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Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is a 1976 American Psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul Schrader.

Robert De Niro Martin Scorsese Travis Bickle Jodie Foster Raging Bull Harvey Keitel Cybill Shepherd Donald Trump Steve Schapiro Paul Schrader John Hinckley Jr President Reagan American Psycho Peter Boyle

Martin Scorsese is set to produce a DC's origin film for The Joker that will feel like "Taxi Driver." More details:
It's Robert De Niro's birthday! Celebrate by revisiting one of his most iconic scenes from Taxi Driver.
media unveiled another 'sweet gaze moments' of Ryu Junyeol - Hyeri at tvN Awards last year and during 'Taxi Driver' pre…
//Looks like a cross between Carol Danvers and Robert Dinero in Taxi Driver.
Taxi Driver (1976) Makeup artist *** Smith created a bald cap that was glued to De Niro's head & the mohawk was made of thi…
On Monday,at 6th day, A Taxi Driver passed the break-even point. After 4.5M veiwers,it is the black.
Salesman Death Match Easy Andy from Taxi Driver vs. Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross. "Always be closing," or "Is…
Cybill Shepherd and Martin Scorsese on the set of Taxi Driver (1976).
Jodie Foster & Harvey Keitel on the set of 'Taxi Driver' by Martin Scorsese. by Steve Schapiro.
The streets are a blaze and we're cruising to Bernard Herrmann's 'Taxi Driver' theme...
On Tooting Broadway Northern Line platform. The theme from Taxi Driver has popped up. Apt.
Publicity still of Robert De Niro from 'Taxi Driver' (1976) Martin Scorsese.
Steven Spielberg helped Martin Scorsese edit the shoot out scene in Taxi Driver.
Robert Pattinson in 'Good Time' like De Niro in 'Taxi Driver' - Safdie brothers
Robin Williams is Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. "You talkin to me?"
And while I like Rocky, it is NOT a better movie than either All The President's Men or Taxi Driver.
Cybill Shepherd is so unfathomably beautiful in Taxi Driver.
Dirty Harry and Taxi Driver are hard-right, anti-government gun fantasies. They're also brilliant. Politics and artistry are unrelated.
Robert De Niro worked fifteen hour days for a month driving cabs as preparation for 'Taxi Driver'. Tune into
For the love of the brilliant Martin Scorcese or Robert De Niro, tune in to Taxi Driver, only on tonight!
Suicide Squad has now won more Oscars than Psycho, Taxi Driver and The Shawshank Redemption combined.
I saw Taxi Driver, and Taxi Driver kind of saved my life. The scene where Robert De Niro is looking at himself in the mirror
an article designed to elicit responses. At the time was as groundbreaking as Taxi Driver and Network. Sport film 101
Taxi Driver (1976) premiered on Feb. 8, 1976, in the United States. Scored by Bernard Herrmann
Taxi Driver meets Dog Day Afternoon - F. Murray Abraham stars as a childish love interest. Set in space.
1527 - Cliff Schecter: Incompetence & Treason in the Trump Admin? & Film Guy Matthew Weiss: the Taxi Driver
Racist white taxi driver: "I'm not racist, but I get really uncomfortable when most of the people around me aren't white"
Why would they give up those Welfare checks, Taxi driver jobs and usher work at USBank Stadium (the Mog) in Minneapolis
Taxi driver from blue bird 43 old years
heavy love when u get a non Tory sound taxi driver
When u taxi driver come on the car and u swear you walked into a rum distillary 😒
Nerdy big *** amateur gets seduced by a taxi driver
Got too wee lassie mwi tonight and had to patch my 5 pound bistro dinner cos the taxi driver wis lit nae food NAE BOR
Standard 'so have you been busy tonight?' chat with the taxi driver
Very pretty amateur brunette pounded by Taxi driver
There ain't nothing like a "oh *** when ya climb on the back of a motorcycle taxi and the driver reeks of drink.
Hot amateur girl banged with taxi driver
Kitchener man facing charges over robbery at Tim Hortons location:
like I get the taxi driver technically "owns" the taxi but ill still be offended if they change the song
Just had the rudest taxi driver - he yawned loudly and said 'can you hurry up' while I was getting the money from my purse
If your dah drives a skoda and isn't a taxi driver then im sorry but he's a peedo
This taxi driver just said you smell like you are heading on a hot dateto me
Want to feel old?. This is what the taxi driver off the opening credits of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air looks like now. h…
driver today, immigrant, told me he was caring for son of neighbors there for funeral. Re-entry barred.
Thou shalt ask thy taxi driver if one has been busy that night
~spanking, but the taxi driver was going to get in the way of any fun. Oh well. Plus, he was trying to land the craft, so,~
My taxi driver just took selfie with me in the background
"I want people to see that’s it’s possible to have gender equality in the workplace."
Taxi driver been found guilty of rape after forcing a male passenger to perform a sex act as he drove. https:…
To paraphrase Sowell,if everyone's income doubled overnight the Left would be very angry-for the gap between the rich &…
"The size of the federal budget is not an appropriate barometer of social conscience or charitable concern." -Ronald Re…
Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect eac…
Smashing patriarchy in New short film "A day in the life of a female taxi driver."
Donny bouncing around the White House halls like Murray Moston after he gets his fingers messed up in "Taxi Driver"
'Taxi Driver' turns 41 today. See why it is one of Robert De Niro's best performances
*** taxi driver just kicked me out because the folks behind me were going farther. Urge to kill, rising.
Looked up from my phone and realised I had no idea where my taxi driver was going rip joe
My taxi driver just running lights ha
Life sentence for taxi driver who murdered East Ham love rival
My complaint about the taxi driver watching a video while driving has not been followed up. Unbelievable. Time to call
Overslept on train. Got taxi at end of line. Driver said, "you're the guy with the baby that doesn't sleep." Yeah. That's me.
Taxi Driver review – Scorsese's sleaze is still the bee's knees.
Genuinely fear for my life in this taxi, driver just drove down the wrong side of the road for a good few minutes 😐
movie opinions: Fences, The Lego Batman movie and Taxi Driver -
So apparently my taxi cab driver is a race car driver. Nearly peed myself. . Wait. I spoke too soon.
The fact a taxi driver refused to take me home last night because my mum was paying on arival...and we wonder why people go missing
Those gunshot scenes after laila song...Reminds me a bit of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver climax...Great direction and very realistic
Just in case you forgot. The Academy didn't even nominate Martin Scorsese for Best Director for Taxi Driver back in the 1970s.
actually it's a remake of Walter Hill's The Driver (1978) but yeah also Taxi Driver a bit
Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver, 1976.
Clerk: Is it still raining?. Me: Yup. Good hard rain will clean the streets. Ever see "Taxi Driver"?. Clerk: Is that…
that 2004 movie with queen latifah "Taxi Driver"
Taxi Driver explains what went wrong with Port Harcourt airport: "Oga, na politics. Amaechi bin wan do am, Jonathan no gree."
Taxi Driver had nothing to do with Andy Kaufman's character Latka becoming a cabbie.
Robert De Niro's performance in Taxi Driver is one of the best depictions of mental illness ever
Taxi Driver up from 81 to 80. Taare Zameen Par down from 82 to 84. The Sting up from 91 to 90.
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Meet Paul Schrader, the man behind American Gigolo and the other man behind Taxi Driver and Raging Bull:…
Taxi Driver. 1976. Scorsese. De Niro. Alternative Movie Poster (AMP). Designed by Minimalism at its best...
Happy 74th birthday to Martin Scorsese, seen here with Robert De Niro & Peter Boyle on the set of 'Taxi Driver'.
Why not go with the final scene of Taxi Driver? Give yourself the option to imagine being Robert De Niro or Harvey Keitel.
Flash Sentry's father works as a Taxi Driver in time without a single "how firm are the balls" discussion
"I still think about Jodie...someone needs to save in Taxi Driver" - John Hinckley, Jr.
"Now I see it clearly. My whole life has pointed in one direction. There never has been any choice for me.". Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle
Hollywood seems to be going mad. It's now Midnight Cowboy vs. Taxi Driver and I am Team Travis Bickle all the way 😆👊🏻
Robert De Niro has finally become Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.
Larry I'm not saying Bob De Nero's career has gone down hill , but I phoned up YUBER and Robert De Nero was my Taxi Driver!
As far as just Scorsese movies, I'd have Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, The Aviator, Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver all ahead, at least.
John Hinckley released, plans to kick back this weekend and watch "Taxi Driver" on Netflix.
I watched 'Rocky' and 'Raging Bull' and 'Taxi Driver' over and over again. They spoke to yo
Lana Del Rey, Japanese Theatrical Poster of Taxi Driver, pic of statue of Fredrick the great and Brandenburg Gate
Have you seen either movie more than 10x? Jurrasic Park or Taxi Driver?
Barry Evans takes Liz Fraser for a ride in The Adventures of a Taxi Driver
Too many! Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner "what's your all time favorite movie? love you…
John Hinckley Jr. . shot President Reagan & three others were shot and wounded. motivation the film Taxi Driver.
Empire Strikes Back. Apocalypse Now. American Psycho. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Taxi Driver. Blade Runner. Chinatown.
When the taxi driver has Blake Shelton playing 😭😭😭😭
This taxi driver has no idea about the geography of Birmingham, thought i was bad man
OMG I just said this and now THE GREAT Robert De Niro also says Trump is like 'Taxi Driver' Character Travis Bickle https:…
My taxi driver knew where every PokeStop was in Central Park 😂😂😂
Robert De Niro compares Trump to his character in ‘Taxi Driver’— "He is totally nuts"
Taxi driver literally charged me £20 for like a £35 journey because he definitely felt sorry for me 😭
Robert De Niro compares Trump with "Taxi Driver" character (from
taxi i booked picked up another passenger just when my phone prompted it has arrived. Driver then cancelled the booking.
Told the taxi driver to just drop me off to where £11.50 took me and he got me home in £11.20 yass
Robert De Niro thinks Trump is like his 'Taxi Driver' character
I've always kinda thought the taxi driver in Pulp Fiction, Esmerelda Villalobos, was a werewolf.
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Wen u r rly liking ur taxi driver until he says "typical of a woman" and u r left there like John :))) why :)
Me and taxi driver speaking since xx 2007
Robert De Niro compares Donald Trump to his mentally disturbed 'Taxi Driver' character
My taxi driver is af he trying to spark me up😂😂😂
Love having to put sick kitchen towel in my bin x cheers taxi driver love it xx
Taxi driver killed in multi-vehicle West Hollywood crash that also involved an Uber.
Irish Taxi Driver "If you look to your left you can see the Koreans" . Me " THE KOREANS!?". Irish Taxi Driver "THE CRANES…
I like how I get volunteered to be a *** free taxi driver. My car just got out the shop ppl not just off the lot. ***
A lawyer for A Professional Law Firm told me I reminded him of "Taxi Driver". I had not seen the movie. Now I have.
Why is my taxi driver asking me if I was out 'hunting tonight' cba for this hetro talk
Robert De Niro compares Donald Trump to 'Taxi Driver' character: "God help us"
ROBERT DeNIRO compares TRUMP to NUTJOB Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver? Wow! Right! I need to write a full...
Robert De Niro thinks Donald Trump is nuts, like his Taxi Driver character Travis Bickle.
Robert De Niro compares Donald Trump to Travis Bickle character from Taxi Driver
Robert De Niro has compared Donald Trump to Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver
Check this out Robert De Niro Compares Donald Trump to 'Taxi Driver' Character - Hollywood Rep...
Robert De Niro says Donald Trump is like his disturbed "Taxi Driver" character
Robert De Niro says Donald Trump is 'totally nuts,' compares him with 'Taxi Driver'…
Well done that Taxi Driver. For safety use a Black Cab or Addison Lee
John Hinkley watched Taxi Driver countless times. With each viewing he got more and more lost in…
I love Peter Boyle. Joe, Taxi Driver, Medium Cool, The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Mans been in some amazing films.
Taxi Driver at 40: Travis Bickle and the New Age of Vigilantism, writes
Unless there was a mirror involved a la Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.
My favorite was a reference to Taxi Driver: a character takes a cab and the muppet driver's dressed like Travis Bickle, mohawk and all.
1975. Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle on the set of Taxi Driver. Photo by Steve Schapiro.…
Thank God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk. 🎬 Taxi Driver, 1976, Martin Scorsese
Jodie Foster on the set of Taxi Driver, 1975. Photo by Steve Schapiro.
2/2 after all, 36 years ago John Hinckley Jr shot a US president to impress Jodie Foster after seeing Taxi Driver.
I am reminded of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, who will be his Jodi Foster?
I watched Taxi Driver again today.. Travis Bickle is far less a psycho than .. Get a doc..
Update your maps at Navteq
John Hinckley, Jr. was "inspired" by Martin Scorsese's 1976 film Taxi Driver ...
film. Writer-director Schrader had previously written the screenplay for Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver,
Robert De Niro during the shooting of the last and cathartic sequence of 'Taxi Driver' (1976) Martin Scorsese.
Travis Bickle driving past the marquee for Texas Chain Saw Massacre in Taxi Driver is my son that I won from that Chex Mix contest.
Waiting to see Taxi Driver at the @ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Greater NY
If my taxi driver dares to talk to me I will rip his head off
Uber, Lyft say proposed driver regs - 1-day course, $115 fee, bkgrd check - are too onerous.
When the conversation on Game of Thrones and Taxi Driver with the polish hairdresser becomes the highlight of my day, it's time to get a job
But why people complaining about Moha exposing the chips funga and not the taxi driver,he did not interact with JJ,she did
When you're about to miss your coach to the airport & the taxi driver is driving so ANNOYINGLY SLOW u want to bounce his head off the dash
My taxi driver is a G tho... I just might tip him
My taxi driver is watching Netflix..
This taxi driver is a c**t. Asked if I minded going for petrol on the way to work.. Said no, now he's been caught speeding & I'm gna be late
There will always be business for taxi driver if there's connect. -on with
If your anak pandai af, asal jadi taxi driver?
Are Jamaican men becoming more open about *** Yesterday I took a taxi home & the driver (a Rasta) was so open about "eating"!
Our taxi driver used to run our local takeaway and was getting all passionate about chips. Safe to say We're getting takeaway tonight.
Mom might not let me go to Antigua 😫 she said she doesn't know if I'll get back in one piece smh. All of this because of the taxi driver smh
Taxi driver fined for picking up disabled passenger in Carlisle city centre:
First time riding driver She is so sweet and brave to be alone driving at night.
I was in a taxi once where the driver was clipping his nails.
protected the identity of the Taxi driver and tow guy, but revealed that of the woman a classic double standard.
Never thought that I would have a thought provoking insight about malaysia from a taxi driver. It was a really deep talk. Glad to have that.
For sure but I feel safer in a taxi now because of the app. If there's a problem, they'll know who my driver was.
They have access to approx 7800 taxi driver email addresses. Yet only 538 filled it in.1/2
Taxi driver dies and 13 passengers injured after bus collision (via
While we r talking about Mansur's death, I'm still thinking about whether the taxi driver was innocent.
When you cba talking and the taxi driver wants to play 20Q 😪
CCTV footage catches taxi driver fly tipping in
The lawyer for a taxi driver who sexually assaulted a woman in 2013 while driving her home from a Melbourne nightclub,…
Hate having a taxi driver that makes no effort of making conversation at all
another fake transaction registered. And same taxi driver got confirmed for me again
We're nearing the end of our TAXI DRIVER month. . Just one last bit of trivia then: did you know that Schrader...
Five stories from the difficult, magical making of TAXI DRIVER from the peerless filmmakers.
Am I gonna be hackled by some new meter taxi driver if I don't have cash on me?
Angle of a taxi driver taking short cuts to avoid the traffic lights, 👏🏻👏🏻
When the taxi driver pulled over to ask for my name and number last night...
£9 to get in from the town, is my taxi driver taken the hand?
When I booked my taxi the lady asked my name and I can see on the driver's phone that she spelled it Germmima. Phenomenal.
Would you be comfortable in a taxi with no driver? It may be here sooner than you think. Who will turn on the radio?
Do you have any reaction to 's 'taxi driver' comments, or 'tumbling' matches with ?
when u in jb and u wanna go home by bus and u came across malaysian taxi driver saying " SINGAPORE SINGAPORE LAI SINGAPORE " annoying af 🙄
Taxi driver has his mate on loud speaker and his mates like I had a threesome last night 😂😂😂😂
The new law in Quebec would see driver's licences revoked up to 90 days for illegal taxi service
Egyptian taxi driver listening to the Quran while catcalling out the window & cursing everyone out lmao
Taxi driver: "So what course are you doing? ... No let me guess you're doing wildlife conservation" Uhm thank you?
Terrified passengers see taxi driver shot dead in front of their eyes
Muslim Taxi driver accused of bundling woman into car boot is cleared of kidnap The Jury believed h…
Dear Sir,. When I was going to board the cab one Private taxi Owner repeatedly abused & threatened OLA driver as well as me.
Honestly .. I hate when my patience &niceness (is that a word ?) is tested .had to curse out the taxi driver this morning.
coz Dubai less corruption than negara yg satu tu.. Driver taxi sana pon ckp no way you can deal with police here
Yeah, I had a chat like that with an UberX driver when I was there last weekend. Taxi also took me the wrong route day before.
+++The Pastor and the Taxi Driver+. A Pastor and a taxi driver arrived at the Pearly Gates. St.Peter...
Dang, Robert DeNiro asked Cybill Shepherd out on a date while they were making Taxi Driver & she declined so he didn't speak to her for the
Let's take a second to remind ourselves that the biggest name on the "Taxi Driver" poster is Cybill Shepherd...
Richard, my 5 top DeNiro movies are: Godfather 2, Once Upon a Time in America, King of Comedy, Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver.
Robert De Niro during the filming of the movie Taxi Driver, 1976
Taxi Driver picks up Kimberley Walsh. Meet Rob, a taxi driver from Bradford ...
"I wrote Taxi Driver (1976) as personal therapy, not as a commercial project" - Paul Schrader
Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, and more discuss "Taxi Driver" at 40
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Robert De Niro during the filming of 1976 movie Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver reunion photo is missing Paul Schrader, who actually wrote Taxi Driver
Phil's kinda looking like De Niro in Taxi Driver
Back together after 40 years: Cast of Taxi Driver, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and Cybill Shepherd
3 Movies you should have seen but haven't. Titanic, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull.
Concert feat. Taxi Driver to headline YMCA fundraiser at Whiskey Roadhouse
Bob, you're an actor. Leave the science to scientists. Would you want to watch Einstein in Taxi Driver?
"in London I was a Taxi Driver, in America I was a Plate Washer, I nearly Kill my dream to be A Street Sweeper" -
I saw 'Taxi Driver,' and 'Taxi Driver' kind of saved my life. The scene whe...
'Taxi Driver' is a movie that changed my life and made me a serious actor. ...
While seeing David Lindley, reminisced about the tv scene from Taxi Driver with this tune. seen it?
I remember being very influenced by 'Taxi Driver', and also Tommy Lee Jones...
Taxi Driver, starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster (1976) Directed by Martin Scorsese
Director Martin Scorsese, Albert Brooks and Cybill Sheperd on the set of Taxi Driver (1976).
Taxi Driver turns 40 this year and they're hosting a star-studded celebration at Tribeca Film Festival 2016.
Website Builder 728x90
'Taxi Driver' stars to mark movie's 40th anniversary at the Tribeca Film Festival
"Taxi Driver" 40th anniversary Festival with FD Hall of Famer Paul Schrader! https:…
The Mack & Taxi Driver $8 admission for two classics from the 70s. (@ New Beverly Cinema) on
Taxi Driver meets Jake O'Connor in Tower of Love: The Historic Park Theatre and the Fight to Save It for Later
Taxi Driver was done by Bernard Hermann who also scored Psycho and Citizen Kane among many others. He is a legend.
Sunday fact: Paul Schrader wrote Taxi Driver in five days. It is rumoured he had a loaded gun by his desk for “inspiration and motivation”.
IMDb. Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver. Joan Allen as Pat Nixon in Nixon. Tom . Cruise as Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July.
The stars of Taxi Driver – Jodie Foster, Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel – in 1976, the year the fi
'Taxi Driver' wasn't autobiographical in terms of the actual events, but I ...
Paul Schrader told me Awards that 3 novels influenced Taxi Driver: Notes from the Underground, The Stranger & Nausea. Read em
Godfather 2, Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter, Mean Streets, Dirty Grandpa, one of these films is not like the others. Come on De Niro.
Taxi Driver takes long route to avoid traffic cops, before the Mamas can complain, he plays Joyous Celebration...
It's hard not to see "Bull" as the more sublime achievement, but "Taxi Driver's" layered American idiom provokes more critical essays
40 years ago today Martin Scorsese's 'Taxi Driver' was first released.
This is very true. The good stuff (American Psycho, Taxi Driver, the Dollars Trilogy, for instance) stays on for about 2-3+
De Niro and Scorsese on the set of Taxi Driver. Photograph by Steve Schapiro.
Mr White, the Bad Lieutenant, Judas, the pimp from Taxi Driver.. [removes geek costume]. It's Harvey Keitel
12 year-old Jodie Foster and older sister, Connie, who stood in for her more explicit scenes in "Taxi Driver," 1976.
Jodie Foster and her sister Connie who doubled for her on the set of Taxi Driver, 1976
I just had a great *** over Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. Don't worry, I checked. She's 52
Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver is actually Tommy Wiseau, don't @ me
Perhaps but I stand by it. Wong Kar-wai is a genius but imo The Grandmaster makes Ip Man look like Taxi Driver.
King Jaffe Joffer. I have also noticed 'Taxi Driver' and 'The King of Comedy' are on later. Two fantastic films.
Did my taxi driver just crop dust me?
Just had a taxi driver tell me he can't take me to BK because he has a fear of bridges and highways.
Taxi driver refused blind woman a lift home because of her GUIDE DOG
Im moving to the Netherlands and becoming a taxi driver😂 Can get paid with sexual favors
Taxi Driver is still one of the most mind blowing, disturbing, introspective, and masterful films ever created.
"I hope the taxi driver has an aux cord" -
Rolled up to a gas station to see a taxi parked with no driver, but with someone in the front seat 😂
S/O to for being my taxi driver today!
I added a video to a playlist Taxi Driver
Sorry. I'm half asleep and just noticed Taxi Driver is on.
Speculation 'abandoned taxi' driver may be oligarch or celebrity
Taxi Driver not once deviates from its themes, in how it's shot or the dialogue add libbed by its brilliant actors. Perfect cinema.
TAXI DRIVERS AND CHAUFFEURS. For travelling from one place to another .
Taxi Driver (1976) is an American Psychological thriller and drama. Directed by Martin Scorsese.
Taxi driver tried to go the long way to get more $ and now I'm way out from where I'm staying getting on the subway. Extra 30 min. ***
Police believe a taxi driver was performing a U-turn in Albert Park when a motorcyclist was hit and killed.
I once did that, told the driver to gimme my money back I'll catch another taxi.😂😂
It's been the 4-th taxi driver to ask me whether I come from Syria.
When I was dating, my goal was to just do better than Travis Bickle does with Cybill Sheppard in Taxi Driver. Aim high I always say.
Just sang a duet with my taxi driver. There's nothing like Fairytale of New York at 7am...
The taxi driver jst took out 4 guys in the taxi coz our odour,yah neh
After a long stretch of work, I need to de-compress with a movie that provides a nice, relaxed mood. So I'm watching Taxi Driver?
Isn't it incredibly appropriate that I can't sleep so I decide to watch "Taxi Driver". Man-o-man, Cybill Shepherd wad quite the looker.
There should be punishment 4 taxi driver that will see you putting on white cloth and will pick up a dirty mechanic to sit beside you.
Taxi gets stuck and the driver asks you to push?! TF!
- Make Extra Cash with a Flexible Schedule as a Luxe Valet
Can someone please tell this Taxi driver to remove himself from my mentions. It's not Bree taxi rank
The taxi driver switched off Adele -- mid song. Either his life is perfect, or he has three days to live. No middle gr…
"I liked Bernie Sanders but his fans ruin him for me" . makes sense. I liked Taxi Driver but John Hinckley Jr ruined it for me
like how John Hinckley blamed Taxi Driver for shooting President Reagan.
Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Gangs of New York, Good fellas, The Departed, Casino, The Wolf of wall Street... the list goes on.
at is Taxi Driver (1976) starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster
There's a little boy on the train who's watching himself in the window doing a mean face à la Taxi Driver or Vinz in La Haine.
can you do a Robert DiNero - Taxi Driver piece?? Or maybe even a smooth criminal type Johnny Depp piece??
Taxi driver, my shrink for the hour leave the meter runnin it's rush hour take the streets if you wanna just outrun the demons, could you?
Taxi Driver and 3 passengers survive strike by MPD car. Survivor to tell his story soon
More trickle down disgusting culture towards women - starts at the top - .
taxi driver forced my friends to leave as they were holding hands in a homophobic attack. Deeply not ok.
im not surprised why get an Uber when u can support a London Taxi driver?
just a clown with a keyboard that watches too much Taxi driver
Why Uber Wins: Uber as a model in itself is a disruptor and a threat. Ask a taxi driver...
My taxi driver said he wanted to give me his business card and handed me a paper with his cell phone number on it...
Al Roker claims NYC taxi driver didn't pick him up because he's black
Yo i'm a fellow London taxi driver and i have followed you. I believe we might have met once at a taxi convention.
the taxi driver is now following my uber. im just chillin in the back eating pop tarts and bumpin Future. my day is lit
then i just hopped in my uber. a taxi driver cuts him off and stops his car and says "get the fck out of here your an U…
This is where he's not helping himself...I may not be "a Valencian taxi driver" but I can see that we were completely outplayed
BBC actress fury after 'sharia' Uber taxi driver told her she was 'disgustingly dressed' Sharia creatures out!!
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