Taylor Kitsch & Sam Worthington

Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model. Samuel Henry J. Sam Worthington (born 2 August 1976) is an English-born Australian actor, best known for his starring roles in the feature films Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans, and its sequel, Wrath of the Titans. 5.0/5

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Movie viewed 'Terminator Genisys'; Jai Courtney, the poor man's Taylor Kitsch, the poor man's Sam Worthington,the poor man's Jeremy Renner.
So you're telling me Sam Worthington, Taylor Kitsch and Jai Courtney are different people?
Sam Worthington and Taylor Kitsch are practically the same person.
I've heard some pretty interesting casting choices for Transformers tonight. Ones I like the best are... Samual L Jackson as Jazz, Tobin Bell as Unicron, Morgan Freeman as Primus. And I've suggested a few like Zachary Quinto as Starscream, Sam Worthington as Thundercracker and Karl Urban as Skywarp, Liam Neeson as Alpha Trion, Christian Bale as Prowl, and Taylor Kitsch as Hot Rod. Who else would do you think would make good voices for Transformers.
GREAT question, and quite telling how many agree: Jeremy Renner, Shia LaBeouf, Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington, and Chris Pratt.
love the Sam Worthington and Taylor Kitsch bashing - 100% agree! They're a pair of lemons.
So.. Savages. A)Oliver Stone continues to stink. B)Taylor Kitsch is a black hole of charisma. He makes Sam Worthington look like Cary Grant.
Taylor Kitsch in Battleship is making Sam Worthington look like Pacino in Scarface, omg.
Taylor Kitsch isn't responsible for JOHN CARTER and BATTLESHIP "bombing" anymore than Sam Worthington is responsible for AVATAR making mo $.
I fail to see the appeal of Taylor Kitsch. The only actor more inexplicably famous right now is Sam Worthington
It really does feel like Taylor Kitsch is the new Sam Worthington-- the leading man no one wants to watch.
Taylor Kitsch: When Sam Worthington is too expensive for your movie
Taylor Kitsch is the new Sam Worthington.Stoney faced/Cant act/0 Xpressions/stars in lame *** Action flicks which don't particularly do well
Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington sama Jason Statham kalo main film pasti filmnya keren banget. I wonder if they are on the same movies .
I think Taylor Kitsch is the new Sam Worthington.
JOHN CARTER is a beautifully realized film, with mostly non-box office stars in the cast -- thus, leaving director Andrew Stanton competently focusing on a great storyline and sumptuous production design. People may not remember Taylor Kitsch from films like JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE (2006), SNAKES ON A PLANE (2006) and THE COVENANT (2006) but he made his mark as Remy LeBeau/Gambit in WOLVERINE (2009), and was more of a tv star because of the 2006-2011 tv show FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. In JOHN CARTER, much like Sam Worthington ably carried AVATAR, Kitsch plumbs both the emotional and physical depths required. Lynn Collins, his costar from WOLVERINE, is not just a decorative leading lady, as most action fantasy films of this ilk are wont to use; her character, Dejah Thoris, is ably fleshed out. After all, she is the titular character of the original source noverl ("Princess of Mars"). Based on the fantastic (if trailblazing) novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs (better known for his other creation, Tarzan), the film/novel ...
Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes attend Wrath of the Titans premiere and Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch introduce Battleship screening tonight.
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