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Tatu Baby

Ink Master

Just watched inked master. It was made in 2012. Tatu baby was supposed to go on for season 3. Where do I find it? C'mon Netflix.
Thx n for the great baby shower! Truly blessed to have so many wonderful ppl in my life! htt…
Molo Tatu' baby..."Kuthwa when ya man buys you a car you gotta answer your phone like "ndine ndoda hello?" LMAO"
The only chick that really looks good in tattoos is Tatu baby
My baby daddy will be my husband .. Ain't having kids out of wedlock .
Tatu baby should have won on season 2
Please follow me back tatu baby i loove Ink Master watch everyday even though there repeats πŸ˜„
Get inspired by the Latinas all month long β€” first up >>
"Which song always remind you of ur EX? Wizkid
I really just had a dream that i was dating tatu baby 😳
Tatu Baby so bad though! If you don't know who that is, look her up
Bro Tatu Baby is Fine af on Ink Master πŸ˜₯😬
I would love to get tatted by Tatu Baby ❀️
Tatu baby's assistant just called me mami 😍😍😍😍
Tatu Baby's first elimination Master Canvas is a *** To sit down, let her tattoo the wolf and just take off without a word.
I'm so down to go to Miami to get it done by tatu baby just gotta keep saving up that πŸ’°
On this live episode if Tatu baby doesn't get brought back...
Uza mechi mbili tatu β€œAll I am thinking right now is having a baby... my very own baby πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜’β€
Tatu Baby is here to help with your Monday Blues ;). Photo Credit | Legacy Photography
Tatu on this bus makin it feel like I'm not surround by a screaming baby and a clapped white boy talking about weed πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
would definitely spend as much money as I have to to have tatu baby do my tattoos😩
Hello Tatu Baby i am a fan number one, you is a celebrity thanks a the reality Show Ink Master. Greetings From Venezuela.
Once they got rid of tatu baby on season two I just didn't care anymore
The only reason I'm watching this series of Ink Master is because tatu baby is in it
In oneal's words haters are promoters let them work..continue doing you baby girl and know that team sheillah & …
"And I will never have anyone assume I'm broken. I'd rather you think I'm full of it" -baby bro tatu
tatu baby i think you would love baby wrapping. They have some awesome designs.
Tatu Baby isn't an inkmaster but her *** are fantastic.
No no no! Tatu baby went home no! I so thought she was gonna go to the next round 😭
Hi everyone! Watched "Ink Master" on Christmas. Tatu Baby got into the Final 3! 😊
Already Tatu Baby got eliminated, I never thought she was a good tattoo artist. She is ehh alright. πŸ’‰
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Cause I just want you here tonight Holding on to me so tight What more can I do? Baby all I want for Christmas is you htt…
dam Tatu baby I love your tatoos one of the best out there also your sexy nice body baby
How the f does Tatu Baby keep getting called back on Ink Master? She's garbage.
it as great seeing Tatu Baby back on TV. I wish she went further though in Merry Ink. But we're proud of her regardless.
Hey can ya stop cramming Tatu Baby down our throats? Bad enough we had to watch her get gifted for 2 full seasons already.
Watching Ink Master redemption and so happy to see tatu baby. I would let her tattoo me anytime. Hey hey.
A Skull really had no business in the Christmas Tattoo. Why is Tatu Baby back again? I hate to be suspicious but...who is she, um
How did Tatu baby get eliminated first πŸ‘Ž
that really sux, cause Tatu Baby Your No1, not watching anymore Ink Master without You in it 😒
How many times can Tatu baby be brought back on a spike show? Please go home already
Really? Tatu Baby again? There were so many great artists over the years, enough with this lady already...
Tatu Baby on a special episode of Ink Masters!!! πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I hope tatu baby gets my msgs that be awsome that make my day
Tatu Baby is my absolute favorite old Ink Master finalists aside from Matty 😍😍😍
Eh Tatu baby is a hottie but yes sausage is a great tattoo artist btw no spoiler please I'm watching it Thursday
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Tatu baby was the first one eliminated?!? GTFOH
Sausage and tatu baby in one episode 😍
Bummed l could not get a tattoo on this visit from tatu baby but will plan ahead next time and get a kick *** tattoo.
you ever will be the best tatu babyπŸ’™ I love youuy
Ummm the judges need to stop sucking Sausages *** because Tatu Baby actually did the challenge and still lost
At least Sausage beat out Tatu Baby though.
Does not shock me tatu baby was first to be eliminated considering her tatas on her stomach are crooked lol
Tatu Baby, I would have gladly worn your tattoo!!!
OK Tatu Baby gone, now it's you sausage! :-)
It's like Tatu Baby is in an abusive relationship with They keep putting her out and then bringing her back.
I would think that losing to Scott Marshall would be far worse than losing to Tatu Baby. But what do I know?
Aw man, Tatu Baby already got voted off :(
What was that Tatu baby. I know you could've done better.😐
Tatu Baby was never a favorite of mine.
Can't believe Tatu baby went home again, her tattoo was so much better than sausage's. πŸ˜’
Jesus Nunez you're definitely banging Tatu Baby or you're related or you owe her money or somethin' U love her
Aand now that Tatu Baby is eliminated I'm depressed
I love tatu baby but I'm so happy sausage didn't get eliminated
Just got compared to Tatu Baby lmao WUT
they're bringing Tatu baby in to replace you
lmfao I didn't like him bc I like Tatu baby better but his tattoos are good
nah she was the runner up tatu baby was fourth one season and third the next but I liked tatu baby better should've been it
Tatu Baby is really one of the coldest females to compete no other lady has made it as far as her
Confession: I binge-watched the first 3 seasons of over the last week. I now have a major girl crush on Tatu Baby.
I really wanted Tatu Baby to win and she should have and even though I didn't like Sarah she did some dope tats.
Ink Master: all seasons are incredibly amazing.loving Tatu Baby and Joshua Hibbard.aaand Kyle's shove to
I want to get tatted by Tatu Baby. 😜
Tatu baby is so hot. Idk why michael thinks she's ugly.
My favorite tattoo that Tatu baby did. So much detail in it. I love it.
the best news of my day, I can follow the one and only Ink Master of my life: Tatu Baby!!! Love ya' darling!!
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I disagree, I feel like she was misunderstood. I do feel like (judging by what they put on TV) Tatu Baby was
You my twin, boy you my twin, baby, let’s stay togetherπŸ’
Thank you. America's vote was a complete joke. It was no surprise *wink wink* that Tatu Baby was brought back.
Tatu Baby made it to the finale of her comeback season.
same. Tatu Baby is really talented tho man be kind
Tatu Baby is too much thumbs up for me to handle.
By the way the judges are talking, it doesn't look for Tatu Baby.
Now that I have seen Tatu Baby's finished work, I don't like it either!
The six hours starts counting down now. Come on Tatu Baby...
I don't mind Tatu Baby though. But Jamie is a bit up himself too. Didn't like his skull designs at all. Looked dull to me.
The judges seem to hate anyone with a personality. That's why they loved Tatu Baby so much. lol
Something about tatu baby's chola lookin *** is hot. Lol
What happened to Tatu baby coming back on the season :(?
so what's up w the Tatu baby shout out yesterday on insta?
... They find the craziest chics . Tatu Baby now looks pretty normal .
I would let Emily or Tatu Baby tattoo me anytime
Dont foget, you can cry your way to the finals on ask tatu baby.
And Tatu Baby Ugh her tattoos suck *** !! Idk why she was even left in the competition for so long
Instead of being the kind of woman we can admire & root 4 Like Tatu baby makes me wish for her to be off the show every week!
My cousin brought little baby Briggs over to see everyone today. Me and her were talking. I guess I…
A friend of mine, I didn't even know he was sick. Its a mess,I feel for his family,baby mama. Eish leso mare
Somebody laced his baby food lmao .
"No matter *** straight, or bi, *** transgendered life, I’m on the right track baby, I was born..."
I'm watching Ink Master season three and I get so defensive of tatu baby I feel like she's family after season two
Tatu baby got my vote for the return,,she can tatt me any time,
β€œBack then I didn't know hertell my baby I miss her
Hello, Tatu Baby, my name is Henrique and I'm from Brazil. I wonder if you have a tattoo of the symbol of psychology?
If kill to have Tatu Baby tattoo me. Id probably die just from having her tattoo me.
hey Tatu baby can you upload pics here? Fan of your work!
"Tatu Baby" kind of ruined Ink Masters for me. Bar Rescue is at least more bearable than Restaurant Stakeout
Watching the Ink Master marathon, I always thought Tatu Baby should have left not :( He is the best!
Sweet!! Any web site for appointments?? A lot of grettings from MΓ©xico!! Here in home, we are soldiers of Tatu Baby!!!
ima get tatted by Tatu Baby someday idc
One day baby we'll be old, oh baby we'll be old. Think of all the stories that we could've told
That girl judge from "Snack-Off" on MTV looks HELLLA like Tatu Baby!
I do love myself, baby! I found myself in tatu! u might find your true self in them as well!
I was told I look like tatu baby last night 😍
Not even tatu baby can fix my brothers ugly as tat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
You are awesome, and so beautiful tatu baby :)
nuΓ±ez and tatu baby have so much thirst for each other it's unreal
Hello TATU BABY keep you from Argentina looked all programs Ink Master I love you Baby I love tattoo's all that I've done kissing
πŸŒžπŸŽ€ You have such and innocent face, I can imagine you as a baby and I'm sure you were cute as *** I've heard nothing but good about you!
Tatu baby going home now. I can smell it
😈😈😈 I miss partying with you! We go back to the days where I was still a baby! I hope everything is going well for you in life! Text me
πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘±πŸ‘‘Baby doll! I could go on and on about your looks, but it's your soul that outshines everything! You are too good to be true. Certainly
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I'm going to Miami and Tatu Baby will be tatting me up when I get done with boot camp nothing can stop me 😬
Too bad I was more excited to see tatu baby 😁
Realizing Colombian women are more bad then Mexican women lol! Woo they fine e.g. Tatu Baby...
Think it's pretty funny the same judge sucking Tatu Baby's *** last season is the same 1 stomping on 's face now
β€œHow to twerk dang baby got back... Literally. πŸ˜‚
Can't wait to get tatted by tatu baby
Tatu baby come on if you can do it as you have done in your style with everything
you're right dude. The judges hammer you way harder than anyone else. And Tatu Baby got babied.
If I ever get a tattoo it'll be from Tatu Baby
so you wanted to bang Tatu Baby and let her hang around. even after she quit, and you can't even complement Kyle
I feel like she's the tatu baby of this season and that's a good thing x)
I don't know why they are being Duces they were not this hard in Tatu baby and your 100xs the artist!
I would really love it if Kyle doesn't pull a Tatu Baby
is this year's tatu baby... ROFL mad cause he can't stack up to the competition
When I get a tatt, imma get it done by Tatu Baby πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
Man Ashley from Ink Master is sexy and so was tatu baby
Yeah, seems like the same thing happened with tatu baby last season...?
yes baby ! I have to wait til I'm 16 to get it at tatu
We will if you can go ahead and upload that tempers baby tatu
Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present 'Tattoo Timelapse' with Tatu Baby. Music by Matt Casket ht...
the person I love is that the baby came into my life I love you tatu
not a fan of Ashley. Like at all. Tatu baby though. πŸ‘
Aww man Ink Master without Tatu baby! No! :(
Get rid of Chris Nunez and bring Tatu Baby on as a judge! Way too much testosterone on this show.
my hitta my hitta. Is tatu baby coming back again or nah lol
I'm having a different artist do my work he work with tatu baby
Sullen TV Presents a Brand NEW VIDEO of the DAY "Tattoo Timelapse" with Tatu Baby! . WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE:...
tatu baby I'm your biggest fan by your good tattoos and you have that in the third season of Ink Master your'll be the winner
This Melissa Monroe chic isn't all that bad. Tatu Baby still has my heart tho
I think ppl wanna get by tatu baby just cuz she is amazingly hot and colombian πŸ‘
Tatu baby is way hotter than the tattoos she does
I want a tattoo from Kay Kutta or Tatu Baby.
i honestly stilll cant believe tatu baby is pregnant lol. I just cant.
I have a confession to make. The child Tatu Baby is expecting. Is mine
who's is the secy girl on black dress? Tatu baby sexy como siempre.
One of the artists, Tatu Baby, flips on the 'Open' sign in the front of High Voltage Tattoos for the first time. "We're open for business!"
Eminem - lose yourself. Rihanna - only girl. Britney Spears - Baby one more time, criminal, lucky. Tatu - all about us
I don't know who I like yet maybe the blonde girl, I liked tatu baby
Craig should be one of the top too. And maybe Jime and Tatu Baby.
ATI Selfie saturday! Who wants to start by sending in a pic? Tatu babyβ˜†
Russia just walked in with a Tatu song playing. Tatu is great... Great choice of entrance song Russia.
New South Wales AUS Sydney Β» 876 Channing Tatum explains he is fat and happy after his wife had a baby Channing Tatu…
ATI Just would like to welcome all the new people on our page, and thank you for liking us. Tatu babyβ™‘
Just saw a prison tattoo better than anything tatu baby could ever do
Playing Tatu's "All the Things She Said" for *** nostalgic reasons. Oh god. I remember being a baby *** listening to this song.
at the end of this week I was watching the chapters of Ink Master all back and I win tatu baby and so celebrates Tatu baby alive!!
Tatu Baby's got everything on the line this time around because she not only has to win this competition for herself, but also for the fans who voted for her to return to Ink Master.
Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flores Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flores Miami, FL 6 years experience Self-employed tattoo artist ( Tatu Baby isn't shy when it comes to her looks and admits to have used her sex appeal to her advantage, but don't judge this book by its cover, she's got talent to back her up. She became interested in tattoos after getting her first ink at the age of 14. Tatu Baby has been tattooing professionally since she was 19 and proved herself right of the gate by taking home a "best of day" trophy at a tattoo convention. Known for her work in black and gray and photorealism, she has a true appreciation for the way the body can be used as a canvas to express yourself. A fan favorite in last year's competition, Tatu Baby made it all the way to the final four before being eliminated. In a first-ever surprise twist in the season finale, viewers went online and voted Tatu Baby back for a chance to redeem herself in Season 3.
Photo: All done❀ If anyone is interested in this piece please email me to tatu-babySUBJECT:...
Tatu Baby got 3rd that is crap!!! Her canvas pulled and and she had to fit the stencil on a different canvas!!! She should have won!
I unfollowed Tatu baby on insta. Her being a mom just ruins it for me.
Just watches3 seasons straight of Ink Master- bring on season 4! Major crush on Tatu Baby mmm Yum
Hmmm Tatu Baby should have won the flash challenge!!!
Come on everyone dont be so shy! Send us in your pics we want to get to know you all. Tatu babyβ™‘
Tatu baby from Ink Masters. My favorite show
Gutten morgen baby, have a nice day {}
This is true and I love the fact that tatu baby is the background picture
Preview contestant Tatu Baby's finest work, then watch how she handles the competition in the premiere of Ink Master October 9 at 10/9c on Spike. VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Tatu Baby
Out cruising. "Tatu Baby" produced by Hillbillypimpin Kennels Judy and Hillbillypimpin Kennels Mike off G-Train and Cali.
Dear Tatu Baby face the only thing baby about you is your voice and even that's weird
Tatu baby is still the bae idc if she is pregnant
Bucket list:. Be a psychologist. Find love. Get tattooed by Sasha Unisex and Tatu Baby. Be happy
Ug i really have this urge to go get some new ink! Just not feeling any of the artists around here right now. I wished Tatu Baby was closer.
ATI G'day any of you birds wanna send a sexy selfie? Tatu baby β™‘
ATI Hey ATI fans who would like to play a game? Tatu baby β™‘
ATI Come on people send me in your selfies, ill start to begin. Tatu baby β™‘
ATI Morning everyone any sexy men want to send in a selfie? Tatu baby β™‘
ATI Anyone brave enough to send in a selfie? Tatu baby β™‘
ATI Who would like to see male pictures? Like this status. Tatu baby β™‘
ATI Hi guys im about to flood your newsfeed sorry in advance. Tatu baby β™‘
Whats up everyone send your selfies! Tatu baby β™‘
ATI If your out there having a awesome Australia day, send us in your pics. Tatu baby β™‘
Afternoon everyone what you all up to? Tatu baby β™‘
Happy New Year Tatu Baby and to the mini Tatu baby :)
Congratulations for the little tatu baby. My best wishes to you in 2014
A Tribute to TATU BABY created by: UNTOLD AKA ANTHONY MICHAEL CESPEDES accompanied by the portfolio of TATU BABY *trackup short"- ...
I want tatu baby to def be the one who does my NM tatt
Still can't believe tatu baby is pregnant 😳
A fake tatu baby account added me on instagram lol
I so wanna get inked by you! I know you get that a lot, but I would be honored to have a Tatu Baby original. Saving up for one!
Arguing politics is like trying to convince someone that their baby isn't cute.
"Photo: Merry from me and my little monkey πŸŽ… aww. tatu baby is pregnant!
Tatu Baby is so beautiful i can't even deal 😩😩
lol right, *** nah Tatu Baby or Shane O'neill doing mine 😎
The fans voted, and we listened. Tatu Baby makes her grand return to the new season of Ink Master, ready to take on the competition and tough tattoo challeng...
Tatu Baby from Ink Masters talks about why she only uses FK Irons and Spektra machines while tattooing.
Whaaat Tatu Baby is pregnant?! Well can't say I didn't expect that
Sito gets a really cool "Pin Up" tattoo illustrated and worked on by tattoo artist Tatu Baby aka Kat from Chico's Marked 4 Life Miami, FL. The tattoo is in f...
I wish I could get my back tattoo done by Tatu Baby her ink work is fire
Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present "Tattoo Timelapse with Tatu Baby" of Inkmaster Season 2 and Seas.
My Fiance and I went down to Miami Beach to get some ink done by Tatu Baby
Maybach Music's Coop getting tattoed by Tatu Baby from Spike TV's Ink Masters series at the Maybach Music Latino Studio B room. Directed by: ...
he was a *** but i sorta liked him like he was pretty good idk Tatu Baby should stfu though her work is baaad
did you hate Joshua? Cause idk he was a *** in the beginning but then Jimmy and Tatu Baby were on his *** until the end.
Over here at Best Buy taking my PS4 Ghetto Gaming up a notch. BO$$ $tatu$ Baby! ;-) @ Best Buy
Thats bae but she boutta get unfollowed lol "leave tatu baby alone"
Don't really give af about celebrities tho... unless its tatu baby 😍
Apparently Joey Hamilton and Tatu Baby from Ink Master are inside
I love tatu baby. She's cute and skilled too.
Tatu Baby reminds me of Kat Von D. An over rated cute *** artist. There both alright, just too *** cute.
hi tatu baby! Loyal fan here. Wondering what the chances are that I can get a signed pic of you to put up in the man cave?
But Tatu baby thoo 😍 my god I have never seen a inked women look so fine like she do!!
Mike D'Antoni just said Kobe's achilles wasn't sore. It was just general body soreness ! Thank you baby Jesus !
If only I get tattooed by Tatu Baby !!
Tatu baby is a person who exists LOL
I'm upset you were not Ink Master ..your art is the best !! You are amazing tatu baby ..talented and beautiful
. Get yo *** . Cause if u play hard?, And they Get to crazy?? I'mma draw more Arm's, then tatu baby!
I'm still mad that Tatu Baby didn't win Ink Master!
I think it's where they do the youth fair, it's called gathering of the giants. Tatu baby is going to be there.
With my untrained eye tatu baby had the best tattoo in the finals.
Wait can somebody tell me who won Ink Master? Because i got mad & stopped watching it when tatu baby lost. Lol
If I ever grew some balls and got a tattoo it would have to be done by tatu baby
I wish I could meet tatu baby in person like maybe she can help me become a better artist if any of y'all celebs can help a lil connect me
On the real Tatu Baby can get it ..
My cousin knows Tatu Baby and Tommy Helm OMG i've never been so excited in my life and he said he was going to introduce me AHHH
you kinda look like a less Asian version to tatu baby with better skin and better teeth
Brittanya is a 9 compared to tatu baby's dime self. But compared to kim k she a dime piece
I wouldn't mind getting an irrelevant *** tattoo, if its done by tatu baby
If I ever get to meet tatu baby of Ink Master I would ask her to do like two tattoo for me for cheap
Tatu baby I love you on Ink Master ... I want you to do some work on me .. I want to get some more ink added to finish my sleeve
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So Josh liked my picture of Tatu Baby
I hate Tatu Baby. She's good, but she shoulda gone home a LONG time ago.
I like tatu baby tattoo the best too
I'm barely watching the Ink Master finale and *** Tatu baby looks beautiful
Just watched the not-so-epic finale of No idea why Tatu Baby was there, right guy won, but deserved third spot!
Yeah! Most of the time they don't know what they're talking about. LOL this season, Tatu Baby needed to GO! Since ep 1!
Idc I love tatu baby and always have, you go girl.
Watching how many episodes does Tatu baby need to say "I'm freaking out" or "rock this with confidence" ? Love her anyways
My woman crush is deff on the beautiful tatu baby. 😘She's just perfection to me.
That's messed up how u let tatu baby go she freaking fine ! Man
Finally watching the season finale of "Ink Master". It was a live broadcast.fairly certain Tatu Baby has a nipple showing.
Glad to hear that more than anything, man. The finale lay out was poor, felt Tatu Baby got dealt a very bad hand tbh.
can't believe you kept Tatu Baby and sent home Joshua. Tatu has had two years and still ***
My tattoo artist said I remind him of Tatu Baby from Ink Master LOL.
watched the season finale of IM in my opinion tatu baby's tattoo looks the best even with the design flaws
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This guy at Chipotle said I look like Tatu Baby. Lol. She's pretty fly so I'll take it as a compliment.
Tatu Baby is appealing to the eye, she is beautiful.
Finally watching the finally. So, tatu baby and Chris are both based in Miami... makes you think right?
That was a good finale. Glad I finally watched it. Tatu baby was robbed though. She the master in my book
Watchin reruns of Ink Master and still can't believe tatu baby didnt win...
tatu baby is overrated. She shouldn't have made it to the finale
I'm mad late but woah Tatu Baby is in the final 3 😍
Tatu Baby is so hot but in the finale she does NOT look good
Who dressed Tatu Baby in this finale? Omg
Tatu baby smokin hot she can gerrit
I saw a lady today that looked just like Tatu baby😭❀️
Sorry, but Tatu Baby's tattoo was better than Jimme's or Joey's (not so live lol)
If a man had gone through the same scenario as Tatu Baby he would have been given a clear 'benefit of the doubt' advantage, and in all due fairness # leaving out the 'sexism' and bias' on the part of 3 all male judgesthe first unfinished canvas that had the to die for wolf on it should have returned out of respect and her wolf would have knocked it out for a first place win; the guy had the right to leave, he shoulda had the integrity to show her "too good for your show tattoo." I would totally love to sport that or any wolf tatt that Baby is more than capable of acing -
If Craig wasn't in the final finale... Tatu Baby should have been eliminated long long ago.
Even tho she didn't win the title of Ink Master I still say & believe she's a Ink Master ! She's a MASTER of ink love y…
Hamilton Collection
Dose anyone else think NuneΕΊ got his *** sucked by TATU baby just to make it to finals? πŸ‘Œ
Tatu baby Is going to ink me up when I grow up
Finally watching Ink Master Finale happy Kyle is coming back and Yes that Tatu Baby got voted off first cause she didnt deserve to be there
I still think it should've been Kyle in the top 3 instead of tatu baby.
Tatu baby was disappointing. I thought she would have the feet and hands down by now.
I don't like Tatu Baby but I'm glad she got another canvas. Don't agree to be a canvas if you aren't willing to be a *** canvas
Tatu baby was the best tattoo artist on inkmaster!
still cant believe Tatu Baby didnt win on Ink Master, she was my fave 
Yeah they made the worst decision ever on not picking you to win and ps I think you are the best tattoo artist ever tatu baby
So happy won Ink Master I can't believe Tatu Baby was even in the finale. She sucked so bad, 90% of them weren't even done
Tatu Baby should not be in the final 3
I would love to get a tattoo of one of tatu baby's drawings
- So glad to see Tatu Baby NOT win this season. Let's just hope America DOESN'T pull another stunt to bring her back!.
Tbh Tatu Baby should've won Ink Masters even tho her lines weren't that good
I totally agree with both of you. Tatu Baby very obviously got special treatment by the judges.
Tatu Baby definitely got special treatment by the judges more than one episode on Ink Master. No way she should have ever made the finale'
No way you should have been sent home. Tatu Baby got special treatment IMHO... You had the better tattoo, period.
Joshua Hibbard shouldn't have gone home on Ink Master. Tatu Baby had the worse tattoo & its a tattoo competition not an art competition.
I know, they should've sent him home after the tattoo of poison ivy lol tatu baby should of stayed :/
If Tatu baby didn't have T&A and cry on a dime she wouldn't be in the top three
I was pulling for you man, you could do Tatu baby quality tattoos in your sleep! I was hoping to see you on season 4..
watching finale on DVR now, was Nunez banging Tatu Baby to keep her there? Can't do hands or feet, can't complete them. Ugh
Tatu baby I feel bad that u did not win and that they made a huge mistake
Nunez had a clear disdain for you and pretty much held Tatu Baby's hand all the way through to the final. Her white knight.
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