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Taylor Momsen

Taylor Michel Momsen (born July 26, 1993) is an American actress, musician and model who portrayed the character of Jenny Humphrey on the CW television series Gossip Girl and Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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Taylor Momsen is this generation's rock goddess. ❤
I reblogged some TPR because I haven't reblogged them in ages. I miss seeing Taylor Momsen on there.
📷 the1sttimhurst: Taylor Momsen couldn’t have grown up more perfectly. I seriously love her.
do you know when the prints of Taylor Momsen are going to be shipped out?.
Taylor Momsen and fan at the Frequency Festival ♥
What is Taylor Momsen’s Net Worth? - Taylor Momsen is an actress, model and musician.  While man...
Gerard Way, Melanie Martinez, Frank Iero, Taylor Momsen, and Hayley Williams. Inspiring for me as wannabe musician
I need a Taylor Momsen or a Maria Brink to sing this for me. My voice aint gonna cut it.
If you ever want to know who I want to be like - Answer ? Taylor Momsen, Maria Brink & Gin Wigmore . My biggest inspirations/Rolemodels💖
Was Taylor Momsen's goth transition inspired by Jenny Humphrey or was Jenny Humphrey's goth transition inspired by Taylor Momsen?
Taylor Momsen is staying in a hotel that i can see from my backyard... hi bb
Taylor Momsen, lead singer and frontwoman of the rock band The Pretty Reckless.
Taylor Momsen is so cute in Spy kids 2
Looks like Taylor's on the southbank.
I feel like ppl try so hard to be like The kardashians, Jlo, Beyonce etc but I just want to be like Maria Brink, Taylor Momsen, Gin Wigmore💖
You kinda look a lot like taylor momsen in rhe first one? I nutted
I want to be in a band but I'm not musical. Although, that never stopped Taylor Momsen now, did it?
of Pretty Reckless: "You won't figure out who you are unless you experiment.".
I've just accepted the fact that I'll always have a huge crush on Taylor Momsen
someone: hi- . me: The Pretty Reckless is an American rock band from New York City composed of Taylor Momsen (lead vocal…
The UEA SU have boycotted photo albums in case they draw attention to Taylor Momsen.
Taylor Momsen (23) a.k.a the biggest fangirl of Soundgarden.
'Darkness' is a subjective word; it depends what your viewpoint is. - Taylor Momsen
yeah Taylor's playing Soundgarden in her dressing room... hope she takes a selfie with the whole Soundgarden members and c…
Taylor's wearing soundgarden tshirts all the time. Literally ALL THE TIME. they're gonna tour with Soundgarden & I wanna s…
i used to have the fattest girl crush on Taylor Momsen from the Pretty Reckless
"The Pretty Reckless" is an American rock band having Taylor Momsen as the lead vocalist. Her voice is unique and the musi…
Huge thanks to for another great interview
New interview for She's also confirmed that "Back To The River" is the new single!
Taylor Momsen and Michael Starr podcast is great. Meltdown WRIF rocks Detroit.
Can't decide if I wanna be Kendall Jenner or Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen performs on stage at The Rave Eagles Club
Pretty sure Taylor Momsen came to Jimmie's earlier tonight. She ate our wings and said she loved them! She's paler than I expected, though.
Sex Scene for Taylor Momsen music video body
I liked a video from Why Hollywood Won't Cast Taylor Momsen Anymore
taylor momsen. If you had blonde hair you'd pass for her sister
Is Taylor Momsen finally old/mature enough to be embarrassed by her work?
I hope You're better. I'm outside of Winchester not in *** anymore. ♡. I LOVE YOU Taylor Momsen♡
Taylor Momsen Performing on stage at O2 Academy in Glasgow
Taylor Momsen is sick therefore I am.
Taylor Momsen me tiene cada dia mas in lov ahr
Hi babe. I'm alright are You o.k? Beef Madras was perfect bliss before I slept on it. I LOVE You Tayl…
I don't think it would have done this good with Taylor Momsen (she auditioned for it) Hannah made miley huge and Mi…
Taylor Momsen will forever be the love of my life ❤️️
Adam Gontier released Wave of a Popular Feeling when he was 17. Taylor Momsen released The Pretty Reckless EP at 16. Both are great.
Taylor Momsen, lead singer with The Pretty Reckless, chats with Kevin Cooper
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I don't means to ruin anyone's childhood but this is Taylor Momsen's band (Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch) she's so co…
I found out that Taylor Momsen was Cindy Lou Who in the 2000 Grinch 😱I remember when that movie came out like it was yesterday!!!
i'm struggling to believe Cindy Lou Who out of the grinch is played by Taylor Momsen (jenny from Gossip Girl)
(Taylor Momsen was Cindy Lou Who btw in case this didn't make sense)
Me: "I wonder what ever happened to Cindy Lou Who?". Cyn: "Taylor Momsen is in a rock band.". Me: 😂😂😂
《Purvis》. ~ The wood is hard. ~ Pubes that spark. What you got FAM. ~ Cok it for Chris. . ~ Taylor Momsen. ~ I love youuu. 💚
Lol I just showed Dustin a current pic of Taylor Momsen and he said he wonders how the grinch feels about that 😂😂
just finished ur 6th grade, wish u'll be accepted in my college tbh😅🙊, always wearing black, cheeks, taylor momsen, a lil عنودية 🤔
Her voice reminds me the voice of Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless!
And on the 8th day God gave Taylor Momsen a pen and a guitar.
Edie Sedgwick had a cool style; she pushed the envelope for the time.
Ok but Taylor just answered someone on IG!
(although I do like Taylor Momsen's music)
Cara Delevigne or Taylor Momsen as Celaena PLEASE I never asked you nothing (i still mad with you because Nehemia's death)
for. Selena. Harry. Zayn. Paramore. Taylor momsen. Mbf me + . Spam them with rts&likes. Turn my notifications…
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I've never had friends, and I don't like to be around big groups of people.
6. Taylor Momsen running away from paps (I really thought this was sia)
one more question are you a fan of Taylor momsen?
I love Taylor momsen she's the reason I like girls
15/16 year old me just wanted to be Taylor Momsen and Kesha. Whenever I look back at photos, I just LOL 😂🙈 🙄
Can't believe they're playing tpr in Gossip Girl, what a plug for Taylor momsen
I need the TPR World Tour. I need to see Taylor Momsen singing...I NED MY ABSOLUTION...too
J'veux un bring me the horizon feat Taylor momsen
me and Taylor Momsen are in love with each other becoz why not?
Y'all sorry if I spam your timeline I just really want Taylor Momsen to reply ❤❤
I'm looking up tickets right now. Taylor Momsen is bae. 😂
People misinterpret what I say all the time: They think I'm being offensive, when really, I'm
do you ever remember that seb has worked with childish gambino and taylor momsen and just. Cry
I think Taylor Momsen or Meghan Ory would've fit better as Slytherin's. . . Amber Heard, too. ehh. I wanna make all the OCs. 🙌
Taylor Momsen Shorts Shirt and Boots Full Photo Mid (8 inch by 10 inch) PHOTOGRAPH TL for USD7.99
Yeah, I kind of grew up in front of the camera: I started modeling when I was two.
I should be studying, instead I'm googling Bourne synopsis and what Taylor Momsen has been up to
But on another note The Pretty Reckless released a new song and it's incredible as always and Taylor Momsen continues to slay my existence.
Switching the public's perception and view of me was, and still is, kind of a challenge to...
Everybody should have a Taylor Momsen in their lives.
I think Robert Plant is the quintessential frontman - just the way he moves. His voice is ...
No offense but Taylor Momsen is so slept on as a vocalist
Not to get all morbid lmao, but on her tombstone: "Here lies Taylor Momsen. She said she was going soon."
My mentions are being spammed with Taylor Momsen yES-
Pop has to exist and it's a great thing.
Taylor Momsen, pastels, by James Patrick. Postcard & Poster Prints starting at only $5!! 😛.
Got to admit Taylor Momsen's voice makes me so 😍💦
Why am I just now finding out this is Taylor momsen/Jenny Humphrey/ the little girl on the grinch all in one?
Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl is so cute
Taylor Momsen - Performing at Brixton Academy in London - November 2015
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I have a solo dm with janoskians Austin Mahone mahogany lox panic at the disco Tyler posey Taylor Momsen to trade trading for free follows
Celeb Clip for Taylor Momsen with black paint covering ***
Taylor Momsen - Pool Party at Harrahs Casino in Atlantic City - August 2015
Taylor Momsen escaping paparazzi will forever be the most iconic thing on the internet
who's hotter, Taylor Momsen or Melanie Martinez? Tap to vote
Taylor Momsen was harassed for being like Courtney Love, Sky Ferrieria for Debbie Harry, Hayley Williams for Gwen Stefani.
Taylor Momsen & Mary Kate and Ashley been doing this for like 10 years. Bye.
for...No reasons really, just Taylor Momsen
Honestly, can I please have my own Taylor Momsen?
if you love Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless
the grinch who stole christmas jim carrey: With Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Kelley, Jeffrey Tambor. On the out...
Trading Cody Christian, Taylor Momsen, Harry, Alessia Cara and more for Lana Del Rey dm's
I share my birthday with Kate Beckinsale and Taylor Momsen. Literally my personality split into two people.
I have said my are Taylor Momsen, Maria Brink, but also Gin Wigmore 💖 their all Blonde & I am Blackheaded oh well!
« Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Rutherford, Matthew Settle and Connor Paolo are doing and would like to have a chance »
Trade my dm with Melanie Martinez or with Taylor Momsen for free follows or other dms! Good offers. Trade solo dm access nia…
Brandon Lee and Taylor Momsen are on my TL... . Pure heaven.
i really am a Jessica Day that looks like Taylor Momsen with a huge chance of becoming Amy Dunne. truly speaking.
The real question we must ask ourselves is... Maria Brink or Taylor Momsen?
So I've done charcoal drawings of Taylor Momsen, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, and a zombie... Who should I do next?!
Heidi Montag's single "Blackout" was written by Taylor Momsen when she was 8 years old
Had a dream Taylor Momsen and Lynn Gunn were kissing. Man, that was hot.
love strong female singers. f.e. Maria Brink, Taylor Momsen and Lizzy Hale
I can only see Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey 😂
Did you think make a duo with Taylor Momsen or Hayley Williams? I hope could be so cool!
A fun thing if you run in Hollywood circles is to only befriend celebrities who have awful names, like Taylor Momsen and Crystal Bowersox.
I love the Pretty Reckless. I wanna be beautiful and strong such as Taylor Momsen
Janis Joplin and George. ZZ Ward and Muddy. Taylor Momsen and Petal . Cherie Currie (dog unknown). 🐶
Photo: laurahphoto: Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless at the Relentless Kerrang! Awards 2014. ©...
hm Stephanie and Taylor Momsen have the same birthday
More for Taylor Momsen with black paint covering ***
honestly her music isn't the jam to my ear sandwich, so when I think Taylor I think Taylor Momsen
that just looks like I'm looking at Taylor Momsen after being roofied
“TaylorMomsen talks breaking chart records with and why she has no regrets: http…
. is so unoriginal Taylor Momsen did that to me 3 years ago
Taylor Momsen is on my side. Not yours 💀😈
I followed you back I love Taylor Momsen so much. She touched my boobs lmao
I just followed your tumblr and Taylor Momsen is your header. I love you bye.
I've been thrown up on by Taylor momsen
Taylor Momsen is like :P. Dunno, for some reason I can't like her.
More for Taylor Momsen. Or as you all might know her: Cindy Lou Who
I love Taylor momsen so much she makes me sick
I keep seeing the same photo of Taylor Momsen saying her transformation over the years is because of drugs but like she's really pretty
*accidentally likes and favs all of pictures of Taylor momsen*
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There are Taylor Momsen pictures on my TL.
They expected a Taylor Swift and they discovered a Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen is about to turn 22... 4 1/2 years isn't that bad, right?
Man, i'd love to do a threesome with andy biersack and taylor momsen
It is better to send a sincere than insincere smile. Taylor Momsen
Because I've been watching so much Gossip Girl & Taylor Momsen has the perfect body
Hi! Could you give me a solo group with Taylor Momsen? It's a surprise for my bf bianky_zombie, she's a big fan of the band :D
Tay Jardine, Taylor Momsen, Jenna McDougall and Lynn Gunn are better than you.
Taylor Momsen is the reason I question my sexuality.
Taylor Momsen shows her wardrobe to Myspace -
that was me with Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl
I trade solo dm for ffs/free follows ! . + Hailey Baldwin, Taylor Momsen, Hayley Williams
I would buy so many Taylor Momsen and Hayley Williams posters
Taylor Momsen wearing a Guns N Roses t-shirt is life 😍
I still wonder to this day if Louis fanboyed over meeting Taylor Momsen aka Cindy Lou Who
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Justin says im hotter than Taylor Momsen and this is the best compliment ive ever received so im just gonna cri now
I want a voice like Taylor Momsen's or Juliet Simms'
Great shot last night by Carl Blum of Taylor Momsen , Big Night tonight, Linkin Park at 9:30 and Metallica...
But wait is that baby Emily Osment and baby Taylor Momsen in spy kids 2
tprofficial Ben Phillips, Taylor Momsen, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins are all so perfect! (Ps Jamie's…
Taylor Momsen confirmed as a guest for the upcoming season of (no date yet)
Taylor Momsen and the Pretty Reckless - House On a Hill WATCH - …
Michelle Trachtenberg looks like Taylor Momsen sometimes it's sketchy
if you like any. Hayley Williams. Amy Lee. Taylor Momsen. Avril Lavigne
Thank you, Taylor Momsen, for showing me what it would look like if Courtney Love and Billie Joe Armstrong had a kid together
"i don't wanna be Courtney Love. I want to be Kurt Cobain.". Taylor Momsen
honestfandom: Jenna McDougall, Hayley Williams, Taylor Jardine and Taylor Momsen make me ***
when you remember Taylor Momsen is the president's daughter on Spy Kids
The fact that Taylor Momsen (Little Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch that Stole Christmas), is now the lead singer for The Pretty Reckless.
don't tell me Maria Brink is a better front women than Taylor Momsen
kinda wanna be Taylor Momsen kinda wanna be Taylor Swift ja feel?
Friend: Zara you remind me of Demi today. Other friend: Zara, you look like Taylor Momsen today. Compliments like this is fantastic
Charli XCX's Sucker is like if Jenny Humphrey was in the Pretty Reckless instead of Taylor Momsen (this is a compliment btw)
Hayley Williams, Taylor Momsen and Tori Kelly are my everyday girl crushes. I have met 2 out of the 3 and completely melted bc perfection
Izzy do you picture Elsah as Taylor Momsen or Isabel lucas :) x ?
Mr. Matthew Bell . Taylor Momsen. Taylor Swift. It gave her the eyes. I know. Alexandra Catherine Axelina.
Not sure how I feel about The Pretty Reckless' support bands but it will all be worth it to see Taylor Momsen. I am in love with her.
I love Taylor Momsen so much I'm a huge Pretty Reckless fan and I want to marry her because she's perfect
I dreamed that i met Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Taylor Momsen
My eye makeup today made me look like low key Taylor Momsen
Generally, I like making my own mistakes and learning from them because that's what I think life is about. Taylor Momsen
i cant tell if we are on about Tay Jardine, Taylor York or Taylor Momsen
to stay as Christina Perri. Fav for Taylor Momsen
my SMS goes to Hayley Williams, Taylor Momsen and Hannah Snowdon okok
I wish I looked like Sky Ferreira or Taylor Momsen ❤
People I plan on meeting in my lifetime: Lana Del Rey, Matt Healy, Alex Turner, Taylor Momsen and Chloe Grace Moretz. ❤️ gah
Taylor Momsen on Getting Groped by Billy Gibbons: 'He Was Just Lookin' for Some Tush': The lead singer of the ...
Remember that time at the 2014 Golden Gods Awards when ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons joined Taylor Momsen and Joan Jett...
Taylor Momsen is a Polite Young Lady Think of every cliche about the goth chick in hi…
taylor momsen undressed fans on stage during every going to *** concert. it's controversy. does she sell? STILL not as much as Miley Cyrus.
Friend : Hey, do you know Taylor momsen ? Me : none of my bussines duh
UGH taylor raccoon momsen pls my poor burning eyes
Taylor Momsen was looking like a rock star at BBC Radio 1 studios on Thursday.
I'm not one for heavy rock but The Pretty Reckless is prettty good, and I just love Taylor Momsen's voice 👌
so basically I feel like the present day taylor momsen
Taylor Momsen is the saddest thing thats ever happened
Omfg! 😲 Brain fart. I just realized that Taylor Momsen (Jenny) from Gossip Girl played Cindy Lou Who in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
the girl who plays jenny, Taylor Momsen, has a band. Have you heard it?
This Is the The Taylor momsen tribute tour .
it's really good. Someone on here suggested it and I got sucked in lol. I always loved Taylor Momsen too so that helped
If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be? — taylor momsen and david bowie
YES YES YES!!! Taylor Momsen is coming to Oxford in November!
If it has any affiliation with Taylor Momsen, Nicole Richie, or the Olsen twins, I automatically love it.
the only reason I started watching Gossip Girl is cause of taylor momsen
Hair in curlers I look like Cindy Lou Who... And she's taylor Momsen so she's HAWT plz lemme become hot
nice you look like Taylor momsen so dark and mysterious
Taylor Momsen makes me feel SOME type of way
Taylor Momsen's Favorite subject at school was Chemistry because she loves doing experiments
Not a lot of people pull off the dark/goth look but good lord taylor momsen does
I don't care who you are, if you don't think Taylor Momsen is hot then you're kind of a moron
Okay. Which actress as Harley Quinn would you prefer out of these 5? No other actress exists on this earth and They are making a Harley Quinn tv show, who would play her out of these 5? Helena Bonham Carter, Alison Brie, Taylor Momsen, Mila Kunis, or Emma Watson?
Can Taylor Momsen just be my wife now please?
What's hotter than the sun? — Chris John, Dave Franco and Taylor Momsen.
Jesus Crist can I just be Hannah Snowdon and Taylor Momsen combined ? 😭😍😩
My favourite women of all time are Amy Lee, Jenna McDougall, Taylor Momsen and Hannah Snowdon
Everyone says that i looked alike Taylor Momsen, Lucius Malfoy and Luna Lovegood. This is my style in blonde~!
Krystal in blonde looks like Taylor Momsen, Lucius Malfoy and Luna Lovegood this is confusing.
Taylor Momsen totally copies Wade Barrett in her "heaven knows" music video js
My Current Fave Singer :- Taylor Momsen,Lana Del Rey, Marina Diamandis,Alice Glass, Sky Ferreira, and that guy from pierce the veil x.x
Why can't I be as hot as taylor momsen
Do u ever just cry because you aren't Taylor Momsen?
Gracie's thought Taylor momsen was lady gaga hashtag lol
Pretty Reckless at the signing tent on Sunday, need a photo with Taylor momsen xD
Fotografia: panoramastyle: If you stare at this picture, you can see Taylor Momsen XD
Omg a friend of mine is on the same concert as taylor momsen, how cool is that? ;)
Taylor Momsen goes grungy for radio appearance following bottom flash on her album cover
Kerrang! Awards 2014: Status Quo, The Ramones and Taylor Momsen honoured at rock awards
TAYLOR MOMSEN on winning 'hottest female' award: "Everyone is equally beautiful".
Musical stars who have transformed before our very eyes, including Taylor Momsen's rockstar makeover.
Fantastic pic by of Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless at
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Taylor Momsen's voice does things to me
I do not think taylor momsen is hot.
Pretty Reckless covering 'Champagne Supernova' is superb. Probably helped by the fact that I fancy the pants off of Taylor Momsen though.
Taylor momsen and Maria Brink are so *** gorgeous:*
Ha watch me meet Taylor Momsen later and ask her about Chuck Bass
The Gossip Girl star turned rock goddess Taylor Momsen on the tracks that shaped her.
Taylor Momsen no red carpet do Kerrang Awards!
Taylor Momsen leads the grungy glamour in skinny leather trousers at Kerrang ... - Daily Mail
The Pretty Reckless fronted by Taylor Momsen has parted ways with major label Interscope/Universal, in the United States and signed with Razor And Tie - as M...
I liked a video Taylor Momsen Interview & Pretty Reckless Performance on Lopez Tonight
I thought maybe it was because you started watching Gossip Girl and Taylor Momsen's the singer!
Oh I also dreamed that my friend was friends with Taylor Momsen and they met 5H and took a picture and Ally was hiding cuz she was scared.
Taylor Momsen thinks the fans at British festivals are "crazier".The former Gossip Girl star is the frontwoman of rock band The Pretty Reckless and th...
Taylor Momsen Parkour Just found out that she's even more awesome
Taylor Momsen cover of Eminem and Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie and XX - Islands. I do not own music videos and music. All Rights belong to Eminem, Rihanna ...
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I should probably introduce myself because it's been nearly two weeks and yeah.Hi I'm abigail, I play guitar, ukulele, bass and drums, I WATCH ALL DA YOOTOOBS! I'm totally not obsessed with Misfits.I mean what? No! Robert Sheehan tho.I like Green Day, am I cool yet? No? Oh okay ;-; I idolize Joan Jett and Taylor Momsen (jus sayin) I guess I sing sometimes, I'm in a band called Block 21, I like to party, I don't drink this is just coke zero and I'm here to watch Scott Pilgrim kick your teeth in because FRIENDSHIP! I'm gonna break the ice with a joke: Blood On the Dance floor That is all. K bye, yeah.
Had a wicked night! Co-presented Hall Of Fame with the lovely Taylor Momsen to one of my favourite bands on earth. Cheers Kerrang! Was rad.
Taylor Momsen, Tay Jardine and Jenna McDougall are all mad hot
Whhha? TN??!?!?! Hey Babe, if I give you a free pass for Taylor Momsen, can I have one? Chris E. Martin
// Ashley Benson could be Taylor Momsen's older sister.
Taylor Momsen believes the fans at UK festivals are more into music than those in the US.
DOWNLOAD tomorrow! No more wating to see Taylor Momsens titty tape
Taylor momsen from The Pretty Reckless is hot
You have Demi, Miley, Lzzy, Taylor Momsen, Icon for hire, Nick Jonas, Fit for rivals, tonight alive, Juliet Simms :)
Loving The Pretty Reckless version of Champagne Supernova in the Live Lounge, Taylor Momsen's voice is amazing!!!
Anyone else just here Taylor Momsen say she's looking forward to seeing Slayer at Download on Radio 1? Think she's a bit confused
It's hard to believe that Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless Was also the little girl who played Cyndi Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie. *CrownTheStars*
Famous female celebrities who should marry me: 1. Emma Watson 2. Taylor Momsen (from the Pretty Reckless) 3. Bonnie Wright (Ginny from Harry Potter) 4. Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter) 5. Arianna Grande
My woman crushes are Angelina Jolie, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Momsen. I like their minds and art.
'Gossip Girl's ' Taylor Momsen Removes Splinters on Legs with Knife after Stage Slide, Reveals Pretty Reckless Band completo Album Details Former "Gossip Girl" actress and current frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen band was injured during their show in Shreveport, the. After sliding across the wooden stage knees first.However, after the show, Momsen herself removed the splinters on her legs she caught from the fall using a knife, as documented by the band's bassist Mark Dammon, Loud Wire reported.Momsen is apparently doing fine after the injury. Recently, she shared some details of their album "Going to *** "In April 2014, the band went to Miami to film the music video for their latest single, "F - ed Up World," and according to Momsen, it featured a 1960s-inspired theme
Yeah so Taylor Momsen is doing what Avril Lavigne did in 2002. Sorry y'all
Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless sure now how to start a CD. You know what I'm sayin? Very Rob Zombie-esque.
seriously Taylor Momsen had become famous than Leighton Meester !! Kid Jenny Grew up and is a musician :) Gossip Girl
If I fake Taylor Momsen will Jordan hate me.
To me friends that are The Pretty Reckless / Taylor Momsen lovers. My friend Curt Dennis, / Bluestribute...
I listen to Taylor Swift and Britney Spears religiously. I cry during sad movies and hide when I watch scary ones. My biggest fear is icebergs and my mom and dad are my two favorite people. I drink a lot of beer and I work my *** off during the week. I get emotional randomly. My wcw will always be Taylor Momsen. Im loud when I'm around my friends and my friends will always come first. I don't love easy but when I do I love hard. I'm me, I'm human and I make mistakes. I've been trampled on and put down but I've also overcame every obstacles thrown my way. That's me in a nutshell. Only certain people will be able to crack it. Thank you to the people who took the time to figure me out and didn't leave once they did. I'm really a lucky girl.
I didn't know Taylor Momsen was the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless. That made balloon Fest a lil cool.
Lacey Chabert, Taylor Momsen and Lisalla Montenegro are all making their first appearance on the Maxim Top 100 list...thank you work email
Last night i turned sarah into Taylor Momsen. I feel like i should be a makeup artist.
I would do a lot of very bad things to be able to look and sound like Maria Brink or Taylor Momsen.
Give me a piece if Maria Brink and Taylor Momsen please? Someone?
Girl talk with Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless by Rock Chick Riley
James Taylor, Taylor Hanson, and Taylor Momsen all contribute vocals
Since when is Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl in a rock band?! Well, I just saw her. Not bad.
babe, Taylor Momsen is my inspiration*-* yes and there´s no more beautiful song than "house on a hill"*-* hvfjcvgn
“Quote this with your girl crush, mines Emma stone and Taylor SwiftHayley Williams,Jenna McDougal,Tay Jardine&Taylor Momsen
Luke Hemmings and Matty Healy and Alex Turner and Taylor Momsen and Kellin Quinn and Harry Styles and Jamie Campbell Bower
Less than 15 minutes and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless will be joining me on the Lazer Hotline! Listen live at or the free Lazer App, available in the Android Market or the Apple Store!
Kurt Cobain went to a psychic who told him about how iconic Taylor Momsen would become and so he killed himself.
I had a dream the Mexican cartel killed Taylor Momsen with a machete
Just found out that Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey is Cindy Lou Who from How the grinch stole Christmas
Taylor Momsen is apparently trying to rival Lizzy Hale with some of the Pretty Reckless lyrics. Wow!
Today Nits Nats-Music music features Going to *** by Pretty Reckless. Stop by the store for your copy today! Review courtesy of Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine Rebellion is part and parcel of rock & roll, but few rockers have had it harder than Taylor Momsen. A child star who appeared in Ron Howard's grotesque 2000 adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and came to stardom as Jenny Humphrey in the 2000s series Gossip Girl, Momsen needed to work hard to be considered on her own merits, something that was especially difficult because she specialized in an overdriven '90s grunge showcased in MTV's forgotten mid-decade show SuperRock. Momsen worships at the altar of Courtney Love but doesn't quite care to push buttons; she rebels in a vacuum, pushing the buttons of parents who came of age in the '50s. That's part of the charm of the Pretty Reckless: they fight battles long since settled but they believe it, man, and they're ready to rebel in a time-honored tradition they've learne .. ...
My queens, in order, are Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus, and Rydel Lynch. YAAASSS SLAYYY BAES SLAAAYYY
Not all heroes are men. Amy Lee, Lzzy hale, Hayley Williams and Taylor Momsen
What do and Taylor Momsen have in common? This coat.
In this edition of SPOTM: Taylor Momsen, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Spacey, Miley Cyrus and a bunch of sarcastic remarks from yours truly.
Did you guys know that the lead singer from The Pretty Reckless, also known as Taylor Momsen, was Cindy Lou Who on the Grinch? I didn't.
There are some familiar faces up for REVOLVER Magazine's Golden God awards! Vote for Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless for Song Of The Year ("Going To *** ) and Most Dedicated Fans. Vote for Chris Adler for Best Drummer for his work on Protest The Hero's Volition!
NEWS FLASH: The girl who played Cindy Loo Who on the Grinch is now a rock singer named Taylor Momsen.
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Taylor Momsen is Cindy Lou Who. That just blows my mind.
Nirvana no es Kurt Cobain, Green Day no es Billie Joe, Queen no es Freddie Mercury, Paramore no es Hayley Williams, TPR no es Taylor Momsen
I didn't know Taylor Momsen played Cindy Lou hoo in the grinch.
have you seen the Grinch? You know Cindy Loo Who? That's Taylor Momsen but all grown up now
Taylor Momsen's voice is pure perfection, I can't describe it somehow else
Taylor Momsen is like Courtney Love only cleaner.
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