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Team Europe

The term Team Europe is used in a number of sports to designate a unified team of European countries in several sports competitions.

Ryder Cup World Cup Marian Hossa Niall Horan World Cup of Hockey Darren Clarke Team North America Walton Heath Peter Bondra Andrej Sekera North American Czech Republic Zdeno Chara Ryder Cup 2016 Jannik Hansen

An American male soccer team cant beat a male European team because soccer originated from Euro…
See how is using and to better engage with fans around the world
Tims are fans of the Ist British . Champions of Europe- Celtic.Incidentally, the team Tony Green supports.
ICYMI: Forget Juve, Real Madrid and Chelsea, is Europe's in-form team at the moment:
Well ya fanny it wasn't a meaningless game as we are back in Europe. Rich coming from you when your…
.He went unbeaten on the way to glory. does 🇮🇹 proud in Madrid
.A huge win for From the loser bracket to Divisional Champion in Madri…
What. A. Match. is going to Berlin 🇩🇪 The action continues ➡️ https:…
It's time for shot at redemption in Madrid 🇪🇸 . WATCH LIVE ➡️ https…
Time for the next set of groups, takes on !
It's a big one in the Group of Death: vs. WATCH LIVE ➡️
PL hasn't had a team that was a powerhouse in England and Europe at the same time since Fergie retired
The only caveat with them is no distraction with Europe. A big one granted, but they're a really goo…
Straight WESTCOASTIN out here in Europe with the team! We are halfway thru our European tour!!…
You don't think Chelsea? Depends on definition. Need to do something in Europe but no team will want to play them.
Raul Jimenez is back! On Sunday, the striker scored a game-winner for Benfica. Highlights from the 🇲🇽 in Europe:…   10% Off
If it was by the criterium of depth alone to make a good team, then Arsenal have the 'best' midfield in Europe
Another team we failed to beat in Europe.
Wait did team fortress 2 just get released in europe or something?
Right now he needs a smaller team for next season, the priority should be that he ge…
I wish I could but no time check for yourself . cya Spencer
Dutch fans riot after their team fails to secure title
in working at Project. Great team work with partners across Europe and Australia…
So a team that has loads of money & hasn't played in Europe this season is going to win the the prem! Shocked? Nope me neither!
We had the same kind of amazing team for GolfSixes in Europe!
People don't appreciate just how hard it is to win Liga. We can't play a B team and rest for Europe like people think. It's a marathon.
AS cover: 60 (consecutive) matches scoring, one short of Europe's record - In Zidane's 82 matches, the team only faile…
The team takes Naim all over Europe with the in the middle of a fierce race series
Wouldn't it be lovely once in a while to support a team where the only concern would be whether we qualifie…
It's a win. In the 94th minute. Gets their team into Europe. Are Rangers fans meant to applaud like they…
Is Chelsea the only team not playing in Europe? Why is Liverpool not topping the table? Chelsea is too good abeg.
has claimed the gold medal in Sunday's team categories of Europe's Senior Championship.
Chelsea is the strongest English team in Europe. Since 2012. we are not like your overrated transfer.
Today and tomorrow, Aptos is exhibiting at Europe’s largest solutions event. Come visit the Aptos team…
Dude and his team conquered Western Europe without spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations. Greatest generation indeed.
Relegation, Real's "B Team," blurred gamesmanship lines and Totti's farewell: on Europe's big talking point…
Back to back years the team that wins the league will do it without having any major injuries and no Europe. Must be nice.
What did Mourinho do in his third season with the exact same team? Liverpool doesn't have Eu…
Hiring an IO Psychology Consultant for our Europe operation to work closely with the HireVue EMEA team, customers, a…
Trend is clear - Le Pen’s loss marks third defeat for far right in Europe. team celebrates EU unity at Louvre.
Quidditch Austria just announced their national team for European Games 2017
Think main issue is that the previous teams were heavyweights in Europe too, or at least…
DG you gold star human!❤thank you & the team for making the fragrance available to Europe! Pretty nice feeling o…
*** it. Why does Jon have to be a Euro? He's going to force me to cheer for Team Europe in the Ryder Cup, isn't he?
Laver Cup Captain Bjorn Borg and Team Europe's Roger Federer, team up for an exhibition doubles match in Kuala Lumpur in…
Bjorn Borg will be Team Europe's captain and John McEnroe will be Team World's. EXCITING! 🎾🎾.
World Cup of Hockey: they built Team Europe with heart
cheering for Team Europe and Team North America in the World Cup of Hockey, ambiguous tournaments deserve ambiguous champions.
Martin Kaymer insists he will help out Team Europe's Ryder Cup rookies just four ... -
Remember when the brutal US Golf fans threw a bottle at Team Europe during the Ryder Cup? ..🐸☕️
Team Europe better cherish these memories. Because Dallas Eakins will remove all memorabilia from their dressing room in…
honestly, Team Europe ruining the tournament set to Ode to Joy would have been amazing
Team Europe look like Teddy KGB when Matt Damon flopped the nut in Rounders .
So after Brexit, what's going to become Team Europe? Can they still play Ode to Joy at the Ryder Cup?
Jannik Hansen on Team Europe: "It feels a little more like an NHL team, to be honest."
Canada wins 3-1 over Team Europe in WC of Hockey opener, Jays beat Orioles, Red Sox lose. Sports coming up
Canada took Game 1 of the Final with a 3-1 win over Team Europe.
final between and Team Europe on radio. Ryan O'Reilly line mates Joe Tho…
: . Ryder Cup 2016: Darren Clarke-led Team Europe sets off for US. . . The 41st edition of the Ryder Cup
Introducing the darker side of Darren Clarke - Team Europe's captain
Streaking Canadians to face Team Europe in World Cup finals
Streaking Canadians to face Team Europe in World...: The Canadians earned a spot in the finals by ...
Niall Horan sends his support to Team Europe ahead of Ryder Cup
That's a bad break for Team Europe; Andrej Sekera gets slewfooted by Joe Thornton and clips him with his stick and ends up with extra minor.
WATCH: Niall Horan pledges support to Team Europe ahead of the
Solid game by Team Europe defenseman Andrej Sekera with 21:29 of TOI including key minutes on PK.
Andrej Sekera and Zdeno Chara both finished the game below a 20% CF%. Team Europe's player of the game needs a cape. Give Halak the Cape.
Leon Draisaitl’s incredible moves have turned Team Europe into a threat
Led by Leon Draisaitl's hat trick, Team Europe dumps Sweden 6-2 in their final tuneup game before World Cup of Hockey b…
Peter Bondra shown on the screen as part of Team Europe's management, and he gets a nice hand from the crowd.
Nice ovation for Team Europe assistant GM Peter Bondra here at Verizon Center.
Team Europe scout & pretty fast player in his day, Peter Bondra called Team North America maybe the fastest team ever assembled. .
7 of Team Europe teeing it up in Italy this week
Brett Hull suggested (via conference call) that Team Europe could use 'We Are the World' as an anthem before…
Team Europe receives gut check at World Cup, by . Sent with
ESPN: Team Europe's Hossa leaves game with injury
Marian Hossa taken to hospital for x-rays after Team Europe's loss, per
Marian Hossa is with Team Europe teammates and will join them on their flight to Montreal tonight.
Team Europe's Marian Hossa was reportedly taken to a Quebec hospital for x-rays.
Team Europe's Hossa leaves game with injury
Team Europe's Hossa leaves game with injury - ESPN
Team Europe players vetoed the instrumental anthem that was going to be used for them at World Cup, per
LIVE Ryder Cup 2016 Team Europe squad announcement and wild card picks - watch it here
Congrats to PING pro on being selected to represent Team Europe in his 10th consecutive Ryder Cup. 🇪🇺🏆 htt…
Currently playing the worst team in Europe on the GB doubles ladder, they have a 1-50 record 😂
Olympique Lyonnais is 3 times the best team in Europe Alex, you should come after Rio 😐😢🌷
and after Rio road to Olympique Lyonnais in the best team In Europe . We are waiting .
of trophies, played for one of the best teams in Europe and played for a national team who went to the final
Zouaoui: "Half of the Marseille team saw the sextape. International stars who play across Europe have seen it."
Your handle name is "Tactical Europe". So, answer it with logic. Why shouldnt the best defensive team not repeat that ?
Excited for the new Silver Series? Get your team ready and read all about it here
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Volga - Dnepr Group reports changes in the ...
Don't be so stupid. There is not a team in Europe who will out play Barca, even in a friendly.
1984 and Germany National Team midfielder is born
weve got Perez Mitrovic Gayle as our strikers you know nothing most of our team has played CL or in europe
At this time, we don't distribute any of our products in Europe, but I'll let the team know you'd like that to change.
✌🏾Thank you so much to our hard working team, what a day!!
Hi Erik, Check out this page to see where our Axon 7 is available in Europe. Thanks, the ZTE UK team.
Great to finish on the podium. Good team work! More http…
Transfer news LIVE: Romelu Lukaku makes his feelings known to Everton team-mates
why would he leave a champions League favorite for a Europe league team that ditched him? He hates United when he left
The 🇫🇷 team InetGamer won the Europe Cup with 2:0 on Cache & Cbble -
So with the money i'll save from the second job I'll travel at least Europe
the only team in europe he was decent for was Parma
Oh no, I'm in Europe and I haven't got enough time to tinker for a month with my fantasy team, gonna have to be a week job
The IMAGINE ID team are looking forward to attending the Chr18 Europe conference in Rome over the weekend
Trump has an ex policy advisor TO Ukraine on his team but doesn't know that Russia invaded Ukraine.
while I knew that he would eventually leave I would've liked him to stay one more year with this team making a run at Europe
I know it has ramifications for things like Europe and the England team, but I'll take a competitive league over a top-heavy one.
national team wins 1st place and moves onto the B pool at the Champs. Bravo! https:/…
Ryder Cup 2016: How Team Europe and Team USA line up on current rankings -
I've been to matches at three different levels. I like them all. Yes I'm a fan of a big team in Europe. But I know there are other levels.
The team is starting to take shape:
Meet Producer at where he'll share how to create a high-performing product team!
Niall Horan is named an ambassador for Team Europe for 2016 Ryder Cup golf tournament
Niall Horan named an ambassador for Team Europe for the 2016 Ryder Cup
Delighted to welcome my friend to Team Europe as one of our ambassadors for the 2016 Ryder Cup.
UPDATE || Niall is one of Team Europe's ambassadors for the 2016 Ryder Cup!
Want to join Team Europe at Hazeltine? Check out our 2016 Ryder Cup Experiences including Flights, Ticket &...
FOR EUROPE. Now we have our team shirts available for everyone!. The price is:. 25€/20 pounds for football...
Allegri: "Champions League? Juventus will build a competitive team for next season in Italy & Europe."
Arsenal add 3 WC players to their team and they are a definite force negl. Not only for BPL but in Europe too.
52,000 there today man. No other club in England, or even Europe, could get that when their team is 19th in the league
Fill in the rest of it. 'only team in London. Not in Europe?
"We need team spirit: without Europe's failure"
Here's another phone interview of Riley, but with Go give it a listen:
70's Leeds would play (not kick) Leicester (and any other PL team today) off the park. Finest team in Europe then…
... can depend on the rail provider.It would be best to query this with our Trainline Europe team: ...
I can tell you how it feels to be the 2nd team in Europe with most CL titles instead
You sure the creature in TW drama wasn't a weasel???
"When they release dates for Europe! tickets available online!" - The Revival Tour Team on Instagram. https:…
what have LFC ever done for us? They stopped me ever seeing my team in Europe
never knew ur an atleti fan lol. When our team is not coming to Europe next season what else we go do 😂😂😂
Catch up with our team in Private Rented Sector blog series - how does UK market compare to other nations?
Just look at the team of young players we are assembling! In 4years time United will dominate Europe. It's a dynasty we building
Great results from Thrill Europe team in Kampen for Euro Round
Even more pathetic when AW never bought 1 outfield player in the entire Summer window. Only team in Europe to do so.
theres team of trained Farragist Ferrets in Europe pulling their wires
If Leicester win any game in UCL it will be only the 3rd match they have ever won in Europe & their 1st against a team not called Glenavon.
Finnish team wins third 'Champions of the Flyway' race
Too much credit to Arsene. We had the best team in Europe 00/04 and he still failed
hello from Ireland!!! is there any other football team that you support in Europe?
a few months ago tdk emperor jumped into 5 tsm members and died... He's on Europe's top team now this guy might be challenger too
because with that team you suddenly have the best team in Europe?
What's spoilt about wanting your monies worth? Pay highest prices in Europe & that money isn't being used 2 improve team.
If the team had read Wind in the Willows they'd know it's always the weasels you have to beware of.
At the very least to expand the sport in Europe. A team must draft Moritz Boehringer. He wants to be football's Dirk. Do it!!
Absolutely. Juve had no lucky against Bayern 2 months ago. They are between the best third team of Europe now imo
I'm sure we will be bang up for it mate chance of Europe at steak it's a young hungry team we have waghorn will be a boost
Two things for you this Saturday - don't forget to listen to our latest episode on European leagues, MLS and more.
Fenerbahçe wants to be Europe's most popular team and join us so we desire to win the champions league
i wish i can go to korea to meet some StarCraft pro players or in Europe to meet the Fnatic CS GO Team.
Get on your bike for Team Glasgow & help compete to be the best cycling city in Europe 🚲
Briton was on board helicopter that crashed to west of Bergen, Norwegian rescue team says
On Sunday we kick off a new month. Is your team ready for the Series?
Europe has no team work on anything. It's what Germany wants, what uk wants, what France wants. The rest doesnt count
Gather your team and play on the Aegis Challenge, starting tomorrow at 19 CEST!
Great turnout for the Europe Referendum this morning, these things don't just happen so thank you Teresa Row…
James, move to Europe and take Hiko with you. Create a new team with s1mple.
Only team in Europe paying foreigners less than a €1,000 is HNK Rijeka forcing them to sign without any agent, I have evidences will unleash
living in and writing a and blog. Would love to team up and distribute!
We are looking for digital marketing gurus in Europe to join our team - do you know someone?
2007- The U.S. wins its second-straight Solheim Cup when golf team Paula Creamer. and Nicole Castrale defeat Europe 16-12.
Our management team is looking for a in Europe. Any contact is appreciated
Spanish teams dominate in Europe again this season, but what's behind it?...
Psyched/lucky to have former racer directing the team in Europe this month
The team will be presenting at two different conferences in Europe: &
That was one filthy goal by Nino Niederreiter there. Have to think Team Europe is watching these kinds of moves by him.
Notion of Team Europe in Ryder Cup feels odd. I feel no affinity with 'Europe'.
.has moved up to for Team Europe in the newest rankings released today!
Team Europe is to be comprised of players from outside of Russian, Fin, Swe, and Czech Rep.
Softball event you can't miss: Team Europe vs. Black Sox. This august in Czech Republic. Can't wait!
Jannik Hansen and Luca Sbisa are on potential Team Europe roster for the World Cup.
It's halftime at Team Europe is out in front of Team Asia 84-69. Tony Crocker w/ 17, Kenny Gabriel 15, Scottie Wilbekin 15.
Darren Clarke captain of Team Europe congratulates Lee Westwood while Chris Wood looks on on the 17th hole after...
We're Click to apply: Medical Scientific Liaison Team Leader - Europe - England
Final team standings at - Team Europe finishes second to third.
Kevin Mulcaire bounces back to form with a second place finish in the junior men's race for team Europe https…
Support for Fionnuala and Lizzie Lee running for Team Europe
The Funky-Move Turtles are the host from the this year Zurich Cup. First SegwayPolo Team in Europe.
"Team Scotland", "Team Europe", "Team USA". Is the word 'team' really necessary? 'Scotland', 'Europe' and 'USA' will do…
So why the GB team and the 'Europe' team?
Proud to be the official sportswear partner for Team Europe Cross Country team https…
After the mass gang rapes in Europe the ask; what planet are these people on?
New women’s development team to race across UK and Europe
Go team! Fionnuala and Lizzie running for Team Europe
Excited to welcome to team as our new European CEO:
Sources tell me that associate coach Brad Shaw has been added to Team Europe staff for 2016 World Cup...announcement tomorrow
and put him on Team Europe in World Cup of Hockey just so they can play the anthem should they win?
Team North America is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard of at least Team Europe kinda makes sense (not really though)
Jets coach Maurice named as assistant for Team Europe - Winnipeg Sun
With "Team North America" and "Team Europe" the new World Cup of Hockey just feels way too gimmicky to get excited about.
Making a modest contribution to Team Europe's success in the Media Trophy at Walton Heath yesterday...
Great day at Walton Heath yesterday as Team Europe ran out winners in the media cup!
Team Europe golfing media Vs their North American counterparts at Walton Heath. Looking great in
Team Europe practiced on the course on Tuesday morning. "It's playing long", says ht…
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Anze Kopitar on Team Europe: "Well I don't like to be chased around by Zdeno Chara, so it'll be nice to be on his team for o…
Sorry, I mean, yeah well he plays for Team Europe during the Ryder Cup so I’m not a fan of his.
Ryder Cup Captain, discusses how data was key to Team Europe's 2014 success http:…
I do. Wouldn't be able to support my hockey team if I was from Europe, right?
This weekend has been great. Saw my momma and lots of my friends. Saw my team become best team in Europe. Can’t beat that.
Triple team goin crazy up here in europe x
No team in Europe lost fewer games in all competitions than Chelsea (4). I don't think they received enough credit for…
But one will still be happy dat we did wat no other team has done in Europe! Which is winning twice
If really are 'the best team in Europe', why do players like Alves insist on trying to cheat - 95th minute a prime example.
we had a long term project that started when Agnelli arrived. Now we're the 2nd best team in Europe. We're mid cycle.
Barcelona is the best team in europe this year!!
FFP applies when you play in Europe. And yeah the tv deal helps you guys alot. Hats off to the marketing team
Leonardo Bonucci is “proud fo be part of this team and will be respected in Europe from now on”
It'll be a lot harder when Ireland come up against a decent team that gives a toss... Like any other team in Europe..
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
3-1. Neymar. champions of Europe. Magnificent team. Gifted individuals playing for each other - an unstoppable combin…
I am still in ! Would love to meet your team when I stop at later in ! Stay tuned for post&video later!!
Photoset: thecruyffturn: This was Barcelona’s second treble in six years. No team in Europe has ever won...
season too. And you can't use injuries as an excuse. We had more injuries than any team in Europe and look at
[EU] Did your team miss the check-in phase for today's cup? No worries, the late sign up is still open:
8th UCL final. 6th loss for juve. But we are back where we belong. An elite team in Europe again
Considering EPL being the best in Europe, their national team must be the one dominating, but that's the other way around!
,in Europe Barca became 1st team 2win double treble bt entire world 1st team 2win it is 4rm Mzansi
The best team of the world. Talent, strong collaborative work and passion. From Catalonia to Europe. Champions!
Still don't get why any big team in Europe would want Sterling
This morning gave an opportunity to run with a new person on the support team; Mark. He likes his running and will be good company in Europe
Thrilled to be Named a best place to work in Europe! CONGRATS to the team!!!.
Arsenal were the best team in Europe this season. Shame we got robbed against Monaco otherwise we were celebrating the …
Well done again to Craggy Island Youth Climbing Team members Matilda and Toby who both took 2nd in Europe today...
a member of team is abandoning them in Europe! http:/…
Best playmaker in Europe. Has to be one of the first names on the team-sheet!
Congratulations, FC Barcelona!! Champions of Europe, and treble winner!! What-a-team!!
Our brilliant team is heading home now. Find out more here:
LOL there's a BIG difference, anyway. Enrique can't conquer Europe with a team like the 2004 Porto squad. Fact.
Any team that wants to be successful in Europe should emulate the Barcelona squads of this decade.
No arguments this season. The Champions League winners were undoubtedly the best team in Europe.
In recent times, La Liga team are in front. Competitive but can't conquer Europe for past 3 to 4 years? Give it to them!
Marchisio: "The Juventus DNA means suffering together to push forward through obstacles. We know we’re not the best team…
[EU] Later today we have the kicking off! You can still join so get your team ready! -
team book their place in Division B
Last night was so close to reaching our dreams to conquer Europe. And at the end we lost to a better team… [pic] —
[EU] Only two hours until the Cup kicks off. Is your team ready to compete?
So glad that my second team became the champion of the Europe and won 3 champion… h…
Reaction from the Barca boss in Berlin after victory for his team
Before Barca in 2009, the last team to win a treble in Europe was Man United in 1999, before that was PSV in 1988 & be…
Did you know the 2015 was coming to Sugar Grove? Here's primer on Team USA vs Team Europe
Highlights from Team Japan's 4-3 victory over Team Europe. One more game to be played today.
Rowin Caron is the 4th player to play in the PC and first to play for Team Europe since Jonas Blixt.
Reshare |. Sam Briggs, 2013 CrossFit Games champion and member of Team Europe at the 2014 Invitatio…
Also on Darren Clarke has been named as the next Ryder Cup captain when Team Europe take on the US in 2016.
Steve Stricker is probably my least favorite Illini alumni. He's still Team Europe's 2012 Ryder Cup MVP
After the grammys, I watched American Ninja Warrior it was so good I was laughing bc Team Europe won over Team USA lmao
Incredible victory for Team Europe beating and in American Ninja Warriors.
So salty that Team USA just lost to Team Europe in the American ninja warrior classic
Breaking: Toronto to host the World Cup in 2016. Format is as followed... Canada, the United States, Russia, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic will take part, along side a Young Stars team made up of Canadian and American players aged 23 and under as well as Team Europe (Slovaks, Swiss, Germans, Danes, Latvia and Slovenia) It will begin Sept. 17 and end Oct. 1. The championship will be a best out of three. Three pre-tourney games, three round robin games, one QF, one SF and of course, the best out of three championship. It is NOT a IIHF event, meaning no KHL, SHL, etc players can play. NHL players only. NHL refs only too, as well as only NHL rules. In 2018, the plan is to have "Canada vs the World" in a Ryder Cup style. In 2020, the plan is to have North American players with German, English, Irish, Italian or French heritage playing for those countries to grow the game in those nations. Latter two events not confirmed, but very likely.
If we are in the bottom 6 understand if he wanted to leave for a top 6 team, but we're in the top 7 pushing for Europe, another Scott Parker
The Belarus team for Europe/Africa Zone Group I, starting on 4 Feb, is Aliaksandra Sasnovich, & Iryna Shymanovich
Join Havaş Europe team! We are looking for great colleagues to join our team as Passenger Service Agents in Riga Int…
Team made of Europe based players available for free in the summer. [CdS]
Yeees but let's be true Atleti is better team but Real have best players in Europe
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Hi Tim. Please contact our Sales team. You can reach them on 0207 365 2413 or sales.gbMany thanks.
Team of the Year voting: one day to go: Voting for the users' Team of the ...
Happy 2015! The team at Equiplite Europe wishes you a beautiful, magical new year!
All rested after the holidays and raring to go! Flying to Calgary today to represent Team Europe.
Xavier Silas is very close to signing a deal with Greek team Nea Kifissia. Patrick Ewing is out
Happy New Year from the team here at MVP Europe! Here's to another year serving the needs of the growing composites market!
Valencia are also most rejuvenated team (24,1 average age) in Europe's 5 big leagues. Experience does NOT have to mean improvement.
Report by the team on the movements of a Buk TELAR linked with the downing of MH17.
Liverpool worst team in Europe when it comes to transfers?
Good morning! Back to normal we are looking forward to hearing from you! Happy 2015. HiyaHiya Europe team is...
It's the last day in Europe for the team! The Blazers are touring Munich today before farewell dinner tonight.
You developed an interesting device with your team: Are you also going to launch in Europe?
new members to our team! Cap'n Bludd and Flo hailing from Europe. Thanks for joining our efforts here in nepal
..shotgun. MAP is playing in Europe and Roussin last played on some team called... St. Georges Cool 103.5 FM in 2013.
five friends and partners -- the Europe Through the Back Door Business Team. Rich, Karen, Brooke, Mary, and Anne:
Chelsea is the 2nd best team in Europe
Winsport xc ski team raising funds for trip to Good luck
Rayo Vallecano: officially the nicest team in Europe
... mental disorders assume the Fr govt' is saying being Muslim is a mental disorder.
free vs hate speech?Sacking of Islamophobic television presenter provokes free-speech row in France
No team across Europe's top 5 leagues has scored more goals (7) from counter-attacks than Real Madrid this season. [
Welcome to the World Junior Championships Europe. Was only a matter of time before the diving team showed up
Why 2014 Went Wrong for the Eurozone: Europe File: It was supposed to be the year the eurozone exited its debt...
fans in Europe looking to celebrate 5-game win streak get raw deal
. He's on loan and we will go into Europe next year AGAIN without a settled team
Next genius Goodell move...give a team 2 Europe where tix sales will be awful. Meanwhile LA waits patiently with wallets open.
of all Europe. Prague is my most favourite. Have fun GG team.
Well America's Team is going to be Spain's team next Sunday. Can't wait to watch another playoff game from Europe!
The 8th Seeded US team will battle for their spot in the Finals against the EGL Battle of Europe winner.
come to Europe only after they have some new songs :)
domain names
If Dallas loses this game I'm leaving the country and rooting for a team in Europe.
Or we can do that semester thing in Europe! And tryout at every 3rd division team 😁😱
you guys should team up on something similar and tour Europe & Asia with it…
Not including Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more penalties (8) than every team in Europe's top 5 leagues this …
Loic Perrin, Saint Etienne CB, been in last few Ligue 1 Team of the Seasons, was in WhoScored's Europe Team of Season 2013/14
wow currently the team with the best shut out record in Europe
Inter Milan on a signing spree they must have drawn a big team in Europe 😂
have the 9th highest average attendance in Europe yet apparently according to experts we should be happy being a mid ta…
...survive in Europe with "prospect" players. We need to have a strong core to the team made up class players like Gundogen...
EPL team is gonna be champions of Europe 😀
thing is lmao Madrid looking like a team that can dominate Europe for a few year atm so if ronaldo play like himself +
The US is waiting for Europe to join in. They want to act in team with EU. Can be a long wait.
New London-based Apple Pay team to help expand the service across Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa
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