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Taylor Lewan

Taylor Curtis Lewan (born July 21, 1991) is an American football player from Scottsdale, Arizona. He enrolled at the University of Michigan in 2009 and redshirted his freshman season.

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Imagine playing 4 years, and can't beat freshmen that ranked 128 of 128 in experience. . "All I know at Michigan is…
Jack Conklin and Taylor Lewan lead way as Titans' line ranked best in NFL via
I would so go see a buddy cop movie starring Joe Biden and Taylor Lewan
Taylor Lewan, say "Left Tackle" as many times as you can in two minutes...go
Grayson Allen is Taylor Lewan. He's good because of his grit. Sometimes that will get him in trouble. Period.
I bet the ref from the Nat'l Championship game wouldn't have ejected Taylor Lewan in the game...
Titans' Taylor Lewan hit with gigantic fine after slapping official's hand
exactly he probably would've passed on Taylor lewan if he was in the 2015 draft too.
...well, if you're gonna play LT at Taylor Lewan's size, you'd better move like Taylor Lewan.
Reminder drafted a TE who can't catch or block and passed up these next 5. Taylor lewan. OBJ. Aaron Donald. Ryan Shazier. Zack Martin.
inconsistent, top-heavy technique. He's a less athletic Taylor Lewan, who is a pretty good but not great LT
you sure that ain't Taylor lewan out there too?
Taylor Lewan plays to the whistle and gets personal fouls called on him
This happened to the Titans earlier with Taylor Lewan
I've seen Taylor Lewan hit his girlfriend harder than that
Had someone hit Mariota like that Taylor Lewan would've been dropping bodies left and right.
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what is market price for Taylor Lewan if Titans tried to extend his contract? A young LT coming off a Pro Bowl. Bahktiari money?
the next 3 picks were Taylor Lewan, ODB, and Aaron Donald.
Taylor Lewan, Aaron Donald, Zach Martin, Johnny Manziel...the list is endless lol
Detroit could've had Odell Beckham, Zack Martin, Taylor Lewan, or Aaron Donald. And who'd we draft?? Eric Ebron.
Lions draft Eric Ebron at 10 in 2014. Next three picks: Taylor Lewan, Odell Beckkam, Aaron Donald.
And to think he was drafted 10th overall before Taylor Lewan, Aaron Donald, and ODELL😭
I had a horrible dream that Jon Robinson traded Taylor Lewan and both first round picks last night. Not sure what for, I woke up before that
Taylor Lewan consoles a young Titans fan after a close loss to the Chargers. This is why I love sports 💯
"He plays at a level that rookies don’t play at." - Taylor Lewan on Jack Conklin. More:
you're right, forgot Taylor Lewan was still LT.
Dee Ford whipped Taylor Lewan yesterday on one play, forcing Mariota to step up into Dontari Poe's arm for a sack-FF. Getting closer to 100%
Ok if Dee Ford can get Taylor Lewan to hold then I'm already in love with today
Dee Ford just whipped Taylor Lewan. Here's to more of that.
Dee Ford torches Taylor Lewan, and it's fourth down
Dee Ford was held. He beat Taylor Lewan to the outside with speed.
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Dee Ford gonna get worked by Taylor Lewan today :/
Tom Brady, Charles Woodson both SB champions. Brandon Graham,Taylor Lewan, Chad Henne,that just to name a few
Remember, Rams had their choice of Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, and Zack Martin in the 2014 draft.
Taylor Lewan: 'Having a real good day in Tennessee'
Taylor Lewan ejection is a perfect example of why ratings are horrible. How is ref safety > player safety?😏
That call on Taylor Lewan is a JOKE
Taylor Lewan has yet to allow a sack or hit on Marcus Mariota. Has surrendered just three hurries this season.
What pro Left Tackle do you feel that Taylor Lewan should model his game around
Titans tackle Taylor Lewan limited in Wednesday's practice due to shoulder injury.
tackle limited Wednesday with shoulder injury.
Mularkey: LT Taylor Lewan (shoulder) was limited today in practice. SS Da'Norris Searcy (ankle) looked OK.
Taylor Lewan has a sore shoulder and was held out for part of practice.
Mularkey said DaNorris Searcy looked good. Cody Riggs and Taylor Lewan limited. Brett Kern out with illness
Mularkey said he doesn't want to take away Taylor Lewan's competitiveness. Said other than penalty vs calls could go either way
Mularkey on Lewan attitude: Taylor is fine. Not gonna take away from his aggressiveness. Other than OAK penalty, most go either way
Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin are getting the job done. Our whole line really. Arguably the best Oline in the NFL right now.
OTs Taylor Lewan (91.2) & Jack Conklin (84.6) are the 1st and 8th overall tackles, respectively, according to
Neither Taylor Lewan or Jack Conklin has allowed a single sack or hit this season. Future’s bright.
Taylor Lewan: &deserves a good team besides the Predators&
Taylor Lewan I will never complain about you ever again for saying this
[Tennessean] Taylor Lewan: 'Nashville deserves a good team besides the Predators'
Taylor Lewan flagged on back-to-back plays. It's now 1st and 30 from the 32
Mularkey said Taylor Lewan needs to settle down and be smart. Said he'll sit him down if he doesn't
both ways. I see you condemning Taylor Lewan and Patrick Kane ALL THE TIME. Why are the Clinton's off limits?
Taylor Lewan is growing into one of the best left tackles in NFL, writes. But the penalties...
Titans' Taylor Lewan still loses it but has found his game
A column on Taylor Lewan. Can the afford to put up with his penalty stuff any longer? Actually, yeah.
Rexrode: Taylor Lewan still loses it, but he has found his game:
noticed you did the game yesterday. wife Wendy was my son Taylor Lewan’s 1st grade teacher. Hey John!
Looks like Taylor Lewan shaved the "stache".
Taylor Lewan is a bona-fide *** who'll be playing right tackle in the near future.
Taylor Lewan reminded Jack Conklin that he's not at MSU anymore:
Titans 2016: 3 reasons it's not their year - The Tennessean
Titans 2016: 3 reasons it's not their year
demarco Murray, Delanie Walker, Taylor Lewan, Kendall wright .. You can't just discredit my squad like that.
we can't all be like Taylor Lewan and threaten rape victims
Tennessee shoe carnival lot of 50 Taylor Lewan
.Taylor Lewan may be most interesting man on Titans
I WUN Today - Titans OT Taylor Lewan: 'I'm not a right tackle': Taylor Lewan likely will keep his jo...
Yo the Titans have Marcus Mariota, Demarco Murray, Derrick Henry, Taylor Lewan, Jack Conklin, and Chance Warmack on O.. Some solid pieces
you're dumb. Taylor Lewan 1st RD, Chance Warmack 1st RD, Jack Conklin, 1st RD, plus we signed Ben Jones. We bout to be nice
LOl. Csonte York. Thomas Rawls. Taylor Lewan. Brendan Gibbons. Frank Clark. These just a few from the last 3-4 yrs.
Floyd Resse: I think the Titans have more faith in Taylor Lewan than a lot of people thought.
This is Titans GM Jon Robinson on Tunsil. Current Titans LT Taylor Lewan has a radio show.
why aren't they saying the names. Wasn't that Brendan Gibbons, and then Taylor Lewan sent the threats?
Taylor Lewan 11th pick of the 2014 Draft. Giants snagged Odell Beckham with the next pick.
Titans Tonight is on the air in 1 hour from Logan's Roadhouse Cools Springs w/ Mike Keith, Taylor Lewan & Antonio Andrews!
Mike Keith, Taylor Lewan & Antonio Andrews are LIVE from at 6!. Submit questions to
I apologize to Michigan nation I'm sure Taylor Lewan said etc lmfao. No you apologize to the victim etc. lmao
Check my boy Taylor Lewan making the top 9 best dressed list in Loring & Co…
So you would trade Todd Gurley for Taylor Lewan?
if I had to choose one, I'd choose Taylor Lewan
Taylor Lewan is the worst offensive lineman in the NFL.
Taylor Lewan is always ready to fight. He needs an therapist.
Intent to deceive is just as bad as excessive blocking, which has been called on Taylor Lewan during his Michigan career
Frank Clark got drafted by the Seahawks in 2nd round. Taylor Lewan was the 11th pick overall in 2014.
Anyone want to talk about Taylor Lewan besting the crap out of his girlfriend? Anyone got pics?
yep. TN was *** bent on Taylor Lewan. Had him overall player and wouldn't budge. Giants said eff no
Titans Tonight With Taylor Lewan is probably the greatest show ever. He needs to take over Kimmel's spot
Martin mayhew and Tom lewand should of been fired the very second they passed on Taylor lewan LT for a 3rd TE.
Taylor Lewan says this team is fired up and win or lose we will see something different
Taylor Lewan said "win or lose" the will be more physical on Sunday
Taylor Lewan said he felt as good at practice today as he has in a long time health-wise
like the time you said Taylor Lewan was the worst player on Tennessee...?
Is there anyway the Titans can trade Taylor Lewan to the Rams for Jeff Fisher?
"Taylor Lewan would make a better jockey than offensive lineman." - Mike Mularkey
Only couple I can name are Taylor Lewan and Chance Warmack on the OL and MAYBE Mariota and DGB down the line.
Except for the fact that Taylor Lewan and Justin Hunter both suck.
How attractive will the coaching job be? They have QB Marcus Mariota & LT Taylor Lewan. Two huge building blocks at k…
Titans fans always take up for Chance Warmack and Taylor Lewan. I don't see why.. both 1st round busts.
Not practicing in open portion today for Avery Williamson, Taylor Lewan, Anthony Fasano, Michael Griffin and Sammie Hill.
Not partaking in open part of practice: Avery Williamson, Taylor Lewan, Anthony Fasano, Sammie Hill and Michael Griffin
Taylor Lewan, Delanie Walker, and Mike Keith right now on Tonight...🙌🏾💯
Taylor Lewan and Delanie Walker. Who is the hardest Titan to block?
.is standing by to take your questions for Taylor Lewan and Delanie Walker. Use hashtag
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Who was your favrorite MichiganMan: Taylor Lewan, Brendan Gibbons, Csont'e York, or Frank Clark?
Last year OL coach Bob Bostad attended Taylor Lewan's pro day while leading OL drills. Trying to see who was at Williams.
Congrats on your 2014 Panini Contenders FB Taylor Lewan Auto'd Plate 1/1 from our breaks!
Taylor Lewan is man handling randy gregory. *** are draftniks smoking.
Catching up with Taylor Lewan and Dexter McCluster: beat writer Joe Fann catches up with...
McCluster, Lewan meet fans at XFINITY store in Murfreesboro. PHOTOS:
Dexter McCluster and Taylor Lewan are signing autographs at the Xfinity store in Murfreesboro until 5 today
Where would Taylor Lewan be ranked in this OT class? He obviously should of been the ranked tackle last year.
Tennessee Titans players Dexter McCluster and Taylor Lewan will be hanging out TODAY from 3pm-5pm at the new Store in Murfreesboro!
or Frank Clark, dion Simms, Glenn Winston, and Taylor Lewan were all just in the wrong place at the wrong time
I want you to know I'm dating Kate Upton, but that ain't true either. MT Taylor Lewan wants you to know he's not a scumbag
Lewan to get sentence in Ann Arbor bar fight: Tennessee Titans rookie Taylor Lewan expects to be...
Taylor Lewan is still battling a high ankle sprain of his right ankel, but the rookie left tackle is making progress and hopes to play Sunday against the New York Jets.
Titans: Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said Taylor Lewan and Michael Oher will be questionable for Sunday, most likely game time decisions.
Taylor Lewan is a great offensive linemen
Perhaps one of Michigan's biggest problems is fake leadership. Taylor Lewan? Fake. Now Devin Gardner? Fake. Both are/were posers.
Ok MT Taylor Lewan on his first NFL start: "I’ll be close enough to peeing myself before the game'
Waiting to see Taylor Lewan's name in these reports. Dude is intense. MT Most intense brawl of camp just broke out.
So that being said almost guarantee great NFL careers for the 3 guys after we took Edrops! Taylor Lewan, Beckham Jr., Aaron Donald
Paul Worrilow just took on a pulling Taylor Lewan and shed him like a winter coat. Wow.
Taylor who? Taylor Lewan? James Taylor? Lawrence Taylor? Elizabeth Taylor? There's a lot of Taylor's out there.
Titans OT Taylor Lewan is the lone unsigned 2014 draft pick. Last year, Titans G Chance Warmack was the final draft pick to sign
I mean there's Jake Long, Brandon Graham, Taylor Lewan and Mike Martin. But yea, no one has the hype he did. He was sick.
Taylor Lewan to go to trial in Ohio State fan-punching case I'm a Buckeye fan and I say drop this BS case.
Titans first-round pick Taylor Lewan will face trial in Michigan during on assault charges - . Tennessee...
Taylor Lewan scheduled for trial during Titans bye week
Taylor Lewan sets a court date for 3 misdemeanor charges:
rookie OT Taylor Lewan's assault trial has been set for October 28 in Ann Arbor, Mich.
Taylor Lewan likely headed to trial over alleged fight in Ann Arbor -
Titans' Lewan to go to trial in fan-punching case (Yahoo Sports): Ann Arbor, Mich. (AP) -- Taylor Lewan...
Taylor Lewan assault case heads to jury trial, court date set for Oct. 28: Ann Arbor -- Former Michigan offens...
John Clayton believes could make LT Michael Roos "trade bait" if 1ST-round rookie Taylor Lewan proves ready to start right away
There are only 4 picks who have not signed contact yet: Justin Gilbert, Taylor Lewan, Marqise Lee and Billy Turne…
I had Morgan Moses ranked ahead of Taylor Lewan, who went Zach Martin, who went and Ja'Wuan James, who went among others.
via Titans prepping Taylor Lewan for right, left tackle
Taylor Lewan 'really starting to get it' with Titans
Newsome touched on the MPACT program and a candid convo with Taylor Lewan as being big plusses on his last visit:
Newsome also spent time with Taylor Lewan this weekend, and says he has "no clue" who he will choose between M/PSU: http:…
Battle Red Blog's film study series on the 2012 Outback Bowl matchup between Texans pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney and Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan continues with our scorecard for the second quarter.
Titans draft picks Taylor Lewan and Zach Mettenberger at Jackson's in Hillsboro Village
Detroit showed faith in OTs Riley Reiff, LaAdrian Waddle & Corey Hilliard by passing on Taylor Lewan in draft
In the locker room as Titans rookies Taylor Lewan & Bishop Sankey talk with A to Z Sports after their first NFL mini camp practice. Getting to know the new rookies: Lewan grew up on a ranch in Arizona. And, Sankey describes his pre-draft experience on ESPN's "Draft Academy" show.
Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Michael Roos would be an amazing addition if Ozzie Newsome could work him in under the cap. He will likely be expendable after the Titans drafted University of Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan with the 11th pick and signed former Raven Michael Oher to a 4 yea…
Just turned on ESPN and former Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik said the got the steal of the draft in tackle Taylor Lew…
coach Ken Whisenhunt said No. 11 overall pick OT Taylor Lewan will be given the chance to compete for a starting job
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After day two of the draft the Tennessee Titans have picked up OT Taylor Lewan and RB Bishop Sankey. TCT wants...
yea, I feel like even if he was available at 12 we would've picked him bcz they really wanted Taylor Lewan
Anyone have a Taylor lewan they sell for cheap? The 96
Taylor Lewan will have to win a job with Tennessee Titans, glad team 'believed ...
With the 11th pick the Tennessee Titans select the B1GGEST loser in the NFL Draft: Michigan OT Taylor Lewan. h…
Congratulations Taylor Lewan now a Tennessee Titan and Mike Schofield now a Denver Bronco! Go Blue!
Taylor Lewan is Titans' first-round pick - The Tennessean: FanSidedTaylor Lewan is Titans' first...
last yr's draft graded out as average. Id take taylor lewan over eric fisher.
“any thoughts on the Titans picking Taylor Lewan?? reactionary pick. Clowney…
Taylor Lewan defends character again, still says he never threatened anyone in ...
With the 11th overall pick, the select Taylor Lewan, OT from Michigan. .
So far in this year's draft rounds 1,2 & 3 have passed and the Titans drafted 2 players offensive tackle Taylor Lewan and running back Bishop Sankey. I gotta say I'm liking these 2 draft picks our Titans made. I can't wait for round 4 of the draft.
Titans pick of Taylor Lewan is weird because they have a long time solid LT in Roos and just signed Oher to $20M at RT
With the 11th pick of the draft the Titans select Taylor Lewan, OT out of Michigan.
Coming into this year's draft, 1 O-Lineman recruited by Rich Rodriguez had ever been drafted. Taylor Lewan & Michael Schofield doubled that.
Taylor Lewan drafted 1st rd despite allegedly threatening rape victim and awaiting arraignment for assault. Not making this up.
Taylor Lewan getting tons of questions about his legal issues at his introductory presser. Makes you wish Max Bullough was a …
Lowkey Taylor Lewan may be a bust. Ask we watched Michigan games every week, he gets beat A LOT and was hurt …
Congrats to Taylor Lewan and Michael Schofield on being drafted into the NFL, as always, GO BLUE !
Taylor Lewan's mom pushed an NFL tackle out of her *** She might just be able to handle my love salami.
Could Michael Schofield's versatility see him in an NFL starting role before Taylor Lewan?
Definitely an upgrade. Do you like what you see in Taylor Lewan?
Taylor Lewan is a monster bro. And Bishop Sankey is a every down back. Saw him okay in (cont)
Spotted new Titan Taylor Lewan at the airport today
Taylor Lewan looks a lot like a beefed up lol
Michigan's offense of line blows *** I don't like Taylor Lewan or Schofield
So Taylor Lewan wants to complain that he didn't get picked until 11th last night and that he now has a chip on his shoulder for all the teams that passed him up. He should be great full for the talent to be picked up in the draft and a chance to play in the NFL. Some people just can never be happy with what they have!
Taylor Lewan has pretty good taste in music.
add depth to O-Line with Michael Schofield. He was lost in the greatness that was Taylor Lewan.
95. DEN - OT Michael Schofield, Michigan: Could have gone higher if he were not blocked from the left tackle spot by Taylor Lewan. A-
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If Taylor Lewan protects Jake Locker half as well as he protects rapist kickers, he will be the best pick in this draft.
Titans draft pick Taylor Lewan the family daredevil
JOE BIDDLE: Titans pass on sexy picks to get Michigan tackle Taylor Lewan. (Sent from WKRN)
With the 32nd pick in the 2014 NML Draft the Green Bay Packers select OT Taylor Lewan
Taylor Lewan sat on him and he's dead.
Jadeveon Clowney was owned by Taylor Lewan, what is your point?
My overrated draft pick award goes to Taylor Lewan.
I wonder who Taylor Lewan has beat up tonight.
Lmao Taylor Lewan mom low key blame him for that hit Clowney put on UM running back
With Taylor Lewan having a rather skeptical legal history it's only fitting the Titans take a bishop with it's next pick.
A guy on Titans radio just said if he was in a street fight, he want Taylor Lewan on his side, and that was the right pick.
Am I the only fan who thought the selection of OT Taylor Lewan was a solid choice in the last night? You win and lose in the trenches!
IMG trainee Taylor Lewan goes overall to the Tennessee Titans! From Big Blue to two-toned blue - See what Taylor had to say about preparing for the NFL combine & his pro football career...
Press conference to introduce Taylor Lewan as the newest Titan is set for 3:30. Tune in to 104.5 The Zone
Tackle Taylor Lewan, the first-round pick of the Titans on Thursday, arrives at Saint Thomas Sports Park on Friday.
CONGRATS to Taylor Lewan for being chosen with the pick of the by the
Former University of Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan discusses foregoing the draft to return to school last year and how that decision has shaped his experience for the better this time around.
Congratulations Taylor Lewan! You and your family must be so proud! Looking forward to watching you play when I visit my parents in Nashville!
So Titans drafted OT Taylor Lewan (Michigan) to join the Michael's (Roos & Oher) on the offensive line in protecting our QB? Hmmm, not sure that was the best choice, but hey, we are the titans...
Okay, here's my take on OT Taylor Lewan, the 1st round draft pick: I'll admit I was disappointed we passed on drafting Manziel, but drafting a thoroughbred like Lewan signifies the organization wants to solidify the offensive line. Plus, when your offense is facing Jadaveon Clowney and JJ Watt twice a year, you're going to need all the O line help you can get. Also, Coach Whiz is a QB kind of coach; he wants a QB the obeys and respects him. Who would follow orders more closely, Locker or Manziel? This is a vote of confidence for Locker; the passed on a once-in-a-decade QB like Manziel. Crazy. Lewan also has disturbing character issues involving a cover up of assault charges, a rape case, etc. Hopefully, details will come to light about these issues. Overall, this wasn't a sexy pick, but a solid pick. B-
I am glad to see the Tennessee Titans made a step in the right direction yesterday. They took Taylor Lewan offensive lineman from The University of Michigan. You will Love this kid. At 6' 7" and 309 lbs. he has a mean streak and works his tail off. Glad to see the Titans drafting some Quality players.
Welcome to the family Taylor Lewan. Titans completely solidified their O-Line within the last two off-seasons. With Clowney and Watt comin at us twice a year now we have a good plan to defend. I'm excited to see the rest of our draft.
Taylor Lewan, who was just drafted by the Titans, is the son of a co-worker. The office is a buzz (as if we had something to do with the young man's success).
In case you are wondering: had Tennessee not chosen Taylor Lewan, he would NOT have been the pick for Giants at 12. Still would've been OBJ according to Art Stapleton
is amazed at how much overthinking and non-thinking goes on at the NFL Draft. The Titans pick Taylor Lewan with the pick and Johnny Football goes at A guy who allegedly threatened to rape a girl vs. a man who would have rocked Music City. Johnny Football is Box Office. The Nashville party scene would have soared back to a Pac Man Jones level. Now he's got to compete with Vince Young for a job. They have a combined score of 38 on the Wonderlic.
Here are the most interesting Miami Dolphins stories Friday: Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says first-round pick Ja’Wuan James makes sense. Morning take: I don’t have a problem with filling the need at right tackle. But the Dolphins reached and perhaps could have traded back for the same player and acquired extra draft picks. Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post writes the Dolphins missed out on top-tier offensive tackles. Morning take: The board didn’t fall Miami’s way. Potential targets like Taylor Lewan and Zack Martin were taken off the board, forcing Miami to take the fifth-rated tackle according to the general consensus. Chris Perkins of the Sun Sentinel says Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey still has work to do. Morning take: The Dolphins still have six picks to round out this year’s draft class. There are still impact players available. The Dolphins team site has photos of Hickey and head coach Joe Philbin working together. Morning take: Miami’s new power duo is working ...
The more I thought about it the Taylor Lewan pick kind of makes sense... Michael Roos is in his final contract year and there's no guarantee he will start and games are won and lost in the trenches I think it was a solid pick! Just not an exciting one. Now let's go get a QB, RB, CB or pass rusher!
I liked the giants drafting Beckham, but I think we really needed Taylor Lewan and if we were gonna draft a wide receiver why not draft Benjamin from Florida State. We have too many small receivers. - Damian
The Titans said they have no concerns about Taylor Lewan's off-field issues or character, even though their first-round pick faces assault charges in Michigan. On May 19, the former Wolverines tackle will formally be charged with one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery related to a Dec.
Congrats to Taylor Lewan so crazy to think I'll be able to watch you play in the nfl.
The Titans have selected tackle Taylor Lewan with the No. 11 overall pick.
Our first round draft choice is Taylor Lewan for Left Tackle. I understand this pick as having a deep offensive line will be important for us. I like Lewan more as a pass blocker than I do as a run blocker. He will need to improve his footwork and athleticism if he is going to be an effective run blocker in the NFL. Against power rushers he will do fine but against speed rushers he will struggle at this point. Penalties will be a problem against speed and technique rushers but one would expect for him to only get better as time goes on. I also see a problem with him blocking on screen plays as I'm not sure he will be able to get down field fast enough to block. Overall, as a pass blocker against power rushers to protect the pocket will be his greatest strength right now. He should be a developmental player for his rookie season who should provide depth.
Titans draft Taylor Lewan(Tackle out of Michigan). I think we could have used a linebacker. Everytime NFL Network says something about the Titans, Jaxon makes a noise while he is asleep. I don't know what that means. You either made a good decision or a bad one Tennessee.
Well, the Lions did it again! A tight-end? Wasn't Taylor Lewan still on the board? Don't drink the kool-aid...SAME OLD LIONS!
Taylor Lewan was drafted 11th overall by the Tennessee Titans during the 2014 NFL draft . The talented Michigan product has seen his draft stock bounce all over the board, but ultimately, his talent was too much for the Titans to pass up...
I'll admit I didn't look at Taylor Lewan as a possible pick... but after thinking about it, developing him and Chance Warmack together does make a lot of sense. Welcome to Nashville, big guy.
The Lions Suck. So you have top cornerbacks and one of the sure bets of the draft, Taylor Lewan from Michigan on the board, and you pick a tight end? Really. At number 10? The secondary can't cover anything and that's who you pick!. Someone tell me why this is wrong or right or are we just used to the Lions doing crazy stuff?
Jack Stearns from Maize N Brew was nice enough to answer 5 questions about the Titans first round draft pick, Taylor Lewan.
NEW YORK - Before he grew into his 6-foot-7, 309-pound body and became one of the best offensive linemen in the country, Taylor Lewan fashioned himself as a future X Games star.
Welcome to Tennessee-Taylor Lewan now protect Locker and get us to the playoffs *** !! BTW can't believe there was only 1-QB in the top 10.. Crazy.
The dude "Taylor Lewan" name is pronounced EXACTLY like my maiden name "LaWan Taylor"! He's my backwards, lighter skinned cousin! LOLOL
Taylor of a kid who played hockey with my son became a Tennessee Titan tonight. .first round Draft pick. cool!!
Couple things about the draft: I don't watch the pros much, but Taylor lewan is a GREAT pick for them & you know what I hate about Manziel not being drafted yet.not a dadgum thing
Well, I have to admit I was hoping Bortles would be there at 11. Ebron was my hope for the past few days. So what do you think of your newest Titan, Taylor Lewan? Big and nasty...and a counter to the Clowney train!!!
Congratulations to 2033 NFL Hall of Fame inductee Taylor Lewan. Similar congrats to Eric Ebron May 2022 Smitty's Car Wash employee of the month (2nd runner-up)
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Titans 1st round draft pick, OT Taylor Lewan. I can just hear Jake Locker singing that old classic, "Help me Lewanda, help, help me Lewanda..." 😳
And taylor lewan was still on the board smh
The Titans take OT Taylor Lewan in the 1st round. Interesting.
A BIG Michigan stud is headed to Nashville!!! Welcome Taylor Lewan!!! For those that don't know about him, just watch a little film. Nasty and strong, just what we need!
No Sammy Watkins. No help for the defense. Not even Taylor Lewan.
WTG ][V][- Taylor Lewan going to the NFL Tenn Titans with Michael Martin Team!!!
Tennessee Titans select Taylor Lewan with their first round pick. Thoughts?
Johnny Manzel still waiting to be drafter. Congrats to our own UofM Alumni Taylor Lewan on being drafted to the Tennessee Titans.
Our little town with one high school just had a player drafted in the NFL. Congrats to Taylor Lewan.
Congrats to the bro Taylor Lewan that's a great fit for him!
Our Tennessee Titans draft OT Taylor Lewan. More protection for Jake Locker to go with Levitre, Schwenke, Warmack. Solid OL!
In Thursday's first round of the NFL Draft, former Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan was selected No. 11 overall to the Titans.
Titans take Taylor Lewan - OT Michigan...I can live with that...
The Titans drafted Taylor Lewan offensive tackle from Michigan. Welcome to the Titans Taylor Lewan.
11.) Tennessee Titans - Taylor Lewan,T, MICH Titans receive a B. Not exactly sure where they will line him up since they are stacked, but he was probably one of the last big names on the board. He has some weaknesses to work on, but nothing that will hold him back from being effective.
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Taylor Lewan looks like he could be a character on Mad Men with that hairstyle.
The Titans just stole the best Offensive Tackle in the draft at pick 11... Taylor Lewan!! Go Blue!!
prediction: Taylor Lewan gets arrested before he makes a pro bowl
Chris Johnson on the drafting Taylor Lewan: "Oh NOW you get somebody who can block. Gee thanks." (via a Chris …
I like it. Taylor lewan. Now where do we use him at. We got warmack last year
Taylor Lewan? Come on Titans you just signed Michael Oher and drafter Warmack last season *** !
Taylor lewan mom got a set of tatas *** !!😳😳😳
Titans just picked Taylor Lewan OT from Michigan for the number 11th pick in the draft.
Titans draft Taylor Lewan (OT) out of Michigan. Good safe pick. Stay seated Manziel.
Was expecting a qb to back up locker but titans still did good and picked up Taylor lewan first round. Not shabby at all
Really Taylor lewan? Dude is a stud but really needed some defensive help! Or Johnny football
Welcome Taylor Lewan to the Tennessee Titans.even though we needed a QB
Taylor Lewan gets drafted that's another Michigan player getting drafted before Ohio State
had David Stewart (likely) retire this year. Needed a tackle, never thought Taylor Lewan would be there. This was the…
*** yea!!! Let's go Taylor Lewan welcome to Nashville!!
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Tennessee takes T Taylor Lewan with the pick. A lot of tackles getting gone early.
The Titans select T Taylor Lewan from Michigan with the 11th pick.
Taylor lewan welcome to the Tennessee Titans
Titans select Taylor Lewan Tackle out of Michigan Good pick? -Chris
With the 11th pick in the 2014 draft...The Tennessee Titans select...Michigan OT Taylor Lewan... Thoughts? The New York Football Giants are on the Clock...
Titans take Taylor Lewan. I don't know about that pick.
Who would have thought Michigan OT Taylor Lewan would last to Tennessee at 11?
Titans take OT Taylor Lewan. Martin, Donald, Beckham all still on the board for the Giants... Who should the Giants take?
The 11th pick belongs to the Titans and they select Michigan OT Taylor Lewan
UPDATE: The Titans pick Taylor Lewan in the NFL Draft, Offensive Tackle from Michigan. - COMING UP ON FOX 17 NEWS: We're close. We're really close to a draft pick. Eric Alvarez is at shop ready to start printing shirts once the pick is made. TUNE IN or STREAM IT LIVE @ 9pm:
If we have Giants wish list correct, they'll have a shot at one of Taylor Lewan, Zack Martin, Odell Beckham or Aaron Donald. - via Art Stapleton
Wifey Ariel Hays said she wanted the "Big White Guy"... I asked Which one? Taylor Lewan? She said Yea! I asked why... She said, " He looks like a mean giant and I want to see him push ppl over for us! " Ahhh..I found a winner I tell ya! So cute! But I'm at peace with Jake Matthews.. Just hope he doesn't turn out like Lamar Holmes or Peter Konz...I don't trust our OLinemen...Matt Ryan got sacked 44 times.. Just saying... But I guess Matthews straight
Lions need to pick taylor lewan from Michigan 1st round
By the end of this night Taylor Lewan needs to be a member of the New York football Giants
Would like to see Taylor Lewan from Mich go to Miami tonight but doubt he falls to 19, so hoping for Martin from ND.
Sean John Fits Potential 2014 NFL Draftees At 5th Annual "House Of Style" [PHOTOS] The NFL Draft is an exciting time for a multitude of collegiate athletes as they get the opportunity to take their talents to the next level and stop being broke (supposedly). Diddy's Sean John was key in helping the 2014 NFL Draft class look dapper for tonight's big event at their fifth annual "House of Style." The gifting and style suite was created to help athletes get accustomed to a higher fashion sense for their off-the-field maneuvers will be highly documented. Conversion Sports & Entertainment also produced the entire event. NFL Network analyst and former star quarterback Donovan McNabb snuck in the back door to grab some stuff for himself as well as to offer up any words of wisdom to the curious minds of this year's class. Among the players were Taylor Lewan, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Ryan Shazie, who all got their pick of suits, cologne, belts and other accessories. Flip through the gallery below to see the 20 ...
And now for need for the Panthers, it's the offensive line and more specifically, the left tackle position. I believe that this is the need that the team would most like to address in the first round with their 28th pick, but I won't be surprised if they go the BPA route or draft a receiver or corner instead since most of the top guys will probably be gone by the time we pick. Once again, with my rankings, I will skip over the surefire top tier guys like Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, and Zack Martin because they are not going to be on the board when the 28th pick rolls around. Also, whether guys will be staying on the outside or moving over to an interior position on the line is not factored into my rankings since the Panthers need help on both guard slots as well. 1. JaWuan James (Tennessee) 2. Jack Mewhort (Ohio State) 3. Justin Britt (Missouri) 4. Morgan Moses (Virginia) 5. Gabe Jackson, OG (Mississippi State) 6. Joel Bitonio, OG (Nevada) 7. Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG (UCLA) 8. Dakota Dozier, O ...
Taylor Lewan & Roger Goodell at Play60 event in NYC.
Aaron Donald, Eric Ebron, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Taylor Lewan... One of those names will be called with the 12th overall pick.
Picks 6-9 at the Mock Draft at Tilted Kilt in downtown Phoenix: Greg Robinson, Marquise Lee, C.J. Mosely, Taylor Lewan.
Auburn's Greg Robinson, Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews and Michigan's Taylor Lewan are the cream of
Greg Robinson and Taylor Lewan before Jake Matthews? No surprise is owned by Disney
Rumors: I'm buying: Carr top ten. I'm selling: Tom Savage a top 64 pick, Teddy falls out of top 20, Taylor Lewan a top 6 pick
The more research him, the more I believe Michigan OT Taylor Lewan is atop GM Reggie McKenzie's draft board.
2014 NFL mock draft: OT Taylor Lewan to Buffalo Bills with 9th pick
Draft analyst on Bustin Loose right now just stated that "Moses Morgan has a higher ceiling that Zach Martin and Taylor Lewan"!
Kelvin Fisher says he believes Taylor Lewan can play on both the left and right side. Same thing for Jake Matthews.
will choose one of four players at 19 IMO Taylor Lewan, Cyrus Kouandijio, Zach Martin, Morgan Moses..
Peter King: If Taylor Lewan were to fall, he won't get past Baltimore at
April 17 –, Chris Burke No. 9 – TE Eric Ebron, UNC Not really the way the Bills want the board to fall, with two OTs, both of the top WRs, plus Mack and Clowney all gone. Dropping back might be an option; OT Taylor Lewan could be another one, with Buffalo in need of an upgrade on the right side of its line. The Ebron pick essentially accomplishes what the Bills would have been hoping for with Evans: adding a big, reliable weapon for EJ Manuel. Ebron is the top prospect at his position and a potential Pro Bowler in the near future. No. 41 – T Cyrus Kouandijo, Alabama
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Miami Dolphins need offensive linemen, and Michigan's Taylor Lewan reportedly is a team favorite.
Taylor Lewan is a favorite of tackle-needy Miami Dolphins -
The Miami Dolphins are interested in Michigan OT Taylor Lewan, but the team is worried that he will not be available when they pick. The team could consider trading up for Lewan. The Miami Dolphins have told people that they like Michigan OL Michael Schofield. Schofield played both guard and tackle during his college career. Miami Dolphins offensive line coach John Benton recently met with and worked out Miami OG Jon Halapio. The Miami Dolphins have invited Clemson WR Martavis Bryant for a visit.
TE Eric Ebron vs OT Taylor Lewan at Pick Assuming Matthews, Robinson, Mack, and Evans are gone.
After finishing up on Jake Matthews / Greg Robinson / Taylor Lewan, there's no way I would draft Greg or Jake over Taylor.
Taylor Lewan, NFL Draft Prospect, Facing Multiple Misdemeanor Charges: One of the top NFL draft prospects, Tay...
Taylor Lewan charged with aggravated assault and 2 counts of assault and battery
Taylor Lewan hasbeen charged w 1 count of aggravated assault & 2 counts of assault or assault & battery stemming from an …
Taylor Lewan charged with Aggravated Assault...Michigan fans are awfully quiet!
BREAKING: Taylor Lewan will be arraigned on 3 charges stemming from a Dec. 1 assault in Ann Arbor. Story coming to
Go ahead and take Taylor Lewan off your draft boards. They don't mess with guys with legal issues.
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