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Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson (born April 21, 1996) is an American fashion blogger who rose to fame at age 13. At age 13, Gevinson was a special guest at the New York Fashion Week.

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According to Kathleen Hanna, and Tavi Gevinson, I need to give Taylor Swift another try. Let's see how this goes.
Kim Gordon, Carrie Brownstein and Tavi Gevinson feature in new documentary about Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna.
Watching The Rachel Zoe Project this morning makes me wish I was the Tavi Gevinson of my generation. Sad face
'Justin is the best role model in the world' are you kidding me, what about Tavi Gevinson, Louise Brealey and Nicola Benedetti?
Which GIRLS character would Lena Dunham be ok with killing off? Tavi Gevinson gets her to spill:
8:36 pm: was watching Tavi Gevinson being interviewed by Stephen Colbert on my DVR between trips to the laundry room. What a world.
France sends troops into Mali, Edward Berenson outlines French martial history, Hillary Clinton answers questions about Benghazi, and Tavi Gevinson chats about "Rookie."
Seriously though, imagine if Grimes DID judge American Idol with Marina Abramovic and Tavi Gevinson
Last night, Tavi Gevinson made history as Stephen Colbert's youngest-ever guest on The Colbert Report, which, needless to say, just about made our week.
I just watched Tavi Gevinson on Colbert. She’s the youngest guest he’s ever hosted, she was hilarious and brilliant. Tip O’ The Hat especially for her Saturn V sweater.
Oak Park native Tavi Gevinson appeared on the Colbert Report last night to talk Rookie Yearbook One and possible styles for Steven Colbert.
Tavi Gevinson was on the Colbert Report. She killed it. Coolest girl ever? Maybe so.
Edward Berenson reviews France's history with Mali, and Tavi Gevinson (talks school and fashion.
I'm freaked out that about two years ago, I had an argument (all in good fun) with Tavi Gevinson about marking in books. Yesterday she was on Colbert Report. Well, that escalated quickly.
Be warned: You can never un-see what Tavi Gevinson did to Steven Colbert last night >
Watching Stephen Colbert interview Tavi Gevinson is so awkwardly hilarious. Seeing him dance around a 16 year old, trying not to be too much like... Y'know... Himself is brilliant.
Stephen Colbert was so nice to Tavi Gevinson in tonight's ep; definitely capital C capital D Cool Dad material.
Watching Steven Colbert interview Tavi Gevinson makes me want to accomplish something, but I'm not 15 years old anymore. So, I guess it's too late.
TONIGHT: Fashion blog prodigy Tavi Gevinson talks about her new book, "Rookie Yearbook One." ► 11:30 pm ET on Comedy Central.
Tavi Gevinson, the 16-year old sensation behind the site TheStyleRookie, has taken on a sweet and dark new short film for her latest project, and it’s pure awesomeness.The film, titled “Cadaver”, tells the story of a dead man who just wants one more moment with his wife. Gevinson does the narratio...
Pet Shop Boys have given permission to actress Tavi Gevinson to release an acoustic cover of the PSB hit ‘Heart’ in support of the project. Listen to Tavi’s version here can learn more about Cadaver on the official website by clicking here -
Teen fashion blogger branches out with book By Patricia Reaney | Reuters – Thu, Dec 13, 2012 RELATED CONTENT Enlarge Photo Teenage writer, fashion blogger … NEW YORK (Reuters) - Tavi Gevinson has accomplished more in her 16 years than most people double her age. The style blogger, writer and darling of the fashion set launched a fashion blog from her suburban Chicago home before she turned 12. Two years later it was getting 50,000 hits a day and she was a fixture in the front row of fashion shows in New York, Paris and Tokyo. Profiles of the young fashionista followed in the New York Times and the New Yorker, along with stories in French Vogue and in teen magazines. Gevinson has added editor to her credits with the publication of "Rookie Yearbook One," a compilation of articles, photographs and drawings from her Rookie website, which she started about 15 months ago. "I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to do a print component. Each month on the site is a different theme. I eventually ...
Was just RUDELY interrupted from a dream where I was skypeing Kristen Stewart, Aaron Paul, and Tavi Gevinson.
Sarah Silverman talks at ROOKIE LA TAKEOVER w Tavi Gevinson and Drawn and Quarterly at Meltdown Comics Fan Page FUN! See it! Share it! Part of the Meltdown Comics/ Stickam Studio Network!
Offending every girl at Barbarella by asking if they are Grimes or Tavi Gevinson for Halloween
Glued to interview right now!! talks with fashion icon Tavi Gevinson
Literally the best thing ever: Tavi Gevinson, Miranda July and Lena Dunham in one video and it's against Romney! HEY!
Listening to an interview with Tavi Gevinson on She is the coolest 15 year old ever.
Tavi Gevinson on WBEZ 91.5 right now! Hollaaa what a pleasant surprise
.Just heard Tavi Gevinson on NPR talking about Rookie. Oh so smart, mature, and charming too, at 16.
Check out the latest post on the Yorkdale Blog! Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson stopped by on...
Allegra Lockstadt was born in Canada, grew up in Kentucky, and now lives in Minneapolis. She works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer while maintaining a personal fine-arts practice on the side. She will probably always love horses, coffee,…
Listen to Tavi Gevinson or on with listen to it here:
Tavi Gevinson on CBC's Q with in just a minute!
Just got a few copies of Yearbook One from edited by Tavi Gevinson
.from The Smashing Pumpkins joins me in Studio for feature interview today + and Tavi Gevinson (We like.
Set out to do homework, ended up 10 pages deep on Tavi Gevinson's blog wishing I was as cool as her.
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Tavi Gevinson ( ) is 16 now (!) and her style is very cool and inspiring. She'll look back when 28 v proud:
Got year book one edited by gevinson with her signature inside :) can't believe she publishes
Danny's the next Tavi Gevinson. Love that sweater, bra.
A good piece. Not enough about Tavi Gevinson though.
Pretty sure Tavi Gevinson will be first female President
The greatest alt-teen blogger of our time, Tavi Gevinson, cutting cake at last night's party in Toronto.
Tavi Gevinson joins other in calling on all women to vote this election.
November 10th L.A. Zine Fest will be partnering up with Tavi Gevinson, Meltdown Comics, Drawn and Quarterly to...
Tavi Gevinson just asked me to dance
Tavi Gevinson told me she has the same dress as me.
Young women in fashion and entertainment -- including Alexa Chung, supermodel Karen Elson, fashion fashion blogger/Rookie author Tavi Gevinson and Girls creator Lena Dunham -- are singing support for President Barack Obama's women's rights policies and asking women to vote for him.
It's Gore vs. Romney -- Lesley Gore, that is. The singer's 1964 hit "You Don't Own Me" was recently brought back to the fore in the shape of a new PSA featuring "Girls" showrunner Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson, Alexa Chung, Miranda July, Rachel Antonoff and Gore herself telling Mitt Romney and Republic...
Style Rookie Tavi in store at Meltdown. This is frickin cool.
As pointed out by my manager - how HOT is young super blogger Tavi Gevinson god this girl has blossomed!
1960s teen idol Lesley Gore leads the charge against Mitt Romney and the GOP—with some well-known indie female faces like Lena Dunham, Carrie Brownstein, Miranda July, Tavi Gevinson, Tracey Ross and more—with a wicked lip-dub protest version of her 1964 hit “You Don’t Own Me.” It’s truly hard...
Alexa Chung, Karen Elson, and Tavi Gevinson sing their support for Obama - Telegraph via
Tavi Gevinson was in my dream a few nights ago, she seemed to be pretty cool
Some of our favorite ladies, including Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson, and Carrie Brownstein, took part in aLeslie Gore-approved sing-along PSA urging women to vote (Democrat) in the upcoming presidential election:
"I'm Lesley Gore, and I approve this message," begins this new political PSA. In it, famous young women like Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson, and Alexa Chung sing along to the words of Lesley's 1963 hit, "You Don't Own Me," while messages
Saturday, October 27 at 2:00pm in EDT at Indigo Yorkdale
I like Ashley Smith's Sofia-Coppola's-character-esque charisma and a kind of Tavi Gevinson's eloquence.
Ira Glass & Tavi Gevinson: the most unlikely iconic American storyteller and precocious fashion critic combo, well, of all time
America's longest living teenager Tavi Gevinson recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter (sporting some serious fake eye lashes!) to discuss Rookie Magazine, her new book, and what transpired when she met James Franco. It's all so exciting!
Kobo has over 2 million ebooks to choose from!
Tavi Gevinson, who I just saw on Fallon, reminds me of Andy Warhol mixed with Audrey Hepburn.
Watch interview with and you too will fall in love with this girl
Congratulations Tavi Gevinson, we think you're awesome!...
I'm weirded out by how obsessed I am with Tavi Gevinson, since I'm a grown-up, but she's just so cute, smart & stylish
Um how is she so cool for a 16 year old?
Elisa Parker speaks w/ Tavi Gevinson about women supporting each other EPIC Awards in NYC in 2010. via
Neida Ringenberg liked tavi gevinson&blog: Photos and text are at their post. I don't have much to add, it's…
I love reading Tavi Gevinson. Great mix of earnestness and irony. I hope she stays a teenager forever.
Watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Tavi Gevinson on "How do not love a combo of &
I think I am in love with Tavi Gevinson
I love to hate on Tavi Gevinson, but does anyone know if Rookie Mag is in Toronto? I want to make a more well-informed judgement.
Tavi Gevinson is so amazing, really. I wonder if she ever sleeps...
Tavi on her plans for world domination (via
maybe the fact that the internet isn't working is a sign that I should do my homework instead of reading tavi gevinson's blog forever
love the fact thatwhen i lookedup my halloween costume idea the first image to come up was Tavi Gevinson
I favorited a video TEDxTeen - Tavi Gevinson: Still Figuring it Out
Firstly Tavi Gevinson I think Tavi Gevinson is EVERYTHING! She's smart, funny and has GREAT style! Secondly, …
Why did I missed Tavi Gevinson's Jimmy Fallon guesting?! I LOVE HER. Why can't all teenage girls be like her.
yezz just ordered Rookie Yearbook 1, I can finally cry myself to sleep even more because I'm not Tavi Gevinson
Tavi is one of the coolest people ever ever ever:
Boyfriend just did the Tavi Gevinson rap about Rei Kawakubo at me.
So my oral is abt Tavi Gevinson, American Fashion Blogger. Hoping for high marks. Amin.
About This Site is a website about music, fashion, art, and pop culture…
"Fashion can be used to assert ur individuality & ur control & power over how u perceive yourself & present yourself"-Tavi Gevinson
Tavi Gevinson sighting at the GWAR concert.
Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson has her life way more together than I ever will & was born in 1996.
was so delightful on We can't get enough of her:
Tavi releases her first book. At 16 we released a 'zine... 1 issue... read by our mom... so... yeah...
would love to see Tavi Gevinson on your show!
Girls in Williamsburg dressed like Tavi Gevinson dot tumblr dot com
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I am such a big fan of this woman. She has a new book out which is so good it make me weep. BOOK: Rookie Yearbook One | WIKI: "Tavi Gevinson is an American fashion blogger who rose to fame at age 13. At age 13, Gevinson was a special guest at the New York Fashion Week. At age 15, she founded 'Rookie Magazine.'"
I want to be tavi gevinson when I grow up
I never really liked Tavi Gevinson. But after that Jimmy Fallon interview, I love her.
My new heroine!!! TEDxTeen - Tavi Gevinson: Still Figuring it Out
Tavi Gevinson is my adorable spirit animal.
We adore this clip of Tavi Gevinson on Jimmy Fallon. The young fashionista certainly knows how to keep her poise
I love this: Tavi Gevinson: A teen just trying to figure it out
Tavi Gevinson and the new girl culture
Tavi Gevinson continues to be adorable on Jimmy Fallon
I cannot believe I missed tavi gevinson coming to omaha. the one time anyone comes to omaha, and I miss it.
Dude, Tavi Gevinson was on Jimmy one told me ( ._.)
I'm in love with a little girl tavi gevinson she's amazing!!! And adorable
"I prefer the stress of trying to do everything I want to the stress of wondering if I should do everything I want." http: ...
Teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson is launching her new book, Rookie Yearbook One, based on the Rookie Mag she launched a year ago about -- not just the New York fashion collections -- but also culture, art and feminism.
Just in case you haven't seen this yet... gotta love Tavi.
At just 16 years of age, Tavi Gevinson has already been profiled by the New Yorker and the New York Times, become the darling of the fashion world, delivered a TED talk, and even launched her own website last year.
How come somebody didn't tell me about Tavi Gevinson? What a trip. And her book is out just in time for Christmas. Gee. Was that planning?
With Rookie Yearbook One, the 16-year-old fashion blogger stirs up the unrealized longings of the Riot grrrl movement two decades ago
Iris Apfel, the respected New York City style icon, shared some words of wisdom during a Sunday at the Met conversation with Tavi Gevinson. For the full conv...
Tavi Gevinson, Michelle Williams, Richard Dawson. One of these things is not like the other.
The teenage blogger, style icon, singer, and magazine editor eyes a new target: Hollywood.
Rant: I love Tavi Gevinson, sooo much! All I wished for, for tonight, was to be a 16yr old at the Ace Hotel for the Rookie Yearbook party.
Hot books right now: Rookie Yearbook One by Tavi Gevinson 2,015% Sales Rank in Books: 86 (was…
Come on, help me out people!!! I need more votes, getting my butt kicked, Click the link and vote...
Tavi Gevinson is the perfect love child of Scarlet Johansson and Michelle Williams.
The teenage fashion blogger extraordinaire appeared on the late-night talk show to discuss her new book, “Rookie Year One” and teach Jimmy how to, uh, “b-face.”
I'm breaking the blog silence with a short post about one of my feminist heroes, 16-year-old Tavi Gevinson. Read this post and find about someone you should admire and follow.
Upon descending the stairs into the basement of McNally Jackson Books on Sept. 9, I immediately came across a sea of girls filling almost the entirety of the room. Sitting cross-legged on the floor and dressed in a variety of calico prints, I could sense the giddiness of these young ladies as they w...
Despite Jimmy's protestations to the contrary, it turns out he really is a teenage girl.
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Tavi Gevinson: Jimmy asks Tavi about her early entrance to the fashion world and her book, "Rookie Yea...
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It's not like we needed much more convincing, but Tavi Gevinson is officially the coolest 16 year old ever. If conquering the online world as a teenager wasn't enough, the "Rookie Mag" founder has now landed her very first movie role.
For general questions or friendliness, stylerookieFor press inquiries, tavipressRookie pitches sent to either of these accounts will be ignored. Unfortunately I cannot help with school projects at this time.
Tavi Gevinson, new teenage author of the book Rookie Yearbook One is hilarious!!
Rachel Zoe plans to open a blow-dry bar in NYC that allows clients to treat hair as an accessory, something that she says "changes by event, season, mood."
If you record Tavi Gevinson on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for me tonight I will love you almost as much as I love Tavi Gevinson. ALMOST.
Like many other high-school students, Tavi Gevinson has been working on her yearbook. Unlike most however, it’s 352 pages and was launched at a bookstore with press and Lena Dunham in attendance. The Rookie Yearbook One hit shelves last night and boasts a collection of articles about the nitty gr...
Tickets are on sale for Tavi Gevinson (& the crew from at in Oak Park on 9/20:
Watch more of Rookie's Tavi Gevinson's interview at Teenage girls can build positive self-image through creating their o...
Last night we attended a launch party for Rookie Yearbook One--edited by current BUST cover girl Tavi Gevinson!--at McNally Jackson Books in New York City. The room was packed with amazing girls, good vibes, lots of love, candy, and endless outfit inspirations. Many of the Rookie regulars were
Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson and the rest of the Rookie team (@ McNally Jackson Books w/ 5 others)
The contrast of Whet Moser's thoughtful post about Chief Keef and the rest of Chicago magazine's coverage of Tavi Gevinson is sad and possibly poignant. Two teenagers, just miles apart, with drastically different lives.
Teen blogger extraordinaire Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Mag sat down for a quickie interview with our own child prodigy, Quvenzhané Wallis, who plays scrappy Bayou girl Hushpuppy in BEASTS OF THE SOUTHER
I don't even know what to do with this information but pass it along: Ira Glass is Tavi Gevinson's mentor?
Ira Glass & Tavi Gevinson is my new favorite friendship. See ya, Timon & Pumbaa.
She's in high school and he's 53, but nevertheless, Tavi Gevinson and Ira Glass are kindred spirits whose off-kilter charisma turns fans into disciples.
In a whirlwind so sudden it now seems inexorable, Tavi Gevinson, the 16-year-old fashion blogger, became the darling of those she’d revered.
Is this Michelle Williams or Tavi Gevinson? Seriously--the resemblance is uncanny:
It's so interesting that Tavi Gevinson and Rookie magazine are embracing the early/mid 90's: Angela Chase, Daria, etc.
    Sixteen-year-old fashion-blogging phenomenon Tavi Gevinson has already carved out a prominent place for herself in pop culture, appearing in the front rows of Paris fashion shows, the pages of The New York Times, and her own TED talk. Here, she opens up about girls, grinding, and get
Tavi Gevinson just told me I look like Audrey Horne, so... that happened.
Fashion news we're reading now from couture show highlights to Tavi Gevinson's new tome.
What we're reading (and watching) now, from Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson's Q & A at the the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Hing magazine's video interview with Stephen Jones.
Best Coast's album tanked super hard. She was supposed to go 'mainstream', and appeal to Zooey Deschanel/Leah Dunham/Tavi Gevinson markets of tweeny crafty whimsical broads, but the music wasn't good enough, and she didn't even really make any new fans. She is just another great example of a band t...
Christopher Lloyd, Kathy Bates and Tavi Gevinson star in CADAVER, making LA premiere this Saturday:
I just realized that Tavi Gevinson is growing up to be Michelle William's doppelganger. They look so alike! :P
Heh. Ira Glass on girl gangs, writing for Tavi Gevinson's Rookie magazine:
Photo by: Henry S. Dzeikan Upset I missed this. Renowned teen blogger Tavi Gevinson shared a few words regarding...
Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and Tavi Gevinson are the kewlest girls around.
We visited Tavi Gevinson at her home in Chicago to hear about her favorite pieces that she'll be wearing during Fashion Week.
Melissa Block and Audie Cornish tell us about 16-year-old Tavi Gevinson's online magazine, "Rookie," and its recurring video segment, "Ask A Grown Man."
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Words of wisdome from a young feminist. Fifteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson had a hard time finding strong female, teenage role models -- so she built a space where they could find each other. Tavi Gevinson is a fashion blogger and a feminist who encourages everyone to embrace their complexity and look cool doing it.
Rookie Mag (pulled together by Tavi Gevinson from Style Rookie) has an interesting series called 'Ask a man.' The magazine is geared towards teenage girls who have submitted questions for a grown man to answer on video.
When I grow up, I want to be Tavi Gevinson. Or Chloë Grace Moretz.
Tavi Gevinson is editor-in-chief and founder of and writes Rookie, a site for teenage girls, broke 1 million page views wit...
Tavi Gevinson said she has decided not to launch her forthcoming Web magazine, Rookie, with Say Media.
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