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Tea Party Republicans

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Democrats should form a Tea Party like style protests like the Republicans did. Give a taste of their own medicine.
i guess republicans are admitting the Tea Party was a plutocratic astroturfed "movement"
Don't forget the republicans hosted the tea party in protest to his presidency but hey 🐸☕️
Volkswagen TDIs. The official car of *** who are Tea Party Republicans but buy black prostitutes weekly
if you're that young-the Tea Party are salt of the earth Republicans who probably don't Photoshop?
The Rioters could be planted by Trump and Tea Party Republicans to make Trump look good.
violence on the left is terrible. Look at these protesters. This is way worse then the tea party or republicans protest
The U.S. elected a wave of Tea Party Republicans and the country fell apart. Wow who could have predicted that?
.Tory party is nothing compared to Republicans and Tea Party. Your government actually tries to work
Are Democrats going to follow the same path as Republicans? Letting tea party dictate policy, alienation the middle?
It's very reminiscent of the far right tea party calling moderate republicans RINO's and secret liberals.
Republicans have the Tea Party now, thanks to Bernie, Democrats have to contend with the "Kool-Aid Party"!
Interesting tidbit in this AM's Morning Score: "Tea Party Express running TV ads for Kevin McCarthy in CA-23:
It's like Tea Party Republicans saying they are moderate.
I assume that many in the US don't understand "Far Right" includes the Tea Party & Theocratic Republicans. Otherwise, why Trump/Cruz
If the Tea Party can make the Republicans the party of a racist demagogue, Progressives can make the Democratic Party actually progressive.
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You want to preserve public high schools in the City of Erie? Vote out the obstructionist Tea Party Republicans in Harrisburg in November.
Tea party got Republicans Trump... and you are rooting for Trump presidency..
And the Tea Party dressed up like republicans and threw the GOP in the harbor.
Fix our broken voting system? Really? Republicans, the Tea Party have been working overtime to dismantle, destroy, emasculate Voting System.
Republicans to impeach IRS Commissioner cause of scrutiny of tax exempt applications including Tea Party.Time for this but not Zika funding
must not allow to do to them what Tea Party & Trump did to the Republicans. Don't participate in own hijacking!
I like the appropriation of the term "tea party" because it will help Republicans remember WHO BERNED THEM !!!
🙄 yourself. Republicans and Tea Party members phrased it as that because they hate/hated Obama. It's negative connotation.
I don't think that happens in the Dem Party. The tea party was pretty effective dragging Republicans Right, but Big Money is on that side.
Extreme purity? The Republicans in our country wanted the tea party.. Blame that on the peoples belief
You interrogated Valerie Jarrett as if you are a member of the Tea Party. Republicans have been inflexible since Gingrich-spe
Say goodbye to all progress made if he is elected. Everyone will suffer including republicans,independents/tea party
Same phenomenon that saw street thugs for Hitler, and poorest southern whites for Tea Party Republicans & Trump.
Will the tea party accept Donald Trump? Plus, more in Capital Journal Daybreak viaWSJ
EXACTLY. Libs, tea party, GG, republicans. Its just more jock sports factions
2000-Republicans sick of shady dems, 2008-Democrats said "it's our turn", 2012-Republicans elected tea-party for senate and house...yawn!!!
And I think Bernie is wrong to target the DNC instead of do nothing Tea Party Republicans as the cause of problems.
Trump is the embodiment of the tea party and southern republicans can't blame this on black people.
Trump is like the Tea Party. Promising things that can not be delivered. Republicans fell for it again.
The Senate & House should both do their jobs in all areas. Tea Party and republicans should remember that they have to compromise
Trump funded McConnell and his effort to defeat Tea Party candidates; and wrote checks to most of the Gang of Eight.
Yup. They call us the "Tea Party of the Left" yet they are basically becoming Republicans with their identity politics.
Exactly. Sanders only wins in open primaries where Tea Party Republicans vote for him to help Trump.
Primarying members of your own party for not being radical enough is how the Republicans got the Tea Party and Donald Trump.
- welcome those unhappy w/ the party to form their own. We're not the w/ a "Tea" insurgence.
The Tea Party Republicans have gutted this country completely. And they will continue to do so unless people get out and vote against them.
Because Sanders Democrats are just like Tea Party Republicans? Sandercans? ReBerns? This can only get funnier.
Because the next step is supporting HRC for the same reason, or even moderate Republicans over the tea party (Or British equivalents)
& have called Republicans, Tea Party, & Christians , want to prosecute slandering Islam, WHY?
we met with 20 former Republicans tonight who changed their ways bc of Bernie. we're trying to make the Tea Party implode…
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conservative Southern Democrats -> Dixiecrats -> Tea Party Republicans. I have been liberal all my 50+ years.
Michigan is too Overrun by Tea Party Republicans.. The NRA would sell a gun too a Cartel & That's Mental
"Tea Party Republicans not fielding candidate to replace Boehner
Tea Party voters in Idaho are threatening to stay home or vote for Dems rather than vote for Republicans.
"HillaryClinton: she compared republicans to terrorist but will not call terrorists , ter…
So my Tea Party neighbor asked me “When are you going to give Republicans the respect they deserve?”—I assured him that I already do that.
you ignore everyone including . Republicans except BERN, you are Just like the tea party.
Correction, Bruce Bartlett is also an honest intellectual:.
Trump argued he is surging in national polls b/c he represents the Tea Party supporters ignored by Democrats and betrayed by Republicans.
The U.S. electorate chose Eisenhower and we became the greatest nation. .
Al Qaeda vs ISIS is like republicans vs Tea Party.
Donald Trump courts tea party at Nashville straw poll: He will compete in a...
No one else will, so I'll say it... And republicans and the Tea Party still talk about Bill Clinton. I guess in...
The tea party is nothing more than a hiding place for Republicans ashamed of their misguided adoration of war criminal Geo. Bush.
If it was pro-Tea Party and showed allegiances to Republicans, it would have been out 2 minutes after shooting.
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' s appeal is to the fringe Tea Party Republicans. Preaching hatred, bigotry, and fear, he plays on their idiotic extremist ideals.
Republicans proved they couldnt lead when they let the TEA party split the Party? Now We got fragments of a Party to greedy to fuction!
That's what losers do when they're ousted by tea party. Hey, we know republicans helped Lerner target Tea Party
Even with Tea Party Republicans it is all rhetoric.You will see the likes of Koch brothers as T donors
:The Tea Party is the old GOP that's why other Republicans are against them.It shows how far left they went.
I don't know where you're getting your info from a great deal of the tea party movement our prior Republicans
And actually 54% of Tea Partiers identify as Republicans. 41% as Independents
absolutely, even when they poll tea party as others.. Tea party the other political party who are republicans.
So... lets oust the Republicans and give the Tea Party a chance. What do you think they'll get done?
Trump leading among Tea Party and moderate Republicans.
Right. Democrats voted for the Tea Party candidates, not conservatives. Establishment Republicans are so willfully ignorant.
Everyone should understand Marco Rubio is Pseudo want to be White, Cuban Republicans tea party person,& speaks for them.
The GOP in D.C. are still consumed with concerns about "tea party" Republicans, but the base elector
Tea Party Republicans unhappy with outcome of 84th reports
The Big Tent Party Collapses: The Republican Party has now fragmented into Tea Party Republicans who...
Because the Republican Party won’t be a national Party if it completely loses “Tea Party Republicans"
It's those *** Tea Party Republicans who run Chicago. Pretty sure climate change has something to do with it too.
Chris Matthews said that Tea Party Republicans are "not that far off" from being white supremacists. Here is evidence that he's correct.
Matthews slammed Tea Party Republicans, likening them to white supremacist organizations like the one like the one currently linked to Steve Scalise.
Why can't moderate and Tea Party Republicans in the seem to get along? It’s complicated:
Given the relative harmony between mainline and Tea Party Republicans in the Texas electorate, why have fights between GOP lawmakers over legislative matters become so pitched?
Interesting piece on the possible need for a Democratic version of the tea party. Even as they publicly condemn Tea Party Republicans as hostage-taking legislative thugs, the truth is that some Democrats are quietly jealous of them. Think of it: The Tea Party gang gets to intimidate party leaders, threaten legislation, block nominees,shut down the government and default on the debit if they don't get their way. They cause major trouble. Boy does, that sound good. The extreme right has power, and that’s something the left hasn’t had much of for a long time. But in the aftermath of the party’s disastrous midterm performance, it’s very possible that the Democratic Party leadership will be facing its own Tea Party-style insurgency from the other side of the spectrum. “You’re going to get a fight within the Democratic Party. There is a substantial disagreement coming up,” Rep. Jerry Nadler, an outspoken Congressional Progressive Caucus member, recently told theWall Street Journal. The only questi ...
Congress has to pass a spending bill by Dec. 11 to avoid a shutdown, and some Republicans want to use it to defund Obama's immigration order. This morning House Speaker John Boehner pushed for funding the government through next September, but with shorter-term funding for the Department of Homeland Security (which will implement the immigration order) so Republicans can revisit it next year when they’ll run both houses of Congress. Boehner and McConnell say they don’t want a shutdown fight but they’re preserving a path to it, and the Tea Partiers who are the most powerful force in the party would like nothing better. The real showdown in 2015 won’t be between Congress and the White House but between the Tea Party Republicans and the GOP leadership.
Tea Party Republicans in Congress are threatening an economic shutdown if Congress wouldn't take action to prevent gun violence prevention.
Boston had it's Tea Party. Let's have one in Long Beach and throw some Republicans off the yacht.
How about exporting Tony Abbott to the American Congress to lead the Tea Party .Mocement? Then the Republicans will surely loose in 2016
it's a show making fun of Republicans. Pretty much destroys the Tea Party, too. John Goodman, Wanda Sykes.
UKIP done same conjuring trick on vulnerable as Koch brothers, Tea Party & Republicans in USA- vote against own interests
The fact that he is a Constitutional Law professor seems to have escaped those *** in the Tea Party/GOP...
The tea party Rs vs. the Boehner/McCainconnell Green Turtle Republicans! They grumble and tumble in a feedback loop of stupid
If we did have a decent education system, there would be No Tea-party Republicans!
Some people don't understand Republicans are destroyers for this country for power causes they liked 😈 are tea party same things.
keeps the from using the tools that our Constitution gives them to stop Shut him down. Get a …
.& both got hit by Republican Waves in the House; examining the waves four years later:
If Boehner & other RINOs fail to react to Tea Party conservatives by steering Republicans to the right we can still lose this.
who is John Galt? maybe you. Rand would have a field day with Dems,Republicans,Tea party...where are all of the rational men?
Obamacare? He himself needs care - in Tea Party America. You really get sick hearing these republicans.
In that case, the Tea Party and Republicans are doing a great job of supporting single payer by trying to make it less effective.
Need the Tea Party! White House republicans are all RINO, have no use for either party.
It's not clear that Republicans have learned much from the power that the American people have entrusted them.
I believe the target 4 the tea party is more republicans in congress, maybe he should rethink his agenda.
So the stupid voters Gruber was referring to were Democrats since Republicans uniformly opposed Obamacare? Especially the Tea Party types.
ANC has a clear majority, yet they act like the GOP Republicans Tea Party Right Wing Extremists
Tell Tea Party Republicans to stop ignoring the science on climate change.
After Republicans took Majority in Senate and House they are not bothered for Global affairs. Tea Party Members have single focus USA
Instead of calling Republicans with no back bone rhinos let's just call the democrats. We need to elect more TEA PARTY candidates
Tell that to those who just voted to put the Republicans (and their Tea Party) back in control of the Senate...
We've just been informed by an anonymous source that the Tea Party is sending private messages to Republicans who...
The Tea Party had a great Election in spite of ROVE Republicans
...Greedy Polluters who in turn, shamelessly promote, thru the Tea Party Republicans, the SHORT TERM GROUTH AT ANY COST philosophy. ..
Sorta how the Tea Party is all about "freedom" as long as it only involves white republicans.
I don't agree but I do empathize with the tea party. But there are liberal Republicans.
because one of the Tea Party, but at least "elect meaner republicans" is an ethos.
Boehner Faces No Tea Party Uprising || Almost as if Tea Party were really just Republicans.
One of the ironies being that the EFF was trying to build inroads to the Tea Party and Republicans. How'd that work out EFF?
Senate Republicans zero in on 'reconciliation' to try to dismantle Obamacare - Tea Party Command Center
After GOP wins the it's time for a new two party system. Moderate Republicans & Tea Party Republicans. Prog/Lib/Dems are obsolete
Care for the earth? Vote Blue! Here's one concrete reason why: The Tea Party Republicans want to cripple EPA. see
Best part about gamergate crazies: They've started calling news outlets the "mainstream media" like bonkers Tea Party Republicans in 2010.
nails her opponent for voting with extreme Tea Party Republicans to repeal the ACA
The tea party Is why the republicans took back the house in 2010. There is no moderation on the left.
*** that's enough to make one cry because I DO NOT DESERVE THE KKK TEA PARTY OR ANY REPUBLICANS!
How will they blame white Americans, Republicans and the Tea Party for the Canadian terrorist attacks?
NO on2 crowd all sound like & look like the Republicans Lady afternoon tea party. It's just a plant folks, not evil incarnate!
Now, let's see what the republicans/tea party will make more into this other than what it really is.
Game "Who is to blame for Ottawa" Place your bets: Press 1 for Racists 2 For Republicans 3 for NRA 4 For Tea Party 5 For Racists.
If you aren't RICH, then I guarantee the Tea Party-Republicans don't give a *** about you.
We've already had Tea Party Republicans think that Islamic terrorists will bring Ebola across our border with Mexico.
Measure 90, would allow Tea Party Republicans to vote in our primary and choose our candidates for the general election.
Even though it is failing on its own, any bets the Republicans or "Tea party" will be blamed...
Listen to my new episode Tea Party Strategies As It Concerns Local Republicans at
Dear Sir, if the Tea Party, Republicans & Conservatives do not unite, the will be exasperated. Done, Gone, Finito.
The Tea Party has made the Republicans irrelevant to 90% of Americans. Only fools gobbling up Fox News propaganda think they're winning!
If Republicans "blow" this election then, the Tea Party has to step-in & officially take over as opposition.
Sarah, if Republicans blow this election then, Tea Party has to officially step in & take over.
Parliament Hill under attack by tea party extremists, house republicans, and Chick Fil A! War on Women!
Only way Republicans can blow it is if Tea Party folks that don't like their Republican Candidate Stay Home Its Defacto
Ay dios mio-- only 25% of Tea Party Republicans believe there is solid evidence of global warming, via
It is not his fault why the economy is not booming- Its the FED's Taper & Congress fault mostly Tea Party Republicans at that-
"only 25 percent of Tea Party Republicans believe there's solid evidence of global warming"
If only she were right about Republicans embracing the Tea Party agenda and stopping her from moving forward.
As a person of Color a Progressive Dems is 4 all ppl. , Blue Dog Dems. ,Republicans, Tea Party r 4 white only
Republicans will get one more chance to make things right. If they fail I predict the TEA party will get in big time as they should.
Isil the tea party koch racist genocide supporters mysoginist Republicans all the same people.
The tea party was formed to hide Republicans from Bush's stink. The ultimate "blame Bush."
Under Tea Party Republicans they believe it is better not to raise the minimum wage to a fair and living wage! with your vote!
Think about it, this November send the Tea Party & Republicans a message! .
Oh, the places Bill Maher just went. The host of HBO’s “Real Time” took on the border crisis and Tea Party Republicans with an epic Dr. Seuss parody on Friday ...
Even considering Obama's dismal approval rating, it will be very difficult for the GOP to put a President in the White House in 2016. Why, you may ask? Because the Republican Party is a party divided. There has long been some minor divisions between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives, but now the GOP is divided into two distinct groups: Establishment Republicans and Tea Party Republicans. If a Tea Party Republican wins the nomination, many moderate and Establishment Republicans will likely either not vote or will vote for the Democrat candidate. If an Establishment Republican wins the nomination, most Tea Party Republicans will likely vote for a third party candidate, probably a Libertarian candidate. Democrats, on the other hand, will likely vote for their candidate, regardless of how far to the left (Elizabeth Warren) or middle (Hilary Clinton) they are. In other words, the Left will stay Left and the Right will spread out their vote or not vote at all. My feeling is that Independents will li ...
The Tea Party. Because the lesson of the last decade is that Texas' Republicans aren't shortsighted enough.
The GOP is the single worst thing in this country. Republicans want to destroy America. Do not support racist GOP and Tea Party.
I thought this family was cute until I found their bookshelf full of ann coulter. Tea Party Republicans? yeah BYE
Come on American people lets do this election right this Republicans & Tea Party Conservatives Moderate into Senate
Smart piece on candidates transcending tea party/establishment divide traditional narratives don't apply
rite on wot ? Tea party policies r keepn republicans out of the White House U seem 2 b such a negative mob !
Labron goes back home and the GOP/REPUBLICANS/TEA PARTY shows up for their summer circus/convention. ..
WE need YOUR help to make YOUR lives better but you must help by voting AGAINST Tea Party & Republicans. They are screwing U.S.
Useful and well-reasoned analysis of trend in Republican/Tea Party election showdown by via
"These candidates decided they could have it all ... conservative enough for the Tea Party without scaring [donors]."
Turns out, Republicans are pretty happy with Obamacare, and that constant Tea Party scare stories failed miserably:. ht…
A very clear example that the current Tea Party Republicans need to be run out of office.
Sequester imposed by the Tea Party Republicans are a direct result of U.S. Veteran neglect . VOTE DEMS.
. Still waiting for Tea Party Republicans to get on the Economy Recovery Bus VOTE DEMS.
Republicans bring the tea party under control - -
Let us welcome good Republicans to MS Dem party. We shall overcome chronyism, racism, Tea Party.
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IF the republicans, including John Boehner tea party afficionado, really believe the twisted (cont)
Join me in supporting Contribute Now to Defeat Tea Party Republicans via
Exactly. We expelled these scum from Dem party back in 60s. Good Republicans are welcome. Not Tea Party.
Tea Party is the clown car of the GOP. We can welcome good Republicans like Colin Powell or Thad Cochran to Dem Party. Not Tea Party.
It is time to join sensible Republicans to slay the Tea Party. But after they hand us the Senate in November. Lunacy has its uses.
Tea Party Republicans who shut down the government over Obamacare are suing President Obama for…failing to enforce Obamacare.
Koch owned Republicans, tea party started lies when Bush was in that SS,MC was has a 2.7 trillion surplus now, they continue t lie
Republicans will one day regret allowing the Tea Party to take over their Party. If not already
Though you're on the side of the republicans. And the Tea Party. So that's all good.
British take on the Republicans and the Tea Party: via
If do not want your health determined by Tea Party GOP Republicans, you American citizens must dig trenches to fight for health rights!
Our country can't wait until 2016 for a leader. Tea party and Republicans unite on the conservative ideas you agree on. He wants division.
Will the Republicans and the tea party get their act together and come up with a plan for these problems and sell it loud.
Tea Party gimmick gets exposed: Why it was always a tool of the Republicans
US Republicans and Democrats actually have pretty similar views on climate. (Apart from the tea-party contingent.)
You put Republicans against Republicans. Only Democrats win from this. Dismiss the Tea party ASAP.
yup he would fit in with the Tea Party and the Republicans. Wrong man for the job IMO.
the Republican cow feces is only believed by *** and average intelligence in the tea party/ Republicans.
Quote from the Tea Party News Network:. "[..] fierce Republican opposition to the bill that would have legalized...
Checking out "Fed independence questioned as Republicans ramp up pressure" on Tea Party Command Center:
Have Bible-toting Republicans or Tea Party nitwits read Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli written by George...
*** marriage bans are falling quicker than Republicans falling to the tea party
PERFECT Example. Would someone like Joan Rivers attack the first lady like that 10 or 30 years ago? Of course not. But since the Tea Party Republicans have made it a badge of ignorant honor... well, now people don't need to try so... hard... to not be such petty, self-involved *** It's really very interesting. And sad. Clint Eastwood say the President is a "hoax". What does that mean? Is he claiming voter fraud... or that Barack is a secret muslim, or communist, or Kenyan VooDoo man? Speak up Eastwood! Since when do you... mince words?! Wus.
NEWS Goldman, Bain to pay $121 million in LBO collusion settlement 12.06.14 00:07 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc will pay $67 million and Bain Capital Partners LLC will pay $54 million to settle their portions of a lawsuit accusing several big private equity firms of conspiring not to outbid each other in takeovers. Cantor exit raises Wall Street fears of renewed debt fight 11.06.14 22:57 NEW YORK (Reuters) - House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's shocking defeat isn't likely to have much effect on U.S. financial markets -- unless his departure emboldens Tea Party Republicans to again threaten a government shut-down over the debt ceiling next year, investment strategists said. Lululemon founder turns on board, votes against new chairman 11.06.14 22:43 TORONTO (Reuters) - Lululemon Athletica Inc's founder and biggest shareholder, Chip Wilson, lashed out at the yogawear retailer's board on Wednesday, saying the company's new chairman and another director are too focused on short-term growth and that he ha ...
Here is a twist in american politics, sometimes history comes back to haunt the current wave of "extreme Tea Party Republicans": The Affordable Care Act, aka the Obama Care, ran a change in the US house and Senate in 2008, only to cause a angry American Public to change this "Do Nothing" Congress in 2014. "We the People" cant afford these type of politics to continue. Nor can "We the People" afford this FAR Right Wing, Tea Party escaped that blocks progress when it comes to true job growth, tax reform on the upper 1% that is keeping this Country from really growing, and supporting the fundamentals of a public education that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, and have a fair and decent education without road blocks or scrutiny of Political extremist. "REMEMBER TO VOTE THIS NOVEMBER" Read below how history may repeat itself: GOP senators turn against their own in '16 Alexander Bolton - 05-06-14 06:00 AM EDT Fearful of a third successive Democratic triumph, concerned Senate Republicans are turni ...
Tea Party Republicans upset with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s immigration push helped to torpedo his reelection Tuesday night, but Virginia political sources also give credit to Democrats who worked to undermine the No. 2 House leader by voting in the open primary. Sources said the Democrats,…
I am finding this SO hard to believe even though I just read it in a study posted by Sandra, on Alternet/CJ Werleman; America remains a scientifically ignorant nation for two reasons: the resurgence of fundamentalist religion during the past 40 years, and secondly, the low level of science education in American elementary and secondary schools, as well as many tertiary colleges. While television ratings for Cosmos may have stunned media critics and your average fundamentalist, “Americans continue to poll more like Iranians or Nigerians than Europeans or Canadians on questions of evolution, scriptural inerrancy, the presence of angels and demons, and so forth.” This week, Gallup released a poll showing 42 percent of Americans still believe God created human beings in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. Last week, the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire published a study showing only 28 percent of Tea Party Republicans trust scientists. (Seriously! Seriously?) It gets worse. . ...
Go away Richard Mourdock! You are embarrassing yourself and all Hoosiers. Click the link below to see what crazy thing Mourdock, who Tea Party Republicans in Harrison County backed with over 70% of the primary vote in 2012, has said now.
New Hampshire residents continue to trust scientists on the environment: Tea Party Republicans are distrustful...
More bad news for Tea Party Republicans v. GOP Establishment. Today, in KY primary, Mitch McConnell beat Tea Party candidate, Matt Bevin. If some conservatives used their brains they would actually be a force to contend with. but too manyTea Party Republican voters are being played for suckers again in primaries like the ones in Kentucky, Georgia, and Oregon where the Republican ESTABLISHMENT backed candidates are winning. Does anyone remember how Scott Brown pandered to the Tea Party, and won the Massachusetts Senate race several years back and then once elected he turned around and proved he was no conservative.. ONCE THE ESTABLISHMENT SUPPORTED CANDIDATES WIN IN KENTUCKY, GEORGIA, AND OREGON THEN AMERICA LOSES AGAIN... Nothing will move to the right or change for the better until conservative ideology defeats progressive ideology in the minds of young voters. WE WILL CONTINUE TO GET BIGGER GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON.. WE WILL CONTINUE TO RACK UP HIGHER NATIONAL DEBTS AND DEFICITS AND THE LIBERAL COURTS . ...   10% Off
GOP Establishment Declares All-Out War on the Tea Party If you had any doubts that the Republican Establishment was fighting a no-holds-barred civil war against grass-roots conservatives and the Tea Party, wonder no more. This weekend, House Speaker John Boehner reportedly will attend a $5,000-a-head Amelia Island, Fla., event. It’s sponsored by the anti-tea party group Republican Main Street Partnership and heavily funded by labor unions. Boehner’s No. 2 guy in the Republican House, Eric Cantor, will also be in attendance along with 25 other Republican Congressmen. If you wonder why GOP opposition to President Obama’s policies is so weak, look no further than the not-so-dynamic duo of Boehner and Cantor. Neither one of them would have gotten their positions of power if it wasn’t for the strong support of Tea Party Republicans in the 2010 midterm election. But they seem to have forgotten that and have a strong dislike for Tea Party supporters who helped them take the House. Ballot BoxSteve LaToure ...
If you don’t want what’s left of the US economy to be crushed under a greedy carbon tax justified by the global warming hoax, the best thing to do is elect more Tea Party Republicans. Don’t take my word for it; here it is straight from the maw of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
Tea Party Republicans looking to get their groove back are eyeing Tuesday's Senate primary race in Nebraska, where leading conservative groups and figures are closing ranks behind Republican candidate Ben Sasse.
either that or he's getting advice from Tea Party Republicans. U.S. Senator from Kansas Kim Jong UN...nice ring to it.
In a clear nod to the Occupy Movement and the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ripped the selfish "individualism" of Tea Party Republicans, c...
Here is why Jeb Bush won't run: (Tea Party Republicans are right now frothing at the mouth over his immigration comment: "They are not criminals. It is an act of love when they crossover into the US...just wanting to see their families, and/or wanting a better life." The 'killer': Tea Party Posts have already started: GOOGLE - 'Jeb Bush family police records'..Tea Party folks have been posting articles like these on their 'official Tea Party web sites ever since it is an avalanche. Go to almost any 'Tea Site'.
Quite apart from that Firefox has always been a horribly unusable mess. Better than Internet Explorer granted, but being better than Microsoft is not a bar that earthworms can limbo under... If you want Google to know your every move, use Chrome - the only browser with all the security settings set to "off" except the ones set to "On, except Google" And don't forget children Google give financial support to virulently anti *** Tea Party Republicans in the US... "Don't be Evil"? Then. Do. Not. Use. Google... For anyone still using ancient and insecure operating systems Opera was great on Windows and deserves support as the first browser with tabs, about a decade and a half ago! Mac users can just carry on using Safari, the same rendering engine as Chrome (yes Google pinched Apple's technology again!) but with actual security and owned by a *** friendly corporation.
Thank you for taking action on my petition calling on Congress to extend emergency unemployment benefits. As of Friday, 1.6 million Americans have lost unemployment insurance since emergency benefits expired on December 28. This is an outrage. Unemployment insurance helps our neighbors put food on the table and pay bills while they look for work. But instead of helping Americans find jobs by passing a bill, Tea Party Republicans would rather continue to see 72,000 Americans lose unemployment insurance each week. Now is the time to renew unemployment insurance, and I need your help. Join me in the fight to restore unemployment insurance for millions of struggling Americans. I’ll continue to push hard in Congress for action, but in the meantime, I’ve also been urging the President to take action that doesn’t need John Boehner. President Obama can sign an executive order to help the 2 million workers employed by the federal government who make below a livable wage. That’s more low wage workers than t ...
Non-working, uncaring, getting paid with our taxes to do nothing, Tea Party Republicans must not win any more seats in the House of Representatives or in the Senate! We all can't get along until we boot the racist, hypocritical , ungodly bigots out of places of power. The only way we have a chance is for all Democrats of voting age to get registered and Vote in 2014. Because let me tell you this: If we don't get the Democrats to vote; the Tea Party Republican Klan will effect disastrous changes in America that will take generations to change back into a stable America. Let me say this again, just in case you didn't hear me: Almost none of the things on the list below affect the people who are making the most noise. We are fighting for the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and unfortunate among you. What do you want for yourselves, your children, and your children's children? Don't you want them to have better and more equal advantages? As a Democrat, your vote is the balance that tips the scale in your fav ...
Even I know a little American history, the yesteryear of Southern Democrats are today's Tea Party Republicans.
The Tea Party has descended into fascism and is unable to even work non Tea Party Republicans. . Regrading the...
I have just sent letters to the editor for my local, state, and national papers...11 publications in all regarding Gov Deal's failure to enact Medicaid expansion in Georgia, even though Georgians are PAYING for it! I addressed the closing of many rural hospitals as well. ALSO, I condemned the Governor's passing of the buck by leaving the decision up to Tea Party Republicans like Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey who use the ACA for political posturing and care not for the welfare of Georgians. I recommend that everyone write their local editiors - and if you're up for it - the State and National publications as well. Even if they don't get published, the statement is still made. I will be happy to provide talking points to help you with your letter if you so wish. Just let me know. Together, we can do this.
2.17.2014, 04:21 AM Maddow & Co. take down Christie POOL/GETTY IMAGES Big man diminished Rachel Maddow’s reporting on the web of corruption Gov. Chris Christie has woven in New Jersey is worthy of our most overused adjectives. Her investigative reporting and brilliant speculations have produced howls from the big guy, now greatly diminished. The presence of her mind and the degree of her empathy are never pushed down to pretend at Christie’s type of trite toughness. Though her depths of feeling may sometimes embarrass her, Maddow knows empathy is not a weakness; it underlies all civilized behavior. While Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber have been sensational, their channelmates at MSNBC get mixed grades. Joe Scarborough has long been a serious critic of Tea Party Republicans, but he and Mika Brzezinski often sink down into meaningless pop trends and trivial concerns. And both have swallowed Christie’s supposed charms, which include tax cutting as well as fi ...
"Tea Party Republicans and the Sierra Club should join hands supporting this bill," Mark Thomas pro-
Americans should reject Republicans at the voting booth in 2014, and demand the arrest of Tea Party Republicans for the high crime of sedition.
We all know that Harry the fairy Reid has repeatedly condemned "Tea Party Republicans," and that many in Congress have joined him.
ALERT! Dangerous anti-immigrant bills proposed in Mississippi Legislature. HB 1322 by Rep Andy Gipson (R) of Braxton and SB 2655 by Sen. Michael Watson (R) of Pascagoula. These bills are another attempt by Tea Party Republicans to make life miserable for immigrants so they will leave the state. Please contact your representatives immediately and ask them to oppose these bills!
“It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party Republicans. Nothing seems to be happening.” --- Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., today on why he's leaving Congress after 40 years.
America is slowly but surely being dismantled by Tea Party Republicans and the "shorts" of Wall St. Is anybody there awake?
On January 9, 2014 the Tea Party Republicans renewed the WAR ON WOMEN. Please READ--ACT--SHARE-- The House Judiciary Committee debated legislation that could force survivors of sexual violence to tell their horrifying stories to...wait for it...Internal Revenue Service agents.1 That's because the bill sponsored by extremely anti-choice Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) requires women who needed abortion care and are also survivors of sexual violence to prove to IRS auditors that the assault occurred.2 What?! As you read this, House Judiciary Committee members are considering the legislation. If we act now and collect enough signatures to show House leadership that this is not only offensive but also a huge waste of time, we can stop the legislation in its tracks--just like a grassroots outcry stopped efforts to redefine rape in 2011.3 If we speak out loudly now, we can send a message to politicians that bills like this won't win over women voters, and we can stop this outrageous law in its tracks. When wi ...
Virginia Democratic state Senate candidate Jennifer Wexton is taking to the airwaves comparing Tea Party Republicans to violent rapists. Another fine example of how the political system in American works. Say anything horrific or negative about other people to convince other to think the competition is the scum of the earth. These low class people need to be street sweepers after a horse parade.
The hidden racism for the past many years has emerged w a venous so to speak. But this is good because now we know who our enemies really are. " Enemies" u question and say that's a harsh label... but. my reply ...because that is the way Tea Party Republicans see us. Its called the Social Darwinism of the Western Euro Descendents of the USA., They are losing control and want to fight to keep it.
Thank you very much, Tea Party Republicans, Koch Bros., Grover Norquist, Carl Rove, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul … for this past year of standing up for the wealthy, helping out the banks and oil companies, trying to kill affordable health care, cutting food stamps, killing job creation, taking away voter's right, waging war on women, minorities, and everybody else who's not like you, and generally obstructing anything that would truly be good for our nation. Here's wishing you a happy new year and failure in you future acts of sedition.
From the Daily Beast: OUTRAGE Cohen: Race Comments Misunderstood There’s something to be said for defending your words despite the entire Internet being against you. The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen said Wednesday that “it’s a slander” to suggest that he does not support interracial marriage. In Cohen’s column about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday, he wrote that “people with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York—a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a *** )” Cohen insisted the offending statements were describing how he believes Tea Party Republicans feel, not how he himself feels. “This is just below the belt,” he said of the criticism. “It’s a purposeful misreading of what I wrote.”
On this day of Christmas shall take the time to thank the Republican Party and the Tea Party Republicans for their caring decision to cut the budget on the backs of the poor with the cuts to programs that they count on for their survival. The cutting of the hot lunch pr...
Candidate for Congress compares 'Duck Dynasty' star to Rosa Parks (Chicago Sun Times) WHAT?!? A Republican candidate for Congress is actually comparing civil rights icon Rosa Parks to a reality show star. And not only that -- comparing Parks to a man who claims African-Americans were perfectly happy BEFORE the Civil Rights movement. It's a jarring reminder of the ugly ignorance we're facing right now. Here's the bottom line: President Obama has 3 years left in office. We can't expect him to make real progress so long as these backwards-thinking Tea Party Republicans control Congress.
In 2007, the Republicans and their Fox News Channel went nuts when Nancy Pelosi visited the Middle East. This week, Michele Bachmann and a few Tea Party Republicans are in the Middle East meeting with leaders. Not a peep.
According to Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., Tea Party Republicans want to destroy people in their districts, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did a...
So, once again, I turn on Fox News and am graced by Bill O' and the venerable and portly, Carl Rove. They were busy lambasting those dastardly stubborn Tea Party Republicans who will not capitulate to the blue blood liberal RINO's over the latest budget bungle. The very next show highlighted the fact that the proposed budget would cut military pensions drastically. And who voted themselves raises this year. Congress. But they WILL vote to cut military pensions, something that was offered, promised and signed off on conscription into the service. Oh, stupid me! These are the best and brightest. Bill O Reilly and Carl Rove, fantastic.
Hi Randall, A new poll last week shows Ken Buck leading the pack of Tea Party Republicans vying to beat Mark in the U.S. Senate race. Take a look at this: A Senator Ken Buck would put the economy at risk to advance his own extreme political agenda. Please consider a $5 donation today to help make sure this doesn’t happen. It seems folks on the GOP’s right wing are quick to forgive and forget. Let’s review Buck’s resume of recklessness. He has: Supported privatizing Social Security. Called climate change "the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated." Told a prospective primary voter to choose him over his female opponent “because I do not wear high heels.” Later he said his opponent “questioned my manhood.” Compared homosexuality to alcoholism on Meet the Press and said he believes being *** is a choice. Lavished praise on Texas Senator Ted Cruz as “an example, too rare in Washington, of having some courage of your convictions” when Cruz was leading the shameful government shutdown. Ded ...
In November, just in time for Thanksgiving, stimulus funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) expired, leading to the most significant funding reduction since the Food Stamps Act was passed in 1964. With money tight at the end of the month, millions of families faced a choice between skipping Thanksgiving or finding a food kitchen to feed their kids. Unbelievably, Republicans want to slash food stamps again -- to the tune of $40 billion in catastrophic cuts that will ruin lives and destroy families. If Tea Party Republicans get their way in the current negotiations around the farm bill that governs SNAP’s funding, Thanksgiving 2014 will be extraordinarily worse. There isn't much time. We need your urgent support to fight back against Tea Party Republicans and the outrageous cuts they are pushing. Will you call your Congressman and ask him to pressure farm bill committee members, and make sure legislators hear the more than 4,000 food stamps stories that DFA members shared with us ...
Your help makes a difference We have less than 11 months until the pivotal 2014 election, less than a month until the next Government shutdown, and less than 2 weeks until the next budget showdown in Congress. The actions we take as the USAction family are vital to our success, but it's our financial supporters who we count on at the eleventh hour, when the rubber meets the road. Unfortunately, our records indicate that you have not yet contributed to USAction this year, so your membership is inactive and you're out of the fight. our support is critical as we head into another budget battle with Tea Party Republicans who are intent on destroying Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We'll need resources in order to fight for an economy that works for all Americans. Click here to make your year-end donation of $15 or whatever you can afford to USAction now. Your support is what powers our ability to jump in on the biggest fights, and take risks that are needed in a campaign. Just look at what other suppo ...
ObamaCare* is NOT broken, Social Security is NOT broke or broken. Medicare is NOT Broken, Medicaid is NOT broken. Republican's G.W. Bush 'Medicare Prescription Drug Plan' or Part D is not broken. Tea Party Republicans have a Broken Party and they want to break everything that's good about America because they HATE Government. They love the Wealthy, Lobbyists, Mega Corporations, Wall Street, and Capitalists. 'The PP&ACA' or ObamaCare* is a Capitalist Program of 'The Heritage Foundation', a Right Wing Group, made popular by RomneyCare* in Massachusetts. The Right Wing only HATE it because President Obama passed it into Law, and They HATE Him. is NOT broken, it's working 90% of the time; and the only problems with the website are Right Wing Sabatoge Tactics that are mostly failing, just like the TP Republican Party.
When do Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, John Boehner and the rest of the Tea Party Republicans begin repaying the $24 Billion Dollars they cost taxpayers with the Government Shutdown? What interest rate are we charging them? - Todd W. Byars, Tallahassee, Florida 11-23-2013
Was watching The Daily Show last night and Jon Stewart made a interesting point, that I hadn't considered. He said (paraphrasing) the concept of the Tea Party Republicans is a contradiction. The Tea Party wants to dramatically reduce the influence the Government has in our lives. But to have the power to make changes, requires a Government that has enough power to accomplish this. They fight for the the very thing they want to eliminate. He went on to mention that the whole notion of Radical Extremism in the Republican Party was a strategic approach in trying to elicit a more vocal presence of Conservatives. In 2004 the Conservatives knew they were losing ground with a lot of moderate votes going to the Democrats and the Republican advisers essentially said, we can't win the Moderates, but we may be able to rally the vocal Extremists. This is when the rift appeared in the Conservatives who were leaning right and those who eventually became the Tea Party and Libertarians. All it actually accomplished was p ...
Bill Johnson was one of first Tea Party Republicans to laugh as the govt came to a screeching halt. …
Tea Party Republicans recoil at the notion that Chris Christie is the party's savior.
Ted Cruz Talks Like McCarthy and Walks Like Mitt Romney The biggest downfall for Romney, despite his horrid campaign management, was his disconnection from reality. This was most evident when he refused to release his tax forms and the revelation that he was sheltering a majority of his money in tax havens. When election day came around, America overwhelmingly made their choice. They wanted a President they could relate to and felt would serve their best interest, over a CEO that would look for ways to screw over the population while benefiting himself. The (more than) 47% spoke. While Romney was busying losing, another Republican was up and coming. His name was Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a Tea Party Republican from Texas, and serves only one person — himself. This became obvious during his 21 hour filibLuster (get it?) over “ObamaCare,” even though it stopped nothing and did nothing but fluff himself up. Tea Party Republicans loved his grandstanding. This was the beginning of the end of the Repub ...
"Tea Party Republicans again try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, this time by shutting down Stephen Strasburg."
Tea Party Republicans moaned during the government shutdown about national parks being closed. The irony? They want to privatize and sell our national parks! Tell them they're not for sale.
Tea Party Republicans try to repeal ObamaCare by shutting down Stephen Strasburg.
Elections were held all over the country yesterday. What I see in the results are that the younger generation rejects the Tea Party Republicans. Will those same young North Dakota residents vote against Kevin Cramer here in 2014?
Tea Party Republicans now the only group of Americans who think the Earth is not warming’
the war is rinos vs Tea Party Republicans if TP wins we all win. but vote local and help out
Is there anyone or anything that the Tea Party Republicans don't hate?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Schumer says that with Clinton the party can “vanquish the Ted Cruz, Tea Party Republicans in 2016". says bring it on!
In Honor of Your Sacrifice and Service to Our Nation, the Tea Party Republicans Have Cut Food To 1000's of Your...
Moderate and Tea Party Republicans need to find a common 2016 strategy.Paul, Cruz, Rubio all good but inexperienced. Need more time
Just 25% of Republicans see solid evidence of global warming,compared with 61% of non-Tea Party Republicans http…
Shumer: Hillary will vanquish Tea Party GOP like she vanquished Obama in 200...oh wait
Tea Party Republicans are biggest climate change deniers:
And Grayson has the audacity to equate Tea Party Republicans with the KKK. *** .
I ask the Tea Party Republicans today when they eat remember all the people who will have their meals reduced because of …
Chuck Schumer endorses Hillary for President: "We will vanquish the Ted Cruz, Tea Party Republicans in 2016"
Listening to NPR school we stupid Tea Party much wisdom... (yawn). :)
Obama seeks to link Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli to Tea Party Republicans in Congress
Mainstream Republicans polled say they are much less likely to reject the fact that change is happening...
my name is respectable, I have 2k followers who agree, you have as much fear and insecurity as non-Tea Party Republicans
"Tea Party Republicans are calling for extensive observation and disciplining of unemployed people."
Tea Party Republicans are biggest climate change deniers, new Pew poll finds - Washington Post... -
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Christians better start fighting the Tea Party Republicans and reclaim the name of Christ. Here’s why. Please WATCH
Tea Party Republicans only group of Americans who think the climate isn't warming.
Just 13% Of Non Republicans Doubt The Reality Of so why arent they doing anything about it? htt…
John Boehner says, “It’s easy to go out there and be Santa Claus and talk about all the things you want to give away, but at some point somebody has to pay the bill,” but he appears to have forgotten how George W. Bush did it. George just simply put all his expenditures on credit. And, on top of that, he gave the Top 1% Filthy Rich a huge tax cut, also on credit. It's no wonder that the Republicans loved George W. Bush. George believed in buying everything on credit. Do you remember how much the Tea Party Republicans complained? Neither do I ! ~Abel
Ted Cruz Talk Dominates Annual Democratic Dinner Tonight is the Iowa Democratic Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. Iowa is the site of the first in the nation presidential precinct caucuses. Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY), the third ranking Democrat, was the keynote speaker and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. He said with Clinton at the top of ticket in 2016 “We can vanquish Ted Cruz and his Tea Party Republicans. . . The only good thing that came out of the shutdown debacle was the self-inflicted damage to the GOP. . . "Cruz is guaranteed to deliver the White House to Democrats. If the Tea Party continues its grip on the GOP, they will lose dramatically and we will have a Democratic House. Let’s all stick together and make sure Cruz is the GOP candidate." Schumer said that was necessary to pass union card check and a cap and trade national energy tax. With his endorsement, Schumer joins the 16 Senate Democratic women who have written to Clinton asking her to run. The gathering was also add ...
Romney donors back Democrat over shutdown-backing Tea Party Republicans in Georgia senate race |
After a colossal waste of 24 billion dollars with the shutdown; the war on the poor by eliminating food stamps, we can clearly see a personal animosity against Obama by the Party of God, the Tea Party. The Tea Party continues this war with no chance of success, squandering the tax payer’s money, with 8% of popular approval rate, intoxicated by a self-image of heroic resistance, headed by Ted Cruz and a few other Tea Party Republicans. The Tea Party ignores history. Stephanie Mencimer in says: “In 2006 both George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D program for seniors, and the Romneycare’s rollout was so bad that that a full two months after launch, only 18,000 of the state’s 300,000 eligible citizens had successfully navigated the enrollment process and signed up. Eventually the kinks got worked out,” and today 96 percent of Massachusetts residents have health insurance-more than in any other state. If Obamacare’s engineers can debug the system by early December, this rocky debut w .. ...
Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is not backing down about a flippant remark comparing Tea Party Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan into a fundraising message despite criticism from at least one opponent.
Republican candidate for President in 1964, Barry Goldwater looks liberal next to the Tea Party Republicans. In 1993 he wrote a now-famous commentary that appeared in The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times denouncing the banning of *** in the military. He would later support an Arizona initiative to legalize medical marijuana. The Republican Party never knew quite what to do with him. Goldwater said: "I'm frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if I want to be a moral person. I must believe in "A," "B," "C" and "D." Just who do they think they are? And from where do they presume to claim the right to dictate their moral beliefs to me? ... And I am even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every religious group who thinks it has some God-granted right to control my vote on every roll call in the Senate. I am warning them today: I will fight them every stepof the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all . ...
Brit Hume gets it.  it is not about just Obamacare, nor Obama, nor just Liberals, but those that believe in Big Government.  Government is supposed to be afraid of us, we have lost our edge and it is time to take it back.   10/16/13 Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume explained on "Special Report With Bret Baier" Monday night why Tea Party Republicans originally started their confrontation with Democrats over the bid to defund ObamaCare.  He argued that they're taking an unconventional approach, because the mainstream GOP has "utterly failed" to stop the growth of government.  Hume said:  "Veteran political observers on both the left and right are still trying to figure out what the House Tea Party caucus and its Senate pied piper Ted Cruz were thinking when they insisted on using the threat of a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare.  "It was a hopeless strategy that has not only failed in its stated goal, but helped send the Republican Party to its lowest favorability ratings ever.  "I ...
On ABC’s This Week Jeb Bush attacked the efforts and tactics by Cruz and Tea Party Republicans to defund the law.
Week 3 of the government shutdown, and now Tea Party Republicans are threatening an economic shutdown. http:/…
President Obama, the man who has stomped on the Constitution in ways even George W. Bush could only marvel at, had the gall to tell Tea Party Republicans not to destroy the United States. And, he did so a day after he received the money he needs to implement his unconstitutional healthcare overhaul. Obama stated, “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular President? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don’t break it. Don’t break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. That’s not being faithful to what this country’s about.” The fact that he accused Tea Party Republicans – the very principled members of the House who actually stood up to his unconstitutional healthcare law – of trying to break what the Founding Fathers and others have built is mind-boggling. In less than five years in office, Obama has done more damage than any political leader in American history. If he thinks Tea Party Republicans are “breaki ...
better than observing a meeting of Tea Party Republicans.
I sent this email to Gretchen Carlson of Fox News: Your story on the Tea Party losing popularity is ludicrous. The Tea Party is not out to be popular. It is out to save the country. You can't save the country by capitulating to people who are out to destroy our freedoms and the integrity of the Constitution. It is not about over playing your hand. In fact, because of the non-Tea Party Republicans, the hand was underplayed because they (the RINOs) refused to make a firm stand to force the administration to negotiate. All the cards were held by the Republicans who are too afraid to take a stand because they agree with Obama. The Republicans in Name Only are nothing more than liberals and progressives who pretend to be conservatives because they could not get elected in the Democratic Party. They are stooges for Obama...especially McCain who lies as often as does Obama. They are what are called neocons who are liberals pretending to be conservatives. If you want to tell the "real story" dig deeper be ...
Here is another excerpt from The Daily Translator Shutdown/Debt Ceiling Lightning Round "I said yesterday that it seemed the newest Senate deal would likely be the winner that solved both the budget and the debt ceiling. Unsurprisingly, House Republicans declared that they would not pass this compromise, and instead were going to draft their own budget compromise that would address both the shutdown and the debt ceiling. At 10 a.m., Republicans in the House moved to schedule a vote on this new version of their deal. This bill delayed the Obamacare medical tax for two years; cancelled health insurances subsidies for members of Congress, their staffers, and the President cabinet; and extended an otherwise clean CR to January 15th + debt ceiling to February 7th. Not surprisingly, this bill was drafted by Tea Party Republicans. At 11:30 a.m., the President met with House Republican leadership to discuss their new bill. Apparently, the meeting did not go well. At 11:45 a.m., Harry Reid publicly announced that ...
John Boehner. Boehner, the Republican speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, could be about to confront the most critical decision of his three decades in politics. He could allow the House to pass a Senate deal that likely would get more support from Democrats than Republicans - a move that almost certainly would lead some conservatives to push for Boehner's removal as speaker - or he could side with rebellious Tea Party Republicans by preventing a vote and allowing America to default. "John Boehner is caught between a rock and a hard place," said Ford O'Connell, a Republican strategist. It's a familiar place for Boehner, who often has struggled to manage several dozen conservative Tea Party Republicans who have shown little interest in compromising with the Senate or Democratic President Barack Obama. Boehner's current plight is largely a result of his desire to placate the vocal Tea Party caucus and adhere to the "Hastert Rule," a tactic named after Republican Dennis Hastert, who was House speak ...
If that's the alternative to the so called Tea Party Republicans, then that GOP can go to ***
If you think it's time for Tea Party Republicans to put people over politics, tell them to
It's time for to stand up to Tea Party Republicans and
Tea Party Republicans are threatening an economic shutdown. Tell them to
Instead of fixing our immigration system, Tea Party Republicans are threatening to cripple our economy.
A little Andy Borowitz to lighten the day: Hostage-Takers Call Comparisons to Tea Party "Hurtful" By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 11 October 13 group representing America's hostage-takers today blasted President Obama for his repeated comparisons between them and the Tea Party Republicans, calling his remarks "degrading and hurtful." The complaint came from the National Alliance of Hostage-Takers and Blackmailers, a watchdog group that monitors negative images of extortionists in the media. "As professional hostage-takers, we never take hostages unless we have a well-thought-out plan, realistic demands, and a clear exit strategy," read the group's official statement. "Any comparison between what we do and these inane Tea Party antics are derogatory and unacceptable." The statement continued, "For years, our members have been subjected to offensive Hollywood stereotypes of hostage-takers as crazed madmen, cackling evildoers, and worse. The President's hurtful remarks only reinforce those negative images." ...
was right: "Blame Canada!" Tea Party Republicans holding U.S. economy hostage & mastermind is Canadian born Ted Cruz.
This Government shutdown is Bull*.all because of an Healthcare which is call Obamacare... Mitt Romney had this on the table before Obama was even President I guess if he was President this will not be going on...TOL... and its ashamed that they are holding this hostage...they are being selfish and greedy ...Doctors and the Insurance company been raping people for years with the cost of insurance and they are fighting hard for this CARE not to go through and the GOP Tea Party Republicans is in on it...I'm not saying President Obama is right either but when it comes to people that working from paycheck to paycheck trying their best to make a living ..its hard. Republicans Democrats or whatever your political views are ...right is right and wrong is wrong... do your homework when putting people in office...
Obamacare Has Gotten More Popular Since The GOP Shut Down The Government To Defund It BY TARA CULP-RESSLER ON OCTOBER 11, 2013 AT 8:43 AM A faction of Tea Party Republicans led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) essentially forced a government shutdown to pressure Democrats to delay or defund the health reform law. But that dramatic move hasn’t done anything to convince Americans that Obamacare is a policy they should oppose. According to a new poll, Obamacare is actually gaining in popularity at the same time as the Republican Party has taken extreme measures to take a stand against it.
BEST IDEA I'VE EVER HAD! (At least in the last 5 minutes). Let's take all of the Tea Party Republicans and John Boehner... and put them in the hole and let B613 reprogram them. After they are re programmed. slowly integrate them back into society with the rest of us. YEP! BRILLIANT!
Sad fact is Tea Party Republicans don't care about these cuts or the people hurt by them.
The US shutdown is all pointless posturing. Even the Tea Party Republicans aren't thick enough to actually let the US default on 17 Oct.
It isn't only that everyone is lying to Fox News - but also . that they admittedly believe that they know everything better than everyone else . and therefore everyone else has to be the liars - or they themselves are wrong. IE: Financial Experts warning of the 2008 Stock Market Crash were wrong. The economists presently warning about defaulting on the impending debt ceiling are wrong. The Census Bureau and Political Pollsters are definitely wrong. Romney won hugh ? Present scientific agreement on Global Climate Change is wrong. Georges Lemaitre and his predecessor Albert Einstein and all the successors since are wrong about The Big Bang Theory. Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is wrong too. U.S. Forefathers were wrong implementing Separation of Church and State into the Constitution. Roe verses Wade is wrong. Democratic President Obama is definitely - black wrong. I could go on, but basically - everything that Tea Party Republicans and their propaganda lackies, Fox N ...
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I just signed a petition to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2): From the government shutdown to the debt ceiling, Tea Party Republicans have wreaked enough havoc on our country. Democrats must stand strong -- demand a vote on a clean continuing resolution to reopen the government -- and don't capitulate on S...
More victims of the government shutdown: More than 2/3 of the FDA employees doing food inspections were furloughed so food inspections not happening in an adequate way. Now there are 300 sick people across the country hospitalized with Salmonella that is resistant to antibiotics. Thank you Tea Party Republicans--I guess you want to take us back to the days when Upton Sinclair wrote his Book, "The Jungle." Lack of government--like the anarchists want, will in effect, take us back to when rats ran the meat market. Oh--that's right--I suppose the Mike Lee and Ted Cruz never read that book. It was that book shedding light on the meat industry decades ago that led to creation of the FDA--an agency that monitors the food industry to ensure that Americans can eat safe food.
Reinhold Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Bobby Jindal & some of you from The Republican Party, including the most extremist & most of the Tea Party Republicans, More Than The Shame On You!!! From now onwards till the most of the crises, including the shutdown of The United States Federal Government, were all being resolved, u all are more than going to be received more than just punishment, retribution, criticisms, scoldings & so on more than several times as painful & dreadful & I am doing more than going to lost almost most of my trust in you & also going to do more than waiting for u all to have between now & today & another between a & 2 decades more for most of u all to change your thoughts, thinkings, perspectives, perceptions & beyond & to do more than regaining the more than the trust you have in your people, including your members. And How Many Times Did You Want To Carry On With This Political Game With Every American & Your Democratic Counterparts And ... Civic Action's TV ad calling on House Speaker John Boehner to end Tea Party Republicans' government shutdown. If Boehner were to allow an up-or-do...
Obama is already a hated man, Sen. Ted Cruz and Speaker John Boehner just screwed themselves and their whole party :) lol CBS found that 3 days into the government shutdown 44 percent of Americans felt that Republicans in Congress were at fault, with only 35 percent placing the blame on President Obama and congressional Democrats. The Fox News poll, conducted October 1 and 2, found that 25 percent of voters blame “Republican leaders such as John Boehner” for the shutdown, while 17 percent blame “Tea Party Republicans such as Ted Cruz.” With 24 percent blaming President Obama, and only 8 percent faulting “Democratic leaders such as Harry Reid.” In a show of force, 20 percent of those polled blamed everyone equally. On the basis of party lines, the poll showed 42 percent blaming the Republicans and 32 percent the Democrats. Offering a final nail in the coffin, USA Today quotes a Quinnipiac Poll that came out Tuesday saying that 74 percent of Americans disapprove of Republican actions in Cong ...
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