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Taya Kyle

Taya Renae Kyle (born September 4, 1974) is an American author, veteran family activist and advocate. She is the widow of Chris Kyle.

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Taya Kyle (wife of Chris Kyle) is now attacking McCain for insinuating Chief Ryan Owens “life was given for nothing” https…
Is Fox News getting ready to replace Dana Perino with Taya Kyle?
Can we replace Dana Perino with Taya Kyle permanently?
Craig Morgan welcomes special guests Taya Kyle - American Wife, Keni Thomas, Clint Romesha and more for upcoming...
You’ll Be Seeing a Lot More of 'American Sniper' Widow Taya Kyle on Fox News via
Taya Kyle, widow of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle, is joining the team
You'll be seeing a lot more of widow Taya Kyle on Fox News
Taya Kyle, widow of 'American Sniper’ ChrisKyle, named contributor for Fox News
Taya Kyle joins Fox News as a contributor - “American Wife” author and veterans' activist Taya Kyle is joining ...
Taya Kyle on if military leaders should engage in politics.
Taya Kyle, widow of 'American Sniper’ named contributor for
Taya Kyle joins Fox News as a contributor
Fox News Adds as new contributor on military and family issues
.joins Fox News Channel as a contributor.
widow Taya Kyle hired by Fox News as contributor
Wow, you’re right. Forgot current issue is a special on guns. From Selena to Taya Kyle...
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The April cover of featuring Taya Kyle with a Weatherby rifle commemorating her late husband, Chris.
They should also require him to refund Taya Kyle for what he squeezed from her.
The beautiful wife of our American Hero Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle.
Kyle Lowry traumatized this water boy
Our eBook title is American Sniper. Listen to interview with Chris Kyle's widow, Taya
Listen to our exclusive interview with Taya Kyle!
Today, Taya Kyle - American Wife has announced that Warner Bros. Entertainment will back a Chris Kyle Frog...
An Interview with Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle - Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Taya Kyle, the...
Taya Kyle, widow of former US Navy Seal Chris Kyle, said her children have learned a lot from their tough life experiences.
. Also, Marcus Lutrell, Taya Kyle, Dakota Meyers and many more great American HEROES, and Sen. Mike Lee, etc.
So honored to have gotten to meet Taya Kyle tonight.
Saw Taya Kyle speak at church tonight. What an amazing testimony!
Hungry for more? Come listen to Taya Kyle talk about her late husband and Navy Seal Chris Kyle tonight at 7PM @ ONaz!
Taya Kyle's tribute marked the three-year-anniversary of the day Kyle was shot dead by Eddie Ray Routh, who was sentenced to …
It was an amazing honor to met Taya Kyle the other night in Vegas. My fans/friends Judy and Mike Freeman got me a...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Taya Kyle endorses Rick Perry for 2016: 'I'm tired of smoke and mirrors'
Taya Kyle, who was married to Navy Seal sharpshooter Chris Kyle, spoke in support of gun rights as she said the government should not ban
Taya Kyle, not the president, points out violent crime at historic lows.
Chris Kyle’s widow Taya Kyle - American Wife asks Obama why more gun control is the answer when violent crime is... https…
Tune in to CNN now and see President Obama respond to Patriot Tour's very own Taya Kyle - American Wife on her...
Enjoy this great video by the Complete Customs team when Taya Kyle - American Wife unveiled the htt…
Via Bookperk Sale: American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith... by Taya Kyle for $1.99 via
Listen now to ‘Taya Kyle on Laura Ingraham Show 11.30.15’ by DWPR on
You should check out it was started by Taya Kyle a yr ago! also has coins for the Foundation.
Watch Taya Kyle unveil the Chris Kyle "The Legend" Jeep JK at the 2015 SEMA Show. Witness the Shootout of the...
Funny watching Taya Kyle not go for the guy in leather pants at a bar yet she falls for Chris Kyle. What the *** ..
Watching Chris Kyle's wife, Taya Kyle, talk about her husband and his impact on peoples' lives tears me to pieces
American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal by Taya Kyle (the wife of American...
Next up with a Foxtrot is Taya Kyle & her partner Derek Hough
Taya Kyle shows her strength and grace again last night at the ACM! This beautiful American woman introduced a... http:/…
American Wife by Taya Kyle with Jim DeFelice is on the NYT Best Sellers List for E-Book Nonfiction
Tonight is your last chance of the year to hear incredible stories from my friends, Taya Kyle - American Wife,... https…
Taya remembers the joyful times she shared with her husband, hero Chris Kyle
We are postponing the Taya Kyle book signing. Will let you know the details as soon as possible.
Taya Kyle (wife of American Sniper Chris Kyle) was the lunch speaker @ She has an interesting new book out
Impactful speech. If you can look up Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Taya is…
Great turnout at the luncheon featuring Taya Kyle!
Taya Kyle speaking to the and attendees at the Networking Luncheon.
It's annoying but I generally find anyone giving any attention to Glamour to be uninteresting.& did someone rly say Taya Kyle?
.Taya Kyle is just one example of somebody who's done more for the female community than Bruce.
An amazing place honoring a wonderful man. Taya Kyle - American Wife was at the Ronald Reagan Presidential...
Ventura's Lawsuit Against Kyle! says he'll move permanently to Mexico if loses. Good riddance!
We are LIVE in the studio with Big D & Bubba in Nashville. Tune in now to hear Chad Fleming, Taya Kyle - American... ht…
Oh wow, I pray for bc then she wins twice. Her family is free of this monster & America is rid of this ***
*** Jesse Ventura could have the lawsuit he won against Taya Kyle overturned. I hope that's the case.
I love this one Gloria. The movie is great but the book is better. American Wife by Taya Kyle is the companion book to it.
OUTSTANDING - that Anti-American creep is about to eat crap.
Having the pleasure of spending the evening with Marcus Luttrell, Taya Kyle and friends.
Keep an eye out for the November issue of Simple Grace Magazine, it has a feature on Taya included - check out...
Taya Kyle, wife of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle, to speak at the Broadmoor
ICYMI: Taya Kyle is speaking Thursday in Victoria and I talked to her about her book, the movie and life:
Taya Kyle - American Wife (has given her support to a project by the Odessa Chamber of... http:/…
Taya Kyle, author & wife of Navy Seal American Sniper Chris Kyle is judge tonight at -on Red Carpet
Taya Kyle deserved same after murder of American Hero Chris Kyle - opinion of ret AF Pub Affairs Officer
taping with a friend. Big crowd to see Nancy Alcorn, Taya Kyle, and Jep & Jessica Robertson.
Kevin O'Leary, Taya Kyle and Amy Purdy selected to judge Miss America pageant
It's time for THE VIEW, America! We've got a great show for you with Taya Kyle, former general David Petraeus & more!
Taya Kyle has proven to be a great American women continuing to carry the torch for our country. God bless
An awesome experience for Taya Kyle - American Wife today in Anchorage AK today when she cut the ribbon to open... http:…
San Antonio is selling out fast! Be inspired by Marcus Luttrell, Taya Kyle - American Wife, Pete Scobell Band,...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Taya Kyle, widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, joined The Factor to discuss her life since her husband's...
Taya Kyle, the widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, is all in for presidential candidate
Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, ... .
I can really think of no one who is probably better equipped to help veterans than Taya Kyle. She understands the... ht…
Taya Kyle: 'There is a silver lining to the pain'
Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, says her husband was a devoted fan of http:…
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, the subject of "American Sniper" will attend Rick Perry's 2016 announcement event in Addi…
Chris and Taya Kyle are my heroes, Hands down.
Obamas lack of passion or respect for Chris Kyle doesn't surprise me at all, BUT this I will say, 👉 Taya Kyle is a classy lady👍🇺🇸
"There is so much more to him," Taya Kyle told ABC News' Robin Roberts.
Part 3: "Neither one of 'em saw it coming," Taya Kyle said of her husband and his friend Chad Littlefield.
# Reese shouldn't be talking while Taya Kyle is being interviewed# rude...
Books: New and noteworthy: Watch for memoirs by Willie Nelson, Melissa Rivers and Taya Kyle.        
Robin's interview of Taya Kyle was excellent. Shame on all involved at ABC for not saying 'lil more about Chad Littlefield as well.
Obama negotiates release of Muslim deserter,sends reps to Mike Brown's funeral,but Taya Kyle even get a phone call?
Taya Kyle, widow of helping introduce
Memoir coming from 'American Sniper' widow: Taya Kyle, the widow of "American Sniper" author…
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, to release memoir; will interview her in May:
Is this real life?!?!Bradley Cooper is engaged to Taya Kyle, Chris Kyles widow. *** he mustve played that role well.
Anyone who can, pray for Taya Kyle as well as the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, as they begin to heal.
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle who inspired attends with his dog tags
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, who inspired ‘American Sniper,’ attends w/his dog tags
While at Oscars, Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, firmly clutched something more valuable than any Oscar – her husband’s dog tags. 💔
Large love & prayers 4 Taya Kyle who's on a redeye flight heading back home 2 TX 4 the trial after attending the Perspective y'all
The only real winner at the was Taya Kyle. Lovely & beautiful. Class
My best dressed selection for the is Taya Kyle.
American Sniper Chris Kyle widow Taya said her husband would be 'blown away' as she walks Oscars red carpet: T...
Best dressed goes to Taya Kyle. She carried the best accessory. Worth more than any diamond or jewel.
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, who inspired movie "American Sniper", talking with Bradley Cooper. She…
Taya Kyle opens up on what it's like to be at the without hero Chris
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Yes and glad Taya Kyle was on the Red Carpet!
Did u all see Taya Kyle on the red carpet?
the most popular nominated movie, is entirely SNUBBED by the Academy. via
TAYA KYLE! Wow, she looks flawless. Talk about Such an inspiration.
Goodnight beautiful Taya Kyle your husband deserved all the honors. God bless you & safe travels back to ❤️🇺🇸
"Kyle's widow, Taya Kyle, asked the production to remove the scene from the screenplay."
Taya Kyle carried her husbands dog tags down the red carpet so he could attend, and that's the most beautiful thing th…
Chris Kyle widow Taya walks Oscars red carpet, said he'd be blown away.
Is it just me, I DO NOT CARE WHAT HWOOD LIBERALS ARE "wearing". Only worthwhile interviews Taya Kyle and Bradley Cooper. G…
Taya Kyle's strength is something I can only wish I could have. She's my forever role model.
Taya Kyle at the Oscars with Chris' dogtags in her hand. RESPECT to the Family. All the way, Boone http:/…
Taya Kyle at the Oscars: Bradley Cooper 'Absolutely Got it Right' via
Taya Kyle on the red carpet in the midst of the trial for the man who killed her husband is already the winner of the night
Taya Kyle: American Sniper's widow still standing by her man: Chris Kyle's wife Taya has been a constant prese...
Taya Kyle was expected to take the stand on the opening day of the case against Eddie Ray Routh, the veteran accused in the killing.
Chris Kyle Family Struggling After Jesse Ventura Lawsuit - Taya Kyle is still dealing with the fallout from her hu... h…
Taya Kyle arrived at the courthouse at 8:25 flanked by Jay Novacek former Dallas Cowboys
widow Taya Kyle on how to best honor her late husband, Chris Kyle: "Thank a veteran."
Taya Kyle, the wife of Chris Kyle from American Sniper grew up in Gladstone, Oregon. Her dad is Lake Oswego's mayor. http:/…
Taya Kyle is pleased with Bradley Cooper's Oscar-nominated performance as her slain husband Chris Kyle.
Chris and Taya Kyle: see sweet photos from their love story
Debbie Lee, the mother of slain Navy Seal sniper Marc Alan Lee, issued a tough challenge to outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas on Friday. It would be a shock if Moore actually accepts the challenge. Speaking alongside Taya Kyle, the widow...
Last night we capped off an awesome trip to Las Vegas with the Sportsman Channel by joining with Taya Kyle, Dakota Meyer and so many of our Special Ops vets at a reception thrown in their honor. Taya is carrying on her husband Chris’ legacy boldly – spending hours visiting with all the heroes there and sharing Chris’ book, inspiration, and story through “American Sniper.” Like most military families, Taya never stops giving of herself to support others. As more and more are learning about Chris and his amazing American story, we can help continue his legacy by supporting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation at you to the event hosts – Alaska's own Kryptek Outdoor Group, Knight's Armament, Leupold, and Remington Defense – for honoring our vets at this awesome event. - Sarah Palin
Taya Kyle traveled to Wyoming with gun firm, Weatherby, to make the short film. It was posted on January 16, the same date that American Sniper, based on Chris Kyle's life, was released in the U.S
Proceeds per Taya Kyle, go to Foundation Chris set up BEFORE he was murdered; IF Ventura keeps his mitts off!!
Let's show Ventura how much Chris & Taya Kyle mean to the American people. By Selling Out Every Showing of
Bradley Cooper, Taya Kyle at DC premiere of 'American Sniper': via
Here's our convo with Bradley Cooper & Taya Kyle about
my wife and I bought tickets to Patriot Tour last year. Awesome evening listening to Marcus Luttrell and Taya Kyle
I was also fortunate to see Taya Kyle speak at the Patriot Tour. God bless the Kyle family 🇺🇸❤️
"I am a much better father and husband than I ever was a sniper." - Chris Kyle A look at hunting through the eyes of Taya Kyle, presented by Weatherby Inc. and Leupold, filmed by Rockhouse Motion
"His hunting - that was him from the time he was a little boy. That was him being out in nature. That was him finding his peace. That was him providing meat for the family." - Taya Kyle, wife of the late American Sniper and Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. Leupold Optics
TONIGHT: Taya Kyle speaks to Sean Hannity about her husband Chris Kyle's legacy and provides insight into the making of 'American Sniper.' Tune in tonight at 10p ET.
Watch Brian's full interview with Taya Kyle. Taya talked about how she first met Chris, what it was like working with Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller and Clint Eastwood, whether or not her children have seen the move and much more! Please go and support the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation! http
American Sniper. I stood behind the movie theater with my second oldest daughter in my arms as she sobbed. She held it together, just long enough to make it away from the crowds and more importantly away from the hero's wife, Taya. This is what I will remember about seeing the movie American Sniper. We sat next to Taya Kyle. I don't know how she does it. She is a strong seal wife and good mother. She has been through enough and Jesse Ventura too. This movie left me a bit shell shocked. All the stuff actual movie critics will talk about is true. Bradley Cooper is oscar worthy. You completely forget it is him. Eastwood is a genius. The opening scene is one of the most powerful on film. I would say it is the psycho shower scene if we were still in the age of innocence. But we are not, and that is what I took from the movie. Evil is a part of our life now. A big part and growing. As I sat in the darkened theater, I questioned: Who are these men that we send in our name? How do they return to a ...
Taya Kyle fretted over the idea of someone playing the role of her husband, Chris Kyle, the most prolific sniper in American history. But Bradley Cooper convinced her he was the right person for the job.
Actor Bradley Cooper and Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, whose life is portrayed in "American Sniper", talk about the new film and its impact.
Spent the evening watching American Sniper with Taya Kyle, Bradley Cooper, Glen Beck, Randy Travis & some of Americas greatest patriots. I suggest everyone see AS. It was amazing. -SB
Patriot Guard Riders line the red carpet Bradley Cooper & Taya Kyle will walk for premiere of American Sniper.
Actor Bradley Cooper traveled to Plano, Texas, to attend the "American Sniper" movie premiere at Cinemark West Plano alongside Chris Kyle's widow Taya Kyle and others on Wednesday night. "I just want to say thank you -- what an honor it is to be here," Cooper said. "All...
In 4 days, see Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller as Chris and Taya Kyle in
Taya Kyle, widow of famed Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle, appeared on the Kelly File Monday evening to discuss the new film, American Sniper, based on...
In a lengthy interview with the Los Angeles Times' Steven Zeitchik, Taya Kyle, widow of famed U.S. Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle, said she was initially fearful of the way Clint Eastwood's recent film, American Sniper, would portray her husband, but she ultimately ended up enjoying the film
EXCLUSIVE:Part 2 of my interview w/ Taya Kyle-wife of slain Navy Seal,Chris Kyle 2ET …
is not just about Chris Kyle, we see how awesome Taya Kyle is & what military families endure
Friday's edition of the Daily Light will feature an interview with Taya Kyle about the "American Sniper" film...
🇺🇸 NEW video interview with Bradley Cooper & Taya Kyle via
Taya Kyle speaks about building a legacy of service that honors Chris.
Taya Kyle says she made her peace with the movie about her husband Chris Kyle, the legendary SEAL and subject of the upcoming film "American Sniper," a few months before she even saw the film. It would be as good as it could be, she kept telling herself.
Pt 1 of interview with Taya Kyle about husband Chris Kyle by on coming up 2 PM.
Intvd Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Taya Kyle, Sienna Miller, Jason Hall today about Chris Kyle and h…
On today at 2p ET: talks to Taya Kyle, wife of slain Navy Seal Chris Kyle, ahead 'American Snip…
Chris and Taya Kyle didn't name then the Redskins either
Texas state governor, Rick Perry proudly wearing THE LEGEND in support of Taya Kyle! Thank you
Many of you have asked how to support the Kyle family through this trying time. We have compiled a list of ways you show your support. All of the below avenues of support have been approved by the Kyle estate. “The Legend” t-shirt from - Available HERE ( Our friends at Forged Clothing have made it their mission to cover the majority of the settlement that the Kyle family are now responsible for. This campaign will end at Midnight on August 8th, 2014. All proceeds will be delivered to Taya Kyle personally. Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to be processed. – Our friends at Boot Campaign have set up this site with gear, boots and donation opportunities, benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Fund (a program of The Boot Campaign). Navy Seals Fund, Chris & Taya Defense Fund - Chris Kyle Memorial Trust -
In light of recent events involving a sucker punch (court settlement) to the face of our very dear friend, Taya Kyle, widow of the late Chris Kyle (American Sniper), Forged has made it a priority to offset the financial burden that she and her family are now faced with, as a result of ignorant pride…
Joke of the day...Jurors favor Ventura over dead SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. Dear Taya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal, Chris Kyle...I respect your husband for his duty to our country. I'm very sorry jurors weren't able to see the validation of his story even after 11 eye witnesses testified. Most people I know do NOT respect Jessie Ventura. He may have "won" a cheap victory in court but thank God we can be at peace knowing every human reaps what they sow. I know you will keep your head high and be proud of your husband as Ventura continues to be, well, Ventura.
The best way help Taya Kyle pay the 1.8 million the jury awarded Jesse Ventura is donating to the
Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks CMH. The part that blows me away is that he felt the "defamation" by Chris Kyle was worse than the whole world seeing him sue Taya Kyle. JV could have recovered had he just let it go. Suing the wife of a fallen hero will never be forgotten. - Ben
Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller in the roles of Chris Kyle and Taya Kyle in the up coming movie
All purpose parts banner
Honored to meet Taya Kyle, David Goggins, Billy Wagasy, Chad Fleming and Marcus Lutrell - Humbled and Grateful
Kyle the only one on Taya side for this beyonce act 💁😂
Taya Kyle, daughter of Lake Oswego mayor, wrote of fears ...
Nautica & Kyle said i should make a YouTube channel just to give people advice and call it The Dr. Taya show 😂
Watching Taya Kyle speech at NRA about Chris. Every time she chokes up I get tears. I just want to hug her. God bless that family.
Moving Chris Kyle tribute followed by Taya Kyle's speech at NRA meeting...: via
Patriot Tour's Taya Kyle and her husband, American Sniper h…
I made this video last year as a tribute to Chris Kyle and all those who serve. Support poured in from all over the world and these photos are proof of what a great man he was. Now, his widow is under attack from miscreants within and outside of the NSW community. Please remember the Kyle family in your prayers, and support Taya Kyle as she battles these nefarious forces trying to steal her children's future and harassing them. She is a courageous woman and as always, we thank you for your support of our efforts.
In the middle of emotional intview with widow, Taya Kyle Listen Live: iHeartRadio or…
"I can see how God blessed my family and me. I 100% believe that God knew it was coming." -Taya Kyle speaking about Ch…
Just finished talking to two graphic artists that will be working on a Chris Kyle (American Sniper) memorial challenge coin. If approved by Taya Kyle and Craft Intl. We will send part of the proceeds to the foundation of their choice for every one sold. Keep up with us.big things are coming! - M III%
Please (Everyone): Taya Kyle has a new business. Go to & join the team ! Place to
Had the honor and privilege of meeting Taya Kyle. The widow of SEALS sniper Chris Kyle. Did everything I could to keep from crying in the picture. I did tear up after listening to her speak about brotherhood in the military. A truly memorable night.
"gave my family a place of strength not a place of panic."-Taya Kyle
"I think part of the problem is that we are a society of victims."-Taya Kyle
"There are so many of us that have that core: God, Guns & Giving." -Taya Kyle
"My kids may not remember everything about their dad...but they will remember that when he talked to them, he talked to THEM."-Taya Kyle
Chris Kyle became the man & leader he was b/c he knew who he was & what he stood 4. paraphrasing Taya Kyle @
God, Guns & Giving begins TONIGHT! We are excited to finally welcome & Taya Kyle as we celebrate the
This session with Taya Kyle and David Finkel was quite powerful.
Texas Book Festival: War and sacrifice with Taya Kyle and David Finkel: Taya Kyle (DMN FIle/Michael Ainsworth)...
very nice pic. Customer with Taya Kyle.
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle on PTSD "does not turn you into a coldblooded killer."
Just received my copy of the Taya Kyle signed First Edition of American Sniper "Memorial Edition" by Chris Kyle
Taya Kyle is traveling signing her husband, Chris' new book, American Sniper. Check for locations in your area.
Thanks to Taya Kyle for coming out to sign all the books and answer everyone's questions. Go out and buy the American Sniper book. The memorial edition has some great letters from friends and family in the back.
Watch Your Guns Around Obamacare Written By : Rachel Alexander October 21, 2013 What does gun control have to do with health care? As odd as it seems, Obamacare contains provisions that jeopardize gun ownership, especially for veterans. Anti-gun provisions were added to initial drafts of Obamacare legislation under the pretext of prohibiting people with mental illness – which can include PTSD – from owning guns. Fortunately, the NRA stepped in and got some of the worst language revised last December. Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c.prohibits the creation of a firearms database and stops doctors from disclosing or collecting information relating to a patient’s firearms. Ironically, this provision was probably the only positive result of most members of Congress not bothering to read the bill before voting on it. However, the provision does not go as far as prohibiting doctors from asking their patients if there are any firearms in their home. In January, Obama issued 23 executive actions and ...
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, will sign copies of the memorial edition of Chris' American Sniper at Half Price Books in Arlington's Lincoln Square.
Just received my Taya Kyle signed memorial edition of American Sniper today. Even though I already own a first edition, this a new prized possession that I will cherish. There will never be enough good things said, and heard about this true American hero.
Got a bunch of goodies in the mail from Soldier Hard and my copy of American Sniper which is signed by Taya Kyle.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Headed to see the last day of the Patriot Tour w Marcus Luttrell and Taya Kyle! Bonus date w Sherri of
Please join Marcus Luttrell, Taya Kyle and Chad Fleming on their last stop of the Patriot Tour in Pensacola, Fl...
yeah, it's the "Patriot Tour". Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle's wife was also there. Incredible woman.
Patriot Tour w/Marcus Luttrell, Taya Kyle, Chad Fleming and Mary Sarah still has tickets for MN (tonight), UT & FL!
Amazing evening at the Patriot Tour in Indy to hear Taya Kyle and CPT Chad Fleming speak/well worth drive from CLE
Patriot Tour is here tonight. I'd have loved to hear and Taya Kyle speak.
Everything is bigger in TX, like the Patriot Tour! Marcus Luttrell, Debbie Lee, Chad Fleming & Taya Kyle.
Patriot Tour is coming to a city near you! Hear Marcus Luttrell speak, also Debbie Lee, Taya Kyle, and…
From D Magazine: "Since her husband’s death, Taya Kyle has been overwhelmed by the number of veterans who want to tell her that Chris Kyle saved their lives. A man with a 2-year-old girl wept recently as he explained that his daughter would not have been born had it not been for Chris Kyle rescuing him in Iraq. Years from now, men will still be telling stories about the moments when they were seconds or inches from death, when they thought it was all over—only to have a Chris Kyle bullet fly from the heavens and take out their enemies. They’ll tell their grandchildren to thank Chris Kyle in their prayers." For this and many other reasons, we continue the work of Chris Kyle.
Jesse Ventura - You need a good reputation in order to defame a reputation Classy Jesse Ventura to sue military widow over dead husband's book You’re a class act, Ventura! The former wrestler has asked a judge’s permission to sue Taya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, for defamation over a book written by her late husband. The touchy fellah is still sulking over “American Sniper,” a 2006 bestseller by the legendary sharpshooter. In the book, Kyle says he beat Ventura in a bar fight after the ex-governor of Minnesota made “unpatriotic remarks” about the war in Iraq. Kyle was shot and killed at a gun range in February 2013, but that makes no difference to Jesse “not petty” Ventura, whose attorneys insist that the book damages his reputation. More than, you know, suing the widow of a war hero. [Source]
(June 2, 2013) - Taya Kyle, widow of slain former Navy Seal Chris Kyle, told NBC's Lester Holt on a Sunday broadcast that she believes her late husband didn'...
Ventura's trying 2 get publicity. I'm positive the SEAL family will help Taya Kyle wife of Chris Kyle w/Ventura.
"Taya Kyle, 38, who recently spoke at a Houston NRA convention, owns a Smith & Wesson pistol, but says that 'A...
Video on Today: Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal sniper, became a military legend after his best-selling autobiography “American Sniper” came out in 2012. But a year later, police say a fellow vet shot Kyle and a friend to death while on a shooting range in Texas. His widow Taya Kyle said her husband…
(Becket Adams, The Blaze) -- Noted 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura is continuing his defamation lawsuit against deceased U.S. sniper Chris Kyle by going after Taya Kyle, the slain soldier’s widow. “Lawyers for Ventura have asked a federal court to continue his lawsuit against Chris Kyle…by substituting K...
Hamilton Collection
Exclusive: Talks with Taya Kyle, wife of Navy Seal Chris Kyle (VIDEO) -
I liked a video Taya Kyle talks about Chris Kyle's "American Gun"
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, addresses the crowd at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, an event of the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas. Chris Kyle w...
Heart-wrenching speech to the NRA by Taya Kyle - wife of American Hero-Sniper Chris Kyle.
Taya Kyle: "Don't think of as just a Obama: "of course not, he was a straight Christian"
Taya Kyle spoke at the NRA convention last night. Watch and listen to what she shares and forget anything about the gun control conversation going on in our country. Just listen to her as a wife who has lost her husband and the father of her children. Thom is running a 50 mile ultra marathon next week in honor of the Kyle Family and we are raising money to donate to the family. Please help us if you can. Contact me if you can help.
After presenting a tribute to slain SEAL Chris Kyle,Taya Kyle, his widow, delivered an emotion-filled speech Friday at the National Rifle...
Chris Kyle's widow, Taya Kyle, gave a very moving speech during a tribute to her husband. Chris was a Navy Seal, and the most successful American Sniper in history. Sadly, he was shot to death my a Marine suffering from PTSD at a Texas shooting range. This is a must-watch.
Wow I heard Chris Kyle on the radio just after he wrote the book, American Sniper, and subsequently bought it. I have shared it with many people. Unfortunately Chris was killed. Google it and read the news accounts. Here his widow makes a proud, emotional speech in front of the NRA annual convention attendees in Houston today. God speed Chris Kyle, God bless you Taya Kyle and God bless the United States of America.
Honored to have Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle and Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell announce pick 114 BW Webb!
Special message from Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle. = Greg Marra is a classically trained artist...
Watching his wife, Taya Kyle, struggle with her words as she recounted their relationship put 'sadness' in a different perspective. "I stand before you a bro...
Reading Lindsey's reflection on Chris Kyle's funeral, I remember driving with my parents and Merk's parents from Arlington, Virginia, to Baltimore, Maryland, an hour long trip, staring at the limo ahead of us carrying Merk to Lauden Cemetery. I noticed a lone soldier, hitch hiking, stood & saluted in slow motion when he saw Merk's flag draped coffin. Taya Kyle's trip was four hours.
Okay, so I wanted to dispel a few rumors about Chief Kyle, Chad Littlefield, and Eddie Ray Routh. 1. They did not know each other for "years" nor did they grow up together. 2. Eddie Ray Routh was most assuredly NOT sleeping with Taya Kyle (Really? What sicko came up with that one) 3. Eddie Ray Routh did in fact deploy (I actually got hard evidence of that this morning), though his PTSD is still being investigated. The top one seems most prevalent here lately. Eddie Ray Routh enlisted at 18, he was deployed in 2007. I do not believe he was even 30 yet when Chris was killed. Chris was 38. Taya has stated and others have stated that Chris and Chad met AFTER Chris got out. Please folks, please please please stop propagating rumors.
by Woody Slain ex-Navy Seal Chris Kyle was a devoted husband, father and friend who will never be forgotten, his widow told mourners at his memorial service in Arlington, Texas, Monday. Taya Kyle s...
Why wasn’t Taya Kyle invited to sit on the other side of Michelle Obama?
Just left Cowboys Stadium and funeral for Chris Kyle. So many heroes. Taya Kyle was superwoman and super mom. May God bless them.
Our unexpected trip to Texas was spent with many friends and family to remember a true American hero. The great state of Texas stood proudly to honor a man who gave so much for this great country. A man who dedicated his ALL to helping those in need, taking care of his family, and putting others before himself. We would like to thank each and every one of you for showing unwavering support for Chris and his amazing family. With your supporting contributions, a check was made out to Taya Kyle personally for 100% of the RESURGENCE t-shirt sales last week, and hand delivered with care. We will always look after our own, and continue to see that our brothers' families are never left to themselves. An American patriot was laid to rest yesterday. You will not be forgotten brother...
Update on the initial memorial bands from a week ago. The first batch of orders going out in mail today, God willing, second batch of pins should arrive here on Monday, at which point I will finish those orders and ship those. Sorry for the delay, they will get to you soon. Thank you all again for your support of Taya Kyle and her children. When I handed a check to Scott Brown yesterday it felt good, knowing that the Warrior community is full of so many generous people who made this possible. I am not worthy of credit for this, you are the ones who deserve praise and thanks. God bless you all!
Taya Kyle, wide of former SEAL Chris Kyle speaks of her loving husband during a memorial service at Cowboys Stadium as the funeral procession rolls south along Interstate 35 headed for his final resting place at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. The procession was accompanied by and limited to mil...
I watched CPO Chris Kyle's memorial service early this morning, promised myself I would not cry, and failed massively when Mrs. Taya Kyle gave her testimony about how loving her man was. My heart was just rent to pieces.
Taya Kyle remembers her husband former Navy Seal Chris Kyle at a memorial ceremony Monday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.
What a classy lady Taya Kyle is to honor her husbands friend, Chad Littlefield during her speech at the memorial service. And what a beautiful tribute it has been so far. RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield you were great men.
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