Taylor Kitsch & Lone Survivor

Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model. Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10 is a work of non-fiction written by Marcus Luttrell with assistance from novelist and ghostwriter Patrick Robinson and published in 2007 by Little, Brown and Company. 5.0/5

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Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch are perfection in Lone Survivor. Amazing movie, incredible actors.
The fact that I just realized Taylor Kitsch is Mike Murphy in Lone Survivor makes rewatching this movie 1000x better😍
The fact that Taylor Kitsch is in Lone Survivor makes me love this movie even more
Decided to rent Lone Survivor and Taylor Kitsch is in it
Ughhh Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor. Unf. Marry me. Let me have your children.
Some of you have asked for a complete list of Taylor Kitsch's loadout (acting as Mike Murphy) in Lone Survivor.
just watched Lone Survivor. Great movie. Mark Wahlberg was great. Hirsch Foster Kitsch
"Lone Survivor" actor Taylor Kitsch showed up at the Michael Murphy run on LI today
""Lone Survivor" actor Taylor Kitsch at the Michael Murphy run
Just saw Lone Survivor. Amazing movie depicting an unbelievable story. Mark Wahlberg did a superb job portraying Luttrell and Taylor Kitsch makes good on doing Murphy proud. RIP heroes.
**Operation Redwing** **Lone Survivor** Off topic I know but, After watching the film I felt I had to share this story! This is unbelievable! Huge respect goes out the the Troops fighting and keeping us safe at night.. U.S. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell spent five days hidden in a village in the warring Kunar Province in northeastern Afghanistan in 2005. He was essentially paralyzed from the waist down and suffering from a series of gunshots and shrapnel wounds. His guardian, an Afghan, took up arms against a local Taliban militia to protect the SEAL, whose mission to the harsh mountainous region resulted in an ambush that killed the other three members of his team. Luttrell went on to document the harrowing account in a book, "Lone Survivor." He spoke at the Newseum in Washington, DC Thursday night to screen the film version, directed by Peter Berg and starring Taylor Kitsch. The man responsible for saving Luttrell was also in Washington on Thursday. The retired petty officer first class described in great d ...
Lone Survivor is a 2013 American war film written and directed by Peter Berg, and starring Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Eric Bana. The film is based on the 2007 nonfiction book of the same name by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson. Set during the war in Afghanistan, Lone Survivor dramatizes the failed United States Navy Seals counter-insurgent mission Operation Red Wings, during which a four-man SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team was tasked to track Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Like most of the movies based on real events, Lone Survivor too is a bit inaccurate in depicting what really happened out there. Apart from that, it's a nice flick with lots of action and emotional content, although the drama sometimes seems exaggerated.
Taylor Kitsch, the pride of Kelowna, B.C. and star of Friday Night Lights and the movie Lone Survivor, is celebrating his 33rd birthday today.
Thoughtful Tuesday, We hope you all had a good night, today looks to be in the 50's with a slight chance of rain through out the day. But it certainly looks like we are warming up, Spring may actually be here. On this date in History... 2004 - U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice testifies before the 9/11 Commission. 1994 - Smoking banned in Pentagon & all US military bases 1986 - Clint Eastwood elected mayor of Carmel California, Make his day 1975 - Frank Robinson debuts as 1st black baseball mgr (Cleveland, beats NY 5-3) Famous Birthdays on this date... John Schneider, 53, Country musician and actor who appeared on the show, The Dukes of Hazzard in the 80s, and later played the role of Jonathan Kent on the TV series, Smallville. Taylor Kitsch, 32, Actor who became known as Gambit for his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and played the role of Tim Reggans on Friday Night Lights. He has appeared in other hit films such as 2012's Battleship and 2013's Lone Survivor. Robin Wright Penn, 47, Actre ...
The Lone Survivor *Review* Synopsis: Starring Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch tells the story of four Navy Seals on an ill-fated covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative who are ambushed by enemy forces in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. All four actors give outstanding performances led by a strong lead in Mark Wahlberg and impressive outing by Ben Foster, not holding back from anything this is a gritty bloody film that is worthy to sit among the ranks of Saving Private Ryan (Yes i said that). If not a fan of war films i urge you to give this a screening as it is much much more then just that, with its beautiful scenery's in Afghanistan and great chemistry most notable between Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch, which for him this film was a big success after his recent failures in John Carter and Battleship. A film that truly pays tribute to courage and determination Lone Survivor is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat whilst doing a good job of ...
Taylor Kitsch, the actor who had a brilliant turn as Navy Seal Michael Murphy in the gritty war-hero pic Lone Survivor, has just exited William Morris Endeavor. He has not moved to another agency but is retaining his manager at Untitled Entertainment, Stephanie Simon. His breakout role was in the fan fave series Friday Night Lights, and he weathered back-to-back flops in John Carter and Battleship in 2012 before rebounding with his key role in Lone Survivor (which was helmed by his Battleship Director Peter Berg). Kitsch next stars in the HBO telefilm The Normal Heart, which premieres in May and already has a sequel in the works.
Taylor Kitsch of Lone Survivor won't stand for Not Supporting Our Veterans. To learn more about Characters Unite & VISIT:
'Lone Survivor' - 4 out of 5 20 Feb 14 / MA15+ / 121 mins In 2012’s 'Act of Valor', current serving Navy Seals were cast in order to inject realism into the action scenes, which they did, however the film couldn’t overcome the dire acting and leaden dialogue to land out on top. With a group of dedicated A-listers undergoing an intensive boot camp before production, 'Lone Survivor' proves that it’s easier for professional actors to look the part in combat than it is for real soldiers to sprout a screenwriter’s words. As the four-man team sent into the hills of Afghanistan to kill or capture an integral Taliban leader – which doesn’t go as planned – Mark Whalberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster are fantastic. Their convincing portrayals and natural chemistry with each other ensures the audience has an immediate investment into their fates and makes the series of unfortunate events on their mission even more gruelling and gut-wrenching to witness. Writer-Director Peter Berg has spok ...
The action-packed Lone Survivor is in Reading Cinemas now! Watch the trailer and read this great review by Anthony the Movie Buff. Review: Versatile Director Peter Berg tries his hand at the war genre in Lone Survivor, the based on a true story film centered around four soldiers, played by Mark Wahlberg, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch, who come under siege from the Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan. The film sets out early on to immerse the viewer in the creed and brotherhood of the marines. And it's pretty much edge of your seat stuff from the get-go. Action sequences are dynamic and chaotic. And aside from a couple of unintentionally funny Hot Rod-esque falling-down-a-hill scenes, it is an intense and nail-biting affair as the marines struggle to overcome the ambush. Though the directors try to construct a bit of a backstory for the soldiers, the non-stop action nature of the picture means they perhaps don't spend enough time with the marines personally to make you really care about th ...
Taylor Kitsch is extremely hot in Lone Survivor. 😍
Lone Survivor is such a good movie! Alexander Ludwig, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana & Mark Wahlberg did awesome!
Lone Survivor (February 2014) Official Australian release date: 20/2/14. Viewed: 17/2/14. Director: Peter Berg Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch Genre: War / Action / True Story Rating: MA 'Lone Survivor' is a very well-made and fast paced war film. It helps that it’s a true story out of Afghanistan and does a great job of setting the scene and characters in the first half hour, before putting you right in amongst the action for the final 90min. I really liked how some of the camerawork was frantic in the right moments and slow/steady in the other moments. Let me just say that when they "descend" the hillside, you really feel it! Is 'Lone Survivor' as good as 'Saving Private Ryan'? That's debatable, but it’s certainly better than 'Black Hawk Down' in my books, as far as modern war films go. There's no politics involved, just survival, and this has plenty of teeth-gritting moments! It helps that there's only really the four characters on their own in the wilderness – does ...
Geeky Recommendations for the weekend + Lone Survivor (2013) 121 min - Action | Biography | War Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, in late June 2005. Marcus and his team are left to fight for their lives in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare. Director: Peter Berg Writers: Peter Berg, Marcus Luttrell (book) Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch John Dies at the End (2012) 99 min - Comedy | Fantasy | Horror A new street drug that sends its users across time and dimensions has one drawback: some people return as no longer human. Can two college dropouts save humankind from this silent, otherworldly invasion? Director:Don Coscarelli Writers: Don Coscarelli (written for the screen by), David Wong (based on the story by) Stars: Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti Identity (2003) 90 min - Mystery | Thriller Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rainstorm, ten strangers become acquainted wit ...
The Normal Heart HBO Sunday May 25, 2014 BROADCAST HISTORY: 5/25/14 STATUS: telefilm/mini-series in the can DESCRIPTION: (from HBO's press release, January 2014) Academy Award(R) nominee Mark Ruffalo ("The Kids Are All Right"), Matt Bomer ("White Collar"), Taylor Kitsch ("Lone Survivor"), Emmy(R) winner Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory") and Academy Award(R) winner Julia Roberts star in a Ryan Murphy film, HBO Films' presentation of THE NORMAL HEART. Directed by Emmy(R) winner Ryan Murphy ("Eat Pray Love," "Glee") and written by Academy Award(R) nominee Larry Kramer ("Women in Love"), adapting his groundbreaking Tony Award-winning play of the same name, the drama tells the story of the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unflinching look at the nation's sexual politics as *** activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth about the burgeoning epidemic to a city and nation in denial. THE NORMAL HEART will debut exclusively on HBO in Ma ...
Taylor Kitsch Kitsch at the Australian premiere of Battleship in April 2012 Born April 8, 1981 (age 33) Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Occupation actor, model Years active 2002–2005 (modeling) 2006–present (acting) Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model. He is known for his role as Tim Riggins in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights (2006–2011), Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) the eponymous character in John Carter (2012), Lieutenant Alex Hopper in Battleship (2012), Chon in Savages (2012), Dr. Lewis in The Grand Seduction (2013) and Michael Murphy in Lone Survivor (2013). Personal life Kitsch was born in Kelowna, British Columbia. He played junior ice hockey for the Langley Hornets in the British Columbia Hockey League, before a knee injury ended his career. Modeling career Kitsch moved to New York in 2002 after receiving an opportunity to pursue modeling with IMG and studied acting there as well, there he became a nutritionist and a personal trainer. ...
Just watched Lone Survivor and it turns out I am highly attracted to Navy Seals who look like Taylor Kitsch.
"Lone Survivor" made me love Taylor Kitsch even more.
Just found out that Taylor Kitsch is in Lone Survivor... It has now been added to my list of movies to see
MY REVIEW ON LONE SURVIVOR: I somewhat hated Hancock, I REALLY hated Battleship, and I actually loved Lone Survivor! I can’t believe I am saying this, but Lone Survivor has got to be my favorite film by Peter Berg by far! Lone Survivor stars Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch and it is set during the brutal War In Afghanistan. It is based on a true story and I actually like these kind of films if they are done right and this is one of those films that takes the whole “based on a story” very well. Okay, so what is the story? A group of four Navy Seal operatives go into somewhere in Afghanistan to take out this Taliban leader. They come across an old man and a couple of kids that may or may not have relations to the Taliban. They then have this paragon or renegade (if you play Mass Effect and you understood what I mean, then I have HIGH respect for you, I still respect you either way) scenario on whether they should kill the family or let them live so they can have the worst few days of their lives. The ...
Can't tell if Taylor Kitsch is hotter in Friday Night Lights or Lone Survivor
She says: Yeah I'll watch Lone Survivor with you when it comes out honey. She means: Holy *** Taylor Kitsch in army clothes
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Title: Lone Survivor (2013) Genre: Action | Biography | Drama Director: Peter Berg Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Eric Bana, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch Lone Survivor, the movie, is based on a (supposedly) true story. The source of that story is the book with the same title by Marcus Luttrell who was indeed the lone survivor of a four-man SEAL team in the mountains of Afghanistan. Endorsing this movie requires ignoring basic military protocols, suspending the laws of physics, and disregarding the capabilities of the human body. LOL. The beginning of the film actually attracts you very much but gradually as the film progresses you tend to question a few incident!! "Is it really possible to jump off the cliff twice without breaking any bones" is one question among them. For me the film could have been a better one if it had a flawless script. Yes I did not like the script nor the screenplay. This is the major drawback of the film. The director did well to guide his actors and in the narrations. It was fantastic work ...
Today I was told I look like Taylor Kitsch (Mike Murphy in Lone Survivor). Love it.
So Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins and Mark Wahlberg are both in Lone Survivor...so basically I'm in love. ★♥★
Lone Survivor: ★★★☆☆. Uh, best thing Taylor Kitsch has done in a long time, I guess?
Just wanted everyone to know I liked Taylor Kitsch before he was in Lone Survivor
Yay...going to see Taylor Kitsch.er...I mean Lone Survivor!
Lone Survivor is an amazing movie i must say. one of Mark Wahlberg's best performances. Ben Foster's best performance and Emile Hirsch & Taylor Kitsch were good as well.
went to the show today and saw Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch excellent movie, hair raising movie. Worth the money
Interview with Taylor Kitsch, who plays Michael in Lone Survivor. 1. On his involvement. 2. On the dedication of the cast. 3. On the movie. 4. On the trainin...
Saw "Lone Survivor" with *** and Lauren this afternoon...good movie and it didnt hurt that Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins...Heather ) was in it.
I really like Taylor Kitsch and Emile Hirsch... and even Ben Foster. Obviously "Lone Survivor" was going to make me cry. Marky Mark, why? :(
The lone survivor’s story BY MICHAEL SMERCONISH “What to do with the goat herders?” That’s the moral and ethical question that lingered long after readers closed the cover on Marcus Luttrell’s 2007 best-seller, Lone Survivor. The movie version of the book, starring Mark Wahlberg, is drawing large crowds nationwide. Like the book, which was co-authored by Patrick Robinson, the Peter Berg-directed movie describes the events of June 28, 2005, during Operation Red Wings. Luttrell and three other Navy Seals were dropped into the mountains of the Hindu Kush to surveil Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Soon after their arrival, the mission was compromised by three goat herders who unwittingly discovered the Americans hiding in broad daylight along the Afghan-Pakistan border. The SEALs’ dilemma over what to do with the goat herders has enlivened book clubs and sparked barroom debates: Tie them up and leave them, kill them, or let them go and run the risk that they will further compromise the mission? Sadly, ...
Taylor Kitsch Forever: MediaMagik on the set of Lone Survivor
This... Is a man. Taylor Kitsch who plays Michael Murphy Navy Seal in Lone Survivor. 😍💪
Taylor Kitsch' and Mark Whalberg's convo on the hill in Lone Survivor is so hilarious.I keep replaying that part all the time.
Pumped to see Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins kill it in Lone Survivor
Taylor Kitsch is one of the hottest men to ever walk this earth. Especially in Lone Survivor 😩😩😍😍
I've seen Lone Survivor three times and each time I fall more in love with Taylor Kitsch.
Taylor Kitsch is WAY hotter as Mike Murphy in Lone Survivor than as Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights...
Can't wait to see Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor. Dude is a beast.
Ready for Thursday? Taylor Kitsch will join us after 8:00am to chat about his new film Lone Survivor. PLUS qualify to MIXperience Imagine Dragons in San Diego at 7:20am!
has been in Taylor Kitsch mode the past few weeks. Traci and I just finished watching all five seasons of "Friday Night Lights," and on Saturday we saw "Lone Survivor," in which Kitsch plays a key role. (Both works were created by the same brilliant director, Peter Berg.) I even saw the tail end of a TV showing of "X-Men Origins" featuring Kitsch as Gambit. Does this mean I should break out the DVD of "John Carter" and watch the film for the 9th time? Some questions answer themselves. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose — and I still live!"
Episode 71: Lone Survivor (2013) Rated RDirected & Script: Peter BergStarring: Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Taylor Kitsch, & More. Some of the Topics/Questions discussed:
In a late review we discuss- Is this film worth watching at home or the theater?- Was the pacing perfect for the film?- Was casting...
: Lone Survivor was awesome! All those 4 casts Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Mark Wahlberg were exceptional. Can't sit still while watching the part they all fall from the hill..urgh! Recommended.
Did anyone see Taylor Kitsch "FNL" on "Ellen" January 8th with Mark Wahlberg promoting "Lone Survivor"? Great show. Always nice to see Taylor aka Tim Riggins again. I was wishing it had been Kyle in Mark Wahlberg's part.
Lone Survivor!! Directed by Peter Berg, with Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch. MUST WATCH! A true story of Navy Seal officers in Afghanistan.
Still can't get over the fact that Tim Riggins (aka Taylor Kitsch) played Michael Murphy in Lone Survivor.. as if I didn't already love him.
You need to go see Lone Survivor in Theaters. These men Emil Hirsch, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, and Taylor Kitsch deliver with pride and honor to those Navy Seals like Danny Dietz, Marcus Luttrell, Michael P. Murphy, and Matthew Axelson who took a part of Operation Red Wings with TRUE ACTS OF COURAGE! Films like this give me the push to keep thanking and shaking the hands of the men and woman who serve in our armed forces. Thank you!
I knew I was going to love Lone Survivor when the first scene had Taylor Kitsch in it.MARRY ME …
I really want to see Lone Survivor& the fact that Taylor Kitsch is in the movie makes me want to see it even more.
My only complaint about Lone Survivor is that it should have been called Two Survivors because you can't kill Taylor Kitsch. That's not ok.
The main reason I want to see Lone Survivor is because Taylor Kitsch is in it😍😍😍
Wow Taylor Kitsch just looks super sexy in Lone Survivor
I was so surprised to see Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor. I love him. ❤️
We talk to Peter Berg about directing Lone Survivor and talking Taylor Kitsch out of a suicide leap:
And I'm talking, he looked like Taylor Kitsch looked IN Lone Survivor... So yeah. I loved him.
I think I met my soul mate today. I mean he read Lone Survivor. I watched Lone Survivor. He looked like Taylor Kitsch. I love Taylor Kitsch.
I don't say this often, but Lone Survivor is one of the best movies Ive ever seen. Taylor Kitsch's best performance yet
Just saw Lone Survivor. EPIC performances by Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch. Almost 100% on par with the book. Hollywood didn't screw this one up.
Lone Survivor. Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch ( Friday Night Lights) do a great job. Lots of shoot 'em up,bullets, action and gore. Might have taken away from the story a bit, but hey I wasn't there. Whole theater applauded during credits and deservingly so. God bless all who fraught and continue to fight for our freedom.
About to see my boy Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor 😅🔥
Lone Survivor - movie review Grade: A I didn't have high expectations going into this movie, but even if I had they would have been exceeded. The entire cast was fantastic. Taylor Kitsch, who is routinely panned for his acting performances, did a fantastic job. The only criticism I could possibly offer is that he wasn't as outstanding as Mark Wahlberg, who turned in, perhaps, the performance of his career. Don't get me wrong, I don't see anyone getting an Oscar nod for best actor out of this film, but for a film like this Wahlberg, Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Ben Foster should all feel very proud that they did such an outstanding job with such meaningful roles. Lastly, I have to give kudos to the director, Peter Berg. I really expected this to be movie long on patriotic themes and short on production values. But no, the pacing, cinematography, everything was spot on. As for the story, I must admit that I had to fight back tears even while doing the Peetimes. The comradery expressed in the screenplay and per ...
Did not realise Taylor Kitsch is in Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg & Eric Bana. Thought his career faded after John Carter & Battleship.
For Taylor Kitsch And Emile Hirsch, playing real-life Navy Seals in 'Lone Survivor' is an ongoing responsibility that doesn’t end when filming stops. Not only do the actors want to make sure the men they played are continually honoured with respect, they also want to keep ties with the American hero...
Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor oh lord he's perfect.
Peter Berg's new film Lone Survivor starring Taylor Kitsch, & Ben Foster is a must see
"Lone Survivor's" vigor leaves you emotionally shaken but inspired by true sacrifice. Great work from Peter Berg, Taylor Ki…
As if I wasn't obsessed enough with Taylor Kitsch he had to be in Lone Survivor! Great movie, must see 👌
Lone Survivor and Friday Night Lights all in one night 😍 Taylor Kitsch
, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster should get like oscars in those roles in Lone Survivor! 👏👏👏👏
Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana, Ben Foster, Alexander Ludvig and Emile Hirsch are ALSO in Lone Survivor? THEY might have sold me. (might have)
Lone Survivor was such a good movie. Everyone needs to go out and see it (and my boy Taylor Kitsch) ❤️🇺🇸
Best part of Lone Survivor was Taylor kitsch, guys a great actor
'Lone Survivor' starring Mark Wahlberg & Taylor Kitsch (filmed in New Mexico) hits theaters tomorrow! Who's going to see it…
Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins is in Lone Survivor which made it that much better of a movie. 😍
I want to go see Lone Survivor just to stare at Taylor Kitsch!
Watch the video 'Lone Survivor' Insider Access: A Better Man on Yahoo Movies . Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana and the real Marcus Luttrell discuss the lessons of the true story.
Oh my heavens...I just watched Mark Wahlburg and Taylor Kitsch on Ellen.I will definitely have sweet dreams tonight...two of my favorite fellas.I really want to see the movie "Lone Survivor" but considering the circumstances, I'm not sure I could handle it...
Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor. What could be better. ❤️
Hey crossfit friends, Mark Wahlberg & Taylor kitsch just talked on Ellen about "The Murph" and how hard it is to do! They were on for their new movie Lone Survivor. Yes, we are Beasts:)!!
I just watched an interview with Emile Hirsch, Taylor Kitsch and Mark Wahlberg about their movie Lone Survivor. There were also family members of the fallen soldiers in the audience that were asked questions. I have such great respect and appreciation for those, and all, soldiers and their families. These actors are speaking out in such respectful and heartwarming ways, it is so wonderful to see. I'm not sure I will be able to handle the movie, I cried throughout the interview.
Allen Almachar reviews the biographical war drama Lone Survivor, from Director Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg & Taylor Kitsch.
Actor Taylor Kitsch chats about his new film, Lone Survivor. David Burke's Primehouse is in the kitchen.
The director, who brought 'Lone Survivor' to the big screen from beginning to end, and actor Taylor Kitsch share how it all happened.
Who is the "Lone Survivor!?"Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch showed off their athletic skills by duking it out on an obstacle course on "The Ellen…
Lone Survivor co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Mark Wahlberg hold up a check for charity after competing in an obstacle course on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing today. The pair of actors went neck-in-neck to compete the challenging course, but in the end, Mark took the win. Ellen gave the two a $10,000
The stars of "Lone Survivor" Mark Wahlberg and TAYLOR KITSCH compete against one another in an obstacle course today. In honor of their efforts, Ellen gave them a $10,000 check to support The Lone Survivor Fund, courtesy of Shutterfly. Ellen | 4PM on WDIO
Alright, so I liked Lone Survivor quite a bit... and Taylor Kitsch was entirely decent in it... fine. I'll eat some crow now.
Taylor Kitsch Forever: Caps do BTS do treinamento durante as filmagens de Lone Survivor
The whole time, I thought Josh Harnett was one of the lead actors in Lone Survivor. Turns out it was Taylor Kitsch…
Lone Survivor premier at Tinseltown right now. Limos, cops, men in suits.. Where is Mark Wahlberg?! Taylor Kitsch?! Help
Mark Whalberg, Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana and Ben Foster? Yea Lone Survivor is gonna be badass
I hope Lone Survivor does well because I really like Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch as actors. They need a hit movie. Same for
How did I not know that Taylor Kitsch was in Lone Survivor??
Just watched Lone Survivor. Mark Wahlberg (Marcus), Taylor Kitsch (Murph), Ben Foster (Axe), Emile Hirsch (Dietz) 4 Navy Seals of heart making a stand against 200 Taliban soldiers. Outnumbered, surrounded, staring death in the face not flinching for a moment, balls of steel and unparalleled courage. Amazing movie with a kick *** battle and harrowing confrontations. Definitely worth seeing. The ending will bring tears to your eyes. "You are NEVER out of the fight!"
Lone Survivor trailer which is the story of Michael Murphy (aka "Murph" CrossFit Hero WOD played by local Kelowna native Taylor Kitsch) who sacrificed his life to radio for air support to save his buddies. Warm-up: 3x10 each [not for...
Just watched a preview screening of Lone Survivor the new Mark Wahlberg film. Very tense, very good. Never thought Peter Berg or Taylor Kitsch would haver a career after Battleship
Lone Survivor's Taylor Kitsch keeps it real in SEAL portrayal - Edmonton Journal
We sat down with 'Friday Night Lights' star Taylor Kitsch to talk about his role in 'Lone Survivor,' working with Peter Berg, and the challenge of filming the movie.
Taylor Kitsch & Emile Hirsch in the same movie. "Lone Survivor" trailers are giving me the vapors.
Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Eric Bana sit down with BlogXilla to discuss their new movie Lone Survivor hitting theaters everywhere Jan 10th 2014.
I wanna watch Lone Survivor for 2 reasons... 1) Taylor Kitsch is in it 2) Mark Wahlberg is in it . 👏👏👏 already looks good to me.
We had a great time last night in Austin with Taylor Kitsch and friends. Between the release of Lone Survivor and Patriot Tour it will be a busy year for me but that just means I get to meet more of you. Happy 2014 Txfrog www.PatriotTour.com
Lone Survivor is just the type of movie that I used to love about 10-15 years ago when I ate up films like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, We Were Soldiers and to a much lesser degree, Windtalkers. Peter Berg, best known as "Irish" Terry Conklin in The Great White Hype, sheds the (fun) mess of Battleship and narrows his focus to tell the story of the disastrous Operation Red Wings, a mission where nearly 20 American soldiers lost their lives. I was impressed with the direction of Berg and found this movie much more visceral (and better) than his other work. Mark Wahlberg, Emile Hirsch, and Taylor Kitsch give good performances, but Ben Foster really steals the show as a badass that seemingly never stops fighting. I did wonder though why the four soldiers didn't move faster away from the threat they knew was going to come for them. I guess I wouldn't have acted so nonchalantly...
Peter Berg' s Navy Seals drama Lone Survivor enjoyed a strong launch in its awards qualifying run, posting the best theater average of any film over the post-Christmas weekend. Opening in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas day, the movie -- starring Mark Wahlberg,Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and B...
There is brutal, there is BRUTAL and then there is Lone Survivor...a physical and emotional endurance test of a movie about Navy SealS trying to survive being pinned down by the Taliban. Peter Berg as a director is a lot like Jay Cutler as a quarterback...there is "good" Berg (The Kingdom, Very Bad Things) and there is "bad" Berg (Hancock, Rundown) but it's good Berg that runs predominantly through the film. Though one could call the film repetitive (it seems like Emile Hirsch gets shot in the foot at least 5 times and all four guys seem to fall down a rockslide every 10 minutes or so) it still is effective thanks to Berg's action direction and a surprisingly badass (and super buff) Taylor Kitsch as the leader of the group (even though Wahlberg is the hero of the film). This is a smaller film than Black Hawk Down and it's less intelligent than Zero Dark Thirty but it does put a checkmark next to everything that an American war movie is supposed to do. Plus it always has my favorite war film moment when th ...
Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor..hurry up and come out omg
You can tell from the title that “Lone Survivor” is not messing around. Spoiler sensitivity is for sissies and dilettantes: Real men face the inevitable with stoical resolve. So when the movie sends four guys on a dangerous mission, you can be reasonably certain that only one of them is coming back, and you already know (as soon as the credits are over) that it will be the one played by Mark Wahlberg. The removal of suspense — beyond the not-trivial question of how and in what order the others will die — allows the director, Peter Berg, to concentrate on other, more important matters. Mr. Berg (“Friday Night Lights,” “The Kingdom”) is an unusually thoughtful action director, with the obvious exception of “Battleship.”(What was he thinking?) “Lone Survivor,” closely based on a memoir by Marcus Luttrell (played by Mr. Wahlberg), is a combat movie with the spare, clean contours of an old Western, as attuned to ethical questions as it is to gunplay and hot pursuit. The setting is Afgha ...
I have no interest in war films, but I'll probably see Lone Survivor when it's out. Peter Berg is going to make Taylor Kitsch happen, dammit
'Lone Survivor,' macho and fierce, captures horrors of a battle in Afghanistan. Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, ...
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Exclusive Interview: Taylor Kitsch on Lone Survivor: Taylor Kitsch offers his take on Mark Wahlberg's comments...
'Lone Survivor' star Taylor Kitsch reveals most important review of all
Fo all you Friday Night Light fans, the new flick "Lone Survivor" not only has Taylor Kitsch but the score features Explosions in the Sky.
callin it now...Gonna be a GREAT movie "Lone Survivor" 4 Navy Seals against the taliban Based on a true story starring Mar Wahlberg, Emile Hirsch, Taylor Kitsch & Ben Foster All-star line-up Kitsch is the guy from "savages" (FANTASTIC flick) & "battleship"
Music from the trailer for "Lone Survivor" starring Mark Wahlberg, Eric Bana, Taylor Kitsch and Emilie Hirsch. The song is "Aerials" from Euforic/Alternative...
Just watched Lone Survivor. A tough, violent, and sometimes beautiful film with stellar performances all around, but especially by Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch. Recommended.
Who knew Taylor Kitsch was seeing someone? The 32-year-old Lone Survivor star covers the sixth is...
Can't wait to see Lone Survivor.. On top of being an inspiring story of Navy Seal heroism, it stars Eric Bana, Taylor Kitsch, and Marky Mark... Need I say more???
Eric Bana dons a cool pair of sunglasses while arriving for a departing flight at LAX Airport on Sunday (December 8) in Los Angeles. Last week, the 45-year-old actor joined his Lone Survivor co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch to promote their film at a luncheon in New York City. PHOTOS: Check
I don't buy Marky Mark in Lone Survivor shoulda been Taylor Kitsch
Why is Tim Riggins breaking my heart? - Taylor Kitsch refuses to do 'Friday Night Lights' movie.
Taylor Kitsch on Lone Survivor, The Normal Heart, and Why He’d Never Do the Friday Night Lights Movie
I'm v. happier than I should be that Taylor Kitsch still has all his Gambit skillz:
Was lucky enough to see a special screening of the movie Lone Survivor which opens in January. This a movie everyone needs to see so we can see what our troops go though every day overseas. Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch were incredible. Everyone go see this in January!
DVD release date of movie Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg, Eric Bana and Taylor Kitsch, directed by Peter Berg.
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January 10th, Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg and.Taylor Kitsch. You will respect him.
Wednesday night I attended a free preview screening of Peter Berg's new war picture "Lone Survivor" starring Mark Wahlberg and some other guys. It's a pretty intense movie for a while...and then you start to think about it. *SERIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD!* This is one of those "based on true acts of courage and survival" movies. Usually that is put there so that you will feel guilty for not liking it. "It really happened, yo!" Actually, knowing that just makes it all worse. Wahlberg and his team of SEALs are sent on a vague and poorly planned out mission with some seriously faulty equipment. They are out to...find? kill?...an ear-lobe deficient terrorist leader. While hanging out in the mountains above the terrorist stronghold (they are awaiting orders that will never come due to a crap radio and a sat phone that only works when the plot...er...real life incident...requires it to), they are discovered by three goat herders (an old man, a glowering youth and a boy). This leads the boys to making the most unnecess ...
The fact that Taylor Kitsch took such a large pay cut to get Lone Survivor made makes me respect him so much.
I cannot wait to see this one. May break my taboo about theaters. The movie "Lone Survivor" was made relatively cheaply by writer/Director Peter Berg who labored to make it happen over five years. Involved only a 42-day shoot and $40 million budget. Stars Taylor Kitsch and Mark Wahlberg worked at a discount, as did Berg, for the mandatory Directors Guild minimum salary of $17,000 a week. A long list of investors willing to chip in at least a million dollars to make the movie were each rewarded with the credit of 'producer'. Peter Berg had planned to make this film before Battleship, but Universal Pictures wanted him to reverse the priorities, and he relented. Actual military veterans were used in the film to fulfill extra and acting roles.
not every day you can say that you saw a true hero speak but that happened last nite when Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell was part of the Q & A for the moving film screening of "Lone Survivor," taken from his book of the same name & it was so great to see everyone standup for him as well. Also there was amazing dir Peter Berg & actors Mark Wahlberg & Emile Hirsch who all stressed that they wanted to play homage to the amazing Navy Seals, which they certainly did along with inc Taylor Kitsch & Ben Foster. 2013 is the year for biogs. Super important to see this film.
Lone Survivor movie I have been dying for! Finally, perfect soldiers Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch
Lone Survivor looks like the sickest movie ever. If you've been in the military or like that kind of stuff, look up the trailer. Mark Wahlberg, Eric Bana, Emile Hirsch, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster. I don't think I've ever been more excited about a cast than for this one
check out the Lone Survivor movie trailer.. Taylor Kitsch (sp) is playing Lt. Murphy
Pretty excited for Lone Survivor to come out. Good book. Gonna have Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch. Peter Berg directing... Should be solid
I'm all excited to see Lone Survivor just cause Taylor Kitsch is in it >>>> 😍😍
The trailer for Taylor Kitsch's new movie, Lone Survivor, is up! There are other people in it, but we all know Riggs is the draw.
Lone Survivor: Release date: November 15, 2013. Cast: Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, Taylor Kitsch as Michael Murphy, Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz, Eric Bana and Ben Foster also star. What a cast!! Cannot wait to see this movie!!
Thrilled to be going in today for special Voice Over work on the exciting new film LONE SURVIVOR based on Marcus Luttrell's incredible Navy Seal story starring Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch. It may be only on the radios but today I get to be an Attack Helicopter pilot one more time...
I finally watched Battleship last night. If casting Rhianna as a Naval weapons systems operator wasn't silly enough (the hairdo was ridiculous - no petty officer would have been allowed to look like that), Taylor Kitsch at one point realizes the bad guys are on board and screams, "LOCK DOWN THE SHIP!!!" You're on a ship - one that's at SEA, you *** There's nowhere to go! You can call general quarters and have everyone sit tight, but it is silly to tell everyone to lock down a ship when you're surrounded by miles and miles of OCEAN. God, I hope Peter Berg doesn't do that kind of thing to Lone Survivor...
Peter Berg's true-story Navy Seal drama, 'Lone Survivor', looks to reunite the director with his 'Battleship' star Taylor Kitsch, along with Ben Foster and Mark Wahlberg.
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Taylor Kitsch is going to be in Lone Survivor. I love you?
Watching John Carter showed me why they cast Taylor Kitsch to play Murph in Lone Survivor. He's a fighter.
Taylor Kitsch, playing MOH recipient Michael Murphy in the upcoming movie Lone Survivor, essentially confirms the Apocalypse.
Wrap party for my movie LONE SURVIVOR tonight!! Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, a bunch of cowgirls, and an open bar? Yeah count me in. I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday night!! Also, if you haven't already, go take a look at the Project H trailer. It's up on my page and the Project H page. Let us know what you think!!
I loved Rock Star! Mark Wahlberg was awesome! Can't wait to see him & Taylor Kitsch in the Lone Survivor movie.
Already wounded, Murphy left a protected position and went to a clearing where he was exposed to gunfire to get a clear signal to contact Bagram Airfield for backup. He was killed along with 16 of his rescuers whose helicopter was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade on June 28, 2005. The only SEAL to survive has since written a book about the ordeal, "Lone Survivor," which is being made into a movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch.
Just found out they are making "Lone Survivor", the autobiography of Marcus Luttrell, into a movie. Don't know what to think, but they better make *** sure it does justice for the 19 SEALs and 8 Army Night Stalkers that lost their lives during the operation, and of Luttrell's ordeal of being the only survivor and losing so many of his brothers. Mark Wahlberg will be playing Marcuss Luttrell, not sure if that was a good choice or not. The other 3 members of Luttrells team will be played by Taylor Kitsch (playing LT Mike Murphy, awarded the Medal of Honor post humously for is self sacrifice to save the 3 men on his team), Eric Bana, and Ben Foster. If you haven't read this book, I highly recommend you do so. You will witness the unbelievable amount of courage and honor our US military operators posses that the media doesn't show you (because negative coverage of our military for some reason receives higher ratings).
They are coming out with a movie based on the book Lone Survivor with Taylor Kitsch as Mike Murphy and Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell! This WILL be the greatest movie ever made!
Lone Survivor is next on my list. Can't wait. Btw It's being made into a movie right now a/Mark Wahlberg & Taylor Kitsch.
'Lone Survivor' to film in N.M. Stars Mark Wahlbert, Taylor Kitsch and more.
Lone Survivor is being made with Taylor Kitsch, Mark Wahlberg (as Luttrell) Filming is going on now. check
Taylor kitsch better not mess up Michael Murphy's legacy in Lone Survivor
Peter Berg talks about the Friday Night Lights movie, and also about his new project with Taylor Kitsch, 'Lone Survivor'. Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster for Peter...
Peter Berg to direct 'Lone Survivor', a movie starring Taylor Kitsch, Mark Wahlberg & Ben Foster. Would you like to work in this production?
Emile Hirsch in Negotiations to join Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, and Taylor Kitsch in Peter Berg's "Lone Survivor" …
Emile Hirsch Signs on for Lone Survivor: Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, and Taylor Kitsch star in this...
Taylor Kitsch: Growing Beard for 'Lone Survivor'!: Taylor Kitsch shows off bulging biceps as he makes...
Taylor Kitsch, who stars as the title character in Disney's upcoming sci-fi tentpole John Carter, is in talks to play Afghanistan war hero Marcus Luttrell in Lone Survivor, Pete Berg's adaptation of Luttrell's account of a Navy Seal mission gone bad. PHOTOS AND VIDEO: 'John Carter' Premiere Red Car...
EXCLUSIVE: Emmett/Furla Films is coming aboard to finance Lone Survivor, and Director Peter Berg is in talks with Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Fost
Peter Berg will be teaming up with Taylor Kitsch again with 'Lone Survivor'.
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