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Tay Jardine

We Are the In Crowd is an American pop punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York, formed in 2009. The band consists of Tay Jardine (Lead Vocals), Jordan Eckes (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Mike Ferri (Bass Guitar), Rob Chianelli (Drums), and Cameron Hurley (Guitar).

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SU is trying to give me the knees of an 80 year old by the time I'm 20
hayley kiyoko, lorde and tay jardine all released new music today I am Blessed β„’
I never want whomst'd to stop being funny
I watched this again by myself in a silent auditorium and it was the worst minute of my life
Tay Jardine is still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
chicken fingers are usually battered skinless w eggs and crumbs skin is w the chicken WINGS please
ever heard the delicious satisfying crunch of hydrated breaded chicken WITH sauce
grilled gets DRY SO FAST I want the juices
they're so good I 'll always b a dirty *** for chicken fingers
goodnight I love tay jardine with my whole heart and more
New Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Tay Jardine, Lana del Rey music. Life is good
TAY JARDINE IS MY QUEEN. I am so stoked on Sainte!
Everyone check out this awesome new video πŸ‘‡ from The song is great and Tay Jardine is the most talented…
Can you believe Tay Jardine invented yellow eyeshadow
Tay Jardine up in here saving 2017 with her new more pop-y project I love it so much
SAINTE (Tay Jardine) have released a new a song with a music video.
Tay jardine's new stuff is bloody brilliant also I have the biggest crush on her ATM πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
The new Tay Jardine tracks are exactly what I hoped for with her music post We Are the In Crowd
SAINTE aka Tay Jardine is in the house and slaying. Incredible new song omfg 😍😍😍
Tay Jardine still has the simba plush I gave her FIVE years ago. I'm so...I love her.
as if you wouldn't online propose to Tay Jardine, double standards
There's new SAINTE music coming soon! Are you excited? Watch the teaser:.
SAINTE (Tay Jardine & We Are The In Crowd members) have announced & are teasing a new song with music video:…
me: hey . art major: I have 3 stick n' pokes
like I always found I could actually come up w stuff to draw better if I was using a fountain pen idk why
I love this illustrator so much it's so dainty
have u tried the grid method yet? That helped me a lot at first with proportions when drawing realistic stuff
How is subway so pungent they're literally only making sandwiches
First quote I heard with political agenda today: "see like I don't know how anyone couldn't vote for trump"
what did we do to deserve Tay Jardine?
. , the new project from Tay Jardine, debuts first single 'Technicolor'! Watch here: … …
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Third party voters keep saying "im voting for what I believe in" and it's like are u saying u believe... In Gary Johnson...
My 10:30 class was cancelled Very sexy
I watch this like every single day I don't want to ever forget how good this song is live
I wanted to throw hands at one girl near me at the show Friday like Matty could've shocked himself by his own fart and she would've cried
It's 4 PM and I only left my bed once to eat a breakfast of sushi and lucky charms it has really sunken in that my life is meaningless
The 1975 played Robbers at the show immediately following mine because they bask in the notion of my pain and suffering
be wise with ur tour dates aka check to see when Syracuse doesn't have classes so I can go
can u post every piece of footage from the front of the right side barricade in Syracuse tbh
what are the odds that the year I come to Syracuse the 1975 plays and I get to be front center I'm gonna crap my pants in a heartfelt way
Idk who's watching over me but whoever and whatever it is thank u for giving me the 1975 and giving me the chance to see them at my school??
I would attend 10 of their shows get their logo tattooed and camp outside the dome for 14 hours (j…
the real beef I have with sororities is their neglect of copyright infringement with every band logo they knock off for their tacky merch
Tomorrow will officially be the last day before the 1975 play at my school alright
this leaked email will destroy Hillary's chances of winning
Remember when Gary Johnson asked what Aleppo was and compared himself to a disciplined cat
can Instagram not crash the second I post something foh
my grammar here was so bad I don't even care Gary Johnson wouldn't detect the error anyway
πŸ”Ž πŸ“·: - Tay Jardine (- Instaliga is the best instagram ...
πŸŒ€ - Tay Jardine (- Instaliga is the best instagram web-viewer
Tay Jardine been back for a while under name of SAINTE
Like how is that anyone's business and how shallow do u have to be to dictate someone's value based on a personal decision like that
I get so uncomfortable when people say Hillary can't be a strong woman cause she stayed w Bill after the affair
I proper want Tay Jardine to rag me about until I bleed
2 years ago I was Tay Jardine, last year I was Minnie Mouse.. this year I'm going to be someone ugly and then a cat for the night πŸ˜‚
It took me 18 years to understand that donut holes were called donut holes cause they're supposed to fit in the hole of a normal donut
for the record this sounds very melodramatic I was just spoiling the show for my roommate
it will look Cute it's just a commitment cause it fades quick
(The Tay Jardine vocals account isn't based fully off Tay's vocals also when she's being a cutie live too FYI)
The 1975 album is so.ethereal God bless them truly
I'd be lying if i said I didnt originally get my nose pierced to be more like Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd lol
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I was just trying to squeeze my foundation
You look nothing like Tay Jardine β€” You know, I actually expected that ^-^
High school has run its COURSE senior year is making me a terrible person I need college to start
I only rp guys unless default Tay Jardine
There's probably not a single thing in the world I wouldn't do to meet Harry styles honestly
Imagine. the 1975 playing both change of heart and robbers at firefly
I'm downloading the new 1975 record I can't wait to die
remember when I had Ginger saved in my phone as Tay Jardine and maddi as Jess Bowen and I was cassadee pope
I just really love tay jardine not even sorry
As you can see we have Tay Jardine doing what she does best. Ruining my life with her adorableness.
Two years ago today i did a parkour jump over a bench so i could talk to Tay Jardine, such a defining moment for me
I've got such a crush on Tay jardine
don't hesitate to say hi if you ever catch my alt, "Tay Jardine" roaming around 😊
UCLA needs to CHILL with the spam emails they are so deceiving
Sororities are so ridiculous like u got thousands of people on campus but u wanna revisit high school clique culture
.and I up at Mono Lake. A domestic alien landscape.
I would pay thousands to cuddle with Tay Jardine all day
How do I eat anything that isn't a Wawa quesadilla
it's so weird to think I have waited like 12 years to move to California and now in like five months I might finally be there
I love being a small pile of garbage πŸ€“
Change of Heart doesn't come out until 2:30 I'm rotting in ***
Just bought seven bags of chile lime Doritos this morning cause I have nothing else to live for
We Are The In Crowd announced that they're on hiatus.
hello I now have an alt called Tay Jardine
I tired to vary that celebrity crush thing so it was just all band members, but like Tay Jardine, Jack barakat, rian Dawson, so many others
I love it I'll use that one next time
reminds me of the time I told a guy at warped tour that I was deaf
Are 5SOS at the Andaz if they are there's an 100% chance I'm going to kill myself
I need to meet luke so badly between this week and next week I'm begging
Also someone asked me who I ship each of the boys with like Michael-Tay jardine, Ashton-Emily Sears, Luke-Mackenzie Hyatt, Calum-zendaya
And I'd love a Tay Jardine, but I won't post all the pictures of Alex and Tay that exist.
bring the entire cast of OITNB out onstage
When walked out, it provoked one of the loudest screams from the crowd I've EVER heard. I just love her ht…
most people want to change something physical about themselves but I just want a life where I don't cry whenever I talk about taylor swift
I met a dog who taught me how to die
Why does plastic surgery somehow invalidate your authenticity as a human being lmao if it makes u feel better then do it
I don't really believe in "guilty pleasures" because it's like LIKE WHAT U WANT but I think me liking Fight Song is an exception
I am so sick of gossip girl honestly I don't want to live like this anymore
I have texted like twelve people about gossip girl and nobody is replying I'm frantic and don't appreciate this kind of disrespect
Life is completely meaningless but at least I have Popeyes
now that you said The Lion King I have a feeling that you're talking about Tay Jardine lol
i need some jewellery from Tay Jardine and Jess Bowen's never take it off collection
Tay Jardine, Taylor Momsen, Jenna McDougall and Lynn Gunn are better than you.
So I lost my warped virginity a year ago today and Tay Jardine looked at me and I cried but you know nbd.
The signs as girls in alternative music - confusedcancer: Tay Jardine (We Are The In Crowd)- Gemini, Taurus...
All these things I've done by the killers is the best song on the planet also whatever you like by TI
at first I thought this was him replying
State Champs need to make a song with Tay Jardine
... Met Tay jardine from WATIC and in augest hopefully I will be meeting awesome guys that I cannot wait!
I hope I'm never reminded of what I was 12 hours ago
Tay jardine can we plEASE TAke a moment to appreciate the work of art that she iS
ZIo r Alex life r t and kassidy maid na it's
it's all bands then suddenly Tay Jardine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
aw emily why do I remind you of tay jardine lmao
If you don't agree that Tay Jardine is the most adorable human being the world has to offer then you and I simply cannot be friends.
Did you know I ship you with Tay Jardine? Bagay kayo talaga eh. β€βœ¨βœ–
Can we talk about how adorable jardine is
So glad all time lows new album sounds like a dirty work 2.0
nah, I prefer jenna McDougall or tay jardine
You guys are having your bands and artists come here. And im here, waiting for tay(jardine) to even reply.
I did not name my fish after u for u to betray me w some D list producer
Photoset: birthdayinla:Tay Jardine being her cute self (x)
Happy birthday! Bryan Cranston, Brandon T Jackson, Tay Jardine, and Laura Prepon have the same bday as you!
Tay Jardine is me. I am Tay Jardine. Tay Jardine and I are one.
I don't think I've talked about how *** I am for Tay Jardine in a while
Phew, I'm not the only one who thinks Tay Jardine looks similar to Tatiana Maslany
Tay Jardine reminds me of Tatiana Maslany lookwise
If u think u have hit ur lowest point, remember u have never played One Direction for ur pet fish named after a member of one direction
Honestly Tay Jardine is too cute who did she sell her soul to
Taylor isn't even singing and I'm crying
Tay Jardine is so adorable I hate everything
(Thinks deeply about the hot waiter at the Melting Pot)
Literally have more chance of dating Tay Jardine at this rate.
I just remembered Hayley and Chad are getting married. Now I'm sad because me and Tay aren't (would put Taylor but Taylor York, not Jardine)
PSA I just got a pet fish and named it Zayn
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tay Jardine is so hot i'm gonna die
Tay Jardine is like my ultimate girl crush
You don't look like Tay Jardine. She's too perfect to look like a normal person like you.
|| That'd be so cute and creative! Are you still keeping Tay Jardine as the FC?
Luke and Calum going to backstage after their perform at the KCA tonige || via media -K
Can everyone look at how hot this waiter is i wrote him a note of admiration on the check
I'd give anything to look like Tay Jardine, man.
Hung out with Tay Jardine on a literal chill level today
Nicole me acaba de mandar un video de Tay Jardine diciendo "Hi Sofia" and it just may be the best thing ever 😡
Do you ever suddenly remind yourself that you're not Hayley Williams, Jenna McDougall, Tay Jardine or Lynn Gunn and just cry bc same.
these kids keep saying I look like Taylor Swift...? I see myself as more of a Tay Jardine or Hayley Williams.
Tay Jardine all the way. Not Taylor momsen, not Hayley Williams.
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