them smurfs on our team working out?? 😐😐
An interesting business interaction with the senior team of AbbVie Farmaceuticos Mexico over an Indian meal at Dawat.…
Congratulations to the New Mexico State men's basketball team on winning the 2017 WAC championship! .
woke the Mexico team up an hour early bc he wasn't aware that there's no DST there 😂
Gators would be fortunate to play New Mexico State. Very young inexperienced team.
In Mexico with a stiff drink feeling like I need a team of cheerleading strippers in front of me.
Next on our scouting list is Jesús Dueñas, Tigres' He's been w/ Tigres his entire pro career, & is a fixture on Mexico nat'l team.
MLB statement on fan situation in Mexico with Team PR family members
Mexico's women's ice hockey team wins gold in Iceland
Just discovered another beauty. This badge, featuring Pistol Pete, for the New Mexico State college basketball team.
I feel like I'm missing something from the Team Puerto Rico story. They want to leave Mexico because a fight broke out in the stands?
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Vargas grounds out to short to end the first inning. Score is Team 2 and Puerto Rico 1 in Pool D competition in Jalisco, Mexico.
Morning from Monterrey Mexico. Here to talk about SW and family complexity with internat'l team from miss yo…
Top 5 stage times summary for Rally Mexico . Rally winning for but overall it was who had str…
There was futbol in Mexico this weekend. It just happened in on down. Check these results to see how you…
Knew this team was tough when I saw them take down New Mexico at the Pit, that game was special
Please be in prayer for our team that is Monterrey, Mexico this week partnering with Back2back…
56. New Mexico State. Reclaimed the WAC from Cal State Bakersfield last night and seem destined to face a Pac-12 team in the…
Trump team proposal to separate women and children after crossing US border met with outrage
Yadier Molina is disappointed by the WBC security in Mexico... .
New Mexico State wins the WAC in year one under Paul Weir --- a disciple of Marvin Menzies. Aggies won 28 games this seas…
From the Star-News today. Sockers energized for MASL playoffs.
Jaime Garcia, Joakim Soria, and Carlos Torres are all committed to pitch for Team Mexico in the upcoming 2017 per
Team Mexico will have a base runner to start the game. Angel Iracheta draws a walk to bring up Erick Rodriguez
Please join us in prayer for the team going to New Mexico!
Two weeks from today we will have a team working on the US/Mexico border. They will be teaching an evangelistic...
Marco Bueno tear net as Mexico U23 waya Naija Dream Team VI 1-kondo yestaday for play-play match wey shele for Mexico.
UPDATE: United States team holds on for victory over Mexico in indoor soccer game in Ontario via
Nigeria U23s, Dream Team VI far from ready for Rio2016 Olympics, lose 1-0 to Mexico U23s in a test game on Saturday.
Team USA defeats Canada 32-14. Canada will now face Mexico once again in semi-final action on Thursday July 7.
Poland, Belgium, Mexico, the US... we have a winning team, right here!
FT Dream Team 0-1 Mexico U23. What impact will such defeats have?
Hello, New Mexico Freebies Thank you for the follow! Team wishes you the best of health, as always.
I've just posted a new blog: Marco Bueno made the difference for Mexico U23, as the home team downed Nigeria 1-0 i…
Pick up your copy of the Mexico Team Prayer Calendar TODAY or download your own copy at
Earlier today, Nigeria U23 lost 0-1 to Mexico U23, in a warm up game in Aguascalientes
Learn to scuba dive with the team from Scuba Mex in Paa Mul. http…
Manchester United are in talks to sign one of Javier Hernandez's Mexico team-mates!
The happiest day in sports is when UNM plays NMSU because it's guaranteed a team from New Mexico will win.
and salsa ?. Oh you mean the team. Yeah. They didn't give Mexico a break. Such mean people lol
supporting every team that plays against Mexico 😂
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When did reality end. And cyberspace become the world we live in?
Just Saw Independence Day 2. It's Ridiculous but a Good watch if you're in the Cinema 🍿🍿
A Little Insight into the Problems I Must Face on a daily basis 👇👇
Was Having Trouble Sleeping last Night , Couldn't get Jennifer lopez "Jenny from the block" Out my Head For Some Weird…
I told my friends i was gonna play for the Mexico national team and they say me to the next day they say ima play for the U.S national team
Bed head much 😂 it's screaming me to go back to sleep!!. How's everyone doing?! 👌🏻💕.
Team Mexico wants Marco Estrada, for WBC qualifier in March; permission required for th…
He will have great success at Mexico: will finish first in WCQ and will make this team offensive and pleasing to the eye.
The team leaves for Reynosa in the morning! Pray for us as we minister alongside our brothers and sisters in Mexico!
We are seeking Veterinary Intern for 1-yr term start Jul 2016. Open to applicants fr Cda, US, Mexico.
Congratulations to the boys soccer team on their 2-1 win over Mexico yesterday!
Im Jays fan from Mexico and with two mexicans on the team, mani others will follow. I saw in the skydome
The United States Men's National Team will take on Mexico on Saturday night in a match that has already been billed as one …
Great to be part of the team that will build this project.
M scored 5 goals, made 5 assists for Arg. at Mexico 86. Total no. of goals d team scored was 14. I rest the Maradonians' case.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Our gotdamn all pro center high out of his mind in Mexico as our team was preparing for the SB. ONLY my Raiders.
Piedra Vista High volleyball team is recipient of New Mexico Activities Association’s Complete with Class Award for…
we need you to be our manager of the team. You wouldn't have lost to Mexico like di…
Did you see the add from the Mexico soccer team that took his own unpatriotic words
W. Volleyball. ‘Dogs Defeated in Three by Lobos: The Fresno State volleyball team fell 3-0 to New Mexico on Th...
They are here! So happy to have the Mexico missions team on campus with us in Rancholand. I…
ASU is playing Mexico's National Rugby team in the Spring at the Arizona Cardinals Stadium. LETS GO
US shirt boo-ing at me. Asked him what team he supports, he just kept booing. A Mexico fan boo-ed too and said …
I think Team Mexico took my batting glove over summer and it still gets me mad because that was my favorite pair ever 😐
Our team in Monterrey, Mexico hard at work!
with repostapp. ・・・. meeting and Team Boga Mexico missing…
just like the Mexico soccer team every four years at the World Cup. Smh
Why can't New Mexico have at least 1 pro team? Any sport is fine. Just give us something to route for.
HOME 🌞 today & off tomorrow 2 Merida, Mexico City & Monterrey this weekend!
Well this is bexciting. On my way to Mexico to wrestle for the first time. All about that Lucha life.
Update your maps at Navteq
Soundbites of were used to in Mexico to heat up their rivalry with our soccer team. In case you thought he wasn't racist.
We helped in SanFelipe del progreso, Mexico w/their business goals today! Join us~>
The dodgers are like mexico's soccer team. Don't give them a lead because they'll get cocky and blow it
It doesn't count if you do it to the worst team in Mexico
from my chilhood my favorite team was Toronto. It was in 70's. I live in México City. The match was very exciting!!
so proud to announce my commitment with the Mexico national team ❤️⚽️
Here's a snapshot from our leadership team who is touring inventory in Mexico
meeting and Team Boga Mexico missing already my Boga babes I truly believe…
Join our team: looking for partners in
And the Gulf of Mexico is Mexico's National Golf team also
There's always a city willing to make a mistake with a team friendly deal. Plus London, Mexico City, Toronto
Mexico's team is something else lol.
Paint remover: Mexico activists attempt to drone out beleaguered president | Sam Jones Congrats to the team
The Boonville Pirates soccer team falls to Mexico 2-0 in NCMC action at Mexico.
Master Damian Villa Mexico National Team and double World Championships medallist will be in LA from Friday...
Colombian coach Osorio takes over Mexico's national team.. Related Articles:
Why does mexico not have its own olympic team? Because anyone that can run,jump or swim is already in the US.
They should move the team to Mexico.
Mexico has a better team right now. Maybe w/ a 80% pro US crowd, the difference in talent would have been less of a factor
Today we are on behalf of SILMEXICO and SILBELIZE at the show of realtors in Zacatecas, Mexico. Our team always...
Cuauhtémoc Blanco ends his career with the Mexico National team, after 19 years of service. Gracias.
Volkswagen India's exports to Mexico cross 1 lakh units: Volkswagen India has sh...
and team up to fight against diabetes in Mexico
Hi Steven, your profile suggests you're in Mexico. We'll have our North American customer service team call you ASAP. ^SM
There has been some negativity surrounding Mexico & our national team and I hope this will change. -- CHICARITO MUFC ManUtd
He managed team Mexico at the World Baseball Classic in 2013. Unjustly fired by that *** Theo Epstein.
Mexico City is too far without another team
Check out this CDL A Team Drivers at AAT Carriers in
update: Internet issues in Mexico. Stream will be up again. Team working to fix it. Our apologies. :(
*** "Internet issues in Mexico. Stream has hick-ups. Team working on fix... Our apologies!"
met a couple in Mexico that said they hate him because "he's just so perfect and good and he's not on our team" exact words
I'm excited to travel with my team! Not excited for New Mexico though...
Mexico fires Internet demigod Miguel Herrera as coach of national team. . Pour a lit
I'm giving away a Mexico soccer team jacket if anyone wants it! It's green with white. Zipper in front.
Pilot Flying J is hiring a Member, apply now!
ELI5:Why do we have Canada NFL/NBA/MLS teams' but don't allow Mexico to have a team ?
It's been a long day...BTW... Expanding our team in
with Your Team at the Leadership Retreat 2015 Nov. 2-7 in the Riviera Maya,
What to do on the Sunday? Football match of the revolutionary Pumas, first devision Mexico University team.
why doesn't Mexico have a Olympic team? Because anyone who can run, jump or swim is already here!
Apply now to work for AAT Carriers as Established Team Drivers in
Spanish drama about a family who owns a soccer team in Mexico. Really good
I spent Friday evening at a dinner for the New Mexico State Volleyball team. Most of 'em are between 6'-6'5" :)
My team is better than yours. TEAM MEXICO OR DIE 🇲🇽
Mexico to become largest market for car exports from India - Team-BHP
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Hi social media team from Pelco,would you give us a follow back so we can send you guys a DM? we are partners of Pelco in Mexico
Today has been Double Elimination Day in the 2015 Baseball Game 15: Team Japan has won over Team Mexico in a 3-1 final score
That moment when your little brothers team versed the LLWS Mexico team..
Favorite soccer team? — U.S.A women's soccer team or team Barcelona or team Mexico
Japan continues to roll with a big win over team Mexico!
None of the kids on team chose Mexican as their favorite food! Shocked.
Good fight Mexico, but Japan is just a sensational team.
Probably this year will be Brazil, Canada, Mexico and an european team
Argentina coach says no Ginobili, no Delfino for FIBA Americas. Facundo Campazzo will join team in Mexico though.
Japan always has a good baseball team. Japan vs Mexico
Fire Scioscia. Fire Stoneman. Trade everyone. Burn down the Big A. Sell the team to Mexico. Freeze Trout in Carbonite until th…
another great team performance today, woke to a victory big 3 points. Still rough from coco bongos but thats helped.
Olmedo Saenz is playing 1B for team mexico in the ?
Nice play made my first basemen on Mexico's team
Watching Mexico play in the LLWS and knowing that they're local kids on the team makes me really happy I love seeing them be successful
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Team Mexico is on the field against Japan. que suenen esos bats!
Watching my cousins best friend play for the Mexico international little league team gets me so excited.
Team Mexico little league jerseys are on point
Jose Reyes didn't want to be a Rockie anymore so now he's pitching for the Mexico team
Join the Ellucian team! See our latest opening here: Puebla
The U.S. men's national team will play rival Mexico in a friendly match this April
Someone, let's go to this. April 15 .
Domino's Pizza Team New Mexico will be participating in the 22nd Annual Albuquerque Home and Remodeling Show at...
“to host rival Mexico in San Antonio. on my birthday and I won't be here smh 😪
Mexico! RTU.S. men's national team to play rival Mexico this April
United States to host rival Mexico as part of Gold Cup preparations
On this date in 1980 former Team Mexico coach Fernando Valenzuela recorded his 1st of 173 career wins. http…
Team Mexico five years ago lost 17 0 and scored only one goal. This year they won midget 1 and were class of the fie…
you should be looking at Mexico's junior team for softball. THEY CAN GET IT
A friend sent greetings to our team. We're thankful with him. A greeting from México
Went out to GG9 *** games) soccer tournament today to support team Mexico!
more GG9 soccer players from Team Mexico.
Team Mexico warming up for their second soccer match!
Team Mexico relaxing after winning Bronze at today's *** Games soccer finals. Congratulations to them and to all the participants and winners of GG9!!! Closing Ceremonies tomorrow in Cleveland, Ohio at 5:00 pm. (Jacob's Field)
FANS EN MEXICO Let's show some love to the man Himself !
the boys from the Mexico team are too cute😋
We are very proud of Mexico's baseball team (13 yr category) for their outstanding performance in the Carl Ripken League.
There is literally no white person in the soccer team 😂 bunch from Brazil, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, England
So I live in Las Vegas New Mexico now.. Do I still get free Texans slushies?! Like they still my team?!
hello my name is alberto, I'm from Mexico and I like your music especially, team, tennis court and royals
.check out New Mexico football unveiling weight room renovation to the team Sat. .
vs One cheating team who scraped through vs Costa Rica and Mexico and the other who have been poor and don't deserve the final.
This weekend in worship: Mexico Mission team shares about what God is up to through FLC! See you there!
Team BBQ tomorrow!!! Noon at Mexico Point Park! Come out for some good food, memories, and fun!!!
The Mexico U17 womens team with lot of Mexican-American girls knocked the U.S. out of the CONCACAF U-17 championship last year.
Even more fake! The number one watched NFL team in Mexico is the Cowboys.
My friend Alex from the Mexico team
Team USA from West Raleigh NC are World Champions defeating Mexico 5-2 at the Cal Ripken World Series!
Seven hours at the border: Marine held in Mexico's new legal team hones case
Russel Scott shares his plans to receive HSCT Treatment in Mexico
From Team Santana:. We’re proud to announce the September 9th release of “Corazón, Live from Mexico: Live it to... http:/…
If mexico loses to a usa team i dont knoe how they beat japan
if this was thaa same Team USA from 2012 .. they woulda been up by *** nea 50 by now
We are loving our Co-Founder selfie with team in Mexico City!
Here we go. Team USA is 3 outs away. Last chance for Mexico in the 6th down 5-2
not really. Everyone can play possession against most concacaf team. Vs Canada and specially vs Mexico they didn't. The game plan
McCraw retires Mexico in order in the Top of the 5th. Team USA is 3 outs away from the Championship
Hey! Here from México supporting the BEST NFL team. Go Vikings!! Skol!!
Guerrero sets down Team USA 1-2-3 in the 4th. Heading to the 5th in the Championship Game, Team USA leads Mexico, 5-2
This must be what it's like when the soccer team plays Mexico anywhere south of Columbus.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A deep blast by Jesus Castillo following a Medina double and Mexico is right back in this thing! Team USA leads 5-2
America has really been on it these last 4 seasons! Best team in Mexico
Halfway home in the Cal Ripken World Series Championship Game. Team USA from West Raleigh leads Mexico, 5-0
The Mexico team has made it safe to their destination and is excited to go to church tomorrow in Puebla.
Great job by Guerrero to escape the jam as he retires McCraw & Willadsen. After 2, Team USA leads Mexico 4-0 in the Championship Game
Watch & Team USA face & Team Brazil in an exhibition game tonight at 9PM (ET) on ESPN
I have one Contributing Editor from Mexico, Ms Layla Garcia If you are interested in joining our team, Please DM and we can talk
McCraw makes quick work of Mexico in a 1-2-3 inning. Team USA coming up in the bottom of the 2nd, leading 4-0
I wish my team was good enough to play against Mexico 😂😂
Encinas retires a pair to end the inning. We head to the 2nd at Cal, Sr's Yard with Team USA leading Mexico, 4-0
Cheering on Team USA aka West Raleigh in the World Championship game tonight - Cal Ripkin World Series! Beat Mexico!
Some confusion from Team Mexico allows McCraw to reach on a leadoff double. The packed house loves it.
Nothing doing for in the 1st against Garrett McCraw. Team USA coming up.
Mrs.Mascote sent me and a card from Italy last year and now mexico. Ill update aftr we double team her
The guy that showed up started talking about Mexico's soccer team s
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FSR's Global Team lead by Maivelin Ramos is leaving for Mexico City! Visit us at booth 30!
I guarantee that Cowboys player Escobar won't be cut from the team. Not with that last name & being that close to Mexico.
Our boys from West Raleigh...I mean, Team playing Mexico in 40 minutes for the Cal Ripken…
Greensburg's girls softball team won the Jr. League Championship over Mexico 6-2 in Kirkland, WA.
Tonight, the Soccer team kicks off their season with a scrimmage against the University of New Mexico...
Mexico soccer team on the rise, I will see them win the cup before I die.
We just got a report that our missions team made it to Puebla, Mexico safely! Please check here daily to keep up...
After a hard-fought victory vs mexico we qualified for the WC 1/4 finals proud of my team!! Game by game FOCUS
Raul Jimenez played with the best team in Mexico and now he's playin with the second best in Spain after Real Madrid h…
When is LLWS Mexico Team play I missed it last time...nevermind its tomorrow
It was a great show by Team Mexico, well played ! Special honour to Guillermo Ochoa, the best goal saver in this World Cup ! Adios
When did motivational speak Matt Foley start coaching Mexico's soccer team? No wonder Team Mexico is winning.
Team Mexico was denied a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles by Donald Sterling. Wait. That might be t…
The Korean National Soccer team played Team Mexico in a friendly pre World Cup Match in San Antonio, Texas. Both teams looked lethargic and sloppy at both ends of the field. South Korea suffered a humiliating defeat at a score of 4-0.
Just got the word that I can officially announce that I won a trip to el Jimador Tequila's Distillery in Guadalajara Mexico! I will also be playing in a soccer match with Alexi Lalas, Brandi Chastain, Taylor Twellman(Team US) against Claudio Saurez, Monica Gonzalez and Ramon Ramirez for Team Mexico.
X-Div moment - Victory Road '08... Kaz's legdrop off UX on Daivari which then led to Volador Jr. winning the World X Cup for Team Mexico.
We need Team Mexico to step it up for BIG today-- I'm talking to you Adrian Gonzalez y Luis Cruz.
¡Hear this! GQ Mexico's playlist for the weekend. Put together by the GQ team, including yours truly. vía
Shout out to my Team That on their way to Quereraro Mexico Representing Our Products Line. Mi Querido Mexico Sabras lo q Es bueno!
Me and my pit crew boss in the Baja 500 we ran in Mexico! We would like to thank the racing team, T &…
I'm Mexico American like you it's a shame Mexicos national team dident call your one of my favorite forward much love Hg
Team Canada's manager after the vs. mexico brawl "You can't hurt us Canadians." BEST THING EVER
My team member went to Mexico for a vacation and brought this back for me! 😍😍😍
stands in solidarity with in Join to support worldwide
Aggies ready to open up outdoor track season: The New Mexico State University track and field team will open up...
Team Mexico teammates Luis Cruz and Adrian Gonzalez warming up together. :D
Mexico & Canada baseball teams brawl. Players were just mad they couldn't make their country's soccer or hockey team
Here in Mexico is very common to do that, some fans even dress the Saints with team´s gear
What I meant is the 2nd leg, most times I see team host 1st leg, then have to to Mexico for that crucial 2nd leg.
Wel hello there New Mexico baseball team 😏
Blue Jays radio: "Gil Velazquez just finished playing for Team Mexico in the WBC. So, as Canadians...we hate him."
Omar Bravo is on the Mexico national team now 😎
all about Mexico national team want to follow (:
The Mexico WBC team thinks the Blue Jays may be running up the score a little.
-Why doesn't Mexico have an Olympic team? -IDK -All the people that could run, jump or swim are already here!
last summer in AZ with my New Mexico traveling team
Congratulations to the team of for winning 2nd place Leader MSME in sustainability in Mexico
Though they took the series, it was nice of Santos to "let" Seattle become the 2nd MLS team in two days to win in Mexico.
Latest blog post by my dad tells the story of a team recent engagement with an UPG in Mexico.
Started from the bottom now my whole team here n**ga
men's hoops team played well in three games with New Mexico, just not well enough to win.
Canada's Junior Wheelchair Basketball team is in Mexico for Americas qualifying. Beaten Mexico 2x and now facing Venezuela! Good luck guys!
For Gary Bettman, the 14 team Western Conference allows for much-desired expansion in hotbeds such as Mexico City and Guadalajara
Happy Birthday Bret. On behalf of the members of the Street Team Mexico
We are a professional organization and do not care to interact with a joke team such as
Chivas is the only team in Mexico that have Only Mexicans on the team! We don't need other players from other countries to prove we're good!
Why dosent mexico have an olympic team? Exeryone who can run, jump, or swim has already crossed the boarder!
I thought it had something to do with $$ commitments something about the Ranger vs mexico team game
you gotta pray the racial draft never comes back cus team Mexico sending you to the asians
“This mascara frm mexico is the bidddnes”It's gun powder watch out lol
THROWBACK THURSDAY! The 1968 British Olympic team on their way to Mexico with trendy Antler luggage!
Omar Bravo back on Mexico's national team. first time since leaving in 2011.
I don't know if New Mexico can get to the Final Four but they're a second weekend team for sure.
Game remains 'unofficial,' but it appears U.S. men's soccer team will play Belgium in on May 29.
Hey drew daddy tithe only reason I got the gig w/ Mexico is because the frog is catcher and team captain...
Gotta let my team kno they can stop bein on the look out now lol
Mexico's de la Torre names squad to take on Honduras and USA
team headed to Mexico for a mission trip! Pray for our team!
yes i was. i am a big fan of the Mexico National Team and that year was the first time the US had qualified
The last time we played a top seeded New Mexico team in the MW semi finals it went like this.
Started from the bottom now my whole is team is here. Seriously I have hundreds of relatives all over America and Mexico
Good days training with my team mates in Mexico
If you are an Alex Ubago fan and you live in Canada, Cuba, USA, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico or Rep.Dominicana, please email us with your name, country and city to adriana- Team Alex
Back in Giants camp after Team Mexico was eliminated from the WBC, Sergio Romo talked about his crucial blown save and the difference between representing your country and your MLB team.
Volkswagen de México El Rally fue nuestro en México. ¡Felicidades equipo Volkswagen! Ogier, 29, held the lead of the Leon-based rally from Friday’s sixth stage, eventually winning by 3min 28.9sec from Citroen Total Abu Dhabi team driver Mikko Hirvonen at the wheel of a Citroen DS3.
You'll be shocked, shocked to learn Team Mexico "feels hostility amid Arizona's immigration debate"
What did you think of the brawl between Team Canada and Team Mexico players during the World Baseball Classic Saturday? Did Team Canada show disrespect with a bunt late in the game with a big lead? Keep in mind the elimination process is different than MLB. Elimination can come down to runs scored. I'm interested to hear what you all think. -Kristen Keogh
Puerto Rico vs República Dominicana...World Baseball Classic.. Love my Dominican Peeps, but you knows I gotta go with my PR Heritage...Go PR...
Adrian Gonzalez and Luis Cruz will rejoin the Dodgers on Monday after escaping without injury or suspension following Team Mexico's World Baseball Classic fracas
Joey Votto, Team Canada and Reds first baseman, tells Casey Stern and Jim Bowden why Team Mexico disrespected his team last night during the brawl ...
Benches clear after Canada-Mexico plunking3/9/13 6:10 PMBy Barry M. Bloom PHOENIX -- A full-out brawl between Canada and Mexico during the ninth inning of Saturday's World Baseball Classic contest at Chase Field was attributed to a misunderstanding about the tiebreaking rules in the first round, round-robin format that places a premium on the number of runs scored. With Canada leading by six runs on its way to a 10-3 win, catcher Chris Robinson pushed a clean bunt single toward third base that was played by Luis Cruz. After the play, Cruz walked toward the mound and appeared to gesture for right-hander Arnold Leon to hit the next batter, Rene Tosoni. It took three pitches and a warning by home-plate umpire Brian Gorman to both benches, but Leon hit Tosoni on the shoulder and both benches cleared. In the end, seven players were ejected. Four of them were from Team Mexico -- Leon, Oliver Perez, Eduardo Arredondo and Alfredo Aceves. The three Canadians to be ejected were Tosoni, Pete Orr and Jay Johnson. "It ...
This would have been a punk move by Team Mexico even without the tiebreaker rules giving Canada a very legitimate reason for running up the score.
As covered by's Danny Knobler, Team Mexico and Team Canada had an ugly brawl in Phoenix Saturday afternoon. Here's the video footage.
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