Taylor Kitsch & John Carter

Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model. John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville, 7th Seigneur of Sark, KG, PC (22 April 1690 – 22 January 1763), commonly known by his earlier title as Lord Carteret, was a British statesman and Lord President of the Council from 1751 to 1763; effectively leader of the country when Spencer Compton was Prime Minister. 5.0/5

Taylor Kitsch John Carter Friday Night Lights Tim Riggins Lynn Collins Edgar Rice Burroughs Lone Survivor James Purefoy John Taylor Andrew Stanton Liam Neeson Peter Berg Blake Lively Michael Murphy Eric Bana Men Origins Oliver Stone Dejah Thoris Alexander Skarsgard

I added a video to a playlist John Carter - Taylor Kitsch -
Nothing new!. Taylor Kitsch already confirmed it in the movie 'John Carter'.
Taylor Kitsch star of John Carter of Mars, Battleship, Friday Night Lights. Hot Model in younger years.
Taylor Kitsch on Journey of Becoming 'John Carter' vía
Barely made it through 4 minutes of John Carter. Can't believe Taylor Kitsch left Friday Night Lights and made Riggins go to jail for that.
Taylor Kitsch to go along with interview by Bruce DeMara. Kitsch stars in the new film John Carter.|
John Carter is so crap but Taylor Kitsch is soo mint
Taylor Kitsch from John Carter On Mars and Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men who should be very good.
i cant hear Taylor Kitsch's name without remembering that i had to go watch John Carter twice in theaters
his name is Taylor Kitsch and he rocked John Carter
Found a John Carter shirt from when I worked at the theatre.. It has Taylor Kitsch's face on it.😍
Taylor Kitsch, Actor: John Carter. Best-known for his portrayal of troubled high school football star "Tim Riggins" on NBC's acclaimed television series, Friday Night Lights (2006), actor Taylor Kitsch has scored big with audiences and critics on both the big and small screens. On Friday Night Light…
John Carter Preview + Q&A London, 19 Jan 2012 Taylor Kitsch explains his approach to the preparation for John Carter and how Andrew ...
Happy birthday to the screen's John Carter. Taylor Kitsch- 33 today.
The Lone Survivor *Review* Synopsis: Starring Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch tells the story of four Navy Seals on an ill-fated covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative who are ambushed by enemy forces in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. All four actors give outstanding performances led by a strong lead in Mark Wahlberg and impressive outing by Ben Foster, not holding back from anything this is a gritty bloody film that is worthy to sit among the ranks of Saving Private Ryan (Yes i said that). If not a fan of war films i urge you to give this a screening as it is much much more then just that, with its beautiful scenery's in Afghanistan and great chemistry most notable between Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch, which for him this film was a big success after his recent failures in John Carter and Battleship. A film that truly pays tribute to courage and determination Lone Survivor is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat whilst doing a good job of ...
Lynn Collins has a lot going for her -- she can swordfight, do an English accent, camera dance... and she's not Taylor Kitsch! The energetic 'John Carter' be...
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I love John Carter so much. It's an awesome throwback to fun adventure movies. Taylor Kitsch is great, and they could not have found a more perfect Dejah Thoris than Lynn Collins. It really saddens me that we won't get any sequels.
Lynn Collins is so perfect as Dejah Thoris. I'm amazed at how good Taylor Kitsch is as John Carter, too.
Taylor Kitsch, the actor who had a brilliant turn as Navy SEAL Michael Murphy in the gritty war-hero pic Lone Survivor, has just exited William Morris Endeavor. He has not moved to another agency but is retaining his manager at Untitled Entertainment, Stephanie Simon. His breakout role was in the fan fave series Friday Night Lights, and he weathered back-to-back flops in John Carter and Battleship in 2012 before rebounding with his key role in Lone Survivor (which was helmed by his Battleship director Peter Berg). Kitsch next stars in the HBO telefilm The Normal Heart, which premieres in May and already has a sequel in the works.
Just ran across "John Carter" and my darling Taylor Kitsch is the star...Oh Tim Riggins you still are my fav...Clear eyes full hearts can't lose!! 💗 me some Friday Night Lights!!
That'd be if he came across as a loveable/likeable underdog. This guy is like Taylor Kitsch in John Carter, inadequate.
Taylor Kitsch says he's "not worried" about the Box Office takings for John Carter and that it's not what validates him as an actor. Disney's sci-fi adventur...
Taylor Kitsch Kitsch at the Australian premiere of Battleship in April 2012 Born April 8, 1981 (age 33) Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Occupation actor, model Years active 2002–2005 (modeling) 2006–present (acting) Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model. He is known for his role as Tim Riggins in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights (2006–2011), Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) the eponymous character in John Carter (2012), Lieutenant Alex Hopper in Battleship (2012), Chon in Savages (2012), Dr. Lewis in The Grand Seduction (2013) and Michael Murphy in Lone Survivor (2013). Personal life Kitsch was born in Kelowna, British Columbia. He played junior ice hockey for the Langley Hornets in the British Columbia Hockey League, before a knee injury ended his career. Modeling career Kitsch moved to New York in 2002 after receiving an opportunity to pursue modeling with IMG and studied acting there as well, there he became a nutritionist and a personal trainer. ...
Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch has been breaking out in the US with Friday Night Lights & John Carter but he still keeps Canadian roots
Movie Review: Lone Survivor. Wow, this movie is intense, heavy, and not for the faint of heart. It's based on a true story about 4 Navy Seals on an operation in Afghanistan, going after a top Taliban leader. Marky Mark Wahlberg, is one of the four. This may be his best acting, ever. The leader of the 4 man team is played by Taylor Kitsch. Not yet a household name, but played the lead role in "Battleship", and "John Carter from Mars". Their leader, on the ground at HQ, was Eric Bana. * The 4 Seals land in their correct landing zone, find their target, and then try to communicate with HQ. They fail on their first 3 scheduled check in times. They are near the top of a mountain, and their target is in the village, below. * They run into a catch 22 situation, with some locals. Their decision ends up backfiring, in a huge way. Next thing they know, their position is compromised and they have 30 - 40 well armed, enemy forces, hunting them, in the woods. * Although, they are vastly outnumbered, their su ...
Taylor Kitsch From Academy Award(R)-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton comes "John Carter"--a sweeping action-adventure set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars). "John Carter" is based on a classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose highly imaginative adventures served as inspiration for many filmmakers, both past and present. The film tells the story of war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins)
has been in Taylor Kitsch mode the past few weeks. Traci and I just finished watching all five seasons of "Friday Night Lights," and on Saturday we saw "Lone Survivor," in which Kitsch plays a key role. (Both works were created by the same brilliant director, Peter Berg.) I even saw the tail end of a TV showing of "X-Men Origins" featuring Kitsch as Gambit. Does this mean I should break out the DVD of "John Carter" and watch the film for the 9th time? Some questions answer themselves. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose — and I still live!"
Movies like ... Battleship and John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch were way too much fun to be such Box Office bombs ... Yeah, they were both bombs but in a good way ... Boom Boom Fun Fun ... In time they will become less underrated and better loved classics ... :)
OK, I think I'll start one of these "pass it around" things on FB. TASK: List five films which did not do well at the Box Office ... or were otherwise considered duds ... which you love. The catch is none of your films can have gone on to be "cult classics" (ie. Rocky Horror, The Evil Dead, Serenity, The Fifth Element) nor can they be films folks watch as a guilty pleasure because they are laughably awful (ie. Plan 9 from Outer Space, Manos Hands of Fate, Halle Berry's Catwoman). Your five films must be genuinely unappreciated. Include a star or director for folks to find them on IMBD or Netflix. My list is ... 1. Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis) 2. John Carter of Mars (Taylor Kitsch) 3. Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (Forest Whitaker) 4. Last of the Dogmen (Tom Berenger) 5. Valley of the Gwangi (Ray Harryhausen) TAG: At least ten friends who love movies.
Did not realise Taylor Kitsch is in Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg & Eric Bana. Thought his career faded after John Carter & Battleship.
Battleship (2012) review by That Film Guy From director Peter Berg and 'The toy company that bought you Transformers' comes the latest toy-to-film adaptation, Battleship. Like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Battleship is a CG-heavy, $200m blockbuster. It casts John Carter lead Taylor Kitsch in his second blockbuster lead of 2012 and marks the film debut of pop sensation Rihanna. It is based on the extremely popular board game Battleships, but replaces one sides ships with invading aliens. Alex Hopper (Kitsch) is a floundering failure in his personal life, who after meeting a young girl in a bar called Samantha Shane (Brooklyn Decker) finds himself breaking into a convenience store to get her a burrito. After being arrested, his brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgard) tells him that he must enlist in the Navy to make something of his life. During a 'War Games' exercise, as Alex is told he is being kicked out of the Navy by Samantha's father, Vice Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson). Before this can happen there is a ...
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I'm just excited to see Taylor Kitsch on screen again after the YEAR OF KITSCH w/ GOAT films SAVAGES, John Carter, and Battleship
Featured is a 16x20 of the John Carter: Princess of Mars artwork by artist Frank Frazetta, personally hand-signed by Taylor Kitsch during his exclusive autograph signing with Celebrity Authentics. Taylor portrayed the Civil War veteran, John Carter in the 2012 Disney film. Beautifully printed on ...
Remember him from The Battle Ship movie? from John Carter? Taylor Kitsch is now also playing in 2014 up-coming movie called " Lone Survivor", the movie is based on SEAL Team 10's failed mission: Operation Red Wings on June 28, 2005, to capture or kill a notorious Taliban leader during the War in Afghanistan. Watch trailer now by click here:
Anne Rice Just watched "John Carter," (2012) based on the John Carter of Mars stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs and starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, and other terrific actors including James Purefoy and Ciarán Hinds. Loved it. Extraordinary film; compelling, coherent, entertaining and satisfying. Actually sort of delightful. Just one of the most fun fantasy films I've seen of late. Why this didn't do well at the Box Office, I can't fathom. I found it so much better than many other numbing fantasy offerings. I recommend it.
Nor may it be enough to wrest the weekend crown from holdover Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, which opened to a stellar $70.2 million last weekend. The Universal and Illumination Entertainment film is expected to gross $35 million to $40 million in its second outing, putting its domestic cume north of $100 million in just 10 days. The other big question mark is John Carter's international potential. Often, a 3D Hollywood tentpole that underperforms domestically can make up ground overseas. John Carter -- headlining Taylor Kitsch as a Civil War hero transported to Mars -- opens this weekend in virtually every foreign territory save China and Japan. It bows next week in China and in Japan on April 13. John Carter needs to do substantial business worldwide to make up for its $250 million-plus budget. The movie will play in select midnight runs Thursday before upping its North American theater count Friday to north of 3,500, including 290 Imax screens. Fanboys are huge fans of Imax, so John Carter should do especially ...
Taylor Kitsch, the hero in Battleship and John Carter so handsome enough, I'm dying. ♡
Still mad Taylor Kitsch wasn't cast as Finnick in Catching Fire although after Battleship and John Carter's Box Office I can't blame 'em
Thinking about watching John Carter just for Taylor Kitsch.
//just saw Taylor Kitsch on an old billboard. Immediately imagined Hugh Jackman in the film with him.. (it was John Carter). sand sex?
incase you couldn't recall, Taylor Kitsch was in The Covenant. he was Gambit in X-men, John Carter and he was the lead in Battleship.
Taylor Kitsch is a badass.. it all starred with John Carter
Experiencing my first wave of doubt, I feel like Taylor Kitsch after filming John Carter
Taylor Kitsch in John Carter = Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher. If Jack Reacher married John Carter they'd be Jack and John Carter-Reacher.
Hard to single out one aspect of a mktg mix. Taylor Kitsch didn't express political opinions yet John Carter & Battlefield tanked.
John Carter and Battleship...two Taylor Kitsch movies in a night.
I still maintain that John Carter wasn't all that bad, even if Hollywood hasn't quite worked out Taylor Kitsch yet.
Finally got around to see John Carter! Well hello there Mr Taylor Kitsch, you sexy mofo!
"I'd do 'John Carter' again tomorrow. I'm proud of it. Box Office doesn't validate me as a person or an actor" - Taylor Kitsch
Whatever Taylor Kitsch is in I will like it. It seemed like I was the only person who liked John Carter & Battleship.
The next time you ask "What were they thinking," when you look at the cast of a recent movie, consider these, according to pajiba.com. - The part of Django was originally written for Will Smith in Django Unchained, but he declined. - Brad Pitt was Ben Affleck’s first choice for the lead in Argo, but when scheduling issues forced Pitt out, Affleck took the role. - Liam Neeson was originally cast as Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln. - Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley were the other two finalists for the role of Selina Kyle, which would go to Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. - Kevin Spacey was originally offered the role of the villain that went to Javier Bardem in Skyfall. - Although the first choice for Bilbo Baggins was actually Martin Freeman, James Mcavoy, Shia LaBeouf, Tobey Maguire and Daniel Radcliffe were also considered for that role in The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey. - Jon Hamm and Josh Duhamel were both considered for the lead role in John Carter that would eventually go to Taylor Kitsch. - An ...
Also, John Carter. That's an excellent film. Taylor Kitsch and James Purefoy are two of my favourite actors as well.
Based on "A Princess of Mars," the first book in Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Barsoom" series of novels, this action-packed sci-fi tale follows former Confederate cavalry officer John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) as he's mysteriously transported to the Red Planet. Lower gravity grants him super strength and ...
It's past eleven, and I just say down to watch John Carter...I regret nothing.
At work watching " John Carter ". What's the plot? I do not know. Entertaining? Who cares. Taylor Kitsch is in it. that's all that matters.
Didn't wanna see John Carter until I found out Taylor Kitsch is the main character. 😏
I was pretty impressed with John Carter. Better than the other Taylor Kitsch film I watched this week, but that doesn't say much
John Carter is fantastic...Taylor Kitsch in a loin cloth...what's not to love?
Ok, so John Carter wasn't actually *too* bad. The problem with it is Taylor Kitsch. He's awful, and certainly not worthy of leading a film
John Carter is an awesome show. End of discussion.
Just watched John Carter with the boys...fancy Taylor Kitsch even more now Malina Harper but prefer him as Tim Riggins lol
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Taylor Kitsch free-fell at speeds of 80mph when performing his jumps in the making of John Carter.
Sky must be loving Taylor Kitsch at the moment. Battleship and now John Carter. Can't beat him in Friday Night Lights though.
Last night I was channel surfing at bedtime and came across John Carter on Starz. First things first -- the fact that it's still playing on Starz is interesting because the original run was supposed to be November 17 through January 31 - so it has been extended and is still getting heavy ...
But not terrible so to complete a day of allegedly bad Box Office disaster movies its on to another Taylor Kitsch one this time John Carter
Last year Taylor Kitsch starred in two box-office bombs, "John Carter" and "Battleship." I thought "John Carter" was an OK movie that cost way too much, but "Battleship"? It deserves every bit of scorn it received. "Battleship" is a disaster of epic proportions. Never have I witnessed the fundamentals of storytelling so flagrantly ignored. Compared to "Battleship," "Transformers" is high art.
So, Javan and I were having an excellent conversation that began with how much I love period epics and morphed into a discussion about Taylor Kitsch. We talked about how we thought Savages was crap and then he said that There weren't any movies that he could think of that he was good in. I told him that I thought he was brilliantly cast in Friday Night Lights. "Yeah, but that wasn't a movie it doesn't count." "My bad, your right." Then John Carter came up and I wasn't able to hate on it quite as much as he did but we were able to come to a consensus about what they could have done to improve the movie. Eventually I ask whether or not he was in any movie that was better than John Carter. I swear to you that we both stood there thinking about it for about 30 seconds (Javan had his thinking face on an everything legit), we were in the moment 100%. He gets this look of dawning comprehension on his face and says, "Battleship?" *we stare each other in the eyes for another 30 seconds with completely strai ...
John Carter available on Movies from Friday. Nice one!
Taylor Kitsch To Play Exit 147 - Hotline News - Taylor Kitsch ("John Carter," "Battleship") is reportedly attached to topline the serial killer thriller "Exit 147" at Mandalay Vision. The story follows a man driving across the desert at night who is arrested by a small town sheriff (Kitsch) and held captive as part of his own sadistic game. Julian Jarrold ("Red Riding") is attached to direct from a script by Travis Milloy ("Pandorum").
Poor Taylor Kitsch, though he turned heads in the critically acclaimed small screen adaptation of “Friday Night Lights,” his forays into the big screen haven’t been met with similar praise. Last year was Kitsch’s big test as leading man with starring roles in “John Carter,” “Battleship” and “Savages...
John Carter ..on DVD , second viewing , ( didn;t pay attention last time but liked what I saw) ...terah abit x
This time last year the world seemed to be Taylor Kitsch’s oyster, but then John Carter flopped, Battleship underperformed and even Savages was largely ignored. Now he’s looking towards slightly smaller movies, hoping that people will ignore the high profile failures and realise he’s actually a pret...
O.K. so everyone knows I LOVE movies! I watched Battleship last night - LOVED IT! I will add that to my collection. A little hokey in the dialogue department but takes place in Hawaii (Oahu) and it has Alexander Skarsgard AND Taylor Kitsch - YUM! Even that tramp Rihanna is tolerable in her role. Also, I hate to admit it but I have been watching Disney's John Carter - I kinda like it! Oh, did I mention Taylor Kitsch is in that one too! Two thumbs up!
I'm watching John Carter. It's no Gymkata, I'll say that.
Taylor Kitsch clears his throat as he walks into the office of Disney's CEO. His pitch is bold. Maybe the boldest ever. John Carter..part 2.
This movie about giants had better be A GIANT HIT. Looks expensive, and I see a commercial for it more than I do one of Geico's 15 different theme ads. FEE. FI. FO. FUM. I SMELL THE BLOOD OF ... John Carter.
Fellow Taylor Kitsch fans: did you see John Carter? Have it recorded, heard it's awful. BUT Tim Riggins without his shirt off...
John Carter's on and then Battleship and I watched Savages earlier I guess it's a Taylor Kitsch day. I sure do love him
Watching Battleship, not sure what it's about, but Eric from True Blood, and Taylor Kitsch from John Carter are in it...eye candy for sure! ;)
Friend of mine suggested Taylor Kitsch as Han. Best part of John Carter was his Bad *** cowboy origin story.only good part
I love Taylor Kitsch. Love him as Gambit, Love him as John Carter, I'd put my eggs in his basket for Han too =]
Taylor Kitsch's 'John Carter' and 'Battleship' may have drawn scorn in NA but these two films earned over $200 million each overseas.
I just watched John Carter of Mars. Has anyone else seen it? What did you guys think?
Marvel/Disney’s Planet Hulk movie will actually be a John Carter re-release with the big green guy pasted over Taylor Kitsch.
Confession: I really like Battleship. I also hope Taylor Kitsch gets hired again because John Carter wasn't his fault either.
Nope. Neither do anything for me I'm afraid. Now, Taylor Kitsch in John Carter...
John Carter, I would've changed but Taylor Kitsch is just too hot!
I'm watching the only 2012 Taylor Kitsch I missed in the theater. "Battleship" and "John Carter" were both much less silly.
One of the problems I have with watching John Carter is that I alawys inspires me to run another Barsoom game again.
Taylor Kitsch looks more charismatic when he's being Captain Hopper than being John Carter.
I've swooned over Taylor Kitsch in John Carter.. now I must get ready to go out! oh how I love thee Ta
Of the stupid films starring Taylor Kitsch, of which I've now seen 2, John Carter was way better!
Our Barsoomian brother Jeff Doten of Barsoomia.org has written a terrific, anguished reaction to the experience of reliving the entire John Carter debacle by reading John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood. I think this account beautifully captures not only what Jeff felt in reading it -- but ...
DVD mini-review Oliver Stone's "Savages": Blake Lively's name is a misnomer and Taylor Kitsch is 3-for-3 with "John Carter", "Battleship" and this one.
Since I can't watch Taylor Kitsch being sexy on FNL... Ill just watch John Carter over and over
Finally watching John Carter. I totally blame marketing for its failure. On an unrelated note, I REALLY wish Taylor Kitsch hadn't been cast as Gambit. On a related, but wish it weren't, note, Edgar Rice Burroughs really had a couple of stupid plot points
Re-watching "John Carter". It really was all Taylor Kitsch's fault.
It took 100 years to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars to the big screen. It took Disney Studios just ten days to declare the film a flop and lock it away in the Disney vaults. How did this project, despite its quarter-billion dollar budget, the brilliance of director Andrew ...
I watch John Carter for one reason. Taylor Kitsch is the hottest thing alive. 👏❤😘😏
Josh Duhamel was considered for the lead role in John Carter. Would you have preferred him over Taylor Kitsch?
We finally got to watch John Carter of Mars. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Exciting picture, with fantastic production design by our former DS9 colleague, Nathan Crowley. Catch it if you can!
I cannot take Taylor Kitsch in the movie John Carter seriously.
Plot: After the sudden death of John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), a former American Civil War Confederate Army captain, his nephew Edgar Rice Burroughs (Daryl Sabara) attends the funeral. As per Carter's instructions, the body is put in a tomb that can be unlocked only from the inside. His attorney hands over Carter's personal journal for Burroughs to read, in the hope of finding clues explaining Carter's cause of death. The anecdote recounts back to the Arizona Territory, where Union Colonel Powell (Bryan Cranston) arrests Carter. Powell, knowing about Carter's military background, seeks his help in fighting the Apache. However, Carter escapes with the marshals in pursuit. In an ensuing chase, both Carter and Powell find themselves in a cave in which Carter had been searching for gold. A Thern appears in the cave at that moment; Carter kills him and, with the help of his medallion, is unknowingly transported to ancient Barsoom (Mars). Because of his different bone density and the planet's low gravity, Carter ...
My house is experiencing a Taylor Kitsch overload: me with marathon and on a John Carter tip.
Watched a tiny bit of John Carter. Taylor Kitsch wears shorts under his loincloth. That right there is why it flopped.
It's Taylor Kitsch movie day: Snakes on a Plane, John Tucker Must Die, and John Carter.
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My final verdict on John Carter is that it had two many layers of cheese, and Taylor Kitsch is a one note actor.
I'm gonna watch John Carter just because Taylor Kitsch is in it, and he brings out the best of me, of course.
Ohhh...I had no idea Taylor Kitsch starred in John Carter...guess I have to see it now.
The movie John Carter is weird af, but taylor kitsch has an 8 pack, so... yeah I'm still watching
Taylor Kitsch has redeemed himself after John Carter...in Oliver Stone's SAVAGES. ;)
Put on John Carter for a minute just to see Taylor Kitsch's face. Oh Tim Riggins 😍
John Carter. Should be renamed John Caca. Taylor Kitsch should be beheaded so he never, ever makes a movie again.
Discussing their upcoming caper comedy, Hit and Run, celebrity-couple costars Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell discussed their plan to hold off getting married until everyone could. But then the comely duo mentioned they would like to invite John Carter, Battleship and Savages star Taylor Hitsch "into t...
"It's basically 2.5 hours of Taylor Kitsch jumping around!" "Will it at least look cool?" "Oh god no." "Here's 350 million dollars" Overheard at the "John Carter" pitch meeting
Just finished watching John Carter on Blu-ray. This film is so awful that it should never have been released in the theater or Blu-ray. It is just a huge bore.
OK. It's movie review time again. Just watched Peter Perg's "Battleship". Yes I know it bombed, but I was interested in the visual effects work in the film. And ILM's work on the film was the only thing that was really good. First of all, it had Liam Neeson in it. Come on Liam, Tell me the truth, your just did this for the money right? Second, the lead actor, if that's what you call him. Taylor Kitsch had no charisma at all! (Remember he also killed "John Carter" as well.) And does anyone know why Rihanna was in this film? The film was OK untill the 3rd act, (and yes I'm going to spoil it for you!) When our heroes decided to pull the U.S.S. Missouri out of Pearl harbor where she was a floating museum and put her back into service with some of her former crew, who just happen to live near Pearl harbor and have their old uniforms just lying around to battle the evil alien bad guys! (Someone got paid to think this up?) I felt like I was watching a rejected script for one of the "Transformers films. BTW there ...
I've always had a soft spot for big-budget turkeys so I had 'John Carter' through LoveFilm. Not the worst film I've ever seen but I could see why it was Box Office poison. Why cast a leading man with absolutely no charisma? Taylor Kitsch isn't even a real person's name; sounds more like a legal firm. Anyway, I think anyone interested/fearing what Star Wars VII might look like under Disney might want to look at this film.
Enough of the Krakens tonight, settle in to watch John Carter, loved the E.R.Burroughs books!
John Carter was a GOOD movie, I don't care what anyone says...
The 10 biggest Box Office flops of 2012 After seeing this list of 2012’s Box Office Flops, I did some nug work and found the TOTAL Worldwide Grosses for each film on the list. It should be noted that by Hollywood standards a film needs to double its production cost just to break even, and that does not including its estimated advertising costs. Hollywood Perception/Expectation seems to be a key as well. I have seen 8 of the 10 films on this list, and I have included my comments on these films as well. 1. John Carter: Budget: $250 M Domestic Gross: $73 M / Foreign Gross: 210 M / Total: $283 M This movie lost Disney so much money that we’ll likely never see another John Carter adventure on the big screen. Based on Edgar Rice Burrough’s classic sci-fi novels and starring Taylor Kitsch, the movie had a terrible marketing campaign, along with a title change that did more harm than good. It’s too bad, given that it was veteran Pixar director Andrew Stanton’s first live-action film. The Faris Reel ...
I like Taylor Kitsch. It's a shame John Carter was blamed on him and then Battleship sucked. He is labeled Box Office poison now unfairly.
Todays movie was John Carter, pretty good, too bad it bombed. Taylor Kitsch had a rough year but I think he made the best of some bad movies
Watching Battleship with Jordan... again. We have John Carter but haven't watched it yet. I'm ok with watching Taylor Kitsch.
I finally get the Taylor Kitsch appeal because of Tim Riggins, but I still will not watch John Carter.
I just watched John Carter, Battleship and Savages...or as I like to call it, the Taylor Kitsch needs a better agent trilogy.
Poor Taylor Kitsch. After watching Battleship and John Carter, I really need him to either get a new agent or learn to read scripts better!
.It's like reporting that Taylor Kitsch will play John Carter again if another movie gets made. Non-news.
John Carter is kind of weird but I'm only watching because I had the biggest crush on Taylor Kitsch when he played in Friday Night Lights.
Also, BATTLESHIP wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, even with Taylor "John Carter" Kitsch starring.
I wanted to ignore the haters, but John Carter, I'm sorry--you were TERRIBLE. However, Taylor Kitsch was barely clothed, so I regret nothing
Kinda hated Taylor Kitsch after watching the disgusting John Carter and pointless Battleship, until I watched Friday Night Lights! Now I'm a believer!
Taylor Kitsch was blacklisted by hollywood execs after both his 2012 big budget movies, John Carter & Battlefield, made huge losses.
John Carter was a confusing mess of a movie but special effects were cool and Taylor Kitsch is a pretty, pretty lil boy.
I thought John Carter was good. Taylor Kitsch is always nice to look at XD
Taylor Kitsch as Tyler Bray. Obviously, he has FNL, but he projected to be a star and bombed in Battleship and John Carter.
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if they made a movie about our John Carter they'd have to do better than Taylor Kitsch as a star thats for sure
Taylor Kitsch deserves some credit cause Battleship was pretty good and John Carter wasn't too bad.
Just watched Taylor Kitsch butcher a movie called "John Carter". The right actor might have made it into a hit, but Taylor was all wrong.
Taylor Kitsch looks so good in John Carter, I was cleaning up my drool half the time of the movie.
So in love with Taylor Kitsch from the movie John Carter... Ahhh he's sexy
Dvd-ing again... After 'What's your number' next 'John Carter'. it staring by my georgious Chris Evans & Taylor Kitsch :)
the movie is starring Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch from the movie "John Carter" and Salma Hayek and John Travolta :)
Good ol' Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights joined the big leagues in the movie role of John Carter. Oh hw they get buff
Glad Hollywood is going to give Taylor Kitsch (Battleship, John Carter) another chance to star in a movie. He is shooting the story of Lt. Michael Murphy (medal of honor winner & Seal) who died in Operation Red Wings.
Battleship, John Carter, Savages. How the *** is Taylor Kitsch getting work!? I liked Friday Night Lights, but ***
Just watched John Carter to fuel my newfound Taylor Kitsch obsession... What should I watch him in next? I'm thinking Savages...
hey now here ya go again callin me out don't make me start! love him in John Carter, Battleship and thing Taylor Kitsch I love!
Battleship - Taylor Kitsch could read me the phone book ANY TIME HE WANTS. In other news, John Carter is...
Taylor Kitsch was okay in Battleship and good in John Carter, but he's great as the QB for the New England Patriots.
Finally saw "John Carter" & it was OK. Not great. Biggest problem besides "seen it before": the lead actors. Taylor Kitsch not right for it.
something about Taylor Kitsch turns me off... maybe that's why i kept hoping i can skip his scenes in both Battleship and John Carter...
Thanks to John Carter, Taylor Kitsch is the worst actor ever...
Will John Carter turn Taylor Kitsch into a Movie Star? - North County Times - Join Talk at:
View photos of Taylor Kitsch from John Carter (2012) with Lynn Collins, pictured as John Carter and Dejah Thoris, on IMDb!
Taylor Kitsch parlayed a memorable stint on Friday Night Lights into two Texas-sized leading roles in John Carter and Battleship. The former Tim Riggins talks about a momentous year and his adopted Lone Star state of mind
I'm feeling the need to watch The Covenant, and then Savages and then John Carter because I truly deserve that much Taylor Kitsch in my life.
I have watched both John Carter and Battleship at the cinema this year, but Savages might be where I draw the line, sorry Taylor Kitsch.
Going to watch John Carter just for the simple fact that Taylor Kitsch is in it. omfg he can have my babies anyday..
Savages may have put the nail in Taylor Kitsch's acting coffin...after his monumental parts in John Carter, AND Battleship.
Seriously, Taylor Kitsch is one of the worst actors I have seen in a very long time. He's getting cast in movies with budgets the size of Texas! John Carter was 250 MILLION dollars! This guy should be selling used cars at best. Worst actor of generation "huh bro?" yet! I never should have left Hollywood when I was 21.
John Carter, Battleship, Savages. Taylor Kitsch is the new big thing since Friday Night Lights finished!
Finally got around to seeing "John Carter" tonight. After viewing, one begs the question...what exactly is a "Taylor Kitsch" and who was the cruel SOB who convinced him he had any acting ability??
John Carter wasn't great.. Taylor Kitsch was worse
Idk, like everyone else in America, I missed John Carter & Battleship. Maybe Taylor Kitsch was actually really good in those flops.
Savages. Starring Taylor Kitsch?! I'm there! So glad he's been keeping busy after Friday Night Lights. X-Men, John Carter, Battleship, etc!
(I don't mind Sebastian Stan, but Taylor Kitsch is movie kryptonite. Battleship sucked, and John Carter flopped.)
Our Movie of the Day: John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe, and Bryan Cranston. PG-13, 118 minutes.
Taylor Kitsch is so good looking in John Carter and Battlefield! Omg. There are way too many hot celebs lol
Watched Battleship and John Carter last night. I suspect it's a Taylor Kitsch fever. But I'm not complaining, no.
Taylor kitsch was in John Carter, but Tim Riggins is for the boys.
Taylor Kitsch is awesome, but sitting through the movie "John Carter" just to watch him is difficult.
how was John Carter? I liked Taylor Kitsch in FNL, how was he in it?
oh yeah, she was in John Carter. You’d like it, another Taylor Kitsch joint. ;)
honestly I liked both John Carter and Battleship fun movies and Taylor Kitsch is and forever will be awesome.
I agree with new blog. Battleship/John Carter were FINE. I like Taylor Kitsch. Riggins made it so.
John Carter isnt as bad as i thought it would be. it actually is a good - not great, but good - movie. Taylor Kitsch as the lead is a bonus!
Canadian DVDs of John Carter have sticker on shrink wrap that say "Starring Canada's Taylor Kitsch." Please don't dr ...
Taylor Kitsch as John Carter in John Carter of Mars and Lieutenant Alex Hopper in Battleship what a great movies.
I insisted up my mother that we rent John Carter. Idc if it *** I just want to watch muscular, shirtless, sexy Canadian man Taylor Kitsch
I redboxed John Carter just to get a hit of hot boy. its been so long since ive seen one live, Taylor Kitsch will have to do.
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My homework is to watch John Carter. Beat class ever? I think so. Also, my God, Taylor Kitsch is fine.
Wish this was really you on here so I could say how much I enjoyed John Carter to the person who played ...
I need to have a Taylor Kitsch Weekend with John Carter, Battleship, Wolverine, and the last of my beer.
Taylor Kitsch stared in 2 great movies this year (John Carter & Battleship). Both had issues with promotion and...
Woah for Taylor Kitsch. My new idol. John Carter and Battleship.
You gotta feel a little bad for Taylor Kitsch; starring in "Battleship" and "John Carter" in the same summer.
>.> Taylor Kitsch was Gambit in Wolverine, and now he's John Carter in that princess of mars remake xD
Return from the long weekend on a high and try the 45min workout that got Taylor Kitsch ripped for John Carter
Can't believe it, but Malin Ackerman had a better delivery of 'We're On Mars' in 'Watchmen' then Taylor Kitsch in 'John Carter'
It's Taylor Kitsch, also from Battleship and John Carter fame!
Taylor Kitsch in X-Men:Wolverine and Friday Night Lights is so much cooler than him in John Carter and Battleship
Now we're all railing on poor Taylor Kitsch, I liked Battleship and John Carter and I love Friday Night Lights new on Sky this year.
Battleship and John Carter on the plane, and The Bang Bang Club when I got home. It was a Taylor Kitsch day today :)
Why is it that Taylor Kitsch is only attractive in John Carter?
"John Carter" is a solid 3-star film. As a sci-fi/fantasy movie, it is about on the same level of "Krull". Not the greatest film ever made but something you don't mind occasionally revisiting. A pleasant surprise was Taylor Kitsch's amazing comic timing in the lead role.
Taylor Kitsch to DVD copy of Battleship: You've sunk my career. Followed by a look of indifference towards the 5 disc John Carter set.
With $40m DVD sales, John Carter has now pulled in more $300m and star Taylor Kitsch has said he will "do (a sequel) tomorrow".
It's been both a good and bad year for Taylor Kitsch. He's starred in major movies such as John Carter, Battleship and Savages, but all of them have underperformed, which is likely to have studios wondering whether it's worth betting major bucks on him in the future. However he's very pretty, with l...
The stars and director of John Carter tell Ben Child how shooting their mo-cap space adventure on stilts, in the heat of the desert helped to bring the surface of the Red Planet to life
Take heart Taylor Kitsch: "John Carter" was not your fault. It was absolutely terrible.
“Phoenix is freaking AMAZING, you gotta see this!” - Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, Battleship, Men Origins, Wolverine) Phoenix uses micro-expression training, psychological tricks, body language reading, & lie detection to divine thoughts an audience member is merely thinking of, to predict & inf...
Just watched John Carter.it was so good!!Taylor Kitsch was amazing!!
Lynn Collins explains to Taylor Kitsch just where he is in the universe in the clip "I'm on Mars" from the new movie John Carter. Directed by Academy Award-w...
Taylor Kitsch in the Need For Speed movie sounds good to me. Every movie hes made that ive seen I have liked from the covenant, wolverine, john carter, battleship, and savages.
Taylor Kitsch Quotes - BrainyQuote via Give Taylor a chance to reprise his role as John Carter
Taylor kitsch looks so different without the long hair. Second flop for him after John Carter
He's the only reason to watch John Carter, he made Battleship even better to watch
was replying to IGN saying Taylor Kitsch is in another movie (John Carter and Battleship)
I had better not have been misled regarding the amount of shirtless Taylor Kitsch in John Carter.
Battleship and John Carter star Taylor Kitsch to lead in EA Game's Need For Speed! Out 2014.
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John Carter and Battleship. Taylor Kitsch likes to play an impulsive but awesome fighter character huh :D
Taylor Kitsch. He played on the show Friday Night Lights as Tim Riggins. He's also in the movie Battleship and John Carter.
Savages was very good. I enjoyed the story and acting, and didn't really get the "goriness" comments other people said. One thing, Taylor Kitsch, you were good in it, but I cant forgive you for john carter.
Taylor Kitsch coz he looked alittle like johnny depp in John Carter!
only agreed to watch John Carter to look at Taylor Kitsch. UNF
Wait a minute... People implying that Taylor Kitsch was the reason why "John Carter" bombed? Are you freakin' kidding me? *facepalm*
ok Mr Grey is good but so is John Carter...Mmmm Taylor Kitsch...if only i was 20yrs younger.Mmmm
Just watched John Carter, loved it. Did anyone else think it was a mean movie? Can't believe they called it a flop. Plus I reckon Taylor Kitsch would make a wicked prince of persia.
Also watched Savages. Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch should never be allowed to attempt to act in a movie again. I loved Taylor in Friday Night Lights. Battleship, John Carter, Savages are bad...
Is anyone really surprised that Battleship and John Carter failed, given Taylor Kitsch's last name? Kitsch is what he was born for.
Steampunky, great special effects on Mars-I just reviewed movie: 'John Carter' with Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins
on the weekend i watched John Carter with Taylor Kitsch... He CAN be Dimitri :)
Taylor Kitsch has been my actor of the year... Just love the way he acted his role perfectly in John Carter
Just watched John Carter of Mars. They took a bunch of liberties with the book. Some worked for me, others didn't. However, I think on its own it's a perfectly acceptable sci-fi action flick, and it's not nearly as dreadful as its many bad reviews would have you believe. I did have one gripe, though. John Carter's supposed to be from Virginia. Taylor Kitsch, who plays Carter, is from Vancouver. While he doesn't sound Canadian, he sure as *** doesn't sound like he's from Virginia, either. He's more like John Carter of Iowa.
I'm watching John Carter. This movie is crazy! But Taylor Kitsch is super hot. Fair trade.
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"You are ugly, but you are beautiful" Am 19. Juli erscheint das Science-Fiction-Spektakel "John Carter" mit Taylor Kitsch und
My grade for John Carter is a B+, well put together film with quite a few slow spots but Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins plus the film concept itself made it well worth a look. Thanks Travis Tifft for watching it with me.
Willem Dafoe and Taylor Kitsch in ‘John Carter’ If only a handful of people know how to…
Taylor Kitsch, after seeing Savages, we can pretend like John Carter never happened like everyone else.
Last January if you had told me that of the 3 major movies (John Carter, Battleship, Savages) that Taylor Kitsch had coming out this year that Savages would end up being the weakest of the 3 and the only one that I did not enjoy, I would have laughed at your face. But, low and behold, it actually ended up happening! :O
Oh dear.. they are already calling Taylor Kitsch - star of this year's two big box-office flops - "John Carter" and "Battleship."
Just finished watching John Carter. Taylor Kitsch is a hottie, but i liked him in The Covenant way better than this. Was a good movie, but I was expecting it to be better.
Last day to catch a cheap movie at the McGillvrary theatre before it closes tomorrow for renos to become a VIP theatre ie: expensive. I did offer some feedback to them: "Y'know, I come here because it is NOT a VIP theatre..." Rowan and I caught Battleship while the goyls checked out Katie Perry. Battleship would be a whole bunch better if they found those missing footage scenes in the middle that would explain a lot. Suddenly we have an alien on board - too bad no one showed how. Suddenly we have to be vewy vewy qwiet when we are hunting aliens we can see with binoculars. I hope someone went to see Savages this weekend: Rowan and I can't be the ONLY fans of Taylor Kitsch left in Canada. We like his movies - nobody else does this year... We even bought John Carter...
Taylor Kitsch struck out twice that is year in a unsuccessful drive-in théatre “John Carter…
Lynn Collins and Taylor Kitsch in John Carter both very good actors
omg, I LOVED John Carter. Like, its totally awesome and action packed and beautifully shot. And Taylor Kitsch wasn't that bad. Neither were his pecs.
Many know Taylor Kitsch as lovable bad boy Tim Riggins from the TV series Friday Night Lights, but the 31-year-old actor is making a name for himself on the big screen. Not only did the Candian actor star in John Carter, where he played the title chara...
John Carter isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It's an adventure story with Taylor Kitsch! Couldn't ask for anything more :-D
Finally getting to watch John Carter and I get to see Savages on Sunday!!! All I'm missing is Battleship and FNL. It's a Taylor Kitsch kinda weekend :D
John (Taylor Kitsch) breaks free from his chains, only to be confronted by a playful monster.
Savages was meh...and I think it's official that Taylor Kitsch is Box Office poison (seems like a nice guy but he should disappear for a while, although I liked John Carter)
Taylor Kitsch came out of nowhere and was in Snakes on a Plane, X-Men, Battleship, John Carter, and Savages. ***
Taylor Kitsch pins hopes on ‘Savages’: Taylor Kitsch struck out twice this year in the failed films John Carter ...
At the moment Taylor Kitsch looks like Box Office poison. His last two movies, John Carter and Battleship, were predicted to be box-office smashes, not bombs. So, the former star of Friday Night Lights is hoping his new film, Oliver Stone’s Savages, will be greeted more enthusiastically by audience ...
Taylor Kitsch has no regrets about Box Office flops: Actor TAYLOR KITSCH considers Box Office bombs JOHN CARTER ...
Watching John Carter with my brother :) Taylor Kitsch is brilliant (and handsome)!!
Taylor Kitsch and Andrew Stanton, thank you for John Carter of Mars. A big bird to the Disney marketers.
New DVD in this week, John Carter staring Taylor Kitsch - don' miss out borrow it today only £2.50 for the week!
Finally, after so-so performances in John Carter and Battleship, leave it to Oliver Stone to make Taylor Kitsch look good in Savages!
Taylor Kitsch plays a warrior who must fight an alien army on Mars - John Carter lands on today!
View photos from John Carter (2012) with Taylor Kitsch, pictured as John Carter, on IMDb!
Just saw John Carter, the Disney movie in 3D. It was pretty danged good! And Taylor Kitsch...*sigh*! And it has been such a beautiful day! God is good! All the time!
Buying a 2009 straight-to-DVD version of John Carter featuring Traci Lords as the Princess of Mars and Antonio Sabato Jr. as Taylor Kitsch.
Just watched John Carter. Really enjoyed it. Plus I love Taylor Kitsch. Pretty hot!
Taylor Kitsch is in Battleship? Well it can't be worse than John Carter of Mars
Watching "John Carter". Disney spent $250,000,000 making this movie. What an enormous waste of money and Taylor Kitsch!!!
One would think after the John Carter bomb, Taylor Kitsch would stop acting. Apparently that's not the case.
I just watched John Carter and the movie sucked but I really love Taylor Kitsch as an actor so it balanced out!!!
You know who I'm sort of into lately? The actor Taylor Kitsch- he starred in the movie John Carter.
The Sydney Morning Herald has an extensive interview with Taylor Kitsch. I'm not sure exactly when Kitsch gave this interview, but it just appeared today at SMH. Widely and wildly maligned, John Carter was neither the Box Office nor filmic failure that it has been held out to be. John ...
"I don’t want to be remembered as the guy who takes his top off." Sorry, Taylor Kitsch.
Seen battleship now I'm seeing John carter next I gatta see savages Ughh i can watch Taylor Kitsch all day 😍
"John Carter" on Pay-per-View and Ben and Jerrys Triple Caramel Chunk on a Saturday night??? WHAT has happened to me?? At least Taylor Kitsch is shirtless for the majority of the film!
Most thrilling yet saddest fact? Benjamin Walker is all that Taylor Kitsch was not in John Carter.
Oh Battleship & John Carter had 1 thing in common: Taylor Kitsch who is not an A-list leading man!
IGN's Stephen gives his take on John Carter, the Disney action adventure Movie Starring Taylor Kitsch. Don't be hesitant that this is a Disney movie however,...
I'm watching John Carter. It's okay, except Taylor Kitsch is not a convincing actor. At least not in this movie, but then again the dialogue doesn't really help him.
Alrighty, here are some more movie reco's. Hanna: Starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. It's about a teenage girl that has been raised in the woods by her father. I don't want to give anything away so I will simply say that it has some very good action sequences and a fantastic soundtrack. City of Ember: Starring Saoirse Ronan, Harry Treadaway, Tim Robbins and Bill Murray. This one is a few years old but I know people who still haven't seen it. It's about the last of the human race living underground to survive the fallout of the war that has ravaged Earth. It takes place a couple hundred years after the Earth has been decimated. Alrighty, now before I reco this last one, people need to understand that the only reason this movie got bad reviews (in my opinion) was because everyone thought it was a ripoff of Avatar and Star Wars, the problem is that the original was written long before both were even thought of. John Carter: Starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins and Several famous voices. Th ...
Watched 2 movies on Vudu last night: Safe house and Walt Disney's, John Carter. Safe house was a good, action-packed movie with two of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynold's. It was a good movie, but not as good as John Carter. I almost didn't rent it because it was a Disney flick. Nothing against Disney, but I was thinking G-rated. How much fun could that be? It turned out to be a *** good movie. It started out with the main character, Taylor Kitsch, narrating a tale of what happened to him previously. Before long I found myself so wrapped-up in the story, I completely forgot he was narrating. Toward the end when that shocking thing happens (no, I'm not going to tell you what it is), you are brought back and reminded he was narrating all along. Although I felt they should have given the audience a little more closure toward the ending (I know...I'm a happy-ending spelled out for you kinda writer), it was easy enough to use your imagination to piece together the right sort of ending. De ...
Taylor Kitsch says he has no regrets about his movie John Carter in a new interview - Subscribe Now!
Disney's John Carter leads the way in home video sales inching ahead of Act of Valor and Safe House.
Man... Lynn Collins get to be all over Hugh Jackman in Wolverine AND Taylor Kitsch in John Carter. HI, I'M JEALOUS.
The post-Memorial Day onslaught of high-powered theatricals officially got underway last week, with the top five spots on the national home video sales charts for the week ending June 10 all going to new releases. Walt Disney Studios’ John Carter -- starring Taylor Kitsch, who next appears in Olive...
Watching "John Carter" for some Taylor Kitsch lovin. I love you, Tim Riggins!! Coach would not approve of your film choices.
John Carter, Battleship, Savages... Remind me why 2012 is inexplicably the year of Taylor Kitsch.
John Carter looks like a dumb af movie...but taylor kitsch is in it..so I shall watch this dumb af movie
How the *** does Taylor Kitsch keep getting leading roles in movies after John Carter and Battleship failed?
And you thought "John Carter" was a bust. After four weeks of release, "Battleship" has grossed just $59.8 million in North America, nearly $7 million less than "John Carter" had earned after its fourth weekend earlier this year.
It's so wrong after seeing John Carter that Taylor Kitsch won't be Finnick. My bet was originally on Armee Hammer. I wish they'd reconsider.
John Carter was a surprising amount of fun, though oddly paced. Taylor Kitsch is also not great in it. Didn't deserve the reputation it got.
I'd like a movie with Dominic West, James Purefoy, Ciarin Hinds & Taylor Kitsch...other than John Carter.
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