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Tax Day

In the United States, Tax Day is a colloquial term for the day on which individual income tax returns are due to the federal government.

Uncle Sam Emancipation Day

Thousands crowd Daley Plaza in Chicago for Tax Day march to demand Trump release tax returns ht…
40 states, over 100 US cities...There are even protests planned in countries that don't have a Tax Day! Germany Japan…
Thousands expected for Tax Day march calling for Trump to release his returns
On April 15 (Tax Day!) Demand transparency from Lace up and join:
Tax day is the 18th! Rush on over to one of our FREE tax prep sites and we'll help you file. No fees. Seriously.
Palm Beach County spends more than $60K a day when the president visits, mostly for law enforcement overtime.
Tax breaks overwhelmingly go to top earners and corporations
Going to go ahead and hold off on emailing my cousin who is a tax accountant until after tax day...
global practices: clear as clean Read the Greens/EFA letter calling for greater https:/…
Historic day. AK House passed HB 111 to protect the economy by fixing flawed oil tax credit subsidy system.…
Send RSS feed update to any email every day. | Home-sharing tax progr…
Exxon, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, GE paid no taxes at all in at least one year from 2008 to 2015. show them YOU DID.…
Reminder: In a few days, Tax Day, be sure to list these parasites as your dependents on Line 6c 1040. In the meantime,…
Should Palm Beach County tax to cover $60,000 a day in costs to them when he visits Mar-a-Lago? .
.Etay Maor talks to about & how criminals are selling tax info on the Dark Web…
As tax day looms, here’s a guide to knowing when you need a pro to file your return via
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It's almost Tax Day. Do you know where your President's taxes are?. Support the Presidential Tax Transparency Act. ☎️:https:…
Tax Day 4/18! Prepare to file your taxes with these and learn about e-filing with
$20 million in his first 80 days for travel. Remember that on tax day folks.
Rallies ramp up to demand Trump release taxes on Tax Day
Tax Day is April 18. wants to keep his returns secret. That's why I introduced H.R. 540 to compel thei…
Sign the Thunderclap to join Tax Day social media day of action to say budget increase
Fraud will remain the order of the Day because supports and encourages it
Count me in for the On April 15 (Tax Day!) I’ll be demanding transparency from Lace up and join: https…
Don’t forget — Charitable Tax Credits have been increased, and the deadline has been extended through Tax Day.
Authors: Have you entered the contest yet? Deadline is Tax Day...
April 15th is not Tax Day in RoRo land! The Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ's gon be lit with RO & the guys of...
You're invited to join me for an Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders CORE Group starting in April (after Tax Day) >>…
Trump claims no one cares about his taxes. The next mass protest should be on Tax Day to prove him wrong.
A quietly purposeful day sorting tax and admin stuff. Feeling on top of it all.
The Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down. The last employee will be fired on tax day!
so you won't visit National African American museum for MLK day but you'll make a special trip on tax payer dollars 2 Putin
Those issuing Fatwas & Threats against PM Narendra Modi must realize that there is no tax imposed on Day Dreaming. Carry on…
Old Maurice Chevalier song for Tory UK? "Tax haven for dividends, for dividends get bigger every day..."
On the same day he releases his tax returns
A low-tax, low-regulation economy is not a low-wage economy, Au contraire. Singapore has twice our GDP pe…
hehe ... We will do it the day you show your tax returns and divest
I am no *** but a tax paying citizen and veteran who loves his country and want a better…
Many have suggested election day should follow tax return due date by one day.
I just met my tax hero and it was awesome! He resolved my issue and saved the day! I'm on cloud 9 💓turbotax
No tax? No mot?. no driving for the rest of the day!. vehicle seized A27 shoreham.
"Sometime after he assumes office" -Sounds promising. I expect he'll visit it on the same day he releases his tax returns...
and his tax returns. And his conflicts of interest. Every *** day.
It's tax return day for me! I've put it off for long enough.I've been at it four hours so far.Eaten far too...
Tax Time !! Hit the Link to get your total amount. Get your Taxes done the SAME DAY !💰💸💳 💯💯
... Ireland will beat you in a tax competition race any day of the week since they're in the EU + have low taxes
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Tax update: putting train tickets into month order then checking diary to see if they were on a lecturing day (PAYE) or a freelance day. 😕🔫
The American tax payers are going to be paying a million dollars a day for Trump and his family to stay in NY instead of living in DC
Tax Day 2017 fast approaching: Tips and hints for filing
I pray is won't last long. Jail for tax fraud? Or for treason? Both? He is already the worst without one day in of…
Today would be a good day to release Trumps tax returns, sex tapes/other related material. .
Tax Day! These colonists are not happy about being taxed by Great Britain. 👑💵
Sing for a free burger at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville on Tax Day
Allegiant Air gives passengers fare refunds on Tax Day.
Air gives passengers fare refunds on Tax Day
Gotta enjoy the FREE stuff and sweet coupons many local businesses offer for Tax Day! Hear of others?
Gotta love the free stuff and awesome coupons many local businesses offer on Tax Day! Hear of any others?
Tax Day is almost over, but we still want to know what you think. Are families taxed enough already?
The clock is ticking on these Tax Day freebies. Act fast!
Headlines - Tax Day freebies and deals: Martin Diaz Alvarez
If elections were held the first Tuesday after Tax Day we wouldn't have career politicians. .
I know Illinois families are taxed enough already. Let us know what you think about Tax Day tomorrow:
Tax Day at the ball park! Grab a hot dog, soda or beer for just $4.15! .
The impending Tax Day brings renewed conversation on taxes- sign if you agree that we're already taxed enough
It's Tax Day -- why don't you spend some of your refund taking flight?
It's Tax Day -- you're going to spend your refund at iPhixit iPhone and Wireless Device Repair Center right?
Last chance to contribute to an before Tax Day! Don’t forget to make your 2015 IRA contribution by April 18.
Tax Day is nearly here, which gets us thinking...aren't we already taxed enough? Tell us what you think.
How big-money lobbying is making Tax Day even more complicated - Sunlight Foundation (blog): Sunlight Foundati...
This Monday, we're celebrating Tax Day by giving out cash - 1040 EZ Money Hot Seats:
Happy client phone calls make my day! Even if the rest of the day has been filled with tax docs & lawyers.
Don't forget about our Tax Day Open House next Friday! We will have food, prizes and are giving away an iPad mini...
A brief history of Tax Day, as told in comic-strip form via
1 more day until The Tax Scene's Casino Night @ The Continental! If you haven't already RSVP'd do it now!...
10 days until Tax Day. Have you filed your taxes yet? Or do you need to file an extension?
April 18th is quickly approaching! Check out these tips for couples from
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Tax day is coming. Here's how to get your paperwork in order:
LA Tax Day today. After handing over $ Eating our poor man's homemade ramen soup
Get over tax day by taking this live webinar on April 15th instead and EARN
Absolutely true, David Cameron has one too, tax payer pays 4 days a wk, 1 day by Tory party. https:/…
US House panel to hold hearing 4/13 on bill to create 30-day threshold before states can tax income earned by…
Controversial topic of the day.Is tax avoidance patriotic?
Post Edited: PR Authority arranged a declamation contest to kick off the Tax Day celebrations
Ken, like me, has made a bit of dosh out of Iran's *** hangers. You've got to make a living. Then not pay tax on it. https:…
Has there ever been a more baseless 'scandal' than a PM who paid all the tax he should have done and declared all the i…
4/15 Toast to Tax Day w/ Vanilla Chai Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout that is sure to help your mood.
Tax Day is April 18th this year. Why? Ask Abe. Need last minute tax help?
Great performance from lawyer Tory MP Victoria Atkins dagger into Livingstone over his tax affai…
4 super lucky winners in the Tax Day Full Of Winners -
DAVE'S DARKEST DAY: Tax scandal, EU leaflet public like Cameron LESS than CORBYN
Strange how those on benefits live in fear every day while tax cheats laugh up their expensive sleeves
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
At work with 1 sale to start off. Looking forward to the Tempe Arts Festival this weekend. Tomorrow's tax day. Uncle Sam wants his too. Lol.
Make Tax Day a little better with these freebies and deals you can get!. Check them out here -...
Anyone remember this level of outrage when David and Ed Miliband avoided inheritance tax by deed of variation on dad's ***
Tax Day is April 18. Ease your financial stress with these tips, courtesy of
Freedom Day came on Jan. 22 in 1900. It will arrive on April 24 this year htt…
In the sense that migration is the regular seasonal movement. In one place on pay day, in another on tax day...
When your tax return and paycheck come in on the same day >>> 🤑🤑🤑🤑
BOGO your face off on Tax Day, Mon, April 18
Nana's quote of the day . "You're only promised two things in life Tax and Death"
Your day will come Kenneth. Your day will come. Ken's Spectacular Tax Hypocrisy via
..It means it's not going through their 'books'. ..That's Tax Evasion. ..And it happens EVERY DAY.
Great that the opposition came up with a snappy 3 point plan to reduce aggressive tax avoidance, and spent all day promoting it. *wakes up*
I’ve heard of crazy things people do excuse filing extension, but flying to the Vatican for Tax Day? Show us your tax returns before you go!
BLT Steak, I will take you up on yr 1/2-off drinks offer on Tax Day--after I do my free shredding
same media organization asking for Corbyn to resign the other day for criticizing Cameron over tax dodging
I see. April 15 is tax day, so high-tail it to the Vatican just before Clever! htt…
Things you won't miss in the apocalypse...Part 3. Tax Day -- And who would ever miss this?.
So which Commissioners will be brave enough to arrest Cameron for Election Fraud, Tax evasion and lying every day this week?
We issued a new tax day scam alert: Beware of an Email Phishing Tax Scam from "The Boss"
Thanks to for recognizing our Freedom Day report!
With tax day almost upon us, here is the plain english guide to homeowner tax benefits.
Tax Day All products on our site 30% off til Apr 15! Use code: TAXDAY30.
Oh no! is a week away! Well, make it fun with these uplifting movies:
STOP TAKING Ls like and cop the new from the TAX TIME PARODY group the 90 day…
Petition to shut down tax havens gets 150k signatures in first day: can we reach 300k by end of today?
I just entered to Win a $75 PayPal or Amazon GC It's a Tax Day
Tax Day will be like the Boston Tea Party but this patriot is a lone wolf. Watch out, Koskinen!
It's Tax Day in the Unites States: "Let me tell you how it will be. There's one for you nineteen for me, cuz I'm the Tax Man!"
Procrastination is my downfall I need to spark today so its gonna be one *** of a long day today work work work and sorting out my tax bill
. I don't agree on increase in water Tax. Wth alternate day supply I'm Happy. There r other ways 2. SAVE. and. GENERATE revenue
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The day I get my tax return back, I will pay my bills. Yay. Legos are fun though...
Forget roses, I want your entire tax return for Valentine's Day.. Ok and maybe some roses too.
My tax returns can come in any day now pls an thank you
Ok Ladies leave the boys at home and head to Tantalize for our SAVE THE TAX DAY . NO TAX ON…
Seriously check my bank account numerous times a day hoping my tax refund will be in there.
Got a $290 iPhone for free, found out I'm getting $400+ dollars back in my tax return and got a box of Trix. Ask me how my day is going!!!
Forget Valentine's Day, In a relationship or not, February will always be the month of tax returns🤑
Everyone's over here excited for Valentine's Day and I'm here like yo where's my tax money at? 😜
I finished my homework, I drove at night, and I got my first tax form. I think I adulted correctly (for one day)???
my tax returns came in today and I'm boutta be rich ... for like a day or two
Pugs for President 2016 - we'd have tax free pizza and get paid to nap
I heard turnout was lower than expected the 1st day. Sorry your tax dollars went to that monstrosity.
PipsToDollars: Tax strategies for day traders
Day Rooms are available for $49 +tax between 9am and 4pm daily. Please call (760) 329-6000 for availability.
Thank you tax payers for paying for my food and drinks tonight and yesterday and the day before and for the next two weeks
Bernie claims his middle class tax increase will be offset by "free" health care. It'll all be expensive at the end of the day.
Just confirmed that leap year = one more day to issue tax receipts.
How much is custom framing? Less than a 7-day cruise. 1.5 years worth of dollar burgers plus tax. 1 month worth of Dallas apartment rent.
When your tax returns drop the same day you get paid 🙄
just saw this! I was in tax training all day. It's one of the many things I'm here for!
I think I'm going to make myself wait until the day after tax season is over 🙄
so...the tax payers now give him £300 per day? Is that why he went for his Lordshipness HoL title?
Though of the day. From my view point sanjay sarkar. Pleas smile bcz smile is tax free .
Saving for a house, car or tuition? Apply your refund toward these goals.
Yup, sounds like my day today, spent 6 hours working on a 2014 Form. 1040. Only enter K -1's and estimated tax... and my team pump more dope to these streets than Dboyz on tax refund day
TAX DAY AND FLAG DAY WOOO!!! WHO CARES ABOUT 4th of July and shoutout to the man John F Kennedy who's always been there DEAD
Today is a great day. The rest of my scholarship money transferred to my bank account & I found out how much my tax return is.
"Urging everyone to sign petition for opposition day debate on tax avoidance
ask my gov how he has big rainy day fund by not giving local county's their $. This our local tax gets raised
Tax day got moved and it's on my birthday this year so there's that
We look forward to joining you for a fun and successful race day.
Urging everyone again today to sign Labour's petition ahead of our opposition day debate on tax avoidance h…
I don't want my tax money I earn one day going towards something that is "free" to someone. Why vote for Bernie???
valentine's day isn't a real holiday anyway. Jus a way the big business gets that tax return money from people in February lol.
Literally don't get stressed all day then at 00:27 I stress over council tax I don't want to be an adult anymore
My tax guy says "I doubt you wanna come in on Valentine's Day." . Why? Is there a date I don't know I'm supposed to go on?
Tax Day moved for 2016 because of Emancipation Day, celebrated April 15th an official public holiday in DC. Not due to leap year!
PSA: Apple is wrong. Tax Day is April 18th this year due to Emancipation Day, a DC Holiday (April 15th this year).
Will eat food worth 2800 plus tax every second day at an expensive restaurant but threaten to fire the servant if he a…
Today's the day! 2nd round of CV Bake off. Director Matt up against Tax Manager Tim in biscuit week. Results tmw!
Nice little tax rebate much needed, all I need now is a day off to take my cheque to the bank
Great day today with lots of motorists spoken to & more vehicle being seized.
We keep individuals and businesses from the economic damage that is caused by IRS income tax debts every day. Lets talk
We protect people and corporations from the financial devastation that results from IRS tax debt every day. Call me
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
DP Ruto dishing millions every other day @ harambee's. We us Tax Payers demand to knw where is all that ksh coming from
Classics Study Day for key stage 5 students on 19th November.
For this week's A chart that saw some interest y'day on National Living Wage and tax & benefit changes
Travellers still in Wheelers Lane. Day four. Are they moving on? I hope we all get four days tax free living
Hear the label: Collecting tax free cash 4 sitting around & not believing in something all day long snds prtty sweet!
Vex-easy colorado day space: questions myself be in for tax hasty versus borscht circuit a fenestra: ZJjo
Signed petitions for food revolution day & tax on sugary drinks & superfood book is arriving today!
Bangladeshi govt doing a u-turn on its 7.5% VAT tax on tuition fees. Great day for the Bangladeshi student movement.
Yes indicating a refund to my cc for all charges except tax for 1 day only as agreed when set up.
Nikky just wants to keep his tax payer funded job with perks at end of day. He will stay in box once numbers are fixed 4 MT
I look like her on the day she sucked her cheeks in put in pigtails and tried to get in with a native tribe for 'tax credits' . (.___ . )
Awesome, first day of my week off and what do I need to do. My TAX for the year 😭😭
So had the day as a holiday too spend it to try and sort my tax out!😒 Eugh trying to understand them is the difficult thing!🙈
Why could Sept. 16th be one of the busiest days for
Not pretending to huate. I will one day be a millionaire.
makes you wonder about the whereabouts of all the tax payers $$? We all pay it every pay day. Anybody know??
Day off for voting or mandatory 2 hours off to go vote, and a tax credit for voting.
I'm fine with paying tax. It's the 5 day delay that *** and that's with UPS. Actually might be a full week as they said tomorr
One-day tax break coming for Colorado marijuana buyers -
Get ready for the one-day tax holiday on Colorado weed: by http:/…
Promise is only Promise. Shall we need to pay more tax dollars for realizing his day dream?
how abt Yoga day 6Crore worth of SMS expenditure??. THAT'S ALSO TAX PAYERS MONEY !
I haven't been this disappointed since the day I found out that they take tax from our tips out of our pay checks
ONE DAY LEFT for those that need to file Partnership & Corporate Tax Returns for 2014. Call us at (956) 386-1676...
I'd like to see work 1 day with me shingling a roof in 30° and see how big of a tax scam my small business …
"I'm tired of busting my *** every day to scrape by, while MY TAX dollars take care of these "refugees". I'll keep my guns loaded."
Those high corporate tax rates is what made us a global leader back in the day. End the agreements that make it
Excellent! It's about time we taught teenagers that violent prison anal is what happens on April 15th tax day.
Well they all just got HUGH tax right offs😊 I deal with numbers all day.
Food & drink industry has a interest in making children fat:extra 200kcal/day consumed=$400/child /year in profits http…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I disagree but I've got a long day of telling people how valuable their low tax investments are tomorrow (yay me).
Just went to a leadership conference all day. Now have a CA meeting, work, and 4 hours of tax homework left to do for tomorrow :/
One-day tax break coming for marijuana buyers .
Too much tax revenue forces to declare one day tax holiday Sept 16. Via AP
Happy Monday all :). To achieve your goals you must take action! Have a great day everyone!
Abbott will go after qual date 4 lifelong place at tax trough... isn't there some by-election or something the day after?
put me in coach I'll take the fair tax Avery day and Sunday also compared to current mess
all those poor people Know they're gonna make a million dollars any day now. So don't tax the rich! Hehe ***
Tax holiday: tax quirk forces state to suspend new taxes for a day—this Wednesday, says:
One-day tax break coming for marijuana buyers . http:/…
Dr.Swamy as (if) FM, repeats nth time, 1st day 1st job, ABOLISH INCOME TA…
I wonder if Tax Day is the most philosophical day for capitalists, the time to look back over the year and take account...
Alabama's deputy revenue commissioner learned a lot about tax ID theft when he fell victim a month before Tax Day.
Tax Day was 4/15. But Minnesotans have to work until 4/30 to pay their tax obligations.
Fight for 15 movement takes to the streets on Tax Day, calling for better pay - New York Daily News
Tax day has come and gone and all of our Duckys survived. Congrats to our Tax Day winners Crystal Weaver and Jackie Hopkins Taublee.!
Why all your work for Tax Day is worth more than a refund build a Emergency Financial First Aid K…
Letter: Massachusetts can make next Tax Day more fair - Fall River Herald News
isn't just for Tax Day. Join NETWORK in advocating for tax justice 365 days a year
Tax Day reminder: tax rates are merely legal minimums. If you believe taxes are too low, you are free to send more.
From Pam McAlister: It’s Tax Day, a good time to recount the most famous nonviolent tax protest -- Lady Godiva’s...
It's Tax Day, but it's also Make A Race Preview Day. This week I made one for the Illinois Derby & Sixty Sails H'cap.
Abbott Continues Calls for Tax Relief: Speaking at a small business in North Austin on Tax Day, Gov. Greg Abbo...
You're invited! Take a break from Tax Day with $4.99 wells and house wine, $4.99 street tacos and pretzel fondue,...
Origami Owl - Monika Ceralde, Independent Designer is offering a promotion today to celebrate Tax Day!...
Today is Tax Day, or for Massachusetts residents, Fund The First Year of Aaron Hernandez’s Lifetime Prison Sentence Day.
Washington, DC — April 15th is Tax Day in the United States. Congressman Steve King has released a video...
Obama, GOP mark Tax Day with political pitches: The White House and Congress use the tax deadline ... Tscent
Here's why Tax Day *** for pro athletes, including UFC vet Donald Cerrone
5 things to know about Tax Day: For most, it's not that bad - News, Weather and Classifieds for Southern New England
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Reminder: Tax Day family! Uncle Sam wants to hear from you..
Ease the pain of Tax Day with any Rube's Brews for Only $3.00 from Waddell's Brewing Company.
Some thoughts on Tax Day: Bring us back to 1913 (or better yet, bring us back to 1912!)
$4.15 margaritas for Tax Day...moving all my afternoon mtgs remotely to Bar Takito 2day. Ay yi yi.
Thanks Don's American Songbook for sharing Irving Berlin's contribution to Tax Day. Happy Tax Day to all.
Tax Day got you down? Think "sunny" thoughts and register for Garden Center's 2015 Super Sunny 5k run/walk. If...
A day before Tax Day, White House threatens to veto bill repealing the estate tax:
H-O-F blog Tax Day freebies and register to win a Qdoba gift card: Comment at the end of this story to win a Q...
2015 Tax Day: This Wednesday. 4/13/15 With five times as many words as the Bible, the IRS tax code is growing...
Two things in life are certain, taxes and Tax Day specials at the bar from 5 - 9 p.m. with select $1 cocktails on 4/15
It's getting close to Tax Day! Check out this video from for rules about dependents and
That looks like it. Used to be the "Town Crier." is booked for Wed. April 15-- Tax Day. Music starts @ 8. Adv Tkts $10.
April 15, 2015 (( Tax Day )) Last day for filing federal income tax returns
yes busy work day audit and tax season na kasi pero I started early so I can watch tonight FM episode.. Ayaw ko mamiss e!
Is there a God. Most don't care. There's a World 2 live. Far out there. Money to be made. So that one day. We can leave it. As tax.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Did my tax return WITHOUT help from my dad last night, so I should probably be getting my grown up card in the post any day now.
Weekly news from IL – bedroom tax, Disabled Access Day, Change100, Remploy, accessible toilets & more!
One example how ally Congress Party looted
Always a fab day when you wake up to a tax rebate 💃💃💃💃
In the same day I find out I got a tax rebate and I've got a ticket for the Chelsea game in the capital one cup
Are you fu**in kidding me. 27% tax on Domino's. Mc d etc. Its like my 1 time meal. 1 day wage of a poor man.
Best day ever already woken up have a tax repayment and birthday stuffs started to arrive 😍
Word Up running a one day Get Up, Stand Up workshop on Wed 25 Feb, public speaking training for women
Today's training day is all about tax and HMRC.
Free room and board with 3 meals a day and free medical. As a tax payer I'm over supporting them and there demands.
Quote of the day: "governments are greedy asking companies to pay tax" just gotta love warwick business school
Closest I get to a day off this is... Work at 4pm... Best get that tax and dooby out
... the mail one day and had a random tax refund from the Aussie govt a year after I left. Where'd they even get my UK address!?
Las Vegas Sun - GOP is all about tax cuts for rich - On the first day of the 114th Congress, Republicans went afte...
If your tax return is three months late HMRC will start charging daily penalties of £10 per day for a period of up to 90 days
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Media practitioner queries collection of TV tax by LGs
day 1/6/15 republicans 'for US 1%" start plans to raise regressive gas tax on poor & working class
Gonna be a long day & then my car goes for its service & MOT tomorrow & tax & insurance due end of this month, I hate January 😪
A good day to stay in and get that tax return done!
Decisions decisions.some options for snowy day in today :( :(
Now get 35 On-net Minutes for Rs.8.37 incl. tax only by dialing *345*707# from your Q-Brand 6 package. Validity of Minutes is 1 day.
it's tax return day for me. Which means 6hrs staring out the window at the snow, 30 min panicking on HMRC website
Fact of the day. wore outrageous outfits as only clothes not suitable for normal everyday use are tax deductible expenses in Sweden
This is going to be a long day, I hate Tax receipts lol 😉😢
For final and penultimate year Law students: EY Future of Tax Evening and Assessment Day - details here:
N$20 million is tax paid, its in the national budget, meant for Independence Day celebration which includes inauguration of …
I always take the *** out the friendzone near income tax time , Christmas & Valentine's Day
We are In the deepest of Cuffin season! And it about to get worse with Valentine's Day AND Tax season around the corner...
can you tax a car with Temporary, Day Insurance?
Last Valentine's Day my tax return hit my account. VALENTINE WHOOO ?!
My electricity bill went up 3c per kWh for peak, 1c off-peak, 10c per day standing charges - carbon tax removal at work!
Like the $20 GP tax, wearing a light blue shirt to work on a humid, 33 degree day is not a very good idea
normal first day: "Here, work on these translations to get used to the codebase". first day: "Here's a github invite. Fix tax."
Now my headache starts tax filing studying here I come and clients.
please offer 1/2 day kindergarten. If my tax dollars pay for full I should have a choice for 1/2. Plz consider. Thx.
first day of school at a South African tax funded public 'school' in 2015. Erm ...
Today is Tax Return day. I always have the good intention of doing in in about June, but always end up in January. Satisfying when it's done
BC Liberals clawback of child support payment for disability recipients is like a 100% tax rate on children. Happy Mother…
Reminds me of my 1st day at TUKS; surrounded by hostile white faces, barked at in Afrikaans on my Gogo's tax money
I paid $3.15 plus tax for some valentines jolly rancher lollipops bc I can only find em around valentines day. 😑 I needed em tho.🍭
Spent a good 3 hours of my day printing out pay stubs, tax forms, and year to date accruals because I didn't want to waste my paper at home🙈
Hate tax season. My mama gone straight from work & the tax place every day. That's when she don't cook fr boy!
Economic Scene: The Costs of Stinginess in Medicaid: With a Republican majority in Congress looking to cut tax...
I can't wait to file my taxes I will be in front fast tax door the first day they start filing them . 😂
Nawaz Sharif, u're a habitual liar as your govt borrows Rs4.8 billion per day to run daily affairs, why not collecting TAX?…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I paid like $110 with tax for camo the other day lol
Christ didn't say a word about *** marriage. He did comfort the outcasts of the day, the lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors
I agree but Our leaders should show us how its done/Lead and not take Tax Paid Food in the amount of $150 a day
day 2: I don't care what the tax rate is, if you have free facilities like Goldbar/Capilano 15m from home you are getting a good deal.
"That was the most frightening thing I've done all day and I took an income tax exam."
Because at the end of the day, we're tax-paying adults (and yes, benefit money is taxable, if you can believe that)…
Isn't that from the Tax Day protest Atlanta Ga Apr 15 2008?
if khi lost Rs 15 billion due to 1 day strike, y didn't u stopped others in past? R u rec tax on this daily
Food Welfare: Lets start from the Top Down. End Congress's $150 per day tax paid food Diem …
I PASSED TAX. It's a glorious day. All nighters are definitely worth it.
Suspect charged in LuxLeaks tax scandal
Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day! Top it off by talking with about possible tax breaks.
So I left my back up battery at work. Can't ball out on the phone till I go get it. Everyday is income tax day with my back up battery.
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