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Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model.

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Found out that Taylor Kitsch is playing David Koresh in a TV movie about Waco. Today feels like Christmas
.has been cast opposite Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch in 'Waco'
Taylor Kitsch, Liam Hemsworth, Brenton Thwaites and Luke Bracey were considered for the lead role in this film
Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn. True Detective S2 couldn't live up to its predecessor but its still solid.
Wow. You're probably the only thing that gets Taylor Kitsch through the day sometimes. - Diana
is on tv right now!! This is not a drill. Hello Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Toby Hemingway, and Sebastian Stan!! Hello abs ❤
This is amazing. Someone cut together a Deflategate movie using Taylor Kitsch's scenes in True Detective Season 2
Taylor Kitsch .. so beautiful it hurts
I want to keep working with the best, keep going and be a better act...
📷 He really stole the show when he was on screen - Chris Claremont (Gambit’s creator) on Taylor Kitsch
Put paying your dues and all that puts so much into being a success.
Here is the article we referred to about and from
You never walk out of the gym and say, 'I shouldn't have gone.'...
Taylor Kitsch with rugby player Max Evans today [via:
Taylor Kitsch addresses rumors that he's dating co-star Rachel McAdams:
Watch Rachel McAdams light up with a smile when asked about dating Taylor Kitsch:
Rachel McAdams talks romance rumors about her and co-star Taylor Kitsch!
Video games and computers have become babysitters for kids.
I want to be scared. I want to keep taking insane risks. I want to ...
I actually cast a very specific picture of Taylor Kitsch for this character, but as soon as he opened his mouth it was all ML!
As opposed to the one that made Taylor Kitsch unfamous
James McAvoy, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund and Chris Hemsworth were up for the role that went to Ryan Reynolds
I admire an actor that can do a lot with doing nothing really, for...
There's that stigma about New Yorkers, how they're so mean, but in ...
A good old rodeo never hurt anyone.
People hate cardio. I hate cardio. But pick the five top songs that...
Only 2 episodes into True Detective season 2 but I'm on board so far. Colin Farrell is excellent and Taylor Kitsch's character is intriguing
So excited to be teaming up again with our good friend Taylor Kitsch who will be hosting this years...
Taylor Kitsch can purpose to me any day now
I don't do the L.A. scene. I stay focused and very myopic. I don't fee...
I played pretty darn competitive-level hockey. Then the good old knee ...
Four Weddings and a Funeral, starring Taylor Kitsch and J.K. Simmons. Directed by Brian De Palma, music by T-Pain. Budget: $50m
im a big fan of Taylor Kitsch though.
Regardless of what happens, I'm still moving to Canada with Taylor Kitsch
Today will be a busy day. Are you ready for your first looks at & Taylor Kitsc…
Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch join Miles Teller, Josh Brolin in firefighter movie - Entertainment Weekly
If Oliver Devin plays Rhaegar, Taylor Kitsch should definetely get the young Robert part.
Taylor Kitsch to play cult leader David Koresh in Waco series:
Michael Shannon & Taylor Kitsch will star in a TV take on the 1993 Waco siege:
Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon will star in a miniseries about the 1993 Waco standoff.
Here he is moments after discovering he lost the role of Tim Riggins to Taylor Kitsch.
Drunk Taylor Kitsch is more important than average Pretty Little Liars (season 6)
Taylor Kitsch would make a great Terminator.
I just want Taylor Kitsch and Armie Hammer to be in a successful movie together.
can you believe Sebastian Stan, Chace Crawford, and Taylor Kitsch were in the same movie
. "We are the neon people.". —Ficha—. Nombre: Archer. Fandom: Saga Lux. FC: Taylor Kitsch
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
As in I'm honestly hoping the final scene is a boat with Oliver Stone, Taylor Kitsch, etc. rescuing her ... and then the boat explodes. Fin.
Taylor Kitsch in lone survivor should've just been named Tim Riggins for added effect
3. Tim Riggins. Taylor Kitsch. A very good reason to watch. BC Tim Riggins IS THE BEST. + this commerical :
New story from Sports Illustrated in Fitness and Adventure : Friday Night Lights' Taylor Kitsch on Spartan Race, Na… https…
“I’ll never play Riggins again,” Kitsch said. NO BUT WHAT ABOUT ...???.
Would much rather see Taylor Kitsch play Gambit than Channing Tatum
Not gonna watch it. Taylor Kitsch didn't do too badly with what he was given to work with.
The Lone Survivor has many of my fave guys in it. Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Eric Bana 😍🔥
I found this book that's almost certainly a biography of Taylor Kitsch
Exploding Taylor Kitsch is more important than frozen Stanford University
Taylor Kitsch had such a short acting career at the near top 😕. Quite unfortunate.
I still think they should have kept Taylor Kitsch as Gambit
I liked Taylor Kitsch as gambit more than Channing Tatum
Reynolds got his role as deadpool bc he was at that stand alone wolvy film, taylor kitsch better hav his share to
That Gambit solo movie better be Taylor Kitsch still as gambit or else
Hey all my Loyal girls, Steven Strait fans, and Taylor Kitsch gals, I had a dream one night of three of them with was hooot!!!
Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch in the same movie was one of the best decisions ever made
That's the basis for the story but it's so much more than that. It's real American Apple pie. A young Taylor Kitsch too.
is Taylor Kitsch still expected to attend the run this weekend?
Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights supporting Autism Speaks with Alpha Xi. TSM. via
Just found out Taylor Kitsch is not playing in 😩
Thanks to Friday Night Lights I finally understand why everyone's so obsessed with Taylor Kitsch. I feel so alive
Taylor Kitsch exited lunch at Coogies Cafe in Malibu
Friday Night Lights Stars Remember Taylor Kitsch's 'Sick Sense of Humor' - and, of...
Final FNL podcast: We talk to Billy Riggins about the show & drinking w/ Taylor Kitsch
Melissa is tryna play with my emotions telling me Tim Riggins aka Taylor Kitsch is playing Tarzan in Tarzan smh
Newswire: Jeff Bridges and Taylor Kitsch join Josh Brolin’s manly firefighter movie
Jeff Bridges and Taylor Kitsch are starring in an untitled firefighter movie
EXCLU: Taylor Kitsch and Jeff Bridges join Josh Brolin and James Badge Dale in Firefighter pic
Taylor Kitsch looks like a more Oriental version of Brandon Lee, but has appeared in less kitsch things than the only son of Bruce Lee.
"Glen asks the Judge to find that Taylor Kitsch's facial features are too small/ferret-like for his giant melonlike head."
please watch this cornfest. It's got Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, and Taylor Kitsch
Watch: Taylor Kitsch hails Lyft 'to Dillon' in new ad, asks voters to support Prop 1
Taylor Kitsch is in an ad supporting prop 1?! "To Dillon" got me a little emotional.
Uber/Lyft puts out clever web vid of FNL star Taylor Kitsch drinking at ATX bar, then taking Uber or Lyft to Dillon.
Why did everyone fail to mention Taylor Kitsch was at UT
Why is Taylor Kitsch only hot as Tim Riggins??
Movie viewed 'Terminator Genisys'; Jai Courtney, the poor man's Taylor Kitsch, the poor man's Sam Worthington,the poor man's Jeremy Renner.
Taylor Kitsch and zach Gilford are extremely attractive WOW
they couldn't even get the cute white boys like Bradley James or Hunter Parrish or Taylor Kitsch--like *** Do better.
there is a parallel universe where Disney is trying to decide between Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund for the role of you…
I actually don't disagree. I just really enjoyed how Taylor Kitsch made Tim Riggins his own. You could see his character develop.
Every time I learn something new about Taylor Kitsch he gets hotter and hotter 😋😋😋
Watching Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch on Friday Night Lights. Eating chicken wings, getting hot and bothered.
Dear Hollywood, please stop trying to make Taylor Lautner, Taylor Kitsch and Jai Courtney movie stars. Sincerely, everyone.
Update your maps at Navteq
So you're telling me Sam Worthington, Taylor Kitsch and Jai Courtney are different people?
I think that's Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch (not sure if it's spelt correctly) is the one he races with 😍😊
All football games in the rain should feature Kyle Chandler screaming at Taylor Kitsch, IMO.
Friday Night Lights has become my new obsession. Holy moly Taylor Kitsch 😍😍😍
Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Thomas Haden Church and Willem Dafoe have all played comic characters! Know their names?
Watching one of my faves. MMF Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch and Chace Crawford.
No female should ever forget how hot Taylor Kitsch is aka "Tim Riggins" from FNL
oh Taylor kitsch was perfect as gambit! I just found out Stephen Amell was Canadian cuz I'm a royals fan from infancy!
We have much more than that!! You forgot Taylor Kitsch, Steven Amell, Tom Cavanagh etc I could go on..
idk. I paid to see every horrible movie that Taylor kitsch was in cause of my love for Tim Riggins.
If you don't think that Taylor kitsch is the most attractive person ever, you're lying
Oo!!! And I totally forgot Taylor Kitsch was in that movie!
I mostly hate this film for wrecking Taylor Kitsch's career, rather than for being outright terrible
wth! super jealous of micah bc she met Taylor Kitsch today
I'm sorry but no guy will ever be as hot as Taylor Kitsch and that's a fact
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omg Taylor kitsch is so hot. we all need to watch this movie
I would like everyone to help me find my real father Taylor Kitsch so pls help thx. I love you dad
I'd marry Taylor Kitsch in a heartbeat
I would marry Taylor Kitsch in a heartbeat.
That was Taylor Kitsch? I had NO idea. Didn't even cross my mind. I watched all the seasons of Friday Night Lights.
I think that's fallen off, considering they keep making plays like Taylor Kitsch that don't work.
Taylor Kitsch is the reason I watch Friday Night Lights honestly
Last yr they had taylor kitsch, this year it's michael b jordan
Taylor Kitsch on the other, is hot.
RE: Derek Sanderson movie. How about Taylor Kitsch for Derek? Former BC Jr A hockey player, and he's Tim Riggins !!
Petition to have Taylor Kitsch be shirtless all the time
Great actors on getting rewarded. Taylor Kitsch major role in s2. Jesse Plemons major role in
📷 I told Taylor Kitsch I loved him today…'playing it cool’ is clearly not something I know how to do…...
To prepare myself for the marathon tomorrow I am spending the afternoon looking at pictures of Taylor Kitsch on the internet.
Lol you're then our lead detective. The Rachel McAdams to our Taylor Kitsch and Colin Farrell
I still cry when Taylor kitsch gets killed off lone survivor 😓
In other news: I think Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund would both be solid choices for
Jai Courtney at least seems very sweet in real life. Taylor Kitsch just seems boring.
now that I know Taylor Kitsch lives in Austin I'm keeping my eyes wide open at all times
Are you guys really surprised about Trudeau? We also produced Ryan Gosling and Taylor Kitsch. We are the land of good genes.
OH SNAP. Taylor Kitsch from True Detective. Now you have my attention.
Marky Mark! Well, Marky Mark's funky bunch in the movie is outstanding. Taylor Kitsch is in it too.
The Raid remake loses its director, studio and star
Aw. poor Gerry. I liked him a *** sight better than Jai Courtney or Taylor Kitsch tho.
I had a dream Taylor Kitsch was guest starring on as a love interest for... Alba.
TAS_celebs At age 25, Taylor Kitsch became the...
Okay I am deadset in love with Taylor Kitsch
I have a sudden, intense need to see Taylor Kitsch join the cast of Aesthetically, totally their jam, no?
Ok! Final episode of . I'm still traumatised by Taylor Kitsch getting capped. . Let's go.
can taylor kitsch and I just get married already
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off frist thought was Grant Gustin, but I think he's too young. So...I'm just gonna go for it. Taylor Kitsch.
. ・・・. That perfect moment when you recognize Taylor Kitsch in the pizza line.…
Hi I am Brazilian and super fan of Taylor Kitsch, I have a blog about him, but I love you! Good luck in 😘😘
Nice! Are you ok with the casting choice for the movie? I'm asking cause I loved Taylor Kitsch's as Gambit.
on Tuesday. But Taylor Kitsch is worth it.
☀ No, but seriously. I loved Taylor Kitsch as Gambit.
Photoset: EXPOSED: Taylor Kitsch’s nude photoshoot from before he was famous
Season 2 will have the voice talents of Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch. This will be a great season!
I still think Taylor Kitsch is perfect for the role of Gambit.
I added a video to a playlist John Carter - Taylor Kitsch -
As disappointing as the first Wolverine movie was, Taylor Kitsch is pretty good as Gambit in his scenes.
Taylor Kitsch has always been a great actor. Was probably the best on Friday Night Lights. True Detective is doing him good too
Nothing new!. Taylor Kitsch already confirmed it in the movie 'John Carter'.
Taylor Kitsch on True Detective, Call of Duty and Living Out of His Car in L.A.
Taylor Kitsch has also had nothing (very little) to do with footbawl either. But if this show takes Taylor Kitsch away I will cut them
Please don't go getting poor Taylor Kitsch's hopes up again
I just feel like Taylor Kitsch should have the part since he started the role first
My dad is practically obsessed with Taylor Kitsch since he finished watching Friday Night Lights 😂
Taylor Kitsch star of John Carter of Mars, Battleship, Friday Night Lights. Hot Model in younger years.
I miss seeing Taylor Kitsch on Sunday nights 😓
Every time I see picture I think it's this picture of Taylor Kitsch and it's very confusing.
My uncle let me borrow a movie with Taylor kitsch in it he may never get it back
gambit is my favorite xmen character and I don't see why they had to recast because I thought Taylor kitsch in origins did a
When ppl ask me who my male celebrity crush is, I always forget: Jesse Plemons, Michael Shannon, Jon Hamm, Taylor Kitsch.
Read & Taylor Kitsch are good friends. Pretty sure it's illegal on grounds of setting any place on fire b/c too much hotness.
Imagine Keanu Reeves, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson and Frank Grillo in the same movie. Reek of awesomeness.
Tyler Hubbard is trying to look like Taylor Kitsch now
Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch and Sebastian Stan, need I say more :-P xxx
You won't be laughing when the Oscars are hosted by Vince Vaughan, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams.
how about Taylor Kitsch crossed with Michael B. Jordan crossed with Zach Gilford aka the FNL Love Cerberus?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Man, I would love to see either Taylor Kitsch or Armie Hammer play as Sam Fisher than Tom Hardy, tbh.
My bf thinks this Nick character looks like *** Ulrich & Ed Furlong but I say he looks a lot like Taylor Kitsch.
"Everything is wrong if Taylor Kitsch is dead and Rachel McAdams is sleeping with Colin Farrell. I'm so upset right now." -
I would've liked to have seen Taylor Kitsch reprise the role from X-Men Origins Wolverine, but I'll give Mr. Tatum a chance.
Forget Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams & Taylor Kitsch, Stiles is actually the
way to be difficult this season. You better be thanking the good Lord for Taylor Kitsch who's keeping you in the game
Now pretend like you care that Taylor Kitsch's character is dead for like 2 seconds
If you don't care that Taylor Kitsch died on just pretend it's Tim Riggins. Aw, man, *** right?
Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams dating is the most productive thing to come from
At least Taylor Kitsch looks really thrilled to be off this show
Yall are rude, Vince Vaughn isn't that bad lol. I thought Taylor Kitsch was meh lol.
Why they gotta kill Taylor kitsch off True Detectives tho :/
Season finale of True Detective and all I know is that Taylor Kitsch is dead.
Even with the drama and the importance to the plot.I'm still happy Taylor Kitsch is off screen
EXCLUSIVE Video of on the Season Finale of 'True Detective':
Taylor Kitsch is dead and so are my hopes that they can pull out an interesting ending.
Frank's wife: "peace out loser!". Taylor Kitsch: hot af even in death.
“Taylor Kitsch is as into TV as we all are. . Taylor Did His THING!
Dear ,. Does Taylor Kitsch/Tim Riggins come back from the dead?. Love, . Me.
Other than the pointless, unwarranted hookup, "Black Maps and Motel Rooms" was pretty great. Taylor Kitsch, I was wrong about your acting.
does it make anyone else happy that taylor kitsch (Tim Riggins from FNL) lives in texas to this day. "texas forever, street."
I'm still holding onto hope that Taylor Kitsch may still be alive in True Detective.
Watching my DVR'd epi of Taylor Kitsch on the Tonight Show. 😍😍😍 Lawd. I'd drink his earlobe sweat.
See I like them both. I’m a huge Taylor Kitsch/Tim Riggins fan but he was the weak link this season
Catching up on and Taylor Kitsch is talking about Ojai. This reminds me of rockstar
"Taylor Kitsch & Rachel McAdams are super hot and Vince Vaughn's avocados won't grow"-how I just explained second season of
Friday Night Lights alum Taylor Kitsch entering to the CHiPs theme since he rides motorcycles.
The Roots playing the Chips theme for Taylor Kitsch on Fallon, so brilliant
Huge mistake when u read this be4 watching last epi.,I DID! Taylor Kitsch on Surprise Ending Paul:(
.They should have cut Taylor Kitsch’s character & Bezzerides’ dad, & beefed up Bez’s tragedy with her mom.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Don't let & I down tonight, writers, by missing the opportunity to have Zombie Taylor Kitsch. Perfect finale.
Finale Predictions: Taylor Kitsch turns into a zombie and becomes Patient Zero in MINDS BLOWN.
What if I should make and independent X-men movie cast Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Glenn Danzig as Old Man Logan and me as Rogue? Lol
I take it back I don't want Taylor Kitsch as expressionless Patrick Kenzie 👀
Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are a 367% cuter Canadian couple than Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger
things I don't get about . - the plot. - why i'm attracted to Taylor Kitsch . - why Colin Farrel isn't…
I remember when I was such Taylor Kitsch trash. What a day that was. I think it was a Tuesday.
I'm just all about Amy Adams, Taylor Kitsch, Greg Inglis and Johnathon Thurston right now. . Fin.
Recast Anna Paquin by me. And recast Channing Tatum by Taylor Kitsch. # SorryNotSorry.
Even though the actual movie was kinda wack, I really liked Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Salty bc I had a dream last night that I met Tim Riggins/Taylor Kitsch... This morning I realized that I did not met him and I'm V upset. 😭
it's also frustrating because I still want a Taylor Kitsch career comeback
at this point after tonight I'm actually more interested in Tim Riggins' I mean Taylor Kitsch's...
Taylor Kitsch sounds like a young Stephen Wright. That's not a compliment.
When news of Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch's budding romance hit the Internet yesterday, fa...
No, this season is Collin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch
Colin Farrell is Rachel McAdams is and Taylor Kitsch is
Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Leonard Cohen. True Detective is basically the best show on TV.
Colin Farrell doesn't respect Johnny Walker Blue, and Taylor Kitsch needs to grow his hair long. That's all I got out of
Taylor Kitsch is playing a CHP officer. Does that mean we get an Erik Estrada cameo?
Happy to see Taylor Kitsch in True Det. 2, also the kid playing Velcoro's son, Trevor Larcom. He reminds me of a tiny Donal Logue.
Love Colin Ferrell and Vince Vaughn so far. But I can't wait to see Taylor Kitsch and Rachael McAdams.
I didn't get Taylor Kitsch's appeal till I saw him in that Farrah Fawcett bob in THE NORMAL HEART.
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