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Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American country pop singer-songwriter.

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will it include the announcement that you're going to be the opening act on Taylor Swift's next tour?!
The 16 most memorable celebrity courtroom sketches, from Amy Winehouse to Taylor Swift:
Taylor Swift had the Fearless tour. Rolling Stones had the bigger bang tour. Madonna had the sticky & sweet tour. Obama had the a…
The side of Taylor Swift media never shows you.
Remember when Taylor Swift did a 14.5 hour free Meet & Greet, where she attended thousands of fans and also played an a…
Taylor Swift groping trial draws attention to hidden outrage
Taylor Swift will come back with a new pop album and will *** awards left and right
I can't believe that Taylor Swift is already 27. It seems like just yesterday, my dad was saying that we could go to high school together
Taylor Swift victory as judge throws out DJ David Mueller’s case claiming the star got him fired
Rapidly becoming a big Taylor Swift fan. She's suing a DJ who groped her-her case is for $1, to show you don't have to put…
lol I started laughing in the bathtub bc I remembered how I use to listen to Taylor Swift and be sad about my high school crush 3 yrs ago
Taylor Swift's countersuit to Mueller for $1 still stands: "Only a $1 because it isn't about bankrupting him- it's about prov…
Well at least Taylor Swift isn't here. Every day we step further into God's light.
Baldridge asks Taylor Swift to be removed from the case entirely. Martinez taking 10 to decide.
*** no Joseph. I won't see personally Taylor Swift anymore.
The only winners of the Pinnacle Award ever are Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, & Kenney Chesney!
BREAKING: Judge throws out DJ's case against Taylor Swift in groping trial, says he can't prove the pop star got him fired.
Across the street from Taylor Swift's trial, fans show their support with Post-It notes
On the stand in her groping case, Taylor Swift was every woman. And that’s what’s so sad. https…
Taylor Swift is one of only 3 legendary country artists in history to win CMAs Pinnacle Award!
Taylor Swift isn't taking any BS in court, and people are loving it
‘The DJ grabbed my bare *** ’ Taylor Swift told a court that a local disc jockey had touched her during a photoshoo…
These quotes from Taylor Swift's testimony today are so badass and amazing .
Taylor Swift: "I’m not going to allow you or your client to make me feel like this was my fault, because it isn’t."
Taylor Swift is the modern day Deborah Harry
Let's clear this up... I am not the disc jockey who grabbed Taylor Swift's *** Taylor and I haven't even seen each other in over 27 years.
Taylor Swift testified she was subjected to a "very long" and "intentional" grope by a Colorado disc jockey who...
Taylor Swift insisted during whirlwind hour of testimony Thursday that a disc jockey grabbed her bare backside
Why was a disc jockey in the same room as Taylor Swift?
LOL since when is Taylor Swift a 40 year old mom?? What a terrible court sketch. The sketcher needs to be fired.
A few facts to remember about the Taylor Swift lawsuit today:. 1. she's not there for attention, or wasting court resour…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jury selection begins in civil trial over a backstage encounter between Taylor Swift and a Denver disc jockey
DJ: Photo of me with Swift appears 'awkward' - The ex-radio disc jockey suing Taylor Swift vehemently deni...
Except Taylor Swift, apparently. She's a robot or a digital person like that movie Simone.
Hey Taylor Swift's mom! Tell your daughter to stay off of social media and just sing
Andrea Swift crying on stand talking about how Taylor was distraught b/c she’d thanked Mueller after alleged grope.
For anyone who says Taylor swift is the only one I who complaines/ cares about unfair streaming royalties or Apple Mu…
"No matter how many break up songs you go through, no matter how many times you get hurt, you'll always fall in love again." - Taylor Swift
Zayn singing the part from Taylor Swift is totally precious . ZAYN
"You’re lucky enough to be different, never change." - Taylor Swift
Reuters Top News: Taylor Swift’s mom wanted to avoid fallout from alleged groping
As much as I missed Taylor Swift being in the spotlight, I hate seeing her in this situation
man who sexually assaulted taylor swift is suing her because he lost his job because, WAIT FOR IT. HE. ASSAULTED. HER.…
Taylor Swift was wearing a white dress and a black jacket on the first day of their trial.
Calling Taylor Swift's sexual assault an *** grabbing trial" really trivializes her being touched without consent. Please…
This exchange between Baldridge and Mueller RE: employment was really something
Mueller admits his hand is below Taylor Swift's ribs in meet-and-greet photo, disputing claim made yesterday
I'm really proud of Taylor Swift for standing up for herself and not backing down, she is truly and inspiration
Taylor Swift's mum told her not to report alleged 'grope' to avoid publicity
How can Taylor Swift get to court for someone touching her butt a good portion of reported rapes go ignored.
I cant wait for Taylor Swift to write a song about me!!😂😂
Taylor Swift's "Style" would have gone (as it should have) if she had listened to the music vid treatment I had in my imagination. Fact.
I'm so thankful to my mom, who bought me Taylor Swift posters and CD's growing up. This was one I got for Christmas…
The only artists to have multiple videos with over 1.5 BILLION views:. •Ed Sheeran. •Justin Bieber. •Katy Perry. •Taylor Swift. •…
Kanye West - famous is better than anything Taylor swift ever releasedb
Why didn't the vampire attack Taylor Swift? She had bad blood.
Taylor Swift appears in court as her lawyer (far right) disappears because his time traveling brother failed to keep t…
I really wanted to go to Taylor Swift's birthday bash but I'm too busy feeding the homeless today!
I can die for Taylor Swift 😭 . Her mom cried and she holds her arms and comfort her 😩. I am so proud of u my legend Taylor"S
Andrea Swift comments on why they didn’t contact police, when Mueller sexually assaulted Taylor.
I love taylor swift so much I jut want her and her whole family to be happy stop hurting them
Kendrick Lamar goes deep on his obsessive studio habits, the temptations of stardom and more in our in-depth Q&A
Kendrick Lamar appears on our cover. The greatest rapper alive goes deep on *** ' and the pitfalls of stardom
168. You'll always find your way back home - Miley Cyrus as (Hannah Montana). Y'all should be thank Taylor Swift for w…
Taylor Swift's mom takes the stand in groping trial: "I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time"
Keith only has two moods: Taylor Swift or Linkin Park
How is a band that blew up off a bad Taylor Swift cover headlining over 3 bands who were all huge like 5 years ago?Ouch. h…
Taylor Swift's Laywer on her sexual assault trial; "She is taking a stand not just for herself but all women assaulted i…
Clean by Taylor Swift is a pretty good song tbh
Blonde American poetess Taylor Swift reveals new look. Her biscuit eating has gotten out of hand and her hairstylis…
Andrea Swift says Taylor's organization has a major focus on fans. "They're everything," she says.
Imagine the album Calvin Harris would've come out with had he and Taylor Swift not broken up
I've spent the last 20 minutes sitting in the car listening to Taylor swift and I don't think I've ever been so far in my feels
Let's put this feud aside, we're sending our support and love to Taylor Swift. Nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted.
📹Ringo Starr choosing between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift with an (un)expected answer.
Instead of releasing a new album and going on tour again I want Taylor Swift to just add more dates to the Fearless & Speak Now tours thanks
Literally listening to Taylor Swift and it makes me think of the time I was going to see her fearless tour but that same week I got the flu
How can a Taylor Swift song relate so closely to my life? 😂😂
Taylor Swift is expected to testify in a Denver court about her claim that a Colorado radio host groped her.
Listening to How You Get The Girl by Taylor Swift, on my Echo!
I think you mean: "Taylor Swift was sexually harassed and we should give her some *** privacy"
"you belong with me" by taylor swift is one of those songs that I will remember the lyrics to when I'm 50
Sexual harassment is not serious when it involves Taylor Swift apparently. Y'all are trash
if Taylor Swift has actually shown that she cares about you
I would like recommend I Almost Do by my favourite artist Taylor Swift, and she cooperated with BOB, like Both of Us
In school you don't wanna be different cause it makes you weird. What makes you weird in school makes you special later on. - Taylor Swift
finally found footage of me meeting Taylor Swift!
You may think Taylor Swift is an *** for a number of reasons, but I personally feel she's a royal one for...
Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Rihanna are the only female artists that have a song which sold 1 MILLION pure sales in the…
If Taylor Swift did this the world would probably be on fire
This is the real Taylor Swift, you all. Call me when your fave stops a car to take a picture with a fan.
Happy Friday everyone except people who use Taylor Swift's sexual assault trial as a way to get attention on the Internet
Sending love to Taylor Swift as she goes into her Sexual assault trial. No one deserves this, no one.
"Taylor Swift, ex-radio host head to court over groping claim" -
me: i want taylor swift to take her time with the new album, her well being comes first. also me: I'M GOING TO DIE IF I…
Few artists in history to put up numbers like Taylor Swift (via 😳👏👸
Taylor Swift won't flop. Mainly because she is a great business woman and her PR is always on point. She's not a…
Why can't we be happy that a Hispanic has this title & not some whiny white bread like Taylor Swift
7 Years Ago, Taylor Swift released "Mine" as a lead single from "Speak Now"
Selena Gomez says she and Taylor Swift spent 30 minutes trying to take this photos! 🌱
Let's all reflect on the sheer artistic talent that went into Taylor Swift's song All Too Well.
"Taylor Swift is a kind-hearted person, who doesn't deserve hate" - a thread
behind the scenes of Taylor swift's bad blood music video featuring Kendrick Lamar
Billboard lists "Dear John", "Style", and "You Belong With Me" as Taylor Swift's Top three Best Songs of all Time!! http…
The "Style" music video by Taylor Swift has reached 500 MILLION views. It is her 6th video to achieve this.
We're about to play I DON'T WANNA LIVE by ZAYN / TAYLOR SWIFT! Listen & Vote 4 More:
Zayn is in the song kid it's not a Taylor swift song like...
7 Years ago today, "Mine" by Taylor Swift was released as the lead single from 'Speak Now'. It peaked at on Billboard…
How I sleep at night knowing random nobodies really are bothered that Taylor Swift exists
7 years ago, today, Taylor Swift released 'Mine' as the lead single of "Speak Now". It peaked at on BB HOT100, and 3x…
"..somebody completely new and stop loving the things l used to love. lt means l've just added more things to my list."" -Taylor Swift"
Our young part-timer thought Shake it Off by Taylor Swift was a 90's song.
Today at work, Lily started singing Red by Taylor Swift with me 😢❤
I accidentally played for the kids instead of their fave Taylor Swift song and they jammed SO HARD
BREAKING: Taylor Swift is releasing a brand new single this Friday!. Jk Happy August Fools!
From Jimi Hendrix to Taylor Swift, here's the Merriweather Post Pavilion at 50
Taylor Swift takes boyfriend on double-date with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
I blame Taylor Swift for the fact that Camila is no longer in fifth harmony. Don't @ me.
Lily's latest conspiracy theory: Taylor Swift is head of the illuminati
Whenever I drive my little sisters around they force me to play Taylor Swift 😂
I know all the words to every Taylor Swift song ever produced and I honestly consider that to be one of my greatest acco…
I liked a video You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift (Male Acoustic Cover by Marcus Lee) | Y2K and
Y'all tryna smack Taylor Swift but I'm tryna smack some sense into u. Leave ts & her kind soul alone smh
Sean St Ledger came to Boro, was terrible. I don't know if he improved afterwards but he started banging Taylor Swift. Success!
Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn recently stayed with Blake and Ryan in Rhode Island.
Are you a public body in need of technical assistance with Taylor Swift? Help is at hand!
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's beef keeps showing up like I am supposed to care about it ??
PA has Will Smith. PA has Kevin Hart. PA has Meek Mill. PA has Kobe Bryant. PA has PnB but we lose bc Taylor Swift smh 🤦🏽‍…
Out of the Woods director says Taylor Swift 'suffered for her art' while ... - Entertainment Weekly
We've heard Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to name a few. Oh now it's Norah Jones and Ray Charles ❤️
Taylor Swift has 3 songs that went on one album, while Katy Perry has 5 songs that went on one album. ☕️
Sean St. Ledger 2014: 0 appearances for Ipswich 2015: Playing with Kaka and reportedly dating Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls sing "Iris" via
Taylor Swift's Blank Space is just a rip off hook from Avril Lavinge's Complicated and Shaggy's It Wasn't Me. Much disappoint
My Spotify just went from Taylor Swift to Lil Jon 😂
- A clip of Wendy singing a cover of Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" was released on S.M. Entertainment's official Youtube channel.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Today we saw Taylor Swift, Morgan Freeman, and Melissa Peterman. I tried to find harry styles but sadly didn't.
Scott Borchetta confirmed that Taylor Swift has NEW music coming!
The party is for Louis Messina. He is a Tour Promoter and has worked with Taylor Swift, U2 and Fleetwood Mac
Scott Borchetta on Taylor Swift's new upcoming music: "You can absolutely expect more Taylor Swift music".
Not only is Pennsylvania home to Kencove Farm Fence, but it is also the birth place of the Big Mac, and Taylor Swift just to name a few.
Country Music Fact Today in 2015: Sam Hunt shows up during Taylor Swift's concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.
Katy Perry on her feud with Taylor Swift: "We've had our differences" but "I love her, I always have"
Taylor Swift and Rihanna are the only female artists to score a hit on Billboard Hot 100 this year so far, coming clo…
Hey at least she didn't go with Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift. RE
Taylor Swift has reportedly been carried out of her house in this massive suitcase
So is the entire cast of Game of Thrones now in Taylor Swift's squad because of Ed Sheeran 🙄🙄🙄🙄
JA isn't ready to admit that Dean likes Taylor Swift.
Treasure Island on They play sooo much Taylor Swift in the casino, and I LOVE IT. The hotel is good, but the…
Taylor Swift's “The Story of Us” music video is now VEVO certified with 100 MILLION views. It is her 24th video to reach…
"This rat eating pizza while listening to Taylor Swift on the subway is all of us"
JESUS. – 0 Grammys. – thinks you can't befriend snakes. – is he on Soundcloud?. LORDE. – 2 Grammys. – friends with Taylor Swift. –…
Shouldn't have sold your soul sweetie. Now you gotta live with Taylor Swift and her army of Matty B's in *** for all ete…
Crude & rude as I told the Richmond Times Dispatch after he took the mic from Taylor Swift. NO manners.
No complaints of narcissism against yt ppl like Taylor Swift and Sam Smith, two mediocre ppl who think they changed music?
Taylor Swift's great-great grandfather's home added to Philadelphia Register of Historic Places
A video of Wendy singing Taylor Swift's Speak Now was posted on SM's official youtube channel and currently has 3M+ views.
I love how much Embassy Suites plays Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift just posted on her Instagram supporting Selena Gomez's new single "Fetish". https:/…
mattstardis_: At the airport in 2015✈️ for some reason Karen reminds me of Taylor Swift here? . htt…
The only artists to have three or more videos with over 1 BILLION views:. •Justin Bieber. •Calvin Harris. •Taylor Swift. •Katy P…
theswiftsource:. taylorswift performing at Rexall Place in... - - Taylor Swift
SPORTS: Taylor Swift under fire for filing for divorce at charity dinner. Claims "it's a conspiracy against me".
I liked a video Ethel & Rory Kennedy talk Taylor Swift and "Ethel" at the Studio at
Taylor Swift doesn't arrive until episode 2, when Kris goes to a concert and dumps Romana for a one night stand with Taylor...
July 9th Glenn said you're too overzealous for Taylor Swift. Looked up what that means and yep, he's right. I'm ove…
Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd had a pre-wedding bash in the castle from Taylor Swift's Blank Space video:
Meghan Trainor really is the new Taylor Swift and I am living for it
What I say: I'm fine. What I mean: I miss Taylor Swift, is she alive? Is she eating well? when is she gonna drop Ts6? How lo…
Arg I already woke up wanting to go back to bed and now Glenn is saying I like Taylor Swift too much 🤦‍♀️
Taylor Swift accidentally released 8 seconds of white noise on iTunes. Almost immediately it shot to no 1 on Canada's iTune…
"I Don't Wanna Live Forever" soundtrack by Taylor Swift and Zayn has reached 500 MILLION streams on Spotify.
Lmaooo i can seriously go from Khalid to George Strait to Los Plebes to Kanye to Taylor Swift in like 5 minutes
Taylor Swift come and save the industry please thank you
Lorde clarifies her comments about her 'dear friend' Taylor Swift, and the supposed squad
Have you left Taylor Swift on while sleeping?
Taylor Swift is the only female artist to sell 1 MILLION copies of a Single in the US in 2017.
I miss my girl, who is not my girl, but still my girl, named taylor swift
Kelsea Ballerini talking about how Taylor Swift inspires her and every new country female!
No. I just thought they were taylor swift's side band. Lol! Jk! I'll take a listen since…
Being Taylor Swift must be exhausting. The media criticizes her when she has female friendships and scrutinized when they…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Whoa, did you catch Taylor Swift's cameo in episode 10 of '13 Reasons Why?'
I would like recommend Mine by my favourite song writer Taylor Swift, and she cooperated with Colbie Caillat, like The Last Time
Lorde is a full-blown star in her own right, not just some member of a made-up “squad.” Let’s treat her like one https:/…
White culture is Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, Christopher Columbus, that ugly *** wall art from Target, calling corporate on…
thread of Taylor Alison Swift videos to fill the gaping holes in our hearts while we wait for her:
“A lot of people have pretty little heads, but it’s difficult to find a pretty little mind.” - Taylor Swift
ll go now goodnight i love bts my mutuals and taylor swift and tyler and josh tøp
I've never been in the fight but just know if one day I am, it's because someone used the snake emoji to describe Taylor Sw…
if you are proud of being a Taylor Swift fan
I want y'all to leave Lorde alone .
'Shake it off' by Taylor swift has outpeaked every singles by Kanye West in this decade in US and UK.
Taylor Swift donates $250 to to help in lawsuit against record producer
I like that better than Taylor Swift 👍🏻
here's a remix of julien's Softball Screams™ and trouble by taylor swift, because why not 🔥 h…
Taylor Swift really drags herself to filth in Blank Space.
The most successful Billboard 200 artist is Taylor Swift.
DhakaTribune: .lorde explains her relationship with taylorswift13 .
1/2 Tencent $TCEHY $GLUU (Jan 2 2017) "Why 2017 is Taylor Swift or bust for Glu Mobile"
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are the ONLY artists in history to have two music videos with over 2 BILLION views on VEVO.…
The house is echoing with the songs of Taylor Swift. The new roommates are officially here.
Already had some trouble being sold on the jersey shore. The group of 8 teenage girls singing along to Taylor Swift for 35mins doesn't help
People who look good in their photo ID worship the devil and listen to Taylor Swift
Karlie Kloss e Taylor Swift con i capelli platino are my weakness
Taylor Swift is a legend, and will always be one. Unlik…
Life changes, the only constant is that I will always love Taylor Swift
I will forever scream fearless by Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs when I hear it
Taylor Swift is not better than Katy😂 never will be. T.s is a 🐍. And it won't change😉 & The Sun ALWAYS twist words👎.
Maddest things to happen in football:. 1) Ruben Neves signing for Wolves. 2) Taylor Swift shagging Sean St Ledger. 3) Leicester winning the PL
My sister is singing to White Horse by Taylor Swift in the shower should I ask her what's wrong
Robi Domingo will interview Nial horan on myx. He did interview Taylor Swift before right? *** He's so Lucky!
“Engaging with Taylor Swift: Seattle Public Library’s Role in Taylor Swift” by Sarah Carrier
'Red' by Taylor Swift, which came out in 2012, peaked higher than 'The life of pablo' by Kanye West, which came out in 2…
Teardrops on my Guitar becomes so much of a better song when you imagine Taylor Swift singing about Drew Carey
It's a pleasure and I mean it. Think you'll like this: We are committing to publishing in open source, Taylor Swift jo…
Taylor Swift has outsold every artist who has dissed her through out her career, including Calvin Harris, Kanye West & K…
"Taters gonna tate, tate, tate, tate, tate" - Taylor Swift from her only non depressing song
Katy Perry just got hit by Taylor Swift's karma
I had a HUGE crush on Dazzler, but if she's played by Taylor Swift, I will erase that part of my brain. Come on, Fox, do better!
Is this about an entrepreneur or the love child of Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Cameron Esposito
OOMF is a self righteous 'leftist' calling POC neoliberals ... but their feminist icons are Taylor Swift and Cole S…
Gary Jules should cover a Taylor Swift album too so he can become ultra famous
Taylor Swift. 「we are never ever getting back together」. . . . Swift.
Taylor Swift says she taught Russ how to play basketball, congratulates him on MVP 😐. 🎥: https:…
If you can't handle me at my Taylor Swift s/o to Russ you don't deserve me at my J Cole s/o to Dale Earnhardt Jr.
It's funny how many ACTUAL arguments me and Kyle get in about Taylor Swift. Like hang up on each other ignore you for 2 hours arguments.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Taylor Swift is back on Heard it from a friend
Still think Taylor Swift has to headline soon, as well as Daft Punk and Elton John. Get to work Eavis family...
Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift rumours, Killers on John Peel stage, Nile Rodgers and Barry Gibb on Pyramid stage ... - Somerset Live - …
I can't get over how much looks like younger Taylor Swift 🙈
I thought it was Sarah Chang, Sarah Chang, and Taylor Swift~ I'm awesome! Let's try not to forget that.
Scott McLaughlin discussed and Taylor Swift policies; deconstructing the AHRC's statements on open-ness
The Independent: How much Taylor Swift has earned since she returned to Spotify
Bella Thorne & Scott Disick are similar to Katy Perry & Taylor Swift in that I literally don't care
Interesting side point from Kate Holland on gvmt project with Taylor Swift, estimates ~30% of resources gone into data presentation
Ramsay Snow, Revolver Ocelot, and the DJD with the bridge of Taylor Swift's Blank Space playing in the background
I want Matthew Koma, MØ, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber to be my vocals if I will be producing a song or collab with Martin Garrix 💗🤘
Don't you dare throw into the same boat as Taylor Swift ever again
It was very quick and Im tired the last time I looked at a picture of Taylor Swift was when Harry left her on a boat
Taylor Swift getting added to Spotify was initially good news but now I lie here alone reliving every heartbreak I've h…
JCole calling Lil Yachty "Lil Boat" is equivalent to Kanye jumping on stage for Taylor Swift's speech... . Both careers took off more after.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
go on somewhere with your Lucas Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Taylor Swift, hating *** 🙄
Mainstream music like Justin Bieber, Ariana, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is like the equivalent of kp…
Remember when Harry left Taylor Swift on the boat while he hung out with older adults
New interview on the blog! Mark Seymour talks writing after Hunters and Collectors, Springsteen and Taylor Swift
Nickelback vs. Stone Sour is an even less compelling beef than Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry. Will Scott Stapp weigh in? Aaron Lewis?
Here's how Selena Gomez managed to sneak her BFF Taylor Swift into 13 Reasons Why >>>
Now playing for the 1st time:. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. (Taylor Swift)
My vote for is Zayn and Taylor Swift
My nominee for is I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Zayn & Taylor Swift).
BTS officially broke Taylor Swift record as 2nd artist with the most on Social 50 with 29 weeks overall w/o comebacks nor…
Honestly hate Taylor Swift with all my heart
11 Years Ago Today, Taylor Swift released her first single "Tim McGraw."
I don't think that Foo Fighters would want to collaborate with her 💀 also it doesn't fit Taylor's release cycle
BTS have surpassed Taylor Swift's record for most weeks at on Billboard Social 50 with a total of 29 weeks
.has surpassed Taylor Swift on Social 50 chart w/ 29 weeks @ they are now second only to Justin Bie…
Someone, somewhere will title this "Dave Grohl takes sides in the Katy Perry - Taylor Swift feud (maybe)"
Why would anyone hang out with Taylor Swift on purpose?
A little repetition now perhaps is better than ugly Taylor Swift and Lorde offcuts with Scandinavian accents an…
Pre selling tickets to this Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift concert that's about to go down in my car 🔥
Beyonce and Taylor Swift are the female artist who have the most simultaneous Hot 100 entries with 12 and 11 respective…
The deputy minister of communication speaks on how Taylor Swift would benefit Ghana as Africa as a whole
Dennis Rodman is in North Korea. Says he’s there to open a door. Don’t laugh, He brokered the peace between Katy Perry & Taylor Swift. So.
Blake if u do win the role of Sonya Blade it's imperative Taylor Swift plays a character as well
Taylor Swift on Spotify is a game changer.
Is that Taylor Swift in the video for "Bad Liar"?? No, Taylor didn't play one of the people who WASN'T Selena Gome…
There's an Easter Egg of what looks to be Taylor Swift in some Charlie's Angels poster in Selena Gomez's "Bad Liar" music vid…
I liked a video Interview w/ Paul Mooney pt3 Praises Kanye, Goes in on Beyonce & Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's boyfriend just landed quite the royal movie role
They finally put old Taylor Swift on Spotify and my heart is happy
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
When you think Tim McGraw I hope you think of that Taylor Swift song.
The most wanted men off the world is in love white you,D.A.M. van Hooijdonk living in Holland,is still up love at Taylor Swift
me: "taylor swift is a 🐍". also me: *plugs phone into aux* *opens spotify* oUr SONG IS A SLAMMIN SCREEN DOOR SNEAKING O…
Taylor swift is on Spotify 8 year old me is crying
Taylor Swift & dissemination has high correlation with being high-income; where Msia need to improve
every Taylor Swift album being put on spotify is one of the best things to happen to me all summer & I'm not even ashamed
Every time Katy Perry was asked about Taylor Swift instead of her new album 'Witness' because the media cares more about dra…
Niall Horan on Taylor Swift: "I Love Taylor. She is great, she is amazing, I would love to collaborate with her" https…
I didn't even know I liked Taylor Swift before her songs were on Spotify like how do I even know all these songs? I can't stop listening now
Katy Perry didn't respect Taylor Swift as a touring artist, feminist and businesswoman too —…
Natalia was in Taylor Swift's Diet coke commercial too omfg
Celebrity rich list 2017: Taylor Swift falls to 49th place as Diddy takes top spot
this is amazonite, it's said to hold the power of female warriors and heal the heart/throat chakra but you used it for Tayl…
The Taylor Swift hate bandwagon needs to stop.
SHE ENDED THAT SNAKE TAYLOR SWIFT! WOOOH. . Oh no, she spent 36 consecutive days at with 1989, sorry.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"Sometimes in life you have to be your own best friend." -Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's old music is the best
You guys say Taylor Swift is petty but did you know Mark Hoppus released the No It Isn't demo on Tom DeLonge's 30th birthday
a false equivalency. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles,Ed Sheeran and these pop acts tens of millions of followers on
Katy Perry on Taylor Swift: "I forgive her, and I'm sorry for anything I did. I love her & I want the best for her."
Katy Perry on her Taylor Swift feud—"I forgive her and I'm sorry":
Despite all the hype, none of Taylor Swift's songs are charting higher than Katy Perry's songs on Spotify.
Ms. Taylor Swift can you pls respond to Ms. Katy Perry and end this beef already she's mentioning you with positivity ag…
If you want Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to do a collaboration and end this "feud" once and for all.
Living for what Katy Perry speaks about Taylor Swift on
"I love her, I want the best for her and I think she's a fantastic songwriter." — Katy Perry about Taylor Swift https:/…
Katy Perry is Meek Mill to Taylor Swift.. meaning she can't even compete. she's not even in the same league as Taylor.
then cuts to max singing even more Taylor Swift!
Taylor Swift doing all this petty stuff for Katy's album release date but still never commenting on politics tell you eve…
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